Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th, 2012 by Staff

Segment 1

The sow kicked off with the final out of the Rays game. Bubba doesn’t
think he’s losing his voice, he said that we’re getting hit by Debbie
(tropical storm), Manson thinks the storm is not going anywhere. Robb
Stovey is the Facebook friend of the day. Twenty-five said that Steve
from Purple People Movers is helping him out, Bubba said you should
see the shape Steve is in. Tara said her appearance on Saturday went
well, Bubba thinks she sounds bad, Tara said that she ran out of Bubba
Army stickers. Bubba said brp didn’t get rained out over the weekend.

Segment 2

After the break, we heard a promo for the raffle on, followed by Sugar Ray. Bubba said that days like
this make you incredibly lazy, all he did was watch “Catty Shack”, he
thinks Ted ight stole the show for that movie, Tara said it was filmed
in Florida. Bubba said that his house is falling around him, he had to
throw all the lawn chairs in the pool, his dog hates going out in the
rain. Mike in Dextor Maine said they’ve been enjoying 90 degree
weather, Bubba thinks they’re experiencing Noah’s Arc like conditions.
Mike asked how the guys think Sandusky will die in prison, Bubba says
he doesn’t care, they’ll get into it in the 7:00 hour, he then talked
about a utility Gator he got while at the Bone fishing ternament, he
and some friends drove through some mudd, he has a whole new
appreciation for John Deer. They then went to break.

Segment 3

Wild Bill, an old friend of Bubba’s came on, Bubba thanked him for the
eggs, Bill thinks Tyleer should be called “Little Reutimann”, Bubba
said he turned 10 yesterday, he then plugged his appearance in Ft.
Meyers this Friday. Domonic said he started tuning in after the Bone
started doing al talk, he then admonished people who don’t know how to
drive in Florida, he said his boss called him saying the office might
be closed, even though one of the streets is flooded. Bubba talked
about the raffle for the truck from Elder ford, he reminded Ned that
employees of Cox can’t participate, he then plugged what will be on
the show for the next few days.

Segment 4

The first email said that we’re in Afghanistan for different than the
media tells you, but the writer in question didn’t provide any.
Another emailer asked how to see the Tech Nine show, Bubba said he’ll
give the email to Twenty-five and Brent to handle. Chaz came in saying
he was a little behind, a lot of stuff had to be printed. Another
emailer thinks it would be bad to give safety vests to homeless
people, Bubba happens to agree with the idea, he then said he ran
Presstin criminally, a lot of it is crack related, he talked to a cop
who said he wouldn’t have a problem as an emplyer having Presstin to
hang out there, but he has other charges that would cause a problem,
Bubba wants to talk to him about his problems. Manson thinks the guy
is a crack head, he thinks the guy is a liar, Bubba thinks they should
hire him on a per day basis. Another emailer said they’d like to
instal some lighting on the truck that is being donated, Bubba said if
ayone wants to help they can. Another emailer asked for the iPhone
song, Bubba said to just become a susbscriber for, he said
eventually the song will be on iTunes, Twenty-five said that the bits
are up usually the day they air. Bubba talked about Jesse jackson
flipping out over shoes that have little orange chanes on them, as he
feels it refers to slavery, we then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba thinks this is a case of someone being offended, he said he has
been privy to a company that was shoke down by Jesse Jackson.
Twenty-five said he got some shoes with a monkey on the tongue, Bubba
thinks he should be offended by that. We then heard a news clip about
Arceino Hall coming back to TV, Bubba thinks it was just a fad, Manson
wonders how the guy made it, he thinks the guy slept his way to the
top. Bubba thinks Areceno is the least talented guy on TV, he said the
guy was black at the right time, he thinks NBC was pandering by having
him win “The Apprentis”. We then heard a news clip about Jenny
McCarthy accidently sexting her dentist, Bubba said he would be
selling it. We then heard a news clip about Jerry Sandusky being found
guilty, Bubba said it was all over the news, he thinks the people
celebrating should tell you all you need to know, Brent said that at
least the judge remanded Jerry to custody. Bubba wonders if the jury
members will try to cash in, Brent said they can, but the practice
isn’t all that popular. We then heard a news clip about one of
Sandusky’s victims, Bubba said that he go for the wife for what she
knows, and take the whole family down, he wonders how much more
Sandusky stuff will be coming out. We then heard a news clip about a
Catholic church official being convicted of covering up child
molestation. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that there’s a
class action lawsuit against Penn State, he hopes they get hit in the
pocket book, he asked Ned if they could play a Manson bit before his
load, Ned said he would be fine with it, Manson said that he’s not
happy about being Ned’s “fluffer”, but would gladly do it. We then
heard Manson’s “100 Boys” from “bubba Show classics Volume 14”, track
1, followed by Ned’s “Then You Raped Me”.

Segment 5

After the break we heard a promo for Bubba’as appearance in Ft.
Meyers, followed by “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. We then heard a
news clip about the Sandusky family, Bubba likes how the people in the
clip are a bunch of wise guys. We then heard a clip of Sandusky’s
lawyer talking with Anderson Cooper, Bubba thinks the guy is an idiot.
Mark said a guy called into the Billy Madison show about a studio
tour, Bubba said this is the first he’s heard about this, he said he
would be honored to have the guy visit the studio, he thinks the guy
is just trying to stur the pot, he said that all shows will be live
from the Hard Rock on Friday, he would’ve done it, but he has aother
gig, had it been any other night he’d do it. We then heard a news clip
about Ed Graziano talking about the bad days he’s had, Manson
explained who Ed was for those who didn’t know. Bubba thinks d sounds
like a wise guy when he talks, he said that Franki has called the show
before (may 18, 2009), he thiks Ed is guilty of lack of parenting for
not telling his kids to put their seat belt on, he doesn’t like how
the media soft balls dirt bags, he doesn’t like how the guy is in a
“fath based prison”. Manson said he’d like to see Ed get flipped out
and leave the room, Bubba said he loves that stuff. Chris Nocco came
on, Bubba asked him to talk about his ideas, Chris said he hasn’t
forgotten what it’s like to be a cop, he said bad people need to go to
jail, Tara likes how Chris is approachable. Bubba asked how bad the
bath sault situation is, Chris said it’s a popular drug for teenagers.
Bubba asked him what county comitioners does he like, Chris said that
it’s a team effort. Bubba said that he liked Bob White, Ned said he
loves Major Brian Head, Chris said the guy is a colonel. Bubba likes
how they have a farm program, he likes the prisoners doing hard labor,
Chris said that they’e got cattle now, he said jail shouldn’t be a
Country Club, Bubba thinks the public wants more of that, he wants to
do a “BRN Swat Team Olympics” soon, he then asked Chris about playing
football, Chris said that he played Blind side tackle. Bubba thanked
Chris for coming on, he thinks Chris is one of the youngest sharrifs.
We then heard a news clip about a kid who was suspended for
masturbating in school, Bubba wonders how that happened, he thinks the
parents should be investigated, he thinks the problem is some of the
people in the clip, he said that he looked at Tyler’s phone over the
weekend, Ned is stunned that a 10 year-old has a phone. Bill in Naples
said that they were up in Alaska, the Bubba Army is big over there,
Bubba was shocked by this, he then said that his and Howard’s shows
were the only ones to get messed with by the FCC, he said no one has
apologized for rail roading them. We then heard a news clip about the
Supremem Court saying the FCC’s rules are too vage, Bubba wonders why
you can’t say certain words, he then got distracted by a weather girl
who looked like David Lee Roth, he said the FCC is always being held
over their heads, he wishes they had the same rules as FX or “South
Park”. Tim said Twenty-five is doing a great job ever since Spice
left. We then heard a news clip about a woman who groped a TSA agent,
Tara said that this is a personal thing between the people in the
clip, Bubba thinks it’s a bitch fight, he thinks the guy in the clip
sounds like tom the Treeman, he said Tom reached out to him looking
for a part-time job. We then heard a news clip about Ms. South
Carolina, Bubba goofed on her in the clip, he said he wants a hot
woman apart of the beauty contests to say that they respect women who
work every day, he then wonders why he’s playing this, Ned was heard
yelling “Buzz kill”. Bubba ran down some stories he has on deck, the
guys crakced up at one where a professional calf roper tied up a car
theaf, Bubba thinks that would be a hell of a story to tell when
getting put back in prison. We then heard a news clip about that. We
then heard one of Hogan’s positioning stateents. Bubba asked Hogan
about dusty Roads, Hogan said that he loved watching him, he then
talked about his first time wrestling, Bubba talked about Hogan’s
first day of training, he then asked him where he’s been, Hogan said
he’s been busy with TNA. Bubba said there’s a guy who got let go from
there, he thinks the man in question has buried himself, he then said
he feels bad for John Cena. Hogan asked about his radio career, Bubba
said that he doesn’t have one, Hogan said that he likes hearing Tara,
he thinks she should take over the show and get that scrooge Bubba out
of there. Bubba thinks Hogan could do radio, but wouldn’t want to do
it after three shows.

Segment 6

Bubba said that he has Megan McCaine on hold, Brent said she’s
beautiful. Megan said that she’s in Ny, she’s not sure what the
diversion is of younger generations, she thinks the last generation
has done a dis service for those who want to get in politics. Bubba
doesn’t like how people are annonamis on the internet, Megan tinks the
internet needs to be better regulated, such as putting their full name
to have a Facebook or Twitter account, she said people were tweeting
her telling her to cancel. Bubba said he has a bunch of followers on
Twitter, seven of them have screwed with the show, Megan thinks that
we’re a bunch of bullies, she said she had a friend who was getting
syber bullied, she invisioned the people doing the bullieing to be in
their Mom’s basement wearing panties. Bubba said that he can’t even
take a picture of his son without people thinking the kid is abused.
Megan feels the political blogers are the worst. Brent explained Carl
Rove’s whisper campaign against John McCaine when they adopted a kid
from India, Bubba asked how mad was she over that, Megan said she
didn’t understand it when it was first going on. Bubba wonders if the
gop needs to burn a time out, Megan doesn’t get why there’s all these
issues, the Republican party has a big problem. Bubba told her that
they’re the most open-minded show, he said he voted for Obama, he
thinks John should’ve picked someone other than Palin, egan thinks
Obama’s popuularity has effected him, she never thought he was
qualified for the job, she thinks he’ll be a one term president. Bubba
said he’s going to write himself in, he then asked if John regrets
picking Palin, megan said that he doesn’t regret picking her, Bubba
thinks the crowd trippled because of the horny guys, egan sad that a
lot of women were in the crowds, Bubba thinks they should’ve pulled
the women out of line and given them tests, he then asked Manson if he
had to vote for either Obama or romney, Manson said to just pull the
trigger. Megan said that she likes Romney. Bubba thinks that if Obama
looked like a smaller Al sharpton, no one would vote for him, he then
asked about Ran Paul, Megan said that he’s more Libertarian than other
candidates. Bubba wonders why the media buries Ron Paul, Megan said
that she read an interview with John Stewart, she likes how he’s
consistent. Bubba asked about her almost overdosing, Megan said that
was true, she then said it was the day of the election, it’s not the
finest moment of her life. Bubba asked her about her dating life,
Megan said that everyone Googles everyone, she thinks that she should
get an award for the wrost dater. Bubba said that they’d love to have
her on again soon, Megan doesn’t get why people would say negative
stuff about Bubba, Bubba thanked her for coming on, he said that no
matter who they talk about with guests, everyone says they were

Segment 7

After the break we heard a promo for The Tom the Treeman 4th of uly,
followed by “You Better Not Smoke Pot” from “The clemulus package”
disc 3 track 12, and “bubba’s new and isc hits Vol. 6”, track 10..
Bubba corrects a caller about Tara.

Segment 8

The show closes with Ned thanking Steve from Pasco Auto Salvage.

IO Show:

Segment 1

Twenty-five filled in for Ned’s part of “Juicy”, he then talked about
going to a party over the weekend. Blind Lawrence came on saying Spice
is going to be a Dad, Bubba hopes spice doesn’t mess up the
relationship. The guys wondred if Lawrence was moving to Arkansas,
Lawrence said it’s not happening just yet, he wants to teach other
blind people how to use technology. Bubba thinks Lawrence wants his
own channel, Lawrence said that’s not the case. The guys asked
Lawrence what he did on the weeiend, Lawrence said that he hit a
Hookah lounge, Bubba wonders if Lawrence has smoked, Lawrence said
that he did once, he felt like he was floating for three hours. Bubba
said that he didn’t want to get nerded out on this topic, he said he
was talking to a friend, he used the N word, he thinks he can say it,
he thinks if you say “nickel” fast enough, it sounds like the N word.
Marc the Frog came on, he said that yesterday was a holiday, Tara and
arc talked in French a little, Bubba asked for them to get dirty. Marc
said that he has a speaker hooked up so he can hear the show while he
washing his truck, he said he likes Lawrence’s recaps, Bubba said
that’s what got him on the radar, marc said he likes the podcast
Lawrence does, Bubba thinks Marc is just making a stretch if he likes
that, Ned thinks Blind Lawrence is no Ray Charles. B-Fudd came on, he
thinks Bubba saying “nickel” is lame. Bubba asked B-Fudd if he’s had
phone sex with Hammil lately, B-Fudd said no, it’s been awhile since
he’s talked to him, he usually ends up leaving a message. Bubba said
that Ned has a new offering, a song about Sandusky being in prison,
the song is called “Jail Rape”, where Ned talks about Sandusky getting
raped in prison, Ned wants to cut a hole in Sandusky’s back, so he can
kidney fuck him. Bubba thinks Octomom is dumb to agree to going on
Howard’s show, he thinks Howard couldn’t get her on the show,
Twenty-five said her porn video makes her look like an alien. We then
heard a clip of Octomom riding the Sybian, Bubba thinks it sounds like
an amputation. Bubba left for a few seconds to urinate, Tara said that
Bubba drinks about a galon of water aday, Manson said hearing Octomom
was enough. Bubba came back from the bathroom talking about Octomom’s
flight, he thinks she’s just trying to stay popular, Tara said the
worst part is Octomom has a manager. Bubba asked what happened to evon
James, Twenty-five said they screwed so many people over they fizzled
out. Bubba read the story about Octomom, we then heard Manson’s “She’s
the Octomom” from “bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 9” track 10, and
“The clemulus Package” ddisc 4, track 4.

Segment 2

After the break we heard a talkbreak from 98 Rock where Chris from Jacksonville called the show, he said he doesn’t like the NFL or Elvis. Bubba thinks the guy is a nerd, suggests he go to Ned’s man-up summer camp, the guy says he’s not a pussy, Ned thinks the guy will be full of man when it’s all over. Bubba thinks the guy is really good with computers and drawing stuff, he thinks that going on what the guy doesn’t like, he was able to pick out what he’s good at. Ned offered up the guy $100 a week, Bubba asked if the guy was interested, Chris said no, then said he’s not a pussy, he ended up hanging up shortly after that, Bubba thinks he’s done what he wanted to do – turn him away from the program. We then heard “you never met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me” by Kid Rock. Bubba doesn’t like how the elements fire by themselves, Twenty-five sad that it was on auto. Bubba went over the people who made Bubba Idol – Big Al, Fat Timmy, Mickey and Jessica Thompson. We then heard Boopily Brown’s submition, a parody of “Hutning the Beast”, Manson said it was short and sweet, he liked it, Bubba was going to say no, but Manson, Tara and Twenty-five liked it. We then heard Brooklyn Lue’s submition where he tooled on some of the guys, Bubba thinks the guy was being stupid. Manson and Twenty-five liked it, Ned, Bubba and Tara took a
dump on it. We then heard Denis B’s submition, Bubba likes how the guy impersonates all the guys who didn’t do the contest right, Manson said this was priceless, Bubba thinks the guy “absolutely makes it”. We then heard Diving Mike’s submition, Bubba said he remembers how horrible this one was, he cut it off a few seconds later, everyone said no to it. We then heard emily Tank’s submition, Bubba said he met her and likes her, it’ll pain him to buzz her, he tinks she’ll be fine off air, he thinks her relocating will be tough. We then heard Erick Redner’s submition, Bubba was cracking up at the clip, Manson said it was so stupid it was funny, Bubba gave him the tymbal for it. We then heard James Seamore’s submition, parody of “Born to be wild”, Bubba thought it was horrible, everyone said no to it. We then heard Jerrald’s submition, Bubba said no to the video. We then heard jason and Wallis’s submition, Bubba wonders where they stand with the guys, Twenty-five said that chaz said that they were going to do an overview of the show, he thinks that they should have their own show, Manson thinks Blind Lawrence is steaming. We then heard some guy doing impressions, everyone said no to it. We then heard a clip of jessica Thompson’s submition. We then heard John S’s submition, manson thinks the guy was kind of funny, Bubba cracked up at the guy interviewing himself as Bubba and cutting on the cast, he got the tymbal. We then heard a clip of a guy doing Nytris, Bubba said he really likes the guy, he ended up getting denyed. We then heard X’s submition, Bubba goofed on the dude’s accent, he ended up getting denyed. We then heard ike the Prty Hog’s submition, he got denyed. We then heard Nick’s submition, Bubba thinks he can’t get through it, he ended up getting denyed. We then heard Soco’s submition, Bubba thinks she could be Twenty-five’s handler, the guys think she’s over modgulating, she ended up getting denyed. We then heard Steve’s submition, Bubba said he rmembers it, Ned was the only one who liked it. Wallis from Jason and Wallis called in, he said he’s the redhead kid, Bubba asked what the latest is, he said they sent that over last week, Bubba thinks he’ll have it Wednesday. Bubba said that Rich Franklin won his fight over the weekend, we then heard an excerpt from last Wednesday, Bubba wants to have him on. We then heard a news clip about John Travolta suing an author, Bubba likes the title of the book “You’ll Never Spa
Again”. They then ended the show a few seconds later. 

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