Monday, June 13, 2011

June 14th, 2011 by Staff

Monday on the show Bubba debuted his Monday Bubba Raceway Park report segment and we heard from Dave from West Palm and Dwayne from The Penthouse Club.

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    You have let so many of us down that invested our time and money in your show. I hear nothing coming from you about the RadioIO work you do.

    I did hear yesterday that you no longer like Radio. I suspect you are looking at a better career in Racing, but that will not pay the bills without your Army.

    You have left many of us on the side of the road, wasted our hard earned cash, and now want to exit to the smell of burning rubber. As an EX-FAN I am disappointing in you, thought you were going to show Sirius what a mistake they made, but it seems that the Army made the mistake, and those that followed you into IWDM have lost a great deal of respect and cash with you.

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