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Top Stories:
Paid promotion deal raises questions about Mark Lunsford’s finances
House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate
Accused Wife Killer Attends Her Funeral
Agassi admits mane was a wig
Suspect in Orlando shooting spree charged with first-degree murder
Shooting reported at Orlando high-rise

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Buccaneers discussions, Bubba apologizes to Chris Lasowski

The show started off with “Super Villon” as bumper music. Bubba said
he plays this by default when he hasn’t picked the bumper music for
the day, he selected Manson. The guys discussed the Packers/Buccaneers
game, Bubba thinks Ted Thompson should be fired. Bubba said that
Tasha’s son was at the race track the other day; Spice likes how the
kid isn’t interested in racing. Bubba apologized for saying bad stuff
about Chris Lasowski, Danny’s wife. Spice had Bubba apologizing over
and over again. The guys discuss Navy beating Notre Dame; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sports discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can buy Bubba Army stuff, then into some Journey as bumper
music, Bubba said you never see Steve Parry these days, Brent read an
interview where Steve said he didn’t feel like a part of the band at
all. Bubba recapped the Jacksonville trip, Bubba said Ned freaked out
at the idea of flying a private plane. Bubba thinks Twenty-five is so
black, you can’t see him unless light is on. Spice said some navy guys
were telling him some interesting stuff; the guys discussed how the
navy is like homeland security. We then heard a news clip about the
Buccaneers winning, Manson thinks the ring of honor is lame. Bubba
recapped some sports scores; he then went on to read an article about
Lawrence Taylor leaving the scene of an accident. The guys discussed
the recent ufc fight, Bubba said they were busy signing autographs,
Brent said he missed it; he said he was out of town. Bubba wanted to
get one of the Packers’s radio hosts on, Brent said he’ll work on it.
Ned thinks Lesner looks like a silver back gorilla on cocaine; Bubba
thinks he’s having a very busy week. He then went over what they’ve
got coming up on the show. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – matt the new intern, Jacksonville recap, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into some messages from the fans, then into “Waking up in Vegas” as
bumper music, Manson jokes he’s tucking, Bubba then said Manson is
working on something. Bubba recapped a race, then some basketball
scores, he thinks the football picks aren’t good, he turned out six
and six, he likes how Tyler was 9 and 3. Bubba plugged Hogan’s book
signing is tonight, he wonders if they have a website where you can
track how good a book is doing, he said he doesn’t even have a copy of
it. Spice said Andre Agassi is turning out to be a disappointment.
Bubba went over some College scores, he then thanked Hooke Nose Mike
for helping them out, he said it’s the same guy who has called Howard
for years. Bubba said there’s a new intern named Matt; Ned thinks he’s
a strapping young man. Bubba wonders what he’s doing, Spice said he’s
in the back with Twenty-five, Bubba thinks he’s a blockhead, the guys
goof on his voice. Matt said he’s going to University of Tampa for a
degree in Communications, he said he’s single; Bubba thanked him for
coming in. Bubba recapped the Jacksonville visit, he said he and Spice
were signing stuff, one of the guys liked Bubba’s ball watch, Spice
said they’re a huge deal; he said the drummer from Kiss is a big fan.
Bubba said his pilot collects watches, he likes ball watches, he said
they’ve been around since the 1800s, Spice said he likes it, as when
he’s raving, it looks like he has a giant glow stick on his wrist. Kim
in Ft. Meyers asked where Bubba stands on going there, Bubba thinks
it’s not going to happen, he said going to the website shouldn’t be a
problem. Bubba told her that Twenty-five Cent and Big Dick will be
outside 2001 with a mobile signup this Thursday and Friday. Kim said
she was going to Publix the other day, she saw a five month old infant
in a running car alone. She said she waited for about fifteen minutes,
the woman came out, she wonders if the woman got meth while in Publix,
she thinks the woman is white trash, Bubba told her to settle down.
Spice wonders what the ruling is, Bubba told him no, Ned thinks he
should run in, Bubba thinks maybe seven or eight years old. She said
the cops came, but the woman had pulled away. Bubba said they’ll be in
Miami on November 20. Brad in Jacksonville said he loves the show, he
said he made his own custom Bubba Army shirt, with homage to Tom the
Treeman on the back. Scott said it’s unlawful to do what the woman
did. Scott in Fort Worth Texas said he loves the show, Bubba said he’s
an average news consumer, he thinks we dropped the ball with the Fort
Hood shooter. Bubba read that Joe Lieberman has called for an
investigation on the guy; Brent thinks it’s hard to believe that he
would be taunted, as the major has a lot of power. Bubba thinks his
gun will be outlawed, as it was the gun the guy used. We then heard a
news clip about the Orlando shooter, Bubba thinks they should cover
that, Brent said he met the Orlando PD; he said he’s a real nice guy.
Bubba thinks the guy held a Spice boy like grudge. Bubba wonders which
fired employee from the BRN would come back to shoot them, Dave said
he has tape of Brent saying he’d shoot people. Bubba is bummed out the
Green Bay station won’t put him on, Brent thinks it’s because of
Bubba’s popularity. Bubba wonders if Favre ever lost to a team with no
wins. Manson thinks they did Favre a favor for not being on the
packers. Bubba said that there is a fifty percent middle finger to
clear Channel; Spice said its Favre’s way to get revenge on Ted
Thompson. The first email wonders if a female wins the Golden ticket,
Bubba said it doesn’t’ matter who wins the prize. Bubba told Ned about
a guy named Anthony who drove from Chicago, the guy has CP, Spice
wonders how he drives, Ned said he’s leaving early. Another emailer
said they picked up Hogan’s book; it was placed in the sports section.
Another emailer said they’re in New Finland and enjoy the show.
Another emailer thinks Bubba leaving Miami won’t happen, the emailer
said she’s a loyal female listener. Another emailer wondered about the
12 Boobs of Christmas® pictures, Bubba said there’s no rules about
how many people who can be in them. Another emailer asked about ocean
prime, Bubba said they might nickel and dime you, Spice said he was
there Friday, he said that he snuck in and snuck out. Another emailer
said Friday’s Satellite show was hilarious. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Paul on protection

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into some messages from the fans. Bubba thinks one of
the guys on the phone wants protection; he thinks the software has
messed up and labeled one of the guys with the same name. Bubba picked
the music for tomorrow, it landed on him. Bubba said Mark Lunsford has
reared his head again, he said that the people are finally listening
to him; Brent said the St. Petersburg times’s numbers matched up with
his stuff. Bubba said Marco Rubio is a dirty guy, he said he’s got
some information on him. Bubba went to Paul on protection, Bubba
wondered why the guy hung up, Paul said he couldn’t talk when he’s
crying, Bubba recapped the situation. Spice asked him how he killed
the guy, Paul said he stole a horse tranquilizer and shot the guy in
the neck, he found out the guy was a teacher at a school. He said that
when people have sex with children, they’re taking away everything a
child has. Spice wondered how he did it, Paul said he did it with a
needle, he said the guy was at his home in his hot tub. Paul said he
had to practically choke him out, he held him until he died, Spice
wonders if it looks like a drowning accident, Paul said they’ll never
find the body. Bubba wonders how hard it is to move a dead body; Paul
said the guy was around five foot six, 160 pounds. Spice said he
would’ve done some bad things to the body if that happened to him,,
the guys think he’s like Jeffery Dahmer, Paul said he buried him with
two bags of a chemical. Spice wonders how long did he map it out, Paul
said it took about two days, he said he was just waiting for the right
time. Spice wondered if he said anything to him before he died, Paul
said he didn’t want to get into it. Bubba wondered what screws Paul up
most, Paul said really it was both, he often questions if he did the
right thing when he killed him. Bubba wondered if he ever thought
about going to the cops, Paul said he did that, but nothing was done.
Spice wondered if it made him feel good when he killed the guy, Paul
said he did at the time. Bubba wondered if Paul would want to explain
it to the cops, Paul said he’d like to take it to his grave, Spice
said he’s a believer of an eye for an eye, Bubba said he would have a
tough time convicting the guy, Manson and Brent think the call is
fake, Paul said maybe it’s a good thing that he doesn’t believe it.
Bubba asked him to mail him the story about the guy being missing
persons, Paul wondered how Bubba knew, Spice said it’s common for an
article to appear. Spice thinks the guy has an article in his house.
Paul said he had to get going, Bubba said he respects Paul for hanging
up, Paul said he understands if the guys don’t believe the story, Ned
thinks it’s a great story. Bubba said he believes him because he
doesn’t have another agenda, Spice wonders if he’ll say “Bababbooey”
before he hangs up, Paul said he was 21 when this happened. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Manson this Wednesday at 7, then into some messages from the
fans. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks the guy who killed the
abuser is far-fetched; Spice said the guy had to strangle the guy.
Bubba wonders it would do, Brad said it would cause liver and brain
problems, unless the guy was lucky enough to hit an artery. Bubba
wonders how powerful the stuff is that takes down big animals, Brad
said it’s not that big. Bubba said a 10cc needle is big, he said he’s
glad Brad called in; he doesn’t want this to be real. Beau from Naples
was on, Bubba recapped the situation. Bubba asked him what has
changed, Beau said he’s got his three year-old, he said Melvin
Richards is trying to mess things up. Bubba asked how did this happen;
Beau said one of the callers helped him out, Bubba told her to pay
respect to her. Beau said her name was Rene Bins, Bubba said family
law is different, he said he can consider her to be part of the Bubba
Army, Beau said he’s dropped off fliers. Bubba wondered how mad does
Beau’s wife has, Beau said she’s gotten a lot of flack, Bubba said
Beau isn’t the Dad of the nine year-old, Beau thinks he is. Bubba
thinks they’re super serving their investigation, he said he needs to
get the kid out of the environment. Bubba said he’d like to get to his
Lunsford stuff, Bubba wants to hire Jefferson Davis to work at 96.5 in
Orlando; he then thinks differently, Brent said he used to work for
them while they were at Feather sound. Bubba doesn’t like how the
newspaper has taken credit for everything Bubba said about him. Bubba
started reading the article, only to get caught off guard with Hogan
calling in; he said he should make it quick. Bubba played one of
Hogan’s bumpers and brought him on, Hogan came on and said some stuff,
he thinks the guy should step his game up. Bubba told Hogan his book
is doing well, Hogan said the book before sold a little less, he said
a week after it hit the shelves, he got his Summer slam pay. Bubba
said Vince would often screw Hogan out of Pay-per-view deals, he asked
Hogan how some of those calls would go down, Hogan said he was stupid
to say he didn’t want to talk about money. Bubba asked him what the
worst one he ever got, Hogan said it was Wrestlemania 18; he said the
rock was mad about that. Bubba asked him about much did he get, Hogan
said he got $700,000, he said he left after that. Bubba told Hogan he
was a mark, now he can change things. Bubba thinks the wwe guys need
to get a hold of Hogan, Hogan said the calls already coming in, he
asked what’s up with Jericho, the guys recapped it, Bubba thinks TMZ
blew the story out of proportion, Spice thinks today is Chris’s
birthday. Hogan said he had no idea what it ment when someone gave him
a bear. Hogan said he went to a bathroom once, when he came out, the
Nasty boys had cornered Stone cold, he thinks he’s in good shape,
Bubba said he was in a great mood. Hogan said Mancow took Hogan’s
phone, Bubba said he texted him a few days ago, Spice is surprised at
this, Bubba recapped it. Bubba said Mancow told him he was a fool for
starting his beef with Howard, he apologized for it. Hogan said when
Howard puts the Sirius hat on and looks at you, he can get stuff out
of you. Bubba asked Hogan if he could make it to his Sting Ray Chevy
appearance, Hogan said he’ll be leaving for Australia on November 16.
Bubba said he saw the clip of Dixie Carter addressing talent, he
thinks she’s hot. Hogan said the Bubba Army is big in California and
Seattle. Bubba wondered if he played his eight break, Dave said he
did. Bubba asked Spice and Brent if he should get into the Lunsford
stuff, the guys think he should do it after a break; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba thanked Tim Sabien for giving him the green light to
play the call from Friday show about Paul; he thinks he won’t be able
to get to it now. Ned said he has a new offering, “I Suck In Miami
Bitch”. The song features clips of bubba talking about the not so good
ratings in Miami, bubba thinks ned had to do some blow with Fein to do
the bit, Spice said this is from Lmfao, ned said he put the original
next to the spoof. We then heard the original, Manson thinks it’s
horrible. Spice said some stations don’t like the word bitch. Lesley
in Tampa said she uses that stuff on horses, it relaxes them, she said
it takes about a couple of minutes. Ned thinks bubba is a mess for
playing the original, he wonders if bubba remembered that he played it
before. Bubba thinks they should send the bit to Vargas, hhe thinks
they should get some people going. Bubba got caught off guard with
Twenty-five doing backup vocals; he said he’s looking for two
billboards, one going north, the other one going South. Bubba told Ned
not to challenge Vargas, he thinks he’s scared and confused, he thinks
Ned is stupid for doing that, he said he’s got one guy in Miami
calling in. Just in said he’s driving to work, Bubba said he loved
him, Spice chimed in with a gay voice. Bubba wonders how rugged you
are if you like young Ron and Paul; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – McDonalds, mark Lunsford discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Manson, then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch”. Bubba said
this stuff is tuck rock, he hopes the music will man up. Bubba asked
ned if he heard about McDonalds this Wednesday, they’ll be doing
customer appreciation day, where if you get a quarter pounder or a big
Mack, you’ll get the next one for penny, Bubba thinks he’ll
participate. Ned thinks Bubba will eat both, Bubba told him he could
pay full price. Bubba said when they first got to the local market,
Jessica Lunsford was killed, her killer has since died. Bubba said
everyone has been talking about Mark Lunsford; he thinks a lot of
trailer people lose their kids than anyone. Bubba said when he first
saw the situation, he was sad. He said that he quickly became diss
enfranchised with him; he said he didn’t like how mark was getting
rock star status because of this situation. Spice said he had a lot of
interaction with him, he said Mark would play the name game; he said
he’s a name dropper. Bubba said they got on the air and talked about
Lunsford wanting to sue the Sitress county Sharif department for not
getting to his daughter in time, he said the pussy ass media never
gave the average person’s opinion, as soon as he talked about him, the
flood gates opened. Bubba said he’ll be the bad guy in this case; he
thinks mark was exploiting the death of his daughter. Brent said he
found some stuff on him, Bubba said the IRS came knocking; he said
those are the three scariest letters. Bubba said Lunsford is so
stupid, he called in to defend himself, he said he’s got various
elements about him, Bubba said Lunsford closed the foundation shortly
after they investigated. Darren in Spring Hill said there are some
rugged guys in Miami, but their imported. The guy thinks he’s a puss
because he listens to 101.5, he said they have something that says
“Say it say it Say it, fix my boobs.” Bubba thinks he can’t get to
some of his stuff, he asked Brent to keep him light tomorrow, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –Bill Michaels from WTMJ calls in, CP Anthony in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Manson’s “White Trash Man” from “Bubba’s Back Vol. 2”, track 3,
parody of “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top. The song digs at Mark
Lunsford for his looks. Bubba said Neil Diamond is one of Manson’s
all-time favorite artists, Manson said he’s still gets after it. Bubba
said his Mom likes Neil Diamond as well, Spice wonders why, Manson
sang a little. We then heard the “Go Pack Go” sounder, while Ned
chanted “Blow Pack Blow”. Bubba read an article about Mark Lunsford,
Bubba thinks it’s ridiculous that they’re calling Mark an advocate.
Bubba wonders why a company pays Mark the money they pay him, Bubba
thinks Mark is white trash with his quote of “it’s not what I do for
them, it’s what they do for me”, Spice then did his impersonation of
Mark, Bubba chimed in, bagging on Bubba for exposing him. Bubba thinks
one of the lines in the paper is a lie, Brent said it was a lie, Bubba
thinks channel 13 summed it up better, we then heard a news clip about
that. Bubba said Mark Lunsford tried to sue him after he was exposed;
Bubba stopped and started the clip to provide commentary. Bubba went
to bill Michaels, a guy from WTMJ in Green Bay. We then heard the
Packers sounder, Ned chanted “Blow pack blow”. Bill said he survived
last night, Bubba said he’s been a fan for a long time, he thinks they
mishandled Favre, he then recapped Ted Thompson’s involvement, Bill
said you can understand where the team is coming from, he said he has
no problem, he thinks they made the right decision for the franchise,
Bill said he has a problem with Green Bay giving Favre crap. Bill went
on to say that, a bunch of rookies holding down the fort isn’t a good
idea. Bubba thinks one of the guys selected was a bust, Bill said the
big question was, can the guy stay healthy? Bubba said he knows some
people in the industry, he said Justin Harold doesn’t’ care about
football, he thinks Rogers isn’t all that good. Bill said Rogers has
regressed a little, Bubba thinks he holds the ball too long, Bill
agreed with that, he said the clock in your head really messes you up.
Bubba asked about Rogers’s contract situation when Favre went to the
Jets, Bill said Rogers could be a free agent, he said they both
screwed each other. Bill said when the Favre situation went down, it
split the board, Bubba wonders how you can talk smack about Favre if
he messes up in the post season. Bill said Favre has thrown some bad
passes, he uses the infamous fourth and twenty-six incident, Bubba
said there were some defensive screw-up. Bill said Mike McCarthy was a
failure as a general manager. Bubba wonders if Ted is a goner, Bill
said he thinks so. Bubba wonders if they could’ve reached an
agreement, Bill said Favre should’ve told the press that he’s playing
until further notice. Bubba said he hates Ted Thompson more than
anything, Bill laughed a little at this, Bubba said Ted Thompson isn’t
any better than Tom Brats, Bill said he agreed with Bubba on that, he
said yesterday’s loss was horrible. Bubba asked Bill if Favre has ever
lost to a 0 and 7 team, Bill said he couldn’t say, he said they’re
worst record was 4 and 12. Bubba wonders if Thompson’s fait will be
decided on how well Favre does with the Vikings, Bill said no. Bill
said when Favre came off the field a week ago, he said he was talking
to people, Bubba said this is what men do. Bubba goes over the top
five Packers of all time, Bill included Reggie White. Bill said Brett
Favre’s Dad would do the post game show, telling the guys that Favre
should’ve hung it up, bubba said superstars need coddling. Bubba
thanked Bill for coming on, Bill told Bubba to call him whenever he
wanted to, Bubba thinks the guys were board with that talk. Bubba
asked for someone to bring in CP Anthony, Spice wondered else he has
to do; Bubba thinks he should give Anthony some money. Bubba told the
guys he’s not blind, he has CP; he said mentally Anthony has it. Bubba
said one of the girls gave him a lap dance. Bubba asked him how he was
doing; Anthony said it freaks himself out to hear himself on the air.
Bubba said he can’t change the way he talks, he said he’s not making
fun of him. Anthony told the guys that if they want good radio, he can
give it to them; he thinks the listeners will be able to appreciate
him. Anthony said he sometimes gets nervous and excited; Bubba
translated what he was saying. Bubba said they want him to be the
voice guy, he said Anthony has his own production company. Bubba asked
Anthony to say “You’re listening to the bubba the Love Sponge show”,
Bubba liked it. Spice asked him to say “In my life”, Anthony said it,
bubba told him if he just concentrates, he’ll be able to do it. Spice
asked him if he can freak out, Anthony said the angrier he gets, the
more complicated it gets for him. Bubba asked him about the girl who
worked him up, Anthony said he’d like to k5 that. Spice wonders how he
drives, Anthony explained it, Spice thinks Anthony is being a wiseass,
Bubba thinks Anthony is gold. Anthony wondered where Brent is, he then
asked where Ned was, Bubba explained where they were, Spice thinks the
clenched fist means Anthony is mad all the time. Bubba asked Anthony
if he could unclench his good hand, Spice had him do it on his finger,
he said it was pretty tight. Anthony said he drives with both hands;
Spice said if he was driving next to him, he wondered what would
happen. Bubba asked Anthony to flip him off while saying “son of a
bitch”, which he did after some prodding, Bubba likes how he has a
permanent gang sign. Bubba asked him if he likes Hogan, Anthony said
yes, Bubba told him to tell Hogan Bubba Army, Anthony said he’d like
to go to the book singing, Bubba told him they’ll have him back on for
tomorrow. Bubba wondered if they could get someone to have sex with
him, he said he gets a lot of guests who puss out, Spice asked him if
he’ll use a condom, Bubba told him not to answer the question, Spice
egged him on to say “no condom”. Anthony said he already has a kid,
Bubba told him good job. Spice wonders if they can get him drunk,
Bubba asked him what his vice is, Bubba proposes they have him drink
moonshine. Bubba thinks they should have Joe the Supermark’s
girlfriend fly down to have sex with cp Anthony, in order for Joe to
get a box set. Bubba asked Anthony if he’s well hung, Anthony said
he’d have to look. Anthony said he’s got a client coming in on Sunday,
Bubba wonders what kind of client does that, Bubba told him he wants
to make him a superstar. Bubba explained how the show works, Bubba
said he was glad he met Anthony; he said Twenty-five is his tour guide
to big white girls. Bubba wondered if Anthony had sex with the blonde
girl in Jacksonville, Anthony said all he got was a lap dance. We then
heard Ned’s bit about Bubba’s low ratings in Miami. Bubba wonders if
Naughty Alysha is available, they then ended the show a few seconds

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