Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba and Brent talked about the Rays.
Emails: Bubba’s man rock was great, Twenty-five is the man, Krock has
a great signal, and listener wants a copy of the song list in the Man
rock segment.
Bill from Wednesday’s IO show called in saying his friend Bruce had
killed himself via gun shot; Bubba wished it had been a better
Bubba talked about what happened at BRP this weekend, he had about 5
Miller Lites because of a power outage.
Brent thanked Chaz for helping out with the Puppeteer.
Bubba thinks one of the people in the clip sounds like Beetlejuice.
Bubba had a list of potential bands for the Christmas Party.
Chad said he deals with a bunch of kids; it’s sickening to check out
the chat log.
Bubba saw two young people walking in the dark, he feels guilty for
not getting involved.
Audio clip – man regrets letting his son hang out with Ron Brown, the Puppeteer.
Dock, fabracator of the stars said that Ned was at his shop the other
day, he started to mention a box, Ned quickly told him not to say
anything else.
Bubba went over the chat log of Ron Brown, a local puppeteer who wrote
about wanting to kill and eat kids.
Ned’s Load – “iPhone”.
The guys talked about the Olympics.
Brent said he’s been listening to British talk radio, the Brits are
upset over the Olympics.
Various calers comment on the Olympics.
James Holmes news.
Audio clip – Dane Cook’s joke about the Aurora shooting.
Ned’s “Psycho Asian Man” (“Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2”, track 15).
Bubba asked if anyone is working on anything in regards to Aurora,
Manson isn’t sure what angle to go for.
Jerry Sandusky voicemails.
Cal Ripkin’s Mom kidnapped.
Audio clip – Carley Ray Jepsen sex tape.
Audio clip – Michael Jackson family feud.
Manson’s “Good-bye World” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 10” track 8)
Ned’s “Blame It On the Propofol” (“Bubba show Classics Vol. 11” track 3)
Audio clip – Young Buck’s stuff given away.
Audio clip – Monsenior convicted of child molestation
Caller tells his kids about what rap stars are like.
Audio clip – cop has sex with prostitute.
Audio clip – Miami is the sex capital of the Country.
Bubba thinks the people surveyed aren’t legal citizens, Manson thinks
this is why the show didn’t work out in Miami.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Hey There Dumb Bubba” (“Bubba Show Classics
Vol. 5” track 15, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 20)
Caller John read a survey saying Miami was number one with beautiful
and stupid people.
Audio clip – woman accused of cutting retired cop’s body.
Audio clip – Strangling in Virginia is now a felony.
Audio clip – Olympic Poll dancing? Show

The guys talk about their weekend.
Bubba thinks Tyler is a pussy for not going on the rides at Universal,
he marked out to The simpson’s ride, describing it as “Spiderman on
Steve in Pittsborough is a fire fighter who is afraid of rollercoasters.
Old Ned bit where he has an outgoing message.
98 rock talkbreak – guy says his girlfriend yelled Ned’s name during
sex the previous evening.
Emails: Racing, come to Washington, found Bubba via Sirius, and a
listener has on their tractor.
Audio clip – cop caught having sex.
Audio clip – Facebook stock is down.
Bubba said that running ads on Facebook will cost the user some money.
Neil Reed dead from a heart attack.
Link between oral sex and mornng sickness.
Lawsuits over the Aurora shooting.
Man raped to death by five women.
James Holmes got $26,000.
98 Rock talkbreak where Ned talks to a woman about a possible date.
Three bands have submitted their demos for the christmas party.
Silter gets a pass.

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