Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blind Lawrence here with your recap. Our thoughts and wishes are with Mark Anthony, his family and friends.

Segment 1 – Pagan Potheads recap, Mark Anthony RIP

The show started off with audio of The Rays losing, followed by
“Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots. Bubba said he hopes the
listeners got better sleep than he did, he said he responsibly
gimmicked up at around 8:00, he was shot out of bed at 12:57, he’s
been up ever since, Spice said he might as well go to the office, he
said he was crying at Pagan Potheads, Bubba thinks they should do it
every few months, Manson said it’s a pain in the ass to relearn that
material over and over again, Bubba thinks they were really good,
Spice said you can’t bring the Devil there, Manson said the guy behind
Donna was wasted, Bubba thinks they should put together a DVD, he said
it was great to see Spice at The Undertoe, he thinks Jimmy Kleavis
sweats more than anyone he knows, he said that their former intern
Mark Anthony killed himself, Brent doesn’t remember why he left, Bubba
said the guy was found hanging, he thinks no woman is worth suicide,
he thanked the people for coming out to The Wing House this past
Friday, he said people were putting bills in some jugs, he said all 19
Wing House locations are participating in Coins for Cops, he thinks
they’ll end around 10:15 today, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Mark Ober

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some best of shows.
Bubba came on talking about the Bubba Army car, he hopes it can win
the vote, you can vote on

1. Tuesday – Twenty-five
2. Monday – Dave Rice
3. Tuesday – Big Dick
4. Wednesday – Dave
5. Thursday – Twenty-five
6. Friday – Manson

Bubba said he ordered an official lottery thing, he thinks they should
have a lottery, Brent isn’t sure if it’s legal. Will said he had a
great time on Friday, he had the chance to chat with Manson’s Sister,
Bubba said she drove him crazy, Spice wondered if the show was to mask
any anti-Semitic stuff, Bubba said he thought it was awesome, Manson
thinks the crowd who attends now understand what it’s about. Forest
said he was at the show, he thinks the guys did an amazing job, he
said he felt like a jackass talking to Manson during getting dressed,
Manson said he’s cool with it. Bubba thinks today is a crappy day with
birthdays. The first email of the day said Aubry Huff is a cool guy.
Another emailer said they love the show, she asked about Casey
Anthony, Bubba thinks she’ll be the second woman executed in the state
of Florida. Bubba said that someone sent him an article about someone
was stabbed many times, the body was moved, mark Ober has yet to file
charges on the murder, he said the turkey fryer thing is in the
Newspaper, he said the stabbing was a few weeks ago, he said Mark’s
office will file tampering charges, he said the cop he talked to about
that was beside herself, Spice is bummed out that incompetents can’t
get Ober kicked out, he said they first got on Ober’s bad side when
they stuck up for a kid named Erick Right. Brent said this happened on
December 31, 2000, the kid was shot and left in the woods to die, Ober
let the killers plead in court; Bubba said they should’ve been charged
as adults. Brent said they asked that the listeners cal the States
attorney’s office, Bubba said that’s what got them on his bad side,
Brent said the judge was prepared to give them the maximum prison time
for the hog situation, he said MJ had Ober prosecute a woman who
flipped him off (September 21, 2009), he went on to say the State Fire
marshal has recommended that files be charged, he thinks Bill
Fitzgibbons is very smug, Brent said he’s disrespectful to fire
fighters, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Jesse’s Girl”. Bubba thinks he and Manson are the
only ones who can appreciate the song, he wonders if Ned is even at
the show today, Ned said he’s there, he’s just not talking, Bubba
thinks Ned is dumb for not realizing that Miller Lite and PBR are
distributed by the same guy, he doesn’t get why Ned has to cut so many
deals, Bubba thinks he’s worse than Gene Lasker, he then read an
article about the turkey fryer incident not getting charged, he thinks
his eyes are gone, he thinks he’s too fat, Manson said he reads in the
dark, Bubba said he’d rather be blind, he thinks Ober saying he knows
best is his way of saying he doesn’t care, Brent said the Governor has
reason to. Bubba said he’s not letting foot off Ober’s neck, he said
it’s very close to him, he said he has a personal vendetta, he
referred to Mark as a red nosed drunk, he thinks this is why Dante
Morris is walking the street because of lack of prosecution, Spice
said it’s a record of incompetents. Bubba said if they were facing it,
he’d tell his lawyer not to be a dick, he said this is Arson to the
letter of the law, he said MJ is all about fire, Spice said they did
something illegal, he said that would be like them saying that they’re
going to smoke weed to show you the effects, Bubba said that would be
like him saying raping a woman would be a public service, he thinks
Ron Cacciatore represented them during the hog trial, but only for
about nine minutes, he said they did this to start a fire, he said the
station had been warned in the past about that, he said as much as a
dick he is, he thinks they were in the right with the FCC, the Haiti
situation, the Toyota situation, and Michelle Schnitt, he then read an
article about Haiti not getting any releaf money. Mike in Miami said
the MJ situation is unbelievable, he asked if the fire fighter who was
injured is suing him, Bubba said he didn’t know, he thinks it will be
null in void if MJ has Ober in his back pocket. We then heard a news
clip about a Reality show star getting arrested for having sex with a
minor, Spice said this was some dating show, Bubba asked that someone
shoot him, he thinks something like this will cause him to smoke weed,
he said that if he was President, he’d make Reality TV illegal, Manson
said he would encourage everyone to boycott, Bubba said none of the
names are clicking, he said this is just some wrestler, he said
everyone wants to be a star, he then read that Whitney Houston buys
about $6,000 worth of cocaine a week, Spice thinks it’ll be a matter
of time. Jim on protection said he was at Clear Channel the day when
MJ put fireworks in an oven. Bubba said he did something that was
distasteful, he said that he screwed up with the hog deal, he then
said that the city of Sacramento is asking for a pot tax, we then
heard a news clip about that, he had no idea that recreational
marijuana was on the ballot, Brent said it’s for those who would like
to buy it if your over 21. Treck thanked Bubba for the tickets. Eddie
isn’t sure if the Whitney Houston numbers are correct, he thinks she’s
either partying, or she’s getting ripped off, he said she’d have to do
an ounce a day. Bubba asked him the most he’s done in a day, the guy
said almost a half of an ounce, Ned thinks the guy is a pussy, the guy
said its 28 grams in an ounce, he said he was up for two days. We then
heard the Fighting Irish music, Bubba said that eleven of their
players were arrested for underage drinking, he doesn’t get why we
make a big deal over the dumbest things ever, he said he’d arrest
those that would refuse to drink. Rob in Tampa said he loved Pagan
Potheads, Bubba said that it’s like a high George Carlin.
We then heard a news clip about Spirit airlines saying you don’t need
luggage, Ned said that’s why he wears six suits of clothing. We then
heard a clip of tiger Woods cursing on TV, Bubba think the golf
announcers are snooty, he said the divorce is $100,000,000; Spice
thinks you wouldn’t make $50,000,000 to talk. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Twenty-five’s New Car

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Coins for Cops,
followed by “Can’t Stop Their Breedin”” from “bubba Show classics
Volume 14”, track 6. We then heard “Just What I Needed” by The Cars,
Bubba thanked the bay area auto dealers for donating to the Btls
Foundation, he said he should give Twenty-five Cent his card, as he’ll
be going to Sting Ray Chevy today, he asked for Twenty-five to come
in, he thinks Twenty-five is in Bubba’s office sleeping, Manson thinks
he’s sleeping, Bubba thinks he’s upstairs doing something. Spice said
he’s getting sued, as one of his friends wrecked his cars, before he
got the insurance on it. Bubba told Twenty-five they’re paying for the
insurance, Twenty-five said he’s had Progressive and GEICO, he said
the accident gave him some points; Spice thinks they don’t have to
worry about Twenty-five speeding. Mike in West Palm said he has a 05
Honda for $131 a month. Mike said he’s about $1,000 a year. Chris said
he’s with All State, he said they have a plan that includes Accident
Forgiveness. Sherry said she pays $800-1200 every six month, Spice
said he’s more interested in the payment plan for the car, Bubba said
the insurance will be $411, Twenty-five said he’s cool with it, he
said he’s going to tint the windows, the guys cracked up when he said
he was pooping upstairs. Bubba said he’s going to call American
Express, he said that Wesley Snipes will be going to jail, he said if
you don’t pay your taxes, you’re going to jail, Manson said you can
cheat on your taxes, Brent said they got him for not filing. Jack in
Tampa thinks Twenty-five should get repossession insurance, Bubba said
he gives Twenty-five a paycheck, he said there’s no way for him to
default, he then said Deion Sanders called him on Saturday, Spice as
Deion said some stuff, Bubba thinks he might stay with him, Ned thinks
Bubba should keep Heather on lockdown, Spice as Deion said “White is
Right”, Manson said he’ll hire him for Tiger Lilly’s. Bubba said VIP
night for Scene is August 18; grand opening will be August 20. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Farts

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about the cap on the
oil spill, followed by “Knocking on Heaven’s door” by guns N’ Roses.
Bubba said this is like the man on the moon, he wonders if the footage
is what they’re showing. Manson said Al-kida showed him some stuff, he
said a lot of it is people standing in front of a green screen, Bubba
said he cracked up when the reporter said farts, he said he’s always
wanted female fart lighting, Ned said he’s interested. Spice said
bubba has accomplished quite a bit, he said his girl won’t even admit
she farts, Bubba said Heather will rip them out, he said ave from
Back9BBQ produces some hot farts for him, Brent said that dip makes
him fart, Spice said there is a website that exists, he doesn’t think
the girls look all that hot, the site is, Bubba
said all he wants his hot chicks lighting farts, Spice thinks maybe
Neil has a contact for them, he asked Bubba if he thinks a girl
farting is sexy, Bubba said it’s funny, he wants them dressed like
secretaries, Spice thinks that’s another parameter, Bubba said he
doesn’t like them on the toilet, Manson said he doesn’t like precursor
gas as a fart. Bubba doesn’t like it when a girl burps, Spice said he
wouldn’t’ mind his woman farting; Bubba proposes Tasha and Heather
have a fart off. Matt in Lakeland suggested Naughty Alysha come in and
fart, Bubba said that’s not her deal, he said he’ll put two or three
grand for the deal. Manson said mark chase once lit a fart, Bubba said
he doesn’t’ want to do pimple popping. We then heard a clip of a woman
farting, Bubba cracked up at it, he thinks they wouldn’t be able to
contain themselves, Spice said he’d like to see someone light a fart,
then light up a cigar with it, Bubba said it probably can’ happen. We
then heard a clip of a guy farting, he wasn’t sure on that one, he
said he’s not the only one who is into this, he thinks some of this
stuff is lame, he thinks you can get really high and watch stuff. We
then heard another clip of a person farting; Bubba wonders if a lit
fart can burn, Spice isn’t sure, Bubba said they should practice that.
David in Tampa asked if lighting farts is Arson, he wonders if Bubba
will be prosecuted, Bubba cracked up at that, he said if you’re a
woman, he’ll try and raise some money for this. Brent isn’t sure what
makes him fart; he said that he’ll just stick to his diet. Bubba said
that Mel Gibson is thinking about moving to Australia, Spice said at
least he’s not caving in, he finds it refreshing that he’s just
leaving the Country. We then heard Manson’s “Maniac Mel”; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jacksonville Ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some concept best of
shows, followed by “Life in the Fast Lane” by The Eagles. Bubba said
they’ll be doing best of from Wednesday-Friday, he then went on to say
that the Army suicide rate has gone up, he wonders what we’re fighting
over there, he said we should mind our own business, he suggested
putting our troops on the Mexican border, Manson suggested they put
the troops on Wall Street to arrest the people that almost destroyed
our Country. Bubba read that two illegal immigrants rapped a 14
year-old girl, Manson said they just come up through Mexico. Steve in
New Port richy said they had the same problem a few years ago, he said
there was a problem with Soldiers going home and murdering their
wives. Kyle on protection sounding drunk, Bubba told him to have some
more drinks. Frank said he agrees with Bubba on immigration, he said
there’s only nine people left in the World Series of Poker, the guy in
the Fein gear is still in it. Spice wonders how much skill is in
poker; Brent said it does require a lot of skill with catching cards.
Bubba said they’re always complaining about how they’ve been doing in
the ratings as of recent, he said he doesn’t believe that it’s because
of their race with Miami, he said they’re a rare find in Miami, he
suggested they go on some Pizza boxes, he said that Paul and Ron suck,
he thinks maybe lazy radio is the way to make it, he said they are
killing it in Jacksonville. Mili in Miami wonders how the show isn’t
as popular; she said she loves the show. Nancy in Miami said that she
loves the show, she said she used to listen to Howard, she said if
they can’t have Howard, she’ll take him. Bubba went over the ratings
in Jacksonville from December until now, he doesn’t get how it works,
he said they’ve made amends with Lex and Terry (January 22, 2010).
Natasha said they love listening to the show, she asked what they can
do to promote the show; Bubba said Cox won’t commit to them. Budd in
Dayton said that he loves the show; he said the music The Eagle has
sucks. Chris came on going over what they’ve got, he said if you’re a
pedophile, you’ll love L&T, bubba told the guy to say he was sorry, he
just wants a pat on the back. Dan in Jacksonville said Jacksonville
loves him. Alex in Miami said he listens to the show two hours a day,
he has six presets in his car, all of them are on 93 Rock. Rich he
gets them from 93 Rock, he’s turned on a lot of his friends, there
really isn’t all that much to listen to. Bubba read that the Vatican
has decided to lay down some new rules with Priests; the guys think
it’s taken too long. We then heard “One Hundred boys” from “Bubba Show
classics Volume 14”, track 1; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Miami billboards

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, followed by “I
Suck in Miami Bitch” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 12”, track 7. We
then heard “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain, Bubba told the people of
Calgary to buy some tickets for Bubbapalooza Calgary, he thinks there
are some meet and greets left for New Orleans, he said that they might
be out in Miami, we then heard some bumpers. Bubba said he has half a
mind to buy four billboards with the Spanish quotes on them, he said
this would prove Cox wrong, he said that if it didn’t work out, see
you later. Spice said every time Bubba bets on himself, he ends up
winning, Bubba said they’re making a huge investment on their new
building, he said he’s betting on all of them, he said Howard is a
bigger show than they are, Brent thinks Howard had billboards in
Miami, Bubba thinks he should get Mike on it, Spice it’s sad that
they’re purchasing billboards from Clear Channel, he said he settled
his lawsuit with them. We then heard a news clip about a woman who
tried to kill her baby by cutting it out of her vagina, Bubba thinks
the parents should be in trouble as well, he wonders how you don’t
notice, he wonders who got her knocked up, he said you never take a
kid’s word for anything, Spice thinks labor can last about twelve
hours, he and bubba then did a recreation as to how it might’ve
happened, Bubba thinks the guy is blind for not knowing his kid was
pregnant, he said he doesn’t get it, he then read an article about a
13 year-old doing a home abortion, Brent said it would be rape, Spice
thinks it’s getting after it when it was discovered the baby was
aborted with a pencil, he said abortion is your friend in some cases,
he said he’s never seen a girl get turned away at a strip club, Bubba
said he couldn’t pick up dollar bills with his ass, ned said he’d like
to see that, Spice as a strip Club DJ introduced Bubba. Bubba thinks
NASCAR should get on board with ept, he then said anytime they talk
abortion, they always play “Sounds like an Abortion”, Spice said it’s
a landslide every time it gets voted on. We then heard the song from
“Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”k track 10. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation,
followed by “More Than A Feeling” by Boston. Bubba thanked Steve
Hurley and Jim for donating, he then plugged Coins for Cops, he then
asked for people to vote for the car on, he said they were at
1300 votes when the show started, he said he’d like for it to stay the
number one rotator, he said they need about 6,000 more votes, Spice
said they’re at 1376, Bubba asked that they don’t let the Sirius
people do the regular radio people’s job, he then talked about Howard
at Tampa Executive, he suggested American Aviation in Brooksville, he
said he can’ ghost ride his plane. Jessey said he was watching the
news the other night, he said there was something about a Mosk where
the World Trade Center was, Bubba said this just continues the
downward spiral, he said they shouldn’t have it there, Spice it’s like
tag with a safety net, bubba said they should respectfully send our
guys home, Brent said the Russians did that, ad lost. We then heard a
news clip about Carl Edwards spinning another guy out, he thinks
Edwards is good for nothing, Spice wonders if they should duke it out,
Bubba thinks the woman in the clip doesn’t know anything about racing.
Dave said he went to the Pagan Potheads show, he said it was lame to
be charged $20; he thinks Brent came up short. Bubba told the guy what
he saw Friday night was different than the show, Dave said the Jesus
stuff was a little over powered, he thought it wasn’t what he had been
expecting, Bubba thinks maybe the show isn’t for him, Dave said he’s
been listening for ten years, Bubba asked him not to listen to the
show, he thinks the guy is a whinny little bitch, Manson said he
talked to almost everyone who was there, they said they loved it,
bubba ended up Eviling the guy a few seconds later, he told the guy to
not listen to the show anymore, Manson said if people weren’t
laughing, he wouldn’t do it. Bubba said he’s ready to self edit in
Miami, he said he doesn’t like the humiliation; Manson said he knows
if the guys are laughing, he feels good. We then heard a news clip
about a massage therapist who got arrested for molesting some clients,
Spice thinks some massage guys are thinking about how much the female
client will like it, Bubba said the guy has officially ruined the
fantasy, Ned thinks the guy is guilty, Spice said the guy has no game.
Bubba said the show will go long today, he asked for ladies on
protection if they’ve ever been the person who he has thrown it out
there, he thinks maybe it’s just a fantasy. Robin in Miami said she’s
only 29, she said there’s a place she goes to, she says a lot of older
women go there, she said it’s The Fountain Blue, Bubba said he can’t
throw that out there. Spice asked how much money they’re talking, she
said around $300-$400, Bubba said he can’t take her word for what’s
going on, Spice thinks it’s a sweet gig for a dude. Bubba said he once
went to a his and hers place. Samantha in Miami asked for protection,
she said she’s never done that, she went to a Doctor’s office with a
male nurse. Leetha said she likes Bubba’s fantasy, but it’s never
happened. Bubba said that girls can control their fantasies far better
than men, she likes the guy being conservative, Spice thinks she’s a
nasty, he asked if it was a guy who looked like Ned, Leetha said no,
Ned thinks she’s a whore. Bubba thinks they could do the Leetha hot
Cougar dating game, she screamed a little, Spice had no idea what that
was, Leetha said she’d be up for it, she then described herself – five
foot six, long hair, she has Charicky blood, Brent said they get mad
when they drink. Bubba asked her about her breasts, Leetha said
they’re beautiful, Bubba suggested getting a few massage guys in the
Orlando area; Ned thinks she’s a whore. Leetha said she’d like a guy
who is goal oriented, Spice said he’ll need to see a picture, he asked
for nudes, Bubba thinks they’ll have to call off the creative meeting.
Beth said when she was 21, she had a friend who was training to be a
massage therapist, she was one of the test subjects, she was begging
for it by the end, the guys goofed on her accent. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show for tomorrow: Pauly shore will be
on, and Auggie will be receiving a Tattoo from blind Lawrence, Spice
said that will be funny. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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