Monday, January 03, 2011

January 3rd, 2011 by Staff

Monday, January 03, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Starting off the show

The show started off with “thunder Struck” by AC/DC. Bubba started the
show by saying that he needs his back cracked, Spice said he was on
the road, but it was too cold for his liking. Bubba said that he saw a
movie over the vacation, the guys clowned him when he mixed up Owen
Willson with Owen Heart, Spice wondered why Bubba will not watch
popular movies, but enjoys the most obscure movies. Bubba said that
James showed up at Scene Night Club, Jabberjaw said that she and
Twenty-five aren’t dating, Bubba is convinced the chair is slowly
turning Jabberjaw into Dave Rice, he then said he needs to get Spice’s
permition to talk about the next topic, Spice said he doesn’t care,
saying he has no feelings from 6:00-10:00. Bubba is convinced the
Packers have no running game, he then explained who he has lined up on
the phones, he then said that he’s not sure if he even wants to talk
about Sirius, he said it is what it is, Brent said that time waits for
no man. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba asked if anyone is listening on, call them up and
see how it’s sounding, he said that this week will be busy, they’ll
need to slate in what they need to do as far as programming goes, he
said they’ll make sure they’re out by 10:15. We then heard the Monday
Night Football, Bubba thinks a lot of the teams weren’t even trying;
he then decided to just go over the eight teams in the playoffs. Mike
in Dexter Maine came on; Bubba said his piece about Sirius. Mike said
he’s a creature of habit, Bubba thinks this is like a game of poker
gone bad with them, he said he wishes them the best. Mike wonders who
will hold down the 3-7 slot, he said when he first heard the show, it
rocked his world, he said he’s not going to cancel his subscription.
Bubba cut in with the RadioIO feed, he thinks Mike is just talking on
and on, he thinks Mike is like Columbo, Mike asked if he needs to sign
up, Bubba said no, he then said that every show from 2006 will be up
soon. Mark said that he’s been listening to the app since 3 am today,
he said it’s great. Brent said people from Overseas will be able to
enjoy the show. Dave in West Palm said Bubba already answered his
question on Howard, Bubba said Howard is less than happy about it, he
then said that on New Year’s Eve, a guy solidified that Melanie,
Spice’s girlfriend is a whore. Jake said he’s been listening since the
Sirius days, he said he’s going to Bubba said that he’s
ready to have a meltdown over a Tuddle stunt; he said that Sirius Buzz
is saying that Jason Ellis will be replacing them on Howard 101; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Sirius Buzz Article

Bubba said he has magic tickets for the Orlando audience, he said he
just doesn’t get that market, he doesn’t get what has changed; he
thinks something is going on. We then heard the Chicken Dip update
sounder, Bubba said he went down to Mike’s Pizza, he said the dip is
on the bottom of the pizza, he said that he went down there three
times, Mike really enjoyed it, saying it was the best pizza he ever
had in his life, this led to the guys goofing on Brent’s “In my life”
drop from his Jack Daniels experience (October 2, 2009). Bubba is
convinced the guys will love it, he said you take eight or nine inches
of dough, six ounces of the dip, sell it with cheese, some bacon, some
more cheese, and twelve slices of Pepperoni. Jennifer in Sarasota said
Bubba can count on the Dedicated fans, Bubba said that doesn’t do him
any good, the guys then goofed on Bubba talking about the Pizza, he
then asked for Brent to look up Spencer Osborne, Brent said he’s
talked to him, he said the guy is a mark for Satellite radio. Bubba
then read the article from Sirius Buzz, he stopped and started to
comment, he said he got a ration of crap about telling people to
cancel, he said he’s not supposed to take a slap in the face, Brent
said the guy isn’t making any statements. Bubba said that he’s made no
secrets that Tom Bean is the CEO of; Spice thinks bubba
wouldn’t even concern himself with it. Bubba wondered if Pantera is
having phone sex with someone on line one, the article thinks no one
will listen to them on internet Radio. Kate in Orlando said Bubba has
a good show, but doesn’t think her kids should listen, Bubba said
he’ll give her some tickets, he said it’s refreshing that he has one
person in Orlando, he likes how Tucker had a meltdown. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Tucker Carlson audio, Rex Ryan’s foot Feddish

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando on January 12. The first email of the day said he work near a
racetrack Bubba will be at, Bubba said he’ll be there with dates to
follow. Another email said they love the station, Bubba said he likes
how 98 Rock in Charleston promotes them. Another email said they got
some dip, the guys cracked up as Bubba fumbled over the letter, the
guy was told to bring in an empty case of the dip, and bring it into
Publix to get it. Bubba said that he’s been told by Dave that this
Saturday will be when the Bubba Army should go to their local Publix
and ask the meat manager, Bubba thinks it’s a great idea, Spice said
the whole thing is confusing. Bubba said he was burning up; he’s
convinced it’s hot in the studio. Tim in Knoxville said he’s
supporting the guys, he wondered if Bubba would get an affiliate in
Knoxville, Bubba thinks no, Spice said they can’t even get chicken dip
affiliates. Another email said they used to work at WGUL in Tampa,
Bobby Schindler was the host, he then called Terry dumb, Spice
wondered why he’s doing that, Manson wonders who would be more
distracted by the balloon. Another email asked about chicken dip, a
distributer in Kentucky is interested. Another email said that a cop
in Ohio had died, Bubba said he heard that bit of news, he said he’s
looking into that. Another email had some info for ftes on how to hear
the show. We then heard a clip of Tucker saying Michael Vick should’ve
been executed for killing dogs, Bubba thinks he slipped in the
execution comment. We then heard 2 bits about Michael Vick.

1. Manson’s “MTV Cribs – Michael Vick” (“bubba show classics Vol. 6”, track 19
2. Ned’s “Michael Vick Commentary” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 7)

Bubba said you can listen to them via your Smart Phone with, he then talked about Obama’s vacation to Hawaii, Spice
thinks they shouldn’t have vacation there, Bubba doesn’t get why the
guy doesn’t just hang around in America, he then went over the travel
costs. The guys then recreated a scene with Manson as the kids, with
Bubba as president. Spice said he loves athletes getting caught in a
scandal, he said a foot feddish is just creeping for him, he said Rex
Ryan is freaky. We then heard the clip about that, where Rex acts as a
stranger while talking to his wife, Bubba thinks she’s a better actor
than he is, he thinks she throws it out there, he doesn’t find a foot
to be hot, Spice doesn’t get the concept of it. Bubba said that his
feet are so nasty, that the dogs will lick them, Spice thinks the last
thing he’d do is ask a woman if he could smell her feet. Carron in
Orlando said the show was great. Amanda in Jacksonville said her
husband has a foot feddish, she said that she’s used to it, Spice
thinks it could elevate to trampling, Bubba thinks it would be the
other way around, where he’d trample someone else. We then heard a
clip of Rex Ryan talking about his foot feddish video, Bubba said it’s
never good when the media is taking that many pictures around you, the
guys goofed on Brent saying he likes black girls, Brent then said he
loves to get bitten, Ned said he loves everything, except for feet,
Manson said he doesn’t have a fantasy, Bubba said he does story time,
but he can’t get into it. Spice said he saw a show about fetishes,
Bubba thinks they’re getting dumped in Jacksonville. Eric said he
likes getting bitten. Bubba took a call from a guy who said it’s like
the movie “Office Space”, Bubba said he would hate to suck on his
wife’s toes, only to get tripped up, he then said that Dick Clark has
got to wrap it up, Spice said they can’t fire him, Manson said him
doing the countdown ruins everything, Spice likes how he can’t keep up
with the countdown, Bubba thinks it’s pathetically genius. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Fliction
shirt. Bubba said he’s sporting his Ned Fliction shirt, Ned thinks it
looks good on him. Bubba said he has a ruling on the Twelve Boobs Of
Christmas, he said during the week of January 17-21, he’ll just
announce the name, Brent said that’s legal, as long as it’s from the
people who have already registered. Mike in Jersey said Howard is
sticking up for the guys. Bubba wondered what kind of phone he’s
talking on, he’s convinced the guy is talking through a sock, he said
Howard has been great to them, he said everything related to them is
off the website, he said the whole thing is full of disrespect, he
said that he’s over it. Brent said he got his massage, Manson said he
got his, Spice he hasn’t gotten his yet. James in Arizona said he made
it to the Scene, he said it’s a nice club, Bubba thanked him for
coming, he said the gathering people where there, he said that on Jan.
1, he had a pizza party with the gathering people, he said you can get
his chicken dip pizza at Mike’s starting today. Brent said that Howard
is trying is best to get them on, he said mammary Lane will be on
today at 3, Bubba thinks they should’ve asked Howard what he would
want, as he was offered an 80% pay cut. Trace in Tampa thinks dick
Clark looked like a dumby, Manson thinks it was animated. Spice said
other than the stroke, Dick looks pretty good. We then heard the
countdown, Bubba said that Ryan is young and can deliver the content,
Bubba thinks it’s sad that we grew up watching the countdown with
Dick, he thinks he’ll fall over, Manson thinks they should just replay
some old footage of him counting down. Bubba thinks they should just
let Ryan Sea crest do it, Manson thinks Dick Clark is ruining it for
everyone, Bubba thinks they should have Roger Ebert and Steven Hawking
act as coe hosts. We then heard a clip of Farve thanking the fans and
the Vikings, Spice said he’s an example of a guy who needs to shut up.
We then heard Manson’s “My name Is Farve” from “bubba Show Classics
Volume 17”, track 9. We then heard some Creed, Spice said they kind of
got themselves out of rock. Bubba took a call from a guy who was
talking about the cop who was shot in Ohio; Bubba said he knew about
it. We then heard the news clip about that, Bubba hopes the suspect
was killed by the cops, he then said that Tina Marie died, the other
guys didn’t know who that was. We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba wondered what kind of Seizures does Pantera get, Brent and
Jabberjaw said he gets Grand Maule seizures. Bubba likes how they
don’t have much of a delay with Cox. We then heard the 911 call about
that, Ned told the woman in the clip to quit her blubbering. We then
heard “Lover Girl”, Spice thinks it would’ve been great had the 911
operator had played this in the background, Bubba sang along with the
song, Spice said he remembers the hook, Bubba thinks Pantera should
sign some additional paperwork. Pantera was heard saying sometimes he
can feel one coming on, he said he ends up blacking out, he wakes up
with people on top of him, he said he doesn’t know what’s happening,
Bubba thinks that could be Ned’s new gimmick, Ned said he’s the pyler,
he doesn’t want to get pyled on. We then heard a news clip about a
woman called 911 over a bad manicure, the guys cracked up at the clip,
Bubba the goofed on her, the guys goofed on her 911 call, Spice said
it’s a lack of common sense with people, Manson said that people are
so stupid they don’t know what 911 is for anymore, Bubba thinks she
should be executed. We then heard one of her 911 calls, Bubba then
goofed on her voice, he thinks it goes along manson’s theory, he
thinks “Idiocracy” was a documentary, Brent said we’re on our way
there. Keith in Panama City said he’s a computer idiot, he thinks is a piece of cake. Bubba laid out the schedule for, including a wrap-up show, and special programming, he
then said that the snake that ate the kid was hungry, he said they get
accused of being too Florida based, but a lot of the stories come out
of Florida, he then said a doctor used an electronic neck massager
that killed her, he said he’d like to get that call. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Grady Judd Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said he’s in a firing mood, he said he fired someone he works
with over Christmas break, but he can’t get into it, he then said that
Grady Judd caught the guy who wrote the book about how to molest a
kid, he said Grady is the only guy who had the balls to get this guy.
We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said that Grady doesn’t
mess around, Spice wondered if the other cops are bummed out that
Grady beat them to it, Brent said the cops went right to the author,
rather than order it from, Bubba thinks the author was
feeling really splendid when shipping the order. We then heard a news
clip about Grady Jud taking away the basketball hoops. Dan in Ft.
Wayne Indiana asked if Ronnie the Limo Driver met heather at a strip
club, he thinks Bubba would fire someone over that, Bubba said that’s
not the case at all, he said he doesn’t care. We then heard Grady’s
custom tymbal, Grady came on a few seconds later, Bubba said he was
proud of him arresting the guy who wrote the book, he thanked the
prosecutors for their hard work, he said it’s an obscenity law that
states you can’t write anything that is harmful to minors. Bubba
wondered if other cops are afraid of public backlash, Grady said it’s
all about doing things right, he said you can’t validate the law and
hide behind the first Amendment, he said the guy is in their jail, he
was fed processed turkey on Christmas morning, Spice said the guy
looks creepy. Grady said that Joy Barhart from the View said the guy
was messed up, Bubba said that you can’t have protected speech on
something illegal. Spice asked about the money to fly the guy out,
Bubba said it should be worth protecting your kid, he thinks it’s
priceless, he then asked Grady what the charges are, Grady said he’ll
be out of society for five years, he said when they went to his house,
the walls were covered with pornography, he said the Bubba Army
motivates him to do his job. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Lauran Hill late for a Gig, Hogan’s Mom passes away

Bubba said that one week from today, they’ll be doing an uncensored
show, he then fired up his iPhone with the RadioIO stream on it, he
likes how there’s not much of a delay on it, Brent said that an
advantage is that you’ll be able to hear the stuff that gets dumped.
We then heard a news clip about the woman who killed herself with a
neck massager, Bubba thinks it’s Autoerotic Asphyxia, he thinks she
should’ve pulled the chord out of the wall, he then took a call from a
guy who asked about Tommy Chong getting arrested, yet Bubba glorifies
Grady Jud, Brent explained the differences between them. Bubba said
that Lauran Hill was four hours late on a gig, the guys said they
wouldn’t wait for that long, Manson thinks she’s a bitch. Bubba said
he freaks out if he’s 10 minutes late for something; he wonders if
she’s going to preach all night or perform, he thinks everyone
cheering for her should be shot. Ron in St. Petersburg came on
thanking “Judds Grady”, but he has a beef with him about church and
state, the guy got the Evil treatment. Bubba said that Hogan lost his
mom over the Holiday, he said he spent Saturday with Hogan, he said
she used to cut promos on Linda second to none, Spice thinks Linda
Hogan robbed Fort Knocks, he thinks the last time they had Ruth on, it
was a prank cal (January 16, 2009). Bubba said Hogan is looking good,
he just got another surgery. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said that if you can’t get them on
any other their affiliates, just go to, he said it’s
fairly easy to access. Ned thinks maybe he could figure this one out,
he thinks everyone is looking at Florida like we’re idiots for putting
Rick Scott as Governor, Bubba thinks we only have ourselves to blame
for electing this guy, he thinks Rick will be a one termer. Dave in
Canada said that it’s great they’ll be able to get a hold of the show.
Bubba said their sad that they’re leaving the Canadian fan base, he
said that Howard was talking about it. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. gre-gory

    I woke up and tuned in at 6am. even with my child with a fever. i didn’t get much sleep. but it was worth it. i don’t even do that for howard. but i know i can hear him later. bubba i knew it was my only time to hear him.
    radioIO seems pretty good. i will tell others.
    i do hope howard gets him back though.
    thanks for the forum due to i fell asleep a couple times and you filled me in.

  2. Kid Wicked

    you can’t make the replay uncensored? come on dude.

  3. Mark Murff

    Bubba and Guys,
    Just wanted to let you know that its been a good 5 years listening to you on sirius. Sorry to see you go. Don’t know about my sirius subscription yet. I drive 3 hours a day and theres nothing on regular radio. I really enjoy listening to a LIVE show. It makes me feel like I am a part of it. Maybe I will be able to listen to your show live again some day. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Patrick

    Sirius was my only choice to hear you guys. I live in WY. We can’t get you on radio and most of us here work running equipment so no comp. Plus in most areas where we work cell phone signal is not good enough to get the show that way. I have been a loyal listener. but now myself as well as many others here will not be able to listen anymore. I really hope you get back on satelite.

  5. PaulSNJ

    Bubba and the Gang – I am sure you will get thousands of these mails, but I just want to say “Thanks” for the 5 years of ass-kicking entertainment you supplied on Sirius. What a great addition you were to the Stern family on 1/9/2006.

    I was full hot on the deal when we got the “bait and switch” recycled FM jones two years ago, but time healed those wounds and the way we got the raw feed on Sirius it was still very good radio. With the FCC constraints that you guys had, it just showed the raw talent you posess since good programming still came through. Don’t blame you for wanting to work less; I am sure that 2008 with the two shows a day tore up your personal lives, and the pay had to reflect that, and Sirus took the cheapest way out.

    Long live the “Calee’s Mom”, “Bad Monkey”, “My Trunk” and “Catholictown” parodies – all are Radio Gold that will live in my memory. Now that I tried to get on Radio IO at 10:30 AM on 1/3/2011 and the site has crashed, I hope all parties involved in this stupidity will realize what a cluster they have created. You gotta get those suits in New York to get you back on satellite, even if it is 5 days of the FM show, it’s still something.

    I don’t know what else to do to show that I am pissed; short of cancelling one or two of my three subscriptions to Sirius….which is kinda like slamming my d!@k in a door.

    Happy New Year…Paul the FSE “Full Salesman Effect” from NJ

  6. Dick Bruiser


    I am a mark from Indiana…. I am signed yp for Radio IO…

    Can’t wait to hear you live….

    Thanks for everything,

  7. Votto mvp

    Bubba, you gotta sign with sirius and bring back the show 2007 style you and your crew are the best. Howard will go to bat for you guys.

  8. Bob Dubay

    any idea when an Android app will be out? Miss you on sirius already dog piss Jones in the afternoon. Tried to connection to radioio on my Android but got nothing.

  9. nick

    this is bull shizzz. damn you sirus aka cheap azzez

  10. wlkjr

    Cant get it to stream more than a few seconds on the phone have no problems streaming Pandora or Howard on the sirius app using a Droid with verizon also no luck on home pc with Radioio can stream regular music channels on the phone listed on Radioio Maybe they just cant handle the bandwidth Bubba needs any help would be greatful

  11. wlkjr

    Ok got the it working on my Pc after a small tweak but still no go on the Droid



  13. Mark from Alberta,Canada

    Please find a way to get back on Sirius. Ellis is a cocky idiot who knows nothing about radio. I hope he falls off his skateboard and cracks his head open.

  14. Helen

    You all better resign with sirius!!

  15. Jason Oilfield FTE

    Bubba sirius FING sucks with out you guys!!!!!!

  16. dave

    wow good job dumbass, so now i have to get scrip to radioIO to listen to your terrestrial show? you are a joke

  17. Mike

    Jason Ellis is far more entertaining than Bubba. I hope they really ARE bringing EllisMate to Bubba’s time slot. But look at the bright side, faction will have to replace Ellis, what about that Bubba?

  18. Joe Vargo FTE

    THIS IS BULLCRAP! sirius SUCKS! buncha azzz holezzzz! but in the words of the great manson”what are you gonna do about it!”gonna miss yinns, dont realy know how many times ya’ll saved me from falling asleep while driving. now i’m just stranded at the wheel with hack azz radio.mabee i’ll hear you again one day provided i don’t fall asleep and die !

  19. richard

    I will sell my tranport if there NO BUBBA

  20. thmpr

    Bubba and the crew, I am a sales rep in Alberta and I cannot count the times you made me pull over cause I was laughing to damn hard to drive. Many a time you made my day. Hope Sirius figures it out and re-signs you guys. You deserve it!

  21. chuck z. jersey city nj

    yo bubba crew! it`s only been one day but i`m not happy. i joined sirius for the stern show & got into your show from the first i thought who`s the damn hillbillies. but as i listened. i thought you guys were pretty damn funny. i even listened to the replayed show on shiz regular radio.just a little info for ya. my mom passed away in 2007. it was rough being my father was gone & she raised me & my brother. listening to your show everyday made me laugh & made it a little easier for my days to go on. so i thank you all for the laughs & the past 5 years. i do listen to 96.1krock on the net & i subscribed to so i will be listening to your show. i do hope a deal comes to you with sirius. if not it`s sirius satellite`s loss. but i gotta plan b in motion. F-JASON ELLIS…… he can`t replace your show… i haven`t heard anything about him goin on howard 101. if he does. my radio will be tirned off at that time. bubba rules screw ellis! oh bring back the f this place it`s bullshit i`m outta here t-shirt. i really wanna buy one.

  22. Flying Jay

    Well Just Got off the phone .. Good Bye Sirius .. ITS like this No Bubba No cash every 3 months … The deal is done .. They begged me to stay .. and I said will Bubba be there on 101 .. they said No .. So I told them this is bull shit . I M outta Here ….Muther fers

  23. Sam

    sad sad day….

  24. Dave K. Northern Maine

    I orginally got Sirius for Howard and became a Bubba Fan. Not sure I am going to keep Sirus now that Bubba is gone. Bubba kept us sane in the North Maine Woods with only the radio for entertainment. I hope they resign Bubba and the Boys.

  25. Diane in Arizona

    I’m with y’all in missing Bubba & the rest on Sirius! This just isn’t right. Glad that Howard came back, but we need BTLS to be complete. C’mon Sirius, get it together and get Bubba back!!

  26. Jessy

    I really hate that you are not on sirius anymore. I love your show WILL MISS YOU ALL!! Good luck with all your future endeavors. Thanks for all the excellent programming.

  27. Magic Tickets

    Orlando Magic will win the NBA championship this year! hope so.

  28. Big Moe

    Bubba and crew i hope you guys have great new year, and one day sirius will come to grips that they need you on sirius and pay you what your worth. I don’t even listen to 101 anymore i just listen to nflradio all day now, I feel like i’m shitting out footballs from listening to football talk shows all day long. How do I subscribe to this radioio app so I can listen to your show. Hit me up on my e-mail with that info. Much love for you guys in a non-fag way. Big Moe Fan 4Life

  29. Desmond Harris

    this black man need bubba to stay sane.jst keeping it bubba then sirius will not get my money.

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