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Monday on the show, Mindi Abair stopped in studio to talk about her new concert DVD and play some tracks live, A new Brent Concert 4-pack was debuted, Tuddle got heat from Bubba over the website, and 25cent’s car issues were discussed. Tune into the show tomorrow!
Bumper music provided by Brent Hatley:

Metallica – Blitzkreig
Don Henley – The End of the Innocence
Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders in the Sky
Hank Williams Jr. – If the South Woulda Won
Kenny Rogers – Just Dropped In

Segment 1 – Twenty-five’s car issues

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing. Bubba apologized
for the lengthy intro, as he said that he’s on the brink of a
meltdown, he said that he loves Twenty-five Cent more than anything,
but he’s an idiot at times, he asked him to pick him up at the
airport, he said that Twenty-five has been borrowing his car, he
didn’t think it would be a six month deal, he found out that
Twenty-five needed the car, he had to take Heather’s car to work.
Twenty-five was on the line, Bubba told him that he should’ve called
Gale, Twenty-five said he doesn’t come in until later, Bubba said
traffic would be differently later in the day; Twenty-five said he
should’ve called. Bubba thinks maybe the guys planned it this way, he
said it’s not using your head; he thinks Twenty-five could’ve gotten
Chaz to do it. Spice asked what happened with Twenty-five’s latest
car, Twenty-five said the thing had engine problems, Spice thinks
Bubba has cars everywhere, Bubba said that he doesn’t have to worry
about car payments; Manson thinks Bubba can have a car in every city.
Bubba said they should just buy Twenty-five a car from Steve Hurley’s
place. Twenty-five said he takes his cars down to Mile’s Automotive,
Bubba thinks he does it when it stops working. Bubba asked him how
much he paid for the latest car, Twenty-five said it was $7500; it had
67,000 miles on it. Bubba suggested Twenty-five visit places like the
Car Store, Stingray etc, Ned said they see Twenty-five coming. Bubba
thinks Twenty-five is ignorant when it comes to cars, we then heard
“The Boopity song” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 23 as
Twenty-five talked. Spice joked that Twenty-five was going to school
to be an interior decorator, Twenty-five said he had about $27,000 in
school loans, he said he used to sell cars, Bubba thinks he didn’t
learn anything while he was there. Twenty-five said he’s looking for a
reliable vehicle. Bubba asked him how much does he owe on his latest
car; Twenty-five said it’s about $4,000. Spice said when you start
selling cars, they should teach you what to do with numbers. Bubba
asked Twenty-five who is following him, Twenty-five said Al-kida.
Bubba thinks Twenty-five doesn’t have plans for cars, he thinks he’s
just thinking about chasing fat girls, Spice suggested Rick from
Arlington Toyota. Bubba thinks Twenty-five isn’t using his head, Spice
thinks Twenty-five is flipping off the phone at this point, Bubba
thinks you can’t get mad at Twenty-five, as he doesn’t get mad, he
then got distracted by something on TV, he then told Twenty-five to
get back to the station as soon as possible, he then went over some
sports scores. Spice said the pitch was very nerve racking, people
told him to not pull a Bababbooey, he then thanked John Baker for
catching the ball. Brent said the Rays aren’t scoring the runs like
they used to. Bubba said if he was Joe madden, he’d have the guys hit
150 balls before batting practice, the guys then went over Edwin
Jackson’s no hitter. Mike in Chicago said he got his Bubbapalooza
tickets, he said Bubba is on a role, Bubba thanked him for that, he
then recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, old woman tazzed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
show in Tampa; tickets can be purchased at Bubba
said he talked to Lasker over the weekend, saying that Gene would like
to come in, he then asked Manson about, Manson said
that was the site’s name, Bubba thinks Robin Mead took a lot of water
pills, the guys then went over some birthdays. The first email of the
day said Naughty Alysha is great, Bubba thinks she offers up
discounts. Another emailer said they got front row seats for
Bubbapalooza new Orleans, Bubba thinks it will be the last one they do
in that capacity. Another emailer said they can’t afford meet and
greets. Another emailer said they enjoyed the Friday show, the emailer
asked for more Tuddle, Bubba said he’ll have to ask him about that.
Another emailer said they were amazed at how Bubba is able to break
anyone down. Another emailer said even the old guys love the show, the
emailer said he rode his first Harley in 1959. Another emailer said
Tuddle is hilarious. Another emailer said Bubba is a lucky man, the
emailer asked if Heather would do a calendar, Bubba said she did that
a few years ago. Another emailer had a story about a grandma who got
tazzed, she had oxygen going, Ned thinks it’s a funny story. Another
emailer said Bubba is a fatass; the emailer said immigrants generate a
lot of money. Bubba said his problem is with illegal immigrants, he
said we go around boss hogging our way through piss ant Countries, he
thinks we have it all wrong, he said we’re like a whore, and we’re
used up, he thinks our Uterus is about to fall out, he then read the
story about some police tazzing an 86 year-old disabled woman, Ned
thinks she bowed up on the cops, Manson said that violates all the
rules in Afghanistan, Brent said this is just an 86 year-old woman.
Spice said that’s what Brain Brammage used to say, saying that the
cops lunged at him. (Brain Brammage was a pot smoking fan of the show
with a speech impediment. He died in a house fire in 2005, Brent
thinks he was murdered). Mike in Maine said he was telling his Son the
story, he said he wouldn’t need a tazer, he asked about Robert Bird’s
death, Bubba said he’s glad that he’s gone, Brent said he’s a former
KKK member, Mike said that he takes all of his nice comments back,
Bubba wonders what a 92 year-old man knows about what’s going on in
the world. Mike said he’d love to hear Larry Byrd on the air one of
these days, Bubba said they’ll try; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba Show classics Vol. 15, Tuddle in Studio

Bubba said the music was provided by Brent, he then plugged Mindi
Abair’s appearance today, he said she can come in anytime she’d like,
he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the week,
he said Tom will be coming back for the fourth of July event, he said
he always sees Don at Pyro Junky, he said he’s not at liberty to
explain the Richard Mctear challenge, he said Randy Michaels always
told him that you don’ ask for permition, beg for forgiveness. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said that there’s a motor cycle ride in
south Florida on July 11, Bubba said he could be there on July 14 with
a check presentation. Joe in Michigan said he had the chance to go to
the café with Bubba and Brent, the guy said he had a great time, he
saw the Sunday morning show, he said his wife wore the Bubba Army
shirt, he got a chance to smash beer cans with some guys in the front.
Bubba said they’ve got the new album, Dave said it’s about fourteen
days ago, Ned told Manson to suck it, Bubba thinks the album should’ve
been a best of Ned album, Ned said he’s kicking out a few before he

“Bubba Show classics Vol. 15”

1. F.B.P. (BP Oil Song)
2. Bush And Clinton Call The White House
3. Crack Ho Sister
4. Randy (Brandy Parody)
5. Gay Scout Master
6. Helicopter Prison Break
7. Mike Alstott As BP President
8. Big Black Bitch
9. Bubba 911 Call
10. Bubba Wonka
11. I’m Finished Scrizewin’ That Cow
12. Ned Filibuster – Gay Politicians
13. Messages To BP
14. Take A Walk You Got Fired Guy
15. Memorial Day Commentary
16. She Crushed Your Skull What You Talking’ Bout
17. These Fuckin’ Mexicans Gotta Go
18. That’s Right I Said It – Mohammed (Banned Bit!)
19. That’s Right I Said It – Abortion

1. Bubba didn’t know what “Take a Walk You Got Fired Guy” was about;
he thinks it must’ve been marginal. We then heard the song, Bubba
cracked up at it, he thinks it’s not worthy of a top four, Ned said
he’ll be going up to Canada during the vacation. Bubba thinks they had
some fun with Tuddle on Friday, he then wondered how he could be radio
friendly, Manson thinks Dave makes chocolate penises as a hobby.
Tuddle came in, Bubba thinks “Power Pig for the love of God” will live
forever, he told him he’s on the not to be trusted list, Tuddle didn’t
know what that was about, he said his wife and Naughty Alysha talked
via Twitter. Bubba asked him about the website being down, he said
they had to take down the Caviar Tacos clip, as it was just a teaser,
he thinks it was Carolnet, he thinks Russ hates Tuddle, he said this
has happened before. Tuddle said when he took down the website, he
said there was stuff there, but the rotator wasn’t there, he said it
was just a white, blank page. Russ came on the line a few seconds
later, Spice called him sleepy head, he then recapped what happened
with the site on Friday. Bubba thinks everyone he talks with on the
phone doesn’t like Tuddle, he said that he has to play traffic cop,
Russ said the site was deleted. Bubba asked how it happened, Tuddle
asked what he’d like to know, Russ said he can pull up the texts
saying something about a pass file, Tuddle said he didn’t think it was
anything he had done, Russ said he can pull up the text, Spice thinks
this is a geek fight, he said that James doesn’t like Hammil or Russ,
Tuddle asked that he not get fired, Bubba thinks maybe they should
take Tuddle off the web department, he said that Brent knows what
he’ll do, he said if there’s a person you need to work with, it’s
Russ, he said Tuddle should give him as much respect as possible.
James came on; Spice said he’s like the other web guy. James said over
the weekend, he said his new job has blocked, the guys goofed
on James’s voice, Bubba thinks Tuddle’s nerd ass brings things down to
zero, James said it’s a problem with the server, he said Tuddle
would’ve never edited it, Russ said when he called his guys, it was
fixed in three minutes. Bubba said they’ll talk about it off the air,
he said Tuddle needs to learn how to work, he went over the people who
can fire him, Tuddle said Bubba might as well tell him that Jabberjaw
can fire him, Bubba thinks Tuddle is being a dick, Tuddle said he used
to give production guys stuff to cut, he said he didn’t like it when
Carl told him to move from his floor spot. Spice wonders if there’s
stuff on the other side of the wall, Tuddle said that they’re hazing
him, he asked if Depensky file really exists, he wondered if this is
something going on, he said they’re asking him to clean the C Panel,
he thinks it’s a mythical creature. Bubba thinks Tuddle came in as a
dick, Spice said he’s strangely honest. Michelle said she doesn’t
understand why Bubba would hire this guy, she thinks he’ll end up with
more issues, Bubba thinks it’ll be like the BP Oil Spill, Tuddle said
he’d like to be there. Tim said you have to talk to the guy in World
of War craft jargon, Tuddle said he’s not into that stuff. Danny said
Tuddle just doesn’t’ fit in, the guy said that he worked with The
Phillips Files, the Monsters and Ron and Fez; Bubba said he has
respect for those guys. Tuddle said that he didn’t feel he could make
it with Ron and Fez, he was the board op for the Phillips files, he
said for Twelve years, he worked with The Monsters. Ed said Tuddle
sounds like a nerd, the guy said to fire him. Spice thinks the last
caller was a little much. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
Tuddle’s stunts make Tom the Treeman look amateur. Bubba asked Tuddle
if they’d put leeches on his back and blasted him with rubber balls,
Tuddle said he’ll do what he’s got to do to make it by, he said he has
not much blood. Chase said Tuddle is money. Tammy said she’s been
listening for several days, she thinks he’s a little dry. Jeff said on
Thursday he cried. Vincent thinks Tuddle is whiny bitch. Chris said
Tuddle is annoying, he said he’s about to change the station, Bubba
thinks they don’t have much ground to lose in Orlando, Tuddle thinks
the ppms will come back number one with Bubba. James said that Tuddle
knows a lot about NASCAR. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked how
good Tuddle’s finished product. Bubba said that he’d like to have a
meeting with Russ, Tuddle asked if he could sit in, Bubba denied him,
saying they’re self contained, he thinks Tuddle doesn’t know anything
about the website, he said it’s a business decision, Tuddle said he
only took the site off once, Bubba thinks they should bring sluggo
back, he thinks maybe together, they can do the work of one man. Brent
said you need someone who knows the web, although he does like the
on-air portion. Tuddle asked if he could be personal assistant, Bubba
said no. Tuddle asked about being on the race team, Bubba told him no.
Tuddle suggested working merch, Bubba said no, as that’s Twenty-five’s
job. Tuddle suggested editing audio; Bubba said that was big dick’s
job. Tuddle asked about getting syndication, Bubba told him no. Tuddle
said he could write some stuff, Bubba suggested they do that, Manson
thinks it would be better if Tuddle performed the bit himself, he then
said he’d perform it. Tuddle asked if they’ll produce it, Manson said
it’ll be produced, Tuddle said it’ll be about him, how he should be
employed by the BRN. Bubba said he’s trying to find something for him
to do, he said this is what it is, he said when he dies,
Spice can do what he’d like to do, he told him to leave, he asked that
Tuddle be nice to people, he said Tuddle lied to get to where he is,
Spice thinks they’re a little bit guilty for bringing him on Tuddle
said he tries to get along with Spice, he sends him new porn sites,
Bubba told him to be friends with the people on the other side of the
wall, Tuddle said he’ll try to learn everyone better. Bubba said he
doesn’t know exactly what to do, he said he can’t pay him a salary to
kill the website, Manson thinks bubba has done that for years, this
had Spice laughing his ass off. Rich said he might be good for radio.
Craig said Tuddle is a ninja, Bubba said he’s the kind of guy who
shows up with numb chucks at a gun fight. Bubba took a call from a guy
who said Tuddle is pushing code; he said developers blow up a website,
Spice that’s the kind of stuff they were talking about. Bubba said he
needs someone who can follow the show. Rocky said you don’t want to
mess with Tuddle; Bubba hung up on him, saying that he couldn’t
understand him. Forest thinks Bubba is asking for trouble, he asked
how quickly would Sluggo be fired if he brought the site down, Bubba
said if you’re funny, you’ll be kept around. Billy said that the show
gets him to work every day, Bubba thinks Tuddle smartasses his way
right out of the business. Austin thinks Tuddle exposed the web
department. George in Tampa said MJ doesn’t have a problem with his
website, Bubba said that’s because Clear channel is good with that
stuff, he said he has his own web guy, he said when he gets a good web
guy who wants good money, he freaks out, Dave thinks he’s nicely paid.
Bubba thinks he’s cheap when it comes to web guys, he said the web guy
always asks for $55,000, he said he gets that the web site is in
shambles, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – New Brent Songs, various stuff

Bubba is shocked Brent is playing a song about had the south won the
civil War, Manson wonders what the song is about, Bubba cracked up
when the guy said they’d take Miami back, he then said the regular
radio audience hasn’t heard the new Brent hatley songs, he thinks they
should just play the wonka CD, Spice said it’s dirty, Bubba asked for
two different copies, he’s not sure if regular radio people get it. We
then heard “A little Less hatley”, where Ned asks for more of bubba,
and less of Brent, Bubba thought it was great. We then heard “do The
Hatley”, ned said it was a horrible 70’s song, Bubba cracked up at it,
he then asked Brent he finds any of them funny, Brent said some of
them are kind of funny, he thinks the last one was forced. Bubba
thinks Brent will like it, as it’s pro Brent, Brent thinks Bubba got
him on that one, Ned said he has a bunch of listener suggestions,
which will more than likely be his next round, he said he’ll give the
listeners credit. We then heard “My Name Is Brent Hatley”, Spice
doesn’t think he remembers it; Bubba likes it when Ned does wiki wiki.
We then heard “Sanford and Brent”, Bubba cracked up at the song, Brent
said he kind of likes this one, as he likes “sanford and Son”, bubba
sang along, Ned said everyone loves “Sanford and Son”. Chris in
Daytona said he’s enjoying the show, he said he loves the Brent stuff.
Bubba said that Biden was asked something he ended up calling a guy a
smart ass, we then heard the news clip about that, Bubba backed up the
clip a few times, he thinks someone told Biden to cover his ass, he
thinks someone is upstairs, as Dick Cheney is in the hospital, Spice
said he’s really evil, the guys think he’d be really evil in Heaven.
Bubba said that Ragusa is getting sentenced today, Manson said maximum
ten years, Bubba thinks she’ll possibly get five, we then heard a news
clip about that, Spice thinks Debra Lafave’s lawyer was brilliant for
saying she was too pretty for jail, Manson said he’s not worried about
her wondering the streets, Bubba thinks they should make her talk to
teachers about that, Brent said they should do that. Spice thinks
Westin should write to Ragusa, , he thinks if he’s a virgin, she’d be
a good one to break him in, he thinks the kid was just breaking it
down, Manson thinks he must’ve been really good, he said that Ragusa
only had sex with Spice once, Bubba thinks he can’t have sex in the
bath tub. Donnie asked if they’d be thinking the same thing if it was
a male teacher with a female student, Manson said it’s a double
standard, that’s the way it is. Bubba said they’re not trying to be
news worthy, he said sometimes they’ll lie just to screw with you, he
said he says stuff that will piss you off. Joe said bubba glazed over
Nick Hogan, Bubba said he’s being biased, he said the judge sentenced
him to what the family asked for, he said he’s not proud of what Nick
did, the guy said Nick is a spoiled brat, Bubba said he knows it’s
something totally different, Brent said one has intent, the other
doesn’t. We then heard “Ragusa’s So Horny” from “bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 3”, track 6. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Sports discussions

Ned thinks Brent was playing some Kenny Rogers, Brent said it was, and
that it was from “The Big Lebowski”. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said that guys and girls are chasing each other, Bubba Eviled him,
saying that he was getting freaked out. Anna said how come no one ever
puts blame on John Graziano for not putting his seat belt on, Bubba
said he’s not getting into it, he then said that he’s trying to give
BJ Upton the benefit of the doubt, he thinks that maybe he’s not
working the way he should be, Brent thinks Evan Longoria delivers it
nicely, we then heard a clip about that, Bubba thinks BJ was running,
Manson said he could’ve gone faster than that, Spice thinks you can
almost read Evan’s lips. Bubba asked Brent this thoughts on this,
Brent said Joe will cut promos in the clubhouse, he said that Mike
Scioscia‘s staff is one of the stiffest in baseball. We then heard a
clip of Joe madden talking about what happened, followed by a clip of
Longoria’s comments, the guys wonder what he said, Bubba said he’d
like BJ’s brother, he said that guy is money. Mike thinks he wasn’t
hustling, Bubba said he just doesn’t care. We then heard a news clip
about Tiger Woods getting a divorce, Bubba thinks it will cost him, he
thinks Tiger should just lay it all out in a press conference today at
high Noon, he thinks Tiger should have a float chart of all the stuff
he’s done, Manson said people cheer the same as they did before, Bubba
thinks it should be like a life root canal, he said Eelin is pissing
him off, he said there’s no value to Tiger sleeping with other women.
Bubba said he hopes she did an interview, he then said Cha ching,
Brent said it violates the contract. Bubba said that Jesus is an
American thing, he thinks we’ve Americanized the idea, he said that no
one sticks up for him, he said everyone is afraid of offending the
Muslims, he said you can do anything with Jesus, he said there’s a
church in Seattle where someone smeared poop on the van of a Mosk, he
thinks the Taliban could never predict that we’ve become afraid of
Muslims, Brent said that Bin Laden made a speech about America being
afraid, we would’ve laughed at him, Bubba said this pisses him off, he
said he’d like for someone to report it differently, we then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba wishes the guy would just blow himself up,
he said this makes him want to rub poop on a Christian van, he doesn’t
get why this is a story, he thinks this is South Park, he said it’s a
couple of smartass kids, Manson said wash your van and get over it.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mindi Abair, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Mindi Abair, Bubba asked the
guys to go get her. Mindi came in a short time later; she said that
her husband is shy. Bubba thinks Mindi’s husband looks like one of the
guys in the Red Hot chili Peppers. Jason came in, he said he was born
in Indiana, Bubba said he’s from Warsaw, he said Indian State had to
except him, Mindi said they’re all depressing towns. Jason said he
went to Snider, Bubba said he graduated in 87. Spice wondered if Rod
Woodson is the only guy to come out of that school, Bubba said yes,
Jason said he’s impressed with Bubba, he said he was on the track
team, Bubba thinks he wouldn’t think about playing, Jason said Mindi
does fine on her own. Mindi said she wishes it was more money, she
said that number 2 in Jazz isn’t all that much, she thinks she
should’ve gone to radio, she said the Kenny G put his money on Star
Bucks, Jason said he’s a professional good looker. Bubba asked Jason
about Bloomington Indiana, he mentioned “full Trucker Effect”, the
show that opens the Satellite show. Jason said they were deducted $100
bucs when they did original songs. Manson asked if Jason ever did any
Henry lee summer songs, Jason said no. Mindi said they go to Michigan
City, Jason said he draws the line at Gary Indiana. Mindi said they’ve
been married for five years, Spice said she told them that nick Carder
called Mindi, Jason said he knew about it, he said that he can’ blame
him. Bubba asked her about the tattoo, Mindi said that was just for
the album cover. Bubba said Tattoos would be cool if you could wash
them off, Spice as Bubba goofed on him. Mindi said they’ve been
driving looking for some great places, Spice said he has a foreclosure
if they’re interested, Bubba thinks they want a nice place. Spice
asked about working with Duran Duran, Mindi said she knows John
Taylor, she was asked to join the band for the comeback tour, she met
the guys on the street, she said Nick came up to her and asked what
she’ll be wearing, she said that she was told she had to wear
Knickers, as that’s what everyone else was wearing, she said
Backstreet Boys was about a year and a half, Bubba thinks she got a
raise after the Nick Carder booty call. Spice thinks the promotion
guys are the shiftiest guys ever, Mindi said she led the way to a
massage place, she said a girl massaged her, she said girls aren’t her
thing, Jason said Mindi played softball. Bubba asked her if she ever
tried it, Mindi said no, Spice thinks Mindi, a girl and a saxophone
would be steamy Bubba then recapped his original perspective on Mindi
Abair, with Bubba as Spice, and Spice as Bubba, Mindi was cracking up
at it, she said that she loves coming on the show. Spice said he’d
like to have Mindi and Richard Marx together, he wondered if she can
play the sax solo on “endless Summer Nights”. Indi said she can do
almost anything, Bubba said he would have the big jugs on the album
cover, Spice joked Bubba is the typical smooth Jazz cd buyer. Bubba
thinks she has the nicest breasts in jazz, he thinks that’s how she
should be marketed. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Mindi Abair, pt. 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Mindi Abair. Bubba thinks
Jason Steel is a radio name; Mindi said there is a porn star with that
name, as some of her fans asked if it was him. Bubba took a call from
a woman who said she was the wardrobe girl from the Backstreet Boys
Tour. Bubba asked what they did, the woman went over what they had,
Spice said a lot of the Backstreet boys stuff was all white. Bubba
asked how much a wardrobe person would make, the woman said she’d make
a lot of money, she said she made about $1500 a week. Mindi said that
the woman got pregnant on the tour; she said that’s why she left.
Bubba asked which one was the biggest dick; the woman said AJ was the
easiest, Bubba thinks you’d have to be on drugs to think the guy was
on drugs. The woman said she liked them all, Spice thinks there was
one of them, Mindi said Brian liked blondes with big boobs, she said
they worked their asses off, Spice thinks maybe NSYNC was formed
because Perlman was horny, he then asked if there’s any stories about
people, the delay was hit for an ejaculation reference. Bubba asked
about her new DVD, Mindi said they play in a different town every
night, she said it’s not a porn tape; bubba asked what good is it? he
then asked her what cut would he play, Mindi said they did “It’s a
Man’s, Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”, she said James Brown got Back end,
Spice said since James is dead, he’s not seeing anything, we then
heard the song, Mindi suggested Bubba play “down for The Count”, she
said you have to wait for the song, Bubba thinks the sax sounds
constipated, he thinks she’s never had an interview like this. We then
heard “down for The Count”, the guys think it’s a happy sax, Bubba
thinks the sax is farting, Mindi said there’s a lot of bathroom humor
today, Bubba thinks the sax is queefing, he thinks white guys can’t
play like this, Spice as Bubba said he can tell their black, Mindi
told Spice it was a great Bubba impression. Bubba said the guy
listeners should buy the album for the ladies, Spice as a southern guy
said he bought this because of Bubba. We then heard “endless Summer
Nights”, Spice thinks it’s strong, bubba thinks Mindi is thinking the
studio guy is yesterday’s news, Mindi said it’s great for 1986. Bubba
thinks Mindi should just play the sax and let him talk, Mindi told
Bubba he was hired. Jason asked if Bubba listens to music while
screwing, Bubba said he doesn’t’ keep on anything very long, Spice
cracked up at that, Bubba thinks she’s the Linda Lovelace of Jazz.
Mindi said she met Fran Dresher the other night, she asked how she
doesn’t get the lines, she said it’s a little sexual, Jason said it
turns into the Febi Kates scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.
Bubba asked if she can play other horns, Mindi said no, she said
there’s some stuff you don’t want to know, she then played a long with
the song for a little, Bubba plugged Mindi’s latest album, “In Hi-Fi
Stereo”. Spice as Bubba asked Richard to wrap it up, Bubba said he’ll
punch Spice in the mouth for playing the song, he then told her about
the time when Richard Marx sang “Staying Alive” (march 19, 2010),
Jason wondered if he was kicked in the nuts, the guys cracked up at
that, Mindi likes that Richard can do that. We then heard Richard’s
song about John Mayor, also from March 19, 2010, Mindi cracked up at
the song, she said when she was on Twitter, she left in about eight
minutes. Bubba asked for Mindi to play a solo, Spice wondered if she
could do a rock song, Mindi said she does “Miss You” by The Rolling
Stones, Bubba thinks they should play one of her originals, he asked
her to play the song that Mindi and Jason have had sex to, Mindi said
they never do that, she said they got married in Sannabell Island, she
said she’ll start with “Endless Summer Nights”, then into something
else, she suggested Bubba play “Take me Home” after coming back. We
then heard Mini play some stuff on the sax. Bubba thanked her for
coming, Mindi said Jason has never been in town when she’s there; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Mindi’s website is:
Follow Mindi on Twitter at:

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Take me Home”. Bubba said this is
from Mindi’s new album, Spice said that Jason is a nice guy, he said
the marlins game was fun, he got hammered with them after the event,
he thanked some guys on the team. The guys discussed Fadore getting
tapped; Brent said it was a triangle bar, Bubba read an article about
that, Spice thinks Fadore has taken on a bunch of no names. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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