Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Dave Rice:
Manchester Orchestra – Shake It Out
J. Cole – Blow Up
311 – Beautiful Disaster
Heallyeah – You Wouldn’t Know
Atmosphere – Trying to Find a Balance
Cage the Elephant – Back Against the Wall
Obie Trice – Wanna Know
Alkaline Trio – Help Me
Dark New Day – Brother
Rage Against the Machine – Down Rodeo

FM Show

Segment 1

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Dave Rice,
he then told Ned that today is his favorite day, Ned said he likes to
cuss. The guys then went over some sports scores, Bubba and Brent
think the Lightning are for real, he then said that they should
confirm the Richard petty appearance, as he had to leave a personal
appearance, Ned then went over all the people he’d apologize to. Bubba
said the Lottery is today, Jabberjaw said that she loves the car, and
that Hammil only owes $5. Bubba asked Spice if he’d like to use the
car on Monday, he and Spice then debated if he was a wedge or not,
Bubba told him they shouldn’t even talk about it, as they have time
issues, he said Tyler is bummed out they don’t do football picks
anymore, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Monopoly Money – Tom the Treeman

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Miller at Side
Splitters this weekend. Mike in Dexter Maine said the weathering is
rainy and in the 40’s, he wonders if someone would walk off their own
show, he then talked about Bill O’riley getting one of the people from
The View doing that, Spice said it’s the same stuff every day, Brent
said if it was a radio show, it would be unlistenable. Mike asked when
the show will be replayed, Spice said tomorrow (at 4:00); Bubba isn’t
sure on that, as he’s gotten conflicting reports. We then heard the
Lotto machine bumper; Ned thinks the bumper music is a jobber parade.

1. Monday – Blind Lawrence
2. Tuesday – Carl
3. Wednesday – Spice
4. Thursday – Miller
5. Friday – Bubba

Bubba said they’ve got three stations on the hook, Spice said almost
everyone voted for Tom Bean as employee of the week, Manson wondered
if tom will take 10% of his own money. Bubba wasn’t sure if his lotto
machine could hold all the balls, Brent pointed out there was no pat
down, Bubba asked that a hot chick do it, Spice said it probably won’t
be done. The machine was fired up, the guys then goofed on Tom the
Treeman, as the machine landed on his name, Bubba thinks that Tom will
just get another device up his anus to keep him from dripping after
urinating. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Bubba told Ned he got a hold of Allen at Braidington Motor Sports, Ned
said he’s excited about going there. Charles in West Virginia said he
learned a lot about Tim Richmond, he then said Nick DiPaolo was funny,
he thinks Bubba has gotten better with the interviews. Lenny asked if
Bubba watched TNA last night, he said that Hogan ran Dixie and her
husband out, he said he had to retire, Spice then read a text from
Hogan, Bubba said it’s hard to talk smack about Dixie, as she’s hot,
Spice wondered if she has a lazy eye. The first email thanked Bubba
for bringing back the Usack nationals. Another emailer said the show
will do well in Charleston. Another emailer said the Chevy cruise is
belt in Lords town, Ohio. Another emailer thinks the Bubba Army isn’t
a factor in any Political race; Bubba admonished the emailer for
having horrible spelling. Another emailer said Tim Richmond was a
family friend. Another emailer said they drive by the Chevy Plant
every day. Another emailer said they have a moving company, Bubba
suggested the guy get some Bubba Army muddflaps. Billy in Jacksonville
said he’s tired of the guys mocking Christianity, Bubba said he’s just
tired of the Government putting Religion down our throats, the guy
said he wants to save Brent and Manson, he said he wouldn’t mind
touching Ned. Bubba asked him if he was a homosexual, the guy said
that he is, he then received the Evil treatment not long after that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23. Bubba plugged the “Remember the Heroes”
shirt on, he then plugged all the places where you can
pick it up, he then explained “The View” for those who haven’t seen
it, he said they have no timing. We then heard the clip, Bubba thinks
that Bill really knows how to bring it, he said if he was the producer
of the show, he’d ask for them to turn the show off for commercials,
he thinks it’s a bunch of Fire marshal Bills, he then goofed on Barbra
Walters a little, he thinks they just should’ve had Bill and Barbra
fight it out. We then heard a news clip about TI talking a man off of
a sky scraper, Manson suggests they offer their show on an urban
station for free, the guys then goofed on TI being interviewed on an
Urban station, Bubba thinks the interviewer is the most un blackest
guy, Manson thinks it’s a setup, the guys cracked up when Bubba called
the radio host an Uncle Sam, Spice thinks the guy would Arm bar him.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said that Bubba knows his Dad. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Legal and Psychological advice with Dr. Joe Saturley and
Regina Hunter

Coming out of commercials, we heard Dr. Joe Saturley’s bumper,
followed by Regina Hunter’s. Bubba said as he gets older, his stuff
needs to be bigger Joe thinks Bubba needs glasses, Bubba thinks it’s
the pot calling the kettle black, he thinks before too long, Ned will
be having sessions with him, Joe said they did that in a Clem’s Creek
bit (“bubba show Classics Volume 14”, track 19, he then said that soon
he’ll be having an application for the iPhone. Bubba wondered why
Regina is called Lawyer Barbie, Regina said one of her paralegals
called her that. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that he got a
divorce, she ended up taking his fire arms, Regina said it’s not a
family issue at this point. The first email of the day said that his
14 year-old daughter wants to live with him, the ex has been against
it, Bubba said that this is a case of one parent trashing the other
parent, Joe said that someone should step in, he said his daughter is
in the green room, Bubba thinks you can’t play mind games with him.
Jeff in Orlando said he talked with Dr. Joe about something, he said
that it’s going well, he then said his ex is looking to move back to
her home state of Connecticut, he said he’s got two kids, Regina said
she needs to file a motion. Bubba said the problem is the women feel
they’re automatically the boss, Regina said it’s often known as “I
have Ovaries, hear me roar Syndrome”. Bubba said that his friend Joe
is going through a situation like this, he said for the most part,
men’s rights have been trampled on. Zach said he’s been with his wife
for seven years, she’s had medical problems (ceasures, bipolar etc),
Bubba told him to run, Spice thinks the guy should get a divorce,
Manson thinks the guy is a sap. Matt in Lakeland said he has issues
with his wife, paternity has been established. Regina asked if she’s
denying him access to see his kid, the guy said yes. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said he’s on his second lawyer with his divorce, he
said that the Mom has done everything against him, Regina suggested
scheduling an actual appointment. Joe said the guy has hired
incompetent attorneys, he said you should never do that, he said that
for $10, he could buy the book. Another emailer said his four year-old
complains when something is tight, Joe suggested getting clothing that
fits, he said you have to take it with a grain of salt, but you can’t
ignore it. Alysha said she has two step children, the parents divorced
when the kids were younger. Since then, she’s been with the same man,
one of her kids was kidnapped and murdered under her supervision, she
said this was in Georgia, Regina said she’d need to call a Georgia
based lawyer. Bubba plugged Regina and Joe’s respective websites and
information, Joe remembers when he first came on the show. Bubba
thinks Hogan would be able to mind screw Joe, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Chris Dingman

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Hockey
jersey. Bubba said they’re about five minutes away from Chris Dingman,
he then said that Warren Sapp got in trouble for wreckless driving,
Spice said they never had a pleasurable experience with him. We then
heard Ned’s “How I Hate Warren Sapp”, parody of Nickelback’s “How You
Remind e”. This bit is not in the catalog. Bubba said from one extreme
to another, he then went to Chris Dingman, Spice said he looks good
for TV. Bubba wondered who would win in a fight, Dingman or
Anderchuck, Chris came on saying that he probably would win, Bubba
thinks Chris Palined himself up, Chris said if that was the case, he’d
be pretty but dumb. Bubba asked what it was like working with foreign
athletes, Chris said there was one guy he really liked, he said
Russians are the worst. Bubba said the Lightning have been great the
past few games, he said that Clark is great, he said Malone got the
overtime goal the other night, he said the French fans are passionate.
Bubba asked about Darcy Tucker, Chris said he’s not a fan of his, he
said he heard the guy would yell at team mates. Bubba said he loved
Dino Sisonly, he said he’d have to dump him every five words or so, he
then asked about Steve downy, Chris thinks he might beat him. Bubba
wondered if Brad Richards getting traded was a good move, Chris said
the lockout and the salary cap was something, Bubba thinks we’re
kicking ourselves in the ass for getting rid of boil, he then plugged
the game with the Lightning and the Stars. Chris pointed out that
Spice had a tuke on, he didn’t know they had date night, Bubba said he
can’t hang out with the guys, as he goes to bed at 8:45, he thinks the
week spot for us was the defense, he said the 42 guy is great, he then
pointed out that Dingman sounds out of it. Chris then said that he was
looking for Spice at the STP concert, he thinks Spice name dropped,
Spice said that wasn’t the case. Bubba asked when Chris will be on TV,
Chris said next Thursday, he thinks he’s all Palined out for being in
the middle. Ned thinks Anderchuck is a sexy caveman kind of guy. Bubba
asked who can skate faster, Chris said he can, Bubba thinks he tripped
Dingman up with his penis question, he said Dingman is one of them, he
then said some of the people don’t know how to market. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Earny Teed in studio, Richard Petty calls in

Bubba came on saying they’re enjoying some of Earny Teed’s bbq, Earny
came on saying that he’s got a rib joint in Sarasota, he then went
over the sauces he has, Bubba told him not to bring any mustard, Earny
said he’s divorced now, Bubba said he likes having his labels facing a
certain way, he said he loves the sweet sauce, Earny said they can do
that, he said he has to get going soon. Brandon in South Carolina said
he called the radio station, bubba will be on this Monday. Al in
Sarasota came on saying he’s drove past the rib place, the guys have
made him hungry, he thinks Bubba was on target by saying what he said
to the homeless woman. Joe said he heard a promo saying that Bubba
would be coming to Charleston, Bubba hopes it’s the case. Spice said a
church is boycotting Hallow Scream, he said it’s not that bad, Bubba
said Churches have figured out that they can be against something, and
the news will jump on it, we then heard the news clip about that,
bubba wants to get her in and shock the puss, he said if you go to a
haunted house and it doesn’t scare you, it sucks, he said it’s steamy
that she’s a youth pastor, he asked that she show him her spreads, he
then wonders if he should say that, Manson said that he’s taken his
kids there for years. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Earny
isn’t ready for the bubba Army. Lukas said that the Church had
something like this a few years ago, he said the family likes the
media. We then heard a clip about “sister Wives”, Bubba had no idea
what it was about, Manson wonders how you can have a reality show if
you’re breaking the law, Brent said if they took the law seriously
they could. Bubba said he’s counting the days for Oprah to stop ding
her show, he said that he can’t wait for her to just leave, he then
asked Spice if he could pull it off, would he be a Polygamist, Spice
isn’t sure if he’d do it, Bubba thinks Spice is just hanging him out,
Brent said one wife is more than enough, Bubba thinks he and Ned would
be the only ones in for it, Brent sad that he’d have to hear more
yapping, he thinks the guy is white trash. We then heard a clip of
Christine O’donald being unable to name a Supreme Court justice, Bubba
said even he knows about Clarence Thomas, Manson thinks this is like
Ms. South Carolina, Bubba then explained Row V Wayd, he thinks the
Republicans feel stupid for voting with their penises. We then heard a
clip of Obama saying that blacks don’t watch “Meet The Press”, Bubba
cut it off saying the audio quality was horrible, he then said a dog
was going to be euthanized, before it was getting buried, it woke up,
Manson said it’s not fun, Spice thinks it would be selfish to let the
dog just go normally. Bubba asked Manson if he’s ever shot them,
Manson said no, he takes it to the professional. We then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba said he’ll talk about it later, as they’ve got
Richard Petty on the phone, Richard said he was good great. Bubba
asked about what he’s got going on, Richard said he and Trace Adkins
have a friendly rivalry going on, you can vote for either team Richard
or team Trace at, he said they’re helping out over
10,000 kids. Bubba said that they’ll be at homestead, Richard thanked
the guys for donating money to Victory Junction, he said the third
floor is where all the history of NASCAR is. Bubba said that Richard
is a Goodies guy, while Trace is a BC Powder guy, he then asked how a
feud would be resolved back in the day. Richard said they used to go
out behind the truck and settled things, Bubba thinks they need to do
NASCAR like they did back in 79, Richard said he won that race, he
said that he and Alice had a big feud. Bubba said that Richard used to
modify toothbrushes so that he could have good teeth, Richard said he
has one in his pocket at the moment. Bubba admonished Spice and Manson
for being dicks during the segment. Adam said T.J. Lavin got in a bad
accident, he said he’s in the hospital, he can’t say where he is,
Bubba told him to get on hold so he can call him privately, Spice said
he’s in a medically induced coma, Manson said that’s usually not good.
Bubba then went back to the Euthanizing dog story, he thinks the guy
was drunk, he thinks if you come out retarded, you should be
sterilized, he thinks the guy brought home the wrong dog, Brent thinks
Bubba would be flipped out, Spice then goofed on Bubba or that, Manson
thinks the guy is just looking for a payday. Bubba said he’s glad that
Earny races faster than he talks, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Lumber
Liquidators appearance tomorrow. Bubba asked Twenty-five to get some
of the “Remember the Heroes” shirts to The Car Store, he then said
he’s looking for an ice Machine. Leroy said bubba’s comments on
retarded people make him sound mean, Bubba thinks only a retard would
be offended by that, he thinks Bubba should retract his statement.
Lisa said she works for a company that sells ice machines, Bubba said
a lot of stuff doesn’t get to him, Lisa said that it’s an eight point
process, she apologized for having a cold, Bubba put her on hold to
get her information, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Bubba VS Twenty-five Cent

The show started off with Ned talking about Celebrities eating is what
is wrong with America, he wonders why people would care, he thinks
we’re supposed to be better than that, he asked that his balls get
crushed with a cinder block than watch Jenifer Lopez, he asked why
people care about stuff like American Idol, he then ticks up for Linzy
Lohan, he thinks getting drunk and doing lines of blow would be like a
party, he said he’d watch a show where people can drunk and coked up
with celebrities. We then heard the standard Friday show opening song,
“Juicy” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said that they’re live, he said the
fans were upset over it, Brent said Bubba isn’t allowed to be sick.
Bubba said he has a lot of good stuff, he said Manson has two
offerings, Ned likes how he can curse on this show. Bubba said that
Janessa Brazil will be coming in, he said they can’t have a regular
interview with her, as she’s the show whore, he thinks Travis Fking
Travis is in jail, he then wondered why Brent is wearing a Bubba Army
wind breaker, Brent said it’s a prototype. Bubba wondered why he
didn’t get one, Brent said he saw Twenty-five Cent with a bunch of
them, Bubba thinks maybe he should get one, as he has to pay for it,
he then asked for Twenty-five to come in, he said he no longer has his
Afro, Ned thinks he’s a midget Randy Moss. Twenty-five came in, he
said that he showed Bubba three prototypes of the wind breaker, he
said he didn’t have any use for the other ones, Bubba thinks he’s
ignorant, he thinks they should have a 2xl prototype, he told him he
doesn’t know how to work. Brent wondered if Mike the Pilot can fit in
a XL, Bubba told him they’ll just take it off and give it to him to
find out, he then admonished Twenty-five for giving away his stuff to
Brent, Spice goofed on Twenty-five saying he wished Bubba has a heart
attack, Manson thinks it’s Twenty-five channeling Spice, Spice said
it’s a chance to get some stuff off his chest, Ned said he was jacking
off. Bubba asked Brent to channel Manson, he then said it’s the best
job he could ever have. Bubba thinks this is a great idea, he asked
for Ned to channel Dave Rice, Manson to channel Brent, Brent thinks
Dave could channel Spice, Dave said he’s uncomfortable, Bubba thinks
miller should channel Spice, Brent suggested someone channel Big dick,
Bubba told Spice to do that, he then asked Twenty-five how this
happened, Brent thinks Twenty-five is triple pricing it to Stiefel,
Twenty-five said he sees Brent wearing a lot of wind breakers. Bubba
asked where they were, Twenty-five said in the back, Brent liked how
Twenty-five whitened it up, bubba said he hasn’t seen one of them,
Spice thinks Bubba’s head is going to fly off, he said this is like
Bubba was a redneck Trump, Manson thinks he’s in Hitler’s meeting
room, Bubba told him to shut up, he said that just because h can’t
wear a xl, doesn’t mean he can’t hand it out to someone, Twenty-five
said that’s why he gave it to Brent, Bubba thinks Twenty-five’s new
hair style is making him dumber, Brent said this whole thing is like
“whose on first” Spice wonders if this is like TJ Max’s buyers
meeting. Bubba asked Ned to explain the concept to Twenty-five, Ned
said Bubba wants free prototypes, Bubba told him that’s not the case,
Ned thinks Bubba doesn’t know how to dance, he thinks if Bubba was on
“Dancing with The Stars”, they’d throw him off. Bubba said he’s mad
that Twenty-five just gave it to someone, he then told Twenty-five to
get out of the studio, Brent said it’s easy to see that bubba is
frustrated, but it’s funny not to laugh. Bubba thinks Twenty-five is
stupid, he then yelled for him to get out, he then called him back in
to ask him about the foreword, Twenty-five said its ready, he said he
needs to print it. Bubba said that would be funny if it was a bit, but
it’s not. Josh in Indiana said he caught his wife masturbating to the
show, the guy turned out to be a prank. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Ned Advices Twenty-five”. Bubba
thinks Ned was the visionary in that bit by showing how stupid
Twenty-five is, he said he’s just trying to knock Janessa down to
reality. We then heard Cyrus’s bumper, Bubba told him rest in peace,
he said it’s freaky that the voice guy died, Spice said it was sad. We
then heard Israel’s bumper, Isreal came on saying he was okay,
Bubba thinks something is up. Isreal said he has heat with Bubba for
paying homage to the gang bangers, he thanked Grady Judd for getting
these assholes off the street, he said he knows a gang banger when he
sees one, he suggested Spice and the guys do the show when he’s out,
he said if Sirius gets rid of Howard and Bubba, his radio will be
worthless, he said he’ll take watered down stuff any day of the week,
Bubba said he doesn’t care anymore, Spice thinks maybe Sirius lost
bubba’s number. Bubba said if
Sirius is treated Howard like crap, they won’t get anything. Isreal
said fk you to Low Life, he said he’s the original Black FTE, he
thinks he’s a major in the bubba Army, bubba thinks they should give
him a ranking, Bubba made him a Captain. Mike said he was going
through Warsaw, Bubba thinks Ted Thompson was the visionary for
getting rid of Farve. Matt in Charleston said they’ve been playing
some Ned bits, he said he heard “Catholic town” (“Ned’s Crank Calls
Vol. 1”, track 11, and “On The chip” disc 2, track 2). Dave said
they’ve talked about the frequency, Brent said he hasn’t seen any
paperwork. Ted in Michigan said they put Ellis on Stars Radio, Bubba
thinks Ellis has a brighter future with Sirius, the guy asked about
the porn industry cleaning house, Bubba said this happened in 2004,
Brent said it’s worse this time, Ted said his daughter died of Aids
from a Mexican guy, Spice said he’s never heard of a girl having a
feddish for Mexicans. The guy said that she knew she had it for five
years, but denied it. Bubba asked if she might’ve gotten it from anal,
Ted said no, Brent thinks the Mexican had to be a bisexual. The guy
said the Mexican is now getting treatment in Tampa, he then asked Ned
his favorite crank call, he thinks “Sun City Center” of all time, he
said on Sirius, “Catholic town”. The guys think they’ll never find a
cure for any diseases like this. Bubba wonders who will channel his
thoughts, Spice thinks he should channel Bubba about everyone. Bubba
wonders what’s up with Brent’s blood pressure, he thinks Brent will
die soon, Brent said he eats fish, he said he takes Fish Oil every
morning, he said it’s genetics, he said he’s 185/124, he said the
doctor had to double his blood pressure, he said he can’t eat catsup,
he wonders how Bubba has better blood pressure than him. Bubba said he
could care less if the guys smoke pot, Brent said he’s honest with his
doctor. CJ in California said it could be $25,000 a year if you don’t
have insurance, he said he has HIV, he said he was fing around with
women when he was in the Navy, the guy said he’s had anal sex, blood
was involved. Cj said he’s married, his wife is negative, he has a
five year-old son who does not have it, he said the medication he’s on
makes it so that it’s unnoticeable, he said the limp nodes in his
armpits, crotch and heck had swelled up to that of a golf ball. Bubba
asked what the conversation was like when he told her, CJ said it
wasn’t very good. Low Life in Alabama came on saying that kids can get
that stuff through birth, Brent said he’ll translate, he said this is
a rant against Mexicans, saying they all have aids, Low Life said
Israel is a punk, Ned thinks Low Life sounds like Soulja boy if he
gained 300 pounds. Low Life then recapped a time he had sex with a lot
Lizard, he said he has a Hazmatic suit on his dick, he said when a cop
noticed, he said that he was giving a woman a BQ plate for $20, he
said this was a Mexican cop, he said he’s got three baby’s mamas. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “catholic Town” from “Ned’s
Crank Calls vol. 1”, track 11, and “On The chip” disc 2, track 2. In
the call, Ned calls a guy about a town in Florida, he thinks they
should buy a couple of farrace wheels and call it the Neverland ranch.
In the next call, Ned wonders if he’ll get Catholic stuff instead of
stuff at McDonalds, saying that the body of Christ isn’t all that
filling. In the next call, he wonders if he’ll get a dozen nude altar
boys at Dunkin Donuts. In the next call, Ned wonders how many little
boys he needs to fk to get to Catholic Town. In the next call, Ned
has a video produced, saying “What happens in catholic town, stays in
Catholic Town.” The last call ends with a parody of “Paradise City”,
where he says the priests fk boys and their dicks get shitty. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Janessa Brazil in Studio

Bubba asked for the guy to bring in Janessa, he said some guy is mad
over the aids comments. Mark said it’s an honor to be on the show, he
said he’s not mad, he said that having IV is very tough, he said every
time you turn around, it either goes one way or the other, he doesn’t
like everyone having compassion, he said not all gay men who have hiv
are responsible, he thinks he got it through gay stuff, he said he
dated women up until he was 30, he said he’s not the typical gay man.
Brent asked what happened at the age of 30, ark said he experimented
in high school, he thinks you’re born gay, he said that he met his
partner in 1988, he had his lip nodes removed under his arm pits, he
said he’s not an expert on aids, even though he has it, bubba thinks
the guy’s partner broke up with him because he has it. Bubba brought
Janessa in, he thinks Jimmy doesn’t do well on mic, Janessa then
goofed on him for that, she said that Jimmy fked her in the ass
once, she thinks he didn’t want to do it. Bubba asked her about the
shoot, he then said he feels bad for the porn industry, Janessa said
every time she does a live show, she water marks it with her website,
she said she does private shows, where the customer can act as the
director, she said you can make it so that the customer can do some
stuff, Brent wonders why you’d want to do something like this, Janessa
said she loves watching guys f their own aholes. Bubba asked
about her one dollar trial, Janessa said it’s from now until Monday’s
live show, Bubba asked about the monkey rocker, Spice said Twenty-five
was there, Janessa said she has footage of her playing with it. Spice
said Tasha texted him saying that when a guy shoves it in his own ass,
it’s a Key West Boomerang, Janessa told Spice to clear his history,
Bubba said that Heather hasn’t been bugging him for sex lately. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Janessa Brazil with the Monkey Rocker

Bubba said he still has an APB out for Travis, he thinks the cops
picked him up. Janessa said her live show is on at 8:00. We then heard
a clip of Janessa playing with a Monkey rocker, Bubba yelled for Brent
to look at the contraption, Brent said he doesn’t like that stuff, as
it will take the place of men, Janessa said it’s one of her favorite
toys, she said she’d like for heather to try it, bubba said they don’t
need anything that simulates a pussy, Janessa said that she moves
forward to get it in, rocking back to get it out, Bubba said he’d be
on every unemployment plan if he was a woman, she said it’s not as
good as a regular man, Brent pointed out as her ass was getting red,
Bubba said if he walked in and saw heather, he’d tell her to go
upstairs and do it, Brent said he would ask her not to complain, Spice
said he would tell Tasha to get back on the Monkey rocker after sex
with him, Bubba thinks guys are jerking off during all this, he said
that guys should become webmasters, Brent said you can’t fake the
juice. Bubba thinks he should do the lotto deal now, he thinks Janessa
has gotten uppity lately, Spice said Al-kida is pointing the camera at
him for no reason. Bubba wondered what they’ll do to give away an
autograph copy of Janessa’s spread, he wondered if she’ll get naked,
the next question will be if he shocks her pussy, Janessa thinks it
will come up no, she said that she’ll give a caller a pair of her
panties. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Janessa Brazil gets her pussy shocked

Bubba said he has a lot of stuff to get done, he said that Gooch wants
a password. Ned said he just wants to jerk off on National radio, he
then played some sound effects, he then hung up. Bubba then fired up
the lottery machine, it landed on her saying she’s nude, he said that
when he’s on the new situation, he’ll be shocking the puss, the ball
landed on yes, Janessa thinks it’s not her lucky day, Brent said it’s
always important to have backups, Bubba asked Jimmy to duct tape the
device to her snatch. Jason said he can’t wait to jerk off, Bubba told
him to get ready. Zach in Ohio came on saying he’s ready. Martin in
New York came on, saying he’s hard as hell, Spice said Tuddle wanted
to join in, Bubba wasn’t sure about that, he then debated if they
should have her panties on. Driver Horny came on, he said he’s ready.
Bubba said each guy gets one minute, Spice said he never thought his
life would have this going on. Jason in Vegas came on, Bubba told him
he had a minute, Jason then told her to get her pussy wet, Spice told
him he supposed to jerk off, Brent said it sounds like Rayman the
rapist, Bubba wasn’t sure on this guy. Janessa said her nipples were
hard, the timer was then heard in the background, Bubba then put him
on hold, he doesn’t think it’s working out, Spice thinks the guy
should be locked up. Zach in Ohio came on to participate, he was heard
masturbating, Bubba then goofed on the guy’s accent, we then heard
some clips of Jeff Byrd saying some stuff from pat O’Brian, the guys
think the caller went gay, they were heard cracking up at the Jeff
Byrd clips. Driver horny came on, he said Jeff Byrd was bringing him
down, he said he’s jacked off to Janessa, he said he bought a motor
cycle and invested money into that. Bubba said this is kind of
creeping him out, he thinks they should just abort the contest all
together. Martin in New York said he’s ready, he then said some stuff
to her, Bubba told him to make it good. We then heard some Pat O’Brian
clips, followed by some Jeff Byrd clips, bubba thinks they have a
winner, Brent joked they should send the guy’s info to the FBI. Steve
in Tennessee came on to try his luck, he said he wants to f bubba
in the ass, Spice told him he still had 30 seconds. Janessa said she
has about 100 videos on her website, she said she’ll be using her
Monkey rocker for the live show, Spice as a nerd said he’d like a copy
of Superman 3 and the penthouse magazine. Bubba said he’ll be giving
her a two or three second zap, Janessa said she squirted once on
accident, she said this is the second time he’s done this, she said
she feels like she has a cock, Bubba said he can’t do stuff at half,
he thinks they should give jimmy the footage, he then zapped her,
Janessa asked that bubba not do it again, she said it’s wet, the guys
cracked up when Bubba said condensation. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Manson’s first new bit, Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Sun city Center” call from
“Ned’s Crank calls Vol. 3”, track 1, “The Ned CD” track 3, and “Ned
Only”, track 4. N the call, Ned asks about homosexual facilities at a
retirement home, he wants to be able to practice homosexuality with
other gay men. The woman is so appalled by his comments, that she said
that any kind of move she’d put on him would be to take her fist, and
shove it up his rear end. In the last call, he asks for the woman who
wants to fist him, he then gets hung up on. Bubba said to think that
was on regular radio, Brent said it never gets old. Bubba said that
all of the show whores have gone on to do bigger and better things, he
ten said Manson has a bit called “Brett Farve’s Voicemails”, Manson
said that there were only two, he wonders if the evening progressed,
more would’ve came down. In the first voicemail, Farve is asking if
he’s there, Manson said he needs to hillbilly him up. Brett said he’s
in the room drinking some wild turkey, he then said his penis wants to
talk to her, he says that he and his penis are having a blast. In the
next voicemail, he apologizes for hanging up by mistake, he said he
sent her a picture of his dick throwing up on itself, he said his dick
is telling him to take some pills, he dick ends up trying to grab the
phone, Bubba thinks it sound like Ned, twenty years younger. In the
next call, Farve tells her it’s her last chance to jerk him off, he
then gets distracted with room service. Buck in Memphis came on, he
then called Low Life a punk ass, he said someone called him out on
Sharrel Underwood’s radio show, bubba had no idea he was doing that,
he called Low Life a punk ass nigga, he called him a stupid ass, he
doesn’t believe what he says, he said only calls into the Bubba show.
Miller in Van Coover said he’s been prank calling the show all
morning, Bubba thinks the guy is miserable, Miller said he loves the
guys, Bubba thinks that would get him more mileage, he thinks the guy
hasn’t been truthful throughout his conversation, Miller thinks
Heather is just there for the money. Bubba said he’s somewhat fat,
only about 50-60 pounds, Brent thinks Bubba is around 290-295, he
thinks the guy is a round ass tomato. Jeff in South Carolina said he’s
heard some Ned promos on 98 X, Bubba thinks they went on iTunes to get
the stuff, he said that he has paperwork, but it’s not signed yet.
Josh in Ohio thanked Bubba for talking about Tim Richmond yesterday,
he said his Dad is in it, he’s one of the old timers. Spice was
overheard talking to someone, the operations manager was on, he put
him on the air. Mike from 98 X came on, he said they’ll be starting
Monday, Bubba said he hasn’t signed the contract, Mike said the
lawyers gave the white puff of smoke to get on, he said they found
some stuff they could use, Brent said they could directly email it to
him. Mike said that when Howard we4nt off, he called his GM and asked
for Bubba, Bubba said he’ll take that affiliate any day of the week,
Brent said he’ll jerk his cock over it, he said the competition’s last
day. AJ came on admonishing some of the black callers from today, he
thinks it’s over the line. Bubba said that AJ, Israel and Buck are his
guys, he said he’s done with Low Life. Manson said his bit is about
Bubba’s night time routine, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s second new bit

Bubba said that you could be a Canadian living in America, or an
American that thinks Canada kicks ass, he plugged the Bubba Army
hockey jersey, you can get those at, he then plugged his
Lumber Liquidators appearance tomorrow in Ft. Meyers from Noon to
1:30. We then heard “Bubba Radio Theater – Bubba’s Dreams”. In the
clip, Bubba said he needs to dream about him, Bubba thinks the bit is
predictable, the alarm clock says “me” a few times, he then says stuff
with me in it. He then has a dream about being in 1941, he thinks the
music is provided by Ned, he then says he needs to clear the audio of
Pearl harbor getting attacked, he then talks about we should kill the
Japanese, Bubba was cracking up at the bit, he then said he’s on a
remix of Pearl harbor, the bit ends with his alarm clock waking him
up, he said if the guys didn’t have him, they wouldn’t have any
content. We then heard a clip of Dixie talking to Erick, bubba thinks
she’s a horrible actress, he said this is for real. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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