Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th, 2011 by Staff

Monday, February 28, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – 60,000 plus Twitter Followers

The show started off with “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones. Bubba
said that you have until Midnight to “Drop the F’n Tray”, Harley Rubin
is the Facebook fan of the day, the Twitter follower of the day is
Katie Birkett, he said they’re over 60,000 followers now. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Charleston this Friday. Bubba said that a lot of people were
tweeting about “The Blind Side”; he said he doesn’t care about that
stuff; Ned described “The King’s Speech” as “Some stuttering English
Fag”. Spice said he saw a movie Banksy made, he didn’t win, he said
very few people know who he truly is. Bubba thinks ned will need a
handler, as they’ll be getting in at around 3 in the morning, he said
that he’ll gladly let ned sleep in his upstairs portion of the house,
he then said that Sam Simon will be on the show tomorrow, he then said
the Uhurus have called him out by name, as they’ve decided to protest
his night club, he then told Brent they should make Bill the Detective
the show’s Private Investigator. CP mark came on saying Bubba blocked
him on Twitter, as he complained about the commercials, Bubba said
he’s tired of people complaining. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes or Badges on
March 20. Bubba said there’s a big car show at, he then said that his
truck got wodded up over the weekend; he said the place was packed, he
said Michael Atwells truck will be there, Spice thinks Bubba should
put the wodded up car there. The first email of the day said they miss
the show on Sirius. Another email asked where they can find the
two-fingered move on is, Spice sad he forwarded that over
to Miller and Sluggo. Another email said they ran out of food and beer
on Saturday. Another email asked if Ned has the urge to overthrow
Bubba, Ned thinks it would be a Coup. Spice explained “Dropping the
F’n Tray” as a three year membership on, Bubba said you
have until midnight, monthly memberships are available, $9.99 and
$12.99, he said they’ll be a special area for people who have dropped
the Tray in Charleston. Robert in Brandon said he signed up for, as well as dropped the Tray, Bubba said that will be in
about a week or so, he then told ned about the car show he’ll be at on
Saturday, he also plugged Heather’s spin class at Spinergy, 2301 9th
street in St. Petersburg, every dollar will go to the foundation. The
guys wonder who can truly sit on the bike seat, Bubba said he looks
like Pee Wee Herman on one of them, he then said the Uhurus think
Bubba is working for the FBI, Ned thinks Bubba wouldn’t make the
fitness portion. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – David Arquette Audio, Joe Waller comments on Bubba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Dropping the Tray”.
Bubba told Ned that it was time for his Kit car to be worked on, he
said that he nearly killed Brooke Hogan because of it’s horrible
performance, he then said that Mike Surgey texted him, saying Bubba
got pulled off of Orlando, as they were playing commercials, Bubba
told him he was an idiot. We then heard a clip of David Arquette on
Oprah, Bubba said he likes Dave a lot, he thinks Dave knows how to
work by melting down on Howard’s show, then to build yourself on
Oprah’s show, the guys cracked up when Dave said that he had his first
beer at 4, Bubba said the heaviest he’ll go will be Ice House, Ned
thinks David is a badass. Bubba said that he remembers the time when
David told him that he had to watch the Bubba Raw DVDS in private, the
guys think Roz should have her own show, Bubba thinks Oprah just
repeats everything, he then recreated a scene with Manson on that, he
thinks they should have a TV show with Charlie Sheen, David Arquette,
and Denis Rodman, he thinks that would be something, he then wondered
how Oprah gets so rich, Manson described her as “the Black female
Larry King”, he doesn’t know why he’d go on Oprah to begin with. Bubba
wonders if their talking to David Arquette or Spicoli, Brent thinks
he’s been spun down to zero. We then heard a clip of David’s
appearance on the show from Feb. 5, 2010, where he says that Courtney
might get a kick out of it, but he’s not sure. Spice thinks that clip
just demonstrates David has no manhood. We then heard a clip of Kurt
Douglas presenting an award, Spice said it was almost Dick Clark like,
he said he’d like for Kurt and Dick to be in a rap battle, Bubba
thinks he sounds like the Elephant man, he thinks they should do
“Hooked on Phonics” with either Dick Clark or Kurt Douglass. The guys
wondered what Kurt’s confession was, Bubba joked he could’ve said he
buried three women out back. Spice said the worst part was that he
couldn’t get the envelope open; Manson thinks no one of today really
knows who he is. We then heard a clip of Melissa Leo saying “”;
Bubba said that she looked kind of hot. We then heard a clip of Joe
Waller calling Bubba “Mr. Sponge”, saying that Bubba has said people
should kill him, Spice said Bubba is afraid of them, Bubba thinks the
guy has really changed his tune, he said he doesn’t want anyone to
die, he just thinks the Uhurus are idiots, he thinks Joe saying “Stand
up for Hydra lacey” means to kill cops, he said this will get ugly.
Sue in Orlando said she listens every day, she suggests a computer
voting process, Bubba said that he doesn’t even want to get into it.
Sue thinks they should make the Uhurus swim the other half, Bubba said
that’s for anyone, he doesn’t want to use this show for hate; he said
they’re very irresponsible. Spice then goofed on Joe a little, we then
heard the clip of Joe saying Bubba has suggested people kill him,
Bubba thinks he’s smarter than Joe Waller, he told him he just needs
to leave, he said he’ll gladly pay him to go back to Africa. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Joe Waller, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Uhurus”. Bubba came on
plugging the Charleston appearance on Friday. Tony said that he’d like
to attend one of the meetings and speak up. We then heard the clip of
Joe talking about Bubba, saying that he wouldn’t advocate killing
Bubba, Bubba told him to quit being a Marder, he thinks someone has
finally put this guy in check, he said he doesn’t wish physical harm
on anyone, he said that Joe is a shakedown artist who preys upon week
African Americans, he said he invites the IRS to look into Joe’s
money. We then heard another clip, where Joe is convinced Bubba works
for the FBI, Spice sarcastically thanked him for the gig; Ned said
he’ll just quit. Jenny said she works in a prison, she said Joe Waller
is getting behind the wrong criminal, she said there’s a code with
prisoners, you don’t touch kids, she said that they’re just angry
young men. Andrea in Charleston wondered if Joe will decide what he
is. Private I Bill came on, Bubba said bill has really helped him out
with the Uhuru stuff, Bill plugged his website:, he said Joe
is a terrible threat to the Community, he said it started with the
Jomo group in 1968, he said it’s all about money and power. Bubba said
he’s never asked anyone to kill Joe, Bill thinks Joe will never go on
Bubba’s program, he said that he watched all of the meeting,
describing it as three hours of pain. Bubba asked what should he do
next, Bill said Bubba needs to continue this; he said this is a black
power thing, that will cause a problem. Spice asked about how many
people were there, Bill said about 50 or so, he then said there were a
lot of white people. Matt said he saw the races o n Saturday, he said
the turnout was great; Bubba didn’t like the 63 and the 23 playing
bumper cars and causing a wreck in the infield. Lonny came on saying
he supports Joe Waller, he thinks Bubba is a phony, he said the people
in Orlando are educated, he then said he’d like to do his Jimmy
Stewart impersonation, Bubba said he’d like to kick this guy’s ass, he
then took a call from a guy who said he saw a video about hydra lacey,
he said he likes to rile up these people when he gets home from work.
Aaron in Port Charlotte said he paid $30 for a pit pass, he said Bubba
didn’t talk to him that much, Bubba said he was busy. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Charlie Sheen audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new stuff at Aaron in Ocala said that cop killing is bad regardless
of color; he also thinks Joe has never been to Africa. Dave in West
Palm thinks the guy is just saying some of this for shock value.
Rodney said he was at the Uhuru house with a Bubba Army shirt on; he
got the door closed on him. James said if the guy wants to meet
bubba, go to a charity ride, Bubba said he’s very accessible. John in
Orlando said he loves the show, Bubba said every time he sees the
ratings in Orlando, he scratches his head. We then heard a clip of
Charlie Sheen saying a drug test was the right move, the guys cracked
up at some of the stuff in the clip, Bubba thinks “major league 2”
should be now, Spice said they already made that. Bubba suggested they
get the Bree Olson flip out footage to TMZ, Spice said that’s already
been done. We then heard the clip from march 23, 2009, where Spice
tracks her down after running out of the green room, Bubba thinks
Spice sounds like Charlie in the clip, Bubba said that they had said
Pantera was blind, he thinks the average person would say to stop
messing around, he described Bree’s meltdown as “The Excercism”, he
likes how Miller distracted her with a blank tape, he then cracked up
at Charlie saying he could come up with something better than an
allergic reaction, Ned wonders if Charlie has a microphone in his
crotch. Manson said he’s torn on the high speed rail, he said he’s
bamboozled by the whole situation. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – More Charlie Sheen Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for heather’s Spinning
class to benefit the Btls Foundation. Bubba said that the Crofferd
funeral is tomorrow, he said he won’t miss it. We then heard Berlin’s
“Charlie sheen”, followed by “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith. Bubba said
that Sam Simon will be on the air tomorrow, on Wednesday, Bob Saggot
will be on the show, as well as Kevin Hayslett, he then took a call
from a guy who said he loves everyone, he thinks the high speed rail
will cost Florida a lot of money. Joe said he’s a little concerned
about Joe Waller’s comments, he told Bubba to be careful. Bubba said
he’s concerned, Spice said so is he, but he’s not concerned for
Bubba’s safety, Ned thinks Bubba walked right into that one. Bubba
read that Charlie Sheen has been banned from the CBS lot, he’s not
allowed on the lot under any circumstances, Manson said he’d like to
see this interview, so he can see what’s going on. We then heard a
clip about high speed rail getting rejected; Bubba said that Rick
Scott says very little to the media, he said all he hears is people
reporting what he says. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Various Stuff

Joe asked 1800AskBrent if Joe Waller could get in trouble for
slandering another pubic figure, Brent said that malice would have to
be proved in that case. We then heard a news clip about “Two and a
half men” getting canceled for the season, Spice thinks that the fat
kid from the show is mad, and won’t have much to do when the show is
truly done. Bubba told Joe Waller to watch out; he said that he might
attend a Uhuru meeting one of these days. They then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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