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August 6th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Facebook friend of the day – Mike Steadman of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Emails: Guy talks about the VP, Listener saw Bubba at the ballgame on
Friday, and a guy wants to put the Bubba Army logo on his debit card.
2012 Olympics – Guy with carbon legs has an advantage.
Bull mounts a man who led it across the yard.
Negative Mike doesn’t like how this guy is in the Parolympics.
Former NBA ref told to stop gambling.
Bubba thinks Artie’s suspention was a miscommunication.
Audio clip – Blade runner.
Audio clip – MMA should be an Olympic event.
Audio clip – Andy Reed’s son found dead.
New FTE Mudflaps will be on soon.
Replay of the Artie Lange interview from Wednesday’s IO show.
Man illegally transports deer seamen.
Audio clip – Spports guy in Jacksonville complains about Bob Costis.
Audio clip – Susan G. Koman distorts stats on Mamograms.
Ned’s Load – “Neditorial Susan G. Koman”.
Dr. Mark will be on tomorrow.
Teacher’s aid has sex with 18 year-old in Oklahoma.
Audio clip – Teacher says she can’t help herself having sex with hot boys.
Audio clip – NBC apologizes for an ad showing a monkey doing gymnastics.
Bubba is tired of people saying black people look like monkies, he
calls white people monkies.
Randy said they showed that commercial during the opening of the
Olympics, he doesn’t get why it’s an issue now.
Caller doesn’t have a problem with the commercial.
Audio clip – Chimp asks zoo visitors to set him free.
Video of Ned talking with a cutout of Kevin Hayslett.
Bubba and Brent talked about the latest season of “Dextor”.
Season 7 trailor of “Dextor”.
Andy in Long Island said that apes, chimps, monkies and humans all
have a common gene.
Audio clip – Man acts as his own attorney in Court.
Anthony asked if Dee Snyder represented himself when putting a
parental advisery on his albums, Brent said he was testifying in
Audio clip – man soots his wife as she is suffering.
Deltona man gets stabbed by his wife over cheating. The man is 72 and
the woman is 27.
Audio clip – Man wants to have ssex with a 16 year-old girl.
Audio clip – Josh Hammilton on ESPN talking about his struggles.
Woman dumps bacon grease on her boyfriend.
Audio clip – Penn State will be coming back.
Ned’s “then You Raped Me”.
Manson’s “Hey Joe Paterno”.
John Travolta has denyed sexual intercourse taking place on a cruise ship.
Dock, the fabricator of the stars calld in with an update, the wheel
is almost done.Warren Sapp sold his Air Jordan collection to pay his
child support.
Bubba recapped the show’s history with Warren Sapp.
Warren was paid roughly $25,000 a year to come into the show on Mondays.
Bubba and Warren did a commercial where the ywere in a bathroom, one
guy looks down and comments how big it is, the other guy says that the
girls love it, it’s a tounge and cheek reffrence to the penis.
Bubba wanted Warren to take a picture with his friend Dan, Warren came
back with “I don’t flick bitch.”
Every time this story would come up on the show, people would call in
with stories.
“Bubba Rips Warren Sapp” (“Public Enema #1” disc 2, track 18).
Ned’s “have They Traded Sapp yet?” (Parody of “How You Remind Me” by
Nickelback, not in the catalog)
Manson’s “Sapp’s High” (“The Fat And The Furious” disc 2, track 7)
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Bubba Saw” (“Bubba show classics Volume 14”, track 3).
Rob said his Mother-in-law worked at a stadium where Sapp was at, Sapp
said no to an autograph.
Don said hs friend caught a ball, he saw Warren in a locker room and
joked with him about a pass, Warren flipped out on the guy. Show:

Jay Mohr will be on tomorrow’s show, he’ll be promoting his new app.
“Clusterfuck Radio” with Manson & Donna tonight at 6:00 PM.
Bubba said he doesn’t feel so great today.
Rustle Brand smoking Heroin on camera, wants the drug lifestyle.
Man arrested for exposing himself to a truck driver, claims he was man scaping.
Olympic athlete’s parents are getting their house forclosed on.
Aaron in Kentucky said the show is apart of his life, he said Courtney
Force won her first race yesterday, he’s seen more guys playing with
themselves while driving than he’s seen tits.
Austin said he was watching “Black Dynamite”, it reminded him of
“Blackman”, Manson said he modeled Blackman after Sammeul El. Jackson.
Trailor of Season 7 of “Dextor”.
If Bubba was in a murder bind, he’d let Tara suck his cock to get out of it.
Mike in Dextor maine thinks this is rividing conversation, he thinks
some of Bubba’s statements will be used against him.
Mike suggests a new punishment – if a guy isn’t working hard enough,
take him to the woods and suck him off, keep going until it’s raw,
Bubba had no idea what Mike was talking about.
Adam commented on Dextor.
Cornbread saw a woman dildoing herself for about 30 minutes.
Twenty-five came in, he’s tried to get into “Dextor”, he has the
episodes saved on Netflix, Bubba is big on Apple TV now.
Long Island Banana importer probed by customs for his role in a
Cocaine fueled sex party that resulted in a death.
Audio clip – Cliterectames.
Bubba asked where Tara’s husband cums, Twenty-five thinks Tara’s ass,
Ned thinks he cums on his own face.
Josh in Warsaw had a story about a guy who was jacking off wile
driving; he had a car accident because of it.
Josh, bubba and Tara talked about indiana, Bubba said if he could, he
would quit radio and coach football.
Old 98 rock talkbreak where Bubba talked to Tammy Robbinson.
Bubba said he can do the show via cell phone, but his shits are coming
on strong, it just creeped up on him, he has to go really bad, Ned
suggested Bubba just take his pants off now.
Bubba was on via the phone, he told the guys to host the sow while he
was in this forum, his phone cut out a few times, Tara thinks he won’t
get coverage.
Bubba was live from the bathroom, Ned was heard egging him on, Bubba
said that it was like soft serve ice cream, Ned was heard booing him.
Twenty-five asked what he missed when he was gone, Tara gave him a recap.
Manson sticks to comedies when he watches TV, “workaholicks” and “Tosh
Point Zero”, Tara marked out to Curb.
Twenty-five likes “sons of Anarchy”.
Tara isn’t a big TV person, Manson thinks “It’s Always sunny In
Philadelphia” is one of the funniest comedies out there, Tara said her
husband likes it.
Ned loves reruns of “Hee Haw”, he then complained about the lack of
quality Bubba’s shit was.
Twenty-five thinks he’ll shit himself one of these days.
George in maryland said Tara saying “Shut up Ned” is annoying.
Calvin the Cowfucker had a question for 1800AskBrent, he asked about
the deer seamen, he wondered how he could produce a video of his own,
Ned said he could make it so he could give it to Grady Judd.
Calvin explained how he made cows climax, to the point of even
squirting, Tara thinks the cow is just pissing on him.
Brent said that Texas doesn’t have any laws prohibiting sex with animals.
Ned described throwing a rope around a cow’s back and making love to it.
Bubba told Ned they want to shoot a new staff photo, Ned would be
interested in carrying a chicken with him.
Emails: Smoke was busy driving over the weekend, listener thinks the
guys would love the Philippines, listener complemented Colin, Rick and
Nick on their job filling in for Shannon urke on Friday, guy wants
suggestions for what to do during his vacation in Florida, and one of
Bubba’s classmates from College congradulated him on all his success.
Bubba wondered what happened with Carry Gray, the guy who got him into radio.
Guavaween parade is gone.
Audio of Carry talking about a closed restaurant.
Bubba said Carry used to get high, Tara thinks he looks the way he used to.
Audio of Carry celebrating Claws’s birthday.
Bubba said Carry was married to a Lesbian, he has a kid.
Tara thinks Carry was obsessed with the Jay giles Band.
Bubba wonders what life would’ve been like had Doug Clem and Jeff
stayed together, he thinks he probably wouldn’t have been in radio.

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