Friday, October 16, 2009

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Top Stories:
Local gymnastics coach arrested, accused of molesting girl
Toddler found dead in trash can
Meghan McCain Twitter Photo Creates Uproar
Boy asks Barack Obama ‘why do people hate you?’
Brawl erupts at City Hall
‘Balloon Boy’ Says, ‘We Did This for a Show’
Texas police find woman, 45, living with corpse
Size 4 model: I was fired for being too fat

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to JabberJaw, as this Sunday is her special day.
Happy birthday Kim, have a great day.

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with some messages from the fans. Bubba
apologized for the dead air; he said if he was the Pd, he would flip
out, Spice and Manson said they find dead air to be riveting. Bubba
recapped last night’s USF game, he thinks they beat themselves. Bubba
recapped some more scores, he said he’d like to see an Angels Dodgers
series, but it probably won’t happen. Spice said the player’s union is
so strong, baseball will never change. Bubba wonders if Baltimore have
ever been in the World Series, Brent said he’ll check that out. Bubba
plugged the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, which starts on Monday. Brent
said that Baltimore won the World Series in 1983; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka” set, and then heard some messages from the fans, then into
Ned’s “Bucs Stink”, parody of “Love Stinks”. Bubba said this bumper
music isn’t Dave Rice at all, Spice said he has a dark side; Dave
thinks the guys don’t know him at all. Bubba thinks Dave should have
his own show, Manson suggested he and Dave get together and kill some
families, Ned thinks this is like audio from a torture chamber. Bubba
said FCW will be holding a wrestling match at the Hard Rock on
December 5, right after a Charley Daniel’s band concert. Bubba plugged
the latest on and, he said you can meet Spice
tonight at Titled Kilt in Caroelwood; he’ll also be at Northeast
Juilers. Bubba said he once had dinner with Tony Stewart a few years
ago, one of the guys there was an ex secret service guy, he didn’t
like how Clinton would just do stuff, Bubba said they can override the
President on doing stuff. Bubba feels bad for Gary Condit; Spice said
you could only have that smile for so long. The first email of the day
said Grady really knows how to put the hammer down, Bubba thinks Grady
can slow down the pussyfication of America. Another emailer said she
needs help with her boyfriend, he’s been getting on line and posing as
various women, Bubba told her to run, nothing normal can come out of
it, he wonders if it’s real. He called the emailer an idiot; he thinks
there’s more than one issue. Another emailer asked about the 12
Boobs of Christmas®, he said it doesn’t start until Monday, he said he
gets ten of these emails a day. Another emailer was from Ashley, she
called into the show yesterday, he said she’s very attractive. The
last email said they grew up listening to bob and tom, the emailer
said he’s got some stories, as he used to take vacations to Tyland.
Brent said he’s been into places like that; the girls want to bring
their families over to America. Spice said there’s a bunch of lady
boys over there, guys who are born with penises, but with boobs, Bubba
said adding is easier than subtraction. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some retail spots you
can pick up Bubba Army gear, then into some messages from the fans.
Bubba had no idea who Andre 3000 is; he thinks he’s a short dude.
Brent said they’ve got five pairs of tickets for WWE at Jacksonville.
Bubba wonders how can you talk that fast, he cut the music off a few
seconds later, he asked what Jacksonville thinks of Cowhead, he said
Cowhead started as an intern with him. Bubba said the tickets for
girls only, Spice missed the new CRI hat, Bubba said Steve designed
it, Ned said he’ll mark out to Bubba. Bubba called Ashley; Spice said
he couldn’t be seen with a girl that tall, he got sent to voicemail,
he had to leave her a message. Bubba said it’s nice that Limbaugh
didn’t get his way, he thinks it sounds really familiar, the guys
laughed at that, Spice said Limbaugh peddles politics for four hours
like a used car salesmen. . We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba thinks the guy should smoke a little more before going on air.
Bubba said Juicey Fruit has a positioning statement, Juicey Fruit said
he used to; Spice found one, Bubba played it. Bubba thinks he and Ned
call each other transsexuals. Juicey Fruit said Ned used to take care
of him, he said Twenty-five has been all over him, he can’t sneak his
beer out. Ned thinks Twenty-five is a prick. Bubba said if Ned told
him who it was for, he would do it. Juicey Fruit said he had his big
scary monster, the guys freaked out, he thinks he couldn’t do anything
like that. Bubba thinks they should have a reality show of Juicey
Fruit and Ned, Spice said he’s not sure if he wants that. Bubba thinks
Ned is getting tired of Juicey Fruit, Ned thinks he’s getting buried.
Bubba wonders who is screening phone calls; Manson told him it’s
Pantera. Bubba wonders how Latoya becomes Azzir; she said it’s her
last name. She asked for tickets, Bubba said you’re not supposed to
ask for them, Bubba then Eviled she a few seconds later, Ned thinks
he’s being racial. Bubba thinks the kid in the balloon story was a
work, Brent said the Dad is a loon. Bubba wonders what a storm chaser
is, Spice explained it, Bubba thinks you’re an idiot for doing that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kid in a balloon, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard some No Doubt as bumper music.
Mindi in Jacksonville said she finds Bubba sexy, Spice thinks she’s
just laying it on, she said she used to listen to MJ. Mindy said she’s
33, Bubba asked her some trivia. First question was what station was
Bubba on in Jacksonville; Bubba said he’ll give her tickets just
because he’s board. Spice read on Manson’s twitter that he was drunk;
he said all you need is weed and beer. We then heard a news clip about
a kid in a hot air balloon, Bubba said everyone wanted the kid to fall
out of the balloon, Spice said he was hoping for a rescue plane. Bubba
wonders what kind of parents are you if a kid can fool you for three
hours, Manson said he missed the whole thing, Spice said it looked
like a spaceship. Bubba thinks if you’re a storm chaser, you’re not
productive in life; he then said you’re asking for attention if you
name your kid Falcon. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he was
watching the Today show; the balloon kid was on TV, he said the kid
puked twice. Spice thinks it went faster than twenty-five miles an
hour. Bubba thinks if you can’t talk to your kid like that, they
should round you up. Manson thinks this is just a work, he thinks the
guy in the clip is a dick, Spice said the guy knows he’s getting
jobbed out. Bubba wants to take over Wolf Blitzer’s spot; Manson
thinks he has a cool name. Wendy said they’ve been on TV, she’s
shocked. Kim in Jacksonville said she loves the show, Bubba asked her
his first station in Jacksonville, she guessed 92.7, Bubba gave the
tickets to her. Christine said she’s been listening to the show for
about a year. Brent said the last day you can enter the 12 Boobs
of Christmas® is on December 4. Bubba said he’s done with tickets, he
then read an article about a woman who is going to jail for killing a
man who she thought was abusing her daughter. Bubba read that the
woman reported the abuse three months before she killed him, but there
wasn’t enough evidence. Manson said he would’ve said not guilty at her
trial. Bubba doesn’t understand how all the bad stuff happens down
here in Florida. Bubba read an article about a guy who shot a guy for
having sex with his daughter. Spice said that almost happened to him,
the girl he was wroth her parents had taken the lock off the door; he
was messing around with her. The Mom came back in and freaked out,
Spice said he had to jump out of the window and clear the fence. We
then heard a clip of obama talking to a kid, the kid said people
shouldn’t hate Obama, Bubba thinks obama only heard the last part, the
guys like obama saying “That’s what I’m Talking about.” Bubba said he
was talking about a visual thing, he said he wants to kill people
sometimes. Bubba played a clip of Falcon puking on the today show;
Bubba said he wouldn’t be surprised if him vomiting is staged, Manson
thinks he got some ipecac. Bubba wonders how can you have a puke
bucket right there, Ned said he carries one with him everywhere.
Manson said this is what’s wrong with America, Bubba is convinced it’s
fake. Vanessa said she’s a little scared to call the show. She said
there’s a building that requires you to have been released as a child
molester. Bubba wonders about Megan McCaine showing her boobs on
Twitter, bubba really likes what he sees, Spice said it looks like a
butt crack. Spice said Mili Cyrus deleted her Twitter, Bubba doesn’t
like her rapping. Manson thinks America is pathetic. Bubba said he was
looking for an article that said Pam Anderson is broke. Bubba read
what she owes, he wonders why she’s remodeling, Spice said it looks
like she hit the wall. Bubba said he saw her about five years ago,
Manson thinks she has makeup. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ron Kessler interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard a news clip about Billy Mays. We then heard Manson’s
“Billy Mays For cocaine”. Bubba called Dave a No Doubt mark, Dave said
his daughter likes them. Bubba went over some of the books Ron Kessler
has written over the years; Manson is surprised the guy is still
alive. Bubba went to Ron a few seconds later, he’s surprised he’s not
dead yet, Ron said he can’t believe it himself. Bubba asked him the
most controversial book, Ron said one of his books led to the
dismissal of a top CIA guy. Ron said he was introduced to a secret
service agent from a FBI guy, it’s snowballed from there. Bubba said
when obama got into the White House, he said a lot of people were
thinking about killing him, Ron said threats on Obama’s life are up by
400%. Ron Said Jimmy Carter was the most detested President ever. One
time, Jimmy went into the oval office and told his aids that he would
be working hard, he would end up falling asleep on the couch, Brent
called him a narcissist. Ron said Clinton was a good guy, but he was
always late, the guys would refer to it as Clinton Central time. Ron
said that Hilary fired a secret service guy for taking a call from
Barbra Bush, asking for computer help, he went on to say that the Bush
twins were impossible to deal with, she would drive through red lights
to avoid them. Bubba wondered about protection after the Presidency
has expired, Ron said it’s like that for Clinton. Bubba asked about
the kids of the presidents, Ron said they don’t, unless the President
makes it so. Ron said one of the supporters of family values would
have an affair. Bubba wondered if guys in the cabinet get secret
service protection, Ron said yes, as they’re in line of succession.
Manson asked if the President wants weed, would they have to get it,
Ron said yes, he said obama smokes weed periodically. Spice asked
about Kennedy, Ron said he would have threesomes with some girls.
Bubba said he could talk to Ron all day about stuff like this, Ron
said his book is on the best seller list. Spice asked about Lora
divorcing George, Ron said it’s not true, as well as Hilary being a
lesbian. Ron said LBJ was one of the most out of control Presidents
ever, he was having sex with his secretary, he said he would often
strip nude on air Force One, he would often piss and shit in front of
reporters, he thinks if he wasn’t President, he would be in a mental
hospital. Ron said that had Kennedy had secret service around him, he
would still be alive. Bubba asked about a gun battle when harry S.
Truman was in office, Ron said two Cuban nationalists had tried to
kill Harry. Ron said that Joe Biden doesn’t like security. Bubba asked
about the number of vehicles, Ron said there’s no real number. Ron
said when George H. W. Bush was going to make a speech, a psychic said
she had a vision that Bush would get murdered; the secret service took
it seriously. Spice said he’s fascinated by Air force One, there’s
stuff that can’t be revealed to the public, Ron explained some stuff
about that. Bubba wonders if there’s any information about Obama, Ron
said Obama treats the secret service with respect. Bubba asked if
there were any close calls we don’t know about, Ron said yes, he
described some. Bubba asked how he’d rate the Presidents, Ron thinks
Ragon was one of the best to work with, the worst was Jimmy Carter.
Bubba asked about the first ladies, Ron said Lora bush was the best,
he said Nixon’s wife was an alcoholic. Bubba asked about Nixon, Ron
said he was very strange, he would be on the beach in a suit; he said
that he once ate a dog biscuit. Bubba asked about ford, Ron said he
would tip very little. Bubba asked about the kids, Ron said Carter’s
kids were the worst, he said marry Cheney was difficult. Ron said Dick
Cheney wanted a certain name, but he didn’t get it. Bubba asked about
the bunker in the white house, Ron said there’s a tunnel under there
that leads to some Jules. Bubba asked about a bowling Allie being down
there, Ron said there is. Bubba wants to have Ron on more often; Ron
said his latest book is his best seller. Bubba thanked him for coming
on; Ron said this was a great interview, short time later. Bubba told
Brent he did a great job with booking him, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Visit Ron’s website

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
chided Dave for being a Gwen Stefani mark, Manson said enough already,
the guys think Dave is tucking. We then heard some clips of CP Trav
quoting some lines from Buffalo Bill. Bubba wonders what happened with
CP Trav. Caroline said she found the Ron Kessler interview was
interesting, she said her son’s best friend’s father is a secret
service agent for Carter; Bubba had to explain something to her. Bubba
said he tried calling Ashley earlier, she said she was sorry she
couldn’t get to the phone, Bubba thinks she has big knockers, she said
she tried to pick a somewhat good pictures, there’s one of her in
Mexico, Ned wonders if she was at a donkey bar, he said it would be an
experience she’d never forget. Bubba wonders if donkey bars are real.
Ashley said she’s got a boyfriend, no kids; her boyfriend is about six
feet tall, Ned thinks she could dominate. Bubba wonders where she
lives; she said she likes Orlando and Jacksonville. Ashley said her
kickball event is this Saturday at Armstrong Park, they’ll be
excepting canned food, someone rang the bell. Chris on protection said
he had a friend who died from hepatitis C, he said it’s a nasty death,
the guy said it was via a bad blood transfusion. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba remembers a gym, various news clips, Bubba VS. A
mother replay, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for the Bubba Army Breast
cancer awareness month, then into some Marvin Gaye as bumper music.
Bubba goofed on Twenty-five for saying Breast Cancer awareness month;
Ned thinks this is the best job in the world. Spice said if he was a
gynecologist, he’d play this song, Bubba thinks it’s a problem. Bubba
said he was vacationing in Clear Water beach when he heard about his
death, Spice said it was April 1, 1984. Bubba said he used to go to
Leo’s gym, he thinks Hogan has heard of it. Ned has no idea what Bubba
is taking about, Bubba wonders if anyone remembered Leo’s, Ned thinks
no one has heard of it. Bubba wonders what will get you high quicker,
Manson said smoking, Brent said eating makes it go faster, he thinks
Bubba would spit out an ice cream bar with weed. Bubba said if Ned was
a judge, he would deny a couple a marriage license, as the guy is
black and the woman was white. Bubba said there’s a reason why no one
has heard of Leo’s gym, as they closed, he thinks there was the only
guy to work out. We then heard a clip about a woman who was fired for
being fat; Manson said the airbrush was ridiculous. Bubba thinks
people just say stupid things to get themselves on TV. Bubba thinks
they were on to stripper Barbie is way too dirty for them to play.
Bubba said he’s gotten calls from people who want to hear the bit
about the call with the woman about beating up a grandma; Brent said
this bit may offend some people. We then heard the clip, where bubba
and the woman went back and forth, the woman said she had cancer and
didn’t understand the issue. Bubba said he’s glad she got cancer; he
said she deserved getting cancer, as her son is a devil. Bubba told
her that the sooner that she died of cancer, the better. Bubba wishes
her son could hear it, as he’s tough enough to beat up an old woman.
Bubba said when he has a son; he’ll know not to do anything like that.
Bubba said he’s glad he doesn’t know her, Brent said the problem is,
people come down here with this mentality, she said she’s a perfect
parent. Bubba said he would have more respect for her if she blamed
herself. Bubba said if he was her, he’d say his son deserves what
happens. Bubba said all she has is excuses, Spice said he can only
imagine what he’ll get into, Brent said she’s harming society. Bubba
said if you’re going to be irresponsible, you’re going to irritate the
man upstairs. Bubba told her to not blame the police department, he
said the problem is with Florida is, we have people running from the
law, she said her son is going to be a lawyer. Bubba said he would
never defend his kid if he did that, Spice said he wouldn’t help him
seal the record. Brent said you tell the lawyer what you want, he
wonders what sealing the record will do, Bubba said her son doesn’t
deserve to go to college. Bubba said when it comes to beating up old
women; he has to be as mean as possible. An abridged version of this
call appears on the album “Public enema #1” disc 2, track 8. Bubba
came back and said he was cringing at himself, Spice thinks he was a
dick, he thinks he’s an angry guy. Dock thanked Bubba for getting him
turned on to Jim’s Harley Davidson; Bubba said they’re great people.
Carolyn in Miami came on, Bubba said it was eight years ago, she
didn’t like Bubba calling her a bitch, Bubba hung up on her. Tim said
he’s delt with a lot of situations like that, he asked where the
family that allowed the kids to watch the grandma. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page. Bubba thinks they’ll have some left over tickets; he then
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for next week. Bubba
said he’s got some new pain games, Dave freaked out, they then ended
the show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – The guys wonder if Ben and jerry are gay

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Juicey” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said what you’re hearing is recorded;
he said he’s not familiar with the new studio. Bubba wonders where
he’d be; he thinks he’d be listening to this on the way home. Bubba
plugged the latest stuff on and Ned said he has
a new prank call about Ben and Jerry, Spice said they’re very homo
friendly, Ned thinks they could be fing. Bubba said if you’ve never
heard of them, you’d think they’re gay, Spice said if you look at a
picture of them, they look gay. Bubba said his ears are still ringing,
Brent said the same thing. Bubba got a picture of Ben and Jerry; he
thinks they’re fing each other, Spice thinks the ice cream makes
them gay. Bubba said it makes him never want to eat ice cream again,
the guys laugh at them taking a course on taking ice cream, Bubba and
Manson did some gay voices. Bubba wonders what we’re supposed to think
of the new ice cream called hubby hubby. Ned thinks they’ll have a
flavor called Blood in my stool. Spice thinks the guy on the right
looks like Dr. Saturley, Bubba thinks the company is based on how they
f each other, Brent said you should look at the way he grabs the
cone, Ned said it’s like grabbing a cock. Bubba said the guy could
finger the other guy’s asshole and eat the ice cream; Spice thinks
they should have their wives in the photo. Bubba asked Spice not to
show him the two guys and one cup video. Bubba wonders how much their
worth, Spice said they’re not worth a lot. Spice said he got
confirmation from a good source that says Ben and jerry aren’t gay.
Bubba said if Spice wasn’t’ who he was, he would’ be able to have
gotten Tasha. Brent said he tried to Google Ben and Jerry wives, all
he got was a picture of Anderson Cooper, Bubba doesn’t know how he got
on this topic. Chuck in West Virginia asked about Bubba’s tree, Bubba
said he was having dinner with his wife; she wants to save some
sections and use them for outdoor furniture. Ned said he’ll give the
guy $1200 and pay the guy to take the stuff away, he said a lot of
guys in Virginia are fans of the show. Bubba said a lot of people
don’t like what they did, Chuck said bob and tom are horrible. Chuck
said he thinks he lives near heather, someone rang the bell, bubba
told whoever it was to knock it off, he said his ears were ringing
like crazy. Spice read that Jerry is married, Ben is divorced, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Twenty-five rubs his dick on Pantera

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka” set, then into “Just don’t Give a F” as bumper music. Bubba
extended his thanks to those at Sirius; he said they’re two days
behind. Spice said we don’t know about balloon boy yet, Bubba said he
should’ve dumped that. Bubba thanked some of the guys at WWE. Brent
said he thinks they’ll have Edge on. Bubba said they’ve got to have
Moonshine Miller VS the Ferret. Bubba asked Brent what he’d do, Brent
said he’d do it, Bubba wonders if the Ferret gets drunk. Bubba thinks
they could have Big Dick get drunk, Spice said Big Dick is a happy
drunk. Bubba thinks Big dick took Pantera off of phones, Bubba said
Pantera has been with him for a long time. Todd in Ohio asked if
they’ll get a live show from 3-7, Bubba said no, he wondered if Brent
is done with the Billy badass routine, he wonders why he’s not in the
studio, Bubba said he’s in there about fifty percent o the time. Bubba
asked Pantera what the deal is, Pantera said he was asked to clean
under the steps, Spice said he got a message from dick that said he’s
off phones because the calls sucked. Bubba wondered who the interns
are; Pantera said they’ve got nick and Al-kida, Bubba called Big Dick
in. Bubba said there’s no more two day jobs; Dick said Al has other
jobs. Bubba said there’s a lot of stuff he has to do, bubba thinks
they tried to run Nick off with the chocolate cock, he thinks it
recharged him, bubba thinks they could face f all the interns.
Bubba said Pantera has been with him longer than the other guys put
together. Pantera said they used to have to get bags of catsup, Bubba
said Pantera does as he’s told. Bubba asked Dick why he did what he
did Dick said it was both, he didn’t like the call about the tree,
Bubba said he’ll get a Wiffle ball bat for that, or he could get an
ear pop. Bubba stood up and said he knows the call was good, he said
in these four walls, whatever he says goes. The guys wonder what a
triple edge sword would do, Manson as Billy Mays talked about the
product, the guys were laughing their asses off at this. Ned thinks it
was a shitty call, Bubba asked Dick what he’d like, Dick chose the
bat, Bubba said he’ll do both. Bubba said his new thing now is to pop
big things off bubble rap right next to someone’s ear, it hurts. Bubba
got the bat out and warmed up; he hit Pantera and Dick a few times.
Bubba wonders if Pantera doesn’t like penises, Bubba asked Twenty-five
to come in. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he’s had an ear pop yet,
Twenty-five said it was quite painful. Bubba thinks they should do a
series called “When boopities Attack”, bubba thinks it’s more user
friendly than the word nigger. Spice said he made the word up, Bubba
feels as if he should have some say so, Manson said it’s a mute point,
the guys clown Manson for saying that, bubba doesn’t know what he’s
saying. Bubba said boopity is like nigger, people say it differently;
Manson thinks it’s really happy. Bubba can’ remember why he brought
Twenty-five in, Spice reminded him. Twenty-five said he’s not whipping
his dick out, Bubba said they’re going to do a men’s’ room recreation,
Twenty-five said he’s not doing it with a bunch of guys around him,
the guys clown bubba for messing up a joke about the water being deep
and cold, Ned said he got it backwards. Twenty-five said if he’s
getting naked, someone else needs to get naked. Bubba told Twenty-five
he needs to settle down, he called him Fred Sanford, Pantera thinks
Twenty-five wants to look at dicks all day, the guys were laughing
their asses off; Twenty-five said there’s a jack off party. Pantera
said he’s not doing it. Bubba told Spice to whip out his dick; the
“boopity” song was playing under all this. Pantera said if he was Dr.
Mark he’d look at Twenty-five’s dick, he said he’s frustrated. Bubba
thinks Pantera is a cocksman, Twenty-five said he’s not pulling his
dick out; he said he’d pull his balls out, Ned thinks this is a poker
game. Spice asked about an asshole on Pantera’s face, Bubba thinks
Pantera is that guy, he told him to roll with it. Bubba said there’s a
reason for all of it; Pantera thinks Twenty-five is gay. Bubba thinks
Pantera’s shirt is stupid; Spice likes how Bubba called it offensive.
Bubba wants Pantera to find some Jam pony tapes. Bubba thanked them
for coming in; bubba said he’s thinking about calling in some pizza,
he said he likes it when Twenty-five calls him Massa, Bubba decided to
cut the idea a few minutes later. Bubba asked Twenty-five how much
he’d charge to drive Bubba, Twenty-five said he’s already on payroll.
Bubba thinks he should do it on air, Dave said he likes large pies,
jabber jaw said she wants sausage, Bubba asked her about a mouth
pumping, she said no. Bubba said he heard jabber jaw and James had a
big fight, bubba thinks Jabber jaw is the man in the relationship.
Bubba asked jabber Jaw if she’d f James in the ass with a strap on,
she said no to every price Bubba listed, Ned suggested Bubba order ten
pies and get it over with. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Scout and big Gulp call in, Twenty-five Cent orders pizza

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard Manson’s “Crying in the Green
Room”. We then heard Mickey Avalon’s “My dick” as bumper music. Bubba
thanked the Friday listeners, he said he was supposed to go to Texas,
but it was canceled. Bubba said he’s not good at the live to tape
stuff. Bubba said Roger/Ned’s Testicals lost his father recently,
Brent said when you see something like that, you see pain. Bubba said
he can’t get through it, he said he’s a crazed man. Bubba said he
loves the message, he told roger not to send him novels. Bubba asked
the guys if they’ve ever gotten a long email, the guys said no. Bubba
said the 12 Boobs of Christmas® starts on Monday. The guys clown
Bubba for messing up the word “Continental”, Bubba said who knows what
it is. Spice said he doesn’t mind floppy tits, Bubba said he loves
banana tits, someone was popping the bubble wrap, Spice said he loves
side boob. Bubba asked the guys if they liked sucking tits, Manson
said he liked doing it, Spice said he once dated a girl with hairy
nipples. Spice said he once had a drunk girl blow him in the Clear
Channel conference room, he said it was implied she would suck his
dick. Spice wrote down a name, but he didn’t say what it was, bubba
said he was close to fing her. Joe in Texas said he’s been
listening to the show, he said he drives passed Ford Travel; bubba
thinks he could write an email. Ned thinks the guy is both a der der
and a boopity, Joe said he’s a stinky Mexican. Ian in Seattle said
there’s a guy there who is ripping them off, Bubba thinks it’s BJ
Shay, the guy said yes, the guys phone cut out, Bubba thinks the guy
turned to dust. We then heard Scout and Big Gulps bumper. Scout said
they’re on the 55 in Chicago, Ned thinks walking the puppy is code for
licking snatch, she said she’s walking the dog. Scout wonders how does
Spice pee outside with two holes, Spice said he has to turn it
upside-down. Scout said they’d like to come down on Thanksgiving,
Bubba said they’ll do a homeless Thanks giving, Ned sarcastically said
this is like what happened on thanks Giving, where the bulldykes serve
the homeless. Bubba said he got another email from someone telling him
Ned has been trying to cut some deals, Bubba denied him. Bubba said
they’ll be in Orlando on December 4 for a 12 Boobs of Christmas®
party, also in Ft. Meyers on November 20. Bubba thinks Jabber Jaw
can’t eat four slices of Pizza, Twenty-five thinks they could order
seven pizzas. Bubba had Twenty-five write down the order; he had
Twenty-five repeat the order to make sure, Ned thinks Twenty-five will
f up the order. We then heard Grover’s “Bubba’s Getting Hungry”
from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 1”, track 6. The song parodies
“ugly” by bubba Sparxx, and goofs on Bubba for his love of food. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into Ned’s “My Dick”. We then heard “Mississippi Queen” as bumper
music. Bubba said Artie has been out, he hopes he’s okay. Bob said he
can’t wait until Friday, he said he called about nine months ago; he
said he’s the biggest worker. Bob had an affair with another woman and
had a kid with her, his wife was concerned about losing him, Bubba
thinks guys from Montana have a lot of swagger. He asked her to no
longer be responsible for the kid; Manson thinks the guy is an
asshole. Bob said he’s six foot 240. Spice asked how it feels to be a
piece of shit, Bob said he’d do anything for his kids at the drop of a
hat; the guys were laughing their asses off. Bob said he can hear
someone typing, Bubba said he’s got to call her. Bob said he’d like to
wait a few weeks, Spice thinks it’s going to be fun. Joe in Nebraska
said he thinks they’ll have a full blown swing, Brent told him what he
needs. Bubba wonders how a conversation about swinging takes place,
Joe explained it. Bubba thinks it’s not happening if he didn’t have a
conversation about that, Spice said that’s not a sober conversation.
Joe thinks Bubba is dissing him on this subject, Bubba said he’s
having a tough time figuring it out. Bubba thinks swinging should be
called “I want some strange pussy”; Ned thinks the guy wants to watch
his wife get screwed by another man. Brent said you want to control
yourself with various pills, Spice thinks you should take nothing. Ned
thinks a thumb up the ass would work; Bubba and Ned recreate a
situation about that, Bubba hung up on the guy. Ned yelled for Bubba
to stick his thumb up his ass, Ned ended up saying he’ll be there.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – the guys enjoy pizza

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Canadian
merchandise. We then heard hammil’s “Power Pig Hello, I’m Burning”. We
then heard some UTwo as bumper music. Dave in Nashville said he’s
doing a job for Jeff Jarrett, Bubba said he doesn’t really know much
about it. Dave said he wants to check to see if Carron Angle is who
she really is, Dave said she looks good, Bubba said she’s hot as f,
Spice said she just looks younger. Bubba said he’s got no heat with
Carron, Bubba asked the guys to bring in the pizza. Bubba thinks he
should text Carron to see if she’s mad at him. Bubba thinks he should
call her, he wants Spice to talk to her, Bubba chided Spice for
calling her a battle ax. Bubba thanked Twenty-five for bringing the
pizza in, Bubba said he can’ control what the callers say. Spice got a
full mailbox message, Bubba said they’re having a pizza party on air;
Bubba really likes the Canadian coke, Ned told Twenty-five to eat his
pizza with his cock out. Bubba said the double sauce is what he likes.
Bubba thinks he should do some exercises after the show, he said it’s
not good for his diet, he thinks veggie pizza is for fags, Brent thins
they’re screwing him over on the cheese. Bubba thinks if the fans hate
them now, wait until they hear this; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into Hammil’s “Crying Over Me”, then into some messages from the fans.
Bubba had Ned guess the bumper music, he couldn’t’ get it. Bubba said
Jimmy Kleavis texted him, he forgot Jimmy has Sirius. Bubba said if he
goes into Bubba199, it’ll expose that the show isn’t live. Spice said
if he played the song for Tasha, she’d get pissy. Bubba thinks Head
East didn’t have any hits after this, he joked that they headed to the
ocean and drowned. Bubba said he has only one tattoo, it’s of Tyler
and his birthday, he said he sometimes has to look at his arm when
filling out paperwork. Bubba thinks he’s like Kenny Powers from “East
bound and Down”. Spice said he’s masturbated to the girl with big jugs
on that show, he said he thinks it’s easier. Bubba doesn’t’ think
Tyler was born around that time frame, he asked if the guys remembered
Kat, the guys said yes, Brent wonders if they got her on the phone
with Fletch, Bubba said this was the dark haired Asian, Spice thinks
Big dick remembers her. Bubba doesn’t remember who fletch was, Spice
said he did nights at 98 rock, Spice thinks Bubba fired him, Bubba
said he fired Maxwell. Brent recapped the story, where Bubba was
trying to f a girl named Kat; she would often drive by his house,
as Fletch had two duis to have sex with him. Bubba wonders if Fletch
lived near him, he still wonders how he got him fired, Spice said
letch had f ups that caused his demise. Spice said he knew a girl
who liked getting choked, he couldn’t say the name, he said Cindy,
Bubba thinks he’s full of crap. Bubba played a clip of him talking to
Fletch. In the clip, Bubba said he’s trying to have sex with a girl
named Angie, Spice thinks Bubba was a dick. We then heard Hogan’s
bumper, Hogan said Tyler is a trip, he said you should really look at
his eyes; he said he’s strong as hell. Hogan thinks Bubba will push
Tyler too hard, Bubba said he’s a good Dad. Hogan said he just got is
boots back, Bubba said Tyler slept with Hogan’s belt. Hogan said that
belt has had a lot of stuff on it; Bubba said it must have four years
of stories on it. Spice asked Hogan about Captain Lue, Hogan said he
was really intense. Spice said he heard Howard’s show yesterday, he
heard a clip where Brian Knobs was saying the iron Sheik was smoking
crack; Hogan said people were hiding from him when they were snowed
in. Hogan said they were smoking crack for three days. Bubba asked
Hogan when his book will be coming out; Hogan said it’ll be October
27. Hogan read an excerpt from it, Ned said he was sorry for almost
killed Brooke, he then said he’s not going to read it, he then decided
to read it. The book is dedicated to Jennifer, Nick, Brooke and Linda.
Hogan said Bubba is always there for him, and in quotations it says
“No Linda, we’re not gay lovers.” Hogan said his book tour will start
in New York, he’ll be at the Barns and Noble in Tampa, Spice wonders
if it’s an audio book, Hogan said no. Bubba asked the stiffest part of
the book, Hogan said he gets into the drugs. Hogan said when he found
out he was getting divorced, he put a gun his mouth for a few days,
Bubba thinks it was one of the worst times in his life. Hogan said
he’s got a big announcement, it’ll be announced on October 27. Bubba
wonders what the iron Sheik’s problem is, Bubba then did his Iron
Sheik impersonation, Hogan said he’s burnt out, he thinks he’s brain
dead. Bubba said when he was on Howard’s show with the Sheik, Sheik
told him during commercials that he knows how to work. Bubba remembers
when wrestling used to be wrestling, Hogan said business wise, he did
the right thing. Bubba remembers when Harley Race kicked down a stall
door while Hogan was taking a shit; Bubba said Hogan was leery of the
guy. Bubba asked the first time Hogan made his first million, Hogan
said it was 1984, he said he dumped a five gallon bucket of water on
his head. Bubba said they’ve been asked many times to have Hogan tell
wrestling stories. Bubba thinks he could fill two hours of Hogan,
Bubba said Hogan showing up is difficult. Bubba thinks they need to
get Hogan straight on Ned. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Shane McMahon retiring?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
wonka” set. We then heard Ned’s “Doug Clem” song. Bubba said the fans
are worked in a mark lather, he asked the guys if they liked his
pizza, the guys said yes. Bubba thinks they won’t have time to get
into Jabber jaw’s situation. Paul in Chicago said Shane McMahon is
resigning, BJ in Arizona said it’s not real, ned thinks Bubba is
calling Joe the Supermark, Bubba said he’s calling Hogan, he got sent
to voicemail. BJ said it’s real, Brent said he just emailed Vince’s
handler. Spice said he doesn’t care about it, Bubba said if you think
it’s a shoot, you’re a mark. Bubba said he’ll wager $100 on it, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – BJ and Joe

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page; Bubba thanked Metallica for hanging him out to dry. BJ said he
talked to Ann Russo, he said it’s for real; Spice said he needs to pay
up. Joe the Supermark was on, he said the reason why Shane quit is
because he got into a fight, Bubba said Joe has mark news. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Hutch

    Is there a place where I could get the audio clip of the following part of the show from Friday?? I almost drove off of the road due to Ned and Bubba’s reinactment. Thanks!

    Joe in Nebraska
    said he thinks they’ll have a full blown swing, Brent told him what he
    needs. Bubba wonders how a conversation about swinging takes place,
    Joe explained it. Bubba thinks it’s not happening if he didn’t have a
    conversation about that, Spice said that’s not a sober conversation.
    Joe thinks Bubba is dissing him on this subject, Bubba said he’s
    having a tough time figuring it out. Bubba thinks swinging should be
    called “I want some strange pussy”; Ned thinks the guy wants to watch
    his wife get screwed by another man. Brent said you want to control
    yourself with various pills, Spice thinks you should take nothing. Ned
    thinks a thumb up the ass would work; Bubba and Ned recreate a
    situation about that, Bubba hung up on the guy. Ned yelled for Bubba
    to stick his thumb up his ass, Ned ended up saying he’ll be there.
    They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

  2. Nicole

    What was the name of the author of the “behind the scene’s” books that was on the Friday show? I can’t seem to find any info on him and I was interested in reading one of those books. Thanks so much!

  3. Lawrence


    the author’s name is Ronald Kessler, his website is:

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