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Top Stories:
Supreme Protein signs Dean Karnazes
Bay area woman accused of trying to sell baby to two different families
2 pythons seized from Lakeland home
Bubba the Love Sponge donates to police officers, deputy’s family

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Spice and Tasha had sex last night?

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“thunder Struck” as bumper music. Bubba wonders where Brian Johnson
comes with the sound he has. Bubba said today is a day that will live
in infamy, Brent said they were on the air, Bubba said Brent was one
of the first guys to point out Bin laden. Bubba said you’ve got a
morning zoo in every market, Bubba said they’ll do very little of a
tribute. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he thinks Big Ben held the
ball for too long. Bubba said he bet Monopoly money on the game, he
lost $300. Jim said he was watching the morning news, he saw a blurb
about Bubba with him donating money. Bubba thinks they should do a
show about local comedians, Bubba said the guys took a crap on his
visine challenge; Brent said it could kill you. Spice said he didn’t
get laid last night, Bubba thinks differently, he read from the
Twitter page, Manson said she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
Bubba wants to call Tasha, Spice said no. Bubba said everyone is so
high, they don’t care. Brent said he’s with bubba, Bubba said not for
long. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
Bubba said they’ve got a bunch of stuff coming up, The Hillstrand
Brothers will be in today, also Dr. Joe Saturley, also Steve Hurly
will be by to present a check. Bubba said yesterday, they presented a
check for $26,000, Bubba said it’s thanks to the Bubba Army for coming
out to the bikes for Badges. Bubba said Spice would be with the Fein
girls at the Buccaneers game this Sunday, Spice wonders what Bubba is
doing betting on random people. Bubba said he hasn’t tired Fein with
alcohol, Spice said beer gets him tired, it evens him out if he has
Fein in his beer. Bubba said the site is Spice said
they’ve got two pairs of tickets left for Springsteen tickets, the
show is tomorrow night. James in St. Pete said he was watching channel
8, he said the news mentioned Bubba. We then heard a news clip about
Bubba, Bubba thinks the reporter sounds English Black. Bubba said he’d
like to continue to help out the Beerwiler family, Bubba said it was
really sad looking at the family. Bubba said during his check
presentation, he mentioned the name of Officer Brown, Bubba said it’s
not all about him. Bubba said he’ll never forget a man or woman who
loses their lives in the line of duty. Spice said the Deadliest Catch
Guys are rock stars. The first email of the day said he wrote a book
about the act of seduction, the guys cracked up at this, Bubba said he
thinks they should have him on. Another emailer thanked bubba for
advertising the Car Store. Another emailer said they heard the “My
Wena” song, he finds it funny. Another emailer said he has horses, he
saves about $2200. Another emailer thought Spice wasn’t over the line;
another emailer really likes the Manson Der Der bit. The last email of
the day that says Shelly from the Car Store is hot. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said his wife has no phone number; he needs to get rid
of her. Bubba wondered if this is white trash Friday. Jim in Tampa
said he brought in Pablo
. Spice said Pablo stayed in Tampa for two-three weeks
when he was in town. Bubba plugged his racing event for the weekend;
Bubba thinks six or seven Orlando listeners will show up. Bubba thinks
Ned has evened out his drinking these days, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Andy Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “I Love Rock And Roll” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ve got
the guys from Deadliest Catch in, Spice said the show is what makes
the Discovery channel what it is, Spice said they’d be ants on a log
without that show. Andy said he’s the most responsible guy out of all
of them. Spice wondered if they have a name for girls who like guys
who catch crabs; Andy said yes, the guys say it’s like the name of a
biker group. Spice asked about their contract, Andy said it goes up;
they used to get hired by a production company. Bubba said you can’t
plug in anyone for the show. Brent said he gets sea sick from watching
Deadliest Catch. Bubba asked Andy about when it gets really bad, you
have to drive right into the wave, Andy said yes, if you’re sideways,
you’re screwed, they once got hit by a 120 foot wave, it launched the
microwave through the ship, Andy said you can’t outrun it. Andy said
he was about thirty-five feet in the air, he thought he was going to
die. Andy said the rest of the guys were sleeping at the time, Spice
wishes they had the footage on tape. Spice asked what they do with the
money, Andy said they give the crew members money for putting up with
cameras, bubba thinks they could double dip, Andy said they’re boat is
really slow. Justin in t. Lauderdale said he was good friends with one
of the guys who were on the show; he appreciates what the guys do.
Spice said for the most part, Reality TV pisses him off; Spice said he
couldn’t imagine a show about people who make wedding cakes. Bubba
said they can’t stage a big wave coming, Andy said they’re the
non-fiction reality TV show. Andy said when a guy’s sister died; the
camera guy didn’t film him. Bubba asked him if they have backup stuff,
Andy said they’ve got two of everything. Bubba asked what the job of a
captain details, Andy said you have to do everything possible for the
crew to be safe. Spice wonders if the coast guard is different, Andy
said one time it took them twelve hours to start the search. Bubba
said one of his friends has a watch that you unscrew; it sends out a
signal, Andy thinks it’s like James Bond. Spice wonders what could
sink the boat, Andy said the wave will turn you over, the boat will
slowly sink. Andy said one year, they lost a barge of logs, also the
ice is a troubling factor. Andy said ice is their worst enemy, next to
waves. Sean in Brandon said the Deadliest Catch guys are badasses.
Sean asked where the guys were when they did a tribute to Andy’s Dad;
they buried him on the side of a mountain. Bubba asked Andy if he met
the narrator for the show, Andy said he knows him. Bubba asked Andy if
they’re millionaires, Andy said they’re not. Bubba asked him if he’s
ever gone out and the crabbing was terrible, Andy said they’ve always
done average. Bubba asked is it about location; Andy said yes, he said
you’re either a hero or a zero. Spice asked about how many pots do
they have, Andy said about 120, Andy said he’s fired some crew guys
for talking smack. Andy said he never hears what they say when they’re
filming, Bubba thinks he should be a boat captain. Andy said you can
do anything to keep the boat safe. Bubba thinks they could get a whore
on the boat to increase motivation. Andy said it’s all bad to have a
woman on a boat, Bubba said women will ruin things. Bubba asked how
much of a pussy do you have to be to get jacked by some pirates; Andy
said they would’ve shot them. Andy said they got boarded by the Coast
guard once, Andy said they have guns on the boat. Spice asked if
anyone has tried them, Andy said no, Bubba thinks you don’ mess with
crabbers. Brent asked how cold the water is; Andy said its 38 degrees.
Bubba asked him what they eat; Andy said they eat some crab. Spice
suggests Andy go to the salt rock Grill. Bubba told Andy about Hog
fish, Andy has never heard of it, Andy said he loves smoke salmon,
Bubba said Hog Fish is like white steak. Spice asked Andy about Ted
Stephens, Andy said Palin is hot looking, he thinks they should all be
thrown out, Andy said if she’s pissed people off, she’s doing a good
job. Andy said they’ll be at the Tampa boat show today from 1-3, then
tomorrow 11-1, then from 4-7. Andy said Alaska is pretty sparse, the
phrase is that there’s a woman behind every tree, there are three
trees. Bubba thanked Andy for coming in; Andy thinks John is in the
mile High club with a big redhead, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – mental health Advice with Dr. Joe Saturley

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s YouTube
page, then into some messages from the fans, then into some sugar Ray
as bumper music. Bubba played a clip from his September 11, 2001 show,
bubba had to stop and start it, Bubba was amazed at how fast he
talked. Bubba had Dr. Joe Saturley in, we then heard his new bumper.
Joe said he’s working on his book, it should be out soon. Bubba asked
Brent about his book, Brent said he turned in one chapter, his
literary agent is looking at it, Brent said writing was painful. Bubba
said he wouldn’t be able to work on a keyboard; Joe wants a BRN credit
card. Joe said you have to speak consistently, Joe said the computer
won’t be able to recognize some of Bubba’s speech. Spice said when you
throw in last names, it could be a problem, Brent said he could get
sued. Bubba asked about the case in California, Joe said that case is
awful. Bubba said this has to be one of the worst cases he’s ever
looked at. Joe said the tough part is convincing the woman that the
guy who kidnapped her is sick. The guys think the wife won’t get off
scott free, Joe said the guy was a convicted pedophile. Joe said he’s
done some criminal cases, he said he’d rather deal with families; Joe
said his neighbors rib him for being on the show. Bubba read an email;
he stopped as it was too long. Bubba asked about “the Worm” case, Joe
said it’s taking a long time. Bubba read an email asking for the name
of a therapist. Mary said her brother died back in November, her Dad
doesn’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t know how to discuss it with
him. Joe said his Dad was a WWII vet; he would never take about the
war until later on. Spice said he thinks he should go to therapy, Joe
said the good thing is, they’re covered by confidentiality, Brent said
hypo laws are stiff. Manson said Donna would divorce him if he was in
the same field Joe was in. Bubba wondered who Joe talks to, he has his
own therapist, Ned said he’s seen him at the bar. Joe said he can talk
to his class about a case, as long as he changes some information.
Spice said he has a lot to get off of his chest, Bubba thinks it’s
about him; Bubba wants to get an on-air therapy session. Bill on
protection said his wife ended up having a one-night stand, he said
he’s having trust issues with her ever since. Joe said you have to
establish some new rules, Spice thinks the girl doesn’t’ want to fix
it. Spice said he’s been this guy before, Spice said the guy is a
pussy, Ned chimed in with some insults, Spice said Ned was saying the
words Joe can’t. Joe told bill he has to take a stand, Bill then hung
up. Louie said his wife of five years is an alcoholic, he set up a
nice house, she lasted about three weeks before she started drinking
again, he said she’s the meanest woman in the world when she’s drunk.
Joe said she’s an addict, Louie said he’s been sober for seven years.
John in Cocoa Beach said his Father shot his Mom, then killed himself,
a lot of his friends have committed suicide, he’s thinking about
checking out himself, Bubba asked him what would be so bad to make him
do that, John said his bottom looks bottomless. Joe told him to ride
the wave through; John said he thinks time wears people down. Spice
asked him what the big problem is; John said no matter what he does,
it doesn’t work out. Joe asked him if he could see the light at the
end of the tunnel, John said he doesn’t see it lately. Joe said John
has to hang in there, John said he would never do what his Dad did to
him, Joe thinks John should let time pass. Joe said you may have a
bunch of stress in your life, it might not be one thing, John said
these things he’s thinking of have happened over time. John said he
had to kill a guy once; he never had therapy with that. Joe said his
email address is, the guys clown bubba for wanting a address, Bubba asked John to not to anything stupid, Spice
said he’ll take him out, bubba said he can make him forget his
problems. Bubba told John he needs some friends, John said he gets to
Tampa twice a year, the guys think John needs a good night out, Bubba
wants to give him Springsteen tickets, ned thinks this is a roos, John
said he’d like to go, bubba put him on hold, Manson as Springsteen
said some titles of his songs, Brent said he’ll be lucky if he’ll be
able to hear it. Bubba thanked Joe for coming in, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

To contact Dr. Joe Saturley, visit:

Phone: 727-726-1013


Segment 5 – Bubba donates a check, the guys comment on the news, Bubba Trivia

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard some messages from the fans, then into a news clip about
Bubba giving a $26,000 check, Bubba thanked Gale for her work. Bubba
said that news just eats Clear Channel alive. Brent thinks clear
channel doesn’t care about the community. Bubba said they’re the only
show that has their own foundation. Bubba said he simply used his
forum to get people interested, the listeners donated, he didn’t
donate everything, we then heard the clip again. Bubba said he
represented the listeners. Spice wonders if they’re ever going to find
a cure for MD, Bubba said that they have found a way to clone a
person. Brent said if you’re a crook in St. Petersburg, you’re
screwed. Bubba thinks Foster is far more user friendly than Ford.
Bubba read that a woman fell off a cliff while proposing to her
boyfriend, Bubba said he’d push his woman off of the cliff, we then
heard a news clip about that, Ned thinks she jumped. Manson said the
guy will be haunted about that forever. Spice wonders if she’s
disfigured. Gina was on for bubba Trivia. Bubba asked the name of
Manson’s son, she didn’t know. Spice said they have a new intern who
used to be a wrestler, Spice asked what on his on-air name is, she
didn’t know. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mike Duvall audio clips, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard some messages from the fans, then into “white Room” as bumper
music. Bubba said the bumper music for Ned. Bubba thinks Fein’s slogan
should be “Jack your ass u[“, Bubba had to dump something Ned said.
Brent said he’s only heard tony fly off the handle on the radio once.
Bubba thinks they should look at the schedule. Brent explained the
background of a guy who is a Republican assembly guy, he didn’t
realize the microphone was on, we then heard a clip about that, Bubba
said he’s the fun police. Brent thinks the guy who filmed this is
doing this as payback. Bubba hopes they can make out what he’s saying;
Brent said the words appeared on TV. Manson is shocked the guy is
having sex with a woman, as he’s a Republican; Spice thinks the guy is
the man. The guys crack up when they hear that the guy is big with
family values. Spice and Manson bag on the reporter, Bubba said even
the TV station in Los Angeles is by the truck generator, the guys
crack up when the guy says that microphones could be in a salt shaker,
Brent disagrees. Bubba read that the guy resigned. Spice said you
can’t keep stuff like that under wraps, Manson thinks it’s disgusting.
Bubba called Scott Kazmir a class act for taking a half page out of
the St. Pete Times and expressing his gratitude towards the fans.
Spice wants to take a half page ad that shows him with his middle
finger up. Jennifer was on for Bubba Trivia, Bubba said he’s getting
sick of this contest. Bubba asked what his thing was on Thursdays back
in the Power Pig, she didn’t know, she said she just moved here six
months ago, she then got Eviled, Bubba said he just saved the guys a
lot of pain. Bubba read an article about GM offering a sixty day, full
money refund. Bubba plugged the Jim coats golf event on October 12,
the Bob White one is November 2. Ned wonders if he could take the day
off for those events, Bubba denied him. Bubba said the sun coast
cops’s golf match will be Saturday September 19. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – 9/11 discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “won’t Get Fooled Again” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s glad
it’s Friday. We ten heard some audio about September 11, the guys
discuss the attacks, Spice said he thinks the government was involved,
Brent thinks the Government knew about it, but didn’t do anything.
Bubba thinks the guy who owned building Seven was responsible for it.
Bubba said that if the buildings were pulled, someone could be charged
for murder, bubba remembers the buildings went down like a stack of
cards, Spice said you can see charges. Brent said a lot of the fire
fighters heard the explosions from the bottom floors, but weren’t able
to trace them. Bubba wondered what happened to the planes, bubba said
he’s asking a serious question, Bubba said he’s never seen any
evidence; Brent said the passports for Mohamed Atta made it. Bubba
potted up the audio of the live feed, we heard Bush talking about the
attacks, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Steve and Andrew from Sting Ray Chevy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”, then into some messages from the fans, then into some Van
halen as bumper music. Bubba thinks this is the first time Spice has
met Steve, Spice thinks Steve has a better look. Bubba said Sting Ray
Chevy is big, bubba called it the anti car dealership, Bubba said
Steve looks like an employee. Bubba said Andrew is thick, Andrew said
he eats too many burgers. Steve said they’re doing a great job with
fleetes. Bubba apologized for Ned wrecking the car. Steve said they’re
selling cars for msrp, he said they’ll never oversell. Bubba had an
idea, he thinks the idea is cheesy, Bubba asked if they could over
$911 off for today, the guys don’t like the idea. Bubba suggested they
donate $911 to the survivors of 9/11, Brent said it’s honoring the
people who were there. Bubba said he totally through Steve and Andrew
for a loop. Brent said the website is Bubba
said he bought a diesel once, he didn’t like it. Brent said he saw a
car called the Volt, he said it’s unbelievable, Andrew said it gets up
to 238 miles per gallon, he said it uses Electric for the first forty
miles. Bubba recapped the Gm situation, Bubba said it’s not uncommon
for Steve to have situations like that, Steve said it’s exciting.
Bubba asked if the Camero gives them some excitement, Steve said yes.
Spice said he likes to see concept cars, a lot never pan out though,
Steve said it’s because of government standards. Bubba thanked Steve
for helping him out with the foundation, Bubba said Steve donated
$5,000, Steve said Andrew came up with the idea, Steve thanked bubba
for his work, Bubba said he doesn’t know of any other car dealership
that puts its money where its mouth is. Bubba said he just signed a
deal with Chevy, Steve will help him out. Andrew said that today only,
if you mention Bubba, you’ll get a thousand dollar invoice, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – Various discussions

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Gator Aid Parody 2” from “bubba show classics vol. 4”, track 6. The
bit is an introduction to Bubba and the show, in an homage to some
Gator Aid commercials, explaining the drink’s origins. We then heard
“Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba said he’d like to apologize for
messing up the order of the way show normally starts, bubba said it
normally goes Voodoo child, previously, FTE, Friday Sirius, then
Saynow. Bubba thinks they should come in on a Tuesday afternoon and
give them a live show. Bubba plugged the stuff on and Bubba said he doesn’t know how much longer the Ned
Hardly shirts are going to last. Bubba said he talked to Andy, bubba
said the next shirt might have colored beads. Bubba liked spice’s
question from yesterday’s Rodney King interview, Bubba recapped it for
those who missed it. Spice said back in the day, he would’ve taken a
punch from Tyson, Brent said not so much now days, Ned said he could
fight Ali. Bubba thanked Manson for getting donna hooked up with
Twitter, Bubba said he owes a guy $300 in monopoly money, bubba said
he only has himself to blame, as he said he listened to J.T. the Brick
like a mark. Spice thinks bubba should send the guy some money and
tell him to get fed, Bubba thinks Tasha is a nut-hutter, Spice said
he’ll have to have a talk with her about it. Bubba said heather’s
picture wasn’t what he was looking for. Bubba said the guy has a funny
looking icon, Bubba found the guy, Daicon418, bubba wants to go double
or nothing. Bubba wonders why Spice is so mean. Bubba thinks Donna’s
worker hates him, Manson said she just doesn’t want to be on the
radio, bubba wonders why people don’t want to be on radio. Spice said
a lot of people will go in front of a camera, but not so much on
radio. Bubba said radio is such the bastard industry, Spice said the
TV isn’t exactly grabbing ratings. Bubba said Alex Young from Fox told
him that the guys on Entourage get paid $5,000,000 a person. Spice
said radio is the step child to television. Spice said he could easily
write an episode of Entourage, he rapidly recaps what he’d put, Bubba
thinks Spice is under contract with HBO. Bubba said Dave just gave him
the stats for the new Bubba album, “Bubba show Classics Vol. 10”. The
top four tracks are “The King of pop is in a Box” track 22, “Dead Bay
Bay” track 17, “Snake snake Snake” track 14, and “Telephone tough
guys” track 7. Ned thinks Manson is buying his own bits. Matt called
in, he said it’s raining where he is, he asked if he watched Prelude,
Bubba recapped what he thought of it. Bubba thinks he’s not user
friendly to get into the Prelude. Bubba wonders if they have the Joe
Willson outburst, Brent said people are making a big deal out of it,
Manson said no one ever does that, Brent thinks it’s not that big of a
deal. Bubba read about the story, Manson as McCaine said he didn’t
hear it. Manson thinks it’s ironic the guy got in trouble for telling
the truth. Bubba read that a coach has had a no Twitter policy, Bubba
thinks jack Johnson has some funny tweets. Bubba thinks TO be trying
to be like Johnson. Brent said hard knocks is one of the greatest
shows ever. Bubba said the girls of 2001 will be stopping by, he wants
the Bubba Army to melt the site. Bubba said he told one of the guys at
2001 that they’ll melt his site. Bubba remembers when they had Beaver
Rama, he told the guy that the site would melt, which is what
happened. Spice thinks they have chip working on the site, Bubba wants
an update. Bubba wants to have a reunion show with former members of
the show, Spice doesn’t want Jughead to be there. Spice said he gave
Jughead some couches, he never followed up on something, Spice thinks
Jughead is a piece of shit. Bubba wants to melt down the site. Bubba
said because of weather, they haven’t’ been able to do their White
Trash summer. Bubba wonders about Manson’s Halloween party, the guys
clown Bubba for being busy for the weekend. Bubba went over the
schedule. Bubba said he’s building a new home in November. Bubba said
on the 25th of September, he’ll be taking Heather out to dinner. Bubba
said through October 8-10, he’ll be with Denzel. Bubba said he’ll be
flying into Texas, Spice wonders if Bubba is landing in a crop field.
Ned wonders why heather is going to Texas, he thinks she’s insane, Ned
wondered when she will commit suicide. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Spice and Manson explain their names, 9/11/01 audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into Manson’s “dueling Der Ders”. We then heard Papa
Roach’s “Last Resort” as bumper music. Bubba said some guy has been on
hold for an hour an fifteen, bubba went to the guy, he said he was
hung over and trying to recover. He asked how did the guys Spice and
Manson get their names, Bubba said he called Manson chicken Bone
Robbinson, Manson didn’t like the name. Bubba said they held a press
conference at bubba’s Beach club, Brent said the day before, the guys
thought the name was ridiculous. Spice was asked how he got his name,
he was juggling Scare Crow and old Weird Harold, he said the Spice
Girls were popular. The guys think they should call Spice just boy,
Brent said it was like on Howard’s show, when Gary was called Boy
Gary, until he was too old to be called Boy. Bubba potted up the audio
from the live feed of 9/11. Bubba said he’d like to apologize for his
cocaine delivery, we then heard a clip from bubba’s 9/11/01 show,
where he reported on that day, Bubba yelled for bush to get out of
Florida, Brent said some people are already dead, the guys freak out
when they saw the second plane. Bubba said he couldn’t believe it,
Bubba said he had chills. Brent said Osama bin laden is the only guy
who can pay for the jet that hit the building. Bubba said in his 35
years of life, he’s never seen anything like that. We then heard a
tribute song featuring clips from that day, featuring Don Henley’s
“y-The End of The Innocence”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ned’s new bit, Rich from Rich & Cavino, John Force Audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Mickey Avalon as bumper
music, Bubba wishes they had more time with him, bubba cracked up at
the song a little. Manson thinks the guy is crazy. Ned said he has a
new offering, bubba as Ned said he couldn’t k-fabe the song. Ned said
you could make more rhymes, Ned wants to challenge them to a dick off.
Bubba said they’re version may be R-rated, Ned’s version is 4X. Bubba
doesn’t think Ned could learn this by 25 Cent. Bubba thinks the song
is strong. Bubba said Ned had a botched circumcision. Rodney said he’d
like to mark out to heather putting a picture of her tits, Bubba said
she’s marking out to this stuff, only he can do that. Craig in
California said he was listening to Ellis’s show, he said Ellis marked
out to bubba, he then said that Ellis was talking smack about Rich &
Cavino. Bubba said he’s friends with both those guys, Bubba said rich
& Cavino should back it down a notch. Bubba said the only people they
should hate on would be Opie & Anthony. Bubba said there’s plenty of
room for everyone. The guy suggested Hogan do what George Takei does,
Bubba said George Takei is far more responsible than Hogan. The guys
think Takei is great on the air, Brent thinks they could have Tucker
in the studio, Spice as Lasker asked about coming back. Bubba called
up rich from Rich & Cavino. Bubba told him if he has a problem with
Ellis, he should stop, rich said he doesn’t have a problem with Ellis.
Bubba said he and Ellis have had a tough relationship. Rich wonders
what Red Dragons ment, he and Cavino joked around one day and said
blue Dinosaurs. Rich said Cavino is having a baby, rich said it’s
Cavino’s girlfriend of a few years, Rich said he’s fing a girl
named Sarah. Spice said he doesn’t want to blow it out of the water,
rich was seeing a girl named Jenn, Bubba knew who they were talking
about. Bubba asked him how good the pussy was, rich said he’s not
saying anything, Spice thinks she’s psycho, rich said he has nothing
bad to say. The guys asked some sexual questions, Rich said it was
never like that. Bubba said rich looks like Jim Carry on growth. Bubba
asked what the craziest thing he’s ever done, Rich said he remembers a
stripper who asked him what song he was playing so she could dance to
it. He ended up taking her to the Holland Tunnel in, he put some cash
in a condom machine, he found a bunch of condoms. Bubba said you can’t
have some incredibly hot pussy, only for the condom to break, Bubba
said he could write a book on all the pussy he’s gotten. Rich said
they’re on the West Coast, Bubba said Ellis will mess with them,
Manson as Ellis said rich and Cavino suck. Rich said he wants to talk
to the guy. Bubba said any man who has fed chyna and is still to
live about it is amazing. Bubba said he and Ellis have had problems,
but they were able to iron it out. Bubba advised rich to clear the air
via the telephone. Rich said he put away his baseball cards and his
skateboard and got some pussy. Spice as Lasker said he’d like to be
back with the show. Bubba said he’s working on something for the
racing fans. Bubba discussed a fight that happened at a race track, we
then heard a clip about that. Spice thinks John Force is like Gary
Busey. We then heard a clip of an argument between John Force and
cruise. Bubba said he has Cruise’s number, he said he has some clips
of John Force, he wants to make sure it works out. Bubba thinks they
should listen to some audio clips, bubba recreated what it would sound
like. Spice as Lasker said he can’t be fooled by this stuff. Bubba
said he can’t use ones with beeps, Brent thinks it’s annoying that
word bitch is beeped. Bubba hopes they get Cruise on the phone so that
he flips out. Bubba said they’re building this like legos. Bubba said
they’re going to try him next, Bubba thinks Cruise is drunk from the
Prelude, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba calls Cruise

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Canadian
merchandise. We then heard some Michael Jackson as bumper music. Bubba
said he’s ready to call up Cruise. Bubba said he got good sources that
said John Force let his team mate win, which knocked Cruise out of the
race. Bubba said he’s nervous about doing this, he practiced what the
call would sound like. Bubba thinks it won’t be long before he
realizes he’s getting fed with. Bubba called Cruise, Bubba ran him
through the John force sound board, Cruise asked him if he’d like to
talk about something, Cruise John to look in the mirror and look at
himself, Bubba laughed a little. Cruise said all he wants to do is
race, Cruise said he’d be glad to talk to him. Bubba interjected and
said they were fing with him, Cruise asked him why, Cruise than
asked Bubba what he was up to. Cruise said he expected John force to
go through the phone and take his hat off. Bubba asked how bad was it,
Cruise said it’s water under the bridge, he didn’t think it went down,
Cruise wondered what happens to racing. Bubba recapped an audio clip
he played earlier, Bubba wonders if NHRA is reviewing it. Cruise said
it looked pretty intense. Cruise asked what ever happened to racing.
Bubba said as soon as Selzy leaves the sport, it all goes to hell in a
hand basket. Bubba asked if it sounded like John on the phone, Cruise
said it sounded like him. Cruise said John has kissed his butt a lot.
Cruise said he looks at the fans who buy their product. Bubba said he
wished he could see the race, Bubba wonders if he smoked the tires on
purpose, Cruise thinks he laid down. Cruise said if it had been
anybody else, it would’ve been different, Cruise said it was like Jaws
vs. Charlie Tuna. Bubba asked how Ron Caps is doing, Cruise said Caps
is doing great. Bubba said he was so proud of Cruise during the
Prelude. Cruise asked Bubba if he were to put someone into the wall.
Cruise said tony is one of the best drivers ever, Bubba thinks they
should invert the race for the prelude. Bubba jokes that after the
Indi 500 and Daytona he’ll quit. Bubba played a clip of John force,
the guys cracked up. Cruise said on the pavement, Caps will kick his
ass, but on dirt, it’s the other way around. Bubba wants to f with
Selzy with John Force clips. Bubba told Cruise Ned is a big Jim head
fan, Cruise said he’ll be racing soon. Cruise said he loves the John
Force audio, bubba said F force, Bubba asked cruise to say hello to
Irish, his tire guy. Bubba thinks Cruise was freaked out, Manson said
he practically chewed his hands off during that last segment, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s
page, we then heard some messages from the fans, then into Manson’s
“Barack O’Broderick”, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some UTwo as bumper music. Bubba said he thinks the 2001 girls
are outside in the pool, Bubba really wants to melt their website.
Jason said he could help Bubba out with a stacker trailer, he said he
has a classic dominator. Bubba said this is Race Junk Radio, Brent
thinks they could have Sal and Richard call to make it interesting.
Bubba thinks the guy is crazy for selling it for $30,000. Bubba thinks
it’s not worth the money, Bubba said he almost won one on EBay, but
got snipped at the very end. Spice likes how the guy is keeping him on
the hard sell. Bubba is disinterested when the guy said he’s in New
Mexico. Bubba thinks that’s not very entertaining radio. Bubba said
Spice has a CD explaining what chip is doing, we then heard the clip,
chip said he’s getting a new job. Bubba said chip quit them twice,
Bubba wonders why chip left the second time. Manson thinks chip is a
moron, Ned said he liked Chip. Chuck said the bubba Army is going to
f with the honky Tonk man. Bubba suggested Chuck get a camera and
document it, Spice thinks Honky Tonk Man is a worse name then Spice
boy. Bubba said the worst thing you want is Bubba Army. Bubba asked
for Spice to find the Ron and Mike show, we then heard a clip of the
Honky Tonk man talking smack about the guys. Dave in Texas said
there’s a few things the guys are overlooking, he said John force is a
marketing genius, we then heard a clip of John saying it’s okay to
cry. We then heard the bell, the gong, and some John force audio
clips, Dave laughed at this. We then heard some more John Force clips,
Bubba asked him to say f Force, he wouldn’t do it though. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Ned’s New Brent song, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for “the Clemulus
package”, then into Manson’s “dueling Der Ders”. We then heard some
Blind Melon as bumper music. Bubba said he’ll have the 2001 girls will
be in a little later on. Bubba said Ned has something for him, he did
a Brent song to Frankenstein, but since he was on shrooms, he couldn’t
stop, Brent thinks Ned is an asshole for taking all the mushrooms. We
then heard the song, Bubba laughed at it, Ned said he was in a groove.
Brent finds the bit to be ridiculous, bubba likes Ned doing a whammy
bar with his voice. Spice thinks his voice doesn’t sound like any
musical instruments, Brent wants to gong this one. Spice thinks it’s
like a beat boxer, the guys crack up at the bit. Ned thinks something
like this can’t be repeated, Ned yelled that he was freaking out,
Bubba thinks he should stop the bit. Ned freaked out when the
spaceship part of the song came up, he thinks he’ll be anal probed.
Bubba wants to go to the phones on this bit. Bubba thinks they should
have a show vote, Ned wants to go to the phones. Here’s how the
results went down:

  1. B-fudd said chicken salad
  2. ,li>Mario said chicken salad

  3. Steve said chicken salad
  4. Jerry in Baltimore said chicken salad
  5. Ray in Ohio said chicken salad
  6. ,li>Doug in Mississippi said chicken shit

  7. Rick in Long island said chicken salad
  8. Mike in Boston said chicken salad
  9. Mike in Mississippi said chicken salad
  10. James in New York said chicken shit
  11. Mike in Thunder Bay said chicken salad
  12. Jason in St. Lewis said chicken salad
  13. Doug in Tampa said chicken salad

Bubba gave ned the timble. Bubba read some emails, the first email of
the day said he loves the replay, his friend suffered a heart attack,
Bubba said he’ll send him something. Another email thanked the guys
for turning him on to O.A.R, Spice has heard of the band Valley Hoo.
Another emailer said he’s had a Honda all his life, he hates Garmin.
Another emailer wants to have Rodney King on more often. Bubba thinks
Pantera is high, as all it says on his line is Bill. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – 2001 girls come in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s FaceBook
page, then into some messages from the fans. Spice thinks he has to
fart, it went away. Bubba told Jimmy they’d be melting his website,
Jimmy said it’s a challenge. Bubba always forgets the girl’s names,
bubba asked Aubry if she’d ever go out on a date with the guy, she
said yes, she said she’d even stick two fingers up the ass, bubba
thinks she’s patronizing him. Miller described what they’ll be doing,
the interns will be playing Beer Pong, but they’ll be having stuff
like dog food, toilet water etc. Bubba said he got to the site, he
likes how he’s watching the club. Bubba said he’s on to the site,
Jimmy told him he should be able to get in, Jimmy said Bubba has to
type, the girl will talk to him. Bubba typed something, he re typed
it, Spice thinks they got the blind girl, the girl came on and said
she wouldn’t say anything if unless she would tip him, everyone in the
studio was shocked. Bubba thinks she’ll be fired for that. Bubba said
he doesn’t have a hair on his ass if he doesn’t call her up and tell
her she’s fired, bubba said it’s the first person in the box. Bubba
said she has no idea what she’s in for. Bubba asked the listeners to
go to he signed back in, he typed that what she did was
wrong. Jimmy asked Twenty-five who heaven is, the girl thinks Bubba is
a god send on being rude, Bubba typed that she would be fired, she
said okay, asking her to go talk to Jimmy. Jimmy said f her, bubba
said she was done. Bubba wrote to her that she was done, Bubba told
her to go back where she came from. Bubba said she’s in a lot of
trouble, Jimmy said she is. Jimmy said guys have flown in from out of
state. Bubba said she’s in so much trouble, Jimmy said this is
unbelievable. The girls say they’d never do anything like that. Bubba
typed some stuff to another girl. Bubba typed some more stuff, the
girl said it doesn’t work that way. Spice asked her to say Power Pig
Hello, bubba typed it, she said it costs money to say that, Jimmy said
at least Bubba hasn’t crashed the site. Bubba asked how much of a fit
is Jimmy going to throw. Bubba typed for her to get a dildo, she said
all she could get was a bullet. Bubba typed that all the hot girls
need to regroup and have a meeting with Jimmy, ending it with the
phrase “Power pig Hello”, one of the girls said it. Bubba asked to see
her red pussy hair, he asked her to kick it out wide, she said she’s
not that flexible. Bubba asked for her to put the bullet in her mouth
on high, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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