Friday, September 03, 2010

September 3rd, 2010 by Staff

Friday, September 03, 2010

Segment 1 – BRN lottery

The guys discussed the Monopoly lottery, you can get in or get out
forever, Spice said he was out; Bubba said that he can never get back
in. Spice said he liked it in the beginning, now it’s become a thing.
Bubba said it’s now double the amount of money, he said Spice still
has a plus fifty opportunity, he said that he’s glad Spice tapped out,
as he’s sick of him, he said Spice is the only guy who came to him and
asked if his paycheck would be effected if they were to get dropped
from Miami. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – BRN Monopoly – Hammil

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba said that the bumper music was provided by Manson. Charles in
Palm Harbor said he’s enjoying the show, he was laughing so hard he
was speeding, the cop said “Slow down, Bubba Army”, as he has a
sticker on his car’s window. Bubba said that Grant was doing 20 miles
over the speed limit, he said he’s thankful that he gets cut a break
every so often, he said this particular cop was a prick, he said that
rant was picking up the checks for the fallen officers, he still got a
ticket after explaining where he was coming from, he finds it ironic.
Michael said he quits the lottery, he doesn’t think its compelling
radio, Bubba thinks J is talking about his Corvette, he then gave the
guy the Evil treatment, he went on to say that if you don’t like this
show, you’re a pussy. We then heard the bumper for the Lottery, Bubba
said it’s new and improved with a 401K Twist, he said they need to
lock in an all-time roster, he said that Miller, Al-kida, and Spice
are out of the lottery forever. Jabberjaw came in with an all-time
roster, she said that there’s an extra $10, as Russ had a pandering
violation. Bubba said the roster is locked in, he said he was going to
allow people to sell their slots, he decided against it, he said the
comitioner plays for free, he then said that Dave suggested three
people be nominated for employee of the week, he decides for Al-kida,
he then thinks he couldn’t do that, Spice said himself, Manson voted
for Pantera, Brent for Big Dick, Dave voted for Al-kida, as he
would’ve gone with Chaz, but didn’t want to go over the three name
limit. Bubba said the blue ball is the employee of the week, Jabberjaw
asked if they’ll do bumper music, Bubba decided to do that.

1. Tuesday – Jabberjaw
2. Wednesday – Big Dick
3. Thursday – Miller
4. Friday – Russ

Ned asked if he’ll ever get a chance, Brent said he can’t find the
last time Ned was highlighted. The machine was fired up, Manson thinks
the blue one weighs more, he thinks it’s just sitting there. Bubba
thinks Manson is now the comitioner of authenticity. Bubba said that
it landed on Hammil, he thinks Jabberjaw can get the roster ready for
next week, Manson thinks the rich just keep getting richer, Bubba said
that employee of the week should be decided by Thursday at 5 PM, he
then asked Dave to be in charge of that, Dave asked for a cool title,
Bubba said he’ll get one. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for White Cap, followed by
some Eddie Money, Brent thinks the song is pandering, Bubba told him
to shut up, as he’s not the boss, he then told ned about this device
that has a camera that can look through stuff, Dave said you can use
it to look for wires, Ned said he’s stepping back. Bubba said he would
love to work with Kevin Vargas, he thinks you’d have to be on a Zanex
drip to put up with him. The first email of the day asked Bubba to
know the rules about carrying a gun, Bubba called the emailer a
jackass, he said that he has a show; he said putting the gun on the
dashboard is stupid. Another emailer asked if Brent can dig into
United Way, the emailer thanked Bubba for delivering the message on
charities. Greg Lennoard emailed asking for Bubba to plug his valet
trash service, Spice said it’s kind of weird business model to start
off with. Another emailer asked if Brent could dig into the MDA
numbers. Another emailer wondered if the chicken dip is shippable,
Bubba suggested the guy go to Another emailer asked if
Bubba will do a podcast, Bubba just said January. Another emailer said
they’re shocked over the information about the Susan G Komen
foundation, the emailer thinks Manson is dead on. Brent said that one
year of Chemo therapy is $500,000, Spice said it’s rough. Another
emailer thanked Bubba for hooking her up with Tom Petty tickets, the
emailer asked about safe areas in Tampa. Another emailer said that
they had MAD visit his school, two people at the school were touched
by a paralyzed woman, it turned out to be an actress. Another emailer
suggested the guys look into “Autism Speaks”. Another emailer said
they saw the video of Bubba donating money, the emailer said it’s
great to know him. Bubba took a call from a guy who described what a
valet trash guy does; he then got hung up on for cursing. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new Bit, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I Told
You” shirt. Bubba said Greg Lennoard is on hold, he remembers the time
when Greg’s grandma called him (“The Fat And the Furious” disc 2,
track 19). Greg said that’s his Dad’s Mom, he then said he’s not
looking for money with the trash collection, he just wants to promote
it, he then explained what they do, he said his Father-in-law does
websites, he said the number is 813-494-2324, Ned had no idea what he
was talking about, he said he burns all his garbage. We then heard
manson’s new bit, “1800AskBrent”, where Brent says he knows the answer
to every question, he says if he doesn’t know it, he’ll just make it
up. Bubba thinks Brent sounds like a witch when he laughs, he then
talked about a guy known as Mr. Hugs, he thinks you might want to ask
for a parent teacher conference if that’s the case, the guys cracked
up when it was revealed Bubba didn’t have the rest of the article. We
then heard a news clip about an oil rig exploding in the Gulf of
Mexico, bubba thinks he could float better than anyone, the guys think
Chrystal Clear sounds like the name of a stripper, Bubba thinks we’re
desensitized by oil spills, he then talked about companies getting
over build for penis pumps, Manson thinks it will just get worse, Ned
asked what happened to the good old days of saving up money for a
penis pump. Spice said the stuff they’ve come out with is out of
control, Bubba thinks it’s only a matter of time before women don’t
need them at all, he then read about a guy in Sauté Arabia who got
paralyzed in a fight, the victim asked the Judge to make sure the
punishment fits the crime, Spice thinks you can do that, Brent said
they’ll cut your head off at the soccer field. Bubba found the rest of
the Mr. Hugs article, he asked if the guy was ever someone’s
principal, call in if you were afraid to come forward, Spice said if
someone called him Mr. Hugs, he’d have a problem with it. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza featuring
Blind Lawrence. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker asked if
Brent was on, he said they’ve had a debate if Marijuana effects your
memory, he thinks he’s winning that debate. Bubba thinks you need pot
when you’re in your thirties, Manson said he and donna get high on
Saturday nights, sit on the couch and talk. Bubba asked how The daily
Caller is, Tucker said Obama’s administration is suing a police
officer, Brent said the guy before Obama said that people wanted to
have a beer with him, Tucker thinks Al Gore is a loser, he then said
we vote against Candidates, not against. Bubba said he talked with a
former Secret Service, he said we were close to getting bin Laden, the
secret service guy thinks he’s dead, we may know where he is, he said
we need the boogey man factor, the reason why we don’t parade the
streets that bin Laden is dead, as someone will try to one up him.
Tucker said that if the news came out that bin Laden was dead, there
wouldn’t be a press conference about it, he said it’s shocking that we
haven’t found him. Bubba said the Secret Service guy he was talking
with said that one you step off the helicopter, you’ll know why you
can’t find anything, Manson thinks if we sent Isreal, they’d find him
in two weeks, Tucker said it would be great to catch him, and kill him
slowly. Bubba asked him about Obama’s speech, Tucker asked about Iraq,
he said we’ve got 50,000 guys, Bubba said it’s like their playing the
shell game, Tucker said he was waiting to hear in the speech something
about the mission of Afghanistan. Bubba asked Tucker when he’ll be on
TV next; Tucker said he was in Maine a little while ago. We then heard
a clip of Manson asking the Calgary Bubbapalooza audience to say
“Tucker Carlson, **** you
!” Bubba said they’re trying to hit three different places in Canada,
Tucker thinks bubba is sucking up to Foreigners, Bubba said the
Canadians are everything Americans aren’t, Tucker said they’re
limited, he said they’re like golden retrievers, Bubba wonders where
he comes up with this stuff, Bubba said they bring out the best of
Tucker, Tucker said he’ll scratch their heads and throw a ball for
Canada any day. Bubba thinks maybe they should treat the Middle East
like a dog, Tucker said they’re like a pit bull. Bubba read that
Canadian marijuana growers are using bears to guard their stash, he
then asked Tucker his thoughts on the Vanity Fare interview with
Palin, Tucker said she’s a phony, he’s been covering Politics for 19
years, he said she’s good looking. Bubba said the Secret Service guy
he talked to sad that George W. Bush is a dummy, Brent said he talked
to a guy who was with the Clintons when they got sworn into office
(January 20, 1993), they couldn’t stand each other. The guys then
talked about the last meal, Brent said he wouldn’t even want one.
Bubba asked Tucker his view on glen Beck, Tucker said he doesn’t know
him, he thinks Beck is a fascinating, he thinks it’s real, Manson
thinks Tucker is a sheep, Bubba said he’s the most not real guy ever,
Brent said that Sean hannity believes it. Bubba said he liked Glen
when he was a drunken womanizer, Tucker said there’s no way you can
pretend, Manson said he’s an actor, he said most of the televangelists
don’t believe it. Brent said that at the rally on Saturday, a
Christian flag was flying like at a football game, Manson thinks Beck
has no credibility, as he compared Sarah Palin to George Washington.
Tucker said Ron Paul needs to stop sounding like he’s blaming the US
for 9/11, the guys don’t think that’s the case. Bubba said it’s sad
that Rubio is going to get his ass kicked by Charlie Crist; he said
that Charlie will win because of him; Brent said that the Political
landscape in Florida is of people who had dreams of beating Charlie.
Tucker thinks Charlie is a loser; Spice thinks Charlie would ruin him,
Tucker thinks he could take him on. Bubba asked Tucker to look at how
big Rubio’s ears are, Spice thinks he’ll fly away in his own
commercial, he said Howard Dean okay until his famous yell, Brent said
his mask slipped right off when that happened, Tucker said that he was
ten feet away from Howard when he did that, he thinks we suck up to
cops and teachers too much. Bubba said it was sad to see the witto,
Tucker doesn’t’ get the Religion part, Tucker said he likes Rick
Scott, saying he went hunting with him, Brent said he’s a walking
definition of a fraud. Tucker said he had to get going, as he has a
meeting coming up. We then heard the clip of the Calgary audience
saying “tucker Carlson, **** you!” Tucker said he loves it; he thinks
the Canadians are easy to train. Cole in Ft. Lauderdale thinks he was
his principal; Ned went nuts when the caller said “Dr. Jack”. Jay in
Ft. Meyers asked what happened with Bubba playing Mark Ober bits,
Bubba said time will sometimes slip away, he said that he’s met with
some attorneys about possibly suing him, Manson thinks he should crank
out some more stuff, Brent thinks that would be the end of his
Political career. Bubba thinks you could just blame Mark Ober for
everything. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Fire Fighters not allowed to wear pink

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by Ned’s “Catholic Altar Boys”. Cory in Germany said he’s going to
Afghanistan, Bubba wished him the best of luck with that. Dave asked
about a racing event, we then heard a cowbell, followed by an anti
racing bumper. Bubba talked about some tracks while the bell was heard
in the background, he thinks the guys are a bunch of dicks, he then
said that there’s a 170 page manual on child touching, we then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba thinks maybe the cops should use it as a
training tool for intelligents. Bubba asked ned to guess who texted
him last night, ned named some people, he then guessed Gary Grubs, we
then heard the tymbal. We then heard a news clip about fire fighters
not being allowed to wear pink shirts because of Breast Cancer
awareness, Bubba said he supports the decision. Jeff asked how Bubba
is supposed to make money; bubba thinks it’s a guy trying to be a
dick. Lorry said her daughter is battling Breast Cancer; she called
the Susan G Komen foundation and was offered nothing. Bubba plugged
what they’ve got coming up on the show next week, he said Ray Mysterio
is seven minutes late, he then said they need to cancel the interview,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (, followed by “1800AskBrent”. Bubba said
we’ve spent 2.6 billion a virtual fence, he said we’ve got two foot
bridges that can guide illegal’s, Manson thinks they should put an
agent at each of the bridges, Brent thinks it just adds insult to
injury, Ned thinks he now has to call them “Grade Control Device
Backs”. We then heard a news clip about a woman who was raped by a guy
who put a pizza flier under her door, bubba thinks the guy should’ve
just stayed home and masturbated Spice said he’s not using a ladder to
kill a spider or change a light bulb, he doesn’t think it’s a swift
getaway, Bubba said he’s one of those guys with white sun glasses, he
suggests we build more prisons, Manson thinks being a one-legged
rapist would be tough. We then heard news clip about a dead sperm
whale. Bubba wondered if 1800AskBrent really exists, he then hung up.
Brent said he’s got the answer, Bubba decided to have them play along,
he asked Brent why they call it a sperm whale, Brent said the name
comes from the wax like substance as it looks like sperm, he then said
that a whale is a Dolphin. Bubba asked how many gallons is the killer
whale’s tank, Brent said 179,000 gallons, Spice thinks it’s
convincing. Bubba went back to the news clip, where a guy had cut a
whale’s tail off, the guys cracked up at the clip. Dee in Texas said
he used to live in Tampa, he moved to Texas for work reasons, he used
to work in Mexico. Bubba asked him if he’s a cocaine mule, the guy was
eventually given the Evil treatment, Bubba said he doesn’t come across
well on the radio, he thinks the guy didn’t tell him anything he
doesn’t already know, he said if you come on the air, at least give
him something he doesn’t know, Ned thinks the audience is under the
impression that he doesn’t’ know anything. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Calvin the Cow Lover calls in

Bubba said his family thinks he’s retarded, as he loves the ninja
clip. Calvin the Cow Lover came on, Bubba told him they have to really
keep it clean. Calvin said he’s moving to Florida, Brent told him that
he’ll be seeing Major Head real soon, Bubba said in order for him to
validate who he is, he’d have to see him do it, Brent said you can’t
encourage it, Calvin said he got a ticket out of it, Spice suggests he
stop making love to cows. Bubba said they should bring Calvin of this
lifestyle, Spice said he’d like to kick this guy’s ass, Bubba said he
quits him, Calvin said he hoped he’d be a corporal, Bubba said no, he
said the more they put him over, it might be an issue, Spice thinks
maybe he should call the Satellite show, Calvin said yes to that.
Bubba thinks it was something the competition would do. We then heard
a double shot of Mark Ober bits:

1. “Ober Commercial – Fireman” (“bubba show classics Vol. 16”, track 17)
2. “ober Commercial – Dante Morris” (“bubba Show Classics Vol. 16, track 17”)

They then ended the show a few seconds later.

8 Responses

  1. Chris C.

    WTF!? The West Coast feed was a best-of from ’06. This web site says it was a new show.

    What’s the iggy MF’r?


    WTF? I tuned in today and it was an old show from Dec 06 being broadcast…..what gives?

  3. Alex

    So, a live teresticle show and you bail on us sat. fans…again? Thanks alot!

  4. Ray Leach

    Why were we given a rerun program on Friday September 3 on the sirus broadcast?

    I was also wondering, would you take Howards time slot if he does not come back?

    Would you take half of what they paid him for the next 5 years, even if it means under cutting Howard?

    and don’t even try to lie.

  5. Andy McElroy

    What happened to the Sirius Live show????? Bubba said earlier in the week that we were having one.

  6. Russ MacDonald

    Hey Bubba and boys,
    Just wanted to let you know that your Friday “live” show was an effing repeat from December of 2006. Although the show was solid gold as you had Pet of the Month Hannah Hilton on the show. I’m pretty sure it was Spice or Manson who told her that L.A would corrupt her. You couldn’t have called it any better. Have a good day.
    Russ from Ontario Canada FTE

  7. Sweatyguy

    Tucker was on fire…Easily the most entertaining segment I’ve ever heard with him….Really strong…Keep it up Tuck…

  8. Jill Ezekiel

    What about organic wine? Is it alcohol or pesticide residues? I had a young breast cancer patient doing gerson therapy but she did not progress. My opinion is that the electrical modalities she received for a neck injury(TENS, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage machines] may have interfered with intracellular signaling. It is so important to block electromagnetic fields.

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