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Top Stories:
Bill Cosby Snaps at Publicist During Interview
Marie Osmond’s son kills self in jump from building
Virginia church worships in the buff
Inspiring wrestler competes with no arms
10-Year-Old Dies After Brother Accidentally Shoots Him
Aftershocks Shake Chile as Troops Seek to Keep Order

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Garage sale recap, West Memphis Three Discussions

The show started off with John Mayor’s cover of “Bold As Love” as
bumper music Bubba came on saying that the music was provided by
Jabberjaw, he said that Ned was pissed about the garage sale, Spice
said that ned sold the beef jerky dryer, Ned said he’ll take a bunch
of stuff to the dump before having anyone buy it, the guys clowned him
for selling a fax machine for $5, he said that one of his bed spreads
was $50. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show this
week; he went on to say that Lasker took a really bad hit on Friday.
Manson said he completely understands where Bubba was coming from with
his sickness, he said he undid his pants as he was running through the
house, Bubba thinks Big Dick is getting it, he said that he vomited.
Spice said that he’s been sick, but he hasn’t given it to anyone, he
said Peter Max is a rock star. Bubba asked Brent if he watched the
West Memphis Three documentary, Brent said he did, he was incensed.
Bubba said he finds the guy who left blood and mud in a bathroom was
disturbing, the cops didn’t show up until the next morning, Brent
thinks one of the guys in jail is about as smart as B-Fudd, he thinks
the judge is the biggest jackass ever. Bubba said that the knife that
was found could’ve been used, there’s no evidence on it, Brent said it
could’ve been a fisherman’s knife, he thinks they’ll have a new trial.
Bubba thinks these guys lives are ruined, Spice thinks being on death
row has got to be frightening. The guys then discussed the USA VS
Canada hockey game, Bubba congratulated Canada on their victory,
Manson said it was an epic. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, emails, Jabberjaw update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Spice thinks the music is “Baby making music”. Bubba went over some
birthdays, Brent thinks Harry Belafonte is an insufferable asshole,
Spice said he really enjoyed The A Team growing up, Manson said it was
horrible, Brent said they were the worst shot ever, they could never
kill anyone. Bubba wondered if the guys remember the show “Run Joe
Run”, Manson said it was a big German Sheppard, he then read from the
show’s Wikipedia page, the guys cracked up. The first email of the day
said they met a Bubba Army guy; also the NASCAR official had a Bubba
Army patch. Another emailer said they got “Bubba Wonka”; the emailer
thanked them for it. Another emailer said when they clicked to buy a
raffle ticket, they got a phone number, Bubba said you have to call
them, Brent sarcastically thanked Obama for resigning the Patriot act,
Bubba thinks MJ turned them in with the PayPal situation. Another
emailer thanked the guys for the garage sale; Bubba said he was very
happy with the turnout. Another emailer said they held their “Bubba
Wonka” in the air. Another emailer thanked Bubba for being friendly at
the garage sale. Another emailer thinks Jabberjaw is sexy, Bubba said
he hasn’t seen her with a guy since James, Brent said she told a story
about being with a black man on the air (January 15, 2010). Bubba
thinks Brent is like Rain Man with Directv channels. Jabberjaw said
she had a lot less stuff at the garage sale, she said that she and 25
are just friends. Spice wondered if she’s into black guys, she said
she’s good on that front, Bubba thinks she could work for Rubio,
Manson thinks she discriminates, Jabberjaw said that white guys are
okay, she said that James led to her during the whole relationship,
Bubba thinks James puts on a show for him, Spice told her not to be
racist. Bubba thinks she’s not that sexual, she said the second guy
was a lot different. Spice wondered if she’d like a white guy who acts
black, she said that it wouldn’t matter; Spice thinks James did
horrible in representing their race. Bubba wondered if they can do the
Jabberjaw Dating game, Jabberjaw said that she doesn’t want any
rapists. Bubba thinks she was mad about something, she said no, Bubba
thinks if you have your foot in the door at radio, school sucks, he
thinks you don’t need college now with the internet, Manson said that
college isn’t for everyone. Jabberjaw said that she’s talked to the
guy; she said that he lives in Green Bay. Spice asked her if there’s
anyone she finds attractive in the office, Jabberjaw said no. The guys
think Twenty-five has a BMW. Jason said he was so mad after watching
the documentary on West Memphis Three, he said he stayed up until
around 3 am during research, Brent said there’s no information out
there. Spice said this comes back to people who are afraid to make a
mistake. Bubba congratulated Team Canada for winning in the hockey
game, he said he didn’t see some players he’s familiar with, he said
that Dan Boil was there. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Lasker flips, Olympics, Derik from Zero-Error

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Donna. Bubba said he was in Chicago, Spice said she used to
be hot, now she’s starting to look like Michael. Bubba thinks the
footage SlideJobJones sent him was really good, we then heard the
clip; Spice likes how the guys are at a loss for words. Bubba said
that Lasker always brags about how tough he is, yet he got his ass
kicked by D-Ball (March 16, 2007, the footage is on “Bubba Raw Volume
2”), he’s convinced the announcers sound like their calling a funeral.
Spice got the video, he wondered why they didn’t have a crash like
that, he said it’s like going to a hockey game without seeing a fight,
Bubba thinks the announcers are grasping, he then goofed on Lasker.
Dan in Clearwater thinks we’re not that good, he said it’s not a knock
on their talent, Bubba thinks he doesn’t know hockey that well, the
guys then discussed the earthquake in Chile, we then heard a news clip
about that, Manson thinks if Bubba tweeted “F Chile”, nobody would
care, he thinks people have no more to give. Spice goofed on one of
the people in the clip, Bubba said if he was a translator, he’d just
make stuff up; he went on to say that a listener made a video with
“Hey Bay Bay”. We then heard the Olympic theme, Bubba thinks this is
the final Olympic count, he thinks one of the bobsled guys was kind of
hunky. Spice thinks if you’d have a bigger guy, you’d go faster. Bubba
said he’d like to get a hold of Derik from Zero Error, as he helped
out the Jamaican bobsled team, Spice wonders if they use standard
technology. Bubba called Derik, he thinks he wouldn’t answer, he said
Derik gets Spicolied out, he got sent to a recording, he said dialing
a phone is harder than it used to be. Spice as an old guy said he
needed a rotary phone. Derik came on, Bubba asked him about being a
designer of a bobsled team, Derik said there aren’t that many
opportunities, the guys did some stoner voices in the background.
Derik said he asked Jamaican to drive his stuff, Bubba recapped how
that might’ve happened, he wondered how it went down, Derik said the
U.S. has a contract with Bodine. Spice thinks the Bodine project is
intense, Derik said he’s a penny pincher compaired to them; Manson
thinks they have it locked up. Bubba wondered if equipment has a lot
to do with it, Derik said yes, he said he can’t get the people he’d
like to drive it, as it’s too large, he said his background in racing
makes him the best in the world, Spice thinks the little Rascals were
mad that they didn’t have Derik’s technology with racing stats on
soapbox derbies. Bubba wondered how different would Derik’s sled be,
Derik said they’d be very competible. Bubba wondered what they’re
using for rails; Derik said the steel is standardized. Bubba wondered
what the rules are; Derik said the rules are very intense. Spice
wondered how much is a contract worth; Derik said it’s about $5,000 a
set. Bubba thinks NBC messed up by not showing the inside of the sled,
Derik explained that they move the T bar by pulling ropes. Spice asked
about the luge, Derik said you steer it with your body. Bubba thinks
the driver for the United States was big, Derik said he’s not sure
about that, he said it’s like Nascar, he said it takes time and
experience, he said it’s a huge deal overseas, he thinks he’s the step
child of bobsledding. Bubba asked Manson if he saw the sled that
flipped, Manson said he saw it. Derik said on his site, he’s got
something for bobsleds, Spice thinks you have limited options. Bubba
wondered what the break man is for, Derik explained it. Bubba wondered
if Derik still does gopeds, Derik said yes, Bubba thinks they should
put as a rotator; he then told Ned he sent Derik some
Ned Dragons shirts. Spice said he’d get in a bobsled; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin,
then into Ned’s “The Chronic”. Bubba said Dave Rice sent him a how
things work Bobsled thing, he said it’s pretty accurate as to what
Derik had said, he then went on to say that Tim Tebow will be signing
autographs on March 6, autographs will be $160, Spice thinks it’s
steep, he thinks that someone should stand next to Tebow with a shirt
that says “Abortion Rocks”. Bubba read that Tebow ran the 40 yard dash
at 4.7, Brent thinks Bubba would like that kind of stuff; he thinks
Tebow will go to either Jacksonville. Brent said his girlfriend got
him Bubba Raw volumes 2-4, he wondered when five will be out, he then
asked about Ned and Manson, he thinks Ned is real. Bubba said they’re
real people, he said Manson is more manageable than Ned is; Ned said
he likes his job now. We then heard a news clip about Obama getting a
physical, Bubba wonders what happened if he was unhealthy, Brent
thinks they could impeach him. We then heard a news clip about Peter
Max, Bubba said he got a lot of good emails about that. Spice said Max
looked 72; Bubba blamed Carl Harris for his weekend of food, as he ate
a lot of stuff over the weekend. Paul said he was at the garage sale,
he said he purchased Brent’s rotisserie, he got it for $15, he said
there was an instructional video called “Cream of the Crop”, Brent
said he doesn’t remember doing it. Spice wonders how a porn got stuck
in there, Brent said he didn’t know. Joe in Richmond asked about
something, Bubba thinks it was BJ from Phoenix, Joe gave his zip code.
Bubba said whenever he’s been on TV, he’s had a boost, he thinks Hogan
isn’t in the condition to go out there and wrestle, he said he’s not a
very good actor, he thinks he can’t do TV, as it’s scripted, he said
this is the first time they’ll let him be himself. Spice thinks the
footage Bubba showed him was great, he said it’s where wrestling meets
real life, Bubba asked the Bubba Army to watch it, Spice then goofed
on Bubba at TNA, Manson thinks no one could pull that off, Bubba said
that it’ll be on this Thursday at 9. We then heard Ned’s “big Tebow”
from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 6, and “the Clemulus
Package” disc 3, track 19. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – School buses using Wi-Fi?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. We then heard a news clip about
the trainer who died from the killer whale, then into “Wild Whale”.
Bubba said that Jabberjaw is looking for a thick, rugged black guy, he
thinks the popping and crackling sounds are big in music, Spice said
Boopity over the song, Bubba thinks music is pathetic, he doesn’t want
a girl to wash his hair, Manson said it feels good, Spice said he
really loved the lice check in school. Bubba said he doesn’t like
baths, as there’s not much room for him, Spice thinks Bubba would take
all the water out of the tub, he said he’d feel comfortable with him
and heather in a hot tub, he said once he gets going, he’d need a Jake
break, he then explained it to Spice. Spice said his girlfriend wanted
him to get a pedicure, Bubba said he once got his toenails painted
blue, he said a black guy can pull off going to a nail place, Manson
said that he’s not comfortable with Asian nail places. Bubba said he
remembers his bus driver’s name, he thinks we coddle our kids so much
that, Dave said the buses are dangerous these days. Bubba said the
problem is we drive our kids to school, Manson said his kids were
never able to ride the bus, he thinks it’s a life experience; he said
he would often come home to an empty house. We then heard a news clip
about students using Wi-Fi on school buses, Manson thinks it’s
pathetic, Bubba thinks this is the problem with our society, he thinks
if the kid really wants it, you should have to pay for it. Spice hopes
a lot of sites are blocked out, he thinks the kids aren’t learning
anything, Bubba thinks they’re on, he thinks if you do
homework on the bus, you’d be clowned, he thinks if you’re in 11 or 12
grade on the bus, you’re a nerd. Mike asked about the poor kids, Bubba
thinks Wi-Fi shouldn’t be on the bus. Howey said that he’s a big guy,
he said when he tries to get in his hot tub, the water level rises,
Bubba said he doesn’t like sex in a water environment, Howey said he
doesn’t look good in a tub, Ned thinks he looks great in a tub. Lee in
Jacksonville said Tebow is a great athlete, he thinks it would be a
diss service for Jacksonville to take him, Bubba thinks Jacksonville
would draft him as a quarterback, he thinks Jacksonville needs to sell
more tickets, he thinks Tebow can put asses in seats. We then heard
“Tim Tebow’s Abortion Commercial”; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bill Cosby flips out, Marie Osman’s kid commits suicide

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity In The
Community. We then heard some Britney Spears as bumper music, Bubba
thinks only Jabberjaw would have this in rotation. We then heard a
news clip about Bill Cosby flipping out, Bubba digs his message of
common sense, he said he’d interrupt him based on him being so slow,
the guy think he’s unbuttoning his pants. We then heard a clip about
Marie Osman’s kid committing suicide, he thinks she wears a bunch of
makeup, Spice thinks she’s steamy, Bubba read an article about that,
he’d take a long look at parenting skills if that was to happen, Spice
thinks he had a good childhood. Bubba said you can mold your kid into
anything, Manson said she battled depression, Bubba thinks he didn’t
have a lot of one on one time, he said she couldn’t be with the kid
that much. Spice thinks if the guy was natural depressed, he could see
where the issue is, Bubba said a regular person could take a natural
depressed kid and make them not want to kill themselves, Spice read
the guy tried to commit suicide before, Manson said they’re Mormons,
Bubba thinks only he and Howard will take this approach. Spice said
five of the kids were adopted, Bubba told her to stop adopting kids,
he wonders what’s wrong with the three she had, Spice thinks a segment
of the population is depressed, Ned said you should get over it. Bubba
said he saw some guy with a dog, the guy was looking for bus fair, he
thinks you shouldn’t tell Ned that you’ll do anything for $50, he’s
disgusted with people who are looking for a handout, he thinks the
world is a better place that the guy is dead, Manson said depressed
people bum him out, Spice thinks they’re angry narcissists, Bubba
thinks he’d probably bounce if he was to jump. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Carley Simon, Armless Wrestler?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said the Honky Tonk Man is trying to plead for attention,
Spice thinks some people don’t know who he is. Bubba said for years,
Carley Simon has never said what “you’re So Vain” is about, we then
heard the song, Bubba sang along to it for a few seconds, he read that
she was talking about David Geffen, he wonders what clouds in the
coffee means. Spice said that it could be a rumor; he thinks she’s the
vain one. Ann on protection said depression is a medical condition,
she said she’s aware of her issues, Ned yelled for her to shut the kid
up. Matt in Virginia said he’s an adopted person, he said that it
causes people to have issues, lds covers that stuff up. Bubba thinks
any family can’t handle eight kids. Jane said she was also depressed,
she had parents who were very supportive; Bubba said it’s because of
good parents. We then heard a news clip about an eleven year-old who
was shot, Bubba said he’s had many meetings with his family about
that, he said if the kids touch the gun, they won’t have any teeth
left, he said this kind of stuff happens every year. We then heard
“the Boopity Song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 under
the clip, Spice thinks the kid was smart enough to jimmy the lock,
Bubba thinks parenting isn’t too complicated, Manson said he could
never leave his gun in the car, Spice thinks it would be tough to love
the ten year-old, Ned said he’d drop him off at the fire station. We
then heard a news clip about an armless wrestler, Bubba said this
would be like a field goal kicker with no legs. Spice said he’s seen
wheelchair tennis, it’s not that fun. Bubba thinks if Spice had a kid
with no arms, he’d probably get an abortion, the guys cracked u when
the woman said the kid climbed up he bunk bed with his neck, Manson
suggests the kid play soccer, Spice thinks the parents are useless,
Bubba thinks no one has the heart to tell the kid what he can do. Jim
in Ft. Meyers said about 80% Bubba is right, he said it’s the 10-20%
that are not fixable; the guy wonders how busy Marie Osman really is.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Honky Tonk man audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. Bubba
isn’t sure who tomorrow’s music is, Spice thinks it’s him. Bubba said
that Roger Ebert will be on Oprah, Manson thinks Roger has a fake jaw,
he said it’s frightening, Ned said it’s creepy. Bubba read that a guy
tried to get a driver’s license, he thinks he’s going to have a
problem, he then said that leno is coming back, he went over the list
of guests Leno will have on, Spice thinks people won’t come back, as
people have probably gotten used to Letterman. Spice said the Honky
Tonk Man was big in the 80’s, he said he does a poor man’s Elvis. We
then heard a message from the Honky Tonk Man wanting to kick Bubba’s
ass. Bubba thinks Honky is stupid for not knowing Spice and matt are
the same people. Bubba said Honky was on the Fight show, we then heard
the clip about that. Honky is on the show talking about wrestling, the
host mentions Bubba the love Sponge, Honky said Bubba never takes his
call, Bubba said all they do is try to get him on, Manson said they
trick him, Honky thinks he got Bubba fired from TNA, Spice said Honky
Tonk Man is irrelevant. Bubba said when he gets fired; you’ll know
about it, Brent thinks it’s problematic. Honky said if any of the guys
has a sack, they’d call in, Bubba wants to pay him to come in. honky
said he’s trying to have his lawyer sue TNA, Brent said this is legal
advice from a dark match Elvis. The host asked Honky what would happen
if he talks to Bubba, Honky said they have a sack, he’d like to
discuss it with him, he said all they do is yelling and scream, Brent
said he’s doing the same joke over and over again. Bubba read an
article about football changing their format for teams going into
overtime; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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