Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blind Lawrence here with the recap.

Bumper music provided by Dave Rice:
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop
2. Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You
3. Mushroomhead – Simple Survival
4. Recover – Night of the Creeps
5. The Black Keys – Tighten Up
6. Mountain – Mississippi Queen
7. Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You

Segment 1 – Spice chats with Plies?

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Can’t Stop” by The Red hot Chili Peppers. Bubba came on saying that
they were live, the guys then recapped their vacation, Bubba said he
liked seeing anyone other than the 48 car win the Brickyard 400, he
then said one of the guys who works for the Florida Marlins got
inducted in the hall of fame, he then said that Deion Sanders will be
in town, Spice as Deion said some stuff. Spice said he ran into Plies
over the vacation, he said he’ll be coming in, we then heard “Becky”,
Bubba thinks Manson won’t come home if he hangs out with Plies, he
then recreated a scene where he played Manson, and Manson played
Donna. Spice said Plies was a nice guy, he said that Plies said he was
a big fan, Bubba thinks they should have Plies on the Satellite show,
he then talked about Rays camp, he said the information is on Spice said he took Tasha’s son to the batting cages the
other day, he loved it. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Bubba’s Lottery generator, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls News Letter,
followed by “Nearly Lost You” by Screaming Trees. Bubba said the music
was provided by Dave Rice, he then plugged, he then said that
he has a lottery machine, he said anything randomness will be going on
in there, Spice said it looks like a suitcase, he thinks Bubba got
ripped off. Dave said he could’ve made one for $100. Bubba fired up
the machine, Spice said it’s like there’s no suspense, Bubba thinks
the guys are dicks, Spice thinks it’s a white trash lotto, Ned
wondered how much suction is on it, he said he’ll put something in the
flap. Bubba asked Spice who else he met, Manson likes how Plies is
laughing in the background, Spice said he ran into Raphael, we then
heard the tymbal, Bubba said he needs to get back in, Spice said he’s
entertained the idea of coming back to be an intern. Mark in Tampa
asked Bubba how the car was doing, Bubba said he has to be careful on
what he says about jobber cars, he thinks he shouldn’t touch Anonymous
B, Spice thinks they’re dorks, Bubba said he’s not sure what he should
be saying, he doesn’t want any of his stuff hacked, Spice and Manson
did some nerd voices, Bubba said he just doesn’t care. The guys then
went over some birthdays, Bubba thinks Mick Jagger looks 87, Manson
said he’s always looked horrible. Bubba said he’s on it, he’s lost six
pounds over the vacation, he thinks he’s insane, as he ordered some
McDonalds for Monday morning, he said he found the link on Twitter
from a fan, Spice said it’s hard to spend $68 at McDonalds, he said he
can’t wait to see the order. Bubba asked for someone to check it out,
he said that McDonalds is really smart with stuff like that. Carl in
Canada said he looks forward to a live show; Bubba said if they could
sell some more tickets to Bubbapalooza, he’ll be happy. Carl said he
works for PBR, Bubba said he’ll put him on hold; he thinks that the
year of the fan isn’t going to happen. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
followed by “Simple Survival” by Mushroom Head. Bubba thinks headline
News knows what they’re doing with Robin Mede; Spice had no idea who
Orville Right was. Melissa said a lot of people order McDonald’s on
line, Bubba said he’s impatient, he said he’d like to get with them
and get a promo code. The first email of the day said he burnt his
Christmas tree on his own property, Manson said he’s done that many
times. Another emailer said her husband died a few months ago, he
really loved the show, Manson is shocked the guy was 37, Spice thinks
they should take the guy out of the database, bubba thinks they should
send her something. Another emailer said six flags is having a Muslim
Day on September 12, Brent said it’s true. Bubba then explained some
British guy was going off on the Muslims. Another emailer said it
takes strength to be honest talking about his radio career. Bubba read
about Muslim Family Day, he thinks they shouldn’t have it anywhere
near September. Another emailer said they heard some Brent songs, the
emailer asked about New Orleans. Another email was about a kid who was
caught masturbating in his back yard, the mom came out, the kid then
hit her, Manson wonders who masturbates outside, Spice as a black
women told him to knock it off. Another emailer said he has a girl who
will light a fart. Another emailer said if the guys need a motor cycle
saddle, just let him no. Another email was about some kids who robbed
a place; Bubba wonders why they wouldn’t file charges. Another emailer
likes how loads much faster, Bubba said it looks nice.
Another emailer said the Troll car is a way for the internet guys to
screw with contests. Another email said that they saw MJ on TV selling
shirts for the fallen officers, Bubba thinks it’s pathetic and
pandering, Spice said it’s too little too late. Bubba asked where MJ
was for the other cops who have passed away recently. Ted in
Washington said he needs to thank Brent for calling into Howard’s
show, Brent said it was great to be on. Bubba said the Bubba Army has
done what they’ve done; he said they’ve worked their asses off. Brent
said he was on for about fifteen minutes. Bubba said he’ll be in
Indiana; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Mosk near Ground Zero, Devon James Update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba thinks they joined the song in progress, he then said a lot of
people don’t take the August primary elections are really important,
he said he’s got Twenty-five standing by with a Devon James story. We
then heard a clip of a British guy talking about the Mosk being built
near Ground Zero, Spice wonders when we’ll stand up and say no, Manson
thinks it’ll never happen, Bubba thinks the guy is dead on, Brent
wonders where the money is coming from. Bubba thinks the reason why we
have to take it is because we’re a gluten for Oil, Manson said that is
the case, Bubba wonders why Americans aren’t going crazy over it.
Brent said the guy is right on the money with his commentary, the guy
said that if Islam didn’t have Religion, they’d be banned; Manson said
it’s just a Political argument. Bubba said that Casey Anthony owes the
jail about $40; he thinks they could get an interview with her; he
likes how the guy says America is crippled by Political Correctness.
Tony said if Mosks are allowed to be near Ground Zero, the guy thinks
it would be like a Catholic church near daycare centers. Richard said
one of his friends was on one of the planes during 9/11, he said the
guy’s family got very little releaf. Parry in Orlando said it was
suggested it was made into other Religions, the guy said it’s
outrageous. Twenty-five Cent came in, Spice he loves his new car,
Bubba said Twenty-five was tough insuring. Spice explained what
happened with Devon James recently, Bubba recapped their agreement
with her, he said he paid for that right, he said this was a horrible
investment. Spice said now it’s taken a strange turn, he said they
know she’s lying, Bubba asked that Cowhead not have Devon James on the
show. Spice thinks Nick, Devon’s husband is a scumbag, Twenty-five
said he is, he then said they were in a VIP area. We then heard the
clip, Bubba thinks nick’s appearance is bad, Spice thinks Devon seems
pilled out of his mind. Twenty-five asked Devon if she knew about the
contract, Devon said yes, Twenty-five said they never got proof, Nick
said they couldn’t get into all that, Bubba goofed on Devon’s voice,
Spice thinks she’d give the worst lap dance ever, he thinks she’ll
fall asleep through it. Twenty-five asked if she’s ready for a
lawsuit, Devon said she didn’t want that, Spice said she’s one of the
most unattractive women he’s ever seen. Nick said that if Bubba wants
to sue, he’s got the lawyers to do that, he said they didn’t lie about
anything, Spice said this is a classic example of white trash with
nothing less, we then heard the Price is Right loser horn. Devon said
she got thrown to the wolves, Spice thinks she threw herself out
there. The guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba said if they’re lying,
they need to do it on the show, he said after this went down,
Twenty-five got a text from Nick, Twenty-five then read his text,
saying that he knows how Bubba and Devon met, Bubba said he’d be
excited if he met someone fatter than him, he thinks only Twenty-five
and Ned would like Devon, ned said she’s horrible. We then heard a
news clip about MJ helping out the fallen officers, Bubba said you
should have a track record, he said he’s just doing this because of
the Arson charges, he doesn’t think 100% of the money is going to the
foundation, Spice said it’s spin control. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mel Gibson audio, Devon James contract

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said McDonald’s came, Spice said it was tasty, Bubba told Spice he
could sponsor breakfast, he said they’ll deliver for $7 extra. Spice
then read Nick’s latest text to Twenty-five, he says if Bubba is a
man, he’ll call him on the air. Bubba said he thinks he has a copy of
the contract, he then said there’s a new Mel Gibson tape, he said this
stuff will be uncensored later today on Sirius/XM, courtesy of their
good friend Kevin Kraft. The guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba thinks
Mel is done, he said he’s not going to start and stop it a lot, he
thinks this is a pain in Kevin’s ass, he said she has some reason, he
said heather calls him Bubba Gibson, he said that really backs him
down, Manson said the word medication really sends Mel over the edge,
he thinks Ned would ask for something like that, Spice likes how el
calls her a moving violation, the guys cracked up when Mel referred to
her boobs as fakers, Bubba thinks this would be a good cit com, the
guys couldn’t stop laughing at the clip, Brent thinks they should
remake “The Shining” with Mel filling Jack’s part, Ned thinks Mel is
the man. Jay in Ft. Meyers said Mel Gibson sounds like Lummox, Bubba
thinks they should do a side by side comparison. Spice read another
text, saying he’ll challenge Bubba to a boxing match, he told Bubba to
wipe his ass with the contract. Bubba read a little bit of the
contract, Spice thinks they’d know if Phil Campbell was to call in,
Manson said he’d like for Devon James and Phil Campbell to work
together. Bubba said that the contract will go for ten years, Spice
thinks she’ll overdose by then, he wonders how they can get out of the
contract, Manson thinks they should make her do degrading photo
shoots, Spice thinks it’s the worst investment ever. Brent said he was
listening to an interview Lex and Terry did with her, he said all they
did was yelling at her. Bubba read a part of the contract that says
the BRN will have full ownership of the content, Spice said this was a
bad draft pick. Bubba said he’s all wet, Ned got a little excited with
that, Spice cracked up at that. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Nick James

Coming out of commercials, we heard a prom for Coins for Cops. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said they could be arrested for contempt of
court, he said they can’t ignore the contract. Michael in Tampa asked
about her doing stuff, Bubba said he’s not a lawyer. We then heard a
news clip about BP’s CEO stepping down. Spice said Nick was on hold,
Bubba said he’s not afraid of him, he said no one can drop news that
he’s already dropped. Nick came on, Bubba asking him what his problem
is, Nick said when they first signed the contract, he could never get
a hold of Tom Bean, he was always told that they were too busy, and
that they can do what they want, Bubba said there’s no previsions, he
said it should be spelled out in the contract. Nick said he’d tell
them what they’d like Spice said he also said that his wife had texts
from Tiger Woods, Nick said he doesn’t do drugs. Bubba said the
contract has nothing to do with Twenty-five Cent, he said that he
didn’t read section 9, he said they could settle it old fashion, Nick
said he’s willing to give Bubba his money back. Nick said he’d like to
come in, he said he and his friends are big fans, Bubba said this
isn’t a war between him and Cowhead, he said if she can make it to
Cowhead’s show, he said it’s bad business, Nick said she can’t drive.
Twenty-five came on the warm line, he said that he has always told him
to email Tom Bean and copy him on it, he said he’s never gotten email
from him, he said the guy calls him all the time about stupid stuff,
he said he’s just a guy who works for the show, he said he’s not the
guy who makes the decisions. Bubba said he doesn’t want what info
Devon has, Nick denied texting Twenty-five, he said he didn’t do it,
Spice said he can never comment on anything, Nick said at 5:09 am, he
was sleeping, Spice thinks Devon did it. Nick said he has nothing
against Bubba personally, Spice thinks she’s a lying bitch, Nick
called Spice a sellout from 98 Rock, Spice then ripped into Nick, he
thinks she’s cutting up cocaine in the background. Bubba said he’d
like to do a Devon James public drug test, he said that tom Bean just
texted him with some information, he then read what he had, saying
that Devon was hard to get a hold of, he said Devon has three kids, of
which she doesn’t have custody of, Nick confirmed this. Bubba asked
who has custody, nick said they’re not his kids, bubba asked who would
give up custody, Nick said he doesn’t get involved in stuff like that,
Bubba thinks everything he’s said is just craziness, Spice said the
burden of proof is on him. Bubba said this is the kind of person who
their dealing with, he shamed those who put her on, he wonders how
much she cares about her kids, he said he’s been shook down by Nick,
Spice said they want nothing to do with him, Nick said he can’t wait
to meet Spice, Nick said he’s had money. Bubba said Nick is guilty by
association, he said he’s things he can’t even speak of. Spice asked
if Nick’s attorney is Lisa Bloom, Nick said they don’ care about Bubba
the Love Sponge, he said they just laughed at the name Kevin Hayslett,
Brent said they have to respect other lawyers. Ned came on saying some
stuff, Mick told Manson to stop. Bubba thinks Devon won’t show up for
their court appearance, Manson as a southern guy said they’ve got some
new material. Spice told Nick he was a fat bitch, Bu8bba said that he
wishes them the best, he said he’ll hold them to the contract, he said
the guy is a liar. Spice read from Devon’s twitter account about
partying, he said she’s a liar, he said they lie for a living. Joe
said he’s a 335 pound guy, he’ll kick the guy’s ass, he said he was a
Livestock 2 trying to get Bubba’s attention. Kevin said he doesn’t
know what this guy’s deal is. Bubba thinks they should talk about it
during the creative meeting. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news, Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain. Bubba said this is
a very common song, Dave said he loves the riff, Bubba said Lesley
couldn’t play it on Guitar Hero (August 7, 2009), he then went on to
read an article about Dayton selling vacant lots. We then heard a news
clip about some people threatening the cops, Brent said we need to cut
off all communication with him, Bubba said David G is on it, Spice
said he’s waiting for Devon to say that she has cancer. We then heard
a news clip about a woman who faked having cancer, she won Teacher of
the year three times before, Bubba asked what’s so hard about trying
to make an honest living, he said they should have a prison for people
who do stuff like this, he thinks she should just off herself. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who jumped off a cell phone tower, Bubba
thinks it’s on him. We then heard a news clip about a teacher who put
holy oil on her students and the desk, Spice wonders if it’s truly
blessed, Manson thinks it was blessed by a priest who molested a kid
moments before, Bubba said that he’s glad she resigned. We then heard
a news clip about a woman who strangled her kids with TV wire, Bubba
said he has the 911 call in it’s entirety, he thinks this is the
problem with our country, the guys think Mel Gibson would have an
interesting 911 call. Manson then impersonated the woman saying that
she killed the kids, with Bubba as the husband. Brent explained the
difference between murder and capital murder. Mark in Tampa said
they’re having a benefit for Jimmy Jams, tonight at Thee Dollhouse,
from 9:00 until close. Bubba said he misses Jimmy, he’s sorry for what
happened. We then heard the 911 call, the guys stopped and started to
comment, Spice doesn’t know how the operator did it. Bubba said it’s
sad what happened to the kids, he thinks she should drink the bottle
of bathroom cleaner, he thinks they should have some kind of question,
Manson said you should be able to qualify. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said his kid is Autistic, he said what really hurts him is the
call, bubba said no one deserves to go that way, the guy thinks she
has a disorder. Bubba said the sad thing is, they’ll probably spare
her for being insane. The guy said his kid is all about numbers and
colors, he said his kid has an IQ of 137, he said kids who are
Autistic are not broken, he thinks Bubba should put
as a rotator. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Hogan said he’s running
late, bubba said he’s never on time. Hogan said all the fans were
asking about Calgary, he said he was with Knobs, Brent said they’re
going to have a lengthy customs experience, he said this is Canadian
customs, he said some people get turned away at the border. Spice
asked about his appearance with the honky Tonk Man, Bubba said he
never sticks up for the show. Hogan said he told Honky Tonk that he
would kick his ass, he said honky Tonk came up to his room, Bubba said
he’d love to fight him. We then heard a clip of the Honky Tonk Man
saying he’ll kick Spice’s ass. We then heard another message where
honky Tonk said he could’ve gotten on the show, Bubba said Honky is a
self promotion machine. Hogan then recapped how the event went down,
he said the stiffest question he was asked was if he had sex with ms.
Elizabeth, he then said that someone asked him to sign the National
enquirer, there was an article on Linda and Charlie getting married,
Hogan thinks Mel Gibson and Linda Hogan could be together Bubba said
Linda yelling makes the hair on the back of his neck stand up, he then
recapped the time when Linda called Hogan pathetic, Hogan said that
was an easy night. Bubba said there are pictures of Nick and Brooke
hanging out on Linda’s boat, he doesn’t’ get how they could do that,
he said Hogan is the only guy who has worked, Brent said the reality
show is because of Hogan. Bubba said they need to get together some
time, Hogan said a guy he knows is working on a Vitamin website, Bubba
said he’d like to see Ruth, Hogan said she still has the attitude, he
said MJ is stealing Bubba’s thunder with the cops, Bubba said he’s
just trying to save face. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army iPhone
skin, followed by “Linda Hogan Gold digger” from “bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 5”, track 1, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 8. We
then heard “I hate Everything About You” by 3 Days Grace. Bubba said
he didn’t want to go long, but Hogan is priceless, he then checked on
the guys, they all said they were fine, he said until the day he dies,
or the day Ober is out of office, he’ll play Manson’s Mark Ober
campaign ads, he said they won’t be on Sirius, unless they turned them
up. We then heard Manson’s Mark Ober campaign ad about two dogs
getting beaten to death, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Alex

    Bubba, you ARE the master of heat reversal. So, we sat fans are the haters because we think you don’t deserve a vacation. Way to throw that deep,deep into the “bubba spin zone”. The fact is that you guys absolutely deserve every day off you can get but you don’t even try to show us any love. The closest thing to love we get is a half hearted ball juggle on the few Friday shows you do. Spin it however you want but it NOT to much to ask to at least do a live afternoon show no these MANY short work weeks. It feels like you “penciled this years vacation time” to bail on as many Sirius shows as possible.

  2. beta

    glad you guys had a good vacation. missed you guys, but always a fan of the best of’s. the summer time is the best time to have fun and i know you guys will start the fall with a bang.

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