Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20th, 2010 by Staff

Bubba the Love Sponge® Show is currently on holiday and will return live on January 3, 2011. Please follow @BTLSRadio on Twitter and our Official Facebook Page to keep up-to-date with the show. Have a vacation story of your own to share that will be radio gold? Call 1-888-69-BUBBA.

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  1. Larry

    Hope your back on Sirius in January!!!

  2. Adam

    are you guys coming back to sirius or not.. how bout an update for us canadian listeners.

  3. Joe

    Merry Christmas Bubba Army.

  4. Patricia Locke/ KYLE

    Hello…I was trying to look for Spice Boy…He was a great friend of my son, Kyle Locke.
    3 yrs ago today Kyle left us to be the Lord…I miss him terribly. I was perusing all the old posts, memos, emails, threads, etc and reminicing better days. I used to love when Kyle would call me and tell me of his latest adventures…he was living his dream. He spoke of Spice Boy often…thank you Spice for sharing so many memories with my son. He considered you a true friend!
    Enjoy your Holiday,
    Patricia Locke

  5. vince

    is it true that sirius didnt resign you guys?

  6. sarge1976

    Hey Bubba and the rest of the crew, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families. Can you please let us Sirius subscribers know if you guys are coming back to Howard 101? I really miss the show already! Thanks

  7. Matt

    Sirius wont say anything and this website says nothing. Are you and sirius still talking or are you gone from sirius? If your gone fro sirius I am too. Merry Christmas to all.

  8. Mike CT

    Please help us all stay up to date on your status. I purchased an iPhone in case you guys went to podcast jones. If you guys don’t go back to Sirius I won’t be renewing next month. I wish you got on up here in Connecticut , the radio here sucks. Much love to you and your staff. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  9. AZ Senior

    If Sirius and XM (I have both) do not renew you, please let me know how to access your programing. I’ll use the money I pay them to pay my way into your entertainment. For me, no Bubba, no satellite radio!

  10. AZ Senior

    FYI other listeners and members of Bubba’s Army: I left a comment for Sirius as to how I felt about Bubba’s show staying on satellite radio. They have no direct comment section, but I found that I could send in a comment by going through the investor relations section of the sirius website.

  11. ben m

    this is bullshit, let us know whats up.called sirius they said u have not contacted them with a contract.fers

  12. tony

    Just heard you guys got canned from Sirius???? WTF??? Please tell us that’s not true..

  13. Ernest A

    F$#k Sirius, a$$holes! I’ll listen to you anyway I can Bubba. Love the show. Happy Holidays to the whole crew. Manson for President, 2012!!!!!

  14. Hector

    Why are’Jr they playing best of bubba on Howard 101

  15. Roger FTE

    I sure hope Sirius offers a great deal for the show… It would be a shame to not have you on Howard 101… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Love the show… Best of Luck in all you do.

  16. Steve

    Merry Christmas Bubba Arm and happy holidays I’m send some Canadian love in a non-fagget way FCTE

  17. Jeff Holman

    What’s going on? Are you back on sirius in Janurary or NOT

  18. Big C

    How about the Bubba Army Android app?

  19. Tom

    I called to cancel sirius because I never heard whether you guys were cancleed the girl at sirius said it was in the works and that she couldn’t comment trying to get us to renew . 1 less subscriber for the keeping it a secret. Too bad i love listening to you on sirius I have a 90 minute commute.
    Happy Holidays

  20. mike

    Afternoons suck on sirius with no bubba!

  21. tony b

    What the hell guys! Pod cast Willy. Tin cans and string what do we have to do to get the show? Jonesing in California.

  22. wade from ut

    All u haters r a bunch of hitches. Bubba has given us 5 years of content on sirius that all of us have enjoyed and made a lasting impression in all our hearts. Stop bitching about not knowing anything about sirius, just maybe he is not in a situation he can talk about just yet. Bubba has always been up front and on point to the best of his ability when it comes to the status of his show. If he knew we would know……. in the last five years bubba has become as much a part of my day as a hot shower and to say his sight sux because u don’t know what u wannna know when u wanna know it makes all us true fans that don’t care if sirius or pod cast jones is where he is, we will find him. So please let’s be patient because the second he knows he will tell us. I bet we know before jane.

  23. Justin FTE

    Well hope u guys had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new yr as well would like to thank Manson for the great gift idea….. I love my new Iolite!!!!! Really hope guys come back in some capacity Im finding it hard to keep my rig between the ditches

    Happy holidays and best wishes from Kansas


    Hi,hope you guys are back on sirius ,its really boring without you in the afternoons when i get home,all of you really cheer me up.HAPPY NEW YEAR. DINO FROM OHIO

  25. PODI

    Bubba & Crew,
    We will follow if they (Sirius) don’t come to their senses. You might not believe this, but, us West Coasters do enjoy your show (nasties). I turn off Howard at noon (PST) and change it to 101 to hear the show! It gets me through the rest of my day and if you don’t get re-signed, I don’t konw what I’ll listen to to close out the work day (repeatative Howard is OK, but, even that gets boring listening to it over & over again). Sincerely, PODI (in San Diego).

  26. fte andy

    are u guys comming back to sirius?

  27. scott

    Is sirius brain dead if they didn’t resign you they definitly are.They sign all these hacks on sirius like that virius mad dog wich show totaly blows not to mention oprah and martha please sirius has to get there heads out of there asses i hope mel c reads these liong live ned.

  28. ron mccarthy

    greek tragedy

  29. Anglin

    I just wanted to say “thank you” for the wonderful radio you and the crew put out. I hope Sirius see’s these post. Every week I drive around 700-1000 miles, my station never leaves 101 I’ve had it for 5 years. If there is NO MORE BUBBA then NO MORE SIRIUS for me. I absolutely love your show full fledge army member here!! Hoping you and your cast has a wonderful holiday and a even better New Year!!!

  30. alex

    Bubba if ur show sucked they will sign u look what they did for maddog tell mel to sign real talent not just new York talent sous is nationwide

  31. Jon from Ohio

    Thanks for the laughs.

  32. KEITH

    Afternons SUCK with your show no longer on Sirius! Where can the Boston area still hear your show????????

  33. Rob Burns

    Guys im praying that sirius is geting there act together and hire you back. If not I hope that you will give us a heads up of some sort, so that we can all listen to you. If you are not on in the new year sirius will not be the same. So from a FTTE (Full Tow Trucker Effect) God Bless and thanks for everything if this is the end.

  34. matt

    Damn i just got my sirius back for christmas nd was looking forword to hearing u guys i swear if u guys dont come bwck on. Im throwing this effing thing out the window

  35. Dan From Clermont florida

    Bubba just starting listen about 1 year ago,Love the show keep rocking man.

  36. Rusty from Mi.

    You guys rock…if you don’t resign.I will still listen on the tunein radio app for android …you have like 5 cities on there …if that happens I will have to choose between you or howard ,for live content

  37. Tony

    Happy Holidays to the show. The weekdays are not the same when you are not on. As a fan from the west coast, when I first heard the show, five years ago, You guys had a new fan. Hope all is well and look forward to the next five years with you. Best Wishes….

  38. Banker

    If you guys aren’t on Sirius come this next year, I’m dumping my sub as well. Paying $25 a month right now for two radios and I’ll toss them unless you guys are back. You guys are the only thing worth listening to.

  39. Troy

    Are you guys coming back to Howard101? And if so in what capacity? If not how do I get your show? I’m out of Michigan & the shows here suck. I’m a huge Howard fan & I love you guys to. I hope you can respond, thanks.

  40. Mr. Rogers

    Its official….no more Bubba on sirius. I just wanna know how I can get the show on radioio on my android and I’ll pay whatever to do so. The howard stations are not the same without btls in the afternoons. This is bullshit! Just tell me how to get the show- I’ve got no ipod, but I got an Android and that should be one way to get it….I hope. Love you guys at BTLS, and will follow you anywhere!!

  41. Red rocket

    Thanks for the five years, love you guys. Screw greenstein! It’s 1:35am est just called Sirius to cancel acct, but the lines are under maintenance. F that place we’re outta there. Bubba army

  42. Bill - VEGAS


  43. Nathan

    Its so boring without bubba’s show in the afternoon I could really care less about the life story about howard if bubba doesn’t get resigned I will cancel my lifetime subscription of my radio

  44. DJ in AC New Jersey

    Hope you all had a great holiday and vacation. I hope that news of your future is close I will listen for you on 101 @ 15:00 on the 3rd and hope that you guys will be there. I like all of your faithful listeners hope you return to Sirius. If not I will find you where ever you end up. Thanks for the last five years and i hope for many more years with you guys.

    Bubba Army forever.

  45. Ryan

    sorry didnt read that i wasnt supose to sware but sorry thats what its come to


    Sorry it had to end like this bubba. But you are a no talent hack who had to keep stealing your bits from my show

  47. jimmy

    Well its no wonder sirius didnt renew ur contract…….we get to listen to your watered down show from terestrial every day but fri. who wants to listen to that crap?

  48. jimmy

    Ellis Rules ……..RED DRAGONS FOR LIFE!!!!!

  49. Jason Oilfield FTE

    Hey Bubba and crew hope you all had a great holiday season, you boys deserve it, You guys put on a great show everyday. You have no idea how many drivers in the canadian oilfield that are fans of your show. Hopefully sirius resigned you

  50. john FTE

    hope no news is good news. I came to Sirius when I herd you where on. Had been a fan when you where on XM. Hope you’re on monday, if not I’ll find you somewhere. Thanks you all crew and callers for great radio!!!!

  51. Mike


    Sorry you didn’t get re-signed at Sirius. I hope where ever you land you do well. We will miss your show.

  52. Bill J

    I want to hear Howard’s take on it, and then I will cancel… NO Bubba, no my money… Satellite was great, and now it seems old…. I just didn’t want a smart phone… I really need a radio to be separate from a phone, but that’s just me…. NY is for nerds.

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