Monday, August 09, 2010

August 9th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, August 09, 2010

Hello everyone. Blind Lawrence here providing you with the recap.

Bumper music provided by Dave:

Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones
Domino – Van Morrison
Year of Tha Boomerang – Rage Against the Machine
Alien – Pennywise
Flowing – 311
Ch-Check It Out – Beastie Boys
Attack – 30 Seconds to Mars
Next Year – Foo Fighters
Everything to Everyone – Everclear
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
Stupid Girl – Cold
Farm Fiddlin – Zakk Wyld

Segment 1 – Bubba VS O&A Fans

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing. Bubba started off
by saying it was a stressful, heat-filled weekend, he said the pests
are a bunch of pussies, he said some guy named Ron Par is married to a
Pagan witch, he said some dude out of Bismarck said asked what the
faggy name was on Bubba’s arm, he wonders if Federal Express wants
that on their tab, he said none of the O&A fans could explain why
they’re so great. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sabrina from Jacksonville

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary.
Bubba said that Dan Patrick will be on the show today, he thinks he’ll
have to go to emails in the next segment, he said that supposedly, he
has a Pagan Witch on the phone. Sabrina said she’s a Pagan Witch, she
said she believes in more than God, Bubba said he’s found out that the
guy’s wife is a Pagan witch, Sabrina suggested Bubba just not focus on
it. Spice asked if she’s able to put a spell on her Sabrina said she
could send positive protective energy, she said that any negative
energy gets sent back, Bubba thinks she may have to up it to 9, the
coocoo sound effect was heard in the background. Spice asked if she
drinks blood, Sabrina said no, she said that she met the guys, Bubba
suggested she be the show Witch, he said they’ve got the nines, Ned
said it’s good weed, Brent said its 9% THC, Manson thinks this is
insane, Spice said the Twitter guy really worked him up, Bubba said
he’s really worked up, he’s got the MJ drama, Cowhead/Opie and Anthony
drama, Manson thinks maybe Bubba shouldn’t look at Twitter for a
weekend, he thinks Friday was one of his bigger meltdowns, he wonders
if they’re still employed at Sirius, he said even Howard emailed him
saying he went crazy. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by some Rage against the Machine. Bubba thinks Miller has a gig coming
up soon, he said Miller will be in the finals at Side Splitters, you
can get information on, he thinks Russ and Big Dick will
leave for Calgary on Tuesday, Dave said they’ll be going Wednesday,
Bubba said this will be the first time they’ll do a stand-alone meet
and greet, he said you can watch the Calgary feed on, he
thinks the Ferret was hanging out with Casey Casum. The first email of
the day said the Honky Tonk man is talking smack about the Bubba Army,
Bubba wondered if he’s supposed to be at every airport, Manson thinks
he’ll do it for $500, Spice said he’ll even pay the $5 for the
picture. Another emailer asked about vaccines, Bubba said it’s Another emailer hoped Bubba plane crashes into Joe
the Supermark’s apartment, Bubba doesn’t get how subscribers feel as
if they know everything, Spice said it’s like the people that get
pulled over and say they pay their salary. Another emailer hopes bubba
continues to put the screws to Ober, Bubba said you can’t prove how
corrupted the system is, he thinks they had to be working on this a
long time, he said they need to find someone to run against him, Brent
doesn’t like how MJ’s attorney thinks the cop who got injured is
lying. Bubba said the coins for Cops turned out to be about $12,000,
he said MJ should’ve had it thrown to a jury. Another emailer said
mark Ober is a courted fucker. Another emailer said “East Bound and
own” will start on September 26; Brent said HBO doesn’t work with them
like Showtime does. Another emailer said he showed his girlfriend
pictures of Heather, she liked it. Another emailer asked if they’ve
got tickets for Bubbapalooza New Orleans, Bubba said they’re on The last email of the day asked between Bubba and The Honky
Tonk Man, the emailer said they should make it happen. Stephanie in
Ft. Meyers said she called in Thursday, she said the Aerosmith show
was awesome; she said a couple almost had sex when the show started.
Spice said he went to the show, he said the band just looked odd. We
then heard the 911 call about the Snake that ate the baby, Bubba
thinks that could be beat; he thinks the greatest Boopity could ever
be defeated. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Der Der Challenger, MJ Not getting prosecuted, Bubba’s big
ass bond fire

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said Dan Patrick will be on in about an hour and ten, Spice thinks
he’s all over the place, Bubba said that Alex Sink was out eating
Opossum, Spice thinks that can’t taste good, he said he’d steer clear
of that, Manson said they’re like a big rat, Bubba thinks that meat is
stuff to keep down, he thinks that the Howard 100 News people might be
coming down for the Scene opening night club, he said his favorite
shows if Friday Night Lights, he said he recorded it, he said the DVR
stopped, he wondered if it’s on YouTube, Spice suggested Bubba check
out, Manson said he DVR’s everything. Dan said he listens to
Bubba in Fort Wayne; he asked about Tebow’s haircut, Bubba thinks his
haircut looks ridiculous, Brent said its rookie hazing. We then heard
“Big Tebow” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 8” track 6, ad “the
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 19. Bubba thanked Ned, he said that
someone told him Ned requested a dozen of the sleeveless “Bitch I Told
You” shirts; Bubba thinks he could add that to his rotation. Miller
said he was at the Niagara tap in largo, he said the show started at
7:00, he was the warm up act, he thinks 40 people were there, he
thinks only 10 of them were watching, Spice and Manson acted like
rednecks acting disgusted with Miller’s performance, Miller thinks his
nap on Friday was a mistake, he said if he wins Wednesday night, he’ll
go to Vegas, Bubba said Side Splitters has it all worked out, Spice
joked that it’ll be like getting one more round. Miller said he’s one
of twelve people, he said the judges go on Originality and audience
reaction. Greg Lennoard said Usack got their heads stuck up their
butts; he thinks bubba has had better weekends. Bubba said he’s never
seen a car cause a yellow while passing, Greg said it’s not right,
Spice asked what was going on, he sounded bummed out when asking about
the gong not being in the studio. Doug said he was at the Puntagorda
raceway, Bubba said Kevin Williams is fantastic, the bell was heard in
the background. Bubba said they need to do the der der challenge,
Manson thinks they just did that. Bubba thinks he should put “Dueling
Der Ders” on a loop (“bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14. We then
heard the 911 call about the snake eating the baby, Spice said on the
surface it’s not that strong, the guys goofed on the guy in the call.
We then heard the challenger, Bubba said it’s some rednecks talking
about Obama, Spice said it’s the most redneck situation, Brent said
this was during the primaries. We then heard the clip, where a woman
thinks Obama is an Arab, the guys were cracking up at this, Bubba
thinks it sounds like the Doug Clem fan club gathering, Spice as a
redneck said this was his favorite song.

1. Frank – challenger
2. Steve – Challenger
3. Russ – Challenger
4. Mike – challenger
5. Kim – Challenger
6. Jason – Challenger
7. Steve – Challenger
8. Joe – Challenger
9. Madison – Challenger
10. Rob – Challenger
11. Adrian – Challenger

Bubba said he’s going to have to erase the snake call, as they have a
new champion. We then heard the new champion, Bubba thinks one of the
guys sound like Ned’s brother, Spice said it’s like having to learn a
new language, he wonders what Hilary would think of that. We then
heard a news clip about Obama putting on a basketball game with some
big names in the NBA, Spice thinks it’s fun for everyone except for
the hurt soldiers, he wonders if they were even in the audience. We
then heard a news clip about a guy who made a dart board that featured
obama, Bubba wonders why that’s news worthy, Spice said they haven’t
changed anything, he said it’s all the same thing. Bubba thinks the
lines will be slammed for this topic, he said this just proves the
good old boy network is big in this town, he said this is over the
lack of prosecution of MJ, he wonders what Michelle’s role was. Spice
said when the story broke, he was divided on the end result, Manson
said if you put a side by side with the hog situation, they’re two
different things. Bubba said there’s no state statute on animal
cruelty if you kill the animal in the way it’s supposed to be killed,
Brent said the entertainment part is not found anywhere in the
statute, Bubba said that since MJ owned the van, it’s his property, he
then read the state statute on that, 806-01, subsection 2.

“Any person who willfully and unlawfully, or while in the commission
of any felony, by fire or explosion, damages or causes to be damaged
any structure, whether the property of himself or herself or another,
under any circumstances is guilty of arson in the second degree, which
constitutes a felony of the second degree.”

Bubba said he got a text from someone saying that Phil Campbell is
drunk, MJ is an arsonist, and Ober is corrupted, Brent said there’s
nothing they can do about it. Bubba said he invites mike Deeson to
investigate guys like Fitzgibbons
, Brent said they’ve all gotten the sweetheart deal from Ober’s
office. We then heard a news clip about MJ not getting charged, Bubba
said that even a Television station in Cincinnati covered this to
highlight celebrities getting away with stuff. We then heard a news
clip from Channel 10 about that, bubba said J has done nothing for the
first responders, Spice wonders who is in charge over there, Brent
said there is some kind of FCC violation, Bubba called Fitzgibbons a
snake in the grass, he told people not to forget this when Ober is up
for election. John on protection thanked Bubba for all the support
he’s given fire fighters; he said he’s very disgusted,
Bubba said he’s never read an insurance claim. Steve on protection
thanked Bubba for all he does, he said he agrees with the previous
caller, he said what was done was Arson, he said he would’ve arrested,
he said suggested Bubba just burn his dock. Bubba said they’ll be
doing “bubba’s Big Ass Bond Fire”, he said his will look like a kiss
concert, he said it has to be in Hillsborough county, he said he’ll
have some sell it for one day, Manson thinks it’s a good deal, he said
he’ll have himself pre-arrested, he told Ober he’ll promote it, he
said they’ll even stream it live on, he said his wife has
never slept with Ober. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Dan Patrick calls in, various callers

Bubba said they’ve got Dan Patrick on the phone, he said Dan goes way
back. Dan came on saying Bubba was on in 102, Bubba was shocked that
Dan knew that, Dan thinks Bubba went to Indiana because of Larry Byrd,
he said he brought a date to a hotel that Larry Byrd ran, he said he
went to Dayton to do a drive-by of Larry’s house, he said he shot a
basket that had just a hoop. Bubba remembers the time when they called
Larry Byrd (December 7, 2009), Dan said Byrd doesn’t strike him as a
9:00-5:00, he thinks Larry would like fishing and drinking beer. Bubba
remembered the time when he was at a game with Larry, he remembers
Larry yelling at the TV, Dan said he didn’t mean to get him off track,
he said he’s a Midwest guy, he asked Bubba to give him cities he
wasn’t fired from, he thinks Bubba is like a minor league baseball
player, he said you have to have the small markets, Bubba went over
his record of getting fired, Dan thinks bubba is better for it, he
said he remembered when Howard reached out to Bubba, he said he
listened to Howard ever since the mid 80’s, he said he started
listening to Bubba’s show. Bubba said he had a meeting with Howard,
they talked about it for about 90 minutes, Dan said it’s cool that
Howard knows him. Bubba thinks all of his guys jelled with Howard’s
guys, he said they’re loyal; he said Howard had never had stuff like
that. Dan asked where radio goes from here, he thinks doing Satellite
VS regular is something, Bubba said he doesn’t know where it’s going,
he thinks the delivering method is changing by the minute, he thinks
you have to be in the content business, he said he sometimes cringes
at the stuff he did back in the day. Dan wonders what the challenge is
now, Bubba said the new thing is the PPM, he said the nice thing about
internet or Satellite is you don’t have ratings, you have subscribers
who pay for it, he asked him if he’s had any PPM stuff, Dan said he
didn’t want to be notified of that, he said he is who he is, he
doesn’t want to do anything different because someone tells him to, he
said he doesn’t care if his guys don’t shower or not. Bubba said he
just did a pilot for WGN, he thinks it will get green lighted, he then
recapped what he’s got on the show, Dan joked it would be a normal
weekend, Bubba said it’s really easy, Dan said he’s always wondering
how much longer something is, Bubba said he’d take the earpiece out,
Dan said it’s tough to sound natural with someone talking to you all
the time, he said his producer is always telling him to be nice to
Mark Cuban, he said he loves having Tony Stewart on the show, he
thinks Tony is his kind of guy. Bubba asked him if they’ve had Kevin
Harvick on, Dan said he’s had him on. Bubba asked about Bobby Knight,
Dan said for a while, Bobby hated him, he said Bobby called him on the
last day at ESPN, Bubba thinks Bob throwing a chair makes for great
Television, he asked him how many stations he’s on, Dan said about
225. Bubba said he’s gay for Farve, Dan said it Farve is a woman, how
long would they stick with it, Bubba said Farve is the girl that’s so
hot, the ass factor is great, he thinks people will give him a pass if
Farve just said that he’s 40 and doesn’t need to go to two a days.
Bubba wondered what Farve does next, he wonders if he’ll be a
broadcaster, Dan said Farve doesn’t do a suit and tie, yet he wore a
suit. Bubba asked about Gruden, Dan said he likes him, he doesn’t like
how Monday Night Football says everything is a great team, he told
Tony Dungy to be on TV more, he said he was guard in Basketball. Bubba
asked him when he graduated, Dan said 1975, he joked that he was Mr.
Basketball, he said his coach hated him, he said if you’re a parent,
you should pause when you talk with the coach. Bubba asked about Bill
Levy, Dan said he doesn’t want to hear that now. Bubba asked if
Holmgren can do anything in his job, Dan thinks Thompson is entrenched
in Green Bay. Bubba said when he was out of a job, he talked to
heather constantly, Dan said his kids get him a beer when he walks in,
he said he had to live in Connecticut because of ESPN, he said there
are times he wishes he could see it, sometimes he wishes he couldn’t,
Brent said Dan’s producer was a guy he worked with, Bubba said he
could talk to him forever. Gary said the bond fire could get out of
control, Bubba said he thinks he could be charged with an unlawful
burning, he said mark has drawn a line in the sand, he said he wants
to get arrested and see the law not get applied equally, he said he’ll
challenge Ober to arrest him. Mark suggested Bubba get a bunch of
homeless guys in Bubba merch and picket MJ’s studio. Dave said the Dan
Patrick interview was awesome, he said MJ is a hack; Bubba thinks
maybe he can do ten vans. Jim thinks the EPA will figure into this,
Bubba said he’s trying to make it as similar as he can. Nemo said he’s
a retired attorney, he said unlawful means there would have to be some
kind of criminal intent, Bubba thinks it would be considered a crime,
as he did it before with no issue, Nemo said J intended to burn, Brent
said the guy on the phone is a defense attorney, he said the State
Fire marshal disagrees with him, he said it says “Under any
circumstances”. Bubba thinks they should throw it to a jury, he said
usually the state would want to go after the bad guy, he said it’s
opposite of what is going on, he said the people got screwed. Tony on
protection said he was in the court room during the plea deal, he said
it seemed very shady, bubba said its usual something like Bears VS
Packers, he said this is just not fare, the guy said the community
Service hours were ridiculous, Bubba thinks this will fire back on
Ober and MJ, he thinks it’s fired back on them. Deion in Lakeland said
this MJ guy is paying people off, he’s getting away with everything,
Bubba said Basil marceaux got defeated. Scott asked if the van had
tires, Bubba said yes, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Bubba vs. CelestialRaine from Twitter

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch I Told
You”. Bubba and Spice came on doing the “Bitch I Told You” about mark
Ober, we then heard Manson’s “Bubba Radio Theatre – MJ Calls Mark
Ober”. Bubba said they had no idea that Manson would be a visionary
with that offering, he said that supposedly, the Pagan he talked about
earlier is on the line, Spice wonders why anyone would want to be a
Twitter tough guy. Celestial came on, Bubba wondered how he can verify
it; she said it in fact was her. Bubba said he offered Ron a chance to
come in, Christina said that bubba crossed the line by threatening
someone’s job, he had to turn her down as she was going on and on, the
delay was hit a few times, Spice said no wonder the guy gets into
Twitter wars, Bubba said she’s a fat bitch, Spice picked up and told
her she was off air, telling her not to curse, he said if she does it
one more time, they couldn’t continue. Bubba said he can’t allow those
kind of words on the radio, she thinks Bubba is giving her audience
half truth, she said her husband never listens to the show; she said
he’s entitled to listen to whoever he wants. Bubba said it’s his
account, Ron seeked him out, he felt as if the guy did something he
didn’t like, he said nobody wants to man up and admit a mistake, she
then got Eviled, he called her a white trash Witch, Spice thinks she’s
putting a spell on them, Manson thinks she’ll block Bubba from his own
account, Spice said he enjoys getting into this stuff. Bubba said if
you’re going to be a dick, it’ll get turned around on you, he said if
the Bubba Army finds your data, it’s on you. Brent said he likes
finding out what people are about, Spice suggested they have Twitter
intervention; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – UFC 117 discussed, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation.
Bubba said that the pictures concerning Brett Farve’s penis is in fact
his, Spice wishes he actually sent pictures, we then heard a clip
about that, Bubba thinks the clip does nothing, Manson said this is
just second hand hearsay from some dumb bitch. Edward in Tampa said
his Brother has a drinking problem, he took him in after he was
homeless, he said in April, the guy came home drunk, he got hit a few
times, the guy threatened to kill all his animals, Bubba told the guy
to take a breath. The guy said that he video tapped the incident, he
brought a copy of the incident to the cops, the charges were dropped,
the guy got Eviled a few seconds later, Bubba said this is torture.
Bill in Calgary asked if the guys will sell merchandise, Bubba said
yes, Spice goofed on the guy a little. Bill said he almost didn’t make
it, as he had Colon cancer, he told Ned he loved the Lesbian convoy
song (“Morning domination” disc 2, track 12, and “Ned’s parody songs
Vol. 2”, track 10). JR in Jacksonville said he loves the show, he
asked if the guys watched UFC 117, Manson said it was great, JR thinks
the event was a Pay-per-view to see Anderson Silva. Bubba asked what
was wrong with the phone system; Dave said cell phones tend to block
stuff out. Brent said the matchup for UFC 118 is going to be something
they’re looking forward to. Justin said Silva got destroyed, bubba
said he pulled the rabbit out of the hat, Justin thinks it would be a
great rematch, Bubba hung up on him, saying he was drunk by 10:00, he
then read about a guy who was caught with his pants down in a park
with a dummy, he thinks the guy looks like Ned trying to dress like
Hogan, Ned thinks it’s a victimless crime. Bubba asked if they had a
clean version of “Ned’s Blowup Doll”, Spice said no (“Bubba Wanna
corndog?” disc 1, track 18, “N.F.C” track 17, and “Ned’s Crank Calls
Vol. 1”, track 5). We then heard a news clip about a man who killed a
baby by punching it, the guys cracked up at the woman in the beginning
yelling for jailhouse justice, Spice thinks it’s the greatest sound
bite ever. We then heard a news clip about a girl who got in trouble
for posting pictures of himself, Bubba said some guy took a picture of
some girls flashing people, the girls were 17 years old, Spice thinks
it kind of sucks, he said the last thing to think of his how old they
are, Manson said it’s a waste of time, Bubba said there are other
things going on, Spice said they should’ve given that to Mark Ober.
Allie said last night she went shopping with some friends, they were
told they had to leave their stuff because of a power outage, some
cops pulled up, it was a bomb threat, they weren’t let in, all the
stuff was put back, she then got Eviled a few seconds later, Spice
thinks the women these days should go to finishing school. Frank
thanked Sting Ray Chevy, he got a new car over the weekend, Bubba
thinks it’s the anti car buy experience. Bubba thinks we should just
leave Afghanistan, he said we should let the rag heads fight it out
over there, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary,
followed by Ned’s “three Little Pigs Muslim Call” from “bubba’s new
and Misc hits Vol. 1”, track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1,
track 19. In the first call, Ned talks to a guy about the Muslim
community complaining about the Three Little Pigs. He calls the guy a
dirty Jew hater, he then said he re wrote the story, “The Three Little
Muslims”. The first Muslim built his house out of camel shit; he got
hung up on after that. In the second call, he says the second Muslim
built his house out of donkey piss and mud. In the third call, he said
the big Bad Jew called in an airstrike; he then calls the guy crazy.
In the fourth call, he said he caught his wife doing “this Little
Piggy”, he cut her clitoris off. The guy thinks Ned is Eddie Murphy;
Ned wishes a thousand camels would shit Pork Rinds on his Mother’s
grave. In the fifth call, he tells the guy about Abu dice clay, but
gets hung up on. In the last call, he has a song for the guy that
parodies “Go Getter”, where he calls the guy a Sand Nigga; he gets
hung up on after that. We then heard the Price is Right music, Bubba
said he’s not sure what went through and what didn’t, he thinks
they’re livelihood could be destroyed on someone making an error. We
then heard a news clip about ten people dying in Afghanistan, Bubba
thinks Big dick is a dumbass, he didn’t think he had to be like an on
defense hockey goally, he said if Jessey Jackson doesn’t get a hold of
the show, they’ll be back tomorrow. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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