Monday, February 07, 2011

February 7th, 2011 by Staff

Monday, February 07, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence
Today’s recap goes out to Spice, as today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Spice!
Segment 1 – Super Bowl 45

The show started off with the “Go Pack Go” sounder, followed by “Blind
By The Light”. Bubba asked Ned if he was ready to jump on the band
wagon, he then said he was getting nervous towards the second half,
Brent said they played good. Andrew Witergrin from Clutsville Alabama
was announced as the Facebook fan of the day, Bubba thinks Brent or
Manson were close in their predictions, Ned was heard cracking open an
Ice House. Bubba recapped his weekend at Ocala, saying that Tony
Stewart was there, and how it was a great turnout, he then plugged
what will be on the show for the next few days, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s FaceBook
page. Bubba wondered if his levels were distorted, he wondered if a
song could be recorded like that. Darwin in Ohio came on asking if
Bubba saw Deion, Bubba said he’s honored to be his friend, he said he
was happy for him, Spice as Deion said some stuff. We then heard a
clip from January 10, 2011, where Brent ran down his predictions of
who would get into the hall of fame. Jay in Panama City congratulated
the Packers on the big win, he said they miss Bubba on Satellite.
Bubba said that Howard is on Twitter, but he’s not following them,
Spice as Deion said Howard doesn’t like them. The first email asked
Bubba if he could change the name to AAA Chicken dip, as its Awesome,
Amazing and Addictive. Another email said they’re a Steelers fan; they
enjoyed Ned’s “Green And Yellow” song. Another email asked if Bubba
would post the details of the Cream Machine Engine online, he then
said that Justin Humphries, one of the Wonka Winners turned him on to
L.A.T. Another email said their boycotting Publix for not offering the
chicken dip. Another email asked for the symbol of, Bubba
said it’s IWDM; he then said that Christina Aguilera looked horrible,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem performance

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba came on talking about the various things people could bet on, he
then took a call from a guy who bet the under on the National Anthem,
he lost $5 because of it. We then heard the clip of Christina Aguilera
singing the national Anthem, the guys pointed out her screwing it up.
We then heard a clip of an actress from “Glee” singing “America the
Beautiful”, Bubba had no idea what “Glee” was all about, he then cut
it off a few seconds after it began, saying that he was watching a
real man’s show. Reno in Charleston thinks Fergie ruined “Sweet Child
Of Mine”, Bubba said that he missed it, as everyone at his party was
smashing chicken dip and KFC, he then told the guy they’ll be in
Charleston on March 4, they don’t have a location yet. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Post Game Interviews

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Android
App. Bubba plugged Sting Ray Chevy, he said for $5, you can register
to win a Camero, he said the $40,000 of the prize goes to “Unity In
The community”, Spice said it looks nice. Bubba then went over some
movies that are popular this week, he thinks a majority of them look
stupid, he then read some articles about the Super Bowl, he then read
that one of the guys in the Super Bowl Visa commercials ended up
missing it, the guys think it’s funny that he missed it. We then heard
a clip of Aaron Rogers talking after the game. Spice asked Bubba if he
likes Ted Thompson now, Bubba said that he was down on Ted for a
while; he said he’s heard that Farve is impossible; ned thinks Aaron
is a bad interview subject. We ten heard a clip of Clay Matthews
talking after the game; Bubba liked the interception that turned into
a touchdown. Mustafa in Australia said Bubba has a great program, he
said that he and some friends on line in a chat room called “lone
Wolf”. Bubba asked if the guys will be subscribers, the guy said he’s
heard about it, the guy said it’s about 1:16 in the morning, he said
he can’t spend a day without listening to the show. We then heard a
clip of Charles Woodson being interviewed after the game; Bubba liked
his attitude, Ned sad it was just a collar bone. Bubba thinks Doritos
had the cutest commercials, he said the Bridgestone one didn’t stand
out for him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba came on saying he’ll talk about what’s happening in St.
Petersburg, he then said that Ned stood him up on Friday, Ned said he
got too wasted, we then heard Ned’s “Green And Yellow”. Alysha in
Dayton said it’s ironic that Rothlessburger is loved by the city, yet
Michael Vick was in prison for dog fighting, Brent said the GBI didn’t
have enough evidence to charge him with it. Bubba wonders why they
didn’t play the clip of the security guy saying Ben Rothlessburger
hooked up with Lee Moody; he said this stuff has been verified. We
then heard the clip from January 6, 2010, where Scott on protection
said that he works at the hotel where the Steelers stayed, Ben
Rothlessburger was seen with Lee Moody. Scott said Bubba had one of
the Penthouse girls in who said she was with Rothlessburger, Jabberjaw
said it was Kelly Kelly, Bubba said that she didn’t do anything
(November 18, 2010). Chris in Daytona said it was great to see Bubba
on Friday night. We then heard a bit of the super Bowl halftime show,
Bubba groaned when the guy was on Auto tune, he then explained who Go
Davis is, saying he’s a black man who strong arms his way to get a
job. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Super Bowl halftime,

Coming out of commercials, we heard The Black Eyed Pees performing at
the Super Bowl, Bubba said he’s glad he missed this, Spice said he
doesn’t know anyone who liked this, Bubba said that at least they’re
not lip sinking. Cary in Jacksonville said they watched the Super
Bowl, she said Fergie has arm pit hair, this made the guys grone.
Andria in Charleston said she’s excited to know the guys are coming,
she said she enjoyed the halftime show, Spice thinks Easy E is rolling
in his grave. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the halftime show
sucked, the guy pointed out Ben Rothlessburger manning up. Bubba said
that Slash is considering a Guns and roses reunion if Axel Rose was to
apologize to him, he thinks that would rake in a lot of money, Spice
said he wouldn’t see it, he thinks she murders “Sweet child Of Mine”,
Bubba thinks it sounds pretty good, Spice said that he compares it to
hearing Axle’s voice. Todd in Dayton congratulated the Packers, he
then said he’s a metal head, he thinks Fergie looked chubby, as if she
was pregnant. Bubba thinks they should do the whole show in Auto Tune,
Brent said “time of My Life” wasn’t good when it was out. Mike in
Winter haven said it was the worst halftime show he ever saw. David
said he’s echoing the previous caller. Bubba wondered if they’re
having a rave party or a football game, he then buzzed the final song.
Chris said it was a slap in the face that slash appeared on Axel
Rose’s birthday. Bubba said that in 1996, there was a racial riot over
the cops killing a black man, he said no race needs to riot when
someone gets killed, he then said that Goliath Davis was put in office
shortly after that, he thinks Davis being the spokesman for the black
community isn’t good, he doesn’t think he’s needed, he said everyone
is afraid of getting rid of the guy for some reason, he said that
recently, Davis didn’t go to the memorial service for the fallen
officers, he attended the wake portion, he did attend Hydra lacey’s
funeral, he said that Jeff Lacey didn’t attend, Spice said the guy
should pick a side, Manson thinks that’s disrespectful, Bubba thinks
Davis should be fired. John on protection said he was calling about
the St. Petersburg guy, he said they built a Wall Greens, it was
considered offensive, he said they had to hire black people at the
store. Matt in Georgia thinks the guy is a jack wagon; he doesn’t get
how a guy like this could do this. Spice said he’ll never be fired,
Bubba said people are afraid to fire him; Manson thinks they should go
to African Americans only. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that
he’s never heard of anything this disgusting. John said he’s a retired
state trooper, he said about 30 years ago, he said Davis should’ve
never been a police officer. Steve said you’re supposed to take on a
code of ethics, he said to disrespect the officers is horrible. Rob
said that’s the biggest form of disrespection. Tracey said the black
community is tight, the guys think he should’ve gone to the funeral.
Larry on protection said Bubba needs to cut Davis down, Bubba thinks
they should have a form letter to Bill Foster as a rotator on Mark said the easiest way to go after these guys is to
threaten the vote. Bobby in Michigan said when stuff like this
happens; they end up losing police officers. Bubba said we need to get
rid of the guy now, as he’s a cancer, saying he represents everything
wrong with the city. Greg in Orlando said Bubba needs to describe the
guy, Bubba hung up on him when he mentioned a tag number. Matt said
this infuriates him more than anything, he said it’s people like this
that promote terrorism. Bubba then read from St. Pete Times about who
attended Hydra lacey’s funeral. Steve said that Davis’s brother-in-law
is the leader of the Uhuru movement. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Super Bowl Commercials, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said that Davis is in on protecting
families of drug users. We then heard the NFL commercial with various
TV characters; Spice said he got lost in that one. We then heard the
Pepsi Max Commercial, Bubba said he liked the chimps parking; he
thinks that one won’t work on radio. Justice in Tampa said it’s
sickening what Davis is doing. Bubba thinks the Super Bowl commercials
are getting weaker by the year, he then talked about the Doritos
commercial, which we then heard, he thinks none of them transferred
over the radio. We then heard a news clip about a guy in the middle of
a police chase, the guy made the surrender motion, the cops then
kicked the daylights out of him, Bubba said these guys need to be in
trouble. Cowboy in St. Cloud said he tips his hat to Bubba’s stance,
he suggested Bubba have him on to tell his side of the story. Danny in
Miami thinks Miami screwed Bubba over, he then said he watched the
Super Bowl without any commercials; he then thanked Bubba for all he
does for the community. John on protection said that whenever
something happens in South St. Pete, Davis gets a call; Bubba thinks
Davis disrespected the fallen officers by not showing up at the
funeral. We then heard a news clip about a who called 911 for legal
advice about Marijuana, Bubba thinks this is “Idiot Of the Year”, he
thinks this guy should’ve been sterilized. We then heard the call,
Bubba likes how the operator stops the guy, Manson thinks the woman is
in the 70’s, as she mentioned roach. We then heard a news clip about a
woman who got arrested for her kid not attending school, as he missed
9 school days, Bubba said he kind of feels bad for her, he then said
that she’s a smartass, he then said that Charlie Sheen is saying he’s
closed, he then read Brent’s form letter to Bill Foster. Spice thinks
being a pr guy for Charlie Sheen has got to be a nightmare. Bubba said
that Linzy Lohan will be charged with a felony today for taking a
neckless, the guys hope she goes to jail for the mandatory minimum.
Bubba read that Bree Olson got arrested for a DUI, he then read about
a kid who died for being in a wheel well, he snuck through airport
security, Spice thinks the guy might’ve been dead before the plane
even landed, Bubba thinks this is a case of loser having to pay, he
then read an article about a family suing a bat making company over an
injury, Spice said the Little league is suggesting not to use aluminum
bats, Ned thinks it was a crappy pitcher. Christian in Orlando said
the temperature from 30,000-70,000 feet is -69 degrees. Jason in Tampa
asked how old the kid was, Bubba said he’s 16, the guy suggested the
parents get charged under the Homeland Security act. Bubba thinks
Manson has a song about David Caridean; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Spice’s Birthday

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early enlistment,
followed by Manson’s “David Carradine Was Strangulating” from “Bubba
Show classics Vol. 10”, track 2. The song parodies “Kungfu Fighting”
by Carl Douglas, and recaps David’s death via Autoerotic Asphyxia. Sam
in Tennessee said Grady Jud is a great guy, he doesn’t get how Bubba
can say guys looking for whores are scumbags, yet Charlie Sheen did
the same thing, Bubba said that 90% of the people who got busted are
unemployed, he said Charlie uses his own money, he then asked for
Brent to bring in something, he then said that it’s Spice’s birthday,
Manson thinks it’s a bad turnout for his party. Bubba then asked for
him and ed to sing “Happy Birthday” to Spice, Ned wondered where Brent
was, Spice thinks they should just have Brent sing “happy Birthday”,
Brent said he can’t sing, but he’ll give it a shot. The guys think he
did a good job with it; Bubba then plugged, as well as the
new stuff on Kyle asked how a guy who killed a cop had
more rights than the average person; Brent said if you’re a prisoner,
the family can claim your body. Dave in West Palm wished Spice a happy
birthday; the guy asked about a ufo video, Bubba said he called in
last week with this, Manson said he doesn’t believe anything until he
sees video proof of it. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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