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Top Stories:
Police: Woman Offers Sex For No Ticket
Sheriffs: Boy Attacked for Having Red Hair
Suburban Swingers Club Outrages Neighbors
Bikini coffee shop opens in Aurora
Palin: ‘Death Panels’ Are Like Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire’
Back 9 BBQ
Huge crowd meets Glenn Beck in Tampa

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Phillip Smith in Toronto Canada, as he received
the second Bubba Wonka golden ticket. Congratulations Phillip!

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Brown Eyed Girl” as bumper music. Bubba wondered why he thinks of
hammil whenever he hears Van Morrison, Ned said it’s because they’re
both queer. Bubba is bummed out that Cowhead and Howard both took the
whole week off, he then went on to say that his ping pong ball
selection bit him in the ass, he then went on to recap some sports
scores. Bubba went over some birthdays, Spice thinks Mili Cyrus is
kind of hot, Bubba thinks the guys will appreciate some Bruce Hornsby,
Spice said he had a feeling it would be played, Ned thinks Bruce is
kind of queer. BJ in Phoenix came on; Bubba thinks Twenty-five Cent is
freaking out over “Bubba Wonka”. BJ said he was in the hospital, he
said the lowered Bubba Wonka price seemed like pennies on the dollar,
the guys sarcastically thought it was a great plan. Bubba told Phil to
wait for him; Bubba said supposedly Phil has a Golden ticket. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Second Golden ticket

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “Powerman 5,000” as bumper music. The guys
discussed Dave from Back9BBQ’s situation; the guys think he’s smart.
We then heard the Bubba Wonka golden ticket promo, Phillip said he got
box number 310, he read his code, Bubba gave him a timble. Bubba
congratulated him, Spice asked him what his deal is, Phillip said he’s
good to go, Bubba likes how Phillip’s guest is a woman who can do pole
tricks, Phillip said he’s got his stuff together. Bubba wonders where
they put the ticket, Phillip described the process. Phillip said his
wife isn’t a fan of the show, Spice thinks he should bring her to win
her over. Bubba likes how she works for Phillip; Spice said he can
sniff a lie like a fart. Phillip asked what his refund is, as he paid
full price for it, Bubba said he’d like to address that. Bubba said he
didn’t know he would get burnt with the ping pong ball stunt, he said
had he worked it, he would’ve picked a higher number. Bubba said he’d
like to be a guy who isn’t about getting the fans back, he’s thinking
about getting a letter to all the people who paid full price, he’s
offering a $100 gift card to the Bubba Army store. Bubba said they’ve
got a shirt called Ned Dragons, he said he’ll try to get Jason Ellis
to endorse it. Bubba asked the guys their thoughts, Manson and Brent
love the idea, Dave thinks it’s a generous offering, Ned didn’t like
the idea, Bubba told Ned he has to live and die by the ping pong ball
theory. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Heather mad at Bubba, football

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into Ned’s “Doug Clem Song” from “bubba Show Classics
vol. 11”, track 15. We then heard some Korn as bumper music. Bubba let
off a few bowwows; he thinks they can’t have the chicken dip in the
building, Ned said he gets that stuff on his shirt. Bubba said heather
has a lot of heat with him, he said you can’t pack like you’re on a
regular airline, as this is a private plane; he said his Mom is
obsessed with doing laundry. Bubba said he made the girls ship their
stuff to Janie, he said “You’re the boss” doesn’t’ work in a
successful marriage. The guys went over some football scores, both
Professional and College. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Bubba’s Miami appearance discussed, Twi Light discussions,
Phil Hendrie pays homage to Bubba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page. Bubba said he’d like to apologize to everyone in Miami, he said
one of the girls in Miami is really cool. Bubba said they were about
an hour late because of plane issues, he said Vargas was waiting for
them, Spice thinks he’s on point. Bubba said he was surprised that a
bunch of people showed up at the Miami appearance, he said Solid Gold
was packed, he said there were a ton of good looking girls. Bubba
wonders if management will get it, Bubba thinks they should look at
how Orlando did it. Spice said it was a lot of the same thing, people
asking them not to go. Bubba said Dean texted him, saying he’d like to
be on board for 12 Boobs of Christmas®. Bubba said Gale is back to
good for helping out with the Miami appearance. Bubba thinks Larson is
the worst program director; he couldn’t name the night guy for The
Bone. Charlie in Hollywood Florida said it was great to see the guys.
Bubba said he’s pop culturally drunk, he read that the new Twilight
movie opened up at number one, Bubba wonders what it is, Manson said
he knows about it, Spice recapped it, he thinks it’s horrible. Bubba
asked people to grow up and like stuff that is cool, Spice said
they’re not cool vampires, Manson said they’re making stuff up as they
go along, Spice thinks he’ll cry during “the Blind Side”, Brent said
he’s known about that story for a long time. Manson said at least his
daughter hasn’t seen it, he thinks he’s done something right, Spice
said he was tempted to walk out. Bubba thinks the franchise is over
thought, Spice said there’s two more films, Bubba thinks it’s the
pussyfication of America, as we won’t let our vampires become cool
anymore. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that this is the
vampire era, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba said if his kid rolled up
with vampire gear on, he’d blast him. Greg in Miami said he saw it on
Saturday, he said it was horrible. Bubba thinks the guy should’ve lied
and said he had a swine flu. Lisa in Palm Meto said she went to the
midnight showing, she said it was the most boring movie ever, she said
she felt like the downer in the group, Bubba said if he’s going to a
movie with a 14 year-old girl, Bubba accidently hung up on her for
raving about The blind Side. Bubba said he’s embarrassed for what he
did, Spice mocked Bubba, Manson thinks Bubba was printing out go-cart
parts. Lisa came back on, she said she talks fast, Bubba said it
wasn’t her fault, she said Spice won’t cry during it, Manson thinks he
might. Bubba apologized for hanging up on her earlier. Brent said the
real college coaches are in “the Blind Side”. Bubba read an article
about O.J. Simpson, Spice said he’s getting rough in there, the guys
cracked up at O.J. helping out prisoners with race relations and anger
management. Bubba said he doesn’t remember when Billy Mays was on;
Spice wonders what Bubba is doing over there. Bubba said he needs to
get some time off, Spice thinks it sounds like a party, less going to
Indiana. Bubba went over his weekend, he had some stuff he had to do,
plane issues were delaying him, he said there was a 15-20 minute
window that almost made the Miami appearance not happen. Bubba said he
fired off a text to Tom Bean, something he regrets. Bubba said he got
up on Saturday to test, he thinks they didn’t do so great, he said he
wrecked at Clewiston over the weekend. Ned gave Bubba the wha
treatment, Bubba called him a jackass for doing that. Bubba said the
one bright spot was that a kid he knows won a race, the guys made some
noises, Bubba thinks it’s a dick move, we then heard an anti-racing
bumper, Spice said the kid shouldn’t listen to the show, Manson said
it’s not like the old days. Bubba said he loves Phil Hendrie, Bubba
said Phil knows he likes him, he said one of Phil’s characters. We
then heard the clip, which features the “Ted of Beverly Hills” jingle,
Bubba said he wouldn’t have a problem if Phil played his elements, he
went on to say that Phil is a genius in radio, Manson said he can’t
imagine himself doing what Phil does. Ted said he hasn’t been allowed
to give his side of the story, he said he’s sponsoring the segment. He
went on to say that Bubba was a friend of his, Ned thinks it’s
awesome, Bubba thinks he’s small potatoes compared to Phil. Ted said
Bubba was in two months ago, he said he collects the money, Ted said
Bubba likes cigars, Bubba said he’s money, he thinks Phil would’ve
been a great addition to Howard’s channel. Ted said he lit both his
and Bubba’s cigars with twenty dollar bills, Bubba said Hogan use to
light joints with one hundred dollar bills. Bubba thinks Ted runs a
business like Bubba does, Brent said Ted has a lot of moxy, the guys
crack up when Ted called Bubba “Bubba the Sponge”. We then heard a
news clip about a meter reader who is considered a suspect in the
Casey Anthony case, Bubba told Spice to fire up the trilogy, he thinks
this twist will turn people on her. Bubba wonders who is representing
Casey, he thinks the lawyer should have his license taken away, Manson
thinks they’re grasping at straws, he thinks Roy Crunk’s ex wife is
white trash. We then heard the Manson and Berlin collaboration “My
Trunk” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 9, and “the
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16, then into “Caylee’s Not In The
Cradle” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 5. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba Wonka pre-order, Bubba’s plans for 2010

Bubba apologized for bashing various employees on Friday; he said he
was locked in the heat of battle. Bubba said it’ll be a two-three week
pre-ordering window, it takes a few weeks to get it, Brent likes the
idea, Manson said why not, Ned said sure, Dave said yes. Bubba said
Bubba Wonka will be sold for $125.00 without a golden ticket. Bubba
thinks he should’ve listened to the emails who suggested a “Bubba
Wonka Light”, with just the sixteen discs, Manson thinks they should
leave it the way it was. Bubba said 2010 will be the year of the
Satellite fan, he said he never abandoned the regular radio fans, he
wants the fans to get a long, he said all too often, they get into a
civil war. Bubba said he’ll be giving the winning super bowl city’s
team a free Bubbapalooza, he said he wants to take the top 20
listeners and find out who has bought the most, he said he’ll be doing
something nice for them, he wonders what the royalty for Bubba Army
would be, he said Brent is getting on his nerves, Brent said he didn’t
do anything, Ned thinks they should do the special forces. Bubba
wonders if he should really do this, Spice thinks Bubba shouldn’t, Ned
thinks it’s all imaginary. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Joe the Supermark calls in, emails, Shannon Burke going to jail

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can buy bubba Army stuff. We then heard Joe the Supermark’s
bumper, Joe said he was doing okay, he said he missed out on getting
bubba wonka for the reduced price, Spice said that Joe is bummed out
that he didn’t get the golden ticket. Bubba said he doesn’t know which
ones have the golden ticket; Joe said he’s interested in the content.
Bubba thinks the web guys are working on it, Joe said he was concerned
his Bubba collection with have a hole. Bubba said Kenny Kenny has his
own bumper, we heard it. Joe said Hogan beat Rick Flair, Bubba wonders
if Australia is bigger than American, Brent said he wasn’t sure, Dave
piped in and said he didn’t know either. Bubba said if Hogan is
available, he’ll be at the Bubba wonka event. Joe said Bubba told him
if he got a tattoo of Hogan, Bubba said he would do it, Joe said he
has it on tape. Joe is bummed out that people don’t like his tattoo of
Hogan. Spice said the tattoo cracks him up. Bubba said he and Manson
were getting into the chicken dip, he said it’s like a contest between
them now. Bubba read some emails, the first emailer asked if Bubba
would do a meet and greet in Warsaw, Bubba said he’d love to do it,
but he just wants to hang out with Heather. Another emailer said they
were willing to pay full price for wonka, but wasn’t able to get it,
Bubba recapped it for him. Another emailer thanked Bubba for lowering
the price for Bubba Wonka. Another emailer asked that Bubba sell more
Wonkas, Bubba thinks all of emails today are like that. Another
emailer wondered when bubba will come back to Phoenix, Bubba wonders
why they’re not there, he doesn’t get why Beasly is being a bunch of
dicks. Another emailer said he got his Bubba Wonka, he said he
celebrated. Another emailer said he used to train with a guy named
Hawk Harrison. The last emailer said they couldn’t get Bubba Wonka,
but asked for the golden ticket on, Bubba thinks you
can still do that. We then heard a news clip about Shannon Burke going
to jail, Bubba thinks it’s perfect. We then heard Manson’s “Shannon
Burke song” from “bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 13, then into “I
shot A Dog with A hand Gun” from the same album, track 9. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – David Reutimann calls in

Bubba took a call from a woman who said she leans more towards Spice,
Bubba thinks he and Brent don’ have a chance. Bubba wonders if he’s
too fat, she said she likes chubby guys sometimes, Bubba thinks it’s
not that good, Spice thinks it’s Bubba having Brett Favre’s hair.
Bubba asked her when the last time was when she got crazy with a man,
she said it was with a white man, Spice thinks she doesn’t like the
black guy swagger, she said no. Bubba said he’s concerned how skinny
she is, he thinks she’s a marathon runner. She thinks everyone can be
slutty, Bubba decided to cancel his interest in her when she said she
has a moa hawk, Ned said he likes girls with moa hawks, Brent and
Spice are interested. Spice wonders how many black girls have real
hair, she said it all depends. Bubba said he’s the Brad Pit of chubby
men, Manson as Michael Jackson said he only sleeps with white people,
Bubba thinks she’s like Michael. Spice asked her who she likes as far
as fat people go, she said she doesn’t like people who are as skinny
as she is, Bubba is convinced she has a tape worm. Bubba went to David
Reutimann, Spice asked him how much he got, David said he doesn’t know
how much he made, he thinks $2,000, Bubba thinks he’s lying about
that. Bubba wondered if he’s below 50, David said he’s below that.
Spice wonders if his crew gets paid salary, Bubba said they get a
paycheck. David thinks his best was when he made about thirty
thousand, he said he’s not a millionaire yet, Bubba thinks he is,
David said its all how you look at it. David said you have to cut
corners when you can, he wonders why he’s such a problem; Bubba told
him everyone is afraid to talk to him. David said he hopes his
daughter doesn’t drive, he thinks he won’t have another, Bubba thinks
by the time his kid grows up, he’ll have ten years left. Bubba
wondered what he’ll do when he retires; David said he’s not sure.
Bubba said the married guys never park next to Tony, he proposes a
married and non married section. Bubba said Joe Nemechek‘s mom used to
wash the busses, David said she gets after it. Bubba wonders how the
other wives are; David said Jeff Gordon’s wife was famous before she
married him. Bubba said we don’ hear much about mark Martin, David
thinks she travels a lot. Bubba thinks Mark’s wife told him he was
sick of him finishing second. Bubba said he likes how Tony will kick
someone’s ass, he wonders what happened with tony and another guy,
David recapped it for him. Spice wonders about David’s in car, David
said he can fly off the handle every so often. Bubba wonders why
Montoya drives like a dick, David said he’s really aggressive, Bubba
told David to kick his ass. Bubba asked David if he’d like to pass car
number 7 or 42, David said it’s a lose/lose situation. Bubba said he
hit the wall on Saturday, David sarcastically said it was a shock, the
guys cracked up at this. Bubba said he was getting ready to go, he was
lined up; he said the clutches are opposite. Bubba said his foot
slipped off the break, he blasted the guy in front of him, he radioed
an official to let him know what happened. Bubba said he gave the guy
the money for a new bumper, David thinks the guy would respect him
more. Bubba wonders if David would’ve done the same thing, David said
it would’ve been easy come, easy go, Bubba is convinced that Keith
Nozbich has $32,000,000 in his backyard. Bubba plugged David’s charity
event, he thinks Buzzy won’t win the open wheel modifier. Spice wishes
they had a panel that he could smash when they talk about racing.
Bubba said Aaron’s helps out Warrick Done with his charity, David went
over some stuff Aaron’s has done with him. Bubba thanked David for
coming on; he said he’ll talk to him soon. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said the lines are packed today. Lisa in Miami said
she was at Solid Gold, she said she was with Big Red, Bubba remembered
her, Bubba told the guy that he has it all figured out. Bubba hopes
they spread like hurpies in Miami, she said she’d like to be in the
12 Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba thinks she’s a little over the top.
Jim thinks the previous caller was hot, he said he loved Bubba Raw
volume 4, he said he really enjoyed the look on Spice’s face after Tom
the Treeman experienced the fireworks, Spice said once it was lit,
there wasn’t much you could do, Bubba thinks Jim Florentine remembers
it (July 2, 2009), Jim said Artie’s “jack and coke” was next to it,
Spice told him what it was. Bubba read that Oprah is canceling her TV
show; Manson thinks she’s sick of it. Bubba said Manson doesn’t want
to make more money; he just wants to be left alone. Manson said he
would no desire to work if he had a big amount of money. Bubba read
that Will Ferrall topped the list for most overpaid stars; Spice said
he would agree with that. Bubba said that Evin Chandler killed
himself, the guy didn’t leave a suicide note, Spice said he would let
a man touch his kid for $23,000,000. Manson as Michael Jackson said
he’d like to put Tyler in a movie, Bubba refused the offer; he then
said he’d like $10,000,000 only to say he’d like cash. Bubba said
tomorrow will be the last show before Thanksgiving, he wonders why
they didn’t get the week off, Brent said they got one by him. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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