January 15th, 2013 by Staff
The Bubba Radio Network apologizes to all of our listeners who have supported us for many years. The next few weeks will have Bubba out of the studio for extended periods of time as he has to defend a frivolous lawsuit brought against him by radio personality Todd Schnitt. The defense of liberty is a never ending battle as individuals as well as our government wish to take away rights for their own gain. Rest assured, Bubba would rather be in studio giving you a live show daily. There’s a link on this site to watch the trial live as it unfolds. We encourage you all to watch as much as you can handle.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your support.
Bubba Radio Network® Staff

104 Responses

  1. Mike Addy

    Bubba I hope you tear a hole in that piece of crap really poor excuse for a man yea right look like a animal that needs to be put down. Love your show. Go bubba. Mike Addy.

  2. Robin Licitra

    It is so ridiculous that this is in court. MJ is a public figure & since he called his wife daily on his show & talked with her on air, they are fair game. I hope MJ loses this case, it really has no merrit. Just throwinghis ego around . Whaa Whaa… MJ need to go to Home Depot… Get some wood, build himself a bridge & Get Over It !!

  3. Ruby Lucas

    This is another circus coming to town, with such public personalities involved, finding a jury that can miss 3 weeks of work is crazy, what you’re going to end up with in this County is retired folks who do not listen to either one of you and who are offended by the humor of your show, my wish is for the jurers to understand the depth of this lawsuit. Good luck Bubba…

  4. buster

    if i said in my opinion mj sucks the sweat off dead mens balls could i be sued>?

  5. Joe Lawson

    Good Luck Bubba.

    Radio I O listener from Tamaqua Pa

  6. eric kepka

    First I would like to say I love the show an the whole team kicks havimg trouble watching the live stream for the trial. What hours will it be available at. Please e mail me back at

  7. Chrissy

    I have been listening to the news in regards to your lawsuit. I must say the newsreporters really do not report the facts. Its not a battle between as they call Shock Jocks but a battle that you did not ask for! I am disappointed in these lawyers of mj’s wasting tax payers money and your money because his feelings were hurt! What the hell is this country coming to if they take away our freedom of speech. Mj just needs to put on his big girl pantys , lick his wounds and get the hell out of Tampa. I do not always agree with the veiws on your show, but i do appreciate everyone on the show for keeping things real. I hope you win so you can rub his nose in his own shit .

  8. tim

    i love yalls show listen to it every day at work but the last few weeks have sucked with the holidays all the best of’s and now its just not the same listening to the same stuff from months or years ago this law suit is a bunch of crap mj sucks oh crap now he might sue me and i dont have nothing but a middle fingure to give him lol all this is about i think is he is making one last run for another morning show and it might work cause everyone in the country that didnt know him or bubba know they have heard about yall and they are looking for a station that has yall but thats my opion and i didnt have a gun to my head to say that lol such crap love all yall and tara been listening to bubba with spice and didnt really care for you but now your starting to speak up and talk you need to do a little more of it cause your voice is sexy as hell and i finaly saw a pic of you and all i have to say is damn ok thats enough lol good luck bubba you have a lot of people behind you kick all that pubic hair off his head then maybe his face will stop swelling up hahah love yall good luck to all of you

  9. Brad Hawkins

    Good luck Bubba.
    Please make it easier to watch the live link to the court room or listen to it on RadioIO. Links to both on the main page would be great.
    Thank you.

  10. Wendy

    I used to listen to MJ daily….I stopped because he is a “douche bag” ooops am I going to get sued?? I came over to listen to bubba instead soooo much better…Great work!!

  11. MJ is Boring

    Wow! MJ’s attoreny is more boring then he is! Didn’t think it was possible.

  12. Ken Stevenson

    Bubba needs a new suit looks like its going split at the seams

  13. Lauren

    Besides the Tampa Bay website, wasn’t there another online source for listening to the trial?

  14. Kim

    In my opinion. MJ is a tool. I have never liked him and his BS that spews from his pie hole. He was horrible back when it was MJ & BJ – seems like he did something similiar to BJ to get him booted off the show. He is a bully wrapped in a little man suit. He has met his match though – messing with Bubba and Bubba’s Army – he will be lucky if he can eat out again in this town without getting a loogie in his soup. AGAIN – only my opinion. lol

    Bubba Chin up!! We Love Ya!!

  15. chris

    Todd needs to grow up be a man not a baby. Who cares about some name calling. Todd cant handle it so he cry’s to the court system to waist tax dollars on this. what a joke !

  16. Rob Oknefski

    In response to the initial line of questioning regarding the difference in terrestrial radio and subscription based radio – - when you were asked by MJ’s lawyer to provide an example of content from each; you should have said: “On the terrestrial 102.5 The Bone radio show I would say “I believe in my opinion that this lawsuit is frivolous in nature”; where as on the subscription show I would say “I believe in my opinion that this lawsuit is total B-llSh-t brought about by a sniveling umpa luma with pubic hair on his head having his feelings hurt”". Then you should have had the court reporter read it back to make sure that she accurately transcribed your testimony. Thx, Rob

  17. Owen

    This is so bull shit a complete waste of time

  18. chris

    i was a mj (TS) listener but as of today no more. i did not know how much of a pussy todd was in real life. and he wife is a whore. good luck Bubba you should win

  19. Sam Williams

    Stay strong Bubba! I was watching some of the trial today and I began to ponder how asinine it is for someone to be involved in an industry and think they are immune to its culture. You don’t hear of quarterbacks suing because they got sacked. Or singers suing because critics say their music sucks. If you are a part of an industry, especially entertainment-based, you are subject to critique and comment. This Napoleonic narcissist wants to be compensated financially for Bubba having a better show? Or for making comments and bits similar, yet MUCH better, than what we were subjected to courtesy of MJ. Perhaps if MJ had simply provided better content for his radio programs he would not need to sue a much more talented radio personality to support himself. Love you, Bubba!!!

  20. Doug

    This is just a waste of the court’s time and resources. If MJ doesn’t want to hear it, change the station.

  21. dan romano

    this should be a wake up call to everyone, we must quit the pussafication of america and force our judges to start really looking at whats fair for everyone…..freedom of speech is at stake…hey mj you punk you just ruined any shot of people listening to you…you just destroyed your future, Bubba Army

  22. CreationsToGo Studios

    this is the biggiest waste of taxpayers money for gain of mj,ok bubba may have said somethings on the radio, mj has as well but really are we in highschool? mj needs a diaper change, and both “shockjocks” just need to do there job !!WHO CARES!! lets get on with it, for those who are scoring at home, a couple yrs ago mj mc the monster jam at raymond james in tampa “mj stands for monster jam” yea ok, for the record everybody booed at him in the stadium. so seriously lets get back to work and lets graduate from highschool, OMG i call your mama fat!!!

  23. Jeff Fooshee

    Brent needs to go over the video with a fine tooth comb after this is over. At one point when they are playing recording the judge seemed to be chuckling. Lol. Hilarious.

  24. Cheragante

    Bubba, you are a Man amongst Men and have the BEST possible Legal Team defending this completely unfounded Garbage Suit… You Will Win!!!. Chin up big guy… We are all supporting you…

  25. Erin Sommers

    you did great yesterday. I listened to the whole thing yesterday and litterally wanted to jump through my computer and stick something in that drunks mouth! He acted like it was a murder trial? It was awful to watch you try to answer questions and not be able to. I was however glad when your attorney got up there went through all the facts and able to make MJ look like a complete idiot! Anyway.. keep it strong and calm and good luck! Bubba Army

  26. lionel

    What a waste of everyone’s time this circus is…
    Bubba stay cool on the stand and watch your body language, less fidgiting and don’t play with things on your desk like the rings of the binders and papers…
    Good luck!

  27. Charlie Simpson

    Does Phil need his glasses or not?? He takes them off and then puts them back on every 30 seconds. Thank you for standing up for all of us Bubba!!!

  28. Tom

    As an unemployed attorney in New York, I put off my continuing legal education to watch something far more valuable – this trial – including your great testimony. Radio and the internet are the modern day coffee and poetry houses that Mayors Wagner and Lindsey (until changing his tune) fought to close in the sixties, and your case joins that first amendment history, the struggle for the right to make fun of, to parody, public figures, which is also a form of political speech.

  29. Robert Bucky Collins

    Bubba as a very long time listener i have the utmost trust that u will prevail in this lawsuit..

  30. Heather

    What a waste of time and money over name calling. If mj didn’t want anyone to have an opinion about him then he shouldn’t have gotten into a business that makes him a public figure. I am sure mj has called celebrity names and not been sued. He needs to put on his little big boy pants and get some thick skin. Good luck Bubba.

  31. Simon kirby

    What’s up bubba iam Simon from England am listen to the trail on radio io an watching on btls I feel for u haveing to sit through this crap but the truth an justice will prevail an u will come out of this the winner an will be the bigger man good luck bubba. BUBBA ARMY ENGLAND

  32. Tim Brewer

    You’re the best Bubba. Your perseverance during this joke of a lawsuit inspires all of us. Even in the face of financial ruin you refuse to let your integrity be compromised. I can’t wait until you show the midget and the system that you’d rather be broke and jobless than give up your first amendment rights. We’re rooting for you in Wisconsin.

  33. Ed

    This is an outrage and a waste of taxpayers money and time. Don’t worry my friend cooler heads will prevail and you will come out of this just fine.

  34. nikki (not Bubba's nikki)

    I listened from 10-12, and watched from 130 until it was over. I admit I got a little scared for you with the questions being asked. You were not able to explain anything, almost everything was taken out of context, and it seemed more like he was attacking you rather than just questioning. It was annoying and appalling the way he was able to twist your words. I hope the jury can see through this nonsense and really lookh at the truth and the point (trying) to be proven. I have a relative who won boobs from him and have even converter her. I have gotten my whole office addicted to watcing/listening. As a room full of femails that would take offence to being called a whore, we all believe this is crazy.

  35. Keith

    Some constructive criticism: When you were on the stand, you kept looking at your watch which could be construed as shifty…

  36. Taxpayer

    Who is the judge that allowed this case to go to court? Is it an elected position?

  37. Andrea B.

    I am a Paralegal, so lawsuits are something I see and deal with every single day. I think it is important to shed light on what a sue-happy culture we have become. This is only one very public example of what the majority of people would consider a “frivolous” lawsuit. I think it is also important for people to realize that there is a difference between what the common person considers to be frivolous and what is legally considered frivolous.
    People are just now becoming enraged by wasting tax-payers’ dollars on “frivolous” lawsuits like this? Wake up people! This happens every, single day.
    We stand up and scream that the Judge shouldn’t try cases like this…maybe not. Do I agree with what Bubba said? Not really, but I understand the context and I absolutely believe that it is being construed in a way that demonizes Bubba unfairly. In my opinion, the deeper issue with all this is that we need to have more common sense, compassion and empathy as members in this society.
    This is a major issue dealing with the First Amendment, but also a major wake-up call for us to take a step back and look at the type of society we are becoming.

  38. hils

    wow, this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen. i hope you can still put your own kid through college, after you’ve financed all the lawyers kids educations.

  39. Elaine

    The judge who thinks this worthy of spending our tax dollars on should be found in contempt and fined! Chin up, Bubba…you got this!

  40. Spike

    Pure entertainment listening to the trial yesterday on IO. With that said, what a huge waste of your time and money. I can’t believe this was allowed to an actual trial. Stay calm and cool. I hope you prevail!!!

  41. Pinellas

    Bubba is FINALLY learning the high cost of low living. Give this man a WIDE berth as he is obviously destroying everything he comes in contact with. I feel sorry for his kids. Their father has not set a great example. Way-to-go Dad..

  42. springhill rick

    OH HOW RIGHT YOU ARE this is a real waste of our tax dollars and yes when he loses and he will, he should have to pay every one how lost a dime includeing you. Keep your head up you will prevail.

  43. jeremy

    the midget is so full of himself and thinks he is above all but in reality he is just a midget with pubic hair on his head and i hope when he loses this case he will wake up from the dream he has been in his whole carerr.. by the way all statements in this comment are my opinions and nothing to do with the brn i hope short man dont sue me bubba army

  44. Mike Davies

    Has Campbell been drinking? Why can’t he let Bubba just answer a question without cutting him off every 5th word…. this is a waste of tax payer money.

  45. PetePierson

    So let me get this straight: The BRN took close to 50 days off in 2012. But now Bubba and Crew all of a sudden care about missing work and are apologizing to their listeners?

    Seems very odd.

  46. Jessie Ryan

    Dude this trial is stellar!! F-ing hilarious!! Can’t stop watching I am GLUED!! That photoshop pic of midget MJ and Giant Michelle… I don’t know how Bubba is keeping a straight face… Go Bubba!! You Rock my friend!!

  47. Joe M

    What channel on Verizon is it on?

  48. Lisa

    I am watching this ridiculous trial on tv right now and I cannot believe that the court system is wasting everyone’s time……really . Don’t we have more critical issues to be worried about …..M.J. should be ashamed!!!!!!

  49. eric kepka

    Man this whore thats on the stand right now is the one who ratted out bubba for the hog deal is really pissing me off. What a little snitch. The spitting cobra is gonna tear all these bitches a new asshole. I cant believe this little midget fuck even thinks that campell has any chance against diaco.

  50. Kevin

    I left two comments on A-hole’s facebook page. I’m cutting and pasting them so I won’t misquote myself.

    Comment 2:
    Hey Poppin Fresh, even your website sucks.!!

    Comment 1:
    Oh wow, I went to copy it from his FB page, and it isn’t there!! I guess he didn’t like it.

    Tear him up Bubba.

  51. Steve Colby

    As a avid Bubba Army in Canada, who is also a professed courtroom geek, I am riveted to this trial. I can’t believe that someone who dished it out over the years is unable to take it right back. I picked up my daughter (4th year criminology) yesterday from school, and had the audio on from the courtroom, and she took a interest in what was being said. She asked me what was going on, so I explained it to her…..her comments were as follows: “That MJ guy sounds like a totally insecure individual who needed some sort of crutch or media event to help prop him up to his former glory.” she went on to say “the times I’ve listened to Bubba, he comes across as a genuine human being and is very comfortable with the parodies and songs written making fun of him.” Pretty insightful for a 22 year old I think! She also asked me if Ned was going to be put on the stand, and if he was she definitely wanted to hear his testimony!!

    Stay strong Bubba and crew! Bubbba Army.

  52. Steve Colby

    I have a friend who used to do morning radio in Vancouver, and for many years was #1 in ratings. He has told me stories of exchanges over the years between himself and another morning show host. Fortunately in Canada the threat of loser pays prevented trials of these sorts from occurring. My friend always said that everything came down to “sticks and stones”

  53. edward steward

    This is such a joke.MJ is a little Bitch as are his Lawyers.What a waste of Taxpayer money and time.I hope MJ has to pay for all cost related to this farce….

  54. Gene

    It’s absolutely amazing that you’re being put through this, I commend you for holding on while on the stand. Keep up the good work, fight hard. Long time listener.

  55. sharon

    BIG waste of taxpayer $’s!!! MJ is a freaking dumbass p*ssy!!! going to court because of things said by a shock jock to another one…seriously he needs to get over it and if he has such thin skin…i think the 700 club is looking for someone. His idiot lawyer not letting you answer anything is BS to. If freedom of speech suffers for this we have MJ to thank and we should all protest his stupid show for that!! Keep up the good answers…I did love the pic of Giant Michelle and the midget and i would have burst into laughter…dont know how you kept a straight face…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  56. Maureen

    MJ should be FORCED to pay for this entire trial. What a HUGE waste of resources. MJ AND his wife are whores, FAME whores thus this waste of tax payers money. This is all about ego and jealousy. Someone needs to change MJ’s diaper and give him a pacifier……..

  57. Mushroom Mike

    This is worth every dime of the tax payers money! It’s like America’s got talent and Breaking Bad rolled up in a big doobie for the average hard working citizen to ingest for a medicinal purpose. Bubba Rules!!

  58. Andrew Monahan

    Was awsome hearing you tell MJ’s lawyer he needs to ask you a question before you are able to answer it. The photoshop of MJ an his wife being shown in court and MJ’s wife’s reaction putting her hands in her head like why the eff are we here. Why MJ’s wife have no wedding band on????

  59. Divemasterdave

    Good luck Bubba. This lawsuit is a joke and is only going to serve to make you more successful, and will completely destroy what is left of the midgets career – No one will ever touch this clown again in the entertainment industry! I can’t wait to hear what you come out with after you have been declared victorious. I never even knew Richard Simmons was a DJ in Tampa!!
    Representing Bubba Army Canada (Alberta Division).

  60. God's Advisor

    This is the most idiotic trial I have ever witnessed. The lawyer constantly grinding on Bubba about photoshops he wasn’t involved with just to end up asking Bubba about Ned and if MJ ever said his show was fake or fraud made no sense and proved nothing.

  61. ron klazon

    Cox was originally sued as well but agreed to a confidential settlement with the Schnitts on Friday.

    why did cox settle the midget gets a third suit.what a crock.cox back out of bubba aagain

  62. Jim early enlister from S Jersey

    Good luck Bubba. Lawsuit is a joke. Agree that TV should play “Price is Right” during sidebars.

  63. Russ Osborne

    How much is MJ paying this chick that is on the stand (01/18 10:30)? She is easy on the eyes but you can clearly tell that she was “trained”. IN MY OPINION.

    It also appears to me, that the judge has it out for Bubba as well.

  64. Rita

    I was watching and my God, Meredith is a BITCH. Good Luck Bubba

  65. Amy

    Good luck Bubba, while I don’t always agree with everything you do I find your show extremely entertaining. In the end being sued for entertaining seems like such a travesty….there are people without food, homes, jobs….what a disgrace to our justice system and a waste of peoples time.

  66. Corrie

    I have a question. Hasn’t MJ said defamatory things about Bubba and played parody elements about Bubba in the past? Can’t Bubba turn around and sue MJ for those things if he were to win?

    F@#k you MJ you little sawed off midgit, I know you’re reading these comments because you’re a mark for yourself. You are a pussy.

  67. David In Jacksonville

    I DON”T GET IT !!!! It is like I own a plumbing business or a electric company or I am a builder and I have 20% of the market share and you have 75% of the market share so what do I do, work harder, do more advertising, hire more sales people or change my buisness model….. NO NO NO…

    What I should do is sue you because more of the surrounding county uses your company instead of mine, your adverting says your better than me, your sales people say that I will be more satisfied with my service than yours.

    If no one uses my service, it is MY FAULT ONLY… I can’t blame anyone else. or let alone sue them over it… You damn sure can’t do it in business and shouldn’t be able to do it based on the 1st amendment. M.J. your a WHIMP ! ! !

  68. Rob from Toronto

    I can’t really believe that something like this is actually going on in the U.S.A. The money and man hours totally wasted, when these resources could have been used elsewhere for much more important cases or issues is totally irresponsible and outright ridiculous, especially when it was all brought on by an egotistical wealthy individual who simply can’t take the exact same thing that he as well dishes out. I work nights and haven’t been able to watch, but have been keeping up on the terr show downloads each day,some of Shannon’s show, as well as twitter. I know you will come out of this on the winning side, but it was all so not necessary, for the simple reason that radio wars and competition have been going on for years everywhere. The wee little man got his feelings hurt…..TOO BAD!! The Bubba Army worldwide supports you and the freedom of speech.

  69. Karma

    .I agree,seems the judge has it out for Bubba. it seemed like the judge would look at MJ”s blonde lawyer(my opinion) ,for an objection,when Diaco was questioning the witness today,to help her out in a sneaky way,b/c she is a ” baby lawyer” shame shame shame

  70. Ann

    Ok here goes, I myself am not a fan of Buba’s but holy moly! Let’s get real, MJ is about the biggest shortest cry baby I have ever seen. Wasting our tax dollars on his baby lawsuite give me a break! With all the criminals out there waiting to go to court we are wasting time and money on this crap? What ever happened to Free speech? Stick and stones? Get real MJ. Truthfully he’s making himself look like a “midget crybaby” so still not a Buba fan I wish you good luck , and mop up the Floor with that nasty head of hair on his head!

  71. Chad T

    As a Army member it is so sicking that some refill lawyer has to make the army out to be bad people. I bet that the majority of us are well educated and smarter than the people that are trying to take the freedom away from us. I am also wondering how and the heck can the person that is suing you be so brash in the court room on using his cell phone I find that just unbeiliveable or when he has people that are clearly coached on the stand oh wait when they are they cant,get the script right as seen twice on Friday. Bubba stat strong brother you will win .

  72. Jason v iHeart listener from St. Louis

    Stomp the loser, Bubba! Listen to you soon!!!

  73. Jerry

    I would like to know how the listners can file a class action suit to recover the fees that we loss because of the snit law suit and our loss of haveing a show to download?

  74. Mike

    Play with the bull and get the horns!

  75. Marcus

    Your boys Spice and Brett did a nice job on the stand today along with the great atty you have.

    You may want to consider a little less hair gel tomorrow…

    Kick Ass

  76. Keith

    Brent just nailed it!! Todd isn’t the Terminator!!

  77. PJ

    Hey Bubba,

    Listening to the show this morning I heard Schnitt saying that everything changed in 2008. That got me thinking about something. I never heard of this MJ Kelli guy before this trial. I did however know about the Schnitt Show. I don’t
    know when Schnitt went from morning DJ to the Schnitt show (2008???) but did Todd/MJ ever think that maybe his extreme right wing, Rush Limbaugh mini-me, anti-Obama racism show is where those all of a sudden nasty e-mails started? Like I said, I never heard of MJ Kelli, but I know I want to vomit when I hear the Schnitt show and his lying and overtly racist comments about our President. You may want to dig up some of his lies and play them for the jury.

    This isn’t about morning “shock jocks” in my opinion. It’s about the Todd Schnitt show and his hate speech.

    Good Luck,

  78. Alexis

    I’ve NEVER liked MJ, and never understood why anyone did. He’s just showing his true lack of character by suing for this. I don’t always agree with Bubba, but he makes me laugh and is a nice change from the other run of the mill radio personalities. I’m an attorney and though I don’t handle these kinds of cases, I think MJ’s case is very weak. Good luck and here’s hoping you don’t get some uptight old jurors!!

  79. Mike

    The judge is a bear…….Peel it!

  80. Jennifer

    Not sure MJ could whine anymore!!! This trial is a huge waste of time and extremely hard to follow with the “can we approach the bench” every 2 minutes!

  81. T-Bone

    Its almost painful watching the defense team rip apart MJ on Cross examination.

  82. Stan

    I think bubba’s lawyer did a horrible job attacking MJ. He kept rambling about random things that didn’t help.

  83. Gary T

    What’s next Weird Al getting sued over his parody songs.Or maybe Skynerd Estate suing Neil Young over Southern Man & Sweet Home Alabama.

  84. jeremy

    I wish you all success in the courtroom. Over the years we have all enjoyed your tell it like it is commentary. It is a good feeling knowing that we have people like you and your guys out there that will fight for our rights.
    Best of Luck!

  85. Melissa

    Apparently there really are cops all around Tampa when you aren’t really looking for them. I can’t wait to see the entrance in the courtroom!

  86. Melissa

    The look on that Judge’s face was priceless!

  87. Chad T

    KARMA KARMA BABY Got to love it

  88. John Ozmen

    Wish you all the worst in court. MJ filled the lawsuit and I believe he WILL win. Bubba is an ignorant piece of trash prick. GO MJ!

  89. Keith

    Ah, apparently a comment from the MJ Clan, which is hardly the Bubba Army! I guess size does matter :-)

  90. Dirk Diggler

    OMFG. MJ has exposed himself as the meglomaniac cry baby that he is to everyone on Verizon channel 461. The latest with his drunken lawyer is hilarious! You cant make this stuff up. Karma, she is a Bitch!

    The sight of Bubba has Michelle’s nipples so hard she can cut glass!

  91. CreationsToGo Studios

    really? this trial is complete waste of time and tax payers money, so if a player from the Lightning gets talked about badley from a fan or sports caster or from another team is that player from the lightning going to go fter them, lets get real here, its “RADIO” thats what makes people listen when radio personalitys go after each other. at the end of the day u clock in do your job then when clock out u go on with your life. this trial is a mockery of good quality radio! and agin a waste of time and tax payers money,

  92. Becky

    Posted a comment last night and now it is gone. Could is possibly be that you and the Diaco’s can’t take the heat? I can’t believe you all have stooped that low. Was a big fan for 10 years but now you are a total joke. You could have won without the set up. Looks like MJ won after all!

  93. Jay ft myers

    Bubba the man and company,

    As almost always I completely agree with you that this is a completely hideous waste of OUR hard earned and quickly take tax dollars. This is a prime example of the inability of our “trusted” government leaders to make any logical choices with OUR money. We working people truly do enjoy your show and the fact that YOU stand up for what is right and for what you believe in. I wish you nothing but the best in this crazy lawsuit.

  94. Sherrie

    MJ/Todd Schnitt has caused more damange to himself and his family’s reputation with this ridiculous lawsuit than anything you have ever said about them. Come on Schnitt be a man and throw words back you low life.
    I used to listen to his show sometimes several years ago and stopped because of his up next up next up next for days on end never getting to the story. The only way he could keep listners was by dangling a carrot. I usually arrived at work three hours before his show ended and the next morning he was still promising to get to the story from one or two days before. I finally had enough of that and stopped listing for good. This was long before 2008.

    Good luck and let him continue to look like a fool

  95. Brett B.

    I have been listening to M.J.’s show since the M.J. & B.J. days and then on to the Schnitt Show. This frivolous lawsuit has soured me on being a future listener of his. That and the fact he uses the word “I” way too much during his show.

  96. dredal

    Bubba been a listener for since they aired you on 93rock its bullshit but you got this just another asshole trying to keep a realist down cause they can’t handle it

    Radio IO listener outta south Florida

  97. Soksnr

    On, the main picture right now is a progression of someone stepping down in front of the opposition’s attorney…what is the significance of that picture? Why the highlighted focus spot?

  98. chuck

    Who the hell is Bubba the cum sponge anyway? Sounds like he lives nextdoor to Honey Boo Boo. I’m glad he doesn’t air in my area.

  99. cr

    I used to be an MJ listener for years. But as time went on I grew weary of listening to how he treated his staff, his constant talk of his grand vacations and his expensive possessions, and how he constantly referred to Dave the Dwarf as “my midget.”

    His firing of Jabberjaw was the final straw for me. And her moving to your show, Bubba, is pretty much how I discovered what your show was like now.

    What MJ fails to realize is there was some other things going on in 2008 that factored in to the increased resentment of him and his show. The financial crisis of 2008, with large numbers of people losing their jobs, meant that more and more people were finding his elitist ultra-right wing rhetoric very irritating. He fails to consider that being on the radio 7 hours a day (at that time) supporting and trumpeting the republican talking points might actually be a major factor in the increased vocal opposition that he believes was sourced solely by you, Bubba.

    Mr. Schnitt seems completely clueless to the possibility that his filing of such a frivolous lawsuit, coupled with his dogged five year pursuit of it, might be a major factor in the negative swing of public opinion against him as well. He has pushed forward with this wasteful effort with the mistaken belief that a victory in the court will somehow change things.

    But the fact is, even if the jury does decide for Mr. Schnitt, nothing will change. Because MJ did not address the source of all of the public ire, he did not change his public image or radio personality in anyway. And win or lose, people will still continue to speak out publicly against him more and more. This trial has introduced even more people to his hypocritical whiney sniveling little being.

    And now he has even more people who loathe him.

  100. DRoberts

    Heres what should happen: All of Bubbas listeners, AKA “Bubba Army”, should file a class action suit against MJ for infringment of our constitutional rights! I just figured since he loved this sort of thing, this is right up his alley. By the way MJ, are you going to sue the “Salvation Army” to?

  101. Keith

    Closing arguments, plaintiff: No reference to a whore comment at channel side! Maybe prepping for an appeal??

  102. Tracy

    What scares me about this lawsuit is that you know the only thing each one of those jurors is thinking is what verdict will give me my 10 minutes of fame? They will more likely get attention to side with M.J. due to the backlash of what a verdict in that direction would mean to entertainment in general – think Casey Anthony trial – overwhelming evidence against her but a not guilty verdict? Simply put – the jurors knew they would receive no attention for the obvious – JUST MY OPINION!

  103. Keith

    In my opinion, the judge sounded a little sarcastic when he thanked the alternate jurors, and he seemed to smirk at the end. Again, just to be clear, this is only my personal opinion, which is not based on any real or perceived facts. My comment is solely based on my personal observation of what I just viewed online.

    I would like to make a retraction of my last statement, since I have no idea what I can say anymore in this litigious society in which we seem to live.

    Scary isn’t it?

  104. David Neff

    Congrats Bubba and Team!!! Where’s the party?

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