Thursday June 28, 2012

June 28th, 2012 by Staff


On today’s show: Tucker Carlson, and girls of 2001.
Kimberly Miller from Lakeland, FL is the Facebook friend of the day,
go to, and search for Bubba the Love Sponge with the
registered trademark symbal.
Bubba thinks maybe the Rays should burn a timeout, considering they
got beat by the oyals who haven’t been doing all that great this
Bubba thanked those who donated for Bikes for Badges this year, the
money will be given in a check form soon, you can go to to donate, also you can sign up for the Elder Ford
raffle which will be on Dec. 01 of this year.
Bubba came out of break wondering how to distribute concert tickets,
Ned suggested girls with 80’s hair, Bubba thinks they should do a
scavanger hunt via Twitter.
Twenty-five and Tara have never done a scavanger hunt.
Bubba asked that participatns drive responsibly; he thinks the guys
aren’t happy having to do this.
Audio clip – get rid of the gas tax in Florida.
Bubba cracked up at the guy in the clip.
Audio clip – man kills and eats family dog.
Bubba thinks we should stop blaming drugs, and realize some people are
just insane, he thinks we’re digressing as opposed to progressing, he
thinks a high school intern did the report.
Various callers weigh in on the gas tax.
NCAA football will now have playoffs, Bubba thinks they half assed it,
Brent said this is the last year of the BCS.
Caller Dustin thinks the NCAA is trying to lessen the importance of
the football season.
Caller Mike thinks this is because of the NFL, he got eviled for
rambling, Manson said he happened to agree with the guy.
Bubba felt bad for Eviling the caller, he asked for him to call back,
he apologized over and over again.
Audio clip – NCAA playoffs.
Ned’s Apology for his recent behavior. The bit features “I’m sorry” by
Brenda Lee as background music, Ned says he’s been a fool for messing
up. This bit is not in the catalog, Bubba was cracking up at the clip.
Mike came back on saying he was honored, Bubba asked for him to give
his opinion.
Steve in charleston sarcastically thinks Bubba did a great job by
pandering to Mike.
Bubba thinks someone cut off Bruce Genner’s penis.
Audio clip – Bruce on Oprah.
Bubba thinks the guy went from being a man to being a pussy, he thinks
Ned is Bruce Genner, Manson thinks the guy sounds 82.
Bubba said that Jose Biaz will be on the show, Brent said he told ose
he can plug his book.
Audio clip – Jose Biaz’s book.
Bubba wonders if Jose has been exposed to the parodies, Brent thinks
they should just ask him questions.
Audio clip – baby for sale on for $4,000.
Bubba thinks charlie Scheen flipping out on his daughters was
strategically placed.
Audio clip – Charlie Scheen flips out on his daughters.

Ned parties With charlie Scheen (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 19”, track
15. In the bit, Ned recounts partying with Charlie Scheen in Mexico,
in December of 2005.
“fire and Rain” by James Taylor was the rejoiner song.
Bubba sang along a little, Manson said he loves this song, Bubba then
bounced around his music selections a little, landing on some ZZ Top.
Audio clip – new pill that makes you skinnier.
Bubba said that he donates blood every 112 days, his blood pressure is 107/66.
Twenty-five explaned what happened yesterday.
Ned’s load – Neditorial – The kardashians (“Bubba Show classics Volume
20”, track 13).
The guys have fun with the song “Mama’s got a Squeeze Box” by the Who.
Bubba wondered if The Woodsman could drive the cream machine, he then
read an article about a news anker with Bells Palsy.
The guys talk about what is used for lube.
Bubba read an article about a man who threatened to shoot his neighbor
for farting in front of his house.
Joe said he had Bell Palsy, it lasted about two weeks.
Buck in Memphis said he uses vasoline.
Tucker Carlson came on with his segment, Bubba thinks Obama “over
blacked” his position.
Bubba played an old 98 Rock clip where Spice went up to John Rocker’s
hotel room, beat on the door and played manson’s bit about him (“the
Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 4).
Spice called in saying he can’t use the new microphone Bubba gave him.
2001 girls visit, Bubba plugged their website

IO Show:

The guys from Billy Maddison,the midday show on 102.5 The bone visit.
Billy talks about his radio career.
Blind Lawrence comes in, nard touches Lawrence’s junk, Lawrence calls
him out on it.
Nard gets his balls shocked, then the 2001 girls give Nard and
Lawrence lapdances.
Lawrence gets in the shower with sme of the 2001 girls.
One of the 2001 girls grinds on Lawrence, Lawrence can’t climax.
Twenty-five also got some action.
Lawrence gets a cup of urine tossed on him for not performing.

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