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Top Stories:
Man Roasting Pig Falls Into Fire Pit, Dies
Thanksgiving massacre suspect held without bond, isolated in mental health unit
Tougher US air screening for ’security-risk’ countries
Man arrested for threatening to kill ice cream truck driver… over music
Kathy Griffin makes another vulgar quip on CNN
Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital
Disney Employee Accused Of Having Child, Baby Porn

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – New Year’s discussions, football, tna and MJ talk

The show started off with “China Grove” as bumper music. Bubba started
off by saying that they were back, Spice said it seemed like they’ve
been gone for a long time, he said he tweeted a few times. Bubba
thinks Spice left him with a cliffhanger; he likes how Amanda showed
her boobs on Twitter for New Years. Spice said he went to Jackson’s,
he said it was great. Bubba said he had his shirt almost all the way
unbuttoned. Spice thinks it’s not a citizen’s arrest, as he didn’t
yell it out. Bubba went to Dave, he potted up another clip by
accident, Dave apologized for his accent. Bubba selected the ping pong
balls for the week; he then recapped some sports scores, Brent said
Tebow set a record for total yards at the Sugar bowl. Bubba thinks
Cincinnati is overwhelmed by the speed of other teams, Spice said he
was watching with some friends, some said it wasn’t fun to watch.
Bubba wanted to check his football picks; he wonders if Sluggo has
learned how to do it, Spice said all the guys have to do is play it
safe. Bubba recapped the standings, he congratulated everyone, Brent
wishes they had a National championship game. We then heard a tymbal
for the Lightning, as Bubba is impressed with how they’ve been doing.
Bubba said they did some pre-taping yesterday for TNA, he said he was
part of the creative meeting, he said they’ll be taking the show to
more of a man angle, he said Hogan over ruled half the stuff, saying
it wouldn’t go the way it was originally planned, Spice thinks Vince
likes this. Bubba said they’re trying to pull down big numbers, to the
point where Spike will allow them to go head to head with Vince every
Monday, he said that he’s been trying to downplay his role in the
show. Mike in Valrico thanked Bubba for all he does for the community,
he said J.T. The Brick gave Bubba some love, Bubba said he loves him.
Spice said he’ll think about going to tna tonight. Bubba wonders how
they went down to twelfth in Orlando and Richmond, he doesn’t get it.
Bubba said that of course he’ll talk about the MJ situation, he said
he has to address it, Spice said he’s been hearing some stuff. Bubba
thinks MJ met with Barry Cohen, Brent said only people in a lot of
trouble will meet with him, he asked that you stick around, they then
went to break a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Movies and Emails

Coming back from commercials, we heard a promo for the
live chat with Dave Rice this Wednesday this Seven, Dave thinks the
web chat with the fans will be awesome. Bubba likes how Ned is
responsible; Ned said he had a bit of a situation at the farm. Bubba
said he watched Gran Torino, he thinks Ned would be like the character
in it, he said he almost tore up while watching it, he went on to say
that he loved The Dark Night, Manson thinks the Bat man voice was
ridiculous. Bubba said the voice made him think of Twenty-five Cent
for some reason, he thinks they should fag Batman out. The first email
of the day said they picked up Bubba Wonka in December, they didn’t
get a ticket, they liked how some promos aired during a football game.
Bubba wonders when the fifth golden ticket will surface. Another
emailer said they ended up Sting Ray Chevy, Bubba said that Steve is
good people. Another emailer said that a cop is being harassed by a
crazy neighbor, Bubba thinks the neighbor in question should be
arrested, Brent said he’s befuddled with all this, he said the story
doesn’t sound right. Another emailer said that they saw Bubba and
Cowhead at Venue, Bubba said Ned provided him with some party favors;
he thinks he lost his camera; he went on to praise Christol. Spice
wonders if Bubba was wearing an undershirt, Bubba said he took it off.
He went on to say that Heather tried to do karaoke; Spice thinks she
should be banned from any karaoke functions. Bubba recapped a story
about a guy who gave him a Flair chop, Cowhead ended up kicking the
guy out. Another emailer thinks one of the ice cream truck drivers is
a sexual offender, Spice said none of those guys look normal, Bubba
said he wouldn’t send his kid out there these days. Another emailer
wondered where they could get a horn, Bubba said its,
he thinks it’s illegal, he said Heather almost left him over it.
Another emailer asked about Kevin Hayslett, Bubba gave him a plug. The
last email of the day wondered when Bubba Raw 5 will be coming out;
Bubba said it will be done. Mark said he met Bubba, he thanked him for
chatting with him, Bubba thanked him for coming out. We then heard a
news clip about Hogan in Orlando, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – MJ discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 inch meaty
Mandingo” sandwich. We then heard “Walk” by Pantera as bumper music,
Bubba plugged the latest stuff on, he thinks Miller is
going crazy, he said that “The Clemulus Package” is on sale for
$14.95. Spice said he likes Bill Wayd; Bubba said he’ll be on the
phone today to discuss the MJ situation, Bubba then plugged Mick
Foley’s appearance on today’s show. Bubba thinks a lot of people don’t
know about the MJ situation, Spice thinks he should reset everyone on
it. Bubba thinks Fox did a great job recapping the story, he said this
will backfire on Clear Channel, he said it will bite them in the ass,
he thinks this will just solidify that MJ is what Bubba has been
saying, he thinks MJ will be arrested, he thinks charges will be
brought on him, Manson said it’s a cheese ball stunt. Bubba said that
he’d like to move on, but someone is on the phone claiming to be a
Bubba Wonka internet winner, he told the off air guys to take care of
the situation. Bubba thinks MJ has the Beavis and Butt-head mentality
of how fire is cool, Spice as Beavis yelled fire a few times. Bubba
said that if you have a turkey fryer in your living room, you deserve
to get your house burnt down, he likes how it says on the fryer that
you shouldn’t put a frozen turkey in a fryer, it needs to be thawed
out, he said no one fries a turkey in a van, he went on to say that
it’s pre-meditated arson. Bubba said that had they done something like
this, he would’ve said that this was an error. Brent said MJ told the
Tampa Tribune that he’d call them back, but it never happened. We then
heard a news clip about what happened, the guys like how MJ’s name
isn’t mentioned by John Willson, Brent thinks the lawsuit is done.
Bubba said while all that stuff was going on, they had four truck
loads of toys for kids, he wondered who approved of this stunt, he
said he needs this, he said it’s like when Howard would screw with
John Dobell, Manson said it’s nice. Bubba likes how his people get it,
he said Clear Channel is no longer an issue, he thinks MJ doesn’t care
about fire fighters, he thinks MJ should back off the microphone.
Spice said he’s never heard a psa done like this, Manson thinks it’s
just hype. Bubba said if you listen to that, don’t even listen to him,
he wonders why it’s like that, Dave thinks the levels are so high, do
to the excitement level. Bubba thinks MJ did this just for press
reasons, Brent agrees. Spice said fire fighters will tell you that
they can’t practice on vehicles. Bubba wonders why anyone would do
this. Bubba thinks Mark Ober will look into this, he thinks Mark
shouldn’t have charged them with the hog situation, he thinks karma is
a bitch, he thinks some local people are tired of the Michelle Schnitt
card. Manson said he hates whacky DJs. We then heard a clip of MJ
saying that they don’t need a permit to do this; Bubba thinks this is
all the evidence they need. We then heard a 911 call about the turkey
fire; Bubba sarcastically thinks MJ hires sharp interns. We then heard
the fire department captain asking for an investigation; Brent thinks
the investigation has just started. Bubba thinks if you want to do a
psa, do it the right way, he then described how you should do it, he
thinks MJ was describing the Hindenburg; he goofed on MJ’s voice a
little. Manson wonders what was going through MJ’s mind, we then heard
a bit about that. In the bit, MJ is doing meth; Manson interjected by
saying the bit is just hyperbole. MJ said that he’ll deep fry a
turkey; he says that he hates turkey. MJ describes how the event would
go down, he also plans a fireball of ball park franks, he thanks Meth
for giving him the idea. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Dan Atwell fired

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army hard
hat. We then heard a news clip about the turkey fryer situation. We
then heard a song about the event, parody of “Burning Down the House”,
the song calls for MJ to be fired. Bubba thinks the bumper music makes
him want to start a fire. We then heard a news clip about one of Tiger
Woods’s former girlfriends, Bubba thinks Tiger’s dad is a scumbag, he
thinks Tiger should come out, Spice said if ATNT drops you, it’s not
good. Ryan on protection asked about Dan Atwell, Bubba said he heard
about it, Ryan said he doesn’t want to get into too much, he thinks
the bosses let Dan go for keeping his race trailor there. Bubba thinks
Dan is getting railroaded, Ryan said he and the boys are going to do
something about it. Bubba said that Dan was fired while sitting down,
working on his knee, he wonders how much it matters. Bubba remembers
when a guy was fired from channel 10, the guy ended up suing for age
discrimination, the guys think he won the case. Bubba said that Dan’s
bosses were interested in seeing his race trailor, he said he’s going
to help Dan any way he can. Bubba said he got a text from someone
asking him to give mark Ober’s information out, he thinks they
shouldn’t do it, Brent agrees, he thinks MJ is facing arson with
injury. Bubba said that after commercials, they’ll have Bill Wayd on;
he thinks MJ is the radio version of balloon boy. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bill Wayd calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army biker
vest, available now for $69. Bubba said that today is a red letter day
for Hogan; he thinks Spike TV will move the needle. Bubba went to Bill
Wayd, Bill said Philadelphia is a great place, he thinks it’s not a
psa at all, he went on to say that he’s never seen it done in a van.
Bubba wonders if some stuff was placed on the furniture, Bill said
that the state is going to investigate, he said MJ has been asked to
apply for a permit, he said that it might not be approved. Bill
recounted the time when MJ had an intern put a fire out, Bubba said
they’ve heard that the turkey fryer stunt was a dud the first few
times. Bill said Alex Sync said that the stunt was idiotic, he said
that it should be done several feet away from people. Spice wondered
about burning a vehicle, Bill said it’s very toxic. Bubba wondered
what would happen if the radio aspect was out of it, Bill said if
you’re purposefully lighting something on fire, its arson, he said if
you see the video, you can see the grease is on fire before the turkey
went in. Bubba asked about the injured fire fighter, Bill said he’ll
look into it, he said that a few hours after the MJ situation, they
had to respond to a house fire that got out of control. Bubba said he
hopes that this is taken for what it is, he wonders about what kids
would think of this. Bill said that he was mad about the situation; he
said what made him really mad was the guys on the air laughing about
it. Bubba said he heard that other emergencies were in progress, Bill
said not in that area. Bubba wonders how this couldn’t be considered
criminal, Bill said it was arson, he remembers the Reggie Round tree
“Getting Out Alive” segments, Bubba said they love him. Bubba wonders
about the levels of arson, Bill said this would be second degree, jail
time could still be offered. Bubba said they’re big on first
responders, he said they’ll be there for them; he thanked Bill for
coming on. Brent thinks Mj would get up to five years in prison, he
then thinks the jail time would be suspended, he said that if MJ is
found guilty, he’ll have to turn in his guns. Bubba said that MJ has
costed his company hundreds of dollars; he thinks MJ was behind them
getting arrested for the hog trial. Bubba said he was watching TV the
other night, a guy shot a deer. Brent read the state statue on arson,
the charge is guilty in the second degree, Manson thinks MJ wouldn’t
fare well in prison. Bubba asked for MJ to get at least one year in
prison, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – TNA, various callers, Max Baucus clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Brent and Manson’s
comedy show, then into “Burning Down The Van”. Bubba plugged TNA
tonight at 8:00, he said you’ll see the difference when you watch; he
referred to Hogan as the Babe Rooth of wrestling. Rich in Man Hatton
asked what Bubba will be doing, Bubba said he’ll be on TV, he said
he’ll be himself. Mark in Miami wished the guys a happy new year, he
wonders if Clear Channel will keep MJ for politics, Bubba thinks
they’ve kept MJ for money reasons. Spice said Clear Channel wanted to
revamp Bubba’s image, Bubba said he can’t have an agenda. Justin in
Jacksonville said he’s been a fire fighter for two years, he said MJ
should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Bubba took a call from a
guy who asked how Hogan is expected to compete with Brett Hart on Raw;
Bubba wonders if Brett has been anything special, he doesn’t think so.
We then heard a clip of Max Baucus, the Democratic senator of Montana
making a speech while drunk, Bubba cracked up at the clip. Spice
thinks Bubba sounds afraid that Mick Foley is coming on; Bubba said
he’s not; Spice goofed on Bubba a little. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Mick Foley calls in

Spice said Mick is on the phone, he said he can’t tell if he’s happy
or not, Bubba thinks all this is disrespectful to Mick. Mick said he
felt better, until he heard “Babe I’m Gonna Leave you” while on hold,
he said people will look at this show as a land mark event. Bubba
thinks Mick doesn’t need a writer, he just needs a direction. Mick
said they’re loading up the card, he said they’re more familiar with
the tna guys, rather than the WWE. Spice thinks Mick is kissing ass,
Bubba said Mick doesn’t do that, Mick said if it was bad for the show,
he’d let you know. Bubba said that Vince has to answer to a board of
directors, they don’t. Mick said he once used a two-man boat as a
weapon, Bubba is surprised at this, he thinks Mick has used every
weapon. Bubba thinks they’ve modeled the hard core guys after him in
“the Wrestler”. Bubba asked him what the biggest bump was, Mick said
it would be the one when he lost his ear, he said his whole body
turned white when he jumped off the rope with an elbow, he said he
could go, provided he get a few months notice. Bubba asked if he ever
worked for Eric, Mick said he has. Bubba said he can’t believe how big
Kevin Nash is, Mick said guys his size don’t look like that, he said
the kids mess up the height for young children, he said his kids were
bummed out when he stood next to another guy. Bubba said he really
likes Randy Orten, Mick said he had a great run with him back in 2004.
Bubba wonders if Vince is concerned, Mick said that since Vince is
having Brett Hart on the show, it shows he’s ready. Bubba thinks the
pie has gotten smaller, he joked that Sponge Bob will host Raw next
week. Bubba thanked him for coming on, he said Dixie texted him, he
said she appreciates what Bubba has done. Jimmy in California asked
how bubba got the name; Bubba said it’s another long story. The guy
asked how fat the ned sandwich is; ned said it’s rather girthy. Bubba
said he’s had people asking him what happened at the Little 500. Spice
asked him what happened; Bubba thinks Spice is patronizing him. Bubba
thinks Vince Russo is still on the “Not to be trusted” list. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s racing issue, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing Inc.
hat. Bubba thanked Howard Stern for plugging tna; he then said that he
doesn’t know all that much about Artie’s situation, Bubba wished Artie
the best. Bubba finds what they’re teaching at New Samerna a problem,
Spice and Manson cracked up at this. Bubba said that Michael Atwell
was robbed of a victory; he thinks its chicken shit. Ned wonders how
it happened; Bubba said he’d get into it if the guys wouldn’t act like
smartasses. Bubba said he’s over all this, Ned said it’s frustrating.
Bubba threatened to end the show early if the guys don’t calm down.
Bubba said that Michael Atwell was spun out on purpose by another
driver, in an effort to win; he said that the kids have a sandwich,
where they gang up on you. Bubba said it’s a Gene Lasker move, he said
a kid turned his car off, he said it’s a chicken shit move. Bubba said
he asked the Dad about that, the guy wouldn’t’ answer him. Spice as
Lasker said that it was racing, Manson said if it’s true, it’s a
problem, Bubba said they disqualified the car. Bubba hopes the guys
feel good about themselves, he said no one will go against the tech
director. Bubba thinks he should take some calls on this; the guys
were laughing their asses off at this. Steve said he’s one of the
first people in line for TNA, he said everyone in line has one. Bubba
thinks Nick isn’t screening that fast, Spice as a girl said she’d like
to go on the air. Jacky said she knows all about it, she said its poor
sportsman ship. John said he agrees with bubba, Bubba hung up on him.
Mike thinks the guy should get a Mexican blanket party. We then heard
a news clip about the tsa coming up with some new rules, Manson said
they’ve dropped the ball. Bubba said that they’re not ending the show,
we then heard Hogan’s bumper over the traditional Jimmi Hendrix music.
Bubba went to Hogan, Hogan sang along with the song for a little.
Bubba thinks TNA will get a 1.6, Hogan said if that happens, it’ll be
huge. Hogan said he didn’t realize that other radio guys didn’t like
Bubba for hanging out with Hogan; Bubba said the business is full of a
bunch of guys who think they can do it better. Hogan said they’re
going to change the game, he said you shouldn’t miss the beginning of
the show; he said he has a problem with the Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett
situation. Bubba said he got some heat over his comments concerning
Brett Hart, Hogan said he loves Owen to death, he thinks that if Brett
is the equalizer, Vince needs to rethink. Bubba said he can’t trust
Vince Russo, Hogan said Vince fired him in his prime, he told Vince
that he works for him now. Bubba asked Hogan about wcw, Hogan said it
took about a year to turn it around. Hogan went on to say that CM Punk
trashed him on an interview; Bubba wonders how he can do that. Bubba
asked Hogan who he’d take from Vince’s show, Hogan said Cena and
Orten. Bubba thinks Hogan is a totally different person, Spice said
he’s glad to see him up. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about
a conflict of interest, Bubba said the guy doesn’t tech his own
people. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he was apart of
something similar to that, they got nailed for using eight inch rods,
someone rang the bell, he was then Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba
said Mike Sergi texted him, saying Mrs. Black doesn’t like Bubba’s
comments. Bubba called Mike up, he picked up, Spice cursed him out for
doing so. Bubba said the guy knows what happened, he’s not saying
anything. Bubba said no one wants to talk about a race. Mike thinks if
he got dq’d, the judges had to have seen it. Bubba said that’s not how
you do things, he said that had Tyler done that, he would’ve yolked
him out of the car. Bubba said he understands bad call, but a
pre-meditative act is ridiculous, Mike said he agrees with him on
that, Bubba said he would love to have Mrs. Black on. Debby Green was
on, she said she understands where Bubba is coming from, she said it’s
been done before, Ned thinks she doesn’t like the Blacks, Bubba chided
the guys for doing that. Debby said that Jordan Black can put people
in the wall for no reason. Bubba took a call from a guy named Tom who
said its part of racing, Bubba said he’s not coming back because of
it. Tom wonders if Atwell had a chance to win the race, Bubba said he
could. Bubba said if anyone else had done that, they wouldn’t be
racing. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    In the afternoon I heard promo on WJRR that Lex&Terry were setting/going to set something on fire. What is it with CC and pyromania?

  3. Joe

    Just had to say that as a former vol fire fighter MJ is such an ass!! I hope that he gets brought up on the most serious arson charge possible!!! TNA Was great, wish Bret Hart went there instead.

  4. Joseph in OKC

    Hogan goofed last night when he said he’d been in the back all day.TNA had this big arrival motorcade for show.Hey Joe,he’s not physically able to wrestle since his stroke.Bret is still great in memory.

  5. Allen Garchow

    Watched TNA today, had to record cuz of work, Hogan could not have looked better! Just wish we could have seen more of you though… Brookie looked awesome as always. Hope Hootie keeps up the good work and blows Vince out of the water to make TNA #1! Keep up the good work guys! Love ya in a non faggot way!

  6. eric

    if only it was real the punch or forearm to the head your acting is almost if not better than pee wee hermans final scene as the bell hop!!!!! are your wearing shoulderpads under your under armor why are you wearing underarmor?does it hold in the rolls?

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