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Yesterday on the show, Gay Days came to an end at Disney, the guys gave their take on a father tazering someone who “Sext messaged” his daughter, and a new boopity out of Dallas made its debut. Make sure to tune into the show tomorrow!

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba asked Spice
to guess the bumper music, Spice said Twenty-five, he then said that
he didn’t get in until around one in the morning, Brent asked if
they’ll have creative meeting today, Bubba decided on a show vote, he
then decided to do it tomorrow, he then recapped some sports scores,
he said Tyler won his first National Event this weekend, he doesn’t
get the schools that still have school going on until the second week
of June, Spice said the last week of school is just a crapshoot, Bubba
said school is over rated, he said he gets heat from Heather whenever
the topic is brought up, he thinks Trace will just get high and screw
around, Brent said that with the BP Oil Spill, people don’t often pay
attention, the guys then goofed on Brent’s voice, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Teenage Pregnancy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for being a wrestler.
Bubba told Spice this was one of his favorite artists, he then went
over the stuff they’re looking for, he then got sidetracked with a
clip of Rick Scott, he said the guy is on the “Not to be trusted”
list, Spice said the whole thing is a wrestling match, Bubba said
that’s why he’s going with Alex Sink, he thinks Rick Scott looks like
a dark match Dr. Mark, he then talked about a guy in south florid, who
made all of his money on the Credit Default Swap, he said this is
what’s wrong with our Country, Manson thinks it should be illegal to
spend thirty million on a campaign, he said Rick Scott is everywhere.
We then herd news clip about teen pregnancy, where teens think it’s
cool to have kid, Manson said he doesn’t get it, he said they watched
the story together, Bubba said this is just the downward spiral of our
Mentality, he wondered why they didn’t interview Donna Waters, he then
read from Jeff Green’s mission statement. Steve said his daughter is
24; she was scared to tell him, even though she was married. Jack said
he’s 29, he said he couldn’t imagine going through that at a young
age, Bubba said the kids just don’t care, he thinks we need mass
sterilization, he said white trash is like cockroaches, he said he
would’ve sterilized the woman in the clip, they then went to
commercials few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Birthdays & Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba had no idea what the guy
in the song was talking about, he said he’d like to punch 25 over
this, Spice said he thinks he’s figured it out, but he can’t say. We
then heard the Price is Right music, Spice thinks it’s meaningless,
the guys then went over some birthdays, Bubba read that Tom Jones’s
wife doesn’t have any issue with what woman he sleeps with, he said
he’s glad Jenny Jones’s show got canceled, Spice said you practically
sign your life away when you go on TV shows. The first email of the
day said they were watching “WWE’s Next Wrestler”; the name for one of
the wrestlers is Michael Mcgillicutty. Another emailer thinks Bubba
made himself really insecure on his own show; Bubba thinks he debated
the woman from South Florida. Another emailer said the guy from
Scotland was real, the emailer said they’re from there; the accent is
hard to understand. Another emailer thinks the ratings aren’t all that
accurate. Another emailer had a line of products that are a bunch of
big mustashes you put on your car, Ned said no to the idea, Bubba said
the idea was stupid, he said this stuff makes you a loser, he said if
any listener of his gets this, he’ll quit them. Another emailer said
Bubba has too many friends on FaceBook, the emailer asked about Boob
information, Bubba said they do the Twelve Boobs of Christmas. Another
emailer asked for the website Bubba found about guns, Bubba said it’s Another emailer asked if Lumber Liquidators will be
offering promo codes, Bubba said no. The last emailer backed up the
Scottish caller from Friday. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
then into “I’m Gonna Make it Some How”. Bubba came on looking for
something; he thinks the guys are killing him. We then heard a news
clip about the oil leak, Bubba said he’s over the oil spill. We then
heard a clip of Kevin Harvick getting hit, Bubba thinks the guy in the
clip has no pubic hair, he thinks the guy is a pussy. Calvin thinks
Bubba is wrong bout Joey Lagono, Bubba thinks the guy won’t get any
respect, the guy said he shouldn’t be fighting with Kevin Harvick.
Bubba said the real racers are saying what he just said. Steven in
Port Charlotte said bubba is right, the guy called Joey Lagono is a
punk. David thinks bubba is off the mark a little on this, saying how
the kid has ran into some problems in the past, Bubba said Kevin runs
hard, he said pussies can’t be tough guys. Quattro came on, saying how
Kyle Bush is a pussy, Bubba told him to stick to picking strawberries.
We then herd Kenny Kenny’s bumper, Bubba said he got a text from
Kenny’s assistant saying that Joey didn’t talk to anyone. Scott in
Sunrise said he’ll step to Kevin Harvick, Bubba hung up on him. Scott
in Tampa said he likes the picture of Tyler in Victory Lane. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Rush Limbaugh discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dating Jazella Moore,
Bubba said he’s having a bad day. We then heard a news clip about Rush
Limbaugh, Spice doesn’t get how Rush is anti gay, yet Elton John was
at his wedding, Manson said Rush is like Oprah. Bubba thanked Doug
Brown for making some food for him over the weekend, he said you can’t
say no to stuff like that, he said he had about two bowls of ice cream
a day, Manson said that Rush knows how to get publicity, Bubba thinks
Limbaugh is one of the biggest hacks in their industry. We then herd
“rush Limbaugh’s High” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 7”, track 2, and
“On The Chip” disc 1, track 19. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – FCC discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “I’m Finished Scrizzewing
That Cow”. Bubba hopes Hogan had a relaxing weekend, he said
Twenty-five is out doing something for him, he then read an article
about American Dad getting in hot water over a horse ejaculation
scene, Spice said he appreciates them letting it air. Bubba thinks
hypocrites seem to do well for some reason, he thinks he’d be gay if
he didn’t have his radio career, he said they’re really freaked out
over the FCC, he then decided to read the quote he was discussing
earlier, he said if someone had said that on his show, it wouldn’t
make it on the air, he said he doesn’t have a problem with the FCC’s
ruling, Spice is shocked, he thinks they shouldn’t be fined with it.
Brent wonders if this is the Obama administration screwing with Fox,
Bubba thinks maybe, Spice said this just goes back to parenting, Bubba
said he has a bit of a problem with this, he said what started out as
a dirty joke is getting out of control, Spice is shocked Bubba isn’t
sticking up for Fox, he thinks the show shouldn’t have been fined.
Manson said the show is in prime time, he said there’s a big
difference between the cartoon and their show. Bubba thinks Ned
shouldn’t even be commenting on this story, Ned asked that Bubba turn
off his microphone, Spice said the show comes on t 9:30, Bubba said it
doesn’t matter, he thinks they’re in better spot, Spice is amazed,
Bubba told Spice he doesn’t have the ability to put himself in their
shoes, Spice said he probably wouldn’t allow his kids to watch the
show. Brent said the first amendment says congress shall make no law,
Bubba said that means nothing, Manson said the constitution was
talking about political figures, not horse ejaculate. Michelle said
her kid doesn’t need to be exposed to that. Jim said Bubba is the
biggest Hypocrite ever, Bubba told the guy he was stupid, he said he
goes up to the line. Debbie said she agrees with Bubba on this, saying
that Bubba has the mentality of a parent. David in Sarasota thinks
there’s two things with radio and TV. Shannon asked Spice where he
draws the line, Spice said there’s a line, he said Tasha wouldn’t
allow her kid to watch the show, he said he doesn’t like the FCC
telling them anything. Carry said she’s 28, she said the local station
will air Family Guy with a lot drug references, Spice said the FCC
picks and chooses. Bubba said everyone is pissing him off. We then
herd “Second Largest Fine” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 7”, track 4.
The song parodies “the Longest Time”, and goes over the stuff the show
isn’t allowed to do. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Jazella Moore
dating game. We then herd a clip of Gary Coleman’s wife talking about
his death; Bubba thinks she’s not that upset over the issue, he said
Ned has a bit about that. We then herd the 911 call, Bubba said he hd
listeners come up to him and say “Bitch I told you”, he thinks an
investigation should be opened, Spice said he gets why Gary was dick
to everyone. We then herd Ned’s bit, where Ned says that he and Bubba
was found on the floor, saying the noise was like when a redwood
falls, he said he can’t go down stairs, as he got two ear flicks, one
ball grab, and a finger up the butt, he said Craig the bulldog is so
stoned he can’t move, he then yells for Bubba to Bubba to put his head
on a Sprint Car T-shirt, Manson s Bubba was telling him to shut up,
the guys cracked up t the clip. Ned is bummed out that it was catsup,
he said Bubba Army a few times before ending the call. We then herd
news clip bout some killer whales that died, Bubba thinks they slutted
the Whale out too much, Manson thinks she should’ve gone to “abortion
City”, we then herd “Wild Whale” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 13”,
track 18. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba army iPhone
skins. Bubba said that Jennifer Love Huet being single, Spice wonders
why she vajazzles herself, he thinks they should have a woman vajazzle
the Bubba army logo, he then read the instructions on how to do it.
Russ was on the phone, he said he’ll do it. The guys think the contest
will be disappointing. We then herd news clip bout 90 year-old guy
who killed his wife, Bubba and Ned recreated scene bout that, with
Ned acting as the Grand Dad. Bubba said Larry Plummer recounted story
from back in the day, where his Grandparents announced they would kill
themselves after finding out they had cancer, Spice said they’re
something s beautiful as that. Bubba said they were found with his arm
around her sleeping in the car, Spice said something like that
happened. We then heard a news clip about Gay Days, Bubba said they’ve
got great money. We then heard a news clip about a baby sitter who got
arrested for leaving two kids and pet in car, while she got a
facial. Bubba said that word kind of makes him cringe a little; Brent
said the Tea Party has a campaign “Facials for Freedom”. We then heard
a news clip about a guy who busted another guy sexting his daughter,
the guys like the Dad’s approach. We then heard a news clip about a
fat woman who got denied service at a gym, Bubba thinks she’s a white
trash, butter-toothed idiot, he said he’s gotten discriminated against
all his life, the guys cracked up at the story, Spice thinks she ate
OctoMom’s kids, he thinks Bubba would be really pissed, he then goofed
on how Bubba would deal with it, Bubba said that’s why he built his
own gym. We then heard a news clip about a gram cracker truck that
turned over, we then herd the redacted portion with The Boopity Song
under the clip, the guys cracked up at the clip, Spice goofed on the
woman in the clip. Bubba said the “Mickey’s Gay Day” bit is about
Mickey Mouse talking about the Gay Day events. We then herd the clip,
where Mickey said the gays were everywhere, he thinks they’ll take
over the whole park, he saw a guy bending over a character, Grumpy
turned out to be as queer as a Three Dollar Bill. This element does
not appear in the catalog. They then ended the show a few seconds

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