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Top Stories:
Casey Anthony Defense Wants State to Pay Legal Fees
Pakistani intelligence sources say Californian Al Qaeda member arrested
Missouri County Hopes to Ban Fake Marijuana
Man In Chicken Suit Shot By Pellet Gun
Woman bitten by bear at U.S. zoo, fingers severed
Police: Man tries to stab mom during fight over remote control

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Weekend recap

Bubba said the music for today was provided by Hammil, Ned said he
partied, Spice said a little bit of everything, he then said he went
to a kids soccer party, Manson moaned at that, he said the parties at
restaurants are boring. Spice said everyone there was nice, Bubba said
that their stimulated there, Manson said everything that comes up;
they have to tear it apart. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Brent
said the magic game out on top, he thought Jimmy Johnson would win the
race, Bubba said Tony Stewart got 13th place, he then said he’ll have
to go to TNA, he went on to say that he wishes his stuff was pre
taped, he said going live has costed the company hundreds of thousands
of dollars, he went on to say that Tom is fully recovered, Tom texted
him saying that he was “Back to Awesomeness”, he then went on to go
over some birthdays, he wonders if “The Hurt Locker” is about being
gay, Spice said it didn’t do so great at the box office. Bubba said
he’d take the money all day, Spice said he saw “Alice In Wonderland”,
he thinks he wouldn’t enjoy it if it wasn’t in 3D, Bubba thinks it’s a
little dark for kids. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Oscar clips, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” as bumper music, Bubba said
that he can dig this kind of stuff, Brent said the lead singer (Brad
Delp) killed himself by laying between two grills that were on, Bubba
cracked up at that, he said he’s heard some new opening bumpers for
the show, he then went on to say that Jesse Ventura will be on the
show, also The Black Pope will be joining the show. We then heard a
clip from the Oscars, the guys had a hard time understanding what the
woman was saying, Bubba thinks it’s a Mexican Jaws, he said that Jeff
Bridges was rung in, Brent had no idea what “Crazy Heart” was about,
Bubba told Manson to see “The Blind Side”, he thinks James Cameron is
a dick for being married five times, Spice sarcastically said “Yay” to
that. Bubba wonders who the richest director is, he thinks roger Ebert
should’ve been a presenter, he then goofed on him. The first email of
the day said it was great to hear Bubba say hockey, Bubba said he
loves it, he then went on to say that he saw Midget Wrestling on
Saturday, he said there were two really young soccer players. Another
emailer thanked Bubba for the segment on West Memphis 3, the emailer
hopes for a miss trial, Brent said he wouldn’t’ count on it. Another
emailer said they toured the Tap out training center, they saw a Bubba
Army shirt. Another emailer asked about Bubba diecast, Bubba said he’s
into it. Another emailer asked about the Peter Max juice recipe, Spice
said it should be on Manson said he’s into it. Another
emailer thinks they could be the seventh listener in Ft. Meyers.
Another emailer said the show needs to get some kind of blender, the
emailer suggested Blend Tec. Another emailer said Tom is a great
stuntman. Another emailer said they had their daughter two months
early, Bubba thinks the kid looks healthy. Frank in St. Petersburg
said he was at Bubba’s appearance, Bubba thanked him for that. We then
heard Moneek’s acceptance speech, Bubba thinks her size has something
to do with it, Spice thinks she must’ve been really good, Manson
thinks they wanted to be different, Bubba liked how she said that it’s
not about the Politics, but the performance, Spice sounded bummed out
when she mentioned her husband, Ned had no idea what she was talking
about, Brent said she never shaves her legs. Bubba wondered who
dressed her; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Tramp Stamp”. We then heard “Tiny
Dancer”, Bubba got mixed up and thought Manson had selected it, he
then plugged TNA, he then read an article about a guy who had a
ruptured vane in his scrodum. Spice said down there you’ve got vanes
and stuff, Bubba said the guy asked a male flight attendant to do it,
the guy ended up getting three stitches, he thinks a flight from
Canada to Mexico has got to suck. We then heard a news clip about an
American Taliban guy who got arrested, Brent said he was allowed to
come and go, he said once you’re an enemy combatant; you’re in trouble
for treason. We then heard a news clip about how the state may have to
pay for Casey Anthony’s case. We then heard a news clip about K2,
Spice said they got some, the guys cracked up at the guy smoking it,
Ned said he doesn’t cough when he does that, Manson wonders what the
ingredient is. Bubba thinks they should take the cops off of hunting
for weed, and rather put them on kid touching, he wonders why you’d
need to go to the emergency room for something like that. BJ wondered
why he’s banned from the show, Bubba said K2 smells like incense, he
said he doesn’t need to explain to BJ why he banned him, he got hung
up on a few seconds later, Manson said the guy is kind of
confrontational. We then heard a news clip about a guy who was
attacked by an otter, Bubba said he’s only playing the clip because of
the 911 call, he’s not sure if you have to get 9,000 shots if you get
rabies. We then heard the 911 call, Bubba thinks they’re recreating
the Hindenburg disaster, he thinks the guy is so old; a bumble bee
could bring him down. Jason said he went to the emergency room over
K2, he said it made his heart go nuts, Spice said he shouldn’t have
been driving, he thinks the guy was high, Bubba thinks the guy is a
pussy. TJ said he read on T that Misery is trying to ban that stuff,
Bubba thinks once Fox 13 gets on to something, it’s over. Bubba said
he was reading about the monkey on the loose, Spice said he likes it.
Dave said he lives near a pond; he puts some fish there to keep the
birds happy, he said that otters weigh about 40-45 pounds. Bubba
wondered how you’d describe the monkey, he said that Hogan was on the
phone, we then heard one of his bumpers, Hogan came on doing some
monkey sounds, he said he loves Randy macho Man, Bubba said that he
felt bad for Randy’s Dad passing away, Hogan said Bubba was there when
his Dad passed away, he said he wore yellow because of Randy’s Dad.
Bubba asked him if he’s got some stuff, Hogan said it’s going to shock
a lot of people, he said the energy is right. Spice wonders if this is
a tough ticket, Bubba said he doesn’t want to get involved with it.
Hogan said that everyone knows that Monday night is wrestling night;
he said that some people at Disney through stuff at him, he said he
feels like he’s going through the whole thing again. Bubba asked him
the first market he did after getting kicked out of Disney, Hogan said
he can’t remember. Hogan said Brooke is being a pain about this
situation, Bubba thinks Hogan is hard-headed, Hogan said when he first
saw Jennifer, she looked like a bird for some reason. Spice said that
they’ll have Jesse Ventura on the show, he wonders why Jesse and Hogan
have heat, Hogan thinks he’s jealous of him; he said Ventura isn’t a
top guy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Monkey on the loose, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community, then into a news clip about Hogan. We then heard some Elvis
as bumper music, Bubba sang along with the song for a little, he
thinks Peter Max is kicking himself in the ass for not painting Elvis,
he thinks they should have Peter Max on as a regular, he then went on
to recap Jesse Ventura’s book, Spice said they’ll try in a few
minutes. Bubba said that we’ve got a monkey caper, he said when they
shot Tarzan, the monkeys were allowed to rome free, he said that the
monkeys formed a colony; he thinks the monkey on the loose is
incredibly smart, Brent thinks it’s like Ned. Bubba said the only
thing they’re concerned with if he was in a garage with nowhere to go.
We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba wondered if they can put
the monkeys fan club page on the rotator, Spice thinks he doesn’t want
to get caught, Brent thinks this would make a great reality show.
Bubba said the monkey eats snakes; he likes how the snake thinks it
has no enemies. We then hard a news clip about various 911 calls in
regards to the trainer, Brent likes how the 911 operator knows what to
do, Manson thinks the woman in the call is board by the whole thing,
we then heard the actual call, Bubba thinks it was an unscheduled
water visit, Brent thinks the woman isn’t giving them any data. We
then heard a news clip about Jim Levits not getting sued over Joel
Miller, Bubba thinks if Barry Cohen won’t take a case, there’s nothing
there. Spice said that if USF has a bad year, people will look at Joel
Miller with a “You Bastard” kind of thing. We then heard a news clip
about the airline charging extra for sitting in the exit row, Bubba
said Matt Morgan is the kind of guy you’d like to have n the exit row.
We then heard a news clip about Misty cummings and her Mom in jail,
Bubba then goofed on Misty, Spice thinks she’s baby facing, he thinks
that she belongs in jail for knowing the lingo, the guys cracked up at
the edit. Bubba thinks they’ve been stood up by Ventura, Brent said he
knows why he won’ go on the show; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jesse Ventura, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Tom Petty as bumper music.
Bubba went to Jesse, Jesse said his schedule got screwed up, he said
Mexico really is a fine place, he said the problem started when we
made alcohol illegal, he thinks we have more of a problem with
marijuana than murder, he said he has an id that says he was Governor.
Bubba asked him what it’s like when he gets pulled over, Jesse said
it’s worked, he’s gotten a warning, he said he feels safer in Mexico
than he does in Minnesota. Bubba said Jesse takes a no nonsense
approach on stuff, he asked him about the Kennedy assassination, Jesse
said a lot of things happened, he thinks the cia had something to do
with it, he said that if you want to look at the CIA, look at some of
the other murdered people. Bubba said Malcolm X is in the book, Jesse
said he doesn’t make stuff up. Spice asked him about pissing people
off, Jesse said he tries not to deal with Political figures. Bubba
wondered if he’ll get back to Politics, Jesse said no, he said he
loves his life, he said he lives an hour from Electricity; he said he
runs off of the sun. Bubba wondered what Jesse was thinking when he
got into the game, Jesse said you see the demise of the Country, he
said the parties vote for the parties, not the Countries. Bubba asked
Jesse if lobbyists should be outlawed, Jesse said the whole system is
corrupted, he said you have to either pan handle, or take brides.
Spice wondered if Jesse would look at the pork of a bill, Jesse said
you have to really think about stuff like that, he said you wouldn’t
want to sign some amendments that suck. Bubba asked him about working
with Gene Deckerhoff, Jesse said it was fun, he thinks Gene is a great
play-by-play guy, he said the media didn’t bug him for a few years, he
said he’s never lived in Tampa. Bubba asked Jesse his thoughts on the
Jones town murder, Jesse said ones was tied to the CIA, he said the
first doctor who was there found needle marks in people, he thinks
they were murdered. Spice wondered if Sirhan Sirhan has connections,
Jesse said no, he said that the guy who killed Lennon wasn’t a Beetles
fan; he ended up reading “Catcher in the Rye”. Bubba asked Jesse his
thoughts on September 11, Jesse said he has video tape of a reporter
doing a live of Building Seen, yet it didn’t fall for another half an
hour, he said he’s seen a photograph, there were pockets of 800
degrees. Bubba asked him his thoughts on Favre, Jesse said he’s a
remarkable player, he hopes he comes back. Bubba asked him his
thoughts on meeting with the Vikings owner, Jesse said that it was one
of the worst meetings he ever had, the guy came in with nothing, he
just said “Governor, I need a stadium”, he said we’re a Country of
entertainment. Bubba said he voted for Obama for his plans on the
Middle East, Jesse said a bunch of wars were planned after World War
II, he said he hates it when they say we’re attacked for our freedoms,
he then said he had to get going. Bubba said he wanted to play him the
Hogan clip, Spice said he’s really good, Manson thinks he was good. We
then heard a news clip about two guys fighting over the remote
control, Bubba thinks it would be white trash, we then heard “the
boopity Song” under the clip, Bubba likes how she said “Stick me”, he
had a tough time figuring out what she was saying, he stopped and
started to translate, Spice wonders how the reporter was able to keep
a straight face, Bubba thinks it’s the best, he thinks they should
have her do voice overs. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various news, Kenny E. Kenny JR

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Tiffany Rice, then into the edited audio of the black woman
talking about getting knifed. Bubba said you have until this Sunday to
register for the Unity In The community, Ned said he loves festivals,
Bubba thinks some companies will screw you over on shipping, Spice he
sees that with infomercials. Bubba said the Monday night wrestling
wars have returned, he said he doesn’t like Hogan wrestling Flair; he
said they’ve got a new Macho Man video. Nicky wondered how the tna
ratings came out, Bubba said they were flat, he said it didn’t help,
he said he has 90 day contracts, he said if people don’t watch, he’s a
goner, he then congratulated Tyler for his victory, Manson is amazed
that Spice remembered Kenny Kenny’s name, Bubba said this is his first
dirt race of the year, he then gave Kenny Kenny a tymbal, he thinks
the owner of Buddy’s used to be a racer, Ned is hoping that Bubba hits
the wall. Bubba wondered if Ned knows anything about his car, Ned
listed some sponsors, he said he’s a little slow. John wondered if
Bubba will be in tna in another capacity, Bubba thinks at least he’ll
be more of himself, he said Dixie has mandated that he not get a
script. Bubba read an article about a woman who was shaving her crotch
while driving; he thinks it’s from the Ned file. Rich said he talked
to Kenny personally, the race has been suspended, he’s not sure why
though, Bubba wondered what it said on the websites, he then called up
Kenny, he got sent to voicemail, he ended up leaving a message. He
then dialed another number, the woman who picked up said that Kenny
wasn’t there, the woman had no idea about the race be canceled. Bubba
then read an article about a guy who was arrested for performing
circumcisions illegally, Spice thinks you don’t want anything like
that, Bubba thinks he was doing it for pleasure, Manson thinks it’s
weird. Bubba thinks anytime they talk about Scientology, they get
threatened, Spice cracked up when Bubba read that they sign a contract
saying they’ll work for a billion years. Kenny Kenny was on, he
confirmed that the race is canceled, Bubba said he was told to drive
his truck, ned said he likes when Bubba crashes. Spice wondered where
the best crash is, Bubba said no crashes are what he’s looking for,
Ned hopes Bubba crashes wherever; he wants Bubba to hit a wall in
Tampa. Bubba went over his racing schedule, he thinks Kenny is out of
it, he told ned and Spice it was wrong to talk about him crashing,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The Black Pope calls in

Coming-out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”, then into the edited boopity
clip, then into “Viva Los Vegas” by Elvis as bumper music. Bubba
thinks the black Pope is standing by, he wonders if he knows about
Bubba’s fight with BJ, Bubba thinks the Black Pope is one of the best
promo cutter ever. The pope came on, saying he was in sunny Florida,
he said he’s never moved from there. Bubba asked him about his boxing
record, Pope said it’s over a three year span, he said 98 and 1 was
the record; he said that some guy who he beat early in his career beat
him. Bubba asked him long was he a cop, Pope said five years, he said
he went into corrections, he said he crossed over. Spice wonders if he
misses being a cop, Pope said no, he said he doesn’t miss the four
year degree he had to get, he said he had to be smarter than the
average bear, Spice said he’d rather take street smarts rather than
book smarts. Pope said the Dixie is very business savvy, he said he
has a long deal. Bubba said the battle has begun, he said the Black
Pope started his career in Oho Valley; Pope said he left the police
force on his own dime. Bubba wondered if Matt Morgan was a part of WWE
training, Pope said yes, he said Bubba is his boy. Spice said he’s
heard some stuff about Bubba in the locker room, Bubba said he’d like
for Black Pope to tell him what they think, Pope said he can’t say
that Bubba is hated, he said a lot of people have no idea who he is,
he said Bubba needs to prove himself, Spice thinks he’s figured out
what the Pope is saying. Bubba said he took the Pope aside a few
times, Pope said he hasn’t heard the guys bury him, he thinks the
issue is that Bubba isn’t well known, Spice egged him on. Bubba said
he’ll keeps to himself, Pope wonders how many people did Bubba meet,
this had Spice laughing a little, he thinks the Pope is sticking up
for the guys. Bubba asked him who he’ll work with next; the Pope said
he wasn’t sure, Bubba thinks he’ll end up taking the belt from AJ
Styles, the Pope said it changes a lot. Bubba asked the Pope who he
liked growing up, Pope said Dusty roads and Ric Flair, he said he has
respect for Ric, Bubba told him to do an unscheduled run-in and kick
Flair’s ass. Spice wondered if the Pope believes in pimp-slapping
bitches, the Pope said “Why wouldn’t I?” Bubba said the Pope once had
four cell phones going at once, Pope said some good stuff is going
down, saying everyone would like to be a part of it, Bubba told the
Pope to bring his kid, the Pope said he’s into cougars, he thinks he’d
go for Janet Jackson, he thinks Moneek is too harry, he told Bubba he
has a certain swagger about himself. Bubba said if he wore a tank top,
he’d be clowned for days, he then asked the Pope the biggest woman
he’s been with, Pope said about 200 pounds. Bubba thanked him for
coming on; Pope said he liked being on the show, he told Bubba to wear
the tank top. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin.
We then heard a news clip about Tiger Woods getting back into golf, we
then heard “White Wife Of Tiger” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 12”,
track 3. We then heard “Take It Easy” by The Eagles as bumper music,
Bubba said he thought the music was pretty good, he said Hammil
untucked himself, he thinks the pile on of Rothlessburger is
ridiculous, he then read an article about that. Spice said he feels
for these guys, he said he’s had that happen before, he thinks if your
Ben, you have to really watch yourself. Bubba read about Mick Jagger
getting it on with Angelina Joe Lee, he then said that Mickey Rork
said that he had sex with fourteen women in one night. Casey thinks
Bubba and the crew are doing a good job, we then heard “Dueling Der
Ders” under the guy, Bubba suggested the guy watch TNA, the song got a
little bit louder as the guy talked, Bubba thanked him for the call,
he then read about a chef who made cheese out of his wife’s breast
milk, the guys were grossed out by that, Spice thinks it sounds
horrible. Bubba read about a woman who was arrested for squirting
breast milk at a guard, he wishes they had that footage, he thinks
they should do a breast milk challenge with Tom. Richy in new York
said he was listening to Howard, talking about Bubba. Bubba then read
an article about Rosan saying that the Mormon church should be to
blame over Marie Osman’s sun’s suicide, Manson said most churches are
anti gay, Brent said they hated blacks. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who tried to sneak down a chimney, Bubba said he’s playing
this because of the 911 call, Manson thinks you’d have material for
days. Chase in Richmond asked about the Honky Tonk Man, Bubba said he
won’t answer their emails or phone calls. Bubba said a lot of young
people couldn’t care about the post office, he said they’re thinking
about cutting Saturday delivery, Manson wonders what you need. We then
heard the news clip about that, Spice thinks they need to, Bubba said
stuff is becoming more electronic, he said he has no problem with
postage going up a little, he thinks old people will kill our country,
he thinks people should be on their own more, he thinks a lot of old
people are excited over the mail, he thinks you’re a loser if you’re
still going to the post office. We then heard a news clip about a
social movement to stop saying “retarded”, Bubba thinks the word is
cool, he said this is lack of tort reform, he thinks Boston won’t go
through with it, Manson said it’s not going to stop. Bubba thinks the
problem is, there are too many places to get the word out, Spice said
he signed the Prom promise, it doesn’t mean he followed through on it.
Bubba said he needs the word “retard” for him to work, Manson thinks
a-hole is a great word, he found one of the people in the clip to be
annoying. Spice said in his private life, he doesn’t make fun of
handicapped people, he said he’s not going to point at a retarded guy
and say “retarded”. We then heard a clip of TMZ, where Lisa said she’s
more into the white chocolate; Bubba thinks Lisa would be money. Bubba
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show; they then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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