Monday, August 2nd, 2010

August 2nd, 2010 by Staff

Monday, August 02, 2010

Welcome back Bubba Army from the break. This is Blind Lawrence with the recap.

Bumper music provided by 25Cent

1. Snoop Dogg I want to rock
2. Biggie Smalls Machine Gun Funk
3. The Roots Clock with no hands
4. Nas The world is yours
5. The High and Mighty The meaning
6. Atmosphere Tears for the sheep
7. Mobb Deep Got it twisted
8. MF Doom Vaudeville Villian

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba came on
saying that it’s Rays fever, Spice said he would’ve liked to have seen
A-Rod hit his 600th, Manson thinks his legacy is tainted. Bubba said
it’s a long haul the rest of the year, he said it’s depressing that
summer is almost over, Spice thinks it would be cool for the kids to
go back to school, Bubba told him to shut up, Manson said he’d like
his kids to never go back to school, Bubba said he’d home school his
kids at the track. Spice said he had a date night with Tasha, Bubba
got distracted with an impact, Manson said he didn’t see it, he said
he didn’t do much, Brent said he went to Flemings for his anniversary,
Bubba said he loves to eat there, he said screw ocean Prime, he said
all they did was nickel and dime him, he said he was $150 before he
has dinner, he said try not to order special kind of fish in Plymouth
Indiana, as they don’t know what he’s talking about, he said he’s in a
really good mood for some reason, he said that Lee Weaver will be on
the show, he said Lee used to body guard Mel Gibson, Linzy Lohan, and
Wesley Snipes, Brent said tape number 9 is out, saying that he’s baby
facing. Bubba said he’s tired of American Idol, the BP Oil Spill and
Linzy Lohan, he suggestions Americans stop watching American idol so
that it will go away, Spice said he watched the first few seasons.
Bubba said that he’s not tired of Mel Gibson, he then said Robin Mede
looks great in black, he then asked for females to call in and say how
disgusting he is. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Bubba said the bumper music was provided by 25 Cent. Mike in Dexter
Maine asked if Bubba’s show will be nationwide, Bubba said it will be.
Mike wonders if Steven Tyler is gay to do American Idol, Bubba thinks
it would cheapen Aerosmith, Brent said the budget is $38,000,000,
Spice said he’d do it. Manson thinks Howard would be the obvious
choice, Bubba said Howard has the experience of doing it for 30 plus
years, Spice said nobody wants to be the dick, Brent said Howard has
turned it down. The first email of the day said they heard Dan
Patrick’s mention of Bubba, Bubba said they’ll be doing something like
that. Another emailer said Tatum’s family wouldn’t let him visit
Stingley. Another emailer heard the show about, Spice
asked if Bubba still goes there, Bubba said he needs to pick something
up, he thinks he needs to crank it back up. Another emailer said they
couldn’t stop laughing hearing his stuff on Youtube; the emailer loves
“Redneck Grammar”. Another emailer said they can’t find the Black Berry application, Brent said there’s a mobile
version. Another emailer said they were at Manson’s house to do some
plumbing, he thanked Manson for chatting with him, he thanked the guy
for what he did. Another emailer said they used to go to the Wall mart
in Warsaw Indiana, Bubba said he went there and got some Warsaw Tiger
Flip-flops. Another emailer said the Bubba Army car was closed, Bubba
said all he can do is apologize, he said he had Sluggo take the thing
down, Spice said every online contest is rigged, Bubba sad he
should’ve learned his lesson, Spice said there’s always someone out
there that’s smarter than the next guy. Bubba said he hung out with
Tony Stewart, Spice said he saw on Bubba’s
Twitter with big checks. We then heard a clip of tony talking about
how they’ve tried to bring NASCAR back to what it was; Bubba likes how
Tony is turning it around on the media. Pete in Miami said they’re
listening to him in Miami, Bubba said it was good while it lasted.
Ryan said they saw MJ at a dodge ball event, he said the Bubba Army
got him good, he said the event was for the cops who got shot, he said
that 620 WDAE held the event, Spice thinks MJ would be great at Dodge
ball, Bubba thinks you wouldn’t be able to hit him, he then said that
dick Cheney is in the hospital, we then heard a news clip about that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – The Guys discuss the War

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Jazela More Dating
game. Bubba wondered if that will be this week, Spice said it will be,
Bubba said she’s the wife of the former city Council member of Ft.
Meyers, he went on to say that he met the Field goal kicker for Notre
Dame, he said the guy was kicking into the end zone, Brent said the
guy’s name is David Ruffer. Bubba suggested they kick from 50 yards
out, David nailed it, Manson said if you can kick from over 55 yards,
you’ve got a big foot, he then went on to say that some guy is running
for Governor in Tennessee. We then heard a news clip about that, Brent
said the guy looks like a killer. The guys cracked up at the guy’s
voice, Bubba thinks the guy is a fat, retarded B-Fudd, he thinks the
guy has named himself after his website,, Manson said
he has no idea what he’s saying, Brent explained what he was saying,
Bubba said he needs him on the air, he suggests the guy get one minute
updates, Ned said this was like when Bubba ran for Sharif, Manson was
cracking up at the clip, Spice thinks the guy will get pushed around
if he makes it, Bubba thinks Ned would love this, Spice said this is
up on as the video of the day, Manson thinks they should put
him in Miami, Bubba thinks he could pull better numbers than them, he
thinks they’re too smart. Brent said Alvin Green won because people
thought they were voting for Al Green, we then heard a news clip about
the Dutch leaving Afghanistan, Brent said they know how to leave.
Bubba said that it was the deadliest summer, he then read the death
tole from the past few years, he thinks the death tole would drop as
it would end, he said things aren’t getting better, they’re getting
worse, he wonders just what we’re doing over there, Brent said they’re
right in it. Bubba asked Manson to explain it to him, Brent said 15 of
the 19 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia, Bubba doesn’t get why we
went to Iraq, Manson said that if we weren’t dependent on Oil, we
would’ve attacked Saudi Arabia the next day, Bubba said none of this
stuff has anything to do with us, he said if we didn’t have problems
over here, then we could go over there, Manson said it doesn’t make a
lot of sense. Bubba wonders why we’re in Afghanistan, Brent said he’s
not there, he said we’re a Nation Builder, Bubba said we can’t even
find the leader, he said it’s like trying to find the Mama Snake, and
ending up with the Baby Snakes, Brent said this is like Vietnam,
Manson said it’s a horrible situation, Bubba wonders how we can’t find
Bin Laden, he said people warned him about Obama, he said he was
drinking the cool-aide, grape flavored, Spice said Bubba got got like
other Americans, Bubba said he sent him some money, Spice wonders why
anyone would send money, Bubba said nothing has changed, he said it’s
like a Christmas Present, he suggests we have a None of your business
candidate. We then heard the newest Mel Gibson clip, Bubba said this
one is really short, Spice thinks he has no voice left, Bubba thinks
the Curshin’ Russian broke him down to nothing, we then heard “Maniac
Mel”, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Boopity off, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few
days, he said Antonio Tarver will be beating on some interns, Spice
said Lee Weaver thinks Linzy Lohan will overdose. Bubba said they have
a Boopity challenge, Spice said the visual is really strong. We then
heard the standing champion, Bubba said the listeners should vote
champion or challenger, he said a lot of this stuff comes out of
Alabama. We then heard a news clip about a woman who woke up with
another man in her bed, Bubba likes how you can hear the woman in the
background, the guys cracked up at the guy saying the people need to
hide their kids, Spice thinks the guy looks gay, Bubba liked the part
where the woman said the guy is done. Spice said people will remix
stuff, we then heard “the Boopity song” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol.
11”, track 23 while the challenger was heard, followed by the
champion. Bubba, Manson and Spice don’t think it will supersede the
champion, Spice said this one has a lot of steam going.

1. Matt – Champion
2. Andrew – Challenger
3. Ralph – Challenger
4. Eric – Champion
5. Dave – Champion
6. Joe – Champion
7. Pat – Challenger
8. Joe – Champion
9. Nick – Champion
10. Chris – Challenger
11. Heather – Champion
12. Trisha – Champion
13. Ross – Champion
14. Scott – champion
15. Chad – Champion

Spice said he would love to reach out to the champion, Manson thinks
they should get a trophy, Bubba thinks you’d have to explain it to
them. We then heard the Challenger auto-tuned, Bubba cracked up at the
clip. We then heard another remix of the clip, Bubba said this is
great stuff, Spice hopes this doesn’t get stuck in his head, Manson
said the lyrics are better than the stuff that’s out there today.
Bubba likes how the people of south Florida have made a law that if
your over the age of 18, you can’t be at a Playground, he said if
you’re watching kids that’s fine, but other than that, no go. We then
heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks they should make that a
federal rule, he wonders how anyone could be against this, Spice said
maybe if someone wants to hang out, Manson wonders why you’d want to
hang out on a playground, Bubba thinks they should investigate the
people who are against it, he thinks they should round up their hard
drives. Spice said he saw some fat dude at the mall eating some ice
cream near a playground, he said the guy had no business, he said you
could stand there all day if you wanted to, Bubba said he doesn’t like
arresting girls for hanging around a playground, he said the world is
screwed up because he’s not in charge, he then described to Manson
something on TV. We then heard a news clip about a guy robbery, Manson
wonders if a video game was going on, Bubba thinks it’s obnoxious, the
guys had a hard time figuring out what the guy was saying, Spice
thinks the woman is guilty, Bubba thinks she should have a Ministry,
if she’s able to convince a robber to put his gun down, Spice doesn’t
get why bubba sticks up for Paula White, Brent said Bubba is dodging
the questions, Spice said she’s not a really good speaker, or the guy
is a horrible robber, he said it’s two idiots talking in a Convenience
Store, he cracked up when the guy said it’s a BB gun, Bubba said the
Angels turned the 9MM into a BB Gun, he thinks being a guardian angel
has got to be a tough gig, he then said that Devon James flunked her
physical test before her Celebrity boxing, Spice doesn’t get why she’s
there, he wonders who would agree to that fight. Lucia in Miami said
she’s a black woman, she said the tot locks are separate from another
part of some parks, Spice said they’re creep proof, Bubba thinks they
should reverse the script, he then went on to say that REO Speed Wagon
will be celebrating the release of their album “High Fidelity”, he
wonders when Kevin was in studio, Spice thinks it was 2008 (July 3,
2008). We then heard a clip of Kevin singing “Can’t Fight This
Feeling”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s New bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said that they’ll be talking to Lee Weaver, a former
Celebrity body guard, Spice said what happened with Wesley snipes has
happened with Chris Tucker, Manson suggested hiring an accountant,
Spice said you should have a figure as to what you have. Bubba then
read an article about a guy who decapitated his common law wife’s
children, he thinks beheading can’t be all that swift, Spice thinks
you’d need a really powerful knife. Tammy wondered if Kevin’s voice is
wrinkled, Bubba Eviled her a few seconds later, he thinks she’s not
the spring chicken she once was, he said that Jody Foster is committed
on releasing the Mel Gibson movie “the Beaver”, Manson said he has to
see this movie, Brent said it’s like Mr. Hat, Bubba thinks the puppet
should be Mel’s defense, Spice as Oxana said some stuff. We then heard
“Cooler Than Me”, Bubba said the one song that makes him want to pull
over and punch him in the mouth would be about being a billionaire,
Spice said the guy’s album will be great, Bubba said this is a change
from the standard urban template, he likes how the guy is the
underdog, Spice and Manson did some old guy voices, Bubba said “fire
Flies” is a song, he said this 808 stuff won’t make things better. We
then heard “fire flies”, Manson said the song will still be cool,
Bubba thinks Manson never parodied it, Ned said he did (“Bubba Show
Classics Vol. 13”, track 4), Bubba said there’s no way they could
clean it. Manson said his song is called “You’re Fatter than me”. The
song cuts Bubba down for being fat, Bubba said he doesn’t have
designer shades, he thinks the guys have taken clips of him over the
years and made him look bad, Manson thinks this is an intervention,
Bubba said as much as he wants to disagree it’s true, he said this
kind of makes him sad, he doesn’t want to throw it out there, Manson
thinks he should redo the song, Bubba said he’s a walking parody.
Spice said if this was a spoken word, it would be different, Bubba
thinks Manson should do a spoken word version with Billy Mays, Spice
said he can picture Manson in a room with various notes; he then did
his bubba impression saying me a few times. Bubba said it’s easy to be
them, Manson said he asked Dave to get him some audio. Jeff in Port
Charlotte said the guys wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for him.
Barrett said it was the funniest thing he’s ever heard, he got Eviled.
Bill said the song was genius, the guy got Eviled for that. Bubba said
no mustard in the building, or else your fired, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Lee Weaver Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
went to Lee Weaver, Spice thinks it’s Lee came on the
line a few seconds later, he said his site is, he said
he had to put the “T” in there; he said you have to be him. Bubba said
Lee bench presses 425 pounds, lee said his book is called “Memoirs of
a Celebrity Bodyguard”. Bubba asked his first person he body guarded,
Lee said Eddie Murphy, Bubba said he grew up enjoying his stuff, Lee
said he lived with Eddie for about five years, he said guys like Eddie
Murphy, Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson would show up at a night club
he would be at, he said Eddie got into a fight with a guy over dancing
with a woman, he pulled the guy off, Eddie asked Lee if he’d like a
real job. Spice said there’s a lot of rumors about Eddie and his
homosexuality, Lee said he’s never seen it, he said there were some
things that were going around, he said he never saw a man and man in
bed, he said there were a bunch of crazy partiers. Bubba asked Ned if
he was as popular as Murphy, would he have transvestites, Ned said who
wouldn’t? Spice asked if Eddie would ask Lee to not tell any stories,
Lee said he was never told stuff like that, he said Eddie did his own
thing. Bubba asked if Lee was ever asked to not say anything, Lee said
he never had anything like that. Bubba asked what the most shocked he
was, lee said sometimes a chat with Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson,
Spice said he could only imagine that conversation, Lee said they were
talking about a gift giver, he said the only person that could
outperform Jackson was Prince, saying that Prince got all the gifts.
Bubba said Michael used to put people to sleep so he could have sex
with them, Lee said Jackson used to go to deep sleep, Spice asked if
they ever talked about Jesus, lee said he would often pinch himself
during those conversations, bubba thinks Michael was looking for
little boys. Bubba asked for some Pam Anderson stuff, lee said she was
cool and funny, he said she used to put her cloths on in front of
everyone, he said some old guy once offered him $100 for Pam’s
panties, bubba said Tommy Lee makes the white guys proud, lee said
they thought Tommy was one of them. Spice asked how much he’d get
paid, Lee said it would depend on who your with. Bubba asked who the
best payer was, Lee said Eddie was the best payer, Bubba said he could
only imagine what stories Michael Jackson’s body guard has, he said
that the first time he met Michael Jackson, Michael said that you
weren’t supposed to look at Bubbles in the eyes, Spice was cracking up
at the story, Manson as Michael said that bubbles would F you up, the
delay was hit on Lee for cursing a few times, Spice said they have to
keep it real, bubba said Lee is in the moment, he said Michael didn’t
say anything while Bubbles was attacking lee, the guys were laughing
their asses off, Lee said that Eddie was cracking up at what would
happen next, he said that he had a gun in his pocket, Bubba thinks
they should just do “story Time With Lee”, Lee said it’s funny now, it
wasn’t funny back then, he said he thought it was Webster, he said if
you go to Jackson’s house, you better not be drunk or high, the guys
were practically crying during all this. . Bubba asked if Lee saw any
hot bitches while at Michael’s house, Lee said no, he did see a lot of
kids, the guys cracked up when Lee had said that Michael claimed to be
peter Pan, Eddie challenged him, the guys were cracking up during the
story. Bubba thinks Lee missed his calling, he then asked him for some
Mel Gibson stuff, Lee said Mel is his man, he then said he’s played
the tapes over and over again, he said he has some pictures of him.
Bubba asked if lee ever saw Mel in the light, Lee said it really
shocked him, he said he’ll email the pictures of him and Mel
wrestling, he said Mel is a practical joker, he said his book is about
his life and times as a Celebrity body guard. Bubba asked the darkest
side of Hollywood he saw, Lee said some stuff would have him sticking
guns in people’s mouths to get out of danger, he said Linzy Lohan will
get him in a situation he doesn’t like, he said she would be beating
up a guy three times her size, by the time he gets there, the gun is
out, he said the guy could’ve gotten away with murder. Bubba asked if
it was a Cocaine deal, Lee said he’s not sure, he said he would try
and talk her out of stuff, he said he hit the guy so hard, he thinks
he broke his neck. Spice asked if Lee is still worried, Lee said yes,
he said when the judge sentenced her, he said he was upset, he said
she was like his little Sister, Spice said she claims he stole from
her, Lee said she was angry, there were some things he didn’t do, he
said that she would often have him hold stuff like cocaine. Bubba
asked why she has a substance problem, Lee thinks it goes back to when
she was a little girl, when she was 10 she was bringing home the
money, she would fight her Dad. Spice said that Michael Lohan listens
to the show, lee said he doesn’t judge people based on the past, he
said we all have a dark side. Spice asked when Lohan will overdose and
die, he guesses a year. Lee said he tried to help her, he said he
slowed guys like Robert Downy JR. and Wesley snipes down, he said he
almost broke a guy’s arm over that. Bubba asked what her drug of
choice was, lee said he’d see lines on the table, but she’d never say
where it was from, he said some of her friends would refer to him as a
Hershey bar, he said he’d always see girls, never guys, he said he
never questioned anyone. Bubba asked how much Linzy was paying; Lee
said he couldn’t talk about it. Bubba asked how it went bad with
Linzy, Lee said he got burnt out having to be with her all the time,
he said he would get angry with her, he said if he was to lay on her
he might break her. Bubba thinks the Clapton song “cocaine” was about
Lohan, Lee said it was around, but he never saw her do it, he said he
found a bunch of stuff at one time, some people thought he was crazy.
Spice said Lee has said that Nicole Richey’s drug use matches Linzy,
Lee said she hasn’t been on the streets ever since that happened,
Spice asked if they carried a mirror to the bathroom, Lee said they’d
always say that they left something in the car. Bubba asked about
Wesley Snipes, lee said Wesley was worried about the little stuff, he
told him to worry about the people counting his millions. Bubba said
Wesley lost it all, Lee said Wesley stepped on a lot of toes in
Hollywood, he then changed it to Wesley stomping on toes, he said he
and Wesley almost fought to the death. Bubba thanked lee for coming
on, Spice thinks he has more stories, Bubba said they should do this
monthly, Lee said call him anytime, Spice hopes Lee does the audio
book, Manson said he’s great. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various News

Tammy thanked Bubba for the Rays camp tickets, Bubba said Tyler will
be going there. We then heard a news clip about the BP CEO getting
$23,000,000, Bubba asked where he could get that kind of money, he
said they’re equal opportunity haters. Bubba took a call from a guy in
Nebraska, he thanked Bubba for taking him off the unemployment line,
Bubba had no idea what he was talking about, the guy said it was
something on Twitter, Bubba said it was a guy named Ken. Ken came on a
few seconds later, Bubba told him he voted for the Beaner, he won 13
to 8, he got Eviled a few seconds later. We then heard a news clip
about Britney Murphy’s death being blamed on mold, Bubba thinks he saw
eight Mile, he doesn’t remember who that was. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who got arrested do to being drunk with her kids in
the car, Bubba hopes the 911 call picks up the report, as he doesn’t
like the reporter, he said he’s had enough of this guy. We then heard
a news clip about Tim Tebow, followed by Ned’s “Big Tebow” from
“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 6, and “the Clemulus
Package” disc 3, track 19. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Bubba Reads the News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Miller’s appearance at
Side Splitters on August 11, followed by Manson’s “You’re Fatter than
me”. Bubba asked if Brent has kept up with the Albert Haynes worth
deal, Brent said he has, Bubba said Shanahan is bringing a ¾ Defense,
Brent thinks he can’t play the position, Bubba thinks he doesn’t make
his money, he called Haynes worth a stupid jackass, he then suggested
we spend money on people who are wrongly convicted, he said that Henry
Wayde would convict black people, Brent said he had a trick – surprise
witnesses. Bubba thinks we should take the money we spend over seas
and do a DNA test, Manson wonders why it’s not standard procedure,
Brent said a lot of places can’t afford it. Bubba thinks they do a
mouth swab these days, Brent said that they do. Bubba said they should
give the guy a million dollars for every year he spent in prison,
Brent said it’s not like having a good time. Bubba read that a guy was
arrested with 18 monkeys stuffed in his pants, Spice thinks the guy
wouldn’t have gotten caught if he had done less, he wouldn’t have
gotten caught, Bubba wonders how something can be alive at 6 inches,
he then read a story about a guy who violated his neighbor’s dog,
Brent said the guy should be shot in the face. Bubba read an article
about a cop who kicked his dog, Spice as Butt-head cracked up at the
name Cockfield, Brent said that’s like killing a police officer,
Manson said it was brutal. Bubba said until the day he’s no longer on
the radio, or Mark is no longer in office, he’ll close with a mark
Ober bit. We then heard Manson’s bit about mark not charging MJ with
Arson. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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