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Top Stories:
NBC yanks Leno’s show from prime-time perch
USF player hires prominent Tampa attorney
Chris Daly’s profane New Year’s resolution
Bucs’ Jermaine Phillips Arrested on Battery Charges
Three turnovers help send Packers to 51-45 loss

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Football Recap

Bubba said that today’s music is provided by Brent, he then said that
two days from now is his anniversary, he then went over the football
standings, Ned is happy that he’s 3 and 1 for the week, Ned told
everyone to suck it. Bubba thinks the Packers didn’t deserve to win
the game, he said that one of the plays was stupid, he said it
should’ve been called, Brent said it’s now a fifteen yard penalty. The
guys then discussed the Ravens game, Bubba thinks it was an upset, he
said he’d like to see Favre in the Super bowl this year, he said that
the Colts had to hire a visual/audio guy for Paten Manning. He went on
to say that Ted Thompson could get fired for the latest game, Manson
thinks so. Bubba said that Conan has several options; the guys think
he should go with the last option, as he can go against Leno. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Twenty-five Cent racially profiled

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (With A side of man sauce)”. Bubba thinks the bumper music is
Black Crows, Brent said that it was. Bubba said that their friend
Stumpy was at Mike’s Pizza, everyone says man sauce when people order
the sandwich. We then heard the audio of the guy ordering the thing,
Ned likes how the employee says man sauce, Bubba said people can’t
turn away from the option of man sauce, ned said that he can rest easy
now. Brian in Brandon said he agreed with Bubba on the game, he said
he thought he was the only one who felt that way. Bubba thinks the
Packers made a lot of high school mistakes; he thinks Fox should’ve
mentioned the face mask at the end of the game. Bubba plugged the
latest stuff on; they’ll have out takes of “horny Black
Guy In the PGA”, which appears on “Bubba show Classics Vol. 12”, track
8. Bubba said that over the vacation, Twenty-five got racially
profiled, he said that had some other Dj had done something like that,
it would’ve been a major story, he said there was a mistake that was
made. Bubba said that over the vacation, a lot of guys are at the show
doing stuff; he thinks if he told the story, it would be a disservice.
Spice said some suspects had been breaking into some cars, the man was
described as black, Twenty-five just happened to be wearing the same
clothing the suspect wore. A cop spotted Twenty-five and almost
tazzered him, he was put in handcuffs, the cops released him after
some people told the cops that he works at the show. Bubba said that
they’re contained within the gates; Spice thinks crooks can’t scale
barbed wire. Bubba said that the gate was locked, Twenty-five went
over to unlock it, a cop told him to put his hands up, he was then
asked to get down. The cop then yelled out gun a few times, leading
Twenty-five to believe that someone has a gun on him; Bubba said one
of the prongs is stuck in the side of the building. Spice said he
feels bad for Twenty-five, he said he can’t catch a break; Manson said
he gets it almost everywhere he goes. Bubba said he’s not here to bury
cops, he said they try to justify what happened, he said he can
understand reasoning, he said it’s a less than experienced officer,
Spice wishes that people admitted to making a mistake. Bubba said
today is the day for Twenty-five reparations, he’ll be by himself and
will be fed all the stuff he wants, he said he’s not releasing the
video, Spice hopes that Twenty-five is okay. Rob in Ohio said that he
went into FYE last night, he saw a whole bunch of Bubba Raw DVDS, he
said that he emailed Twenty-five Cent; he said he had a Bubba Army
sticker on his fireman’s helmet, the sticker melted in a fire. Bubba
took a call from a guy on protection who asked about the Jim Levits
situation, Bubba said he has a problem with the victim, Joel Miller,
as he’s just hired Barry Cohen. Manson thinks Levits got himself fired
over the situation, Bubba thinks he can’t argue stuff like that. Bubba
wonders if Spice is mad for some reason, Spice said no, Brent said he
hasn’t heard anything, neither did ned or Manson. Bubba went over some
birthdays; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Manson and Brent
Pagan Potheads Tour”. Bubba said that Bill Michaels from WTMJ will be
today, he thinks he got jobbed out for not getting on the team’s
plane, he said kids today have no idea what it was like back n the
day. Bubba said that they got their shit kickers, he said he feels
like a pussy saying “Shiz With A Z”, he went on to say that he thinks isn’t a client anymore. Steve in Ft. Meyers said the
Twenty-five Cent story was sad, Bubba said the video is even sadder,
he said if he releases the video; it’ll make cops look bad. Steve
thinks Twenty-five should have a cop car for a day, Bubba hung up on
him. The first email of the day was a copy of an email to Mark Ober,
he asked Spice to refill the toner. Another emailer said they attended
the Numis meeting, they thought it was great. Bubba said he downplays
it on the air, as he wants the listener to decide. Another emailer
wondered if they can get a Full Trucker Effect ringtone, Spice said
it’s not their song to offer, Bubba wonders if you can buy it on
iTunes. Spice said it’s on iTunes; he said the review mentioned Bubba.
Another emailer asked about various aspects of a racecar. Bubba thinks
the last thing Ned needs is a carbon fiber driver, Spice read from the
website. Another emailer was a copy of an email sent to Mark Ober.
Another emailer said that the reason why Arizona loves them so much is
because it’s the only show they know. Another emailer said they’d like
to go to the comedy show, but the hotel prices are too high, Manson
thinks it’s not that expensive. The last email was another email sent
to Mark Ober. The guys think Mark won’t file charges, Bubba said he’s
Barry Cohen-ed out, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bill Michaels, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard the “Go Pack Go” sounder. Bill
came on a few seconds later; he said that he was kind of bummed out to
not see Bubba at the pep rally. Bubba asked what happened yesterday;
Bill recapped how it went down. Bubba wonders if Arizona exposed the
Packers’s underbelly, Bill sad yes, he said that Kurt Warner had a
great game yesterday; he thinks Pittsburg got it started. Bubba
wonders if they have the wrong line backers, Bill thinks you need one
or two guys, he said there were some communication issues, he said
some Arizona guys held their cards under the table. Bubba thinks
Rogers holds the ball a little too long, he said he’s still pissed
over the Favre situation. Bill said it’s a callback to something Favre
used to do; he said Rogers was trying to make a play when the ball was
fumbled. Bubba didn’t like the head hit towards the ned of the game,
he also didn’t like the face mask, Bill said something happened in
front of the press box, he said that you miss so much as an official.
Bubba asked about Ted Thompson, Bill said he’s not on thin ice, he
said the off season this year will be interesting. Bubba said asked
about Mike Holmgren, Bill said the last thing people remember about
Mike is him flipping off the fans, Bubba thinks the fans need to get
over it, Bill said you have to look at both sides. Bubba wondered if
Favre making it to the Super Bowl will get Ted Thompson fired, Bill
said no, he said they were tired of the act, he said no one came out
and spoke positively of Brett, Bubba said that at least Favre wins.
Bill said that there’s a lot of ugliness behind the scenes, he said
loyalty has nothing to do with it. Bubba asked him why he’s not on the
plane, Bill said they were on the air until 10-11 last night, he said
he got about two hours of sleep. Bubba asked Bill who he likes in the
playoffs, Bill said he likes the Saints, he said the Super Dome is the
loudest place when the fans go crazy. Bubba thinks the Vikings need to
crank up the Peterson kid, Bill said it’s gotten to predictable. Bubba
wondered if Favre will hang it up after this year, Bill isn’t sure, he
thinks Favre is seething over Ted Thompson, Bill’s website is, he’s also on FaceBook and Twitter, just enter in
Billmicheals620. Bubba recapped what it was like growing up while
following the Packers, Bill said it’s always a pleasure to be on the
show. Bubba thinks Brent knows a lot about the Packers, Brent said it
would be great to see the game. Amanda in Hollywood was on to comment
on the Twenty-five situation, we then heard a promo about that. Amanda
said her boyfriend had something similar; the guy didn’t match the
description. Bubba thinks they should profile on stuff that makes
sense. Mike in California said he’s on Hollywood blvd, he’s standing
in front of Vince McMahon’s star, he’s planning to dump a cup of
urine, he’s thinking about putting it on the star, Bubba thinks he
should’ve walked around some stars, Manson thinks he’d run out of
urine after three stars, Brent suggested Sea crest. We then heard a
news clip about how the Leno experiment is over. Bubba hopes Leno’s
ratings don’t return to what they were, Manson said he’d love to see
him crash and burn. Bubba isn’t sure what option he’d take, Spice
thinks that maybe Leno could be funny for 22 minutes. Bubba thinks
that if Conan signed a contract for a four year deal, with a dollar a
year, the fifth year would be worth $40,000,000 up front, Ned wasn’t
sure what Bubba was talking about. Bubba asked for a lawyer to comment
on the situation, Spice said it’s hard to follow. Bubba thinks that
Barry Cohen has something on someone, we then heard a news clip about
Cohen getting hired by Joel Miller’s family, he said that if the kid
tries to get money out of USF, it’ll be a problem for him. We then
heard a news clip of Chris Daily saying that he’ll say f in
meetings more often, Bubba wants to donate to his campaign, Spice said
he seems real. We then heard a news clip of one of the Buccaneers
beating up his girlfriend. David in South Florida thinks the Conan
situation might or night not work, he thinks the dollar would be a non
starter. The guy thinks there’s an issue of negligence with the Levits
case. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Twenty-five Cent in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. We
then heard Manson’s “Turkey Fryer Song”. We then heard a promo for the
Twenty-five Cent reparations. Bubba had Twenty-five Cent in; he said
he was doing okay. Bubba said he doesn’t want to put the cops in a bad
light, Twenty-five said the cops were freaked out, he said that all
the woman said was “gun gun, get down”. Spice thinks they should reset
the story. Bubba thanked Sean from Twenty-five
said that it was on the Tuesday before New Year’s eve, he was filling
orders, he saw a homeless man, he didn’t think much of it. He said
that around one in the afternoon, Tom the Treeman was boxing some
stuff up, that’s when the noise started, he said the cops were looking
for the homeless guy, he asked Tom to keep an eye out for him, he said
seeing the cops was like something from Grand theft Auto, he said it’s
like when you get five stars. He said that when the cop said gun, he
thought someone had a gun to Tom the Treeman’s head, Bubba and
Spice goofed on Tom a little. Twenty-five said he jumped in the
bushes, he then heard the tazer, the cop thought Twenty-five was the
suspect. He said that Tom ran into the studio to find someone, the
guys goofed on Big Dick after Twenty-five mentioned him; Manson said
the whole thing seems scary. Twenty-five said he put his hands on the
ground, he threw his cell phone, he told the cops that they had the
wrong guy; Bubba said every cop says that. Twenty-five wondered how
was he supposed to explain it to the cops, he said that the suspect
dreds, he said he has a nappy fro. Spice asked Twenty-five how mad he
was after the situation, Twenty-five said he was really mad about it,
Bubba wonders what it would be like if Twenty-five got shot,
Twenty-five said his only crime was walking while black. Twenty-five
said that after this happened, the police were gone, Bubba said he
doesn’t want to get a cop in trouble. Spice wondered about far he was
from the tazer, Bubba said it was about four-five feet. Twenty-five
said the cop thought Twenty-five had a gun. Spice said that when he
was carjacked, he gave a pretty general description, Twenty-five joked
that Al Sharpton and Jessey Jackson were in his other cell phone. The
guys think Twenty-five think he should have a boopity card. Bubba
asked twenty-five who he’d like to serve him, Twenty-five suggested
Big Dick and Jabberjaw, Ned suggested Al-kida in his underwear. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Twenty-five has some breakfast

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Hammil and The Ferret. We then heard “MJ turkey
Fryer Radio Theatre”. We then heard the Twenty-five’s reparations.
Bubba said he accidently erased something, Dave said he’ll fix it.
Bubba brought Sean in; Sean said they’ve got bbq pork, Tuna, and some
crab cake, the guys goof on Twenty-five in selecting stuff.
Twenty-five said he’ll get Big dick to get his stuff, he asked
Jabberjaw to give him a neck massage. Bubba wondered why she and
Twenty-five aren’t dating, Jabberjaw said that they’re just friends;
Bubba said that’s how it always starts out. Jabberjaw thinks
Twenty-five isn’t relationship material, Twenty-five thinks she’s not
ready to come to the dark side, Spice got creeped out by that. Bubba
asked her if she was fine with giving Twenty-fie a massage, Jabberjaw
said it was cool; Spice thinks Twenty-five’s hair will remind her of
MJ. Twenty-five said that he wishes the cop hit her, he asked Big dick
to get him a Miller Lite on the hot. Sean said they’ve been around for
a couple of years, he said he works with various airline guys, Bubba
said he had no idea they did that. Spice wondered how serious do chefs
take their knives; Sean said he has a two woks full of knives. Spice
wondered what makes a knife so special, Sean said its how it’s made.
Bubba wondered if the knives that cut beer cans are crap, Sean said he
doesn’t want to badmouth anyone. Bubba said heather getting $900 is
fine with him, Sean said the most expensive knife is $2200. Bubba said
some knife company tried to offer some stuff to him when he had a
restaurant, Fabrizi told them to get out of there, as they’re serving
chicken wings and French fries. Twenty-five asked for Big dick to get
him some bananas and rub his feet. Spice wonders why family reunions
are so big with African Americans, Brent said he never goes to them;
the guys goofed on Twenty-five for saying North as Norf. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Britney Murphy 911 call

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. We
then heard “Ned’s Thoughts On Jim Levits”, where Ned thinks Jim should
chill out. He wondered what it must be like to live with Jim; he then
wonders how Jim handles his eight year-old spilling milk. He thinks
Jim is doing lines of blow with pcp. He said that he’d never let his
son play for a guy like that, saying that he’s the kind of guy who
would climb a bell tower, he then yelled about how he’s not going to
get fired, calling himself the hnic (head nutjob in charge). Bubba
thanked Ned for the bit, he then said that he has the 911 call from
Britney Murphy’s Mom, he had a tough time reading some of the pill
names, Ned thinks it’s a party. We then heard the 911 call, the guys
think Hogan is answering the phone, Spice thinks the woman sounds like
Marge Schott. Bubba said if he ever calls 911, he’d have to really
calm himself down; he likes how the guy is really smooth. Bubba thinks
Britney Murphy choked on Ned’s sandwich, Spice goofed on her saying
how it happened. Bubba thinks they should stop goofing on her, he said
its fun to listen to, Spice thinks it would be frightening to find
your kid like that. Bubba said he could never be a 911 operator; the
guys are shocked when the operator said 600 times. Bubba said he loses
count of stuff like that easily, Manson said the guy is obsessed with
chest compressions, Bubba said he can’t help laughing at it, he thinks
they should hire her for horror movies, he said he doesn’t want to
listen to it, but it’s like a car wreck. Spice thinks the guy gave up
on compressions; the guys goofed on her reading the various pills.
Bubba said that 911 guys are just keeping you calm until the police
come. Mike in West Palm said that his Dad had a real traumatic
accident, he said the reason why he has all those pills is because the
guy fell from two stories, he needed a lot of help, the guy said the
drug made him worse, Brent thinks she wanted t get high. Anthony in
Richmond said she sounds like the woman on Archie Bunker. Bubba took a
call from a guy who thinks Bubba is sick for laughing at a situation
like that; he liked how bubba said he covered himself up. We then
heard the call; they went to break after that.

Segment 8 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
plugged what they’ve got for the week, including mark from OAR, Tucker
Carlson, Tony Little, and Dr. Joe Saturley. Bubba said that some guy
tried to commit suicide via a bridge; he’s come up with a rail that
shocks you if you try to do jump. We then heard a clip about two guys
who rapped a girl, Bubba said he loves it when a judge flips out, he
liked it when the judge asks that the suspects body’s to be buried in
their home Countries, as he doesn’t want them buried in America. Bubba
thinks if you’re not from America, and you get arrested, you should be
sent back. We then heard a news clip about a woman who was murdered,
her body was burnt beyond recognition. Ned thinks the moral of the
story is to not cheat. Bubba said that Nancy Grace is developing a
talk show; Brent said she convicts people before she hears the case.
Bubba said that Joe Namath’s daughter was arrested for Marijuana.
Bubba read an article about a guy who was sent to prison for raping
his roommate’s rabbit, Spice thinks it’s the grossest story he’s ever
heard. Bubba said that if you’re a dude, and you have a girl roommate,
but you’re not having sex, you’re a loser, Manson as Elmer Fudd asked
the rabbit to stop squirming. Bubba read an article about a sexual
robot, Ned thinks he could do a prank call about that, Spice asked for
them to take the talking feature out, he thinks Bubba would make a
robot sign a pre-nup. Bubba said he’ll finish the show with 60
Minutes, Spice said he was watching Dateline, we then heard a clip
from 60 Minutes discussing the immigration problem, Bubba likes how
the show recaps everything, he thinks the boarder issue will continue
to be a problem until the day they die. Brent said the boarder is
roughly 2,000 miles long, Spice suggested they get the guys from
Extreme Home Makeover. Brent sad that the Great Wall of China is 5500
miles. Manson thinks they should refund the money for not completing
the job fast enough, Bubba thinks they’re in the wrong business; he
thinks they deserve what we get. Brent sad all Congress cares about
are the people who contributed to their campaign, Bubba thinks Obama
flips out when he sees stuff like this. Bubba thinks Estlo is part of
Ford, Manson said he can’t remember. Bubba wonders if 5,000 people got
arrested, how many of them are free. Freddie In Richmond thinks the
virtual fence is ridiculous. Spice thinks virtual stuff isn’t as good
as the real thing. Ron thinks the guys should do a fund raiser to
build a fence; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Henry James

    TPD is disgusting… Fire first ask questions later, 25 could have easily been shot dead. If you can’t handle the heat you shouldn’t be a cop. If a pilot makes a “mistake” he gets thrown out.

  2. Henry James

    Kind of disgusting that you guys support them without fail and want to cover for them. No better than gang bangers protecting their friends.

  3. Garnetta

    25 Cents, … thank God, that this turned out with you unhurt.

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