Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th, 2011 by Staff

Monday, January 24, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Football

The show started off with “Fire Flies” by Owl City. Bubba asked Spice
if this was what he had in mind, he then played the “Go Pack Go”
sounder, he said that he and Brent almost got into a fight, Brent had
said that McCarthy was making some good calls, Bubba disagreed, saying
that he makes horrible calls, he then recapped what happened with the
Packers yesterday, he thinks the punter didn’t a great job, he thinks
there’s a big controversy with Cutler today over his knee injury, the
guys then talked about the Steelers game, Brent said they looked flat
in the second half, Manson thinks the Super bowl matchup would’ve made
for a great game in Tampa. Bubba said that he hasn’t gotten the
figures from the garage sale yet, he thinks they raised about $5,000,
he then said he went out on Saturday night, he hit three clubs, he
almost got into a fight with a guy at Scene, the guys goofed on Bubba
saying he had a Crustacean in his eye. Bubba congratulated Jason
Learman for being the FaceBook fan of the day. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Paradise City” by Guns and Roses.
Bradley in Charleston said he wasn’t doing so good today, he said he
was 33, he was then heard laughing, Spice thinks this sounds like the
clown at the dunk tank that heckles you, Ned said he’d like whatever
the guy is on, Bubba thinks it’s way too early for this. Bradley said
that he had two FourLoko, he said he’s been up since 7 am yesterday,
he said he has about 40 FourLoko in his fridge, he’s had about six so
far, he said he works for Procter and Gamble, he said he’s a Janitor,
Spice thinks he’s making the case against FourLoko. Mike in Dexter
Maine came on talking about the Packers, Bubba thinks it will be a
great Super bowl, he then said that he missed most of the shows on, Bubba said he’s washed his hands of Sirius, Brent said
Howard got a copy of Bubba’s Sirius XM, Brent thinks putting Carolla’s
podcast on is taking the lazy way out. Bubba said they don’t want to
come back to, Spice said they’re doing an uncensored show.
Mike said he doesn’t have a fancy phone, he then said Sid Justice got
busted for Marijuana in Tennessee, Bubba said he’s not surprised, as
this is the same place that issues tickets via a stop light camera.
Ike said he’s still holding out, Bubba said he doesn’t care if Sirius
offered him his original salary, they won’t be coming back. Mike said
that he’s still in the denial stage. Richard in Lakeland said he got
some Bubba Army swag, he said the guys are average people, Bubba said
he’ll be there for the ride; Brent said that you can pre register at Bubba said he was surprised with the turnout,
Spice said he almost sold it all; he took the rest to the Salvation
Army. Manson said that he made a whopping $61, Ned said he was kind of
disappointed, Bubba said the most expensive thing he had was $10, Ned
said he’d smash his nail gun with a hammer, before selling it for
$150, Brent said Ned was his best customer, Manson said that he had to
tell Donna to quit buying stuff. Bubba asked Ned if he’ll go next
year, Ned said that he’ll double the prices, so he won’t sell
anything; he then said he doesn’t really get the concept of the garage
sale. Spice said that Tasha tried to sell a bowl, but no one bought
it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
John in Boca said he loves the show; he’ll be following them wherever
they go. Bubba asked if they could get the footage of Auggie getting
tazzed for the show, Spice said they could get that. Bubba
went over some emails, one guy said that the guys should do Tack
Football with a jug machine, this idea was rejected. Another email
suggested the guys throw pushpins at someone, Bubba thinks the guy is
sicker than he is.

Segment 4 – Jimmy Hart in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Memorial ride for
Sgt. Wittmore, followed by some Sugar Ray. Bubba came on saying he had
audio from both games. We then heard a clip from the Packers game,
Bubba counted 18 seconds of the commentator not saying anything. We
then heard a clip of the Steelers/jets game, where the Steelers picked
up a first down. Bubba said he talked to Deion Sanders, he said Deion
told him what HOP ment (Hold on player), Spice as Deion goofed on him
a little. We then heard a clip of Deion talking to someone. We then
heard a news clip about Keith Olberman retiring from MSNBC, Brent
thinks his decision will hurt the company. We then heard Keith’s
signoff, where he recaps some of the stuff he’s covered over the
years, Ned told him to wrap it up, Bubba said he was already checking
his email. We then heard a news clip about some guys who got released
from prison, do to DNA, Bubba thinks it’s boring. We then heard “keep
On Dancing”, Jimmy hart came on, he said the guys always get him with
that, Spice is surprised that Jimmy didn’t do the whole thing himself,
he then asked how much money they had, Jimmy said that they had seven
guys, Spice joked they had three guys on the drums. Jimmy said their
first check was $15,000, he said that he toured with Dick Clark, Spice
goofed on Dick a little, Jimmy said that all the money was made from
the road, he thinks around $200,000 back then, he said they toured in
1964, he then said that he has a DVD for, a clip of Bubba
wrestling in Memphis (April 27, 2007), he went on to say that some of
his friends put together Underground Wrestler, which is right across
the street from Mugs and Jugs, he then said that “Wrestleicious” will
be picked up from MTV2, he said the best part about “American Idol” is
the five weeks prior, as . Spice said that Bubba sold a Jimmy Hart
action figure, he then asked if he ever managed rick Rude, Jimmy said
he managed him for about two years, he said rick was very humble.
Spice asked who Jimmy misses the most, Jimmy said Big Boss Man, he
also mentioned Curt Hennig, he then said he’d like to use Al-kida,
Bubba gave him the green light. We then heard a news clip about a
woman who killed her husband in front of the children, Bubba said it’s
crazy, as this was over Chili Beans. Mike in Michigan said that Howard
was talking about the exit interview, saying that only Howard had
cared about it. Bubba thinks that the people in this clip sound like
Forest Gump, he then went over the new people the Rays had put on the
team. We then heard a news clip about a woman who put her kid in the
microwave, Bubba thinks they learned nothing from the clip, he then
heard about a guy who would roast a bear, he wonders if you could eat
one, Manson thinks they did, the guys think bear doesn’t taste all
that good. Steve said he was reading on about what they’ll be
paying Manny Ramirez, Bubba thinks it’s more than Peña. Mike said the
reason why they couldn’t sell bear, it’s a lot leaner than any cow, he
said it’s amazing. Doug in Dayton said the microwaved baby was about
10 or 15 miles from his house. Jim said he grew up in Wisconsin; they
had a bear burger fest. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Dan Montpetit, Cop shootout

Coming out of commercials, we heard “One Man” by UTwo. Bubba said he
has Dan, the guy who roasted a bear in support of the Packers, he then
said there’s a police shootout, Brent said it’s on 28th street, Bubba
wonders what our world is coming to. Dan came on saying he felt bad
for the officers, he then said they roasted a Black bear, he said
they’ve been a Packer bar for 25 years, Bubba hit the Go Pack Go
sounder for him. Dan said they had a pig roast last year, he said they
did the bear roast as a joke, he said you can legally hunt a bear
during bear hunting season; he said it weighed about 250 pounds. Spice
asked if Peta has complained yet, Dan said no. Spice asked him his
other idea, Dan said they want to support the team, he thought of
getting an old car made out of steel, painting it Stealer colors, then
having people smash the daylights out of it, ned suggested the guy
roast a Groundhog, Dan said no to the idea, Ned told him to pan the
car and smash it, he then called him a jackass. Bubba thanked Dan for
coming on. Larry on protection said the address was 3734 28th avenue;
one guy is in the hospital, another cop is in the attic, but is not
responding to the radio. Bubba said that was disturbing, he just hops
the guy got disconnected from his radio, he said that’s right near
Rubber City, he thinks people in TV are idiots, Spice said he loves
the errors, Bubba thinks they’re getting the information from the
show, Brent said this is a horrible broadcast, he said he’d be firing
someone, Bubba suggested the woman call him up, as he has more
information, he wonders how long it will take before the news picks up
on this. Fred on protection said one officer is dead, one is in the
attic, the other one is on his way to the hospital, Bubba said he’s
not proud to hear that information first, he said it would be horrible
if one had already died, he then called up Ceaser from Rubber city,
Ceaser picked up saying it was two blocks south of him, Brent said he
was getting reports it’s behind Skyway Jacks, Bubba thinks no one has
given the media the information he has, Manson said he’s never seen it
like this, he thinks society is going down the tubes. Bubba said his
lines are packed, he doesn’t have any more information, he thinks
they’ll get it before anyone, Fred on protection said that if it
involves a Federal marshal, other agencies will be brought in. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said he’s only 100 yards away; the weapon
of choice may be a high power rifle. Spice said someone emailed him,
saying they have visual on him. Bubba read a text from someone about a
guy named Win, as he was on “America’s Most Wanted” this past
Saturday; he’s one of the biggest drug dealers in South St.
Petersburg. Bubba said that he’s not proud of having this information,
he then went to red on protection who said he does Special ops, he
said most of the time, the marshals have to pick up the fugitive, he
thinks this might be his pickup, Bubba thinks the fund raiser will be
that much important, he thinks TV hasn’t given much information, he
then recapped what’s been going on, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Robert Reports live near the shootout

The guys came back on talking about the shooting. Fred on protection
said two cops are dead, as well as a dog, the cop who was transferred
to the hospital is a Marshal, he then went over Hydra Lacey’s wrap
sheet. Robert said they’re in the middle of the activity, two grenades
were dropped in the house, he said all weapons are drawn at this
point. Frank in Orlando said they need to change the laws, Bubba said
it’s the new mentality. Fred Frank on protection said there’s some
action going on, they’re trying to get someone out, he said they’ve
made contact with the officer in the attic. Robert said the cops are
using a battering ram to get into the house, he said that he’s in
front of a house on 29th Avenue, he said three grenades have gone off,
he said that he can see the smoke from where he is. Bubba potted up
the audio of Fox; he said they’re still behind. Rob was heard
describing what was going on, he then the cops were smashing into the
house; he said his battery was going. Frank on protection said they
can hear movement inside. Robert came back on, he said guns went off
when he switched phones, he said about 60 shots went off, he then
described what was happening, he said the cops had their guns drawn,
gun fire was heard in the background, Bubba said this was great
coverage. Rob said that guns have gone off every five minutes or so,
Bubba said that they’ve heard two of them so far. Brent said they just
got the police officer in the house into the Ambulance, his condition
is unknown. Robert said a large group of officers will be coming near
him, Bubba told him to not tell the cops he’s on the air with him,
Robert said the cops told him it would be best to leave the situation,
Bubba said he doesn’t want to impede the investigation, he said he’ll
put the guy on hold to send him some stuff for reporting, Brent said
he’s heard the weapon used was an ak47. Bubba said the one thing
matches up is that one cop is dead, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Cop Shootout discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Ned Fliction”
shirt, followed by some Michael Jackson. Bubba said this is a sad day,
he said this reminds him of the day when Kurdis and Cocab were gunned
down (June 29, 2010), he then said that they’ve got two cops who are
dead, one being a Sergeant, one was a dog, the dog handler has been
pronounced dead, he said it saddens him to report this information, he
can’t think of a disrespectful term to call the guy who did this.
Larry on protection said he’s a cop, he said a lot of police shootings
have gone on. Bubba went over some stats from January 1 until now, 11
cops have been shot, seven have been killed in 23 days, he said
there’s no punishment for being a kid, he said you grow up into stuff
like this, he said society has failed us, he said the Bikes for Badges
will possibly be in March, he said that he supports law enforcement,
it seems like the cops are almost always busy, he said our society is
full of people who don’t care about cops, he suggested they help out,
he said he’s not doing this in a self saver manner, he said the Bubba
Army really cares, Manson said the gunfire was dramatic stuff. Bubba
said this town is the worst when it comes to cop killings, he wondered
what is wrong with Florida, he said Donna and Manson need to get their
concealed weapons permit, he said this shouldn’t be reflection on Jeff
Lacey. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Thunder kiss 65” by Rob Zombie.
Bubba said there’s no way to cover this and make everyone happy. Jim
on protection thinks Bubba is giving too much information, Brent said
they have good sources in law enforcement. Jim finds it hard to
believe that Bubba’s sources are better than the television station;
Bubba said it’s his duty to inform the public.
Rustle said he’s seen Jeff lacey’s brother training, he said that guy
is capable of killing someone. Fred on protection said Bubba is doing
a great job, he said he has friends in other agencies; he said Bubba
is good at delivering the information. Larry on protection said he’s a
fellow cop, he thinks Bubba is doing a great job. Lisa on protection
said the information Bubba is giving is great, she said they
appreciate the information. Bubba said that this goes hand in hand
with what they’ll be doing this Saturday; he said they’ll have more
cops to take care of, he then recapped the situation, they then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Melynda

    I’ve listened to your show through the Power Pig days, 98 Rock, Sirius, and to now – and today was probably the best show ever! Thanks for keeping us up to speed with the shooting information and maintaining respect for the LEOs and their families. You guys are the best around!

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