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Top Stories:
Police: Wisconsin woman who lost fingers to zoo bear was drunk
Casey Anthony: Woman claims affair with George Anthony, says Caylee died accidentally
Rosa Mankos, lawyer crushed by subway train, ‘had a helping personality’
Mother Rejects Negative Feedback Of The Teacher
Waurika man sets wife on fire
Americans urged to avoid parts of Mexico because of violence

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap is dedicated to Gary Willetts from Orlando, as he won the
2010 Hulk Hogan Camero. Congratulations Gary!

Segment 1 – Weekend recap

Bubba started the show by saying he didn’t pull the music for the
week, he decided to do his by default for today, he said some guy
named Gary Willetts won the car. He then selected the bumper music for
the rest of the week: Tuesday – Dave, Wednesday – Brent, Thursday –
Big dick, Friday – Miller. Manson thinks the Rays are on fire, Bubba
said he had some Miller Lites at the ball game, he said he had a
really good corndog at the fair, he said the line was incredibly long,
Spice thinks Bubba is screwing with Tyler, he said Tasha will often do
that with her son, he said it’s great. Bubba recapped some sports
scores, he congratulated the Miami heat on their victory, he said he’d
like to get a picture of Tommy Chong wearing a Bubba Army shirt, he
thinks if you can make the Satellite people happy, you’re doing
something right, he then asked Spice how his tennis match went, Spice
said his partner really saved him, he said he was rusty, he said Kevin
is really good, he thinks he wouldn’t be able to beat him, he said the
media thought Bubba was at the event, he wonders how he can trust the
news now. We then heard a news clip about the tennis match, Manson
thinks they jobbed Bubba out, the guys cracked up when the anker
called Spice a fill-in, Bubba said he would never attempt tennis, he
thinks they’ll get over $65,000 for Unity In the Community, he then
plugged some stuff that’ll be going down this week, he said there’s a
great twist to the Homeless Green beer challenge, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – New album, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double D’s”,
then into “Ramblin’ Man” as bumper music. Bubba wasn’t sure if he
extended the contest, Brent said yes, he went on to say voting will
start this Friday, Bubba goofed on him for being nervous for telling
him he was eating a Protein bar. Road Dog said he was driving through
Indiana, Bubba thinks the guy is hauling ass, the guy said he has to
be in Harrisburg Pennsylvania by tomorrow, Bubba said he was going to
take a job there; the general manager of the station he was going to
work at is in prison. The guy said the government is trying to
discriminate, Bubba thinks they should do that if you’re a horrible
driver. The guy said if your 10% over your bmi, you won’t be able to
drive, Bubba thinks it’s a little outlandish; Brent said he’ll look it
up. Manson thinks if you were to take out people who are ten percent
over weight, half the truckers would be gone, the guy said that it’ll
start in July. Bubba thinks it’s turned into a big bitch fest, the guy
said if you’re a trucker, but you’re not listening to the show, you’re
not a driver. Manson thinks you can’t get much exercise while being a
trucker, Bubba thinks some people can do it; Manson asked that he not
get ran off the road. Bubba said the new album is on iTunes.

1. Bubba Army Special Forces
2. Billy bob
3. Tim Tebow Abortion Commercial
4. Black Guys
5. Bubba Personalized GPS
6. Britney Murphy 911 Call
7. Danica Patrick Song
8. Carrie Prejean Interview
9. Devil Went Down To Haiti
10. Chronic (live)
11. Lex and Terry Answered the Phone
12. Balloon Boy’s Dad
13. Lill’ Wayne Night Before Christmas
14. Message for Jim Levit
15. MJ Fries Turkeys
16. Winter Olympics Moment
17. Tiger Woods Macho Man commercial
18. Wild whale

Bubba said he’s made friends with Lex and Terry, he then went over
some birthdays, Spice hopes he looks like Mark Mcgraph when he’s 42.
The first email of the day said Cheech and Chong were arrested in
1973; the emailer has their mug shots. Another emailer asked when
Tyler’s racing schedule starts; Bubba said it’ll start this Friday.
Another emailer said Ned’s songs are funny, the emailer asked if Bubba
will do the Tom tom, Spice said it’s cut, he wondered if they can get
B-Fudd to cut it. Another emailer thanked Bubba for replaying the
morning show on Sirius. Another emailer said the billboard has been
replaced, Bubba said their thankful for what they got. Another emailer
said Bubba looked good on the commercial. Another emailer
said Bubba should book the Saddle dome in Canada. Another emailer
asked Bubba his thoughts on the Columbia School of Broadcasting, Bubba
suggested the emailer do it, Spice said Big Dick took some
communication courses, he said it was pointless. The last email of the
day said the show is like religion, the emailer called Bubba a true
American. Bubba thinks he hit the rattler a little too hard, he then
checked his temperature, Manson told Bubba not to talk while the
thermometer was in his mouth, Bubba said he was under, he said it was
the opposite. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – ices, sports boneheads

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Ned’s “if I Was Hulk Hogan”. We then heard some Sugar
hill Gang, Bubba said he’s not getting into the Rubio situation, Brent
said he’s not even close to a tea partier, Bubba finds it to be
insane, he said he hates Big Tabaco as much as the next guy, he said
he’ll stick up for them, he said Pringles and Oreos are like crack for
him, Manson said he tells donna not to buy him buffalo pretzels, Spice
said he loves girl scout cookies. Bubba said he needs the guys to help
him out on Fridays, Brent said his vice is McDonalds Fries and shakes,
Bubba thinks they do something different with the meat at McDonalds,
he said it’s like magnet with him. Ned said he’s not a big food eater,
the guys think the tape worm takes care of it. Bubba read that a widow
got seventeen million, as her husband died from cigarettes, he said
that tort reform would fix this, Brent thinks they should call it “The
Personal Responsibility Act”, Bubba thinks it’s the good old boy
network, he said they put more stuff in the cigarettes, Spice said
he’s never tried it, as he thinks he might get hooked on them, Brent
said that stuff is more addictive than Heroin, Bubba wonders where you
stop, he said that there’s an article about six or seven big sports
figures that lost it all, the guys are shocked to see Scotty Pippin on
the list, Spice thinks Scott had a lot of bad business ideas, he said
he loves to see guys go broke, he’s not shocked to see boxers go
broke. Bubba said you can go to any bank with ten million, with a
return of eight percent, it wouldn’t be a problem. Spice said he saw
something on Lenny Dikes, Brent said he’s a phony. Bubba wonders who
doesn’t have a TV show now, he asked Russ to stop trying to pitch a
show to various networks, Manson thinks Bruce Jenner’s face was too
tight, which is why he couldn’t talk to them. Spice cracked up when
Bubba read that Mike Tyson lost four hundred million dollars. Paul in
Virginia said smoking isn’t all that addictive, Bubba disagreed, the
guy said he just smokes when he drinks, he said everyone knows smoking
is dangerous, he said he doesn’t do it every day, Spice thinks the guy
is addictive. Kevin in St. Pete said some people have a stronger
addiction, he said he chews gum every day; he said he’ll gladly take
responsibility. Bubba said he called the Toyota thing, he then read an
article about that, Manson said it’s operator error, Bubba thinks the
new thing lawyers will do is talk about the Toyota situation, he then
goofed on the people who complained about Toyota, he suggested hitting
the breaks, he then said he supports dna after getting arrested, Brent
said he agrees upon conviction, Manson said he has no problem with
that. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Agassi VS Sanfras, Tipping

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Lex and
Terry Answered the Phone” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 13”, track
11. We then heard some Sticks as bumper music, Bubba said he’d like to
wait for it to kick in, he said it takes a while, he thinks the song
would’ve been better, had they started the song right with the rock
part, Brent said doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore. Rick in
Orlando said there’s tort reform in Florida, Bubba disagreed, the guy
said he almost died; he said no lawyers took his case. Ed said they
should take a Toyota, speed it up to as fast as it can go, then try to
shut the car down, Bubba hung up on to, he wonders who the show
appeals to, he thinks Father Time is calling in. We then heard a news
clip about going to Mexico, Bubba thinks the news is just stating the
obvious, he wondered who G Hod Jane was, the guys cracked up when
Bubba called “Hanoi Jane” “Shang High Jane”, Brent said this is worse
than what Fonda did. Bubba wondered what was up between Agassi and
Pete Sanfras calling each other out, we then heard the clip, where the
crowd went nuts when Sanfras called Agassi out, Bubba cracked up at
how the crowd was still going nuts, he thinks Agassi’s comeback was
week. Spice thinks Awesome Kong was the ball girl, Bubba said he
always tips, Spice said he over tips. Bubba said he went to Seasons
52, he gave the valet a $20, Spice thinks someone will bust his balls,
he said if he has a bad service, he’ll still over do it, Bubba said he
does 20% when he gets bad service. Denis in Georgia asked about Bubba
going up there this weekend, Bubba said it’ll be during the day, Spice
goofed on the guy, saying he should get there early to kill Bubba. Tim
in Tampa said he was at Oz one night, he said Hogan tipped a guy $20;
Bubba said he hates tipping the bathroom guy. Russ in Clearwater said
he used to drive for a limo company, the guy said Bubba was a great
tipper, the guy said Deion Sanders and Tiger Woods were bad tippers,
Spice as Deion asked what his issue was, the guy said that Deion never
digged in his pockets. Michelle said Bubba was one of the best tips
she ever got, she said she started listening to the show a little more
after that. Nate in Sarasota said he used to serve tables, he said
Dick Vie tell is one of the dumbest people he’s ever met, the guy
goofed on dick, this had the guys cracking up. Patrick in Miami said
Wesley Snipes is horrible, Jordan, Pippin etc were bums, he said Luke
from Two Live Crew was horrible, the guy said Agassi was the greatest
he’s ever had, he said Agassi made his own drink, he said it was bad.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said John Elway is a bad tipper;
Spice thinks leaving a dollar on $300 is a dick move.
Clint said he waited on The Rock, he said nothing special. Eric in
Palm harbor said in January of 1995 for a flat tire, the guy said it
was Bubba, the guy said he didn’t get a dollar for a cup of coffee,
Bubba said he’s never called for help on a flat tire, the guy wasn’t
able to name Bubba’s car, he thinks the guy is trying to hear himself
on the radio. John in Cocoa Beach said the Green Bay Packers would
frequent a club called Taylor’s, we then heard the Green Bay Packer’s
sounder, the guy said they ran great tabs. Mike in Clearwater said he
used to work at a Steakhouse, he said Reggie Round tree would stiff
people, this had the guys cracking up, Spice thinks Reggie is
listening. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned and Manson talking about
chicken dip and praying. We then heard “Roadhouse blues”; Bubba was
cracking up at Ned referring to Manson as a jobber. Tom in Clearwater
asked about getting married to a girl from Brazil, Bubba said they had
some Colombian girls on, he said he didn’t like that segment at all
(November 13, 2009). He said if girls are attracted to Tom, he’ll
start supporting various websites. Brent thinks the INS will look at
you to see if you’re married to a foreign woman for the right reasons,
the guy said his son is getting married to a Brazilian woman. Bubba
thinks he’s a loser for not being able to get a normal girl, he said
she speaks a little bit of English, he said he gets along with her, he
thinks his kid could be a male model, Bubba wonders why he’s hooking
up with her, he asked the guy to put his son on, the guy said his son
told him about the show. Spice wondered if half would be a lot, the
guy said no, Bubba wondered what was wrong with the American girls;
the guy said he wouldn’t want to bug his son while at work. We then
heard a news clip about a band director who got arrested for groping a
female student, Bubba thinks you’d see him in handcuffs if someone did
that to his kid, he then read a story about a guy who hung his head
out the car window, he was decapitated, we then heard “Dueling Der
Ders” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 14, the guys think
it’s a white trash situation, Ned thinks she parties, Bubba said the
guy is now the headless drunkard. We then heard a news clip about a
family requesting that Hustler not publish the pictures of their dead
daughter, Brent said making exceptions presents a slippery slope.
Bubba apologized for having to explain his beaver hunt reference; he
thinks the bible thumping will make the bill go on through. Spice said
if hustler was to print the pictures, he’s thinking about canceling
his subscription. Bubba thinks Linzy Lohan needs to be blackballed
from Hollywood, he thinks she shouldn’t have gotten a chance, we then
heard a news clip about that, the guys think the case is pretty open
and shut. Tina on protection said she helped someone come to America,
she said you go through a lot. Bubba wondered how long is it, she said
it’s about two years, it’s now been changed to five years, she got
some guy to pay her $3,000. Bubba wondered if she was a loser, Tina
said no, saying that she was just trying to help someone, she said
back then, she’s about five foot seen and 160 pounds, Spice thinks she
got fatter. Bubba thinks the guy isn’t on the up and up, Tina said the
guy was on a student Visa, the guy got involved in a pyramid scheme,
Spice thinks the guy fooled her. Bubba wondered if she talks to him,
she said no, Spice thinks she could’ve taken some extra shifts at
chili’s, she said her current husband is proud of what she did back
then, we then heard some pigs feeding as she talked, Bubba said Brent
was freaking out over those sound effects, he said the investigator
should’ve realized it was a closed case, Brent said he did that, he
thinks the investigator didn’t have much to do with it. Jerry on
protection said that he’s been investigating marriage fraud. Bubba
thinks it’s very rare that a foreign guy finds an American woman; the
guy said it happens a lot, he said they could be prosecuted. Spice
wonders how much would she have gotten, the guy said it all depends.
Bubba wondered if the guy gets any hot Russians, the guy said yes, he
said any Latin American country is shady. Bubba asked about some hot
ones,, he said they’re going to try to get one of the girls to love on
Tom the Treeman, the guy said average people are celebs over there, he
said that Colombia has the hottest. Bubba asked about the slutiest,
the guy said he couldn’t say, he then said Colombia and Brazil. Spice
asked about the rings, the guy said there’s some online stuff; he said
you could end up marrying a Cuban. Bubba wondered if the websites are
illegal, the guy said only if their legally dealing with illegal
marriages, he said the green card is good for two years, only if it’s
a marriage from a U.S. Citizen. Bubba thinks Tom would be okay with
the online dating situation, Spice thinks a woman might be able to
take Tom down a few, Bubba suggests turning Tom gay. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Casey Anthony

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Casey Anthony’s
Dad having a relationship with a woman who helped search for Caylee.
We then heard “Caylee’s Mom” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 7”,
tracks 1 and 2, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 11. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. We then heard Boston’s “Rock and
Roll Band” as bumper music. Bubba thinks Tucker is calling him, he
thinks Chas is an idiot. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker
said he was in Phoenix, Bubba said he loves that place, Tucker thinks
some plastic surgery is going on, Brent said all you have to do is
walk around asu for a while. Spice said it’s not like Washington,
where everything is real, this had the guys cracking up, Tucker said
he doesn’t’ drink, he said he had a bone-in rib, he had no idea about
Ned’s sandwich, Bubba played the commercial for him, Tucker was
cracking up at it, Bubba said Mike’s Pizza is an actual place, Tucker
said it’s disgusting, the guys chided him for not saying the name of
the sandwich right. Bubba said it’s the number one sandwich ordered at
Mike’s, Tucker thinks he wouldn’t want that in his mouth, Spice then
joked Chris Hanson would be visiting, he then goofed on Chris. Bubba
thinks Tucker should run his own Twitter, Tucker said today he only
has John Edwards sex tape stuff, he said one of his editors emailed
him with that, Brent thinks John will be caught for stuff like that.
Spice thinks Tucker makes the rules as he goes along, Tucker said he’
kept an open mind. Bubba said Rubio is the it factor for Florida, he
said Rubio is like the obama of the Republican Party. Tucker said he
was widely loved before they learned more about him. Tucker thinks
Rubio’s wife is a cheerleader, Bubba said Charlie is in the fight of
his life at the moment. Tucker said he’s sitting on his bed, wearing a
pair of boxers, Ned asked if he was wearing a shirt, this had Tucker
cracking up, he said Ned’s voice will haunt him forever. Bubba thinks
Ned would be the room service guy, he said Ned has been known to hit
people with a wine bottle. Tucker said he had no idea Rubio took tax
payer money, Brent said its money from special interest groups, he
then went over Rubio’s money, Bubba thinks Tucker is attracted to
Rubio. Tucker said employing your family is out of bounds, he wonders
why people do that, he wonders if 14 grand is worth it. Bubba asked
about Eric Massa, Tucker said it’s the most over the top thing he’s
ever seen, Brent said Beck did a great job in that interview, Tucker
thinks it was a great interview. We then heard a clip of Beck saying
he’s wasted America’s time, Spice likes how the guy is still sitting
there, Tucker thinks it takes some stones to do that, the guys were
cracking up at the clip. Spice said Saturday night Live just killed
him, tucker said it was great. Bubba said he’ll get Tucker to see it
his way, we then heard a clip of Charlie Crist talking about Rubio,
Bubba liked when Charlie guessed Rubio got his back waxed, Spice
thinks if it was $130, it better have been everything. Tucker thinks
Crist sounds bitter, Bubba said he has every right to be, Brent said
Rubio is everything but a conservative. Tucker said Charlie loves
Bubba; he said he’s talked to him about that. Bubba thinks they’re
loyal to a fault, Brent then read something about Rubio, saying he has
debt, Tucker said Rubio is $8400 up, he said he’ll be in Florida on
Friday, he’s shocked that Bubba has a plane. Bubba thinks Tucker would
love the building, Tucker thinks the tarpon aren’t in yet, he said
Fabrizi controls the sea, he said he’d like to see Tucker before the
fundraiser for Denzel, Tucker didn’t know who Jimmy Kleavis was, Spice
said they could get Gene Lasker in. Tucker said he couldn’t find any
information on Lasker, Spice said he is a home grone talent, he said
he gets results for a racecar guy, Bubba thinks Lasker dabbles in
that, Spice said he’d like to set up an interview. Bubba thinks Fox 46
would tear them to shreds if Tucker got into it with Lasker. Tucker
thinks Ned’s voice is frightening, Ned said he likes that. Bubba
thanked Tucker for coming on, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers, Special Olympics

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Yes as bumper music, the guys
cracked up at the guy slapping the base. Bubba in Canada said the show
is going to be huge when it comes to Canada, Bubba said they’ve been
fooled by the fans before, the guy said the show is large in Alberta,
Bubba then goofed on the guy’s accent, he said he’ll announce the new
Orleans date tomorrow, the guy said the show gets them through the
night, he thinks it’s the oil people who keeps them going, he said
there’s no show like that around here. Bubba said one guy suggested
the Saddle dome, the guy thinks it wouldn’t happen; Bubba thinks it’ll
be a 2500 seat venue. Bubba said South Park will be about tiger Woods,
Spice said he can’ wait, he thinks Tiger reading his own lines on the
show would’ve been great, Bubba thinks Tiger can’t be funny or sorry,
Spice said year after year, the show gets dirtier and dirtier. We then
heard a news clip about Toyota, Manson thinks the guy was faking it.
Bubba thinks Fox News is on to something by saying that this is like
the Balloon Boy situation. Dub in California said there’s a place that
has 6400 people in the stands, Bubba thinks it’s like a barn, he
thinks it’s like going to a tractor pull, he then read an article
about Falcon 9, Spice thinks they should privatize astronauts. Bubba
read about a Dad who impregnated his own daughter for a “pure family”,
Manson thinks the guy should be executed. Spice wonders if your kid
could be a mongoloid if it’s family breeding, Bubba wonders the
politically correct term for a retard, Ned said he likes “Fed in
the head”. Bubba wonders why he should play a DVD about the Special
Olympics, he said he feels bad for the families who have had kids who
are mentally challenged, he has a problem with people who do it by
choice, Ned thinks they have a jobber torch. Bubba thinks he should’ve
pretended to be retarded, Spice said Cartman did that once, Bubba
thinks he’s like Cartman. Spice thinks they should enter Blind
Lawrence in, Bubba thinks Lawrence would smoke one of the guys, the
guys then goofed on the blind guy’s facial hair; Spice thinks they
should have hecklers at the event. Bubba wishes the blind guy would be
pie faced, Spice said special Olympics would be like cp, he thinks the
guy is handicap able, Bubba thinks the blind guy is on the not to be
trusted list, Manson thinks it just goes on and on, Spice thinks being
blindness is easy to fake. They then ended the show a few seconds

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