Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Facebook friend of the day goes to Jordan Anaya of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Bubba and Brent talked about baseball.
Emails: Ned’s “Bend Over”, Bubba is a hypocrite on Religion, The Black
Hawnkies are great live, and the Florida lottery money doesn’t go
where it’s supposed to go.
Manson’s “100 Boys” (“Bubba show Classics Volume 14” track 1, and
Ned’s “Catholic Altar Boys” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 17”, track
Bubba said he’s working with Al Borda from Skin Industries on the neew
Ned shirt; he then thanked Publix for stocking the chicken dip.
Chris Brown and Drake are sued over the bottle throwing at the New
York night club.
Man named Jack Me Off Mudd arrested.
Five foods that make you poop.
Black Boxes for cars, Bubba thinks it’s Big Brother-ish.
“Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse, Bubba said he loves the Juggalos; he
said the FBI wn’t find anything.
Negative Mike said the DNC is also going on, Bubba said for sme reason
their not catching the same amount of press, he then got frustrated
with Mike, claining that all he wants to do is hear himself on the
Audio clip – Strip clubs busted.
Matt thinks almost all relationships are like prostitution.
Audio clip – Pussy riot arrested, Ned joked he’s setting up his RNC
proest band “Cock Riot”.
Bubba told Tara that Ned has trained roosters; he said Ned’s house is
incredibly clean.
Audio clip – Pit bull attack at a wedding.
Manson’s “Pit Bulls are Crazed” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track 13).
Bruce said in the Braington Harold, a guy was walking his dog, a Pit
Bull jumped over a fence to get the guy, the guy shot the dog, the
cops said it was a clean shoot.
Bubba thinks the Tara VS OctoMom fight will happen in November on a
Friday night, he thinks she’s building up more steam than when she was
first popular.
Audio clip – OctoMom song, Bubba said that if Tara doesn’t knock her
into next week, she’ll be fired.
Audio clip – Armpits microwaved.
Audio clip – Man shoots three year-old after calling her a “Hoe”.
Bubba explained the white trash, Mexican trash, and black trash music
beds featured on the show for the new listeners.
White trash – “Dueling Der Ders” (“Bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 14)
Black Trash – “Boopily Song” (“bubba show Classics Vol. 11” track 23)
Mexican Trash – “Tacos and Burritos” (Not in the catalog)
Ned’s Load – “Double Wide Guy”.
Bubba’s mic arm is messed up.
Mark David Chapman up for parole.
Negative Mike banned from calling the show.
Audio clip – Man clubs roommate for singing.
Audio clip – Jenna jamison arrested for a DUI.
Twenty-five found pictures of the woman who does “Hollywood Scoop”,
Bubba finds her to be somewhat hot, thinks she has a “horse mouth”.
Manson checked out “The Hunger Games”.
Bubba is bummed out that Tyler starts school, he said yesterday he and
Tyler were bummed out about it, he then explained why he pulled tyler
out of Private school.
Audio clip – Teacher found guilty of sex with a student.
Had doesn’t get how the guy is old enough to die for our country, but
he can’t have sex with a teacher.
Audio clip – Female teacher arrested for sex with a student.
Audio clip – Man almost rapes 61 year-old woman.
Audio clip – Woman arrested at Mssage parler for other services, Bubba
wants to have the woman on the show.
Kenny thinks the Massage place is a hell of a gig.
Audio clip – Judge sides with teacher who made an autistic kid eat a
crayon soaked in hot sauce.
Bubba wants to have Lisa Anne on the show; Lisa is a Sarah Palin impersonater.
Caller thinks Bubba missed an opportunity to play the Taco and Burrito
clip during the hot sauce story.
Audio clip – Man killed by one punch.
Man smears dog poop in Mon’s face after getting refused vodca, Bubba
thinks this would be a great case for Bubba Court.
Porn stars make good on promise to give fans oral sex if the Miami
heat won the championship.
Man accused of sex acts with girls and dogs.
Nick said those two girls were on Russle Brand’s show.
Lory asked if there was any protection used; Twenty-five said they did
use condoms.
Audio clip – Man spent two days under a moble home to spy on a woman.
Ethal called just to say good morning, Tara said she met her.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Keep Us Stoned In America” (“Bubba show
classics Volume 21”, track 2).
Bubba talked about the Bubba Army sound sleves, he’s not sure when
they’ll be back.
Preacher kicks people in the face to cure cancer.
The Woodsman used to work with the guy in question, he came into tell the story.
Audio clip of the Preacher in question, Woodsman says he’s not a
ginger, Tara thinks the guy sounds like Sam Kinison.
Bubba thinks they should go the Religious route. show

Bubba aplogized to Ned for having the mix all messed up, he then asked
about the new album, the guys wanted to call it “Ear Grip” for the
album title, Hurricane said it was just an idea.
Bubba thinks he invited a bunch of people to the party last year, but
not everyone showed up, Ned first said he won’t be there, as there wil
be “Too many mizzarks.”
An email about a guy’s son lead to Ned talking about his childhood, he
then recaps an email he’d write in regards to going to the party.
Email: Feddish model wants to kick her slave boy’s balls on the air,
Bubba check out her website.
Bubba recapped some of the things he had to do with Doug Clem, as well
as some of the beatings he had to take growing up.
Ned’s “doug Clem Song” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 15)
Manson’s “Jane and Doug clem Song” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track 7).
Ned’s “Doug Clem Fan Club” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 25)
Aaron, Bubba’s NHRA guy called into talk about racing, Manson was
heard smashing the gong a few minutes into the cal.
Bubba listed some people who have purchased stuff from
Bubba listed all the new people who have asked to go to the party.
Eric in Valpo, Robert Davis, Wallace, Blind Lawrence (Ned says he’s
fun to fuck with), Scout and Big Gulp, Michael Bradly, Terry Horn,
Dorian Bond, Vicky williams, Adam Mclarty, Rich Smith (he has Jose
Cansecko’s number), Kevin James, Chad in Calgary, Heatherwiz and
Brent’s Booger, Ginger the Librarian, Jeremey Nash, Rick Valdez, Steve
and marty, Jennifer and Phillip, Erin Summers, Wagz and Mrs Wagz,
Allan in Indiana, and a guy frm California, Ned thinks it’s “Merry
Twenty-five asked about Robert Cross (buzzard Bob), Bubba said if he
said no, then he means no.
Talkbreak from 98 Rock where a guy talks about the shady side of West
Virginia. (January 04, 2004).
Bubba played some ICP; the mention of Rickey Lake had him wondering
what happened with her.
Article on a woman named Coleen Shannon harboring immigrints.
Buzzard called in, Bubba said he doesn’t want to go back and forth,
Buzzard said he just wants it to stop.
Feddissh slave talks about leather.
Anker wins legal battle over a wet T-shirt contest that appeared in
Hussler magazine.
Audio of the contest in question, Bubba doesn’t like the host of it.
Bubba gets into Twenty-five’s jerking habbits.
World’s smelliest man hasn’t bathed in 38 years.
Audio of a woman giving birth, Ned said he would masturbate to it if
it was the only thing around, Bubba wonders why it was done in the
bath tub; Ned thinks it sounds like a porno.
Ucrane wants to bann “Sponge Bob Square Pants”.
Bubba said “Sponge Bob Queer Pants” is one of his favorite bits.
Manson’s “Sponge bob Queer Pants” (“Morning Domination” disc 1, track
6, and “Bubba Show Classsics Vol. 8”, track 2).
Bubba played the same ICP song he played earlier “The Neden Game”
(“The Great Milenko”, track 12).
Audio clip – Beauty shop students kicked out after doing a bad job of
waxing a woman’s pubes.
BowWow is getting sued by a French porn star.
Bubba checked out a bit of the BowWow video, followed by a bit of
“Drink In My Cup”.

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