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Top Stories:
Aunt of Duct-Taped Boy Says Parents Should be ‘Locked Up’
Man convicted of hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail account
Failed car bomb was not al-Qaeda plot, says NY mayor
Obama: BP responsible for costs of oil spill
Naples man arrested for lewd display

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba’s TNA firing briefly discussed

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, then into “Summer
of 69” as bumper music. Bubba told Spice he was on to the deal, he’s
convinced Jabberjaw wouldn’t really use that, Dave said it’s turned
into the guys bringing in music he likes, Jabberjaw said everyone
loves the song, Spice as Bubba goofed on him a little, Dave said she’s
not pandering with the last three, Spice groaned at the Lady Gaga
mention. Bubba recapped some sports scores; Brent said the Rays are
real. Bubba said he’s got a lot to talk about, Tyler and Michael
raced, Manson said Trace did good, Bubba said Trace came in ninth, he
then asked if Trace will help out tiger Lilli’s with Mother’s day,
Manson said no. Bubba said he got railroaded, Spice as Vince said
Bubba was fired. Bubba said he got fired from TNA for being “racially
insensitive”, he said he’s not a racist; he said he doesn’t like being
painted in that manner. Brent said that he’s praying that Al Sharpton
comes on the show. Bubba said he likes S.E. Cup, he said she lost him
when Mike Huckabee wrote the forward to her book; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls Newsletter.
Bubba thinks they should put the Awesome Kong interview as part of the
free download, he doesn’t get how black is a racist term, Manson said
it’s descriptive. Bubba said Cowhead can comment all he’d like, he
thinks Howard will talk about it, he said his Quarter Midget guys will
be there, he went on to say that the Mexican Olympics will be on this
Wednesday, he wonders who will be there, Spice said the Father/Son
team will be back. Bubba thanked Steve from Bay Area Fencing; Spice
said the Mexican Olympics is a fun event. Bubba took a call from a guy
who thinks TNA is racist. Spice asked how he found out about it; Bubba
said Tom Bean called him. Rodney said he was the seventh negro
listener in the 98 Rock days, he said in the liner notes of the first
CD (I’m A Big Fat Greasy Bitch), there’s an acknowledgement to the
black listeners, he said Bubba isn’t racist, Spice goofed on the guy’s
voice, Bubba thanked him for calling, the guys then went over some
birthdays, Spice said he’d like to hang out with Christopher Cross. We
then heard some James Browne, Bubba said he’s got the it factor, Spice
wonders if they’re fighting over his body, Bubba said he didn’t know
he was dead. We then heard some Bing Crosby, Bubba said he would’ve
been 107, Manson said he loves that Christmas album, Bubba said Bing
had 41 number one hits, 1,000,000,000 movie tickets sold, Manson
thinks the song has racial overtones. Steve on protection said he’s
the manager of a company, as one employee told a black joke to another
employee, Bubba said this is the pussyfication of America, he then
wonders what it would be like had it been a white girl hitting a black
man, Brent said if you follow their logic, then yes. Bubba said Kong
has made herself the victim, he said he’s not going to waist the talk
now; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Car bomb in New York, Ned’s Muslim bit censored

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s lumber
Liquidators appearance this Saturday. emit said back in the 98 rock
Days, they had a woman named Black Bitch who would periodically visit
the show, he thinks Kong is using Bubba as a scape goat. Bubba plugged, Manson said donna is over Tiger Lilli’s, he said he’s
told her to sell it, Bubba thinks they could sell it on air, he then
thanked Mike Oliviero for getting him good seats at the Rays game, he
left a pair of tickets while at a restaurant, we then heard a tymbal
for Mike, he asked the guys if they saw the Time Square bomb, Spice
said it was a jobber operation, Manson said it was two five gallon gas
cans a bowl of M80’s, etc. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
said he loves outside surveillance, he thinks they should blow the guy
up at High Noon. Manson said the Taliban has taken responsibility for
it, he thinks they always do that, he said anybody could do this.
Bubba said he can’t even get on his Twitter and said “F Haiti”.
Brent told Bubba he has good news for him during the commercials, he
said he’s glad the guy from the Baltimore Sun is feeling good. Bubba
thinks Obama is in trouble for screwing around, we then heard his
comments on the car bomb in New York, Bubba got caught off guard with
the Seagulls in the clip, he thinks they’re mad at the Secret Service,
Manson said he can’t focus on what he said. We then heard a clip of
Michael Bloomberg talking about the situation, Bubba thinks he’d be
better served not talking about TNA, Manson thinks it wouldn’t have
been much of anything. Bubba said to not let him get into what
happened on the Satellite show (Ned had a bit about Muhammad), he said
he couldn’t even begin to play the offering “yeah, I said it”, he
explained it as partying on Muhammad, Manson thinks the terrorists
have won by getting the bit pulled, Brent said the holy war has been
for almost 1400 years, Manson said it’s like going to war over who is
better, Batman or Superman, Bubba said Sirius flipped out over the bit
in question, he said they’ve been told that actions will get you in
trouble, he said it’s just words, he said he’s waiting for some stinky
Arab to blow himself up, Manson as an Arabic guy said Bubba is no
match for his M80. Bubba took a call from a guy who said “F Muhammad”;
Bubba thinks this portion of the show will be censored. We then heard
a news clip about Bubba getting fired, Bubba said she started it by
calling him a cum sponge, he thinks he was the visionary with his
Haiti comments, he said he doesn’t mind being the bad guy. We then
heard Ned’s “Tribute To Awesome Kong”. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kentucky Derby, kid shoots friend

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls newsletter,
then into Ned’s “Crack Hoe Sister”. We then heard some Billy Joel,
Bubba thinks Jabberjaw wouldn’t listen to this stuff. Spice went over
the stuff on, Bubba said even Howard wouldn’t respond to the
bit. Bill in Calgary came on, Bubba said they’re at around 2950 seats,
Bill said he got his tickets on Friday. Bubba said he didn’t see the
derby, Spice said the track was sloppy, he said some guy was given
$100,000, he put it on the winning horse, we then heard the clip about
that, Spice thinks the jockey looks old and crinkled, Manson said he
doesn’t’ get it at all. Bubba wonders if the whip hurts the horses,
Brent said no, he said what is cruel is after the horse is done
racing, he said Sam Simon was tweeting about it over the weekend,
Bubba said he loves Sam, he said Sam once told him when he gets a
check, he wants to check how many zeros are on it. We then heard a
news clip about a kid getting shot, Bubba said most gun accidents are
because kids are curious, he said he’s caught a lot of crap for taking
Tyler to the shooting range, he then asked Ned how he was taught how
to shoot, Ned said in the woods with his Dad, he thinks he was Eleven
when he killed his Dad. The guys cracked up at the reporter talking
fast, Bubba thinks the guy is a Mexican, he thinks the guy should call
the Kentucky Derby, Spice thinks one of the guys in the clip sounds
cool, Manson said it sounds like the guy took a big hit off a bong,
and he’s trying to hold it in, Bubba said if he was the news guy, he’d
pull the reporters in his office, he suggested that if you have kids,
either don’ have guns, or if you have them, take them to a gun safety
cores. We then heard the 911 call about it, Bubba then wondered if he
should even play it, Ned told him to play it, he said people need to
hear this stuff. Brent, Spice and Manson said no, Dave said you might
learn something.

1. Tyler – yes
2. Treck – yes
3. Steve – no
4. Jessica – no
5. Jamie – yes
6. Amy – no
7. John – yes
8. Random caller – no
9. John – yes
10. Dr. Joe Saturley (via text) – yes
11. Darrel – yes
12. Marty – yes
13. Mike – yes
14. Nancy – yes
15. Alysha – yes

Bubba said he doesn’t want to play it, he asked if you’re offended,
turn the station, Manson thinks they should editorialize, ned told him
to play it, then run to the bathroom and get in the fetal position
like a little bitch. We then heard the call, Bubba said he was sorry
over it, he thinks they should do some free courses for kids about
weapons awareness, he said his foundation would pay for it, Spice
thinks it’s weird that the kid thinks he’ll go to jail over it, Bubba
said the sick bastards voted this one in, he thinks maybe there’s more
to the story, Spice said he knows the terminology, Manson said it’s
gun ignorance, Bubba said you can teach gun safety in the home, Manson
said he’s changed his mind, he said all kids should listen to this,
Bubba said this screams of horrible parenting, Spice thinks the kid is
a wannabe gangster, Bubba thinks he’s on point, he thinks they should
play it over every school’s intercom. Mike said he got some tickets
for a Tony Stewart meeting, Bubba told the guy to give him words of
support. Tiffany said she’s a Mother of three, she said this is very
important, she said at the age of 5, a kid found a gun and fired it,
she said Bubba’s idea is brilliant. William in Jacksonville said the
kid has too much knowledge, he said make the kid an example, Spice
said at 14, you should know what’s going on, Manson said it shows the
ignorance of guns. Kelli said at the beginning of the clip, it sounds
like the kid said he called his Mom before he called 911. Bubba thinks
they should offer this as part of the newsletter, Manson said he’ll
play it for his kids, Bubba said he’ll do that too. We then heard the
call; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Megan said what Bubba is doing
is fantastic, she thinks they should put Bubba’s commentary up on the
site, she said she doesn’t want them to be sheltered; Bubba said he’ll
try and do that. Spice said that a lot of rappers get their messages
through auto-tune, he said the kids know it’s auto-tune, Bubba said he
doesn’t notice the difference, Ned said Bubba is old, Bubba said
people are going crazy over it, Manson said this is how you shouldn’t
treat guns, Bubba said the kid is a rhymer without even knowing it.
Mike on protection said he started listening a few weeks ago, Bubba
said they’re getting huge traction in Dayton, Spice said it’s some
serious traction. Mike said he has two children, they’ve been taught
since day one about guns, Bubba said there should be a law, if you
have a gun, your kid should have to go through a course, Mike said the
Corse is free to everyone. Bubba said he’s got two things in the news
that is Ned like, there’s a non treatable version of Gonorrhea, Ned
said he’s had it before. We then heard a news clip about a guy who
exposed himself to everyone in the neighborhood, Bubba thinks someone
should call INS, Spice thinks someone should beat him with a baseball
bat. Bubba then discussed a woman who has 15 kids, he said it goes
back to Manson’s theory, he said he doesn’t have a problem with big
Brother stepping in, he thinks we need some kind of ruling, Manson
said the trash is taking over. We then heard a news clip about a
couple tieing their kids down, Bubba said trash does stupid stuff, he
thinks the reporter is at a drag strip. Manson said if you use the
word “kids” with two syllables, you need to get your tubes tide, Bubba
said it should also apply if you say “children” as “childrens”, he
said there are many good people who don’t have a lot of kids, Manson
said two or three kids should be plenty. We then heard a news clip
about the woman with 15 kids, Bubba thinks the woman will have more
kids, he said it’s all human trash. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba discusses getting fired from TNA

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators this Saturday. Bubba said there’s some good stuff
on; he said the Awesome Kong interview got him fired. We then
heard the news clip about Bubba getting fired from TNA, he said he
forgot emails, he said a majority of them are from Awesome Kong’s
followers, he said about 50% of the money for Haiti didn’t make it
over there, he said white and black are just descriptive terms, not
racial, he said TNA has Orlando Jordan come out as a gay guy, with
milk on his face, Spice said he hasn’t seen it, Ned said he’d like to
see it, he thinks some of the other stuff is hard to sell, Brent said
they have tolerance for battery, he said he didn’t organize people to
email Dixie, he said Dixie got hammered with people saying that Bubba
is a racist, he said Kevin Eck has hated him since day one, he told
Dixie to stop reading the internet, Brent said Vince doesn’t do that,
Bubba said that’s why he wins, he told Dixie to let the people do it,
he told her to look pretty and stop being a mark, he said Dixie
doesn’t follow his Twitter, but she’ll follow Awesome Kong. Spice
asked if Bubba really cares, Bubba said he cares about how he’s being
painted as a racist, Manson thinks it’s a blessing, Brent said that
TNA’s product sucks, Bubba said TNA press released it, he said he’s
commenting to the listeners of his show. Tommy in Jacksonville asked
why the Black Pope can be called what he is, Bubba said it’s a great
observation, Spice thinks Awesome Kong is the most stereotypical name,
he asked where do bubba and Hogan stand, Bubba said he doesn’t know,
he said Hogan has asked him to take the high road, he thinks it’ll be
the end of them, he said he shouldn’t back down because of this, he
thinks maybe they shouldn’t be friends until this all dies down. The
first email of the day said bubba is a disgrace to the human race,
Bubba said he didn’t deserve to be punched in the mouth for his
comments, he said there are some cases where you can punch someone in
the mouth. Brent came into the studio, he showed a picture of a guy’s
email, Spice said the Twitter was nuts, Bubba said there’s a modern
day war. Another emailer hoped that Bubba wouldn’t get re signed;
Manson said you’re dealing with people who follow Awesome Kong.
Another emailer said that some guy would post Bubba’s Tweets, the guy
would put Bubba’s name on all of them, going so far as too erase
Brent’s name. Another emailer thanked Bubba with his commentary on
immigration. Another emailer said they wrote something really bad on
Cowhead’s FaceBook wall, the emailer apologized for that. Another
emailer said bubba doesn’t have a right for wrestling, Spice said
bubba had an impact. Another emailer said that they’ll get a standing
ovation at the Calgary show. Bubba said that the guy from the
Baltimore Sun said that he couldn’t put that the word “bitch” in his
article, he thinks Dixie Carter read the article and reached the
conclusion. Justin in Dayton said he was watching Family Guy, they had
the Black Weather guy, he thinks TNA is hiding something. Ginger in
Sarasota said Bubba made the point earlier with the black ass comment.
Debby said this is only good for him, she wondered why Bubba didn’t
press charges; Bubba said Kevin Hayslett is looking into the
investigation. Jay said TNA firing him would be like him going to
work, and saying that he’s getting another job. Bubba then read the
article from the Baltimore sun about what went down, he thinks the
article is slanted by Kevin saying he doesn’t’ want to type Bubba’s
name, Manson said it’s obvious the writer hates Bubba, Bubba thinks
since the word isn’t printed, he thinks people would guess he used the
n word, he thinks this article got him fired, he told Kevin to
research the name Randy Michaels, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army burnout
shirt, then into a news clip about Bubba getting fired, then into some
Queen as some bumper music. Bubba thinks he’s being played as a fool,
he said he won’t miss the bullcrap of having to go to TNA on Mondays,
he said there are some good people there that he’ll miss, Spice hopes
they get the money they deserve. Bubba said the Whitehouse
correspondence dinner went down, we then heard a clip of Obama saying
Biden talked him into coming, Bubba cracked up at Obama saying his
approval rating was going down, Spice said he can’t laugh at Leno.
Bubba said he missed Conan on 60 Minutes, Brent said it was boring,
Bubba thinks everyone is pandering, we then heard a clip of Conan
talking about what’s happened in his life, Bubba said Dr. Saturley
texted him, saying they probably shouldn’t play it, as it was boring,
Bubba thinks Conan is a pussy. Spice said he doesn’t see the downfall,
Manson said it was the beard he grew. Bubba said he went from kind of
liking Conan to not liking him, Manson said he has the world by the
balls. Bubba said this is just multi-millionaires who are splitting
cunt hairs, Manson said they’re egomaniacs, Bubba said that if they
got that money, they’d all split up. Brent said that Steve Croft
wouldn’t be able to find them. Bubba said that Spice would open a
hookah shop Manson would practice to be a really good soccer player,
Brent would be in Jamaica, he thinks Ned would be dead. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said one of his issues is that the country
celebrates black History Month; Bubba said she has no idea. Bubba took
a call from a guy who said they’ve had to get around on boats, Bubba
said he’s waiting for the releaf fund, he said these are the people
who need it, the guy said it’s disgusting that people in America won’t
get taking care of. Palo in Miami said bubba is better off without
TNA; he thinks Bubba should be affiliated with MMA. John in Ft.
Lauderdale said the whole thing is disgusting, Manson said no one will
advertise, as it’s a horrible product. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s news Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said all he needs his eight cuts, Spice said he hates lady
Gaga with a passion, he thinks it’s a man. Bubba said the national
enquirer is dead on, he then read an article about obama possibly
cheating, Spice said he’s waiting for the video to pop up, he doubts
the story is true, Manson said he believes it. Bubba asked if anyone
saw the Maywether VS Mosley fight, Brent said he missed it, Bubba said
he taped it, he said he doesn’t like Maywether; Spice thinks Bubba is
like Maywether. We then heard a news clip about a 73 year-old woman
who got arrested for hitting her 17 year-old granddaughter, the guys
cracked up at the woman talking, Bubba thinks smacking someone across
the face isn’t going to do much of anything, Manson said she deserved
a slapping. Bubba said his mom slapped him across the face a few
times, he said when Doug clem got home, all shit would hit the fan,
Brent thinks Burney Mckay won’t file. Mike asked where do we draw the
line, he said he got his butt beat; Bubba said you can no longer
discipline your kids. We then heard a clip of Denis Rodman on the show
talking about Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson, bubba said it kicks ass
that Rodman listens to the show, the guys cracked up at the clip. We
then heard a clip of Rodman on “sober House”; the guys sarcastically
think Dr. Drew is funny. Bubba read an article about Chris Brown
walking out of a radio show that didn’t play his music. We then heard
“Chris Brown song” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 7,
and “the Clemulus package” disc 3, track 17. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

16 Responses

  1. Big Earl

    Bubba, Please sue TNA and that dumb black bitch. Tell Hogan “it’s just business, Kid”.

    Bubba was TNA’s only interesting gimmick, those has-beens and losers put on one boring show, hope they go belly up.

    If you don’t sue. Go on WWE (Vince will put you on) and/or promote more WWE wrestlers on your Show. Just to show them who is the real deal.


  2. Clem Todd

    Yeah, you totally got railroaded. I think the fact that you are a third rate howard stern, have no talent, know NOTHING about wrestling, got your rear kicked by kong (badly, i might add), made racist comments, and overall being somewhere on the food chain above dog turds and below Ron Jeremy’s baby gravy had a lot to do with it. Hell, if you didnt blow the hulkster so well you wouldn’t have been on tv in the first place. Lets see if you have the balls to actually go through with what you said and fight kong. I know you dont. You are afraid of getting killed AGAIN and showing to the world how small of a man you really are. Let’s see if you have the balls to post this. I doubt you do. Lets see if you have the balls to respond to me. I doubt you do.

  3. Matt Mayhem

    TNA will be much better without bubba the “HATE” sponge!!!

  4. Chenoa

    I played the 911 recording to my 2 children to help them understand the dangers of guns. We keep our guns locked up and explain the good and the bad things about guns. We are teaching our children the proper use of guns. Bubba, I have to give you an A+++ for even acknowledging the danger of mishandling guns. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Timothy brooks

    would like to hear boys 911 call

  6. shane francis

    can u put that 14 year old shooting his best friend 911 call or how do i get it

  7. Chuck Ketter

    You are better off not being on TNA. they didn’t know how to write for you. just be Bubba.

  8. Randy

    keep up the good work guys. yall tell the truth; and most people dont want to hear the truth.

  9. Ted

    Black Machismo…Gringo Killer…

    TNA not racially insensitive. Hahaha

  10. Bigdog

    TNA BLOWS, your better off not being their. Sue that fat bitch Kong and tell Ms Carter to suck it.

  11. smoke

    BTLS you call ‘em like you see ‘em. Far too often in this society, most people become pussified and fail to say what they mean (and mean what they say). TNA just made a huge mistake.

    much love from chi-town


  12. Stacey

    Were is the audio of the 911 call??????????

  13. Aaron

    I want to have my children listen to the 911 call but I cannot find it. Can you tell me where I can find it?

  14. Jason

    I wouldnt bring anything else up about Awesome Kong, all this is doing is getting more publicity to a sorry ass cheap wrestling program! You certainly don’t need this Bubba! If it wasn’t for you and your show I gaurantee they wouldn’t have over half of the viewers they have and when your gone they will lose those viewers!

  15. erik

    Bubba imo you should of sued kong for hitting you 3times in the face when it happen. If it was me as soon it happen i would of pickup my cell phone and called police and press charges. she hit you first I would like to say that the few times i saw you on tna tv i thought you brought entertainment to the table. you were good it is tna lost. p.s. sued kong already she deserves it.

  16. Brian Crawley


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