Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, September 10, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Russ:
Down With the Kings – Run DMC
Beautiful Girls – B.O.B.
World Hold On – Bob Sinclair
Say Something – Drake ft. Lil Wayne
If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland ft. Katy Perry
Hey Daddy – Usher
Reverse Cowgirl – T Pain
Down – Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
Love is Gone – David Guetta
Stay In Love – Mona Lisa
Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince

FM Show

Segment 1 –

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by The Ferret, he
then plugged Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina Hunter’s segment for today,
Brent said he’ll be going to New Orleans tonight. Bubba said that
hammil chicken sandwiched a ride back, he wonders how many miles are
on Spice’s bike, he then said you can watch Bubbapalooza on tomorrow night. Brent said that Farve did look rusty;
however both teams had great defenses. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Music Selection and football picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba came on going over the Saints/Vikings game, he wonders how the
line works, he said that Sam Simon called it, he then decided to do
the lottery machine, we then heard the bumper for it. Bubba thinks the
lottery machine needs a staff all by itself, he said that Dave and
Jabberjaw have everything all set up for him; he then said it’s gotten
a little colder in the studio.

1. Monday – Ned
2. Tuesday – Bubba
3. Wednesday – Brent
4. Thursday – Chaz
5. Friday – Dave

Ned celebrated a little, Bubba wondered if he’s the only guy who is
happy, Manson said if he paid that, he’d smash it with a hammer. We
then heard the Monday Night Football Music. Bubba said that much like
Howard did with the chicken pooping on either side of a board, they’ll
be picking with the lottery machine, he said that he doesn’t want to
have chicken poop in the studio. Ned thinks the guys are making a
mockery out of
The NFL, Manson as Howard Cosell said some stuff. The guys then
selected their picks; you can read them at They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – BRN Monopoly – Twenty-five Cent

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by a promo for Bubbapalooza being streamed on Bubba said
most of them will be going to new Orleans tonight, he then said that
Rafael quit, he wondered what happened, Spice said that he talked to
him, Ned denied doing anything, Bubba said he doesn’t want a lawsuit
on his hands over it, he then said that he’s been getting at least
15-20 emails in regards to dating Sassy Cassie, he then said they need
to do employee of the week, the choices are Dave, Chaz and Sluggo.
Dave said everyone selected someone, except for Tom Bean. Ned voted
for Chaz, Brent voted for Dave, Spice said sluggo, as did Bubba, so
did Dave, Manson voted for Dave, the award then went to Dave. Dave
said they’re added an extra ball, Bubba said it’s an orange ball with
Spice’s name on it, it’s just to drive him crazy, Brent said he loves
mental games. The machine was fired up, it landed on Twenty-five Cent,
we then heard the tymbal, Bubba asked that he come in. Spice suggested
they do something like Homeless Lotto. Bubba congratulated
Twenty-five, Twenty-five said he’s excited, he said he was jumping
around outside, Bubba isn’t sure if 2001 takes Monopoly money. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza on Bubba said he’s gotten a bunch of people asking for the
“Rude Boy Remix”, which we then heard. Bubba thinks it sounds like a
rugged version of the song, Manson said it’s a great remix, Brent said
that the Ferret and big Dick are leaving for new Orleans around 9:00,
he said the Buddha will be coming, Manson said he needs to stay away
from him during the show. The first email of the day was about the
P238, they found it on, the emailer said they live half
between Shirley Felps and Sam Brownback. Another emailer said they
heard the acoustic version of O.A.R, but they didn’t know the name of
the group. Another emailer asked for Brent to look into the United Way
of Central Florida, Brent said he’s on it. Another emailer said they
used to be a supporter of the Susan G Koman foundation, they’re now
blocked from the Facebook page, Spice wondered what the March of dimes
is supposed to do. Another emailer asked if they’ll see any backstage
stuff during the New Orleans, Bubba isn’t sure on that. Another
emailer said Hogan sounds crazy in the hospital, Bubba said it
wouldn’t cross his mind to do something like that. Another emailer
asked if they’ll charge the preacher in Gainesville, Bubba wondered
who cares if he burns it, Manson said he’s not doing it now. Another
emailer asked the guys to promote the honest charities, Bubba asked
the guy to email them with some suggestions. Brent said the united way
of Central Florida pays out 70.6%. Another emailer asked about St.
Jude’s, Brent said he’s got the information, Bubba said that it could
be a shell corp for the Taliban, he then called up 1800AskBrent, Spice
liked how Brent picked up on one ring. Bubba asked Brent about St.
Jude’s, Brent said it’s because their exempted from taxes. Another
emailer asked if they could get the “rude boy” remix. Another emailer
claimed that Cheech committed suicide, Spice was shocked when the
article mentioned Bubba, he said that Cheech stole some tapes from his
office years ago. We then heard the Price is Right music. Spice said
when they talked about it on air, everyone denied it, he said that
after he left the show, he worked with Glen Beck; he didn’t get to go
to Philadelphia with him. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about
the Glen Beck/Sarah Palin rally, he then called 1800AskBrent about it,
Brent said tickets start at $73; the money is supposedly going to help
out people. Bubba said the show happens to fall on that day, he thinks
the guy has called a few times and has been a dick. We then heard a
news clip about the preacher planning to burn the Koran, he’s decided
to cancel the event. Bubba feels as if the Muslims have won, he
doesn’t care what book you burn, it’s your right to burn it, Ned
thinks we’re yellow, Brent said they can’t hit their ass with either
hand. Bubba said that we should be fighting on our own soil; he thinks
obama should’ve said that he doesn’t agree with the guy, Spice said
he’s the redneck Joe the Plummer, Manson said our only weak spot is
allowing people to come into our Country. Bubba said what he liked
about Reagan was that he wouldn’t let people push us around; Brent
recapped some of the stuff Reagan did. Bubba thinks Canada should
invade the Florida Keys; Spice said that would be nice. Gene in
Orlando said what they’re doing is a form of mental terrorism, Bubba
thinks the physical acts don’t have to happen; Manson thinks we’ve
terrorized ourselves. They said they should send the Korans to him, he
has a bond fire in his backyard, Bubba said that hillbillies are
almost like kids, he thinks there’s going to be a bunch of copycats,
he thinks that stuff will be on youtube, Spice thinks it’ll be pulled.
Greg said it all boils down to the legal reasons, Bubba said we broke
away from England so we could have the ability to be Independent, he
said if Congress has your name on their minds, it’s all over, Ned said
we’re a bunch of yellow bellied pussies. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – mental advice with Dr. Joe Saturley, family advice with
Regina Hunter

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I told
you” shirt, followed by Dr. Joe Saturley’s bumper. Regina said she
does pre-nup; Bubba said that Hogan wants his template, Regina said
she’d do it, she thinks he’ll be fine. Spice wondered if the pre-nup
is a pain in the ass to put together, he asked if they could put in a
sex claws, Regina said you could, as long as it doesn’t violate public
policy. Bubba asked if Joe has ever been called in to refute someone,
Joe said he’s been involved in a case, Regina said the biggest problem
is when someone comes in and says they’re getting married next week.
Bubba asked if they’ve ever had people not sign,
Regina said she’s had people not sign than sign, Bubba said that
Heather broke down, Regina said she’s had some people not sign the
pre-nup, but the marriage happens. Bubba thinks Joe has the Springer
show, and Regina has Morrie, Joe said sometimes he has both shows
going on. The first email of the day was about a 14 year-old step son
who takes everything, a urine test confirmed he was using THC. Joe
suggested having the kid evaluated, Bubba thinks 14 is a little old
for an ass kicking. Rob in manatee said he has a 10 year-old daughter
on visitation, he asked if he could prevent her from moving to Lake
City, Regina said the statute says that you have to notify the court
if it’s 50 miles, she said she rarely takes that case, as it’s the
hardest to win. Rob said he pays his child support every week like
he’s supposed to, they had the kid out of wedlock. Regina said that if
the judge feels that strongly about it, he could go against it. Kyle
said he was injured twice overseas, he is now hooked on pain pills, he
said he wakes up about three times a night, he then went over the
pills he’s on. Brent suggested calling the rep for vets; he said the
addiction is a result of combat. Chad in Tampa said ever since 2006,
he’s shared custody with his wife, since November of 2009, he’s had
full custody of his son, Regina said it’s now known as time sharing,
the statute has changed, she said that she likes it a lot better,
Bubba said that at least the parents don’t get into a pissing match
over who the better parent is. Eric on protection said he was ordered
to pay some attorney’s fees along with his child support, he has the
money, they want him incarcerated for six months, Regina said they can
handle his case. Joe suggested Eric by his book, as there a chapter
that tells you to hire an incompetent attorney; you can get his book
at Another emailer said she has 8 kids, Joe thinks it’s a
nightmare to start with, her husband died a year ago, her oldest tried
to kill himself, Joe thinks he had her as a patient, he would love to
set her up, Spice is curious how the husband died. Mark in Tampa said
his question was for Regina, the guys goofed on his voice a little,
Mark said he’s been dealing with child support for twenty years,
Regina said that could be the issue right there, Spice said she’s like
the roadrunner, and mark is like the Coyote. Mark said she’s let the
money build up in the courts, Regina said that child support is a dark
cloud that never goes away. Another emailer said that he was sexually
touched as a kid; Bubba thinks the email is an all day event. Another
emailer asked if he could take his ex wife to court over child
support, Regina said you just need to call her office; her staff will
set you up with a consultation. Bubba took a call from a woman who
said her ex is behind $9,000 of child support, Regina suggested
calling the department of Revenue, the caller said she did that, but
everyone has been dragging their feet, they’ve been divorced 10o-11
years. Bubba asked when the last time was that he paid, Regina told
her to be patient, Spice said he wouldn’t pay her. Another emailer
said that he and his wife argue almost every day, they have three kids
who aren’t affected by it anymore, Joe wondered if this was Sarasota,
Bubba said that wasn’t the case; he thinks Joe wants everyone to move
to Sarasota. Vern in Brandon came on, but his line dropped, Joe thinks
they’re scaring callers away. Dan said he got divorced about twelve
years ago, he and his ex went to a legal service; Regina said that was
his first error. The guy said he tried to modify his child support,
but it gets rejected, as his kid is now 20, Regina said that support
may raise for the other, Bubba hung up on him, saying the caller was
just bugging him. Spice wondered how easy a modification is, he asked
Bubba about his situation, Regina said that Bubba always knew he’d be
coming back to radio. Another emailer asked where they can get Joe’s
book as soon as possible, Joe said you can overnight it. Mike in
Jacksonville said that he and his wife got into an argument, the wife
left with his four month old daughter. Bubba wondered if the 50 mile
rule would apply here, the guy said they’ve been married for about
five years, Regina said the guy is in a hornets’ nest. Bubba asked for
the guys to select the final caller, he then told Joe about Burlesque
night at Scene. Steve no protection said he has a property, but he
also has to pay for child support, Regina said she’ll help him out.
Bubba asked what a decent pre-nup would cost, Regina said anywhere
from $2500-$10,000, it depends on how complicated it is, she said
she’s originally from Dayton. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Dr. Joe Saturley’s Information:



Phone: 727-726-1013 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              727-726-1013      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Regina hunter’s Information:

Phone: 813-Divorce (813-348-6723)


Segment 6 – Bubba’s Book

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said that he sometimes forgets
that not everyone is up at 4:10, he then got sidetracked with the
microwavable macaroni, he then went back to saying how he asked Steve
for a new car, he said that Sting Ray won’t treat you like a regular
car dealership, eh and Spice then recreated a scene where Bubba acted
as the customer, and Spice as car guy, the guys cracked up when Bubba
messed up his name, Ned wonders why Bubba is eating while buying a
car, Brent wonders who the old guy is hanging around the dealership.
Dan in Tampa asked Bubba about the book he’s writing, he asked that
Bubba put a dictionary, Bubba said that Brent is writing it, he said
they have a big major company that’s helping them out, he said they
need to write about Bubba’s first wedding. Bubba said that there was a
girl who would drive down to the radio station, he would have sex with
her, he said something really bad happened to her, he had no idea she
was 15, Spice said that’s a great story, if you are a pervert, Brent
said Bubba is protected by statute of limitations, Brent said the
first chapter explains a lot, he said the pictures of Doug clem are
hilarious, Ned thinks Doug is the man. Bubba wondered if Doug really
broke him, Ned thinks Doug turned Bubba into what he is today, he said
Brent gets so mad when Bubba stands him up on the book meetings, Spice
thinks Bubba will be dead before the4 book is released, Bubba is
convinced that Brent will snap on him one of these days. We then heard
Ned’s “Doug Clem Song” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 15.
The song parodies “big Bad john”, and is about Doug’s life. Bill in
Tampa came on, he identified himself as Jeff Cocab’s cousin, he asked
Bubba his view on the Brantley situation, he said the deal is based on
a charge of not turning in a felon for ammunition Bubba thinks they’ll
need her testimony to bury him, Brent said without the murder weapon,
you need to be able to connect him with the crime. Steve in Orlando
said Bubba should have Howard write the forward to his book, he thinks
Howard doesn’t know it, he’s not going to ask him to do it, as
everyone has done that, he mentioned Greg Fitzsimmons, he said Howard
would be his first choice, he doesn’t’ want to bug him with it, ned
thinks Doug Clem should write it, Bubba thinks his guys will spin it
to make him look desperate, he asked the guys to shut up, he’s only
going to reserve his comments to Brent and Manson, he said when he and
Brent talked about the foreword, Manson thinks that would be like the
Oprah book club. Bubba said he doesn’t want Howard to expect it, he
doesn’t’ want to be that guy who asks him, Spice wondered if Hogan was
to write the foreword, Bubba goofed on him with that, he then said
he’s mad at Hogan, as he tried to book Brian Knobs on the show, Brent
thinks Bubba shouldn’t do it, Bubba said no one since Artie has asked
for that, he said that Gary doesn’t execute the format, he said Gary
is good at what he does, Brent said Howard didn’t even write Robin’s
foreword, he did give her a car. Bubba said there are very few people
Howard has worked with that have had similarities, he said they can’t
predict his mindset, Brent said he wouldn’t know if he had a Chrystal
ball, Bubba thinks people are just trying him, Spice thinks Diamond
Dave should write the foreword, Bubba said that everyone will have to
write a foreword, Ned suggested they make it do Thursday. Bubba
wondered who should write it, he said everyone on air, Ned thinks Tom
Bean will never get around to it, Bubba said that it would be about
1,0o00-1,500 words, Spice thinks he can’ write an honest foreword,
Manson said this is like the jack Daniels episode (October 2, 2009).
Bubba told Spice to write the foreword, he thinks if he’s not being
real, he’s going to fine him a whole paycheck, Brent said the editor
is looking for complete honesty. Bubba said that if he didn’t have to
have Spice work here, he would never elect to work with him, he said
he doesn’t like him, he thinks Spice is copying him, he said he
despises Spice, Spice said he feels the same way, Brent thinks Spice
is treating Bubba like an idiot, ned said he’ll get some popcorn for
this. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba yells at the staff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza. We then
heard Ned talking about how we’re afraid to burn books, he says we
should burn the Koran and the Bible, he said he doesn’t give a shit
about the Koran, he wouldn’t have sex with it if it was Megan Fox, he
suggests we just go home. Bubba said that
Spice destroyed his timing today. Dave in West Palm asked bubba his
attitude in the studio when they were in break, Bubba said he hit
commercials, Manson and Spice went to the kitchen and got some beers,
he went into Brent’s office, talked to him until the bell rang, then
went back in the studio, they didn’t talk until they came back on, he
said Spice isn’t sorry about upsetting him, he said he doesn’t want to
get into it, he told Spice to keep drinking his beer. Chase in Ft.
Meyers said Spice should be fired, and be replaced by Twenty-five
Cent, Manson thinks there’s love there, Bubba told Spice if he hugged
him, he’d get a Wiffle Ball Bat, Manson said he’s not beady eyed.
Bubba wonders what’s happening with him, he said they have another
show to do, he thinks the guys are hirer than Billy Goats, he said it
may be great radio, but it’s driving him insane. Sean in Coral Springs
said Bubba is a dick to everyone. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Sassy Cassie
dating game. Bubba said he has to get out of there, he quickly plugged
Sting Ray Chevy and Scene, he then plugged the live feed of
Bubbapalooza. Ned came on the phone saying Bubba is the biggest dick
in the world. Rick thinks bubba is the kind of guy who can’t take
jokes, he got hung up on. Richard in St. Augustine thinks Bubba is a
bitch. Chris in Ft. Meyers thinks Bubba is the realist guy on radio.
Derik trying to do a macho man impersonation, Bubba thinks Tyler could
do better. Sarah in Plant city said she knows people who are bigger
dicks. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Sex in Space, Various Callers

The show started off with Ned’s bit about burning the Koran, followed
by “Juicy” by Notorious BIG. Bubba congratulated the Saints on their
victory, Brent thinks Bubba has got to be over Brett Farve, we then
heard a clip about the game, Ned changed “Blow Pack Blow”. Bubba said
he never thought he’d go against Farve, he thinks he would be the guy
who would end up ****ing Farve, Spice thinks Farve would get injured
doing it. Bubba said he’s Brett Farved out, he said he’s excited about
Aaron Rogers, Brent thinks that the Packers will make it to the Super
Bowl. Ned said tom the Treeman is his handler, Spice as Tom asked him
if he liked catfish whiskers on his dick. Rick said he was ready to
pull into a Craft plant, he heard about a shooting, he said a woman
did this, Bubba said this is very rare, Spice said he didn’t see this,
the guy said it happened around 8:30 or so, he said this was during
the second quarter, he thinks that had he been slower, he probably
would’ve been in the cross fire. The guys then discussed the Space
shuttle Challenger exploding; Bubba wonders if Sally Ride was the
teacher. Spice said he was watching it in Elementary school. Bubba
said he was in Jones’s Hall watching it, Spice said that every teacher
signed up for that, the guys wonder if anyone has ****ed in space, ed
thinks straight men would blow each other in space, bubba thinks
****in in space would make for bragging rights, Brent wonders how you
could validate that, Ned thinks you just have to **** while in space,
Spice thinks you can’t get good leverage in Zero Gravity. Jim in
southern California said that Ferrall had called in, Bubba said he
didn’t call him, it was the other way around, he said they should put
him on hold to start the story over. Jim came on saying that one of
the guys from Howard’s show called Ferrall, he said that Howard was
talking about Scott’s show, where Scott was surprised as Howard didn’t
know who he was, Scott said great stuff about Bubba, Bubba said this
is just some jobber who is recapping what happened on Howard’s show,
he hung up on the guy a few seconds later, he said he finds it hard to
believe that Howard said he doesn’t know who some of the guys are,
Brent said he explained it yesterday, he said he’s out of it at times.
Ken said he’s ramped up for New Orleans, Brent thinks the guy is on
blow; Spice said he can’t wait to meet him tomorrow night. Bubba said
he went to ordering some stuff, Spice suggests Bubba surf
the internet while blowing him. Ken said that hammer bought a ticket,
Bubba said he loves that guy, he said he’s tried to piss off Tarlick,
but it doesn’t work, he likes how Tarlick got a job so quickly. Manson
wonders what it’s like when Tara introduces her men to Bubba, Bubba
ended up calling Manson a beady eyed Jew, he thinks Jenna has it
really bad, as she can’t get a date for some reason. Brian in Alabama
said an astronaut did that, he said the woman’s name is Jan Davis, he
said it was a planned experiment by NASA. Bubba thinks the guy lives
near Huntsville, the guy said yes, Spice as Lasker said that the
Challenger ran out of talent and stepped on its dick, he then said
that he could never date an astronaut, as it’s too smart for him.
Bubba wonders what we’re doing in Space; Brent said we’re not going to
colonize another planet. Bubba said they should take all that money,
go to Vegas and put it on Red. Rob in New York said they look forward
to the show on Fridays, Bubba said the Sirius people think that the
fans got the wrong end of the deal, he said they never intended of
going anywhere, he said they don’t want to do that, he said he’s
having fun, Manson said it’s like being a NASCAR guy, but being
demoted to a Taxi Driver, Bubba said that no one knows what they’re
doing, he said the meeting with Tom Bean went well, he said this isn’t
their only job, he said they’ll never be a time where they won’ have a
show. Spice said he likes Adam Carolla, he said he’s funny, but the
quality isn’t all that great. Bubba said he’s going to draw a line in
the sand with Calvin the Cow****er, he said the guy wouldn’t be on
protection if he was so happy of the title, he’s calling bullshit on
the story, he’s convinced the guys are marks for the Buddha. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Calvin the Cow ****er

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Hulk Shells”. Bubba said
the winner of the Monopoly winner was Twenty-five Cent, he wonders how
much white pussy he can get, Brent said he’s been there four times
before he was 18. Calvin came on, Bubba said he’s not happy with him,
he said he’ll be on protection for as long as he feels like it, he
then asked where he can verify the cow ****ing stories, he said it
could be a guy who is just trying to hear himself on the radio. Calvin
said he has the ticket, Spice thinks this is a very ironic situation,
Calvin said he’ll man up. Bubba said he could be saying it just to be
saying it, Calvin said the only way to prove it would be to send the
ticket somehow, he then described how he breeds a cow, Ned thinks its
child’s play. Bubba thinks he caught Calvin on saying he ****ed a cow
in Texas, Calvin sad this was similar to animal cruelty; he said he
was caught balls deep; he was suddenly taken off protection. Bubba
wonders how you get hard off of a cow, Calvin said he just did, he
said the Vagina is red from the other bulls having sex with her; Ned
thinks its sloppy 35ths. Bubba thinks Calvin has a lot of ass
parameters, Calvin said that he’s gotten cowshit on his hands before,
but he wears gloves, Bubba thinks he’s just downplaying it. Calvin
then describes how he breeds cows, Bubba said there’s a lot of points
they left out. Calvin then said he hosed the cow down, he said that
stuff made him hard, he said bubba opened up the subject several years
ago when he first called in (July 6, 2007), he said he’ll fight Brent,
Spice thinks he said he’d like to fight him as well. Calvin said he’ll
call when he’s down there, Brent said he’ll do it, as did Spice, Bubba
suggested he shower before the fight, Calvin said that he told them he
****ed a dog, but that was just to piss Brent off. Spice thinks that
maybe manning up would be not doing it, Bubba thinks he was lying
about the whole thing, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Note: Calvin the Cow ****r’s first call to the show appears on “The
Clemulus Package” disc 2, track 2.

Segment 3 – Paper tongues in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Get Hire” by the Paper Tongues.
Bubba thinks that Sirius has been playing some stuff by them, he said
one night he was laying in bed with Heather, he overheard Paper
Tongues, she found them on the internet. Manson said the first time
they were at the show, his son Westin was there (April 22, 2010), he
ribbed him for sleeping during the show. Bubba asked Ben what will be
next for them, Ben said they’re thinking about “Get Hire”, bubba
wondered if he’s cool guying him. Spice said if they made the song a
little softer, he’d listen to it. Aswon said he has a say-so, he said
“ride to California” was none of their first picks, he said they
should go all the way with “Get Hire”, Bubba thinks they’ve refreshed
since they last saw them. Spice said he was hanging out with a guy
from Cross fade, he didn’t see a check for months. Aswon said he
doesn’t care about the money, as long as it’s his, he’s cool with it,
he said shows like this are bread and butter, he said Randy Jackson
has a great heart. Spice said Randy has that kind of rap, he said that
people just see him as the base player in Journey, Aswon said that
Randy became a really skilled producer, he said some people have tried
to play the Randy card, Bubba thinks the music speaks volumes. Aswon
said they have a cover for them today, Bubba asked if they have a
favorite, Aswon said they all fell in love with “Get Hire” and “Sole”,
he’s somewhat getting into that one, bubba likes how Aswon is an
artist. Aswon said they were listening to the record, they wanted to
make sure that everyone in the band was included some respect, Bubba
said it’s kind of tough to include all seven guys. Spice asked him if
he shit himself, Aswon joked that he just did, Bubba said they’ve been
there, he said they’ve had Candle box, O.A.R etc, he said they’re one
of their favorite groups. Aswon said they’ve been kicked out of
Casinos because Jordan and Dan were underage. Bubba requested they at
least play “Get Hire”, Aswon said they’ll do that, he said they’ve got
a surprise cover, Spice thinks it’s slow ride by Fog Hat, bubba said
these guys can’t make it big enough for him, he thinks Jordan and
Aswon would be complete opposites. Aswon said they’ll do “Get Hire”,
which they then did. Aswon asked that his vocals and base be turned up
a little, we then heard their rendition of “I Got a Woman” by Ray
Charles. We then heard the tymbal; Bubba asked if he ever does stuff
like that, Aswon said they only do that on the Bubba show. Spice asked
who they’ve had the chance to meet, Aswon said they were lucky to tour
with Switch foot, he said the performance was incredible. Spice said
that one time, during a 98 Rock event, one of the jocks was drunk and
said Switch foot sucked over the speakers. Aswon said they like
Florida. Bubba asked where they are sales wise; Ben said they’ve had a
great deal of success in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. Bubba said
he liked Hollywood Undead, but he didn’t like the small guy that was
with them (September 25, 2008). Bubba thinks the guys from Maroon Five
are nerds, Spice said he kind of likes them. We then heard “Ride to
California”, Bubba said that Al from Skin Industries said anything
they need clothing wise, he’ll hook them up. We then heard “Trinity”,
followed by the tymbal. Bubba said that his wife loves the song; he
thinks he’ll have to listen to it from her iPod. Aswon said they did
six radio stations, two cities and three performances, Bubba thinks
they like them the best. Spice asked what they like music wise, Aswon
said he’s into Cage the Elephant, Bubba said the guys cut on him for
liking stuff like Nickelback. Bubba went over what they’ve got at the
new studio, he thinks Axel Rose is the biggest asshole ever, Ben said
that it didn’t matter about ShowTime. Spice said you know that he’s
going to be late, yet people still go, Manson thinks he got his; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Ned’s bit about how
America needs to get over the 9/11. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – big Dan from Calgary calls in

Bubba said he needs to call Fabrizi up, he then asked what’s up with
Artie, Brent said Artie wants to do an interview to tell what
happened. Big Dan from Calgary came on the phone, Bubba thinks if you
didn’t see him, he’d look like a nerd, he didn’t like the guy who
called in and said the show sucked, he said it was a great show, he
said the people going to New Orleans are in for a big treat, bubba
thinks the Westin hotel doesn’t want them back. Dan said that he and
Pete have a number for Tucker; he said they’ll take care of him. Bubba
told Dan to wait, he’d like to keep in touch with him, Dan said Pete
is his brother. Bubba said that he likes to **** with record guys, as
the band can’t do that, he said Spice showed the guys the new studio,
he thinks it will be something, he wonders if he’s driving Dave insane
with the new studio, Dave thinks maybe he’s insane in general, Brent
thinks no one at the BRN is sane, he said that he had to deal with
getting a wheelchair lift, Bubba said all you handicaps ****s, ****
you, he wouldn’t want a wheelchair performer, he then wonders how
Brent talked to Charles about it. Bubba said that Hogan is on hold,
he’s not sure what he wants, he thinks he has to do everything for
him, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Bubba said that Hogan should be calling them, he told Spice he’s lucky
he brought in Paper Tongues, he said they got into a shooting match on
the FM Show, he said Fabrizi is the worst at answering his phone. He
then dialed up Fabrizi, amazingly he picked up, Fabrizi said that
Brent called him earlier and told him to pick up. Bubba said Paper
tongues would like to go to Scene, Fabrizi suggested an after party;
Bubba said he already did that. Spice wasn’t sure if he’d be going, he
said its date night. Bubba asked if
Richard had the phone up his ass, Fabrizi said he’s sick, he said he’s
trained himself not to curse on radio. Bubba told Richard he could say
anything, Fabrizi then referred to Tina Bacon as a cunt, Ned said
he’ll be at Scene, Fabrizi said he’ll be between the playmates. Bubba
said he’s got Hogan standing by, he called him one way, Fabrizi asked
to be on with Hogan. Fabrizi said hello to him, Hogan asked him if
he’s keeping the club together for one way Bubba, the guys cracked up
when he asked for a chicken cutlet, he thanked the Army for getting
him out of the hospital. Brent asked that Hogan validate that it’s
really him posting on Twitter; he said that Ozzy Osborn’s Twitter
isn’t exactly his. Bubba asked how the bed was, Hogan said that he’s
getting one on the 14th, he thinks it will be the answer, he said the
last time he stayed at his house, he almost killed himself, Bubba
thinks that had he killed himself, it would’ve made his house that
much more popular. Hogan said he likes the picture of bubba on
Twitter, he said he looks like Hitler. Bubba still thinks Hogan is one
way, he said that he didn’t like the hospital bed idea, Hogan said
he’d do it if it was fun, he thinks his penis is turning into a snail,
he said it’s missing in action. Spice asked if he can get a bonor,
Hogan said he doesn’t’ remember the last time he got one. Bubba said
he’s heard that Vince was asking about Hogan, Hogan said he’s making
his comeback, but he’s faking. Bubba said they haven’t heard from Joe
the super mark, Brent said he quit them, Bubba said that he blasted
him off the air (August 23, 2010). The guys wonder what Hogan’s
creepiest fan was, Bubba then recapped a time when Hogan was with a
Japanese girl who followed him home, Brent thinks Hogan shouldn’t have
said anything. Bubba wonders what kind of bread would Hogan pull,
Hogan said about $150,000, he then asked Hogan to recap a story about
him beating up a guy in Japan, and apologize for beating him up, Hogan
then explained what happened, saying that he had been in Japan for so
long, he had practically become one of them, he said you can see it on
YouTube, he got kicked in the balls a few times, which then caused him
to unload, he said after the match, almost everyone wanted to kill
him, he said his opponent said Hogan was the better wrestler. Bubba
thinks Hogan was scared to death in South Africa, Hogan said while he
was on his way to the airport, the guys were clicking their guns in
his face. Brent said he was watching the fight on the computer; he
then described what he saw, bubba said this was from 1984, he thinks
Hogan is much calmer in his old age, he likes when Hogan tells old
wrestling stories. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Old Pictures, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Talking About Myself”.
Bubba thinks maybe they talked about the book that Brent is writing,
Brent said he’s translating it. Bubba told the Satellite people he’s
not dumb enough to ask Howard to write the foreword, he said that he
got some pictures of Doug Clem, he said it explains why Bubba is so
****ed up, he then showed a picture of when Bubba was first born, Ned
said he’s more rugged than he thought. Spice said when he met him at
Bubba’s wedding, his hair has curled, Ned thinks Doug is a rugged
looking guy. Bubba said the one picture he has makes him sad, it’s of
Doug working on a car part, Brent thinks the apple doesn’t fall too
far from the tree on that one, Ned thinks Bubba isn’t paying
attention, he thinks Doug is a man’s man, he then said that Doug looks
like he’s gaining weight, he then started looking at Janie Cakes.
Bubba said this one is from when he was in his 30’s, Ned didn’t really
like the Key West Butt Tickler, he thinks he’s on the not to be
trusted list, he said his favorite picture is of Doug in a Raccoon
coat, Spice likes how no one is looking into the camera. Bubba then
showed the guys his Senior prom picture, he thinks the ribbing will
continue with this one, he thinks he looks like Wayne Newton who put
on some pounds, Brent couldn’t stop laughing, Ned said no one will be
lifting him up, Spice thinks bubba shouldn’t even publish this one,
Brent said they’ll be publishing those pictures. Alysha said that
she’d like to complain about Alvin, she said anytime anything like
that would happen, it would appear on the news, she thinks it would be
great if he comes to Tampa. Bubba thanked her for calling; he thinks
they can **** in the sleeper. John in Austin Texas said he’s going to
New Orleans, bubba said that the Marco island show doesn’t count, he
said he didn’t like New Orleans when he was there, he said that ned
and Dennis Rodman were hanging out, Ned said he blacked out. Bubba
asked him to come clean on the issue, Ned thinks they won’t have time
to talk about it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Apologizes to maroon Five

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba apologized to Spice for mother ****ing him on Maroon
Five, Spice said Adam has been on Howard’s show. Steven in California
said it’s great when the guys can be themselves, Bubba wondered if he
‘s gay, Steven said he is, he said a lot of guys are out, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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