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Top Stories:
Colombian farmer castrates himself
Alabama back wins Heisman
Accenture marks 1st sponsor to cut ties with Woods
Cockfighting ring busted in Plant City, deputies say
Reality show mom Duggar gives birth to 19th child
Dwight Howard Sues His Child’s Mom For $9.2M
Italian prime minister, Berlusconi punched in face
Houston elects openly gay mayor

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap goes out to Alyssa Graph, Van Claypool, Stacey Hues,
Jonathan Ziggler, and Nick Johnson, as they have won the Golden
tickets from Congratulations to you all!

Segment 1 – Bubba VS. Sluggo

Bubba said that the bumper music is provided by Brent Hatley, he then
said that Dave got him some new headphones, Dave thinks Bubba should
take them to the remote this Friday. Bubba thinks Sluggo is an idiot
for not putting up the percentages for the football picks, he thinks
he always has a problem with him, Spice said he can’t wait for the
seasons to be over, he said that he would check his work. Bubba had a
little bit of a tough time figuring out the average of the games,
Brent said Sluggo made another error, he said Manson should be 13 and
1, Bubba asked for Sluggo to come in, he thinks he’ll fire someone
before Christmas. Sluggo said he does every game, Bubba thinks he’s
drunk, he told him it’s a broken record; he thinks Tyler could do a
better job. Spice said he always tries to come in early on Mondays,
Bubba said he was there yesterday, he saw 25 there, he thinks he
should fire Sluggo, he thinks Nick can do Sluggo’s job, Spice thinks
Nick doesn’t know code. Bubba thinks he’s kept Big Dick around for so
long, Dick said he thinks he knows too much, he’s told Sluggo to be at
the show at 5:30 on Mondays, Bubba thinks this will make for some
interesting stuff in the creative meeting, he told Sluggo to keep
crying, as it’s not going to save his gig. David in Ft. Meyers thinks
Bubba is a dick. Spice said he got some Sambuca from Nick, he thinks
if Linda is behind it, don’t drink it. Bubba said he should get back
on the diet, he said that after having the chicken dip, it gives him
hot farts, he said he woke up to an empty bed. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails and phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for nominating a hero at Bubba likes how the Saints are still undefeated, Brent said
they almost lost. Manson said he’s still tweaking the Springsteen BRN
bit, he’s listening to it over and over again, he doesn’t want to have
any slip ups. Bubba said he got a new stacker, Spice wonders what it’s
all about. Bubba went over some birthdays, he thinks the drummer and
the basest are left out when mentioning AC/DC. Eric in Orlando said
the guys have a great show, Bubba thanked him for calling. Will said
Phil put on a heck of a show, Bubba said he’s one of the most talented
guys in radio, he isn’t sure of his age, Brent said he’ll look into
it. Bubba thinks they should have Phil on Howard’s channel, the guys
say they wouldn’t mind doing a different time slot. The first email of
the day asked a friend about the West Memphis Three, he said it will
go to the supreme court, the evidence will show that they’re innocent.
Another emailer said they went to Arlington Toyota, they liked the
experience, Bubba thinks Rick will be the only guy who could give Ned
a run for his money when it comes to partying. Another emailer said
his boss left him a “Bubba Wonka” on the seat of his truck; Bubba said
he’ll be announcing the winners. Another emailer asked about a wheel
company, Bubba said it’s Douglass Wheels. Another emailer wondered if
Bubba will do a Bubbapalooza in Minnesota, Bubba wonders if they
should do that, Ned said no, Brent said yes, Dave said yes, Spice said
yes, Manson said no. Another emailer wondered if the finalists will
get anything for the 12 Boobs contest®, Spice said the sour girls
are coming out. Another emailer wondered where they can get actual
CDS, Bubba directed the emailer to Another emailer
asked about the Lightning promo, Bubba explained it. Another emailer
said they toned in for the first time the other day; they’re now a fan
of the show. Another emailer loves how Bubba speaks his mind. The last
email of the day said they met the guy who owns,
Bubba said he knows the guy. David in Miami said he saw Sting Ray
Chevy, he liked the place, Bubba said those guys have been great to
them, the guy went on to say that Phil was on in Miami years ago,
Bubba doesn’t like how they ran Neil Rogers out of town. TC in Miami
this morning, some more stuff was added to the intro. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tiger Woods Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Manson’s “Horny Black Guy in the PGA”. Bubba said new stuff is
coming out about Tiger almost every day, Spice said that the latest
stuff is huge; he thinks the sponsors dropping him is ridiculous. We
then heard a news clip about that, Bubba wonders what Tiger’s legal
bills are like, he said that his skills won’t go down. We then heard
another news clip about Tiger getting dropped from a sponsor, Spice
reminded Bubba that after the Hog innocent, some advertisers dropped
off. The guys think of the girls is getting more run than anyone else,
we then heard a news clip about that, Spice said he liked the music,
the guys cracked up at the woman saying it wasn’t boring, married sex.
The guys think that tiger is cheap; Spice said he heard that Woods is
really cheap. Bubba read an article about a new woman coming out;
Spice thinks the woman has something to lose. Bubba said that the DCF
was at tiger’s house on Friday to check stuff out; Spice said anyone
can call them at anytime. Bubba wonders what Spice gave him, it was
tiger’s voicemail with some RNB music in the background, Bubba cracked
up a little, Spice thinks it sounds like Joe Mama Johnson (Joe had a
show on 93.3 WFLZ on Sunday nights that would primarily feature RNB
songs). Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about the girl who
called into the show about Tiger Woods, Bubba said the case would
require Kevin to be in Orlando full time, he can’t say what it is. The
guy wondered why he doesn’t hear anything when he calls in, Bubba said
that when you call in, you hear what is through the board. Bubba
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the week; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Obama audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Big Dick and Jabber Jaw, then into Ned’s “White Wife Of
Tiger”. Bubba asked people to come out for toys for Ta Tas, he said
it’s a drive-thru gentlemen’s club, he described how it will go, he
said that he and Brent will more than likely be dragging ass, as
they’ll be going to Howard’s party the night before. Brent said that
this is in fact the tenth annual, Bubba is surprised he got it right.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who castrated himself, in an
effort to resist cheating on his wife, after she refused to have sex
with him. Spice wonders what a guy is supposed to do if that’s the
case; Bubba thinks they should ask Manson, Manson wonders why you’d
want to stay married for that long. Bubba wonders how dumb or rugged
the guy is, he thinks both, he suggests they check his brain. Manson
said he can hold out longer than three and a half months, he said the
cut off point for him is six months, Bubba said Heather wants sex more
than he does. Todd thanked Bubba for giving him props as far as the
race track announcer goes; he thinks Spice doesn’t want to go to pri.
Bubba thinks Sluggo just slugs through life; he thinks he’s like the
soul train. We then heard a clip of Obama on Oprah, the guys goofed on
his voice, Spice said they’re throwing more money into it. We then
heard a clip of Obama on sixty Minutes, Bubba said he missed this
particular segment, as he and Tyler were busy with some baseball, he
thinks Obama is trying to be like Lincoln, he said he’s getting hooked
on the history channel’s specials on Presidents, he thinks Lincoln was
one of the greatest Presidents, Ned thinks he was queer, Brent thinks
it never happened. Bubba said that the night of Lincoln getting
murdered, one of the secretaries got stabbed; Manson said that at
least Obama can make good points. Zeak in Miami thanked Bubba for
coming by pri. Bubba wondered if the guys use his stuff, Zeak said
they do. Bubba told him not to take any of Ned’s phone calls, as his
stuff might end up on EBay, Zeak said they try to keep stuff like that
under control. Spice sarcastically said that he’s interested in
learning how to hand lap a valve, Manson thinks he should do that to
get his next paycheck. We then heard an anti racing bumper; Bubba said
he’ll call him a little later on. Zeak said his website is,
he explained the company’s history. Joe in Miami was on, he said Ned
is right, he said there are many theories that Lincoln was gay, Bubba
said he may have aged more than any other President, the guy said that
Lincoln used to say that he’d like to send blacks back to Africa, he
said it’s shameful that he’s an American hero. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – BRN Gift Exchange

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Toys For Ta Tas. Bubba
said that he’d like to do the drawing for the show’s secret Santa,
Spice said everyone should be in there, he wonders if they should put
a price limit, Manson thinks they should, twenty bucs, Bubba thinks it
should be what it is, he said if he gets Sluggo, he’s getting him a
bag of dirt. Bubba picked the first name, it was him, Brent explained
the Secret Santa concept to him, Spice thinks they’re doing a not so
secret Santa, Bubba said he just put his name back in. Bubba picked
the first name, Jabber jaw, the second name was James, Spice thinks it
was a fluke, Bubba said he didn’t look, he swares on his son that he
didn’t plan it like that. Pantera and Al-kida were next; Spice thinks
it’ll work out. Ned and Russ were next; Ned thinks it’ll be
interesting, Bubba thinks they should’ve done ping pong balls. Tom
Bean and hammil were next; Bubba said Hammil could give you anything.
Bubba and Sluggo, Bubba said he didn’t plan that, he said he’d be
better off getting nothing, he said he’s taking himself out of it, as
it’s too much pressure on the other person, he then rethinks it.
Twenty-five and Matt, Bubba didn’t know who that was, Manson thinks
he’s a video editing guy. Dave Rice and Nick were next. Ryan and Tony
were next up, Spice wonders when the video department got so big. Big
dick and Miller were next. Bubba said he doesn’t want to keep Sluggo
around, he wonders why Spice is a fence sitter. Spice and Carl Harris
were up next, Spice said he skipped over Brent, Brent and Manson was
last, Bubba went over who he has. Bubba thinks they should trade, Dave
thinks Jabber Jaw wants to trade, Bubba said he’s not happy with his
selection, Spice thinks Jabber Jaw is the only one who doesn’t like
the selection. Jabber Jaw was in, he thinks the two internet nerds can
give each other stuff; he made it so that he has Jabber Jaw, and James
goes with Sluggo. Stewart in Tampa said he wants to bust Bubba about
being a dick, Bubba thinks he’s in a better situation that he has
jabber Jaw, he thinks sluggo is out of there, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mark Ingram and Obama audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Big dick and Jabber Jaw, then into Ned’s thoughts on Tiger
Woods, then into Manson’s “tiger Woods song”. Dan in Ohio asked Bubba
about his race in Eastbay, Bubba recapped it for him, he said he’s a
little disappointed with the jury on the John Ditullio case, he then
read an article about that, Spice wonders how much the tattoos would
be an influence. Bubba said that the male version of a Cougar is a
rhino. We then heard a clip of Mark Ingram getting the Heisman trophy,
Bubba thinks Tebow went backwards, Ned thinks mark is a pussy, Bubba
chided him for saying that, Manson said he would be nervous up there,
Bubba thinks Donna would have to make the speech for him. Bubba went
back to the obama audio, Bubba doesn’t like how Obama says Pakistan,
he thinks they should ride out the audio, as he has to announcer the winners. Spice thinks with the health care bill, Bubba
could do a little more, Bubba said he likes that, Manson said it
wouldn’t matter who is in there, he thinks Democracy works for only
230 years. Bubba thinks it would be cool that they asked Obama about
Tiger, we then heard a clip of Obama saying that the party crashers
was a screw up, Manson thinks he cut one hell of a promo for that. Tim
in Richmond said he loves the show, he said he’s looking for the
billboard, he said it’s hard to see it at night, Bubba said he’ll take
any billboard he can. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – winners, Richard Mctear gets thrown out of court

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the toys for Ta Tas
event. Bubba said that he’ll do the winners for

1. Alyssa Graph
2. Van Claypool
3. Stacey Hues
4. Jonathan Ziggler
5. nick Johnson

Bubba played the tymbal after each name. We then heard a news clip of
Richard Mctear getting thrown out of court, Spice likes how the judge
doesn’t take any crap, we then heard the tymbal sounder, Bubba said
the judge is like him. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Bay Bay” from “bubba
Show classics Vol. 10”, track 17. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for nominating a soldier.
Bubba said that Houston has elected the first openly gay mayor, he
thinks it’s not a big deal, we then heard a news clip about that. We
then heard a news clip about a minister who got attacked. We then
heard a news clip about the woman who has given birth to her 19th kid,
Bubba thinks they should kill her, he said it’s hard enough to take
care of one kid, the guys think it’s white trash. Bubba wonders if the
uterus can fall out. We then heard a news clip about Dwight Howard,
he’s seeking damages over his kid, Bubba said that he feels for
Dwight. Bubba asked Spice if he knew about K2, we then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba thinks if they made marijuana legal, we
wouldn’t need all this knockoff stuff, Spice thinks it’s all about
lobbying. The guys crack up at the reporter saying the h in “herbs”.
Bubba wonders what makes Salvia illegal, it’s just the root of the
sage plant, Spice said it’s a feel good for politicians, he said
you’re not depressed on Salvia. Bubba wants a job where he drives a
truck and sprays people with water, Spice said he would rather have a
tank. Josh said the show really helps him out, as he lost his Grandma,
his wife had a miscarriage, it was six months. Spice wonders if it’s
given a proper burial, Josh explained how it went down. Bubba thinks
the problem is that they named the hog Andy; he said he was trying to
be respectful. Spice wondered what the name was, Josh said Cash
Parker. Spice wondered how the water broke; Ned thinks it was a belly
kick. Josh said that he’s been married since June, Bubba said that
he’s known people who have had babies who turned out to be retarded,
Josh thinks Spice is being a dick, ned thinks it’s all a prank. We
then heard a news clip about a three month old girl who was left in a
hot car, Bubba thinks it doesn’t’ take a lot of smarts to raise a kid,
he thinks the news is stating the obvious, he thinks it’s not that
hot, he wonders you forget stuff like that. Spice said he never
forgets a human in the car. We then heard a news clip about a kid who
got duct tape over her mouth, the guys cracked up at the clip, we then
heard “The Boopity song” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 23
under the clip. Bubba said he would be down at the school if they duct
taped his kid; Spice thinks this would be a payday to him. Bubba said
he has no sympathy for the Cuming family, Brent said that there are
giant holes in the story, Bubba said that it pays to be white trash,
he said it’s the worst for m of humanity ever, he listed some
examples, saying it’s white Trash gone wild. We then heard “Ronald And
Misty Cummings’s Wedding Vows” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol.
9”, track 4, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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