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Top Stories:
Expect fewer, stronger cyclones
‘Global War On Terror’ Is Given New Name
Man accused of knowingly spreading HIV
‘Family Guy’ actress says Palin has no sense of humor
Train Kills 3 Girls Crossing Fla. Bridge
Forbes: Miami No. 6 Most Miserable City
‘DeeDee’ Moore charged with first-degree murder
Hulk Hogan, son reach settlement with Graziano family

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Miller’s music, Olympics discussions

Bubba started by saying that he’s diss shoveled, he then went on to
say the music is provided by Miller, Spice thinks it’s a local band.
Ned thinks the artists are queers, the other guys didn’t know any of
the bands Bubba listed, Ned said this was a horrible idea, he said
that he’s got stuff you would recognize. Manson said that family
situations take a lot out of you, Bubba then recapped some sports
scores, he said the Hockey game last night wasn’t a Miracle on Ice,
Manson said he saw some highlights yesterday. Bubba thinks Jimmy
Johnson winning is bad for the sport, Spice said some girl got put in
the wall by a flying tire. Bubba asked Dave if he had an Olympic
setup, we then heard the Olympic music, he wonders if they get paid
for playing that, he thinks it’s not as good as Monday Night Football.
Spice thinks the drummer is getting after it, Ned thinks he has no
shirt on, Bubba thinks Palin’s retarded kid could play it, Manson
thinks the guy should do a solo. Brent read all the stuff John
Williams has scored, Bubba thinks he’s money, he then went over the
current metal count; he said they had Curling on the big screen at
Buffalo Wild Wings. Brent read more of the stuff john Williams has
done, the guys think he’s ribbing. Bubba thinks that people will riot
in Canada; he then said that downhill skiing is great when people
crash into the snow. Spice said the snowboarding team takes it
seriously, Bubba said that one of the guys got sent home for having
some whores bite his metal, Manson said these guys listen to their
iPods while partaking in their respective events, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, JTSM calls in, woman killed by tire?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the brn garage sale.
Bubba said that he’s ready to smash the button; he then went over some
birthdays. Bill in Tampa said the Olympic theme was recorded by a
Military band, his Dad participated in it. Bubba thinks they should
call the guy for a solo, we then heard the tymbal sounder. Bill said
he listens every morning, Bubba thinks the Wonka is the most coveted
things, Bubba said if they could get the guy’s Dad to do it, he’ll get
a Wonka. Bill said his Dad hasn’t played a trumpet in about ten years,
the guys think he can do it, Bill said his Dad had a stroke, Spice
thinks that’s even better, he thinks the guy should get his due. Bill
said it’s not going to happen; he got Eviled a few seconds later.
Bubba said that would be like Brandon from American Trailers telling
Manson that he has three ounces of purple Kush in his glove box, but
the car is locked. Joe the Supermark came on, he said that today is
Garnet’s birthday, he then said that he’s becoming a man, he said that
he didn’t talk to his girlfriend the day he called in, she gave him
the password around 2”25 in the morning. Bubba told Joe to ride it
out, he said he needs to have more of a normal relationship with his
Mom, Joe said his Grandma got him a bus pass, he went on to say that
Chris Jericho is the new champion, Bubba thinks Bishcof will have to
eat his words. Joe wonders where he’d be for the ranking, Bubba thinks
six star loser, Joe joked that he’d be at the bottom of the beryl.
Spice read that Scout and Big Gulp are Colonels; Bubba said he doesn’t
want to hear from him until Friday. JP said a fan that got hit by a
wheel. We then heard a news clip about a woman who died during a nhra
race, Bubba said there’s no footage of the woman dyeing, he thinks it
was going around 1,000 mph,
Spice wonders how a tire can just fly off like that, he thinks it
wasn’t bolted on properly, Manson said the car is only going 300 mph,
he thinks the tire could be rotating faster. Rusty said he was
watching espn, he said they’ve got the lanes on either side, she was
standing in a return lane, the tire bounced and killed her. Bubba
asked how fast it goes; Rusty said its 12,000-15,000 rpms. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Prosource and Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba said he could have an open mind about this, he said the title is
“Born On A Day The Sun didn’t shine”, he had a tough time figuring out
the words, he then went on to say that the Brew Review is happening
this Friday, he said he’ll be giving away some tickets. John in Cocoa
Beach said he used to be a crew chief, he said it’s a multy-lug
system; he said it might be an on-going problem, he then described the
various rpms. Bubba thinks if you’re in the fifth stage, your car is
going about 300 mph, John said yes. Bubba said no one can imagine how
violent NHRA is; John said a guy got killed at the start line. Bubba
said Brent gave him a DVD last week, Brent thinks it’s strange. We
then heard a clip of Oprah with Drew Breeze, Bubba thinks she’s
getting fatter and cornier by the minute, Manson thinks she should at
least do some research on her guests, Spice said Oprah is all about
touching faces, Ned thinks she’s a creep. Bubba said the fatter she
gets, the more he likes her, he then corrected himself. Mike in
Jacksonville said for every one turn of the engine shaft, it’s about
16,000 rpms. Spice thinks Tiger Woods is looking like a tool, Bubba
thinks Religion has nothing to do with it, Spice said he doesn’t care.
Bubba thinks tiger should’ve had the same opinion months ago, he said
the longer he waited, the worse it will get. Spice thinks his fame
will catapult, he thinks everything he does is going to be talked
about. Bubba got caught off guard with Charlie Crist on TV, he then
potted up the audio, the guys cracked up when Charlie said Power,
Bubba likes how Charlie is being proactive, Manson thinks the photo of
Charlie hugging Obama will be used in every attack ad, Bubba thinks
Charlie is smooth. Bubba said that Kelli from has a new
protein bar; he thinks they get better and better, Ned said he has a
Miller Lite and Peanut butter and toast every Friday. Bubba said the
new product is Pretzel Peanut Butter twist, Spice said he liked it,
Ned thinks he’ll have to power wash his dentchers, Bubba thinks they
should tell Hogan these suck, Brent thinks Hogan will just take them.
Bubba said that Kevin Nash is a spokes person for, he
said he likes him. The first email of the day said he tried to send a
picture, but it got kicked back to him. Another emailer said there’s a
clip of Bubba and heather leaving Howard’s wedding, the emailer thinks
Bubba looked like a third grader in his suit, Spice thinks the emailer
is Calvin Cline. Another emailer really likes Mindi Abair; Bubba
thanked him for getting her affiliated with the show. Another emailer
said if you go to to design a car. Spice wonders if
people think their votes really matter. Another emailer said they’re
doing a screen play. Another emailer wondered if a hand signal for
bubba Army will work, Bubba thinks flipping the bird would be an
example, he thinks the thumb up sideways bird, Manson thinks people
are over thinking it. Bubba asked Spice to demo the hand signal, he
said it’s a sideways F you with a thumbs up, Spice thinks this is a
whole to do. Ned had a tough time doing it; Spice thinks his fingers
are horrible, Ned said he just wants to flip people off. Bubba thinks
they should have a rotator, Spice thinks they should have gang colors,
Ned told Spice that they’re an army. Another emailer said they really
enjoyed the Mini Abair segments, Bubba asked that you support some
artists they’ve had. Another emailer said that there was a Bubba Army
sign. Another emailer said that someone put Heather’s picture on, he then said Hogan settled with Graziano, but he can’t
talk about it, he said Hogan has very little left, he thinks the drama
is gone. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks the
Graziano new they needed to stop being selfish, he thinks that had
they quick settled, Debbie would’ve been killed, he thinks they don’t
want to hear the tape of Frank. We then heard a clip of the press
conference, then into “Telephone Tough guys” from “bubba Show classics
Vol. 10”, track 7. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tiger Woods

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Heather and Amanda, then into Ned’s “The Chronic”. Bubba
said they had to do that song twice on Friday, as he messed up (he
accidently hit the tymbal sounder while Ned was singing). Ned thinks
they’re watering down the product. Portor said he has an idea for a
hand signal, he thinks you should take your right index finger, make a
fist, the guys were cracking up at this, Bubba brushed him off, Bubba
thinks he has an eight dollar phone, Portor said it’s a high tech
piece of technology. Gus said that he was channel surfing, he came
across FLZ, MJ was taking calls from people on Tiger Woods, MJ said
that it’s fare game, Bubba thinks he’s desperate. Manson as MJ said
some stuff, Bubba thinks CBS recapped the Tiger Woods situation
nicely, Bubba thinks they came up with this, Manson thinks it sounds
fake, he thinks all you need is two minutes. Brent thinks it’s very
fake, Ned thinks Tiger is a liar. Bubba said that Manson is working on
various things, he said tiger is so full of himself, he can’t even
cry, Spice said Tiger should’ve been out getting after it before he
got married. Bubba said he could’ve written something like that, he
thinks it could’ve been over in 45 minutes, he thinks this really hurt
him, he said they had Mindi Abair and porn stars while this was going
on, Manson thinks it would be funny if his game fell apart, Spice
thinks Tiger will be the next John Daily, he said he has no room in
his heart. Bubba said his heart is busy as it is, he thinks Gloria
Alred has watered her brand down, Brent said some of these people have
no credibility. We then heard a clip of the porn star talking; the
guys think Tiger should use his wife’s phone. Bubba said that if he
was a woman who had a baby by Woods, it would be like playing
Powerball, he thinks it’s on her for getting it aborted. Spice thinks
the woman is do on set, Bubba thinks she’s stupid, he thinks it’s big
bucs, no whammies, he wonders who dressed Tiger, Manson thinks it’s
the word most expensive abortion ever, he thinks he could quit writing
stuff if Donna was to have Tiger Woods’s kid. Bubba recapped how it
would go down; he thinks it should be adopted. Spice wondered if Donna
would sleep with Tiger for $10,000,000, Manson said he could go with
that, Bubba said that even he’d do it; he then said he’d sleep with
Manson for that money, ned said that he would go with Tiger. We then
heard a clip of Gloria Alred talking about the Tiger Woods situation,
Bubba thinks she should mention the abortion, he thinks they should
have a Tiger Woods bareback avenger shirt. We then heard a clip of
Jamey Juggers talking about tiger, Bubba thinks one of them should go
on the show, Manson thinks the girls are idiots, Spice thinks she’s
just getting a payday, the guys cracked up when she said his apology
is crap. Spice thinks it would be cool if Tiger had gotten up and sang
“It Takes Two”. We then heard a remix of tiger Woods’s press
conference with One Republic’s “Apologize”, Spice thinks the rob Base
version is better, he then said some of the lyrics, the guys were
cracking up at it, Bubba said he can see Manson scribbling like crazy,
he thinks Tiger should’ve blamed his penis, he then read some of
Tiger’s quotes, he said it’s like telling a kid to not touch a hot
stove, he thinks he should’ve kept Religion out of it, he said that
Religion is a crutch. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into a clip of Tiger Woods’s press conference. We then
heard “Horny black Guy In The PGA” from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 12”,
track 8. Bubba said there’s a pole on about the bumper music,
55% of people think it should be diversified. Ashley said she supports
Tiger Woods, she that she’ll forgive him for his actions; she said it
might’ve happened to him, Bubba said he knows that, he said the show
has grone to not having stuff like that. Ashley thinks girls are there
all the time, Spice said that’s not the case. Dave said he’s got one
with him now, he said he could bring his kids there. Spice said Emily
Rigby was there, she offered Bubba to touch her breasts, Bubba turned
her down. Brent said she can’t bring herself to admit that she’s
wrong. Bubba said he’d like to talk with women about this topic, he
said Spice is a far cry from what he was like back in the 98 Rock
days, Bubba thinks they’re different now. Spice thinks they never
pretend that they’re something they’re not. Carron thinks Ashley is
stupid, she thinks Bubba should’ve hung up much sooner. Bubba thinks
they’re a little too one-sided, he thinks they come across as good
people, he said he had a pre concede notion about Rosie O’donald, he
thinks a lot of people are guilty of stuff like that. Manson came in;
he said things were different back in the day. Michelle thinks Ashley
sounds like one of those judgmental religious types, she said 99.9% of
the time, they’re respectful. Natasha thinks Ashley was off base, she
thinks the guys are in the right. Bubba thinks Elin’s decision is
nobody’s business, he said they can have their opinions on it; he
thinks Donna would kill Manson if that was to happen, Manson confirmed
this. Michelle said she agrees with Bubba, she thinks it’s nobody’s
business. Bubba said that his Grand Dad once told him that behind
every good man is a good woman, and behind every failed man is a
bitch. Michelle thinks if you can’t take the truth to not listen,
Bubba said all the girls have an open door policy, he thinks she’s
outside the box, he said there’s not a normal person in the building.
Manson said he has a new offering, he said it’s a takeoff on the Geico
commercials; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various stuff

Coming-out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
community. We then heard Manson’s “Tiger Woods Apology”, where macho
Man tells his story. The bit starts with Macho Man saying he’d rather
blow his wife than be at the press conference, Bubba thinks Manson
does a great Macho Man. Macho Man said he’s bummed out he got caught,
the guys were cracking up at this. Macho said he should get her a ring
the size as a melon, Bubba thinks he’s not being racial. Macho listed
some wrestling moves as Tiger listed the people he hurt, the guys were
cracking up. Bubba thinks it would’ve been great had Macho Man
actually been there. The bit ends with Macho saying blah over Tiger’s
speech, ending by saying “Snap into a sniffle”. Melanie said she’s an
educated woman, she said Bubba has a job; Bubba thinks a lot of people
can’t handle the truth. Bubba said that South Florida has been voted
the sixth most miserable city ever, the guys don’t get it, Brent said
it has a lot to do with the crime rate, Spice said his problem is the
language burier. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks
Forbs magazine is full of crap, he then goofed on one of the
reporter’s voices, he thinks news always takes the negative side of
things, Spice doesn’t get how they always put rubes on TV, he thinks
the guy is bringing one down, the guys cracked up at the clip. Bubba
thinks Seth Green couldn’t have worked Family Guy more than anything;
he thinks they shouldn’t have talked about it. We then heard a news
clip about that, saying Andrea Fay Friedman, the woman who played the
character actually has Down’s Syndrome, Spice said he loves the
actress for doing this. Bubba said from minute one, Sarah has had Trig
on her hip, he said that she’s played everyone like a fiddle, he
thinks something he said didn’t go through, Manson said he wouldn’t
have cared, Brent said he seconds the dump, he said he doesn’t want
Bubba’s career. Ray in Jacksonville wondered what made it okay to
decide who is public or private, Bubba said if you’re in the
spotlight, you should be open to public scrutiny, he said you can’t
de-public figure yourself, he said prior to all this, people would
not’ve cared, he said there are millions of people who care about this
kind of stuff, he thinks Tiger should’ve said he has himself to blame
over this, he then said they don’t have a lot of satellite trucks in
front of the house of a guy who got a big award. We then heard “White
wife Of tiger” from “bubba show Classics Vol. 12”, track 3. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news Clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Amanda and Heather. We then heard “tiger Woods Song” from
“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 12”, track 4. Bubba said he feels for
Heather, he said he’s been having hot farts for the past few days, he
thinks he’s not regular with his bowel movements, he said it’s bad
when your own farts gross you out, Spice wonders what he didn’t eat.
Bubba wonders why some farts are hotter than others, Manson thinks it
would be a good science fare projects, Spice thinks it has to do with
what you eat. Carlos in Miami said agrees with Forbs, Bubba thinks the
City of Miami is not to blame because of that, Carlos said it’s
because they’re depressed, Brent said that he could list pages that
are far worse than Miami. Bubba read that a Feed the children charity
is under fire, he thinks Larry ones looks like a farmer, he said that
the organization is being torn apart because of fighting with the
family; Manson thinks the money goes to the head of the organization.
Spice wonders what kind of food do the kids get, he thinks they should
send someone to the grocery store for just a nickel. Bubba said he
would love to inherit one of the kids, he thinks they should bling out
a kid, he said you can’t buy eight dollars worth of food, Spice thinks
all they’re getting a bunch of rice. Bubba wonders what you could get
for $0.26, Spice thinks you won’t have a healthy childhood if all you
ate was rice, Ned thinks he could eat flies. Bubba wonders why flies
like poop, he thinks we’re getting to concerned with the texture of
it, Manson thinks only a fly would get something out of it, Ned said
that’s why you have to cook them. Brian said he was at a car show, he
saw the Honky Tonk Man and said bubba Army to him, he got thrown out
for being disruptive, he thought he was an Elvis wannabe at first,
Bubba said that’s all he is. We then heard a news clip about a guy who
has given people aids, the guys think she loves herself, Bubba thinks
he’s an anger ball. We then heard a news clip about the Iraq War,
Bubba said to not remind him, he suggested the name be “Operation
Cluster Fuck”, Brent thinks changing the name. Manson as Bush said
he’s changing the name of poop to cake. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Cummings Family arrested

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. Bubba
wonders why anyone would sleep with the guy who spread aids, he said
the guy looks like a bald headed version of Tom the Treeman, Spice
said you never know who your hooking up with when dealing with online
dating. Bubba said that the under Taker caught on fire, we then heard
the clip concerning that; Bubba said he always has some cool piro
stuff when he comes out to the ring. Bubba said they got a complaint
email from someone who complained about being referred to as a member
of the KKK. We then heard a clip from this past Friday, where Chris in
Orlando who didn’t like Bubba’s comments on the Tea party, saying that
it’s an extension of the KKK. Chris said the media is doing a great
job of breaking up the party, Bubba wonders where he’s calling the guy
a racist. Bubba thinks the Republican Party should come together, he
thinks someone is having some kind of gain; Brent said Fox News
promotes it. Chris said it seems like a bunch of old racist people, he
claimed that he met Hogan there. Bubba said it’s just fragmentation,
Manson thinks the guy is a douchebag, Bubba told Chris not to give him
his fancy title, he wonders where he calls the guy racist, ned told
Bubba to bring it, Bubba said that was all of the conversation, Brent
said they try and distort his words. Bubba said he’d rather have a
man’s man listen to the show, he said he doesn’t like bookworms. Josh
said he was doing a show; the Honky Tonk Man was there, Bubba wonders
if the guy is skipping rope. Josh said that The Honky Tonk man was a
great guy, that is until he started talking about Bubba, he doesn’t
know what the issue is, Bubba thinks the boys should wear Bubba Army
shirts, Brent wonders where it goes from there. Bubba thinks they
should have Honky Tonk should do a job for Al-kida. We then heard a
clip about the Cummings’s family members in court, Spice said he kind
of likes it, Manson thinks they’re white Trash royalty. Spice thinks
the kid is in a better place, Bubba said he doesn’t want it to be the
case; the guys were cracking up at the clip. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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