Monday, November 01, 2010

November 1st, 2010 by Staff

Monday, November 01, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence, who is celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday Lawrence.

Bumper music for today provided by Jabberjaw:
Cee Lo Green – Forget You
The Ready Set – Love Like Woe
Jay-Z & Linkin Park – Izzo/In The End
Katy Perry – Firework
Maroon 5 – Misery
Train – If Its Love
Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – 2012 (It Ain’t The End)
Taio Cruz – Dynamite
Far East Movement – Like a G6
M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Segment 1 – Weekend Recap

The show started off with a clip of the Giants scoring a home run via
Aubry Huff. Bubba came on saying the music was provided by Jabberjaw,
the guys then discussed Aubry Huff a little, Brent thinks the Rays
might call Aubry Huff, Spice said he’s not getting involved in this
conversation. Bubba then got caught off guard with Robin Meed’s hair,
he then wonders what would happen between a shootout with the Rays and
the Giants, Spice thinks he’ll stay in San Francisco. Manson wondered
if an earthquake was to hit San Francisco, Bubba thinks Manson is
still on a bender from Saturday, he then explained why he couldn’t
make it, Brent apologized for not attending the party. Bubba asked if
we move the clocks ahead or back, Spice said back, Bubba said that
makes him happy, Brent said they got jipped on that, as it’s normally
Halloween weekend. Bubba then told Manson he missed a hell of a time
at Scene, Manson said he heard about the gator on Auggie’s balls.
Bubba said that he picked out a shed for “Bubba Saw 2”, Spice said
Andy Dick is sleeping in one of them now, he then said “Saw 3D” opened
this past weekend, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jim Hunter RIP, Sports

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Shock the Vote.
Bubba said that David Reutimann will be coming on today, he then said
that his good friend, Jim Hunter passed away on Friday night from
cancer, he said Jim would listen to the show on his way into work,
Brent couldn’t believe it, he said Jim got them over the hump to get
some of the NASCAR guys on. The guys then went over some College and
Professional sports scores, Bubba wondered when the Lions ever had
more wins than the Cowboys, Brent said in 1991. Bubba said he wouldn’t
want Gruden to leave his Monday Night Football gig to handle Dallas,
Manson said that at least the Buccaneers are 5 and 2 this year. Bob
said Reutimann pushed Harvick to a number 2 position, Bubba said he’s
got five screens in his man cave, he wondered why Newman didn’t hook
up with Tony to get the lap back sooner, Bob thinks only Newman can
answer that one. Bubba took a call from a guy who thanked the guys for
Bubbaween; he thanked Spice for hooking him up for some tickets.
Michael said Bubbaween was great, he said he was one of the guys who
was in the ring with matt Arroyo; he said it was great being there.
Bubba said tomorrow, they’ll be bringing the NASCAR trophy to the
studio, he said you’ll be able to get your picture taken with it at
The Wing House at 301 and I4 tomorrow, he then said it’s hard to
believe that it’s November already, Spice said he’s glad for that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that there’s going to be a winner at every in
person sign up, he said it would be sad if they didn’t have a sign up
party for Orlando, he remembered that was where Brent had messed his
car up (December 4, 2009). We then heard a clip of Aubry Huff talking
after the Giants game, Spice said he stays away when Aubry is in
moments like this; he said he’s excited for him. We then heard a clip
of reporter smelling some weed, Bubba thinks the guy is a pussy,
Manson thinks the news people are the biggest dorks ever, Bubba said
this is what’s wrong with television, Spice thinks it’s too much too
soon with the Marijuana laws, Manson thinks they should just
decriminalize it. Alysha in Dayton said the shows in Dayton are
horrible, Bubba said they’re like shock NPR, he said NPR is too dry.
John said he got a call from a survey, Bubba said the guy had a
horrible phone, he told the guy he should know better, he then said he
had to dump the guy three times, he then said Charlie’s deficit
numbers have gone down, Brent said it’s go down to around 6 points, he
said Sink is at a four point lead, Bubba said it will be a major coup
if Charlie wins, Spice said if you don’ vote, you let the blue hairs
vote. Bubba likes how Alex is pro gun, Brent said she’s for the death
penalty, bubba thinks Charlie will mention them if he gets in, he said
the Bubba Army is cult like. Dee said the guys have motivated her to
vote, she took time off of work to get it done, bubba said she’s the
kind of person he’s looking for. Captain Zobby Da said it was great to
see the guys live, he said he and his wife will be voting. Bubba said
that a dentist killed two people, he wonders why he would drive while
intoxicated, he said that even Brent knew to take a cab coming and
going to Scene, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers and news

Bubba said that David Reutimann will be on the show, he then talked
about the Nike commercial that goofs on LeBron James. We then heard
the clip, where LeBron talks about what he should do, Manson said it’s
a great commercial, Bubba stopped and started the clip to describe
what was going on, Spice thinks they should’ve done one for the Iraq
war, Manson thinks that had Bush eaten a donut, we’d be better off.
Bubba took a call from a guy on protection said if you vote for
Kendrick meek, your helping Marco Rubio, he said his boss has offered
Kendrick a deal to stay in the party. Bubba wondered if things like
this happen, Brent thinks that’s what happened in South Carolina, he
said obama has gotten himself caught doing this stuff before, Bubba
said he’s scratching his head over all this, he thinks it’s the
perfect crime. George in Sarasota thinks Brent should be a lawyer,
Spice said eek isn’t dropping out, Bubba said he can’t call the caller
a liar on his comments on meek, he said if he was all about something
being the real deal, he’d wouldn’t let this call on. Brent said the
guy is a Rubio mark. Bubba went over the stuff he likes about Charlie:

1. Women’s rights
2. Making insurance companies paying for Autism
3. Standing up for teachers
4. Stem Cell Research

George then asked about health care, Bubba said that you’re damned if
you take it or not, Brent said some of the stuff in the health care
bill is bad, however there’s some good stuff in it. Bubba told the guy
he needs to stop being so one way; George said the health care bill
isn’t any good. Chris came on saying that George is the typical
American; Bubba said it doesn’t pay to be like them. Chris said that
he read Michael Savage’s new book, he said that he hates to mention
other names on the show, Bubba said he doesn’t care. Chris said you
need to vote for someone who has a fighting chance; he wondered why
someone wouldn’t look out for number one. We the heard a clip of Jerry
Jones talking about the Cowboys, the guys think he’s flipped out,
Brent said you can’ go with anyone as a head coach. We then heard a
news clip about a dentist who killed some people, Bubba said Russ and
Grant were asked by the cops about this, as they were witnesses to it.
Bubba thinks a car can’t flip 75 feet, unless you’re driving
incredibly fast, the guys wonder what one of the guys in the clip was
saying. Spice said he was walking on the same street about five
minutes before it happened, Bubba said it could’ve been him. We ten
heard a news clip about a woman calling 911 over a burnt meatball sub,
Manson said it’s white trash America, Spice wishes they would let 911
people go crazy on them. We then heard “The boopity Song” from “bubba
Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 23 in the background, Bubba thinks the
woman feels she called the right place; he thinks they should yolk her
up. We then heard a news clip about survivors of sexual abuse marching
in Rome, Ned thinks it’s a downer. Bubba then read an article about a
guy who was touched when he was younger, the guy tracked the abuser
down and beat the crap out of him, Spice said he loves that, Manson
said if he was on the jury, he’d find him not guilty. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – David Reutimann calls in, the guys try Fore Loco

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Dayton on November 6, followed by Ned’s “Catholic Altar Boys”. Mike in
Maryland said that Ellen DeGeneres, she was stealing his green room
idea, Spice said he’s heard that before. We then heard David
Reutimann’s bumper, Bubba thinks that’s how they should intro him,
David said that was really nice. Bubba thinks David sounds horrible,
David said he’s a little sick, he said he hasn’t been up for a little
bit. Bubba said Harvick was commending David yesterday, David said
some cars are easy to push than others. Bubba talked about David’s
helmet he’s selling for his charity, he said you can look it up on ay
until this Sunday, he then asked about the race, he asked where he’d
like to be on turn three, David said he wasn’t sure. Bubba then
described the slingshot technique, he thinks David got fourth, David
said they got that, he said it’s hard to be at the right place at the
right time. Bubba asked him about talking to the 56 car; David said
they couldn’t make much ground. Bubba asked about the 24 and 48, he
said they went from mid 30’s to winning the race. David said the water
temperature on his motor is 310 when he’s really cooking, he said
around 260-280 is when he knows it’ll be a problem. Bubba said Tony
got down with a cut tire, he asked why tony didn’t hook up with 39,
David said he can’t answer that. Bubba asked how much is David
dragging the break when he’s with the 29 car; David said he’s dragging
the break until they can’t do it anymore. Bubba asked if there’s a
suction, David said there is, Bubba thinks Ned would be a great
restrictor plate. Bubba said it was sad when Jim Hunter died, avid
said Jim was a great guy, he said he got in trouble a year ago; he
said Jim gave him some advice before going in. Bubba asked about Kyle
Bush, he said he loved it when David would put him into the wall, he
then asked who he thinks is the champion on November 21; David said
Harvick was leading points. Bubba said he can’t take 48 winning almost
every race, he then asked how Buzzy is; David said he’s doing great.
Bubba asked for Spice to look up the payout for Talladega, Spice said
he’ll check it out. Bubba asked how they get paid; David said he gets
it monthly, he said Hogan used to lose million dollar checks. Bubba
asked David about his charity, David said it’ll be the first Friday of
December, he said the Golf game will be the following day, you can
visit for more information. Spice wondered who was
the worst NASCAR guy of all time; David said he can’t say, he thanked
Bubba for talking about the event. Bubba told David about their
appearance on November 19, he asked if they can have a two seater car
for Spice, David said he’d like to strap his ass in a car, Spice
thinks being a Nascar guy doesn’t require you being an athlete, Ned
thinks he could handle a car, as he sits in the sauna all the time.
Bubba told Spice he’s getting him in the two seater. Andrew in Daytona
came on saying he couldn’t wait for Spice to be in the car, he then
thanked Bubba for the Twelve Boobs of Christmas. Bubba said that Greg
Leonard was on the phone, Greg said he’d like to put Spice in a two
seater Sprint car, Spice doesn’t think it’s an athletic ability, Greg
said it takes a lot of mental ability, this had Spice laughing his ass
off. Joe said the NASCAR guys have balls, he said his 13 year-old
asked him if it was a sport, the kid then asked if they were
exercising. Eric said the guys have to be trained to turn. Bubba said
Spice has set him up to be in a bad mood, he then asked him to explain
the Fore Loco, Spice said its 12% Alcohol, it’s stronger than beer,
Bubba thinks he’s behind the times. We then heard a news clip about
that, Spice said they want it banned as it puts a damper on six pack
sales, Manson said Trace gets the homeless guys to buy him some of it,
he thinks he should have one before the show, he wonders if Miller
should do “Bubba Saw 2”, Spice thinks Miller would drive someone
insane if he was on Moonshine. Amanda in Miami said it’s the new thing
with high school kids, she said it tastes like bung, Ned said he can’t
get one fast enough, Spice said this is the easiest thing that will
mess you up for Cheap, Bubba thinks the nerd guy makes it more
forbidden fruit. Miles said he’s had four Fore Locos, he said he
doesn’t’ remember any of it. Jim said he’s a fire fighter, he’s been
finding girls who have been about 16 and 15, one girl had a heart rate
of 160. Bubba then read a text from Lasker about athletes.
We then heard a news clip about a terrorist attack being stopped,
Spice thinks this will just cause more screening. Bubba asked for
someone to bring the ore Locos in, Spice said we’re afraid of a guy
wearing underwear, he thinks he should have an orange, he then said
ned isn’t getting one, Brent said he’s had ten Miller Lites this
morning. The guys think it has a bit of a kick to it, Spice said he’ll
mix some Fein in it, bubba told them to mix them in right now, Ned
asked to drink a Fore loco, he thinks Bubba is infringing on his Civil
rights. Bubba said his Fein is fizzing, he thinks it sounds like a
Raddle snake, Spice cracked up at the sound, Manson thinks it’s evil,
Bubba thinks the can is warning him, Spice said they’ve got stuff they
have to do, Bubba thinks he’s the only guy who put Fein in his drink,
Spice said he needs more, Ned thinks they need to put four in, Spice
thinks it’s Adderall in a can, Brent wonders who could drink four of
these. Olivia said she’s a senior in college, she’s never blacked out
from this stuff, the guys goofed on her a little. Bubba asked if it
sluts her up, Olivia said not her, he thanked her for listening. Kurt
said he’s had two and a half Locos; it caused him to black out. Bubba
said ned asked to put some Moonshine in his drink, he thinks he needs
to do the following content drunk, he said it’s not cool to involve
kids in radio wars, he said he’s keeping Young Ron’s kids out of this,
Spice said he found the video funny. Bubba wonders what kind of Dad is
behind this kind of kid, he’s not saying the behavior is wrong. Spice
wonders if it’s better to have a kid who is a dork, Bubba said no,
Brent said their more successful. John on protection said there’s
about five flavors of Fore Loco, they can’t keep it on the shelves,
Bubba thinks it could be a problem, Spice cracked up when he said he
was buzzed, Manson said he’s feeling good. Bubba asked for the
information, Spice said it’s got 660 calories. Kevin in Jacksonville
said Blitz Con is for people who love “world of Warcraft”, Bubba asked
what that was, Brent told him to not act like he doesn’t know. Bubba
said that he thinks he should do a show vote about young Ron’s kid,
the guys got side tracked with Bubba’s burping, Bubba then canceled
the creative meeting, he then said the kid supposedly stumps the
people, he then asked for some callers for a show vote, he finds it
ironic that your kid would turn out like this, if you’re show is
number one, Spice said there’s a lot of questions. Bubba said over his
dead body would his kid be at a “World of Warcraft” convention, he
said at least the kids aren’t in front of a computer screen.

1. Nate – yes
2. Will – yes
3. Matt – yes
4. Chris – no
5. Avid – yes
6. Katy – yes
7. Brandon – no
8. Matt – yes
9. Brian – yes
10. Scott – yes
11. Patty – yes
12. John – yes
13. Paul – yes

Brent said he’s heard the kid has a mild form of Autism, he then
apologized for making fun of a kid like that, Bubba thinks they should
have some Fore Loco if there’s a low in the action. Bubba told the
guys that if they don’t have their cans emptied by 9:30, they’ll be
fined $1,000. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Shock The Vote”.
Bubba said his timing was off, he then said he scoop slammed Al-kida,
Manson thinks they should do this every day. Bubba said he’s has
messed up on this stuff, as he would on six Gray Gooses, Spice wonders
how many fore Locos could Hogan slam down. Bubba said he once got a
twelve pack of tall Miller Lites, by the time it took for them to get
from Hogan’s house to Tampa stadium, Hogan had ten, he said when
you’re with Hogan, you’ll get green lighted, Spice thinks if Hogan was
on one of the flights, they would’ve called off the attack, Bubba
thinks maybe Bin laden knows who Hogan is, he thinks they’ll have a
great creative meeting, he said he just wants to lay down, he said
he’s yurned for an all nothing creative meeting, he thinks Brent will
get them fined. Teddy in Miami said his kid has asburgers, Bubba said
he’s not making fun of the kid for having that, he just finds the
whole thing odd, a sharpie scribbling was herd in the background.
Alana said once these kids find an interest, you can distract them for
a short time, they’ll learn everything they’re interested in, Bubba
thinks it’s not cool for him to play it, he said he has a problem with
the kids’s Dad, he thinks he shouldn’t play it, he said he’d have a
problem if his kid was into “World of Warcraft”, Spice said this makes
him want to drink another Fore Loco. Bubba said that at least 50% of
the audience thinks differently. Alana thinks that if Dennis Leary can
come out and say your kid is stupid and isn’t autistic, Bubba should
be fine, the sharpie was heard scribbling, Bubba said that she won’t
catch the crap he’ll receive, he thinks they should use one of her
statements as a disclaimer. Andrew said he loves Spice, he said Spice
will be a future Dad, he asked about Space camp, Spice said the kid
didn’t go. Bubba asked what he should do next, Spice suggests they go
to break, Bubba thinks he’s covered his ass nicely. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Young Ron’s kid at a World of Warcraft Convention

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”. Bubba
wondered if Alex Sink is having a last minute rally, he then read the
information on it, the rally will take place at 5:00 PM at the Ritz in
Ybor. Frank on protection said he has a story, but he needs to change
the names or else he would find out, he then said he met some guy who
said he’s talked to someone over the years, the man in question
complained about Bubba, he questioned the guy about the beads, the guy
said he doesn’t do that stuff, he said the kids are overlooked by the
parents. We then heard Alana’s statement from earlier, Bubba thinks he
should just let it rip, Spice said the video is on Paul and Young
Ron’s website, it even says its Ron’s kid on there. We then heard the
clip, Bubba said he caught on to the inventors of the game, he then
asked for Spice to resend him a video, he said if his kid was this
nerdy, he’d punch him in the mouth. We then heard the clip of the kid
commenting on why he sounded so strange, Spice thinks the kid sounds
normal, Bubba likes how the kid tells you not to argue about his
asburgers syndrome, he wonders how they’ll turn this around. We then
heard the disclaimer a few times, Bubba told them not to make it
something it’s not, he thinks she summed it up nicely, Spice was
cracking up at the guy talking about this “world of Warcraft’ skills,
he thinks the kid needs some more exercise. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba thinks they’re increasing the mid day numbers, he
then took some calls from some people saying they agree with Bubba.
Bill said he was at Blitz Con, he thinks Bubba is representing video
gamers unfairly, Bubba said there’s something going on, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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