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September 7th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Tyler will be doing his football picks today.
Facebook friend of the day is Joe Mullins of Murray, Kentucky.
A man has been arrested tweeting an assassination plan on Obama, Bubba
read some of his tweets in a black accent, this had the guys cracking
Bubba thinks Glen Beck has figured out how to be popular, he thinks
Glen is like Janie Cakes, feeling sorry for yourself and being a
Amy Lee is the newest target of Annomanis.
Emails: Jennifer in Webster wants smaller Bubba Army stickers,
Hollywood stars, add Tara’s bio to the website, Vet wants to party
with Ned, guy wants to get a tribute tattoo for his two year-old son
who unexpectedly passed away, Blind Lawrence wrote in saying Bruce
from Planet X is getting married today, and Wendy the Plumber’s
husband is getting his gaul bladder removed, guy saw a Bubba Army
sticker, and a listener thanked Bubba for talking about Bill
Green.Bubba thinks Glen Beck is a phony, he just wants one or two of
his years and he’ll be gone.
Bubba thanked Rent and Roll for their generosity, Manson said the
tires he got are badass.
“Honey Boo Boo” tied with the DNC ratings.
A man admitted to robbing several houses in the New Jersey area, one
house being Bon Jovey’s place.
Bubba doesn’t like people who rip stuff off.
Eddie Van Halen had emergency surgery on his colon.
Bubba played a small portion of Glen Beck talking about going to a BBQ
restaurant, he thinks this stuff was written down; Manson did his Blue
Blood voice goofing on Beck.
Bubba thinks glen has turned himself into a preacher, he said it’s sad
that the sheep buy into it, he’s disgusted that America wants to be
preached to, he thinks he is nothing more than a scab on Glen Beck’s
ass, and will continue to be that way.
Jimmy in Jacksonville said that Glen Beck is a true American,
Twenty-five wondered what that phrase means.
Bubba said that Glen Beck was a zoo keper, a lot of his gigs didn’t
work out, he thinks someone in Tampa sat him down and told him that he
needs to be saved, become Religious and Conservitive.
Audio of Glen talking about flying on American Airlines, Bubba then
ran down Beck’s career.
Kyle said that Bubba was crying over service he got at a Waffle House
(June 12, 2012), Bubba said that’s not even close to a comparison.
Jay on protection said he brings prisoners overseas, the flight
attendents treat them the same way Beck claims he was treated.
Caller thinks Beck is such a douchebag he could clean a whale’s vagina.
Bubba called up Tyler for his football picks, complete with a Carl
Harris produced introduction.

1.      Colts VS Bears – Bears
2.      Pats VS Titans – Pats.
3.      Bills VS jets – Jets.
4.      Redskins VS Saints – Redskins.
5.      Jagwires VS Vikings – Vikings.
6.      Falcons VS Cheifs – Falcons.
7.      Eagles VS Browns – Eagles.
8.      Rams VS Lions – Lions.
9.      Dolfins VS Texans – Dolfins.
10.     49ers VS Packers – Packers.
11.     Seahawks VS Arizona – Seahawks.
12.     Panthors VS Buccaneers – Buccaneers.
13.     Steelers VS Broncos – Steelers.
14.     Bengles VS Ravens – Ravens.
15.     Chargers VS Raders – Chargers.

Audio clip – Pulk County teacher arrested for sexting student.
Teacher had sex with students at a Prom.
Audio clip – Drew Peterson found guilty on murder charges, they can
now use hearsay as testamonial in Chicago.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Professional Wrestler 911” (“Bubba show
classics Vol. 12”, track 14).
Bubba said Cocoa and Craig are calling shenanigans on Brent’s story
about having just one drink before messing his chin up.
Audio clip – Glen Beck from his zoo keper days.
Bubba wonders why radio stations give away free money.
Audio clip – Sandusky regrets not saying anything at his trial.
Ned’s “then You Raped Me”.
Bubba potted up audio of Howard Dean’s infamous speech, Manson doesn’t
get how that destroyed the guy’s political career.
Audio clip – tom Cruise will stop at nothing to get his daughter into
Bubba said they love talking about Scientologists, as it drives them
insane, they have an E meeter, he thinks it’s like an 8 Ball you ask
questions to, Manson thinks you’d get more out of that than an E
Caller says her husband has a girlfriend who is teaching her children
about Paygans.
Caller thinks if the publicist says the article is boring, something is there.
Audio clip about a female Scientologist.
Nate thinks Scientology is a cult, says the church is tax exempt.
Kelsy Grammar and Mel Gibson’s respective divorces, the guys wonder if
it’s truly worth the money.
Manson’s “Maniac Mel” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 16”, track 9).
Jason in Ft. Meyers thinks Tara is full of crap in regards to
marriage; Tara said she couldn’t just sit at home.
Nick in Charleston thinks the women Bubba and Hogan go for are like
leeches, they should leave the marriage with nothing, Bubba gave the
guy a tymbal.
Audio clip – man kills kid, claims he was on “Wet”.
Audio clip – Russian president Vladimir Putin talks about the benifits
of orgies, Bubba thought the clip would be better than this.
Model who accused Oscar Day Lahoya of drug-fueled orgy gets her
lawsuit thrown out, Bubba thinks it’s criminal what is being done to
them with the MJ lawsuit, it’s going on almost five years, manson said
it’s how the world works, he thinks it’s like a prison sentence, he
then talked about his time in Iowa.
Chris thinks Bubba shouldn’t have said anything; Bubba said he’ll
never be quiet about stuff.
Caller thinks Bubba is just doing what he bashed Glen Beck for doing,
Manson said there’s a huge differents between not getting your soda
can opened, and getting sued.
Bubba said that he has a trial in January about the case, it will last
about a month, the trial starts at 8, so he won’t be able to do the
The chicken dip will be in all Publix locations by Tuesday, you can
find it where the shredded cheeses.
John came on saying “sorry”, the guys had no idea what he ment, this
led to Bubba and Tara talking about the Chuck Barry song “My
Chuck Barry’s “My ding-A-Ling”.
Bubba wondered where the Turtle Creek part came up, Manson
sarcasticaly said it was dirty, he then thanked TruckerEagle for
sending some potato chips.
Ned said he’s heard that Chuck Barry was into scatt play.
Dave Mili from Back 9 BBQ in studio, currently 1,059 Publix locations
are in existents, he thinks they’ll put up a pole of flavors for the
fans to vote on, Bubba wonders who would do artichoke, he thinks they
should cal the Bean dip “tom Bean Dip”.
Dave talked about some of the locations that use chicken dip a lot;
Bubba thinks it’s hard to beat the original flavor.
Dave then talked about Honey Baked Ham; he stays in contact with some
of the guys from that place.
Bubba and Twenty-five mark out to the bakery at Publix, Bubba said he
has to turn away when he goes there.The chicken dip should be in
stores by Sunday morning.
Bubba wondered if Food Lion is still around, Dave said they’re
nonexistent in Florida.
The shelflife is about 80-90 days; Dave said it’s all natural stuff.
Bubba wants to have a cookoff between Tara and Dave.
Caller asked about low fat dip, Dave told the guy to give him his
address; he’ll give him some low fat stickers he can use.
Ned’s Load – “Retarded In The USA”.
Christine in Chicago said the guys deserve vacation when they can get
it, she explained the Hearsay rule, it’s known as “Drew’s Law”, she
said that she heard the June 07, 2012 show from Dangerous conversation
about God wars.
Bubba thinks they had a great time on the Debriefing yesterday, Brent
came in; he can only say a few tings.
Brent said he was doing ok, Buba thinks Brent is easier to understand
than Twenty-five with his mouth open.
Brent then explained his situation through the wores, Bubba thinks
Brent will get back to the studio if he talks like this; the guys were
cracking up at Brent’s speech.
Bubba wondered if his accidental curse word went through, thomas C.
Cox said that it was caught, it didn’t make it out of the building.

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