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Woman outraged over AXE body spray commercial
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World Pole Dancing Competition Includes Men’s Category
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Man dressed as elf causes mall evacuation
A Tale of Two Cultures: Amanda Knox Case Reveals a Stark Divide

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Rachel’s recap, sports scores, Brent in a car crash?

The show started off with Powerman 5,000 as bumper music. Bubba said
he was trying some new headphones, he said they were freaking him out;
Spice said that they’ll do that, Ned thinks Bubba looks queer. Bubba
thinks he looks like a fag, Dave said they take about a week and a
half to get to used to, Spice thinks ear buds are worse for hearing,
Spice said that he’d rather be deaf. Brent said that he doesn’t have a
hair issue, he said that it’s called being bald. Bubba decided to pick
the music for the whole week, he went on to say that today, he’ll
announce the first name for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®. Bubba said
if you don’t call in, you don’t get the boobs, he went on to say that
Rachel’s on Friday was a nice surprise. Brent said he was on I4, he
hydroplaned and spun out, Bubba thinks he was speedy, Brent said he
had the radio off; he thinks his car is fixable. Bubba wonders if
Amanda is going to the doctor, Brent said yes, as she can barely move
her neck; the guys suggest Brent use 1-800-AskGary. Bubba wonders why
Debby didn’t make it to Rachel’s; the guys went over the people they
met there. He went through the music selections, today is Ned,
tomorrow is Bubba, Wednesday is Spice, Thursday is Bubba, and Friday
will be Dave, Ned thinks this is as exciting as the lottery. Bubba
recapped some sports scores, he thinks Florida played like crap,
Manson said he couldn’t wait to see Tim Tebow lose; Brent thinks the
game wasn’t on him. Bubba thinks Brent is being hypocritical on not
commenting on Tebow for the god thing, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Football discussions, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Belt
buckle, then into a clip of Tebow after the Alabama game, then into
“Big Tebow” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 6, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 19. Charles in West Virginia said the
show sounds better than ever, he liked when they did the top five
retro, Spice said he’ll take it under advisement. Bubba thinks Sluggo
is the biggest idiot at the BRN, Mason said that the numbers don’ lie,
Spice thinks it’s not the case. Bubba went over the stats for the
football picks, Spice gave the Dolphins a tymbal. Bubba thinks the
Buccaneers should just lose all the rest of the games and get the
first draft pick. We then heard a clip of Favre commenting on the
Vikings losing, Spice said he’s waiting for a football player to say
something different when a team loses. The guys went over some College
scores, Ned thinks the Big 10 sucks. Mike congratulated Bubba on
running Lex and Terry out of town, Bubba said they won’t talk about
it, he wonders why a Dallas station can’t see the problem, he then
recapped the various markets Lex and Terry have been on, he said
they’ve never lost to them in the ratings. Jay wonders why the guys
don’ like Mason Dixon, Bubba said that he’s a good guy, Spice said
he’s heard that he’s got an ego on him, Bubba said they do some on-air
friendly ribbing. The guy asked about something that happened at
Sirius, Bubba said he’s passed that, the guy ended his call with
“Lasker Rules”, Bubba said Lasker is good at screwing things up, this
prompted Spice to do his Lasker impersonation. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – The guys as Sock puppets, Sherry Truscott

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Twenty-five cent, then into “Beasts of Burden” as bumper
music. Bubba said he’s switching back with his regular headphones, he
said you have to break in a new pair every so often. Bubba announced
the first name for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, Sherry Truscott, we
then heard the tymbal. Bubba said he got a good deal with Orlando, his
hotel was only $71, he said he had Hooters for breakfast, he said Dave
from Back9bbq came by, he said the chicken dip is like crack. The guys
think Bubba boss hogged his way to the dip, Bubba said Janessa Brazil
had it on her lap. Ned and Spice sarcastically think Bubba is a party
animal, Ned thinks Bubba should’ve purged. We then heard a clip of
Hammil, with some moments they missed, Spice described it as a bunch
of sock puppets, Bubba cracked up at Spice’s puppet. In the clip,
Bubba is admonishing Sluggo for making a mistake (October 21, 2009).
Bubba likes how sluggo is shaking, Manson thinks they need the names
under the puppets. Dave said they had fun making it, Bubba said
whoever is doing the phones is high, he read from the screen, Spice
thinks Nick is doing it. Bubba said he can’t say what Ned is doing
when Bubba flips out. The guys were laughing their asses off at the
puppets. Dave said this only took about an hour, but it took several
days of editing. Bubba wonders how they made the Ferret puppet, Bubba
likes how they made the Ferret as puppet, he went on to say that,
Moonshine Miller could be pulled off this Friday. Bubba likes how the
Ned puppet is passed out and sleeping. Spice gave the guys a tymbal,
Bubba said that the dollar preview is good for the next
month. We then heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba
went to Sherry, she thanked Bubba, she said he made her day. Spice
asked her how big she was looking to go, Sherry said she’s going a C,
Spice is bummed out, Bubba told her that it’s all about her. Bubba
said the only downfall to the twelve boobs is that, it has destroyed
some relationships, she said she’s had a boyfriend for two years,
Spice described it as new found swagger. Bubba explained what
happens, he hopes it won’t do that, she said it won’t happen, Manson
said he’s heard all that before. She said she knows where it comes
from, Bubba said that’s generally where it starts. Bubba thinks they
had about six hundred contestants, she said she flipped out when she
heard her name, Bubba had her stop after she said she manages a bar,
Spice thinks the relationship is done. Bubba told her next year,
they’d like to have her in, she said she’ll do that. Bubba said Dan
was on, Dan congratulated Sherry. Bubba asked Dan if he sits people
down, Dan said he does that sometimes, he said a lot of people fuss
over the new boobs, he said it doesn’t guarantee a problem. Spice
wonders how that goes down, Dan said every time it’s different, Ned
said he’d tell her to quit slinging her jugs around. Dan said the
turnout was amazing, Bubba said that for those who didn’t win will be
getting a discount and a thank you. Sherry said she’s not going to
turn into one of those girls. Bubba said Dan likes to get them done
quickly, he said she could have them done by January 15. They then
went to commercial few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, ufc clips, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said they’re eighteen minutes away from
announcing the next 12 Boobs of Christmas® winner, he said Jack
Stiefel texted him, saying he almost peed his pants watching the sock
puppet. Sandy in Virginia said she sent the guys a picture, she said
she sent a picture to Brent and Spice. Brent thinks it was
unbelievable, Bubba thinks AOL takes forever to filter it for an hour.
Bubba wonders if she’s throwing it out there, she said the guys asked
for something. Bubba asked her if she’s in a relationship, she said
no, she said she’s busy with school and taking care of her kids. Bubba
wonders if they can do a dating game, she said she doesn’t’ want to
put her in touch with crazy people. Bubba said guys don’t like to work
for anything. Matt said he’s going in for brain surgery tomorrow, he
said he can’t miss a show, he thanked the guys for making him laugh,
he said all the hazards of doing wrestling caused him to have this.
Bubba thinks a brain aneurism is something that comes on without
warning, the guy said he caught it early, he was given roughly eight
months, he hopes he can make it, he said it’ll happen after the show.
Bubba wonders what the process is like, Matt described it, Manson said
it’s like a vane. Bubba thinks the guy will come out queer, Matt said
he’ll always remember the show. Manson wonders if they have to see the
guy’s head open, Matt said that they have to in order to get to the
brain. Bubba asked the guys if they watched Ultimate Fighter, the guys
said they did, they seemed bummed out with the end result, Spice
thinks Marcus’s ground work is great, his stand-up fighting isn’t all
that great. Brent said every time you get knocked out, the one after
is easy to recover from. Spice said Kimbo’s fight was disappointing,
Bubba said he finally took this opportunity to get in shape. We then
heard a clip of Marcus Jones getting knocked out. Bubba thinks he
couldn’t have taken a hit like that, Spice said it caught him in the
right spot, Bubba thinks John Jones getting disqualified was
ridiculous, he said all that did was get his momentum up a little
more. We then heard the decision be announced, then into Joe Rogan
interviewing the winner of the match. Spice thinks Houston Alexander’s
game plan is weird, he thinks the guy looked like a pussy. The first
email of the day said they own the laser center, they’d like to offer
their services in advertising. Another emailer asked about the name of
a gun range, Bubba said its Shoot Straight, he said he needs to get a
gun safe to fill it up with hard drives. Bubba announced the name of
Sarah Ferrall, Bubba then did his Scott Ferrall impersonation, Brent
said they need to send him a get well card (Ferrall was hit in a
fight). Bubba said mistress number 4 in Orlando was the caller from
Wednesday, he said other guys would’ve tried to be media hounds. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Emails, Bubba calls Tim Sabean, Sarah Ferrall

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Ned bagging on Tim Tebow via In the call, Ned as Tim
rakes Jesus over the coals, blaming him for not winning the
Florida/Alabama game. Bubba thinks Tim Tebow may sound like Ned if he
cries, he then read an email from a guy who wrote Brent an email
taunting him, the guy said Brent wrote him back telling him to f
off, and never write him again. We then heard “Brent Gators song” from
“Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 7, and “Brent Hatley concert”,
track 16. Peter in Ft. Meyers said he doesn’t like the show, Bubba
told him not to listen, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. We then
heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba went to Sarah
Ferrall, she said she was fine. Bubba asked her how she heard her
name, she said she was disciplining herself, Bubba said the idiots who
work for him messed it up, she said that she has two kids and is
married. Bubba told her about the other women who have done stuff in
the past. Another emailer said they got an email from Sirius about
listening preferences, Howard was listed, but Bubba wasn’t, the
emailer wonders if Bubba was lumped in with Howard, he thinks Bubba
was dead-on. Bubba thinks this really sucks, he said it fits the bill
of how they’re treated, he thinks Greenstein will finally do something
about it, Brent said it’s a guy named Patrick Riley, who has hated
them since day one, Bubba wants to talk to Tim about this situation.
Bubba said he has the survey there, he read from it, Spice wonders
what the harm is in putting Bubba’s name in. Bubba went to Tim, he
explained the situation, Tim said he hasn’t seen it, he’ll check it
out. Bubba said they feel that Patrick Riley is behind this, he said
he would’ve flipped out on a situation like that, Manson thinks the
show is like the redheaded step child. Bubba said that they’re liked
by Greenstein, Tim Sabean, Ross Zapin, Mel Karmazin, Howard Stern,
Scott Ferrall, he wonders what the problem is, Brent said the problem
is Mel isn’t on floor number 36. Another emailer enjoys “Bubba Wonka”.
Another emailer said they’re interested in getting into Quarter
Midgets, Bubba said its Zero Error, the site is
Another emailer said that Bubba isn’t in the Sirius listening survey.
Another emailer asked about the really good pizza oven, Bubba said
it’s the presto, Spice said it’s made year round. Another emailer said
they got a Sirius listening survey, the only thing he filled out was
Howard. Another emailer said he met Jeff hess, he got a free Nascar
watch, Bubba said it’s the guy. Another emailer said Bubba is the
best, they wonder why the 12 Boobs of Christmas® is only for United
States, Bubba said he has to have someone who is board certified in
the States. Another emailer said his wife was listening to Lex and
Terry, they claim to have the jenny audio, Bubba said Lex and Terry
are not relevant in his world. Another emailer said it was great to
meet everyone on Friday. Another emailer said if they didn’t have
Bubba and Howard, they’d throw their unit out the window. Another
emailer wonders how good the reaction is going to be if he says Bubba
Army. Ned thinks Bubba would sometimes want to be alone, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Umaga’s death discussed, Tiger Woods discussions, A bubba
Version of

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Twenty-five Cent. Bubba said the Toy drive at Jim’s Harley
went well, he suggested you go there, he thinks there the longest
running sponsor. Another emailer said that they’re a manager of Scott
Hall. Spice asked about Umaga passing away, Bubba said it’s how they
all die. Bubba then read about Urban being hospitalized for
dehydration, Ned gave him the wha treatment. Bubba read an article
about Umaga dying, he thinks he gimmicked himself up. Spice wondered
how Rick Rude died, Bubba wants to get Hogan to explain it, he said it
gives the good wrestlers a bad name, Spice thinks Rick was one of the
greatest promo cutters. Bubba went over some birthdays, he said its
Larry Byrd’s birthday, Ned said he would like to call him. Bubba
thinks Ned hung him out for not saying that Larry is white. Megan said
she had emailed Bubba, she said she really wanted the boobs, Bubba
told her to keep listening. Another emailer said he got Bubba Raw
Volume 4, the emailer wondered why they don’t have the two-fingered
move, Bubba thinks they should put it on Bubba Raw Volume 5, Spice
suggested they use puppets. Bubba asked for Michelle Conti, the guys
cracked up at her name, he said he smashed the button. Bubba wondered
when the Jason Bruce 911 call is out yet, Brent said he can’t give him
a coherent answer as of this point. Spice said if you admit a mistake,
people will more than likely forgive you. Bubba thinks Tiger should
just come out and admit to his affairs, the guys think the payday
won’t be that big, the guys think Tiger is dumb for not using another
phone, we then heard his message, Spice thinks Alstott is smarter than
him. Bubba said a guy wants to start a like website
about the show, he said its, he wonders if he should
even say anything about it, he wonders if they should send Blind
Lawrence over there to contribute, Spice and Brent said they’ll check
it out. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Larry Byrd on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various places
where you can get Bubba Army merchandise, then into Manson’s “Horny
Black Guy In The PGA”. We then heard “Strangers In the Night” as
bumper music. Bubba said Ned was demanding mic time to call up Larry
Byrd, as today is his birthday, he said Larry is a big Ned fan. Bubba
called Larry, he got sent to voicemail, Ned ended up leaving a
message, he sang him happy birthday. Spice doesn’t get how the song
didn’t rhyme, Ned broke it down for him, he told Spice to know the
song. Bubba had Spice write down a number, he said it’s the only other
number he has, he thinks the number has been disconnected. Spice
talked to Larry a little, Bubba went to him a few seconds later. Ned
asked him how he was, Larry said he was doing okay. Ned said he’ll
gladly do his birthday song for him, Larry said he’d love it. Ned sang
it for him, Larry said that was nice. Bubba asked Larry what he’s
doing, Larry said he’s on his way to work, Spice loved his appearance
on Conan. Bubba asked him how his book is, Larry said it’s doing well,
Bubba thinks Magic did some great stuff after basketball. Bubba thinks
Rabbit is in love, Larry said he won’t come out of the hole. Spice
asked what Larry does for his birthday, Larry said he just goes to
work, he said he’s too old to shoot a three pointer, he said his son
plays some sports. Bubba wished Larry a happy birthday, Larry asked
that Ned send him some CDs. Spice recapped his conversation with
Larry, Bubba was cracking up at Spice’s impersonation, Manson thinks
Larry sounds like Jeff Byrd, Ned wants a copy of the call, he thinks
cassettes have a great quality. Bubba thinks you have to really
bombard Larry to get him on, he said that Ned’s ego just got up a
notch. Bubba recapped a time when Larry discussed Ned, he said his
favorite moment was when Ned stole the Lazy Days RV and smashed the
microwave. Bubba thinks this isn’t so cool, as people can now check
their stuff on the web. Spice said Billy Vegas is doing something for
the Make a Wish foundation, the profits of his burgers will go there.
.Bubba said he’s almost embarrassed with what some of the friends have
done for them, he thinks he’ll die if he sees another Skin Industries
shirt. Bubba said Larry Byrd is crazy over Ned, he thinks they’ll have
to go to an alternate, he said the contestants have always called in.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tim Donaghy clips, 12 Boobs of Christmas® contestant is
a loser, Hulk Hogan visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview, then into “Big Girls Don’t Cry” as bumper music. Bubba
said you’re not listening to the oldies station, the guys goofed on
the song a little, Bubba wonders if it’s a man, Ned said he was
getting after it when this was popular. Jason in Miami said the Tim
Donaghy situation reminded him of what’s happening with Bubba at
Sirius, Bubba said that wasn’t the case, he said Opie and Anthony are
horrible, Bubba agreed. Bubba thinks this hour’s girl is going to make
it, he thinks they should call her up with one minute after, ned
thinks they should bring her to tears. We then heard some clips of Tim
Donaghy on 60 Minutes, Bubba thinks he should’ve asked Larry if he saw
this stuff. Bubba said you just don’t do this, Brent said this is like
the black Socks of 1919. Bubba said he would never fault a man for
betting with his team, Brent said the problem is when the mob comes
in, like in this case. Brent said he denied having anything to do with
a Spurs’ game, where he got the coach ejected. Bubba said guys are
wired to compete, they love to bet on stuff. Spice said if you’re the
ref, you’ll try anything to the desired points. Bubba said he’s all
about being fare, Brent said he would bet against various players the
ref’s didn’t like, Bubba is convinced Brent is having relations with
Yucko. Bubba said it’s not too hard to see who the refs like and
dislike. Bubba and Spice recreated a scene, where they bet against
Allen Iverson, Bubba is convinced that’s how the whole world operates,
he said he can’t remember when he ever saw a palming call, he went on
to say that this is kind of like their situation at Sirius, he said
the radio business is worse than the nba. Bubba said is not a winner,
he said someone has been on line one, they’ve been on hold for
forty-four seconds, Brent said it’s not the person. Bubba said that
she’s a dancer at Rachel’s, he said she’s very pretty. The guys think
Bubba should call her, Spice said nothing popped up on his end when he
went to, Brent said the same thing. Bubba called her,
Spice picked up to talk to her, Bubba had to dial another number, he
thinks she didn’t have the show on. Bubba went to her, she said she
was busy taking care of her daughter, Bubba thinks she’ll hate him, he
told her that she didn’t get them, Spice said “No boobs for you”, she
sounded bummed out. ned wondered why she can’t listen to the radio
while tending to her kid, she said it’s pretty upsetting, she told the
guys that they can stop rubbing it in. Spice said the good news is
that her daughter has all her teeth, Michelle said she works for her
Mom, ned told her to enjoy looking at her back in the mirror. Bubba
asked her if she has a boyfriend, he wonders why she didn’t notify
her, Ned thinks they should bend the rules, Bubba said they can’t, as
it’s in writing, he said he was sorry for this happening, he said this
should set the template, ned told her to shut her dog up, Spice thinks
he was tired of a flat chest, Bubba thinks she was crying, Brent said
he felt bad. Brent said he was more upset with Marcus losing than with
the Gators losing. Bubba went back to the clip, he wants to get Tim on
the show. Bubba had Hulk Hogan in, Hogan said he had to go to Los
Angeles, he said he was sick as a dog. Bubba thinks he drove Hogan
crazy by saying that Dixie Carter is hot, Hogan said he broke a crazy
sweat. We then heard a clip of Mick Foley and JB discussing Hogan on
Bubba’s show, Mick said Bubba Army. Bubba thinks as if he’s been
writing this company’s stuff, Bubba said he’s just commenting on stuff
that has happened. We then heard the clip of Dixie talking about Jeff
Jarrett, Hogan said it’s all a bunch of crap. Hogan described it as
the man upstairs hitting you with 20,000,000 lightning bolts, he said
he cut his own deal with Dixie. Bubba likes how Dixie puts him over in
the clip, he said he would’ve been doing a job in the middle for her.
Bubba said he’s supposed to have a meeting with her, Hogan said he was
worn out by the time he hit Vegas. Bubba thinks Hogan will do more
than just talent only, he told Dixie she has no idea what she signed
up for, Hogan said he told her to hang on for the ride. Bubba asked
about Jeff hearty, Hogan said he would love to have him, he said he’s
a big fan of his, he likes how Dixie said nothing is sacred. Bubba
said Hogan was trying to get a hold of Scott Hall, Hogan said he
called up Kevin Nash, he wants to talk to him about some stuff, he
said he saw big dollar signs when he saw someone. Bubba asked Hogan if
he talked to macho Man, Hogan said he’s tried to reach out, he thinks
Macho looks like Santa. Bubba listed off some names, Hogan said he
would be interested. Bubba asked Hogan about talking with Russo, Hogan
said he hasn’t talked to him, Bubba said he’d like to be there when
that happens. Hogan said he has to be in court for the Graziano
situation, he doesn’t know when it’s going away. Hogan thinks the
writers have ruined wrestling, Bubba said Mick Foley doesn’t need a
writer, he said Mick can just run with stuff. Bubba wondered if Hogan
has the power to say that Russo is gone, Hogan said he could say yes
or no to that. Hogan said the writers will be in a secondary position,
he said some guys can go back north if they don’t like what he has, he
said they’re looking to deal with what works. Bubba read some
headlines about Hogan, Hogan said his settlement became public, he
said if you have a house with 50 doors, you don’t take 25 of them.
Hogan said the situation got crazier and crazier, he said almost
everything, including the toilet seats were gone. Bubba said Ray
fool’s star is shinning so brightly, Hogan said Linda will wake up
some day and realize she’s getting shook down. Hogan said Mr. Kennedy
and Umaga used to tear the place down, he said he had to have those
guys with him. He went on to say that the people in Australia are
crazy. He said Flare slammed him in the face. Hogan said he was at a
bar, he said the last thing that happened was, the last person said
good-bye to was Umaga, he told him he really liked him, Bubba said he
called him with the news. Bubba said today would’ve been Rick Rude’s
birthday, Hogan said he only got a chance to work with him a few
times, Bubba remembers a time when Rick flipped out on a doctor. Bubba
said it’s sad that all these wrestlers are dying. Bubba said he’ll
leave Hogan with the clip from Wednesday’s show. Bubba asked Hogan
about Woods, Hogan said he knows something, he said if he’s innocent,
there’s going to be a grace period, he said it will end up being his
legacy. Hogan said Ventura was all about trying to screw Hogan up.
Bubba thinks the number of women Tiger has been with is large, Spice
said he needs to say something. Hogan said the train leaves the
station in life, people will fall off, the train will continue, Bubba
said Linda was trying to make the train gold, Hogan said she jumped
off half way through. Bubba thinks Woods can’t be a mark for himself
in this situation. Hogan thinks it won’t go away, Bubba thanked him
for stopping by, Hogan liked the Ned call to Larry Byrd, he said Ned
tried to kill Brooke, Ned said accidents happen. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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