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Top Stories:
Palin says 2012 presidential bid a possibility
Students Who Curse at School to Get $100 Ticket From Police
Man arrested for running naked through Sky Harbor Airport
Infant’s Ashes Stolen In Burglary
Sapp charged with domestic battery
Win the “Hulk Hogan” Edition 2010 Camaro!

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Super Bowl Discussions

Bubba asked for Hornsby to kick it in, he then asked Spice if he was
serious with that, Spice said he’ll take it into consideration. Bubba
said this song deflates him, he said he only watched half of the game,
he thinks the second half was better, he said someone had a hair brain
idea to do a race yesterday, Brent said it was a mild upset. Bubba
recapped up some other sports scores, Spice said the roads are dead,
he said it was like September 11. Bubba thinks they should give the
Saints kicker a mvp, Brent said he put up three field goals, Spice
said he wouldn’t credit him with the onside kick, Manson said they try
to make the ball bounce these days. Bubba liked the super slow motion
of the guy missing the field goal, he thinks the two point conversion
was a great display of athleticism, Spice thinks they had a stop set
every two minutes. Bubba recapped who will be on the show today; Spice
asked if he could eat peanuts around Levi Jones, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Warren Sapp Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin,
then into some Dave Mathews Band as bumper music. Bubba said that on, there’s a picture of the yellow and red Camero that Sting
Ray Chevy is giving away, Brent said he was hoping to enter, Ned
thinks its sharp looking, he booed when Bubba read that employees
aren’t allowed to participate. Bubba got caught off guard when he read
“There is a only”, Spice thinks Alstott wrote it. Jerry in South
Florida said they passed up Drew Breeze for some reason; he then got
dumped for saying something. Charles asked Bubba about Sapp getting
arrested, he said they called the guy out years ago; Brent thinks NFL
networks will fire him for that. Spice recapped some reports about
that, Bubba said it’s not good either way you look at it, he then read
an article about that, he hopes Sapp had to spend a few hours in jail,
he thinks this will taint his legacy, he asked for Spice to find him
the audio of the confrontation. Spice said they figured him out. We
then heard “Sapp’s High” from “The Fat and The Furious” disc 2, track
7, parody of “Because I Got High” by Afroman. The song bags on Warren
using excessive amounts of pot, and being rude to the fans in the
process. We then heard Ned’s “How I hate Warren Sapp”, which is not in
the catalog. The bit parodies “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback, and
focuses on Sapp’s issues. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Super Bowl commercials, Pagan potheads review

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil, then
into “Sapp Stoned”, which is not in the catalog. We then heard “Bubba
Rips Warren Sapp” from “Public Enema #1” disc 2, track 18. In the
clip, Bubba calls Warren out for having a bad attitude, Warren denies
it happening. The clip ends with Bubba telling Warren he was going to
put this on the radio. We then heard a news clip about Sapp getting
out of prison. Bubba cracked up at Spice’s bumper music selection, he
thinks that was about ten years ago, he said that was when Sapp was
possibly getting traded, we then heard the “You Can’t Handle the
Truth” sounder. Bubba said whenever they’d have girls in the studio,
Sapp would try to cut a back door deal with them, he said everyone in
this town cow tails to him, Brent thinks the cops have Sapp dead to
rights on this situation. Bubba wondered who Sapp is to tell him not
to say anything about him, Manson said it’s because he’s Warren Sapp.
Bubba said that Levi Jones will be on today, he said that Levi drives
for Tony Stewart, he then listed the participants in the Revita Labs
race, he then went over some birthdays, Manson said Gary Colman is
never happy, Bubba thinks he’s a mini version of Sapp, Spice thinks
he’s an angry Mr. Hanky. The first email of the day said he trained at
Steve kern’s school, he asked to get into the business; Bubba
suggested he stick with Steve. Another emailer said he seems to fall
down with a can of Miller Lite, he said he’d like to meet Ned. Another
emailer said they agree with Bubba on the war, the emailer recommended
a DVD about Iraq, Brent said he’s seen it. Another emailer thinks his
brother was arrested by Frogger. Another emailer said people can’t
deal with the truth. Another emailer said they enjoyed the show at
Marco Island, Bubba said he always passes the Sisco trucks. Manson
said it was a great show, Brent thanked Bubba for the support, Bubba
said they’re like brothers. Manson said a few people walked out, he
said they loved that, Brent said they ended up refunding four tickets,
he said one guy through his Bubba Army sticker at Manson. Manson
thinks the guy was just eating at the restaurant, Bubba suggests they
go other places with it. Another emailer said they’ve been trying to
vote for Janessa, the emailer thinks it’s a theory. Bubba said some
girl hates Janessa for some reason. Another emailer thinks the Tebow
commercial was an abortion, the emailer wishes Tebow was aborted
because of that. We then heard the commercial; Bubba thinks they ran
her through Ned’s processing. Another emailer thinks a guy who looked
like Ned was playing the guitar with the who. Another emailer asked
about the chicken dip, Bubba said Dave got too big too fast. We then
heard the commercial again, Bubba thinks Tebow will get clowned,
Manson thinks it’s horrible, Bubba thinks they should’ve ran Manson’s
about that, he thinks the E Trade Baby was cute. Spice said he looked
the Last man Standing commercial, Brent said he liked the Doritos ad
with the shock collar, Bubba thinks some of the commercials sucked. We
then heard the Snicker’s commercial, Bubba thinks a lot of radio hosts
are going to go through the commercials, Manson said that this is all
visual. Bubba said Manson writes without thinking visually. We then
heard the Doritos shock collar commercial, Brent said it was all
visual. We then heard the Budd Lite house commercial, Manson thinks it
was crappy; Bubba stopped it a few seconds later. We then heard a Coke
ad with an African Sleep walker, he then stopped it. Bubba said he
didn’t like the Green Police commercial, we then heard the E Trade
commercial. We then heard the Dodge commercial, where a guy is mapping
out his day, Bubba thinks no man can do this, he goofed on the guy for
doing that, he said heather gets so mad when he misses the basket.
Mike in Spring Hill congratulated Brent and Manson, Manson thanked him
for that. Mike said he thought Jesus was funny and nasty. Bubba said
that the Manson Tebow bit has prior clearance; Manson thinks their
female listeners are pro choice. We then heard the bit; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Sarah Palin clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Revitalabs race.
Bubba said Usack hasn’t been to Tampa since 1997, he then said he’ll
be out there all three nights, he then said he got some texts from
Smoke. Spice said Palin had notes written on her hands, Manson said it
was like him at Bubbapalooza. Bubba thinks charging $100,000 is
ridiculous, we then heard a news clip about that, Manson thinks
they’re sheep. Bubba thinks it would be absurd to have Palin run for
President, Manson said she can’t win, Bubba goofed on her speech
pattern, he wonders what she’s really saying. Megan said Palin’s voice
makes her want to hurt people, she said even “Fire Flies” couldn’t
prevent her. Sean in South Florida said this is no different than the
Democratic Party propping up Obama. Bubba said that at least obama is
educated than Palin, bubba said he’s all over the road with stuff like
this, he said it’s an insult to his intelligence to have Palin on TV,
he thinks she doesn’t look that good without any makeup, Ned thinks
the guy is a racist. Bubba read an article about Doug Gregory, he
thinks if Dog worked for a Congressman, it should be illegal to be a
lobbyist, he then went over Doug’s costs for bills, he then recapped
how stuff gets added to a bill, Brent said that’s how it goes down.
Bubba thinks Greg likes DRS radar, he read some stuff about that, he
said he would much rather take Jessey Jackson over Sarah Palin, Manson
said he would have to go with Jackson; he thinks Palin would lead us
into a Christian Armageddon. We then heard “McCaine’s Vetting Process’
from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 2, “The Clemulus
Package” disc 4, track 12, and “Political CD”, track 11. In the bit,
McCaine is given a list of VP candidates, cutting down each
selections, picking Palin, saying how he likes her picture. We then
heard “white Trash Girl” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 6”,
track 4, “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 22, and “Political CD”,
track 24. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Levi Jones calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Revitalabs 2010”.
Ned wonders if this is stuff for the Jack in the Box. Bubba said the
guys know nothing about racing; he went to him a few seconds later.
Levi said he just got there, he said he’s 6 foot 4; Ned thinks he’s a
tall drink of water. Levi said he watched a late model race, Bubba
wondered if Don O’Neal’s car is yellow, Levi said yes. Bubba recapped
his name for Donnie Shots, he then explained the upcoming race, Levi
thinks the guys will convert. Levi said that Steve Butler won four
championships; he said that he’s never grone out of this kind of
stuff; he said he ran go carts when he was a kid. Bubba wondered why
he didn’t go to the chili bowl; Lei said they decided not to go. Spice
asked about finding a ride, Levi said it’s depending on someone else’s
equipment. Bubba said he put Spice in a Sprint car once, he turned
3400 rpms. Spice said there’s some kind of roomer with shelled
peanuts; Levi thinks it’s all just a joke. Bubba said Tony is really
freaked out over stuff like that, he wondered if Jimmy Car is there,
Levi said he is. Spice asked him if this is like a stepping stone in
NASCAR, Levi said yes. Bubba said that Donnie is partying too much, he
thinks he’s not NASCAR material, he then mentioned Tony Elliot, Levi
said he was team mates with him. Bubba thinks they should update
Levi’s website, he then asked about Danica Patrick, he thinks she’ll
get in the way of the other cars, he thinks she’s only in the sport
for having boobs and looking good. The guys think anyone who comes in
after her must suck, Levi said they have really good equipment, Bubba
said she’s a disgrace to the sport. Levi said his favorite track is in
Indiana, Bubba asked him the difference between the various surfaces,
Levi said that the tide affects the track; he said it goes from being
heavy to slick. Spice said he’ll bring some peanuts to the pit, Bubba
told him no, he then thanked Levi for coming on, he told Spice that
he’s not going to eat peanuts in the pits, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Super Bowl audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Ned thinks this is Richard
Simmons’s iPod, Bubba thinks this is a rib, Spice said it was. Bubba
said every dollar goes to the Unity for the Community. Jason in St.
Augustine wondered if Tony would quit, he thinks Bubba can’t give
Danica credit. Bubba thinks she’s not that talented, he said there
have been some women who are good in racing, he thinks she doesn’t
know much about it, he said he’d like to get the in-car audio, he said
she had something built by Hendrix, he called the guy a Danica Patrick
mark, he said once he gets the audio, people will be disgusted. We
then heard a clip of the Super Bowl, Bubba said New Orleans would’ve
been the city, he said they’ll be trying to pencil something in, he
encouraged some listeners to email them with some suggestions. We then
heard a clip of Peyton manning apologizing to the Colts fans, Bubba
thinks manning is torn over that, Brent said he’s very classy. We then
heard a clip of Sean Peyton talking about the game. We then heard a
clip of Colts’s head coach Jim Caldwell talking about the game. Bubba
took a call from a woman who said the Tebow ad made people watch it;
Spice said you can’t tell what it’s about. Brent said that had the
media not talked about it, no one would’ve noticed. Chris in Ft.
Meyers said Danica made a big mistake by letting go of the wheel,
Bubba said she’s a media darling. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chris Jericho visits the BRN

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. We then heard some Fozzy as bumper music. Bubba had Chris
Jericho in; Chris said it’s their highest debut ever. Spice asked them
if they’ve been approached by advertisers, Chris said yes, he said
they grass roots the record. Bubba asked them about going to the UK,
Chris said they’ve been to some places, he said people like what they
like. Bubba asked him if he’s ever got with Vince to plug the record,
Chris said he either goes hard or go home, he said he’s been in bands
ever since he was 12, he thinks he’s crossed the hump. Spice said the
song sounds more current than the last album, Chris said the love
classic rock, he said they have the modern element. Bubba plugged
Chris’s appearance in clear Water later on today; Chris said it’ll be
in Country side Mall. Bubba said he’s got the whole album on his
iPhone, Chris wished Big Show a happy birthday. Brent asked Chris if
he can hit the high notes, Chris said he can, Chris said he’s handling
it on his own, he thinks they last played Tampa in January of 2002,
Brent said he brought them out, Chris said that was after September
11. Bubba asked Chris about his schedule, Chris said he got the week
off, he said The Who were great, Brent agreed. Chris said Ireland was
crazy, he then tried to do some accents; he then said he was born in
Canada, and not that good with accents. Bubba told Chris about the
show coming to Canada, Chris said some stuff in a Canadian voice.
Spice asked him if it makes Chris mad when people mention wrestling,
Chris said he likes it. Bubba asked him about his new book, Chris said
this is his second autobiography, he said writing a book is like being
in a time machine, he said it’s a long road, he said he had a
collaborator for his first one, he said he makes a list and goes from
there. Bubba asked about Edge, Chris thinks he’s doing good, he thinks
Hogan will take a run at him; Chris said having two companies is good
competition. Chris said the sins of being a Father will come back to
haunt him, Chris said he knows what it’s about. Bubba asked him who he
respects, Chris goofed on Bubba saying he likes Randy, Bubba wonders
who saw Jericho beat up Goldberg, Brent thinks the number of people
just gets bigger. Spice wondered if Goldberg still has heat, Chris
said he was cool with him after. Bubba asked about Cena, Chris said
John is a great guy. Bubba asked about what happened in Kentucky,
Chris said it was the wrong place in the wrong time, he said that had
TMZ not existed, a story wouldn’t exist. Bubba thinks Chris kicked
some TMZ people out, Chris said he did. Brent said he’s seen that kind
of stuff happen, Bubba likes how TMZ mentioned them getting kicked
out. Bubba said Chris is a great guy to talk with, Chris told Bubba
not to act innocent with his Haiti comments, he thinks what Awesome
Kong did was unprofessional, he said that he doesn’t need to see
Chyna’s penis. Spice wondered if Vince was burying Chris with that.
Spice wondered if Chris would do it again, Chris said it would be a
waste of time. Bubba thinks Bishcof was dicking Chris over, Chris said
Erick rewrites his own history, he said he didn’t get much of a chance
in WCW. We then heard a clip from January 29, 2010, where Erick said
he didn’t take a shit on Jericho, Chris was cracking up during the
clip, he said Vince offered him less money. Bubba thinks Chris would
do it for the money, he said he loves Jericho’s response on Twitter,
saying that he’d go to TNA, but he’s not over 50. Bubba gave Chris
another plug for his appearance at FYE in Clear Water; Chris said he’s
starting to mildly like Bubba. We then heard some Fozzy; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s news audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin.
Bubba plugged the Unity for community event, he said everything you
need is on, he then plugged the Look Swimware Bubba Army
Bikini. Dave from Back9BBQ was on, Bubba asked him what happened, he
said they got the permits, he then got a call the next day, he said
they have about two chicken breasts in a tub, he said they’re waiting
for approval from the FDA, he said he can smoke it and make it outside
at the fare, he said they’re not giving up, he said Jack Stiefel was
first in line, he said they’re in the North East Corner, they’re right
near the rollercoaster. Spice said that at least the Cummings provide
comedy, Bubba said it sounds like Ron is in the middle of a prison
riot, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks Jack Huet is
on. Bubba wondered how they can prove it’s him; Jack said he saw Bubba
flip at the chili Bowl. Bubba asked him when he’ll have his car out,
Jack said he’ll try to get something worked out, he said he likes the
non wing. Bubba said Jack is one of the meanest guys around, he then
put him on hold a few seconds later. Bubba went back to the audio, he
thinks the Cummings are the biggest white trash family he’s ever seen,
Spice said this is like a look at a redneck family, he thinks he’s
getting second hand smoke from all the noise. Bubba thinks a guy got
raped, we then heard “Dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 14. Bubba thinks she doesn’t know how to work a microphone,
he then did a Southern voice, saying that misty is in trouble, the
guys think she won’t change if she gets out, Bubba thinks prison is
the right thing for her. Bubba said everyone has been saying that
Howard will replace Simon from American idol, Brent said the part
Howard won’t do is the traveling, Brent thinks it’s all just wishful
thinking on Fox’s part. Bubba read that Tony McDaniel got arrested for
domestic violence, he thinks this was a beat your old lady’s ass
party. Bubba read an article about a girl who sold her virginity over
the internet. Bubba thinks you have to be a loser to pay to take a
girl’s virginity, Spice said it’s not much fun to be with a virgin,
Brent said it’s the worst,
Bubba said he’s never had that, he then told the guys to be careful.
Bubba read an article about Leif Garrett getting arrested. We then
heard a news clip about a cop who was squeezing a girl’s boob, rather
than preventing a fight in the club, Spice is interested in the cops’s
crass comment. The guys then discussed a downhill skier, Bubba thinks
you have to be thick in order to do that, he said it looks like she’s
taking a crap in the woods, Brent said he’s never seen anyone have sex
with that kind of situation. Bubba read an article about a male model
in Manhattan offering some cops oral sex. Spice thinks the guy’s mug
shot looks ridiculous, he thinks Ned wouldn’t make out with him, he
thinks the guy doesn’t have a stroke, Ned thinks the guy is getting
after it. Bubba thinks Ned could never be a cop, Ned thinks he
wouldn’t get any work done. Bubba read an article about Earnhardt’s
number 3 coming back, Spice in a Southern voice said he’s changing it
to a number 8, Bubba said he was crying in his media room, Ned said
he’d like to kick both Spice and manson’s asses, he thinks it should
be retired forever, Bubba said you just don’t do stuff like that, he
said Ned was beside himself, ned told Bubba not to remind him, he then
chided Spice for laughing, he said he cried buckets of tears, Bubba
said he cried like a bitch. Brent said Bubba showed up at work that
day, and ned didn’t, we then heard the tymbal for Ned. Bubba plugged
Chris Jericho’s appearance at FYE in Clearwater. We then heard Ned’s
Poem to Dale Earnhardt from “Public enema #1” disc 1, track 9, and
“Ned’s Poems Vol. 1”, track 3. In the bit, Ned is on the phone, saying
he’d like to kick God’s ass for taking Dale, he ends saying that God
should’ve killed Bubba instead. They then ended the show a few seconds

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