Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd, 2010 by Staff

Friday, October 22, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence

FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports, Bubba looks like Paul from Paul and Young Ron?

Bubba started by the show by almost saying it was November, he then
said the Lightning got ripped off in over time, Manson said the Ducks
are unstoppable. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show,
Spice thinks Brock Lesner will win his fight; he said that one week
from today will be Bubbaween. Dustin thinks Bubba looks just like
Paul, Bubba said he’ll investigate, Spice said Paul has front fat.
Manson said one of Trace’s friends described Bubba as a chunker, Bubba
thinks he doesn’t look like the guy at all, he then said he’ll kick
Paul’s ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Monopoly Money – Big Dick

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Bubba said
the song reminds him of Warsaw Middle School in 1979. We then heard
Sabrina the witch’s bumper, she came on offering a spell for Miami,
she thinks the stuff in Miami has turned heads, Bubba thinks maybe her
witch craft caused the guy to kill himself, he said that Ned is still
mad that his bit didn’t get aired. Mandy asked that people at least
have an intelligent caller. We then heard a Spanish bumper, followed
by the Lotto machine bumper. Bubba thinks this is the only thing that
gets him out of bed on Fridays.

1. Monday – Chaz
2. Tuesday – Ned
3. Wednesday – Pantera
4. Thursday – Twenty-five Cent
5. Friday – Hammil

Ned thinks it’s a week of jobbers. Bubba thinks he could throw in all
the balls and have them as the person who pats him down; Brent thinks
Spice should do it, as he’s neutral. Spice said that Tom Bean was
employee of the week for the second week in a row; Bubba said that
he’s going to start doing it, he then asked for a pat down; Manson
said that Bubba could have a ball in his package. The machine was
fired up; Spice said he loves it when Bubba tells Manson to give him
the countdown. Manson thinks they should redo it, he thinks it was a
controversy for one of the balls flying out, Spice thinks the person
in question could be DQ’d. The machine was fired up again, it landed
on Big Dick, Spice wonders if he’ ever won. Big Dick came in, he said
this is the first time, Spice said he’s not even excited, Dick said
he’ll be giving his money to Pantera. Jabberjaw came on saying that
Russ, hammil and Grant owe Brent money, Bubba called them “The Fag
pack”, Jabberjaw said that Hammil owes Bubba five dollars, Spice said
he’d like to see Russ and Hammil fight each other at Bubbaween. Bubba
said it seems like the people downstairs are good with paying, while
people upstairs are horrible at paying, he suggested people pay at the
creative meeting. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween, followed by
“don’t do Me Like That” by Tom Petty. Bubba came on plugging his Sting
Ray Chevy appearance, he then plugged Bubbaween, he said he’s not
talking to Fabrizi at this point. The first email of the day had a
Bubba Army sticker on the side of a truck. Another emailer suggested a
line for the show’s bumpers. Another emailer said they saw Aubry Huff
play the other night, the emailer thanked the guys for talking about
him, the guys mentioned his lucky thong, Bubba thinks Ned would like
to see him in his thong, Spice said the song Aubry does is kind of
slow, ed thinks he smokes two packs a day. Another emailer said the
problem is Cox doesn’t even advertise him, the emailer said they used
to work with Neil Rogers. Another emailer said they’ve tried to add
their own sympathy entry on Steve Branic’s death, Spice said it seems
like everyone loves the First Amendment, yet they hate it in this
case. Another emailer wondered how long could tom The Treeman and
Tuddle go without getting an errection or an orgasm, Spice said they
don’t get laid to begin with, Brent wonders what year this is, Spice
thinks the item doesn’t look fun at all. Rosan in Ocala asked if
Tyler’s crew was on the road, Bubba said they’re in Atlanta. Spice
said that he’s heard a lot of people knew this guy, Bubba said that he
had two people call him and give him a rashin of crap, he said if
someone on the show got arrested for child molestation, no one would
be sticking up for you. We then heard the call from H on protection,
where he admonishes Bubba for his comments on Steve. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers

Bubba came on saying that everyone at the station was gathered around
the control room listening to Bubba admonish Jenny from Paul and Ron.
We then heard the call from Jenny, where she thinks Bubba’s comments
are disrespectful, followed by the Manson and Berlin collaboration
“Loved the Way You Died”. We then heard “Don’t Look Back” by Boston,
Bubba said the lines are packed, he asked Twenty-five to get his
foreword shined up. Dj in Orange Park said he’s glad Steve is dead.
Larry said he’s the Dad of a molested child, he said the people
defending him should fry in hell, Bubba said so should Ron and Paul,
as they haven’t commented on it, Larry thinks that H was talking out
of both sides of his mouth, as he said he didn’t have any kids. Bubba
said she mentioned Spice’s rape and Hog case, he said that a week
after it happened, the woman said she had made all that up, Spice said
he was cleared after the investigation, Bubba thinks that shouldn’t
even be mentioned, he said the Hog Trial was just them getting
railroaded, he asked Brent after you’ve been cleared by a jury, Brent
said if you’re not proven guilty, then you’re innocent. Travis said
he’s representing the Bubba Army in Key Largo. Jason in Palm Beach
said to the coe workers of Steve, Whaa. Joe in Charleston said he
hasn’t heard Bubba in three months, he thinks that suicide is the
Ultament cop out. Benny said he can’t stand Paul and Ron, he then
called Bubba a NASCAR punk, he then hung up. Joe on protection said
his wife was molested as a kid; he doesn’t get the people who have
sympathy. Dave in West Palm said he has the number to the Sun
Centinal, he then recapped a phone call he had, Bubba said he’ll put
the guy on hold. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Twenty-five’s Foreword

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said the founder of Penthouse died; Spice said the
guy was kind of a weirdo. Bubba took a call from a woman who said her
Dad molested her, he’s on trial for molesting other kids, she said she
gave him a chance for a relationship, Bubba wondered why, he then said
the woman drives him crazy, she said she’s not married, Spice thinks
Bubba would make for the World’s worst therapist. Bubba said he’s not
for hitting a woman, he said he’s just for leaving. Twenty-five Cent
came in; Bubba told him he had two weeks to write it. Bubba said this
is the last series of forewords, he thinks it was more of an
autobiography. Twenty-five then read his foreword, Bubba cracked up at
the first line, Spice then goofed on him a little. Bubba thinks
Twenty-five is being a dick, the guys goofed on Twenty-five saying
“method”, Spice asked Twenty-five he needs to leave the club, the guys
then goofed on Twenty-five saying some stuff, Bubba thinks Tyler
could’ve written a better foreword. We then heard the pander warning
sounder; Bubba said its Brent’s job to write where Bubba comes from,
not Twenty-five. We then heard the Pander violation sounder, Bubba
said it’s the Bubba branding, Spice cracked up at the term “Bubba
friendly”, Bubba thinks this is the introduction, he then said he
needs to redo it, he then crumpled it up, he said it’s supposed to be
what Bubba is to him, he said Spice didn’t give him a favorable
foreword, Spice suggested Twenty-fie write more Ebonics, he then
goofed on Twenty-five saying he has some T-shirt ideas. Scott in
Charleston said the guy needed to do what he needed to do, he said
even convicts don’t tolerate that, Spice sarcastically said you have
to love that code of ethics. We then heard a news clip about George W.
bush’s book, Manson as Bush said he was wondering if he should
scramble eggs, Brent said he’s putting in a request to put Bush on to
discuss his book, the guys then goofed on Bush a little, Spice thinks
Bush isn’t qualified to wash dishes. Bubba asked Ned about his Bubble
busting bit; Ned said it’s commentary on what’s wrong with the world.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new bit, various news

Bubba said Ned came sprinting in the studio as fast as a 74 year-old
man could, he then said that a woman is in love with Ned, Ned thinks
they’re water Buffalos. Pat said she’s 62, Ned thinks she’s long in
the tooth.
Suzy, Pat’s daughter came on, Ned said Pat can stay in the closet, he
asked her to say his name a few times, he said he could only take
Cindy a couple of months, he said she was crazy white trash. We then
heard Ned’s new bit, where he takes warm and fuzzy stuff and sticks it
up your ass, he said this stuff makes him sick, he doesn’t like a kid
in a wheelchair scoring a goal on a football team, he said you have to
work hard to score a touchdown, he wonders how low we’ve set the bar,
he said he would’ve jacked the guy up, he thinks he’d get a 15 yard
penalty, he thinks we need to butch up, he then tells America to wash
it’s Vagina. Bubba said he was trying to get a DVD to work, Ned said
that Chaz had tried it; Spice said this is supposed to be the
wheelchair touchdown. Chaz came in saying he understood the issue, he
said it’s on there, he thinks he has the wrong disc, Bubba told him to
get out of there, he said someone needs to tell the guy how to work,
Spice doesn’t think Chaz was being disrespectful, Bubba said that kind
of stuff ruins his day. We then heard the news clip about the
wheelchair kid scoring a touchdown, Bubba said it’s horrible, he
thinks Ned was on to something, Spice said that’s just embarrassing,
Manson said it’s great seeing it in slow motion, Brent said that a
real defender would’ve tackled him. Jake in Braidington, he said Dave
was at a party, Bubba said that was the guy who got arrested in a
sting; the guy said he was standoff-ish. Bubba said he can see
traveling a little bit, Spice said thirty minutesis the maximum,
Manson said if you’re a kid toucher, you’ll probably go to great
lengths; Bubba thinks he couldn’t do that, as that just kills the
whole day. Josh said it’s disgusting for people to justify child
molestation. We then heard a news lip about the Colts’s kicker who got
so drunk, he jumped in a Canal, Bubba likes how the guy is honest,
Spice said he loves drunk people in public. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said that they had a retarded kid on a baseball team, he would
hit grand slams, Manson said he’d like to see video of that. We then
heard a news clip about a woman who got impaled by a fish, Bubba said
that if you’re on a jet ski and you hit shallow water, some fish will
splash out, Bubba said if he was the ambulance driver, he’d play
“Barracuda” by Hart, he wonders why TV can’t be fun. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Rob Kahn comes in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy. Rob said traffic was bad, he said no one was going to
his place in Pasco, the guys then did some redneck voices saying they
don’t need the fighting school, Rob thinks the guys was there. Bubba
asked about Teto Ortiz fighting matt Hammil, Spice said it’s hilarious
to see that. Rob said that you’ll find some low risk fights for Randy;
Spice said there are some guys who aren’t main stream. Rob listed some
people who aren’t relevant, he said Dana is finding matches that will
catch the public’s eye, he said they have BJ Penn taking on Matt Hues,
he said he always rules for BJ. Spice said Anderson Silva has had the
belt since 2006, not a lot of people know who he is; Manson said since
the guy doesn’t speak English it hurts him. Bubba asked about Fadore
fading out, Rob said the window of opportunity; he said that his
career has been miss managed from the beginning. Bubba asked about
Lesner taking on Kane Velasquez, Rob said the guy was an all-American
champ, better stand-up then Lesner, he thinks Kane will win, he said
Brock doesn’t like getting punched. Spice asked if Brock wins it, will
anyone be able to stop him, he said he’s unstoppable. Bubba asked
about Carwin VS Lesner, Rob said they should’ve stopped the fight in
the first round. Spice wonders if the refs are told what to do, he
said he’d like to take pride in knowing Dana is a straight shooter.
Rob said Brock has lost in his career, Spice said if Brock wins, no
one else will be able to beat him. Bubba wondered why the heavy weight
division is slim, Rob said the higher you go up, the less skilled
people you find. Bubba said he used to work with Kurt Angle, he said
that Kurt swares that when he and Brock were together, they would
wrestle, and Kurt were own Brock, Rob said Kurt has been saying that
for years, he said Kurt fought with a broken neck, he said Kevin
Jackson and Kenny Mundy were gold meddleist who were never heard from
again, he thinks Kurt wouldn’t go far in MMA. Bubba said he can cut
ten pounds in a day, Manson thinks it was tapering with a scale. Brent
said that Bubba tried to lose weight, he ended up passing out, he
faked IV marks (February of 2007), Rob said he did seventeen pounds in
a day, he had to go to the hospital for severe dehydration, he thinks
Hammil will beat Ortiz, he’s not sure why it’s on the main card. Bubba
wondered how good you could make a kid like Eric Grahallis; he said
the guy has a lot of swagger. Todd in Boyton Beach asked the guys
about Kane Velasquez, Rob said he’ll give him the nod, Bubba called
the guy a mark. Scott in Tampa said he knows someone who trained at
rob’s gym, Rob said he saw the guy. Spice asked if Rob will be at
Bubbaween, Rob said he’ll be there. Bubba Ray Dudley came on, he said
Kurt is a machine, he said beingin the ring with him is another level.
Rob said Kurt is missing tow skill sets – takedown and striking. Bubba
said that when bubba ay was going to kill him, he talked to Kurt about
it; Rob said his only problem with Kurt is, that he says he’ll beat
people’s asses. Bubba Ray asked if training for MMA the same as
training for the Olympics, rob said they’re different, Bubba said all
the submission is based on grappling. Bubba Ray said his school is
going well, he said they never officially got married, he said they’re
still together. Spice asked about Batista, bubba Ray said he doesn’t
like him. Bubba asked about the time when Kurt caught Lesner ad took
him down six times, Bubba Ray said he doesn’t recall him taking him
down so many times. Bubba said the Under Taker is like the God Father
of wrestling, he said when he talks, people listen. Bubba Ray said he
saw Spice at a concert, Spice said he told him about it on air, Bubba
said he’s afraid of bubba Ray. Rob wondered how long he kept score,
Bubba said this went on for years, Spice said Rob does the same stuff
with people. Bubba said the thing is, Bubba Dudley is like six foot
three, 280 pounds. If you see Rob, you might think you can kick his
ass, Rob said he has a wife and kids, the chances of seeing him at a
bar are slim. Paul in Tampa said it seems like every time Lesner is
fighting, Rob is against him, Bubba called the guy an idiot. Just in
Orlando asked what happened to Tim Silvia, Rob said he doesn’t want to
see him fight. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Jenna haze in studio

Bubba said he doesn’t like playing requests, he just had someone text
him from Cleveland asking for some matchbox 20, he then said Jenna
Haze is in studio, Spice said it’s their birthday bash. Dwayne came
on, saying Chris rock was with the food, Jenna said she didn’t get in
until 1:00. Bubba thinks Jenna is the it girl, Jenna said she’s had
her company for a year, she said she shoots all of her stuff, other
than operate the camera, Spice thinks she needs a budget, he said he
knows somebody like that, he asked if she has a list of guys, Jenna
said she doesn’t have chemistry with some guys, she said that some
guys just go on the other side of the fence, she then went over her
list of men she likes, she said that Mr. Pete is small. Spice asked if
she changes the list, Jenna said she does, Bubba asked for an example,
Jenna said she’ll hire them, she said there was a guy who was using
some stuff to get himself going, she said you can tell if someone used
a pill, as his head gets red during the scene. Spice thinks he
couldn’t inject himself. Dwayne said she’ll be at the Penthouse
tonight and tomorrow night from 11:00-1:00, Jenna said the guy’s name
is jerry, bubba wondered if she turned in to a diva when she fired
him, Jenna said she was professional with that, Spice thinks Scott
Nails is a good porn name. Bubba asked if Spice would have a threesome
if Tasha was cool with it, Spice thinks it would ruin the
relationship, Jenna doesn’t think Bubba looks 44, Bubba said they had
to mail people back in the day, Jenna was impressed Bubba knows stuff,
Bubba said that he has great producers. Spice wondered if she could
still change oil, Jenna said she was working at the cash register, she
would often help out some of the guys, she said some guy friends got
her the job, she said her manager gave her porn, she said she did his
first scene with Peter North. Spice said they’re good friends with
peter, Jenna said that when you start off in the industry, you have to
work with whoever. Bubba asked if she’s worked with Mr. Marcus, he
then asked about Lexington Steel, Jenna said that she’s worked with
him once. Bubba said he’s a big time star, Jenna said that Lexington
was on “Weeds”, she doesn’t get how Ron Jeremy gets laid so much,
bubba said he’s a funny guy. Jenna said that she’s in a relationship,
she said it started this spring. Bubba asked for some websites, Jenna
said it’s, she then went over the girls she likes, bubba
said they discovered Akira, he then admonished Spice for downplaying
Spice and Akira’s relationship. Jenna said she doesn’t shoot girls
with fake boobs, Bubba thinks that would be everyone. Jenna said she
liked her ex boss’s boobs. Spice wondered if Stormy Daniels is
pregnant, Jenna said she is, Bubba thinks she diva’d her way out of
the business. Jenna said she watched the Bree Olson video, which is
why she was nervous. Bubba said if you act like an idiot, you’ll be
treated as such, they then ended the sow a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Bubba’s post on SFN

The show started off with “Juicy” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said that
they’re in fact live, he said maybre they taped the show on Wednesday,
Ned said life was good. Bubba recapped what they’ve got going on, he
thinks all this will come to a grinding halt, he then took a call from
a guy who said on howard’s show yesterday, he was telling Bababbooey
to get the boxes, as it’s time to move on, Bubba said regardless of
what he does, it’s irrelevant to what Howard means to this company, he
said he can’t imagine Sirius without Howard. The guy said that if
Howard leaves, Sirius will probably go down. Brent said that after
Howard left CBS, everything has gone down, he said the right decision
would be to keep the talent. The guy said that he realize on good
radio, he wondered if anyone would listen to a show like Paul and Ron.
Brent said guys like Rush Limbaugh and Jim Rome are tied up with clear
channel. The guy said Sirius will make a horrible error if Howard
leaves. Bubba said Howard doesn’t have to do radio if he wants to, he
said they haven’t even called him, he said Sirius has had six years to
do the right thing, he then asked for more Pizza, Manson said whatever
happens is what happens, Bubba said that offended him was how Sirius
handled his Brooke Skye issue, he said all Sirius had to do was tell
the lawyer to bring it on, he’s not sure if Howard knows it, Mason
thinks the video proof would be evidence. Brent thinks Ned will be
like Paul Harvey, Spice said he wishes Ned was the voice of SNL. Bubba
said he quit Stern Fan Network, he said they’ve got three shows left:
November 5, November 12, and December 10, he thinks he can be his own
boss. Brent then read Bubba’s post on SFN, Bubba asked for the guys to
say “What what” when something came up he liked, the guys then goofed
on Bubba. Bubba then got on the bullhorn and directed Brent, Spice
thinks Bubba should go and make this his foreword the guys cracked up
when Brent said a different word, Ned thinks Brent is making Bubba
sound really fat today, Manson thinks bubba should do the whole show
on a mega phone. Brent continued reading, calling the people on SFN
keyboard tough guys, Spice thinks Brent’s username on the forum is
“Gator Fer hatley”. Bubba took a call from a guy who said fk SFN,
the guys cracked up when Bubba blew his nose. Tom in Kentucky said he
loves the show, he said he doesn’t care what the haters say, Ned
wonders who the phone screener was. Ed said he’s been listening to
Howard for 15 years, he thanked Howard for hooking him up with Bubba.
Manson thinks that at Bubba’s funeral, Bubba will get out of the
coffin and yell at the person talking about him. Jenny in Buffalo said
that she thinks SFN are assholes, she said she’s got big tits, she
said she’d love to hear Spice’s asshole tonguing sounder, while ed
says cock. Bubba said he’d like a hot chick like Jenna haze to call up
and say she likes them, jenny said she’ll follow them where ever they
go. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jenna Haze in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “My Name Is Farve”,
followed by “Beautiful Day” by UTwo. Bubba asked for Jenna haze came
on, he said they can talk about anything, Jenna said she loves taking
it in the ass, she said she loves swallowing, Spice said his load
isn’t big enough to swallow. Jenna thinks it’s a weird picture of
Farve’s penis, she said he’s not a guy she’s about, she said the guy
who plays the werewolf on “True Blood” is the guy she likes, she said
she met him, but he was with a woman, Spice thinks she’s a bigger
star, Jenna said she’s not a star cker, she said that she dated a
guy from “A Walk To Remember”, and David Draiman in Disturbed, Brent
said that Ray Leen said he has stinky balls. Jenna said that David was
cocky, she said she only lets a few people come to her house, Brent
thinks David has moxy, bubba thinks it works for people who go there.
Spice asked if David’s penis is bigger or smaller than Farve’s, Jenna
said that she can’ remember, saying it was six years ago, she then
talked about the guy from “A Walk To Remember”, she asked that the
guys talk about pussy, she said she likes her pussy, Bubba thinks he
wouldn’t be able to eat his own stuff. Brent asked if the guys could
suck their own cocks, would they do it, Spice said no, bubba said he
would, Jenna said this is the biggest dick show she’s ever done. Bubba
asked Jenna if she can squirt, Jenna wondered if it was pee, she said
most of it is fake squirt, she said it’s just pee, she said she
doesn’t like fake stuff. Spice said that Tasha squirted once, it
looked like Africa, bubba said he made Holly squirt, he flipped the
mattress after it happened, Jenna thinks it’s the way for the industry
to legally put out pee videos. Bubba asked to see the picture, Spice
thinks Tasha wouldn’t care for that, he asked that they just move on.
Jenna asked about anal, she said that she got an award for best anal
orgasm, Brent said she’s an actress. Brian asked about jack Napier,
Jenna said that’s too big to go in her ass. Bubba suggested the guy
jerk off to her while she’s in studio, he suggested she talk him
through one, Brian said the gimmick was over, as he already came, he
then told bubba that him taking totally ruins it, he then turned
everyone’s microphones off. Jenna and Brian talked about porn while he
played with his penis, he said he was worse than Peter North. Jenna
asked for the guy to jerk off and act like it was her doing it, she
then asked him to cum, Bubba thinks the guy is the best beater offer,
he thinks this guy should be “God Damn Brian God Damn”, Spice told him
to clean up, Brian joked it was turning clear. Bubba asked the guy if
he’s into interracial porn, he said he just wanted to see Jenna, he
said he’s not into dudes. Bubba asked him if he’s a member of her
website, Brian said that he watches free stuff online, Jenna told him
he’s ruining the industry by doing that, Jenna said if you get her one
year package, it’s $7.99 a month, bubba joked they’ll have Lexington
Steel in next week, he then asked her about her high school years,
Jenna said when she’s not in an open relationship, she said that she’s
gotta get theirs, she said the best sex is what she has now, she said
the Gynecologist is a pain, bubba thinks she used to get her pussy
pounded, not inspected. Bigs in Boston said he used to work for a
record store, Disturbed once came in an hour and a half late, he took
a bottle, poured half of it out and peed in it, Spice thinks the guy
won’t get a career in music. Mike in Jersey said he loves how Jenna
didn’t go for the breast implants, he said he likes the Glory hole
video, Jenna said that’s from “Jenna Haze Darkside”, she said that
she’s good friends with her exes, Bubba said she’s very conservative,
he said that she won’t hire girls that have implants, Spice was heard
booing in the background. Bubba wishes they had underwear that would
make your cock bigger, the guys goofed on Bubba saying teenaged tits.
Bubba said that they were doing something with Sassy Cassie, he called
her a cunt, Jenna said she likes the honesty. Bubba said that
sometimes they’ve been known to throw girls out, the guys explained
Aubry Bitoni, Jenna said that she works with her. Dwayne said long
story short, her boyfriend was telling them how to run the club, he
said she turned into Freddie Kruger after he fired her, Brent said
Dwayne should’ve punted her. Bubba thanked Jenna for coming in, we
then heard a clip of Akira having sex with Spice, Spice said this is
all she does, Jenna said she doesn’t’ like it when girls do fake
gagging noises, she thinks the guys are playing her, Spice said he
doesn’t’ like when a guy makes noise. Brad in Jersey said he met Jenna
at an Electronics show, he said he’s six foot three, 280 pounds, he
said she rubbed his bald head, he said she was a great person to talk
with, Spice thinks that she doesn’t know the guy, he thinks she’s
super unimportant to him. Bubba asked what happened next, Brad said he
has a picture of him and Jenna in a school outfit, Bubba thinks
they’ll be able to validate that she was cking around on her man,
Brad said he’s an Atlantic city fire fighter with a hose to match,
Jenna said that she was with Joe Kelly. Bubba played some ore clips of
Akira and Spice, , Jenna pointed out the gagging sound effect, Spice
thinks he’ll make the “Beat the shit out of me as a ringtone. Dwayne
said the Bubba Army is invited to the Penthouse, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later

Segment 3 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Waisting our time down In
Fing Afghanistan”. The song parodies Jimmy Buffett’s
“Margaritaville”, and features clips of George Carlin talking about
war, from his 1992 special “Jammin’ in New York”. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Canada
hockey jersey, followed by “big Papa” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said a
guy has been on hold for an hour and 27 minutes, the delay was hit for
some reason, bubba said he had to liven the place up, he thinks he
should just hang up on these callers, Manson said sometimes the Army
has to do a suicide mission. Jeff in Canada said they’re heading down
to Bubbaween, Spice said it’s not that great of a time. Jeff said that
he and his wife will be heading down to Florida, they asked if they’ll
be some room, Bubba told him they’ll be fine, the guy said he got
fed out of going to Bubbapalooza Calgary. Jeff in Tennessee said he
talked to the guys about sexting, he said all the kids were dropping
dime on each other, all the charges were dropped. Bubba asked about
this “Glee” star apologizing for a racy photo shoot, the guys
admonished Bubba for saying racial, we then heard a news clip about
that, Brent said the PTC is saying it’s Pedophilia, Manson said we’re
fed up for caring about this stuff. We then heard a news clip about
the airlines making a billion on checked bags, Manson said they cut
flights and raised prices to make a profit, Bubba said that every seat
you reverse is a middle seat, every other seat will be extra, he said
it’s all a big shakedown, he thinks it will be that only rich people
can fly, he wishes they did that with cell phones, he then took a call
from a guy who said he tried the Two-finger Culdesac Maneuver for
years, he finally got it to work. Bubba said Sirius hasn’t even called
them, he said he only has three shows left, Spice thinks they could
beep them. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Natasha Terry audio, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Ned commenting on celebrities eating. Bubba
wonders if Ned has an uncensored version of the Bubble bursting bit,
Dave said he’ll get it for him. Bubba said he doesn’t feel good about
the Canadians not being able to participate in the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, he said they’ve got 34 shows left in the year, he said
that’s not so bad, he wishes he had that deal, Brent said Neil Rogers
used to take the summer off. The first email of the day said they have
glass chastity belts. Another emailer said he tried the two fingered
move on his wife, she loved it. Spice said he googled the Two finger
Culdesac, he thinks the pictures of the doctor don’ look like her. We
then heard a clip of the doctor on the radio, ed wondered what was up
with the hot chocolate, the guys cracked up at the clip, bubba thinks
she only had a show in 2002, he thinks the guys are higher than Billy
goats, ned seemed bummed out when the audio was dumped out. Bubba
asked Spice to find a Frank Caliendo sketch, he thinks Ned would love
it, he said it was well written. We then heard the clip of Frank
Caliendo, Bubba said that wasn’t the one he was looking for, he told
ed about Nipple nibblers, ed said he wouldn’t be into it. We then
heard the clip, where Frank impersonates Charles Barkley, Bubba was
cracking up at the clip, Spice said the bit was bad. Bubba then read
about the Three-eyed turtle, Ned said he’s not into that. Brent asked
if they offer a GFE (Girlfriend experience), where you blow a load in
the girl, Ned thought it was where she bitches at you for an hour.
Noah in Cleveland said that bit Manson did yesterday was great. Bubba
went back to his email where the guy said his older cousin blew and
fked him when he was younger, he has since died of aids, Ned wonders
how much you pay for that, bubba thinks he would tell his Mom if that
happened to him, he’s not sure if you’d know what to call it when
you’re 11, he then asked the guys when the first time they jerked off
was, Ned said the first time he jerked off, he could barely get the
diaper off. Another emailer thanked Bubba for talking about Aubry
Huff, Spice said Aubry has been wearing a thong for years. Bubba said
he remembered where he was the first time he beat off,
Brent said no one taught him, he said some of the kids at school told
him about it, he used to watch “used Cars”, Ned thinks Brent’s Mom
taught him how to masturbate. They then went to comm3ercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – jerking off stories

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army
Canadian Hockey jersey, followed by Ned’s “Bubble bursting”, followed
by “Cars” by Gary Newman. Bubba said every time he hears this song, he
thinks of Manson’s version (“Bubba show classics Vol. 2”, track 1).
Spice said he has audio of Fare saying he wants some pussy, Brent
thinks it’s part of the Two Live Crew. Bubba said that this is from
Radar Online, Brent said they provided the Mel Gibson tapes, the best
recordings ever. We then heard a clip of Farve saying some stuff,
Bubba can’t get over how young he is, Brent said he’s a partier, bubba
thinks someone told Farve to get off the microphone, Spice thinks it
looks like manson’s cover band, Manson said she looks like their
keyboard player. Bubba asked Brent to tell his first jerking off
story, Brent said he was 11 years old, he had cable in the house, he
said they learned about it in health class, he said he wasn’t allowed
to watch mtv growing up, he said he was watching “used Cars” and got a
bonor, Ned thinks Brent had to supply his bonor with some drugs. Spice
then acted as Brent’s penis, Bubba joined in, Brent said he was
thinking about this girl from school he liked name Lisa south, Spice
as Jimmy hart said some stuff, Ned then said he’d like Jimmy Hart to
blow him, Bubba got on the bullhorn and said some stuff as a cop.
Brent said when he climaxed, he cleaned it up with a sock. Spice said
it was fourth grade, he said it was after the first girl he had
kissed, he had no idea what was going on when he got a hard-on, he
said he didn’t know what to do, he started tugging on it, he then got
a feeling, but didn’t know what it was, he then stopped, as it was
over whelming, Ned thinks Spice is a blue-balled prick. Spice said
when he shot his first load, it was big, he said it’s not an urban
legend. Manson said he was around 11 or 12, he found a vibrator shaped
like a mixture, he noticed a suction cup on the end, he attached it to
his dick, he thinks he orgasm while soft, he said he had almost
nothing when he did it, he said the thing would often short out. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tasha in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Manson and Berlin’s “Loved the Way You Died”.
We then heard “China Grove’ by The Doobie Brothers, bubba said he’d
like for an official count on shows they have left. Dan in Ft. Wayne
said shame on whoever doesn’t secure the two greatest radio shows,
bubba said he’ll give the guy $500 from Way protein Plus, Dan thinks
he’ll spend the money in a couple of days, he said his girlfriend
doesn’t’ like some of the shows he likes, he said she’s working for 12
hours, Spice thinks she’s sucking off an Arab. Dan said in a perfect
World, Howard would be in the morning and Bubba in the afternoon,
bubba then admonished the guy for not saying the name of the product
right, Ned thinks the guy is an asshole with a whore girlfriend, Bubba
said he’d be going nuts if he had $500, he then asked the guy who gave
him the money, he thinks the guy thinks about candy bars, Brent said
this is like Twenty-five Cent last week. Bubba said that Tasha is
here, he thinks they should bring her in. Tasha came in, Bubba asked
why she puts up with him, Tasha said she loves Spice, he thinks she
sounds innocent, Spice said Tasha always wants to do it, Bubba said
he’ll do it, only to have heather play with a vibrator, ed thinks
Bubba is just a bad f. Manson said they’re not horny, they’ve got
three teenagers, he said all they do is text. Tasha said that Spice ca
deny him being engaged. Bubba asked Tasha if she heard the segment
where he talked to Spice about the new car, Tasha thinks it’s a smart
choice, she said he was upside-down on his previous car, Brent
suggested you not get married until your good and ready. Bubba asked
if Tasha is ready to get married, Tasha said she is, she thinks the
longer it’s brought up, the longer he’ll drag it out. Bubba thinks
Tasha is the end all be all for Spice, he asked him to make Tasha and
honest woman, he said he was an idiot when he was 31, Brent remembers
when Bubba had his 31st birthday on the air (April 23, 1997), he said
that Janie Cakes was there. Tasha said that her life is an open book,
Spice said he’s trying to find it, Brent thinks Spice is running the
clock out, she said it looks like Australia, she said she only squirts
from oral. Bubba thinks he learned Spice too good, Spice said it’s
good that it’s a female load, he then said that Tasha just needed to
drop something off, Tasha said she has to meet with a client, Bubba
thinks Spice beats her on the weekends. Bubba thinks Tasha should be
with Jimmy, Spice said he was the sweaty guy. The guys cracked up when
Bubba showed Jimmy’s picture. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s Masturbation story

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Crazy Bitch” by Buck Cherry.
Bubba came on singing with the song, he said the Canadian hockey
jerseys sold out in 15 minutes, they’ve since been remade, you get
those at, he asked Ned to tell his first masturbation
story. Ned said he was around 8, he would run around naked in the
woods, he climbed up in a tree and found a hole in a tree, he ended up
humping the tree, he did it every day, he said it’s a pretty boring
story. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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