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August 13th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Facebook friend of the day is Mychelle Lynch of New Richmond, Minnesota.
Bubba kicked off the show saying today was August 30, 2012,
Twenty-five corrected him, he thinks his microphone sounds horrible.
Bubba wonders what changed since Wednesday; he thinks their board op
at the Bone must be on bath saults.
Jason and Wallis from Bubba Idol are interns at the show.
Bubba said he has a huge announcement concerning the chicken dip today at 8:15.
Emails: When will Regina Hunter be back on, Republicans are trying to
lose the election, Channing Tadum picture, Silter thanked the guys for
playing their music, Vicky from Custom Teeky Huts thanks the guys for
plugging them, and Alex Dixon offered his wrapping services.
Bubba said he made the mistake of giving Danny and Craige strips.
Ron in Leesburg said that a major was killed in Afghanastan on Wednesday.
Bubba said Ned was upset he couldn’t enter the Ford raffle contest,
Ned has an outlander.
Ned likes the fishh tank in the back of his new car, claims that
there’s a sponge in it that looks like a vagina.
Mike in Dextor Maine talked about the show “Stars Earn Stripes”, Bubba
sarcastically said he was hooked.
Something is up with Bubba’s car, he thinks he’ll just drive a
different one home.
2012 Olympics – Who cares? We won.
Bubba thinks if he was President, it would be like a proctle exam.
It’s not pleasant, but it’s needed, he feels foolish for supporting
Franky in Kansas talked about going to a proctle exam, said it was the
best feeling in his life.
Bubba thinks had Romney selected Rubio as his running mate, he
might’ve secretly voted for him, he thinks the selection of Paul Ryan
is horrible.
Audio clip of Paul Ryan’s speech.
Bubba sarcastically thinks Ryan’s name dropping is going to motivate
him to vote for him.
Tony thinks Romeny made a horrible decision.
Buzzard thinks if you don’t for Romney, you might as well vote for Obama.
Pete thinks Romney already has the speech written, he thinks the
Republicans have this mailed in so that Obama will stay in office.
Audio clip – Randy Travis busted for a DUI.
Bubba thinks Randy should make an album about his latest issues,
Manson thinks the album should be called “Paper Suit”.
911 call about Randy Travis.
Audio Clip – Nancy Brinker, founder for Susan G. Koman steps down.
Ned’s Load – “Neditorial – Susan G. Koman”.
Bubba said that Ned has a song for Evan Longoria.
Audio clip – Dwight Howard goes to Los Angeles.
Bubba thinks Dale Earnhardt JR sounds retarded.
Audio clip – Dale Earnhardt JR post race interview, Bubba didn’t care
for the quality.
Audio clip – Amy winehouse’s Ex is in a coma.
Ned’s “Amy Winehouse Peom” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 21”, track 3)
Bubba said that some Bubba Raceway Park T-shirts will be up on
Audio clip – Honey Badger kicked off LSU for posession of pot.
Audio clip – Chad Johnson released from the Miami Dolphins after a
domestic violence.
Dave Miley called in live from the hospital, his wife is going to have
their 2nd child.
The dip is in about 70 Win Dixy locations.
Starting September 08, 2012, you’ll be able to find Buffalo Chicken
dip in Publix, original and Bleu cheese, Sweet heat will be special
James is upset over the injustice over the Stephanie Spurgis case,
Brent said he was there, her lawyers were horrible.
Audio clip – Miami Cannible victim speaks.
Bubba thinks if someone chewed on his face, he’d look half way normal.
Bubba went back to his theory that Dale Earnhardt JR is a retard.
Audio clip – Dale Earnhardt’s post race interview.
Robert in Delaware remembered a time when Dale cursed in front of the camera.
Twenty-five thinks Bubba doesn’t like Dale, Bubba said he likes him,
but feels the guy is mildly talented.
Ned’s song about Evan Longoria, parody of “Dayo”.
Luke in Michigan thinks the bum is a better spokesman than Dale Earnhardt JR.
Audio clip – Prison guard charged with raping a prisoner.
Brian thinks there’s a limit to “No homo”, Bubba eventually viled him.
Audio clip – Breast feeding instructional video is filed as porn.
The guys piled on Twenty-five for liking breast feeding.
Audio clip – Octomom dating for cash.
Audio of Octomom promoting a loan service.
Audio of Octomom on “The view”.
James thinks Octomom’s voice sounds like nails on a chlkboard, he
suggested Ned call her loan service.
Manson’s “she’s the Octomom” (“The clemulus Package” disc 4 track 4,
and “Bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 9”, track 10).
Ned’s “Longo”.
Bubba ran down what will be on the show for the next few days.
The turn out at Tara’s appearance at Circle K was big on Friday.
Bubba ate at Ocean Prime over the weekend, he wants to take Ned there.
Rolly said he’s on his way to Publix, he’s excited for the guys.
Audio clip – new strand of Gonorrhea, the guys cracked up at the
reporter in the clip.
Audio clip – Woman gets denyed service at a massage parler because of
her fake leg.
Audio clip – Priest attempts to kill himself after being found guilty
for touching kids, Bubba shamed the cops for stopping him from
finishing the job.
Audio clip – Bride kills husband on wedding day with a knife to the heart.
Twenty-five thinks this is like what happened with the Crockadile
hunter, Bubba thinks he hangs out with crazy people.
Audio clip – cops forceably remove a woman’s tampon.
Manson’s 9:40 segment – “Maniac Mel” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 16”, track 9).
Bubba thinks if the tampon situation went down the way it was
reported, it’s all bad. Show:

Bubba asked Ned if he’s truly married, Ned said he doesn’t need that
paperwork in his life now.
Bubba thinks Twenty-five isn’t his normal self, Twenty-five said he
did bath saults, he then said he didn’t, as they would’ve heard
The guys goofed on Twenty-five’s accent, Bubba thinks something is
wrong with Twenty-five.
Bubba thinks Twenty-five is thinking about leaving, Tara thinks
Twenty-five is juggling a lot.
Twenty-five thinks he’ll go back to school to take a few courses,
Bubba is unable to put a baring on the situation.
Twenty-five thinks his small stuff isn’t anything bubba needs to worry
about, Bubba thinks if Twenty-five is bugged by Bubba’s constent
questions, he should tell him to stop.
Twenty-five thinks Bubba is a nark, Bubba said he narks on himself
more than anybody else.
Twenty-five talked about the time at Bubbapalooza Calgary (August 14,
2010) when Bubba announced on stage Twenty-five got his dick sucked by
a married woman.
Bubba thinks he’s a bad person and that everyone there should hate
him, he thinks Twenty-five fisted him with his commentary.
Dennis in Canada thinks Twenty-five is gone, he thinks his show will
be left with Manson and Ned.
Bubba wonders why Twenty-five wuld act the way he does, Twenty-five
thinks the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Steve thinks Bubba should prepare for his show, Twenty-five tld the
guy he should prepare for his call.
Mike thinks Twenty-five has gotten upity since he was in studio.
John thinks you can hear it in Twenty-five’s voice, he thinks maybe
Twenty-five has a girl.
Ned thinks Twenty-five has a dead hamster up his ass.
Twenty-five said he’s involved in a relationship, Bubba thinks maybe
that’s why he’s down.
Ron thinks Twenty-five’s girl is telling him Bubba is bad for his relationship.
Ned thinks Twenty-five is upset because two weeks before, he was blown
by a trany and didn’t know.
Nick in Southern California thinks bubba should come back there, he
thinks Twenty-five doesn’t have the timing.
Emmit in Georgia thinks Bubba is being hard on Twenty-five, he thinks
Bubba is feeling sensitive, suggested the guys hug it out, Bubba just
wanted to move on.
Emails: Galaghar on a Geico commercial, deer farming, Nasa’s budget,
woman loves “the two fingered thinggy”, friend has breast cancer, and
Bubba Army sound sleves.
Greg said it’s great to have found the guys again, Bubba said he’s
working on shining up the current app.
Greg asked for some advice on a threesome, Bubba told the guy to not
go to a titty joint. The guy asked about Satellite, buba thinks
Satellite is over them rather than them being over Satellite, he said
they get fucked with more than anyone.
Bubba plugged the sound sleves up on
Erick in Jacksonville asked if a Ned “Yes” T-shirt will be put in
motion, Bubba thinks they should have a new Ned shirt, as they did a
“Yes” one back in the day.
One of the former Kotton Mouth Kings members died over the weekend.
Infomercial on strips.
“Apocalypse Ned – Black Devil” (“The clemulus Package’ disc 1, track 15)
Bubba looks at an updated picture of ensa Carlton, doesn’t care for
what he sees, he then checks out some new rap music.
Sarah Palin audio.
More Penn State news.
Ned’s “Then You Raped Me” and Manson’s “Fuck You Paterno”.

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