Monday, June 21, 2010

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Monday on the show, Jabberjaw’s family feud came to a head on-air, Naughty Alysha came to the studio to play the Post-Father’s Day Dating Game with some lucky contestants, and listeners called in with stories of their parents giving them “tough love” growing up.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Segment 1 – Chicago discussions

The show started off with “animal” by Neon Trees. Bubba started off by
saying the music was provided by Jabberjaw, he thinks that he’s losing
his voice. Brent said the show is better than any reality show out
there, Bubba said that he didn’t like the set, Brent said the stuff
they recorded will be going to either a DVD or Pay per view. Bubba
said that he forgot to play the last out of the Rays game; he thinks
they’re losing it, we then heard the clip, he then recapped what they
got coming up, Naughty Alysha will be on for the Post Father’s Day
date. Spice said the Penthouse appearance went well, he said the Cubs
won. Ned said he felt fantastic, Manson said he’s been watching the
World Cup. Bubba said he and Brent got to Chicago an hour and a half
late, he said they got in at around 11:00, he said Brent is like Ned
when they get to a town, they walked about seven blocks to where Bubba
used to live, he said that the building where B96 was isn’t there
anymore. Brent said they were watching a game where the US lost,
Manson said that was a horrible call, Bubba thinks the ref looks like
a black retarded kid, he then went over some birthdays, the guys
cracked up when Bubba said Kurt Winger. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jabberjaw Family Feud

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
then into “Bigger Than My body” by John Mayor. Bubba said he has a
story about Jabberjaw, Spice thinks he knows what she’s talking about.
Bubba said she sounded great, Spice said he’s been effected by this as
well. Bubba said he got a text from Michelle, saying that Jabberjaw
stole her autograph packers jersey, Spice said he got that, he called
her up. Bubba said from all accounts, Michelle is a white trash bitch,
Jabberjaw told Bubba to go for it, she then described the jersey, she
said Michelle gave it to her Dad in 1994, her Dad ended up working for
the team in some capacity, she said it got stolen from his house, he
ended up getting it back, she said that it’s been a nightmare, Bubba
said it’s funny. Jabberjaw said that her Mom hurt herself during Bikes
for Badges. Bubba thanked Spice for responding back, Spice recapped
how it went down, he said that he doesn’t know anything about the
jersey situation; he said Twenty-five called him about it. Bubba said
he has half a mind to get a Packer jersey from 1994, wipe his ass and
give it to her. Jabberjaw said it was a stressful weekend, she said
she called her Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s day, Manson said that
he may have Bubba’s next guest. Jabberjaw said that today, she’ll be
filing a restraining order; she said this jersey comes up every couple
of weeks. Spice suggested they go to the bank and put it in a safety
deposit box, Jabberjaw said they could do that. Bubba said if
Jabberjaw didn’t work there and she called in, he’d play “Dueling Der
Ders”, Jabberjaw said she knew it. Spice asked are there any other
issues, he wonders how Michelle got the number, Jabberjaw said that
Michelle is probably up now, as she vowed on her Twitter that she’d
get Jabberjaw fired. Bubba said he’s sorry he upset her. Michelle came
on, Bubba told her not to curse, he told her she’s causing all this.
Michelle said it’s not a stupid ass jersey, she said it was something
she gave to her step Dad, she said Jabberjaw took it, Bubba said he
has his own Brett Farve stuff, he said the chicken dip was way better,
he said if it was stolen, it shouldn’t have anything to do with her,
he asked how she got involved. Frank, Jabberjaw’s Dad came on a few
seconds later. Michelle said this was an authentic jersey, Jabberjaw
said its gold plated. Bubba asked Frank if he had the jersey every so
often, he said he got it as a gift years ago, he said it was just a
jersey, he didn’t know where it came from, he said he’s had it hanging
in the closet all these years, he said it’s no different than buying
anything. Jabberjaw said her sister Amanda moved out a few years ago,
she said they get a long great, she said the jersey got taken from her
Dad, they got it back. Spice asked if Frank gave Jabberjaw possession
of the jersey, Frank said he did, as she’s the only one he could
trust. Bubba thinks there’s nothing else to work with, he thinks the
cops will call her a psycho bitch, Frank said yes, the guys cracked up
at this. Spice asked Michelle why she thinks it’s her jersey, Michelle
said the jersey was at her parent’s house, we heard the coocoo sound
effect, she said that Jabberjaw ran out of the house with it, Bubba
said where it ends up isn’t relevant. Spice said the common
denominator is that no one likes Michelle. Bubba thinks they’ve been
through this, he said that there’s nothing she can do to make
Jabberjaw look bad, Frank said he’s getting remarried Saturday.
Michelle said Frank isn’t her Dad, Bubba said that’s even better;
Michelle said that Jabberjaw’s Mom wanted to crash the wedding; she
said that Frank called all the kids the n word. Bubba said this all
stems from jealousy; Frank said he’s spent over thousands and
thousands of dollars on her. Bubba said she would’ve had a valid point
had Frank asked for it back, Michelle said that Frank uninvited
Jabberjaw to his wedding, Frank said he’d like to leave his Grandson
something, Spice said it’s not all that great, Bubba said he’d like to
wipe his ass with it and burn it on Michelle’s lawn, Frank said they
can do it. Bubba said he’d like to get it appraised, take the money
from that and put it in a savings bond, he then asked her about
getting kicked out. Michelle said she doesn’t have a job, she said
she’s been looking, Bubba said she could work at McDonalds, Michelle
said that she was over qualified; Bubba thinks she’s a liar. Michelle
thinks Bubba is crazy, Bubba said he wouldn’t want her listening to
her, Spice thinks Michelle’s kid is fat, Michelle said she was done,
she said that Jabberjaw had her pepper spray. Jabberjaw said that
Michelle’s daughter has been baker acted; Michelle hung up a short
time later. Bubba told Frank he was quite the visionary for distancing
himself, Frank wasn’t there, he then told Jabberjaw he felt bad for
her, Spice thinks it would be the shortest Judge Judy episode ever.
Spice said that he thinks he should get a restraining order on her.
The guys did some southern voices, Manson thinks someone else signed
it, Jabberjaw thinks that’s the case, Spice thinks it’s $29.99, Bubba
thinks maybe it’s $99.99. Jabberjaw said that her Mom has referred to
Michelle as an outside dog; Bubba thinks it should be like Old yeller,
Jabberjaw said that her Mom does need some closure; she said she did
have a fight with her Dad, but they got it worked out. Dave on
protection said if it’s not a game jersey, it’s only $40. Bubba said
everyone will wipe their asses with it and send the tape to Michelle.
Jabberjaw said that her Mom is the only one that Michelle has; she
said that Frank and Michelle had a great relationship, until Jane,
Michelle’s daughter threatened to kidnap and kill Amanda and
Jabberjaw. Bubba recapped the situation, Jabberjaw said that after
Jane was born, she said that they moved down to Florida, the day
after, Michelle gave birth to another baby, the baby has since been
put up for adoption. Bubba wonders if she’s afraid that Michelle will
kill her, Jabberjaw recapped some text messages she’s received, she
said that if you take Michelle out of it entirely, everything has
changed. Bubba thinks James was the unsung hero in all this; Jabberjaw
said they’re just friends, Bubba then goofed on James a little.
Jabberjaw said that her Mom texted her, Bubba and Spice then recreated
a scene between Jabberjaw and Twenty-five. Jabberjaw said that she
went to her Mom’s house and bluffed that she had told Bubba and Spice,
Bubba said she’s a hell of a bluffer, he said he was in a good mood.
Jabberjaw said her Mom has been threatened by Michelle, she said that
the 13 year-old is on probation, Bubba thinks they need to find her a
guy to keep her occupied, he thinks they should call Jabberjaw’s Mom
to validate that she wants Michelle out. Spice said if she gets mail,
it’s a problem. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Jabberjaw’s Mom calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army phone
skins. Bubba asked if Sharron was on the line, Spice said she should
be, Bubba thought he saw a kid around the station, Manson thinks it’s
a thug kid, Dave said it was a dating game participant. Sharron came
on, Bubba recapped the situation for her, he said Michelle told him to
fuck off and hung up. Sharron said she has to go through the process
of eviction, she said that Michelle is taking her kid to school,
saying it was year-round. Bubba asked about the recent shoving match,
Sharron said she saw that, she said that had the cops been called,
Michelle would’ve been evicted; she said she should’ve called the
cops. Bubba asked why the cops get called so much, Sharron said it’s
because of the fights between Michelle and her daughter; she said that
Michelle doesn’t have a man in her life. Bubba asked why she took her
in if all these problems would happen, Sharron said this is the first
time that she’ll do tough love, she thinks caring in her case means
stupidity, Bubba thinks she needs to be smacked with reality, he
thinks Michelle didn’t get her way, he said he’s fired people, but not
if something has gone wrong, Sharron said she’s worried for her
safety, she said that when she came home from the hospital, her
granddaughter asked if she could jump on her. Jay on protection said
it’s a hectic morning, he asked how old Jabberjaw’s Mom is, Jabberjaw
said she’s 61, he advised Sharron to call an abuse hotline, then call
the Police. Bubba thanked him for calling. Fred on protection said
he’s a law enforcement guy in Tampa, he then described the injunction
process, he said once and injunction is served, they have to leave as
soon as it goes down. Bubba went back to Sharron; she said that she
heard it. Bubba told Jabberjaw if she’d like to leave early she can,
he thinks she should take Twenty-five Cent with her, he said he’d
rather be pro instead of being relaxed about it, Sharron cracked up
when Bubba called her hop-a-long Sharron. Bubba said it’s important
that Jabberjaw is there, he asked that Jabberjaw do a call-in when it
happens. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said Twenty-five and Jabberjaw are on their way to help out
Jabberjaw’s Mom, he said he’s gotten emails saying that the jersey is
anywhere from $40-$150, he said framing it would be about $300-$500,
Manson thinks they have it pretty good. Loretta in Orange Park said
she’s proud of Bubba, she said that Bubba should have a bumper sticker
saying “Got R’ did”, she said Bubba is the guy who gets it done. Bubba
said the people who work for WGN don’t understand Randy, he said when
he goes on stage, he has some pills and alcohol, he was asked if he
needed anything, he asked for a 12 pack of Miller Lite, Ned wondered
if bubba thinks he’s Dean Martin. Bubba said they got him a 12 pack of
Miller Lite, he said they were stunned by all this, he got all the
guys around him and said that if the show gets picked up, everyone
will get Miller Lite, he said everyone thought he was high, he then
told Randy what he just did, Randy said they could do that. Ned asked
how many deep was he, Brent guessed Bubba was three or four per show,
he thinks Bubba did a great job on camera, Bubba said that Richard
Dominick would give him a sign that told him to be more combative.
Bubba said this one black girl asked a stupid question, he grabbed the
mic from her and had her sit down, he then said some Billy Goat
looking guy told him not to throw away his time. We then heard a news
clip about a kid who got hold away in a cop car, Bubba didn’t like the
music being incredibly loud, Manson said it sounds like he’s at a
Rave, Spice as a DJ said some stuff; he then goofed on the reporter,
Bubba then goofed on the person in the clip. We then heard “the
Boopity song” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23, Spice said
those are the breaks, Bubba wonders how it would be worked out at the
park, he cracked when the reporter said that the kid wasn’t fed, he
asks for a news station to report it the way they’re doing it, he
thinks only one person in the clip makes sense, he then recapped how
they would do the story on TV, Manson thinks a lot of people would
consider it uncomfortable. Bob in Jacksonville said it must be tough
being a cop; he called the kids sobs, Spice said sometimes the cop
gets accused of being racist. Bubba said he’s looking for the parent
who says their kid messed up. The first email of the day had an
article about one of the banks closing on Marco Rubio’s property;
Brent wonders if he’s a part of the Economic collapse. Another emailer
said they’re looking for a hang out in Canada, bubba explained it, he
thinks the audience should know the situation by now. Another emailer
said Jessica Simpson used the name Mcgillicutty. Nick in Dayton said
when he was around 10, he stole something from a grocery store, he
said his parents caught him on it, he got arrested for that, Manson
thinks it’s rough, Bubba said his Mom did that took him, he said his
wife teaches kids, he said the teachers know the kids need discipline.
Bubba thinks Jessica Simpson has lost it. We then heard a news clip
about lady Gaga, Bubba said he’d like for her to be struck by
lightning, he said she used Seinfeld’s suite, he thinks she doesn’t
care about baseball, he thinks a lot of heads have rolled had George
Steinbrenner been in charge, Ned said she knows how to work. We then
heard a clip of the Rays announcer describing the Vuvuzaelas, Spice
said he just put his TV on mute. Bubba plugged naughty Alysha, he said
she was busy with the milf hunter; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jabberjaw update, Vanessa Carlton a bisexual?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for a Btls newsletter.
Bubba wonders if Twenty-five went with her, Spice got a text saying
that Sharron said that Michelle has a job interview on Tuesday.
Jabberjaw came on, she said her Mom wants to give her until Wednesday,
Bubba thinks he was on to something; she said she’s with Bubba.
Sharron came on, Bubba thinks she’s doing exactly what he thought
she’d do, Sharron said she’s concerned with her younger granddaughter.
Spice asked what happened, Sharron said that she had to explain the
situation, the guys think she caved. Sharron said she’s getting in the
car to get the injunction, she passed the phone back to Jabberjaw, she
said that she knows what an injunction is, Bubba thinks Michelle has
pulled out all the stops before her world crumbles, she doesn’t think
her Mom has the ability to throw her out, she said she’ll give the
guys Michelle’s number, Bubba thinks she should go upstairs with
Twenty-five Cent, he got side tracked with Lady Gaga, he thinks we’re
pathetic. Jabberjaw was heard in the background talking to
Twenty-five, Bubba thinks Michelle reshuffled her cards. Jabberjaw
called Michelle a bitch, Bubba cracked up at what she was saying, he
thinks that if they weren’t on radio, Michelle would be a loud mouth,
he asked her to call her a ft ass, Jabberjaw said not in front of her
kid. Bubba asked Twenty-five to make an attempt. Twenty-five was heard
talking to her, Spice told him to throw some game. Twenty-five asked
her if the big girl comment offended her. Bubba egged Twenty-five on,
Twenty-five told Michelle that he likes big girls, Spice requested
Twenty-five drop his pants. Twenty-five said he’s not from Milwaukee.
Michelle said she knows she’s a crazy bitch, Bubba said she’s out of
hand. Michelle asked why she’s even on the air, she said that some
party went on, Bubba said they were on vacation, he said that doesn’t
affect him. Twenty-five said she was referring to the cookie party;
Jabberjaw came on saying that they knew Bubba was on a diet. Bubba got
on speaker, saying that he and Jabberjaw have been sleeping together,
Michelle said she didn’t want to talk to him, Jabberjaw picked up, he
said that sometimes, ave Rice joins in, Dave said he’s been trying to
get Jabberjaw out of it, he said he doesn’t kiss Bubba. John in
Indiana said it was great meeting Bubba, he thinks Bubba seemed a
little ran down, Bubba thinks that wasn’t the case, the guy said it
was the last show of the day, Ned said it was Zanex. Brent said bubba
was tired of having the TV people telling him 95 things at once. The
guy said his Mom and Aunt enjoyed the show, he said he’s getting some
new shirts. Ken said he’s understanding the Bubba 488 concept, he said
they got some of Ned’s sandwiches, he got some chicken dip, he met the
Stiefel family, he said the dip looked like crack, he said one of his
kids was putting it on his eggs. We then heard “A Thousand Miles” by
Vanessa Carlton, Bubba said she’s bisexual, he thinks she’s forbidden
fruit, he thinks she might find heather steamy, he thinks she’s
talking about a girl, Spice thinks she’s just saying that, Bubba
thinks she would pick Heather. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about a street walking
guy who prays, then into Ned’s “F BP”, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Naughty Alysha dating game, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba told Hammil that he’s more comfortable with cameras,
Miller said he’s doing okay, he said he’ll be doing a show on July 11
at Side Splitters, Hammil said he had to buy 50 tickets, Bubba thinks
it’s cheesy, Hammil said he had 50 friends, Miller said he’s open mic,
he said the top two move on to “the world Series of comedy”, Bubba
thinks he should sign him to a contract, he thinks he’ll be in town,
he said they’ll be on vacation the week before, Spice said he doesn’t
get it. Bubba had the guys bring in Naughty Alysha in, he said she’s
been with the show for a long time, Alysha said it’s been a great
time, Bubba had to dump her, Spice thinks they should just skip the
dinner, she said they don’t do the mornings. We then heard the bumper
for the contest; Alysha said that today you can go to; she wants people to know about that. Bubba
asked her how many pages do they have, Alysha said she didn’t know,
Adam said about 1,000. Bubba asked what happens after the dollar
preview runs out; Alysha said its $25. Bubba brought in Kevin, he then
recapped Kevin’s situation, Kevin said hello. Bubba recapped Jerry’s
situation, Jerry said hi to her, Alysha said he sounds sexy. Bubba
recapped Cliff’s situation, Spice thinks growing apart is just a BS
keyword, Cliff said she cheated and got fat. Bubba recapped Carl’s
situation, Carl said hi, Alysha then goofed on the guy’s accent. Spice
asked how much alcohol he would use, Carl said he loved Tequila, Bubba
thinks it could be a Country song. Bubba recapped Nate’s situation,
Nate said he was in New York, he thought everything would be okay
while he was gone, he said they were married for about two years,
Alysha said that she has lived in a trailer, Spice thinks it will be a
perfect match, Bubba said problem one is that she’s not working, Spice
told him to take revenge, Nate said Alysha is hotter than his ex.
Bubba asked any of the guys if they’d send some pictures to their
exes, Nate said he would, Cliff said he’d send it to everyone. Bubba
said Alysha would’ve done it last week, but she was busy, Alysha said
the milf hunter is his Brother; Bubba thinks they should do the MILF
Hunter dating game. Spice asked about Captain Stabbin, Alysha said
he’s not around anymore. Alysha asked Jerry what makes him stand out,
Jerry said he does everything with his kids; Nate said he has love for
his daughter. Alysha asked to make her laugh, Jerry said something,
they had no idea what he had said, Carl thinks it was really funny, he
said his contribution would be too dirty, we then heard “Dueling Der
Ders” as he talked, he then said he was attempting a joke, the guys
were cracking up, he got dumped, Alysha thinks he’s crazy, she then
asked the guys if they’re into getting filmed during sex. Jerry said
he’s cool with it, Kevin said it’s nice trying something different,
Cliff said he was cool with it, Carl said he’s cool with it, as did
Nate. Alysha asked what they’d like to do on a date, Kevin said
anything and everything. Jerry said he’d like to have some good food
and watch a movie. Cliff said he’s going to skip over the dinner and
movie, he said he’d like the car, Alysha said he’s got a big check
mark, Spice thinks he has swagger. Carl asked for free drinks. Nate
said he’d cut through all the stuff of a normal date, bust out the
cream and a tongue bath, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – naughty Alysha Dating game, pt. 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, then into a bumper about the Naughty Alysha dating game.
Bubba introduced the people involved, he then said Carson’s Ribs was
his choice when he was in Chicago, Brent said he’s never had Fish the
way it was prepared, Bubba said you can go to, Spice said
it’s good, he said it’s a Chicago landmark. Alysha said she’s open as
to when the date will take place; Adam jokingly suggested after the
show, Alysha said that Wednesday would be good; she then asked the
guys where they’ve had sex. Kevin said in a car, Alysha said he’s a
dangerous guy. Nate said in a church parking lot, Alysha said he’s
horrible. Jerry said on the back of his friend’s four wheeler. Cliff
said over by the broke down part of the Gandy, he said he didn’t mind
it. Carl said on a four wheeler going through the woods. Alysha asked
the kinkiest thing they’ve ever done. Cliff said he shaved his crotch
in a heart form, Spice thinks he’s throwing himself out there. Carl
said he shaved himself, he then had a woman use something on him that
it doesn’t get used in; Alysha said he’s a brave man. Nate said he
thinks he’s done the same, he said he has a nice presentation, he said
he likes the school girl outfit, he said anyone can wear it; Alysha
said cha ching to that. Jerry said he doesn’t know of anything, he
said an Angry Dragon, Bubba said he didn’t’ know what that was, Spice
said he’ll say later. Kevin said he’s got nothing. Alysha said she
knows who she’d want, Spice asked the guys take one last attempt,
Bubba said if she’d like to have a three-way, they can do it, Spice
said Kevin is dressed nicely, Bubba wonders why you’d want to do an
Angry Dragon. Kevin said she wants to party like a rock star and fuck
like a porn star. Jerry said he can have a good time. Cliff said he’s
led a full life, he said this is one of the main ones; he said he’d
like to sleep with a porn star. Carl thinks cliff stole his thunder;
he said he’s looking for a good time. Nate said it would be a nice
high point, Spice goofed on his voice a little, he thinks Alysha
should tell the guys who didn’t get selected. Alysha said she loves
men, she told Kevin he’s too timid, she thinks she’s kicking herself
in the ass, Bubba thinks he messed up. Alysha told Jerry that he was
hard to figure out, Bubba told him to be ready for the post interview,
Spice said the guys look nervous. Alysha told Carl the tequila thing
wasn’t what she was looking for, she then said she likes Cliff the
best, she told Nate that she likes Cliff better, she offered up a tag
teaming her. Cliff said he was cool with that, Bubba thinks cliff
should get a singles match, Cliff said he’ll jump off the top rope.
Bubba asked if he’ll be able to perform, the guys congratulated Cliff,
bubba likes how she through in a curve ball. Bubba said it’s not going
to be a holding hands session, they then ended the show a few seconds

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