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This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

To everyone who attended Bikes for Badges this past Saturday, thank
you for your participation.

Segment 1 – Weekend recap

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, then into “Make
Me Smile” by Chicago. Bubba asked if this was Ned’s music, Ned said
yes, Spice said it sounds like something out of Dallas. Bubba thinks
this isn’t the normal guy who does the vocals, he thinks the guy
sounds too rugged, he said he has half a mind to ride the track out,
he said he’s hurting today, as Tyler crashed, Manson said it was a
Bubba type of flip, Brent said he spent the weekend getting lectured
by Sam Simon about how Tyler shouldn’t be racing, Bubba said he almost
went out of the park, he then thanked Spice for hosting Bikes for
Badges, he thinks Ned’s appearance went well, as he wasn’t
complaining, he then went over some sports scores, Brent said he has a
bunch of stories from Los Angeles, he got the chance to ride in an
Electric car, saying it was the fattest car he’s ever been in, saying
he used his IPhone as a GPS, he then said that John Stamos was bummed
out all weekend, as Howard hung out with Jimmy Kimmel while he was
there, the guys then go over how John would run his life. Brent said
that Mark Mcgraph says hello to the guy, Bubba said he has half a mind
to cancel the Creative meeting, the guys clowned Manson for showing up
to bikes for Badges at 12:45, Spice said he was getting pounded out
there with the heat, he said his ride in went well, Bubba said he had
a long one, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, Oil Spill Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Power Pig Hello
shirt, then into “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones. Bubba went over the
three best of shows, he then plugged what they’ve got on the show for
the next few days, they then went over some birthdays, Spice is
shocked that Tommy Chong is 72. Mark asked about BP not using hair, he
said he read that in a local news paper, saying how hair soaks up more
water than oil, Bubba said they discovered that it was like a booey,
Spice said professional booeies should be used. Manson said that
Berlin said her school was having people cut their hair, he shot the
idea down, Spice said he’s willing to donate BP his pubic hair, he
said he’s not buying from them. We then heard a news clip about the
oil spill, Bubba said Costner’s machines are ready to go. We then
heard a news clip about Palin discussing the oil spill, Bubba said
she’s like a counter programmer, Manson groaned at the audio, Brent
thinks she’s out of her mind. We then heard “white Trash Girl” from
“bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 6” track 4, and “The Clemulus Package”
disc 4, track 22, and “Political CD”, track 24. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Scott hall busted

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
then into “don’t Let the Sun Go down on Me” by Elton John, Bubba
sarcastically said ned was butching up, Spice thinks the son was the
last thing to go down on Elton John. Matt asked what kind of oil
should he switch to, Bubba thinks Red line wouldn’t work for daily
usage, he thinks it’s the only show in the world to have oil talk and
Elton John in the background. Bob in Springhill thanked Bubba for his
time at Bikes for Badges, Bubba potted up the audio of Elton singing,
he thanked everyone for coming out, Bob said they had a great time. We
then heard a news clip about Danica Patrick getting booed, Brent said
she dogged the people who worked on her car, Bubba said he’d like to
hear it, he thinks people on to her deal, he said Danica has no right
getting in a racecar, he thinks Nascar is done with her, he then said
Scott Hall was arrested, Spice said it was a brutal mug shot, he said
he can picture all this stuff happening, ned wishes he was six foot
five, Spice cracked up at the wrestling references in the article, he
then said that Scott wants to do a dating game, he thinks this will
hold the girls back. Bubba recapped the situation, with Spice playing
the role of a woman; he then said he has an idea. We then heard the
Price is Right theme, Bubba said he hates to poop on the idea, but
it’s already been thought of, Manson said the mug shot was brutal. We
then heard a news clip about one of the cops that Bikes for Badges
helped out, Spice said it was great to see all the FHP guys at bikes
for Badges, Bubba got sidetracked with Scott hall’s mug shot, saying
it was rough, he said chuck Harman is a dick for not showing up for
Bikes for Badges, he said the guy couldn’t care less. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bikes for Badges discussions, Bubba rants against Chuck Harman

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Newsletter.
Bubba plugged some stuff they’ve got coming up on the show, he thanked
the people for coming out, Spice said Tom the Treeman was at Bikes for
Badges, he said Jabberjaw helped him out, Dave said she was running
the 50-50 booth. Bubba wonders if he should put Tyler’s flip on the
internet, Brent said it’s a commercial for Randy Lajoi. Bubba went
over Tyler’s latest record, Manson said it was impressive. Bubba said
they took his motor apart, he said a rumor was started with some of
his motors, saying that Bubba has a special coating, he said he makes
sure to talk extra loud about that stuff, Ned said he’ll coat Bubba’s
motor, Bubba thinks Danotty’s kid doesn’t want to be there, he said
the kid has already dominated Quarter Midgets, he can’ say enough good
things about him, Spice wondered who that was, Bubba explained who he
was, Spice seemed disgusted about the situation, Bubba thinks Spice is
just patronizing him. Lee said he enjoyed the ride on Saturday, he
said he was the guy who told him he needs to speed up, Bubba thinks
they doubled what they raised last year. Dan said Lasowski went for a
cornfield ride, Bubba explained what it was to Spice; Dan said the guy
gets no luck. We then herd the bell, the guy admonished Spice for
doing that, Spice said that Ned did it, we then heard the gong and the
bell, the guy said they were killing him, Bubba told the guys they
were mean, he said he can’t thank everyone enough, he thanked Bob
White, Ned said he hung out with him and ate chicken wings. Bubba said
that Jim Coat’s wife looked hot, he thinks that wasn’t appropriate, he
thinks Jim’s Harley has stuff dialed in, Spice said Blind Lawrence was
a trooper with the dunk tank, Bubba proposes they have a FHP guy in
the tank next year, Spice thinks the bikini contest footage will be
up, Bubba said Chris from Look Swimware brought out some hot girls, he
said the undercover detective they helped out last year swung by, he
said he’s done with Chuck Harman, Brent said Rick Baker made him in
charge, Bubba told Bill Foster he needs to cut the guy, he said Chuck
got handed his gig, he said the St. Petersburg Police Department is in
shambles, he said he wears many hats, he said he’s a fat tax payer, he
said he doesn’t like go Davis, Brent said there are a bunch of good
Black police officers, Bubba called chuck a no show pussy, he said the
guy is 16 blocks away, he said they do it for the betterment for the
cops, he told Bill Foster to not be a Rick Baker, he called Chuck go
Davis’s bitch, he thinks he should do a “that’s right, I said it”, Ned
thinks Bubba just did that, Spice thinks Bubba is serving Chuck at the
moment, Bubba called Spice a jackass for not dancing with him, Ned
said he can’t keep track of what’s going on, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Racing Dads, Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Spice said tom Danoty was on hold, Bubba said he was saying
good stuff about his kid. Tom came on, Bubba thinks it doesn’t sound
like him, he then said it does. Tom asked what Bubba’s problem is,
Bubba thinks Tom is doing his son a disservice, Tom said they’ve got a
sponsor, Bubba told him they’ll get more out of a big car, he said
it’s a step down for him, Tom asked why all the greatest drivers go
back into truck races, he said they love to drive, Bubba thinks those
guys do that to make themselves better on Sunday, he said no data will
transfer if the kid is in Quarter Midgets, Spice asked if they’re
going to fight, he said he was hoping for a heated exchange. Tom said
he has to do what will help Zach out, Bubba said Zach had to apologize
to the Surgey family for tom being such a horses ass, Tom said the
Surgeys are lying to him, Ned asked who this was, he had no idea who
it was. Tom said he didn’t’ do anything wrong, Manson said you’re
listening to Racetrack Dads. Bubba said he’s talking about another
race, Bubba said he has footage, Tom said he’ll explain, Spice told
him no. We then heard “dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba show classics
Vol. 11”, track 14. Bubba said he’ll put the footage up on the
website, Tom told Bubba to put it up from beginning to end, he asked
Bubba not to edit it, Manson said he was selling Trace’s cart
tomorrow. Tom said the guy lied on National Radio, Spice said nobody
cares, Bubba said he cares, he thinks tom is a hot shot asshole, he
said he’s not mad about Jessica Murphy putting him in the wall. Tom
said Tyler has a lot of talent, he said it was sad that he went for an
air ride. Bubba asked him about the John Force motor theory, Tom asked
who brought that up, he said every speculates everything, Bubba said
everything was torn down, he’s legal. Spice asked who would win in a
fight; Bubba said he’s not sure. Tom said at one time, he was a hot
head. Mike Murphy came on, asking tom what was up, he said the wreck
wasn’t caused by Zach, he said there was a big mess in the pits, he
said he let the issue go, Ned asked who this was. Tom said he and Mike
sit next to each other in Georgia, tom said that Mike came after him.
Bubba said Jessica spun him, he didn’t say anything about it, Mike
said after the wreck, he got a picture with his wife, Spice told Tom
he shouldn’t have pushed his wife, he said he’d like a fight going,
Bubba told the guys that Spice is just being a dick, he said Tom is
the biggest hot head out there, Tom thinks Sam is more of a hot head
than he is, Ned had no idea who all these guys were. Spice asked Tom
to say Der er once, Tom said no. Ned asked what it’s like to push a
Tom said he never did that, Bubba told Zach to run, Spice said he has
a headache. Don said he appreciates everything Bubba does; he said he
was right on the money with chuck Harman and Go Davis, Bubba said
Foster needs to get rid of Harman and Davis. Nate thanked Bubba for
the event on Saturday. We then heard a news clip about a shooting at a
graduation party, Bubba wonders why you’d want to shoot someone there,
Spice said he always found it funny when people from other schools
would go to graduation parties, Brent said they’re stupid at the age
of 17, Spice said the fights in High school are pointless, Bubba said
he was that guy, Bubba said he fought some guy at an arcade, we then
heard “the Boopity Song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23
as the clip played, Bubba had no idea what the guy said, Spice said
all he heard is crickets, Brent thinks the guy will be signed to a rap
deal, Bubba thinks the cool thing to do is to not finish a sentence,
he then said Amanda and Heather got matching tattoos over the weekend,
Spice was laughing his ass off at that, he then goofed on the Spotto
boys. We then heard the redacted portion. Bubba thinks they’re going
back and forth between a Der Der and a Boopity, he thinks they
shouldn’t invite the Spotto boys to bikes for Badges.
We then heard a news clip about misty Cummings, the guys cracked up at
her. Bubba said if you’re easily board, don’t go to jail, Spice thinks
Macho Man will bust through the wall with a slim Jim, he thinks she
wants real punishment – Physical Education, he thinks it sounds like a
Britney Spears song. We then heard a news clip about a bus driver who
sexually assaulted a Twelve year-old girl, Bubba wonders how you can
just do that, Brent thinks it’s more violent than people being horny,
Manson thinks it happens more and more because of technology, Spice
said if something ever happens to you, write it down or type it up,
Bubba thinks the guy is done. We then heard a news clip about a two
year-old who was beaten by a boyfriend, Bubba wonders how you’d beat
someone with a basketball shoe, he and Spice then recreated how that
must’ve sounded like, he said he and Spice were just fake kissing on
the radio, the guys cracked up at the reporter saying the story should
bug you, Bubba thinks this is the guy[s first time on TV, Manson
thinks the guy is horrible, Bubba thinks the guy is fat, Manson said
they should see the video for this, the guys cracked up when the
reporter said I’ll be watching this. Frank said Spice invited his wife
up on stage for the Bikini contest, Spice said she was beautiful,
Bubba told the guy to go to; Spice said the guy is a
badass. Bubba read an article about a football coach who was removed
from his position, for sending inappropriate pictures, they guys think
if the school computer hasn’t been used, it’s not a big deal, Manson
said sexting isn’t illegal if you’re of age. Spice said he can’t bring
himself to send a nude picture of himself, Bubba said he could second
that, Brent said he’s horrible nude, Spice thinks you have to be an
ego maniac, Bubba thinks girls don’ want to see your junk, Spice said
girls are laughing at you if you do that. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who sliced his daughter’s throat, then grabbed her
granddaughter and sliced it’s throat, Manson wondered what happened,
bubba said stuff like this didn’t happen, he wonders if they hit the
8:30 break, Ned said the guy is a badass, he wonders what the guy
would be like in prison. Manson as a Mexican guy asked for Bubba’s
taco, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new bit, callers comment on kids fighting in school

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the three concept best
of shows, then into Ned’s Phillabuster about closet queens who are
against homosexuality, he suggests we elect a bunch of gay guys, the
only qualifications to make it into office would be:

1. A Key West Butt tickler
2. The Ability to suck a golf ball through 100 feet of garden hose

We then heard some Lady Gaga, Bubba said he’s looking at some pictures
from bikes for Badges, Spice said 13 girls were in the contest, number
1 ended up winning, he said a few girls from 2001 were in it. Bubba
found a picture of Ned, the guys think he’s going to shit his pants,
the guys cracked up at that, Ned said he can’t confirm or deny if he
wears a diaper. Bubba wonders if the freaks are coming out of the
woodwork, we then heard a news clip about a girl who committed
suicide, he said bullying has been around for a long time, he thinks
it could be lack of parenting, Spice said for some people it’s tough,
he said he feels horrible about stuff like that, he thinks cyber
bullying is an issue. Bubba said Steve Hurly raised $13,000 for Bikes
for Badges, he thinks maybe the parents aren’t being accessible
enough; Manson said Donna would be at the school cutting promos on
kids. Bubba thinks if he saw his kid swinging, he’d join them, he said
if you’re kid is under 18, you should have the right to snoop around
your kids stuff, Manson said he knows everything about his kids. Bubba
said he can see having a pass code, the parents should know it, he
thinks the Principal will take the rap for it, he said this is a
wakeup to parents. Steve said he disagrees on part of what Bubba is
saying, he said he’d ask his kid to go to the councilor if he had
issues, he asked his kid to hit the other kid, Bubba said it’s
fantastic, Spice said if the kid was suspended for a day for fighting
back, he’d go for ice Cream. Bubba said he did the same thing, he then
recapped what happened with Tyler, Spice thinks it’s a weird cycle of
violence, Bubba said that Fabrizi’s kid had an issue with a kid, he
ended up getting a heavy bag, Ned said he’s scared on regular radio.
Mike in Orlando said his son is going through the same bullying issue,
he said he’s gotten a lawyer over the kid getting suspended for
defending himself. Bubba said the guy is doing the right thing, Spice
suggested the kid get signed up for Gracey Tampa. Bubba said he was
watching some kids do Karate, Spice said Karate is nothing compared to
MMA. Mark said he sent his kids to a private school, he said he’s
paying a lot of money for his kid to get an education, his kid got
beat up, he was told to blast the kid, he got a call from the school
about the fight, he told the school he doesn’t condone his kid getting
taken advantage of, Bubba said the problem is the schools can’t whack
you anymore. Amy said she has a three year-old who is in day care,
some eight year-old kid was picking with him, she pulled the kid aside
and said that if the kid touched her kid, she’d break his arm; Bubba
thinks that would be a little excessive. John in Brooksville said his
kid is coming back to school tomorrow after a suspension, his kid got
shoved against a wall, the next day he beat the daylights out of the
other guy, he said the resource officer said they’ve never seen a
fight with such accuracy. Marcus said he’s with the guys on this, the
guy said that teachers are pussies who don’t want to deal with the
extra headaches, Bubba thanked him for the call, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news, women vote on the Britney Murphy 911 call

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army Burnout
shirt. We then heard some Paper tongues, Bubba was shocked at the
selection, he likes how the lead singer has a great voice, Spice said
he’ll be going to a show where they’ll be at, Bubba is bummed out the
event is Saturday, as he’ll be getting back Sunday, he said they’ll be
a part of the best of show on Friday, he thinks ned would be the last
guy who would buy something like that. We then heard a news clip about
two twin sisters who killed their Mom, Manson said they had the
Menendez Brothers, bubba said this is family on family, something that
Ned is familiar with, he then said that Tiger may have to give his
former wife $750,000,000; Manson thinks she must be really pissed. We
then heard a news clip about a woman who got her left breast removed,
due to a spider bite, Manson thinks it was a Brown Recluse, Brent said
his Dad could get rid of the issue, Spice said he’s seen photos of it.
Bubba cracked up when she thought a toy duck was in her throat, it was
actually a respirator, he thinks Ned is dressing up as a duck and
going to hospitals, he thinks Brent’s ad has never met a spider he
couldn’t kill. We then heard a news clip about a bar getting attacked,
Bubba isn’t sure if a woman or a guy is talking in the clip, he likes
it when the guy who tries to make a device, ends up getting killed by
it, he then wonders what it would be like if the guy covered the
Hindenburg, he then recapped how it would’ve gone down, he said if he
wants to crank up the heat, play the 911 call from Britney Murphy’s
Mom, Manson suggested Spice auto-tune this call, he thinks if he had a
911 call, MJ couldn’t get it on fast enough, he said the call is very
disturbing, he said Britney’s husband died, he thinks Shannon Murphy
will have a best of 911 calls, Spice goofed on her, Bubba thinks the
narration would be done by Marge Simpson, he asked for ladies only to
comment on it, ned thinks Shannon is a murderer. We then heard a bit
of the call, Spice asked that they hold off on it, Bubba said he can’t
get women to call in and comment, he thinks the listeners are mad over

1. Gina – Play it
2. Chrystal – play it
3. Kady – play it
4. Lisa – no
5. Juley – play it
6. Erin – play it
7. Caroline – no
8. Bonnie from Buffalo Grove – play it
9. Michelle – play it
10. Dian – play it
11. Lela – play it
12. Rose – play it
13. Kimmy Via text – no
14. Cheryl – play it

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Britney Murphy’s Mom Auto-tuned

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the three best of
concept shows. Bubba said they’ve got the 911 call, Spice said the
call sounds cooler auto-tuned, we then heard a bit of it, Bubba thinks
they should play the auto-tuned version, which we then heard, Spice
said he doesn’t mean to laugh, bubba goofed on the clip, Bubba cracked
up at the clip a little, Spice said he doesn’t’ want to laugh, he said
he can’t help it. Bubba thinks they’re all going to hell, Ned is
bummed out that there’s no escape from him, they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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  1. john

    I have to say just about anything goes for me when it comes to radio but I thought the 911 call in auto-tune was most distasteful!

    It would be about as funny as me calling Bubba and telling him i was from the local police department and I regret to inform him one of his children passed away shorty after noon today. Then record and play his presumably grief stricken reaction on the air for a good laugh.

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