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Top Stories:
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd featured in Playboy magazine
Severed dog heads found in Dumpster of Tuscon’s Southwest Grill
Irish recruit, 17, dies after fall in Florida
Five arrested in Trenton gang rape
Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care
McNabb deal has deep draft impact
Browns’ Shaun Rogers apologizes for gun at airport
Why would ‘RapeLay’ thrive in Japan?

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba mad at Carl, Sports, birthdays

Bubba wondered if the guys are just trying to screw with him, he said
it should be exciting, Spice said people should pick stuff that they
like, Bubba said this is a bonehead move on Carl Harris’s part, he
then replayed the song, Spice thinks he just stepped in a Mexican
restaurant, Bubba told everyone to think at least a step ahead, Manson
said he gets it. Bubba then restarted the song, he said it took about
19 seconds before the record scratch sound effect, Spice said it’s
like forever. Bubba thinks Ned is a white man, but with Native
American characteristics, he then said he was in the backyard cleaning
stuff up, he said he feels for the guys who do physical work, he said
he worked for about five hours, he said Heather came out with some
food for him, he said he’s fried, Manson thinks he’s crazy, Bubba said
he needs to keep things half open, as Craig The Bulldog will handle
it, he then said he’d like to see the NCAA game tonight, he thinks
Butler doesn’t have a chance, he then talked about some Warsaw
players, Brent said he has a lot of respect for coach Kay. Bubba
recapped some sports scores, he thinks what Huggins did was touching.
Spice thinks the Rays are looking strong, Brent said they have the
talent to win this year, Bubba wished them the best of luck, he said
he’ll try and make it to more games this year, he then said he’ll have
some an exciting announcement at 8:30, he said he told the people of
Jacksonville to watch out for John Thrasher, he said what he’s done is
very scandaless, Bubba said there’s not a person that this bill serves
except for bail bondsmen, he said they’re hoping to melt the servers
of the two politicians, he then went over some birthdays, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Senate Bill Six discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour on April 23. Mike said he heard Bubba talking about John
Thrasher, he said Senate Bill six is about teachers, he asked the guys
to look into it, Spice thinks some people just want to hear themselves
talk. Bubba wonders if the shuttle went off, Spice thinks it’s the
last morning launch, Bubba said NASA is now going to try and tackle
the big Toyota mystery, he said there may have been a few cases of the
stuck gas pedal, then some copy cats came out, he thinks it’s a big
pile-on. We then heard a news clip about Senate Bill Six, Brent said
he’ll look into it. Spice said the bill takes away tenure for
teachers, Brent said he agrees, saying that teachers shouldn’t be
pressured to pass kids who aren’t interested in learning. Bubba said
he’s heard Brent’s mom is over it, Brent said the lack of caring by
the parents is stunning. Bubba thinks all Thrasher wants to do is just
thrash is way through life. We then heard a news clip about Sean
Rogers with a gun at the airport, Bubba said he originally thought the
guy would come across as a jackass, he then said the guy was very
gentlemanly about it, the guys wonder if he even needs a gun, do to
his size. We then heard a news clip about Donavan Mcnab getting moved
out of Philadelphia, the guys think it’s a big problem, Bubba thinks
The Eagles are idiots. Sandy said she’s a teacher in the county, she
said the profession is being destroyed as it is; Brent said Rhonda
Storms is also behind the bill. Bubba said the teachers are now
becoming baby sitters for someone else’s problem; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Bobby Schindler

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the NC double D’s
contest. Bubba said the monkey is still on the loose, Spice thinks it
would be great to be the guy to catch him, he thinks the monkey would
laugh at Craig and Cocoa, Spice thinks the monkey will make tapes,
Bubba thinks the monkey should have Kevin Hayslett to speak for him,
he thinks the monkey is a business man. Spice said he’d be more afraid
of a Pit-Bull than the monkey, he thinks dog the Bounty Hunter could
catch it, Bubba thinks David Weathers could catch it, he then
remembers Congo the Baboon (June 13, 2008), Spice thinks had David not
controlled the monkey, he would’ve been like the chimp Connecticut.
The first email of the day said they loved the best of, Spice wondered
how you couldn’t listen to it. Another emailer discussed the show
Madhouse, Bubba said he knows about it, he said he doesn’t like the
guy trying to do radio. Another emailer asked where they could get the
interview with Deekin Jones, Bubba thinks it was a long time ago, he
said that’s one of his favorite guests. Another emailer said they’re
Hispanic, but love the show. Another emailer said that Bubba is wrong
about all Catholic Priests, the emailer ended by saying Bob and tom
live on, Brent said if you support the Catholic Church, you’re
supporting child molestation, Bubba thinks that by going, you’re
helping cover it up, he said you can elect your money to not go there,
he thinks he’ll piss off a bunch of people for saying that. Another
emailer said Bubba doesn’t get the press he deserves; he thinks they
don’t have a lot of advertisement in South Florida. Bubba thinks he
should buy his own billboard; Spice likes how Bubba has to threaten to
buy his own billboards. Another emailer asked when the Bubbapalooza
Calgary will happen; Bubba said it will be probably be by today, he
thinks the monkey could do a better job with the website. Another
emailer was about bobby Schindler, saying if the guys only knew. Spice
said they gave him a fare shot, but he ended up hanging up. We then
heard a news clip about Terry Schiavo, Bubba said the problem is the
idiots who make this a big story, he said no one in the media is in
the ball busting business, he then goofed on Bobby, saying they need
to get the word out about his foundation, the guys piled on, Manson
thinks her following the balloon was the best footage. The guys think
a snake could be near her and she wouldn’t notice, Bubba thinks they
should make Blind Lawrence a snake handler, he thinks when Ned is on
his death bed, they should have a story about him, the guys think
Bobby is just lying. Bubba hopes Tiger will shoot 700 under par, he
then wonders if that’s possible, he thinks the only people who are
brain damaged are those donating to Bobby’s Foundation, he wishes
Terry could be the normal one and have this guy be the retarded one,
Manson thinks it’s one of the worst interviews ever, Brent said it’s
horrible, Bubba thinks Bobby won’t pick up. Spice was heard talking
with Bobby, saying they’d like to help out the foundation, he then
said Bobby told him not to call them, Brent thinks he’s a shister.
Spice thinks it would go to voicemail, Bubba thinks bobby is a pussy,
he then said he’ll let him off the hook if he answers some questions.
We then heard “keep her Vegetated” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 6”,
track 12. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tom the Treeman discussions, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pink Bubba Army
skin, Bubba is convinced that Twenty-Five and Jabber Jaw have
something, Ned said he loved Lummox. Bubba said Sirius hits 1 is all
about a forty minute rotation, he said it drives you crazy, he read an
email from someone saying a song is called “I’m Awesome”, the emailer
thinks Tom wrote the song, we then heard it, Manson thinks he’s heard
it, Bubba thinks it’s Tom to a T, he then goofed on Tom, saying that
he’s dumb enough to do an appearance while the guys are on vacation,
Spice as Tom said “I’m Awesome” with the song. Bubba went to Tom, he
asked him how the appearance went, Tom said him being stupid works out
better, he thinks the crowd was there for free food, he said
Twenty-Five Cent drove him, Spice thinks Twenty-Five is the star
power. Tom said he had about four or five autographs, Bubba isn’t sure
if he’s supposed to be at TNA, he then said Portor is on, he said
Portor really pisses him off, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Portor came on saying that he doesn’t want to wait during the Tom the
Treeman stuff, Bubba was yelling over him to shut up, Portor told him
to get a better phone, he said he’s a genius with radio shows, Bubba
thinks Portor would be a liar if he didn’t say that his show is the
best in Tampa, Portor said it’s the guys around Bubba that make it
good. Bubba told him to just go; Portor said he bought a car from
Bobby Schindler in 1995, Spice wonders if the car is just sitting
there, Bubba ended up hanging up on him. We then heard a news clip
about a Seattle woman who is upset over her daughter getting an
abortion, Spice wonders if the school knew she was leaving to get an
abortion. Bubba thinks you have to put your kid in a bubble before
going to school, we then heard a news clip about some track coaches
having sex with students, Bubba thinks a Catholic school. Bubba thinks
modern technology will kill our Country, he said the phone has to have
rules, he wonders how horny does some have to be to do that, the guys
cracked up at some of the people in the clip, Spice likes how no one
is surprised, he said he’ll never forget the creepy teacher in school,
Bubba said he remembers something like that. We then heard a news clip
about a woman who swapped her Ten year-old for cocaine, Bubba thinks
the guy in the clip brings anything down to zero. Bubba thinks we
should decide who should be in charge of the cops, Brent said there
are two bills, the senate bill is 782, and the House bill is 445;
Bubba said he’s nervous having David and Jim on. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jim Coats and David G in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin.
Bubba said that Jim Coats and David G are in the studio, he said the
problem is, lobbyists are doing stuff. Jim said when people want to
change law, they file a bill, however special interest can get
involved, he said the Senate bill is sponsored by John Thrasher, he
said the problem is the name of the bill, if it’s passed, inmate
population will be harder to control. Bubba said he was talking to
David G, who said that the people who were ticketed for open
containers got locked up with people who killed someone earlier, Spice
said he’s been arrested for driving with a suspended license, he said
he doesn’t want to get arrested. Bubba asked David G if someone has a
pre-existing medical condition, David said it’s the tax payer’s
problem. Bubba thinks Jim is Public enemy number one, Jim said in
their pre trial release program has been a successful program, he said
very few people miss court dates, Spice thinks the Bail Bondsmen are
mad over this. David said the purpose off bail is for you to show up
in court. Jim said you can do anything with statistics, Bubba said he
doesn’t want this to go down, Jim said they have to open various
locations, he said it would cost the tax payers about five million
dollars. David said you could either put an ankle bracelet on someone
for eight or ten months, or house them in jail for $81 a day, he said
it would cost about the same. Bubba thinks the bondsmen are doing the
cop’s job, Jim said this is Government working with a private
industry. Spice wondered how this can be stopped, Brent said he’s
drafted some form letters. Bubba said that bondsmen are trying to
limit who gets arrested, he said this bill mandates good people
arrested, Brent said this violates the Constitution. Jim said every
time a bill is filed, there’s an analyzing process, Brent then read
from it. Bob came on saying they don’t have a level issue, he said 30%
of the people arrested have their charges dropped. Jim said it takes
the state several days to file, Bob said you often don’t get your
money back, he thinks this will up their cases by 10-15%, he said they
book about 75,000 people. Bubba said he doesn’t care what you believe
in, he thinks this bill is screwing with the average guy, Jim said
it’s a bad bill. Bob said if you fill the jail up with minor issues,
you won’t have room for the serious issues. Bubba asked for the
listeners to go to, where you can send form letters to your
Congress man, he said he wants to melt Thrasher’s servers. Jim said
that booking sucks, he said you could get caught with a bag of weed,
you’d get ROR’d if you didn’t have any prior convictions, he said he
went to a workshop before the bill was introduced, he said the only
person who supported it was a bail bondsman. Bubba said it’s very
disturbing that this is going on, he said it’s the mindset to tax your
way out of trouble. Matt in Sarasota said he owns some bail bondsman,
Bubba explained to the guy what he sees in it, he said the only person
who would benefit from it would be the Bondsman, Bubba told him to run
for sheriff if he didn’t like it, he said he tried to do that, only
for Jim to kick his ass, this had the guys cracking up. Brent said
he’s concerned over the constitution. Bubba asked what kind of
lawsuits are going to be opened after all this, he said the innocent
guy could just get a ticket, he thinks it’s like legalizing kid
touching, he thinks a server meltdown will wake up guys like Thrasher.
David said the committee meetings are over, Bubba said you should
email the person in your district, Jim said the Politicians pay
attention to thousands of emails. Bubba said he warned people about
Thrasher last year, we then heard the clip from August 25, 2009, where
Bubba recapped John Thrasher’s tactics. Bubba thinks Jim should arrest
Thrasher, Jim said he’s been to his chambers, Spice thinks what John
is doing is Southern Strategies. Bubba thinks he was quite the
visionary on his John Thrasher comments, he told Jim wouldn’t have
voted for Jim had he been a lobbyist, David and Jim thanked Bubba for
giving them the chance to talk. David said the people in custody are
the tax payer’s problem, Bubba thinks the bondsman shouldn’t be
telling the cops how to do their job, he then asked the guys how bad
kid touching is, Jim said there’s a lot that doesn’t get detected.
Bubba said the cops are forced to be baby sitters for a few days with
someone for a minor infraction, he thinks Charlie Crist would veto it
if it went through. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Bubba Rants against Jamie Fox

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba told someone to go get Ned, Ned came in, he said it was
scary to have David G there, Bubba said Ned was in Twenty-five’s
trailor with T-shirts draped over him. Forest thanked Bubba for
bringing this to everyone’s attention, Bubba said he’d like to thank
Jim Coats for that, the guy said that he called Thrasher’s office, he
said due to the complaints, he won’t pursue it, Bubba asked for the
guy’s information, he thinks the whole thing isn’t polarized, he then
read from about the bills, he then Spice is trying to get
John Thrasher on the show, Manson thinks Spice is getting the
run-around, Spice said he was on hold listening to some smooth jazz,
Bubba said he’s been called to go to TNA, Ned said he’s ready to see
Bubba get his ass kicked. Spice was heard saying that no one will talk
to them, he hung up, saying it was a whole lot of nothing. Josh in
Jacksonville said he’s glad he was listening to the show today, Bubba
wonders how many of the bills do they not know about, the guy said he
sent a letter to both of his representatives. Bubba said Sirius and XM
put all their eggs in Howard Stern’s basket, he thinks he shouldn’t be
talking about it, he feels both can coe-exist, he said when you mark
out and pay too much money to people who aren’t radio guys, you’re
going to have problems, he said even Phil Hendrie said these Hollywood
types have their own radio stations, it would be like a radio guy
telling a TV guy what to do, he said he doesn’t like that Sirius gave
Jamie Fox his own channel. We then heard a clip of Jamie Fox talking
smack about Howard Stern, he said Crutch 101 is playing music under
your talk, he said he doesn’t get why they’re doing that, he said he’d
just like to be with Howard, he doesn’t think anyone will call Jamie
and let him know what he did, Brent said no one will make that call.
Bubba wonders how stupid Sirius is, Spice said it’s marking out to
Hollywood. We then heard another clip of Fox saying they’d like to get
a feud going, Bubba thinks Howard doesn’t care for Hollywood, he said
this is why he could never be in charge of a company like this, as
he’d be on the phone with him saying not to talk smack about Howard,
Spice thinks they just stuck microphones in Fox’s office, Bubba thinks
Howard would just laugh this off, Manson thinks Bubba has caveman type
qualities, Brent said problems would be gone if the caveman mentality
would be back, Bubba called Fox a Deputy Dog looking bitch, he thinks
Fox would kick his ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Why Clef discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour on April 23, we then heard a news clip about the Earthquake in
Mexico. Bubba thinks Carl’s bumper music really pissed him off, he
wondered where the support is for California, Spice said no one cares
about Haiti anymore. Bubba read an article about Y Clef raising up to
$10,000,000 for Haiti, Spice thinks he’s looking at all the money,
Bubba thinks he was the visionary for his Thrasher and Haiti comments,
he said brashness kick ass, we then heard “the Devil Went Down To
Haiti” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 13”, track 9. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba thinks
this will be the last time you’ll hear Carl Harris’s selections, he
then played the song from earlier, he then said he participated in
what is on, Brent said Amanda used to work for Senator Jones,
Bubba thinks donna has already done it, he thinks everyone on the web
department will be fired by today, he said they should hire some real
web guys next year. We then heard the clip of Sean Rogers apologizing
for bringing a gun to the airport, saying this isn’t part of his
character. Bubba said he originally thought Sean would come across as
a thug, Spice said if Sean high jacked a plane, he’d stand down. Bubba
said people have been bugging him with a dye cast for his car, he told
Ned he should’ve asked for one, Ned said he liked the attention to
detail, he then dropped the hood, he said he’ll be crashing the one
into the wall, Spice thinks the hood should be smashed in, Ned said
he’ll buy a whole bunch of them and have a race, making Bubba come in
last, this had Spice cracking up. Bubba said there’s a game called
“Rapelay”, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks it’s
pathetic if you like that stuff, Spice thinks you have to be a loser
if you build an imaginary city, Manson thinks the Japanese are sick
people, Brent said they don’t have a problem with over populating
jails. We then heard a news clip about Carl Rove getting yelled at
during a book signing, Brent thinks he’s a nerd. We then heard a news
clip about a seven year-old getting gang raped, Bubba thinks there’s
no rehabilitation for that. We then heard a news clip about a teen who
was suspended over her prom dress, we then heard “the boopity song”
from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 23. Bubba thinks it’s
disturbing that parents need to be reminded about dress code, Manson
said if they didn’t have parameters, he could only imagine what kids
would wear. Spice as a black girl said she’d like to get paddled, the
guys cracked up when the girl said they’re too old to get paddled,
Manson thinks she’s the smartest person in Alabama. We then heard the
isolation, Bubba thinks it can’t even touch the best Boopity story
ever, we then heard the clip, Manson thinks it’ll be a while before it
gets dethroned, Bubba said they’ll ride the show out with “the Boopity
Song”, which they did, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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