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Top Stories:
Tampa rape suspect arrested
Delgado indicted in officer’s death
Runaway Christian Convert To Stay In Orlando
The Most Fight Oregon Showed All Night
Michael Jackson buried…Finally

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“southern Cross” as bumper music. Bubba really likes one of the
callers on the line, Bubba said he’d shut up and enjoy the song, which
he did for a little while. Bubba dumped himself hot jocking the song,
he thought it would be replayed later today; he said he’s in a bit of
a fog. Bubba wonders when will East Bound and Down be back on, Manson
doesn’t get it. Bubba said they’ve got the homeless beard pizza game
today; also Rob Con will be stopping by. Bubba plugged what they’ve
got coming up on the show for next week. Bubba said their extremely
low on the new Ned shirts, Bubba recapped some sports scores; Bubba
thinks the Rays are toast. Bubba said every new car sold at Sting Ray
Chevy this weekend, $250 of the purchase will be given to bubba’s
foundation. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, possible new Twitter address, football
player gets knocked out, emails, baseball discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into some
messages from the fans, then into “Main Street” as bumper music. Bubba
said they’re show is a lot like golf, he said he’ll explain it. Bubba
said you have some good shots that make you want to come back, Bubba
recaps the previous two callers. Ned said he’s got an icehouse in the
freezer, and a nugget of weed. Grant in Canada said the Twitter name
BTLSradio is available, Bubba wonders if they can transfer the people
who are currently following them. Grant said he emailed them with that
information the other day. The guys discuss what part of Canada is
exciting. Bubba said he thinks Manson tweeted, Manson said no, Bubba
got mixed up with a post Manson made the night before. Jim in South
Decoda wondered who is answering the phone, he said the guy answering
the phone is great, Bubba said he doesn’t care if you get high, Ned
said it’s a sad state of affairs when Pantera is the phone screener.
Jim asked about a racecar wheel, Bubba explained how it works for the
guy, someone hit the gong, then the bell, the guy cracked up, we then
heard an anti racing bumper, mixed with the gong and the bell, Bubba
ignored it and continued the conversation, Jim said the guys were
horrible, Brent said Manson rang the bell so much, the ringer fell
off. Manson wondered what people are thinking if they tuned in for the
first time. Scott in Copper city Florida said he loves the show; Bubba
wants a pan handle affiliate. Scott asked about a football game last
night, Bubba said there’s a video on the site. Bubba aid one of the
players knocks another guy out, Spice said it was a sucker punch,
Bubba said he would not be surprised if the guy can’t play any
football, Scott thinks the guy’s tooth came out, Bubba thinks it’s
just spit. Bubba played the video; Bubba read that the guy got kicked
out of practice the first week. Bubba said there’s a difference
between getting knocked out and getting knocked the f out, Bubba
said it must be really cool to be known as the guy who knocks someone
out in a fight. Spice likes how the band is still playing; Manson
thinks they should’ve gone into the Rocky theme. We heard the Rocky
theme, with a gong tossed in. Bubba thinks the president of the ncaa
should do something like that. The guys think he could be in mma.
Justin in Ft. Lauderdale said he’s ashamed the way Blunt handled
himself, he said that the player from the other team called Blunt a
nigger. John in Orange park thinks Oregon is going to be in big
trouble for this. Bubba thinks the other player is in as much trouble
for provoking the fight. Bubba read some emails; the first email of
the day thanked the guys for getting them Bubbapalooza tickets. Bubba
said he did an interview with a Pittsburg newspaper, Bubba said if
they don’t offend anyone, they’d get booed off stage. Another email
thinks no one in Richmond likes Bubba. Another email asked about the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas. Another emailer asked about Tiger Lili.
Another email plugged We then heard audio of
Blunt apologizing for his actions, Bubba thinks he’ll never play
football gain, Spice doesn’t’ like the apology. Bubba said the guy
fought from mid field to the tunnel. Bubba said Chip Carter sent him
an article about baseball teams getting highly paid. Bubba said
something has to be done with baseball; he thinks they need a salary
cap, Spice thinks it won’t happen. Bubba said having a strong union
can hurt you. Bubba went over the payrolls for various baseball teams,
Bubba thinks the salary cap should be mandated, Bubba said he doesn’t
want to hear that there’s no parody in baseball. Bubba said this is
the only form of athletics that has a farn system ready to go. Manson
said with baseball, you can make a team tomorrow. Spice said he’s
trying to get a baseball agent on, Bubba wonders if they can get Tony
Sonders on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – various callers, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Sounds Like An
Abortion”. Bubba took a call from a guy on the baseball salary cap,
Bubba said he thinks the no rules mentality is horrible, Bubba said
he’s tired of seeing the same teams in the playoffs. Mike in Texas
thanked Bubba for the new ned shirt; he said he’ll be going to Vegas
with it. Dan in West Palm Beach said he was in double A baseball, he
agrees with the guys. The guy said he played for the Rangers, he was
the pitcher. Bubba wondered what happened to Matt White, Spice said he
got injured, he could’ve been something. Dan said he was an undrafted
free agent. Bubba wondered what handed pitcher he is, Dan said he’s a
right handed guy, his fastball is around 90. Bubba asked how long will
someone be in double A, Dan said it all depends. Bubba plugged the
Homeless beard pizza, Bubba had Spice explain it. The guys shaved a
homeless guy’s beard, put the hair on a pizza, Spice said big dick
made it last night, he said his house smelled like a homeless man it’s
that bad. Bubba said you’ll get a 50% chance of getting hair or not,
bubba said they’ve got a wheel you spin, the person then picks a
slice, Manson said he’d like to try it, Manson said the pizza is
tainted. We then heard a clip about the rapist Joseph Fry, he was
caught yesterday. We then heard a clip about the guy who killed
officer Roberts, he has since been charged with murder, Bubba hopes
the judge throws the book at him. We then heard a news clip about a
girl who ran away to Florida, for fear of her Dad killing her, for
changing her religion. Brent said honor killings is a big problem over
in the Middle East. Bubba said outside the court room, it was like the
Jesus VS Ala bit Manson did (Bubba Show classics Vol. 6, track 10). We
then heard the bit, where Jesus and Ala are in a Wrestling match, with
Hogan representing Jesus, and Macho Man representing Ala. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – the show’s new Twitter address, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page, then into a news clip about Caylee Anthony, ductape has been
found on her remains. We then heard Manson’s “Caylee’s not In The
Cradle” from “bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 5. We then heard
“Tainted Love” as bumper music, Bubba said the state has got KC
Anthony. Bubba said the twitter address has changed, it’s now Bubba thinks sluggo is an idiot, he speaks and
thinks in binary code, bubba thinks he’ll fire him for smoking. Bubba
wishes they could gane regular listeners like the way they have
obtained Twitter followers. Bubba wonders if Manson was as mean as he
was. Manson said he tweets for bubba’s reaction. Bubba said he’s going
to turn the tables on Manson for a little, Manson said he’ll be at a
soccer game this weekend, Bubba groaned a little, he then said Donna
would be mad as hell if that actually happened. Bubba said all the
guys do is bury him, Bubba wonders what do they have if they don’t
talk about himself. We then heard Ned’s new Brent bit, parody of Peter
Gun. Bubba said they’re coming out with something called “Bubba
Wonka”, Bubba wants ned to make a Brent hatley C. Ned said he could do
Brent Hatley songs every day. Tom in Ft. Meyers asked when will Bubba
be racing down there, Manson rang the bell with drumsticks, we heard
the bell and the gong, Spice chanted Friday a couple of times, we
heard some anti racing bumpers mixed in. Bubba asked the guys if they
saw something called “Guards Gone wild”, Bubba finds it unbelievable,
Brent thinks Ned is in charge of it. We then heard a news clip about
that. Bubba described some of the pictures, which feature half naked
guards, Spice as Butt-head goofed on the name. the guys clown a
listeners name. Manson thinks the US military should check out the
embassy, Brent cracked up at a headline he read. Bubba thinks we
should pull out of Afghanistan, no more lobbyists, term limits in
congress and senate, and no more immigration. Ned thinks it’s a party,
he found the website with the pictures. Chris in Miami said the guards
have a private ferm with automatic rifles. Chuck in Richmond came on,
he loves the new signal. Bubba wonders if anyone in DC will be able to
hear them, Bubba thinks Obama can’t get the station. Joe said he works
for Wack n Hut, he would like to apologize. Bubba said they finally
laid Michael Jackson to rest, Manson thinks they should’ve stuffed
him. We then heard a clip about that, Bubba got caught off guard with
some breakfast. Bubba said he’s glad Jackson is dead, Bubba wishes
they were in LA, they would’ve had an intern with a sign that said
“I’m Glad He’s Dead”. We then heard Manson’s “Good-bye World” from
“Bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 8they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – 25 Cent, Praylood to the dream

Coming out of commercials, we heard some AC/DC as bumper music. Brent
thinks Sluggo should get on the E-cigarette. Bubba called for 25 to
come to the studio, Bubba said he could trust 25. Bubba said 25 is in
charge of taking care of bubba’s car on Fridays. Twenty-five said he
likes the white one, 25 asked the guys to stop saying masta. Bubba
said 25 is his favorite, Twenty-five said he’d drive bubba around.
Bubba said he loves Joe mama Johnson, Bubba said he, Manson and Joe
mama go way back, bubba said before Joe mama was in radio, he was a
prison guard. Bubba said he and Joe mama were in a room, they had some
girls lined up. Bubba said he was in showoff mode, Bubba said he got
an upgrade. Bubba said 25 was showing him his teeth. Spice asked him
what it was like shaving the guy’s face, the guy’s skin was chipping
off, he said it looked like cheese. Bubba said big Dick made the pizza
last night, Big dick said he put in plenty of hair, without it seeping
out. Bubba wondered who will be playing, the participants are: Tom the
Treeman, Pantera, and Al-kida, bubba played a bumper about that. Bubba
said they’ll have Tony Stewart on next Tuesday. Bubba explained the
Praylood to the dream, Spice said after taxes, Earl is the half
million dollar man. Bubba said you can find it on any television
provider. Bubba said you don’t need HBO for this. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Homeless beard pizza, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Canadian
merchandise. We then heard “Two Tickets to Paradise” as bumper music.
Bubba said this was for Spice, Bubba wondered if the guys were on
weed, bubba said he turns into a father figure on Fridays. Spice said
this isn’t the greatest song, Bubba said it was Two tickets to
paradise, the guys think Spice is a money poser. Bubba played “Wanted
Dead Or Alive”, Bubba asked for the guys to come in. Spice asked Tom
if he’s dating a stripper, Tom said he’s just friends with her, Spice
as tom said they are friends. Bubba cracked up over Spice’s Treeman
voice. Bubba asked Al-kida about his wrestling footage, Al said he was
showing the guys how to edit video, Pantera said Al was marking out to
himself. Spice thinks small Man is pulling off a Sarah Palin look,
Small man he’s not doing much. Bubba played the bumper for the
contest, Spice explained what it was all about. Manson thinks the guys
don’t look happy. Bubba thinks they should do it on tenure. Bubba spun
the wheel, it landed on Pantera. Bubba said Pantera has had horrible
luck, he’s eaten a pubic hair burrito twice. Bubba spun again, it
landed on Treeman, Al selected his slice. Bubba said if anyone pukes
on his carpet, they’ll be fired, then subjected to a fifteen minute
training session with Rob con. Bubba and rob talked a little about
Ultimate fighter. Bubba thinks they should blindfold the contestants,
ned thinks they should take their pants off, ned said it normally ends
up like that anyway. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – homeless beard pizza, pt. 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard “We Will Rock You” as bumper
music. Bubba brought the guys in, we then heard the bumper for the
contest. Bubba thinks Pantera is peaking, Bubba told Twenty-five to
not let him do that, bubba said he’ll check a child molestation site
for Tom’s picture. Bubba said one of the guys will be stretched by
Rob, Al asked how he’ll be able to puke if he can’t see the bucket,
Spice as Tom asked where his life went wrong, Bubba said he wouldn’t
know where to start. Pantera feels someone tampered with his water,
Bubba said he’ll introduce Pantera to Rob con. Spice as Treeman said
he was hungry, the contest started. Tom vomited on Al-kida, the guys
crack up at the guys fighting over the puke bucket. Al continued to
eat his slice, Bubba said all three guys got a slice with hair in it.
Bubba got caught off guard with Tom vomiting, Al said that was the
second time that happened. Bubba thinks karma is a bitch, Bubba wishes
one of the guys didn’t have hair in the pizza, Spice as Treeman said
it was the first time he got a hair pie. Al said he did some wrestling
back in the day, he lost all his matches. Rob said being mounted or
giving someone your back is the worst. The guys think Rob has fighting
shorts under his regular sorts, Rob said he does that because he’s
dedicated to the sport. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Rob Con in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard “When Doves Cry” as bumper music.
Bubba asked for the guys to bring a girl fighter, he said he feels
like a guy in another country saying that. Bubba plugged a big MMA
thing going down, XFC, at the St. Pete times Forum this weekend. Bubba
said Rob just had some Chicken, rob found it delicious. Bubba thinks
you couldn’t go out with her, as she’d kick your ass, bubba said she’s
the kind of girl they couldn’t get with. Her name is Tiffany, she’s
mainly into MMA. Tom, the ref was in, Bubba joked that Tom’s teeth
would kick his ass, Rob said they look like the urinal at shay
stadium. Tom described who is on the card, the guys know one of the
fighters. Bubba said he’d like to talk to Allan, he wants him to stop
marking out to MJ. Tiffany said she has a boyfriend, the guys groan a
little at that, they’ve been together for over a year, he runs a poker
site, bubba wonders how the internet jobbers do it, Spice said it
revenge of the nerds. Bubba said you can’t have two hot chicks
fighting against each other. Bubba asked her if she’d ever do playboy,
she said no, Spice said his girlfriend was in playboy, bubba wonders
if he said he’d like to sniff her armpit. Rob said it’s been years
since he got submitted. Bubba said Royce wants to kick his ass. Bubba
asked for Al-kida to come in, bubba asked for Al to try and choke out
rob, Rob said he was the first to receive a black belt from Gracey
Tampa. Spice asked for Al to cut a promo in Arabic, which he did.
Bubba gave a countdown, Spice gave play-by-play, Rob got out of the
choke hold, the fight ended a few seconds later. Al said rob is
strong, Al said he’ll take a test. Travis in Springhill said he’s into
MMA, he’d like to know where rob is, Rob explained his locations, Rob
said you can go to Brent went over the fight card.
Bubba thinks Tom looks like Jimmy from 2001, on growth, bubba renamed
Tom Super Teeth. Spice thinks with one kick, Pantera will fall like a
house of cards. Bubba likes the way Tiffany punches, Spice said tom
looks like he’s about to cry. Rob asked that Tiffany get a little more
aggressive, which she did, the guys cracked up at something falling in
the studio. The guys crack up at Tom getting hit, bubba said Pantera
is a never wreck. Bubba thinks Tiffany should have a website. The guys
crack up at Pantera getting kicked, Rob asked for a combination, Bubba
threatened to have Rob submit Tiffany, bubba isn’t impressed by her
performance. Tiffany beat on Pantera a little more. Bubba joked that
super tom uses a jump rope as dental flaws. The show ended with tom
getting put in a sleeper hold via Tiffany, Tom said he lost
everything. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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