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Top Stories:
Publicist: Bret Michaels still in critical condition
Police: Conn. man in feud placed fake orgy ad
Domestic quarrel ends with victim beaten and stabbed and house set afire
Utah murderer Gardner chooses death by firing squad
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer needs lesson in patriotism after defending new immigration law

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with audio of The Rays winning. Bubba said they
blacked out most of the Saturday games, he then went on to recap some
sports scores, Brent said they had to do green white checkered flags
with Tony Stewart. Manson said that Friday night was great, they sold
out both shows, they just need to figure out where to go. Bubba
wonders if anyone got awakened by the big storm, Manson said it’s
crazy. Manson said he’s excited about Trace racing, Bubba said not to
try and diet on your birthday, he said he needs to hit the brakes, he
said he put on three pounds. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Ed Graziano Jail fight

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Power Pig Hello”
shirt. Bubba said the music was provided by Dave Rice, he said he had
two people come up to him and talk about Paper Tongues, Spice said
it’s cool to see the performance in studio. Judy in Port Charlotte
said that it’s been bad since 1:00; she went on to say that she was
watching the E! Special on Hulk Hogan, she thinks Bubba looked good
during that. Bubba asked Spice how the Penthouse club appearance went,
Spice said it was good, Bubba said they’ll bring the Wonka winners
there, he thinks he got drunk, he said he tried some patrone, but he
didn’t like it, he then said he liked the vaporizer on Friday, Brent
said he’ll send him the link. Bubba said after the Satellite show, he
noticed he was going 55 mph, he said he realized he was in the middle
lane, not really caring, he said he kind of feels Manson. John in
Orlando said he went to the early show, he said he enjoyed it, he
wondered if Amanda was there, Brent said yes, he said she was the
drunkest, until Brandon from American Trailers beat her to it. The guy
said that he sat behind Ned, he said his wife looked up on Wikipedia,
he said that Manson does the voice of Ned, Bubba said he’s glad that
Wikipedia has it all figured out. Bubba thinks Manson comes out as
Jesus just to get people fired up. Bubba said he was bummed out that
Brent didn’t give him a full report on the show; he said he was
thinking about it, he thought Brent would give him an update, Brent
apologized for that. The first email of the day said they’re diehard
fans of the show, Bubba wonders if Hue is the new guy that likes the
show from Ice Road Truckers, he then said the most expensive tickets
for Bubbapalooza Canada will be $79, he said that they’ll have the
Meet and greet the night before the event, he said just show up with a
ticket, and you’ll be fine. Another emailer thanked Bubba for talking
about engines. Another emailer said that a cop was struck by a drunk
driver; Bubba wished the cop involved would make a speedy recovery.
Another emailer said her boyfriend is hooked on the show. Another
emailer suggested a Bubba Army helmet wrap. Another emailer said they
went to Metro PCS, they loved they’re experience. Another emailer said
they used the promo code, no problem. Another emailer said they saw
Rob Terry working out, Bubba thinks TNA is coming out with a new
ranking system, he thinks he’ll be the first fired. Another emailer
said they got a drive shaft, they love it. Bubba said that Ed Graziano
got into another jailhouse fight, we then heard a news clip about
that, Spice thinks the winner gets transferred, while the loser goes
to the hospital. Bubba said that you know you’re screwed when you try
and strangle yourself with the seatbelt. Spice said when Nick was in
jail, Ed was the first guy to say “Too bad, so sad”, Bubba asked to
get audio of that. We then heard “Telephone Tough Guys” from “Bubba
show Classics Vol. 10”, track 7. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers, execution discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ladies Bubba Army
Burnout shirt. Bubba plugged the latest stuff on, he
thinks Tasha will like the Burnout shirt, Spice said it’s the best
looking girl shirt they’ve ever done, Brent said he’ll get Amanda one.
said he’s seeing more and more of the Ned Dragons shirt, he then went
on to say that Balloon Boy’s parents will have to pay $36,000, he
wonders if the South Park episode was censored, Brent said Trey and
Matt turned it in raw, he said it was beeped for their safety, Spice
said having it censored was the beauty of it, Manson said that must be
the whole point of the episode, Bubba wonders if Muhammad is that much
of a prick, Brent said that a woman suggested everyone draw Muhammad
on May 20, then post their works up on the internet. The guys discuss
famous white guys in Football; Spice said he can’t really think of
one. Bubba said he’s looking for some under cover people that live in
Calgary to email him, he asked that people sign up for Twitter, he
said he’ll ship some tickets, the person will then put them some
places, he said he got the idea from Shaque, he said he’ll try to give
about 100 seats away, Spice said Dana White does stuff like that. Jim
in British Columbia said he heard on the radio locally that the Honky
Tonk Man will be in town, Bubba said he’s a wash up; the guy thinks
Bubba will fill the seats in Calgary. Bubba took a call from a guy who
asked if Jerome showed up at Wall mart, Bubba said no. We then heard
“Talk Dirty to me”, Bubba read that Brett Michaels is in critical
condition over bleeding near his brain, he then went over some
birthdays, Spice thinks Carole Burnet is ugly, Bubba said gingers are
either hot or ugly. We then heard a news clip about a guy who elected
to get killed by firing squad, Bubba wonders how it goes down, he
thinks you get shot 6 times, Brent said it’s five guys in Utah. Bubba
wonders if a bullet hole in the heart will kill you instantly, Spice
thinks it’s a few seconds of down time, Manson proposes they have a
wheel that selects the body, Brent described how it goes down, Manson
said it’s like them against Tom Taylor (February 26, 2010). Bubba
thinks hanging is quick, he thinks his head would pop off like a pez
dispenser. Spice thinks the most violent one is the Electric chair,
Bubba said that Electricity will get you. We then heard the Family
Feud music, Bubba said that the game show held auditions; he likes how
Richard Dawson dealt with the female participants. John in Dayton said
there’s no downtime after getting shot in the heart. Bubba asked about
a hanging, John said you’re dead, as it snaps your seventh and eighth
vertebra, he went on to say that you’ll feel the electric chair for
about three seconds; Spice wondered if this is Bill Nye the Science
Guy. John said lethal injection will normally have the vanes twitching
and burning, Spice said he’ll take that over getting the chair. Big G
said he shot a deer in the heart; he said your brain still knows
what’s going on. Spice said he’s heard that when you die, your eyes
still work, Bubba thinks the firing squad would blow your chest cavity
out. Joe in Ft. Meyers said you’ll have about four to six minutes of
suffering after the firing squad, Bubba thinks it’ll be messy. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said when you take a shot to the heart, it
takes a pump out of the system, he said it’s similar to that of
getting choked out. Bubba said his Mom almost had 100% blockage, the
guy said he fixes what she had. Bubba asked about blood work, he asked
if there’s a level, the guy said not until the point when you’re
having a heart attack, he said Bubba does enough cardio, he said the
fat is the problem. Bubba thinks the first caller on the subject was
whacked, he then told the people of Ft. Meyers to enjoy the Family
Feud, Manson thinks Steve Harvey is a whore, Bubba thinks that’s why
they’re not in Richmond anymore. We then heard “First Family Feud”
from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 5” track 10, and “Political CD”, track
15. In the game, it’s the Ragons Vs. The Clintons. Ronald is asked
what’s on a woman’s dress, he guesses an address, and gets buzzed. The
Clintons take control, Bill says cum stains, they decide to go with
buttons; they end up getting it right. Roger is up in the Lightning
round, he gets all answers correct. Bill is next, but ends up losing.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Immigration, woman kills kid

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Twenty-five Cent and
Tom the Treeman’s appearance at a Bull riding event this Saturday.
Bubba said don’t look for anyone to come to the rescue of Mississippi,
he thinks we won’t have a concert for them, he said we want to help
Haiti, he said he didn’t seen any networks do anything for the Coal
Miners, he wonders when the trend of helping other people in other
Countries, he said he’s got other stuff to do here he proposes they
blow up Haiti, he then went on to say that Jeff Gordon is angry over
something, we then heard a clip of Jeff’s in-car radio, Manson thinks
he’ll listen to the in-car radio more often, Brent said he’s never
heard Jeff get chippy. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with
immigrants getting pulled over, we then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba thinks the guy in the news clip got tongue-tied, he thinks
Democrats are pussies on immigration laws, Manson thinks no one is
tough on that, Bubba got distracted with the Mississippi footage, he
thinks it’s worse than Haiti, he said this is our Country, he said
profiling for the most part works, he said the Constitution is just
for those who are legally over here. Adam said he won trivia for the
Pagan Potheads, he said he saw Brent the next day; Bubba said they
hope to do just one thing next year. Nelson in Jacksonville said this
was cause some problems, Bubba said life isn’t fare, he said his
problem is with the illegal immigration, he has no problem with doing
it legally, he said it’s a cycle, he told the guy to not patronize
him, he said he’s a fat white guy who sees your Country going down the
tubes, he said sometimes you have to be the dick. Heather in Orlando
said that her family got pulled over by the border patrol, as her
husband looks Asian, she said it’s ridiculous. Bubba asked how many
times they got pulled over, she said three, she said it was about
ten-fifteen minutes, Spice goofed on her saying that it smells. David
in Sarasota said the Federal Government has refused to anything, which
is why Arizona has had to pick up the flack. Bubba told the people of
South Florida to call in, we then heard a news clip about a woman who
strangled her daughter, Bubba wonders how broken you are to do that,
Manson said it’s only a three year-old, Spice thinks she could’ve
killed herself, Bubba said that this goes back to Manson’s theory to
pre-qualify, he said they should’ve tied her tubes, he thinks the guy
in the clip is mentally challenged, he said if you’re doing a good
deed but won’t show your face on TV, it’s probably not a good deed, he
said the kid is probably better off, Manson said the kid had no chance
in life, Ned proposes they set her on fire. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers, Bubba discusses Richmond

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Clem’s Creek – Ned’s Sex
Dungeon”. The guys discuss the Marco Rubio situation; Manson thinks
all politicians are opportunists. Bubba thinks you shut some things
down before you cut the cops, Spice said pandering to the cops isn’t a
problem, he thinks we’re shooting ourselves in the foot, he said
people don’t need more stuff on parks, we need more cops. Joe said
that he didn’t know Bubba was on in Orlando until he saw the Super
bowl. Bubba said he proposed the Spanish billboard idea, but it was
shot down, he doesn’t know if they’ll get traction in Miami, he said
people are set in their ways. Joe said he heard Bubba taking Lunsford
to task, he said he passes Sting Ray Chevy every day, Bubba said it’s
not only the good people on-air, but it’s also the behind the scenes
guys. Joe said when the illegal’s fill out their forms for tomato
picking, they know what to write. Bubba said we should do what Neil
Boortz has proposed; he said we need a tax on goods. Joe asked what
Charlie Crist did that was so bad while he was in office. Bubba told
the guy that the GOP is in shambles. Joe said Spice is probably
working for the toughest boss in Florida, Bubba said the callers try
to dick him out; Spice said it used to be bad. John in Richmond came
on, he said they dropped him like a bad habit, Spice thinks they
should just paste the billboard up in Miami. Bubba said you never know
when your last day in Richmond is, Spice said they had once chance to
say good-bye to the audience in Ft. Meyers back in the day. John
thinks they should snipe it, which means to put something up there
that says you can listen on line. Bubba said Richmond did nothing, he
thinks he should be quiet. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Drew Garabo calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into “Can’t Stop the Breeding”. Bubba told Brent he needed to get to
the studio, he asked that you become more Twitter friendly, he said
he’s got Drew Garrabo on the phone, he wonders if he can put playoff
tickets up on Twitter, Brent said it would be cool. Drew thinks it’s a
fine idea, Bubba jokingly said he’s gay for him. Drew said no team has
ever lost a 3-0 lead in the NBA playoff history, bubba thinks they can
print tickets, Drew said it proves Orlando is a big team. Drew said
you can purchase playoff tickets when you get season tickets for next
year, he said he was in the new place last week, he said it looks
beautiful. Bubba said that stadiums have progressed, he asked what
they’ve got going on, Drew said you’ll be able to order your food from
an application on your phone; Spice said his girlfriend does that.
Bubba asked about day care, Drew said they’ve got a kid’s zone, he
said currently you have to balance nachos on your lap during the game.
Bubba asked about the corporate seats, Drew said it was a good idea
around 1989, he said the new place will hold about 18 thousand. Bubba
asked the number to get the tickets; Drew said its 407-916-2934. Bubba
said Dwight got into a little bit of trouble for his playing, Drew
said it’s fixable, he hopes it works out for him, he said Dwight is
great for the franchise. Bubba asked if Patrick Ewing is still helping
out, Drew said yes, he thinks he’ll find a head coaching gig. Bubba
thinks Stan Van Gundy is a great guy, Drew said he is. Bubba thanked
Brent and Spice for the questions, Drew said the questions have hatley
written all over them. Brent thinks the Lakers are playing old; he
thinks it’s not Kobe’s issue. Drew said the Thunder is very well
coached, he said he loves them; he said they’re not the Lakers of last
year. Bubba asked about Cleveland, drew thinks it’ll happen, Bubba
said he can’t take Kevin Garnett; he referred to him as “A lippy son
of a bitch”. Drew said he talked to a guy who said there’s nothing
better than beating Boston. Bubba asked how we match up against the
Hawks, Drew said we’ve beaten them 3 to 1, he said they’ve got a point
card who is around 49, Bubba said he always gets extra ass when he
plays the Wild Cat sound effect, he thinks getting Atlanta in the
playoffs is good, Drew said he’s looking forward to that. Bubba asked
if they’ve got Carter locked up, Drew said they could get him; bubba
said he has a big number. Drew said Jason Williams, who didn’t play a
minute of basketball last year, has proven himself to be a point
guard. Bubba asked about the Heat, Drew said if they were healthy,
they’d be a dangerous team. Bubba wondered if Dwight will be a head
case, Drew said no, he thinks he’ll be fine. Bubba asked what happened
with the white guy we let go, Brent and Drew said he was sub-par, Drew
said he signed a deal for five years, at 80 or 90 million. Bubba
thanked Drew for coming on, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for free downloads when
you sign up for the BTLS Newsletter. Bubba said Drew is an ex radio
guy. Joe in Orlando said he’d like to apologize, he said the show was
awesome, he said he was the guy who got his shirt signed, he said he
hugged Twenty-five a hug, he said he must’ve had bad gimmick control,
he said he respects the guys much better. Manson said the guy was
front row and was into it, he said as the evening progressed, it got
worse, he said it was good though, saying the guy yelled words of
encouragement, Ned called the guy a tool. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who posted a phony CraigsList ad about a horny soccer Mom,
Bubba said this is non defensible. We then heard a news clip about a
guy who killed his wife, as she wouldn’t let him watch the game, he
ended up killing her over it. Bubba wonders how Ned hasn’t been
charged with abuse of a corpse yet, he wonders what that rule is
about. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba live in the Bathroom

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Power pig Hello”
shirt. Spice came on, saying they didn’t know what was up with Bubba;
he guesses he had to use the bathroom. Bubba was on the phone a few
seconds later, he thinks he doesn’t drink enough water. Spice thinks
Bubba is under stress, Ned said he always gets Barbie boots. Bubba
thinks he’s paying for Friday night, he said his been up since 4, he
said he hasn’t gone to the fridge, Spice said Bubba is struggling in
there, Ned said it’s bad. Bubba said he needs a good tow minutes to
reset when he’s done. Spice said he’s in and out, Bubba said heather
is like that, he said she can get her business done within a minute,
ned said you have to enjoy it. Spice asked what Bubba is thinking
about now, Bubba said he’s thinking about how disgusted Manson must be
over all this, he wonders if Farve will retire. Spice said they’ll
have Mindi Mcreedy on the show, he said Portor will be having a 30
minute show, Ned thinks Portor will kill it, Bubba said he hates that
guy more than anything, he said he always hits the lotion seven times,
Spice said he’s like that. Bubba called James a jackass, Bubba said he
had a tough time getting in, Ned thinks bubba is just there to glare
at them; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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