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October 12th, 2012 by Staff

Today’s Facebook friend of the day is Corinne Rungo of Clearwater, Florida.
Ned thinks Bubba is homo with his Michael Jackson selections on his
iPod, Bubba just wishes the guy hadn’t touched kids.
The guys then quesioned how Elvis could meet Persilla at 14, but not
do anything with her until she was 18.
Bubba plugged what will be up next week on the show.
Amber Lin Bahk will be doing a glory hole, Ned still tapes that stuff
with a Super 8.
Bubba talked about breaking down football film with a VCR for the
first time, the players who got accomplishments got a Tiger paw
sticker on their helmet.
The Ryan and Biden debate.
The guys think they were rubes for thinking George Michael was straight.
Bubba used to mess with the ending of “I Want Your Sex”, the General
manager used to call him when that would happen; he then wondered what
was up with PFR today.
Brent gave an update on the station.
Lex and Terry will be on another station in Jacksonville, Bubba said
they beat Lex and Terry against their own game, he said that he’s
happy for them.
Emails: Guy wrote in Ned for president, guy voted for Bubba, guy asked
about the Christmas party, Mike from South Carolina wrote in saying
that Game day will be in South Ben Indiana this weekend, listener with
some stuff for Game day, Dave in Phili wants license plates, another
vote for Bubba, and a listener loved the Damien Eckles interview.
Bubba wants to make Ned heads; he wants to invite Mike frm South
Carolina to the Christmas party.
Token in Brandon wants Ned to do a stand-alone show, Bubba asked him
to do a specialty show before Thanksgiving.
Fan appreciation night at Bubba Raceway Park.
Tony Stewart will be racing at BRP on February 8 and 9.
Dale JR has been parked for two races because of a concussion; Bubba
thinks you’d have to have killed Dale SR for him to miss a race.
Audio clip – Lex and Terry will be coming back to Jacksonville.
Audio clip – Dale JR holding a press confrence, the guys goofed on it.
Manson’s “You Love Nascar” (“The Todd Clem Project” disc 2 ttrack 9,
and “bubba Show Classics Vol. 3”, track 11). The song parodies
“Allstar” by Smash Mouth, and calls Nascar fans assholes.
Audio clip – Justin Bieber nude photos leeked.
Ned pulled up the pictures of Justin, the guys checked it out, Tara
thinks he’s uncircumsized.
Drunk woman shot after going into the wrong house.
Bubba said that Evan Longoria and his girlfriend are listening to the
show; Ned said it was time for his segment.
Bubba thinks Ned is on growth, Ned admitted to this, as well as weed,
Jack daniels and bath saults.
Bubba said that Longo requested Ned’s song about him.
Ned’s Load – “Longo”, followed by “I’m Never Ever Giving Up My Reefer”.
Rick Springfield performing in a Subway, Bubba thinks they have a
parody of it, but it’s probably not a good idea to play it now.
Marty in Kentucky talked about the Justin bieber photos.
Parker in Charleston said everything is green in his neighborhood, Ned
sarcastically told the guy he had no idea what he was talking about.
Marc the Frog in Toronto said he’s picking up a load of beef today, he
said he’s been following the West memphis 3 guys for years, Bubba
thinks Damien punched right through.
Trip in Orlando said he knew what song the guys were looking for; Ned
did a song about Larry Byrd.
Ned’s “larry’s Girl”.
Jim in Canada asked when the guys will be shipping the merchandise
there, Bubba said he’s meeting with UPS this Tuesday at 1:00, Jim said
he misses Twenty-five, Bubba said he has an open invitation to come
Einstein’s letter doubting the existents of God is on Ebay for
$3,000,000, Bubba thinks the Catholic Church will buy it and quell it.
Replay of the Joe Rogan interview from yesterdays’ show.
“Joe Rogan on the phone, Bubba thinks Joe could take all of them, he
wondered if oe could take some of the guys he does a post interview
Joe didn’t know what a modern day risk lock was, he said he’ll try to
use that this weekend, he said that a risk lock is real, he wasn’t
sure if Bubba is on regular radio, it’s been a while since they’ve
last talked (February 06, 2009).
Bubba thinks Joe is one of the best guests, Brent said Joe is a very
popular guest.
Joe gave a run down of UFC 153, which will be in Brazil; he said he’s
pumped about this event.
Bubba thinks oe should get real cook down, ordeer room service and get
a night cap, he then asked who has a chance against Anderson silva,
Joe said he’d like to see Anderson fight Ronald McDonald, on the
condition that Ronald fight back, he said Anderson is a crazy dude.
Bubba said he’s going to apologize for being the guy who asks about
GSP vs Silva, he thinks it would be a huge fight, Joe thinks we’re
more likely to see that or John Jones VS Anderson Silva, those two
matches are a possibility, GSP has been out for almost a year because
of a leg injury.
Bubba asked for Joe to promote his stuff, Joe said he has his pdocast
“The Joe Rogan Experience”, he said it depends on when he can do it,
he has a lot of fun.
Bubba asked him about Obama and romney, he thinks he could do a better
job, Joe thinks you can’t be president unless your close to being
bought and paied for, he thinks the NDAA kills the bill of rights, he
thinks romney should talk about this, he thinks we are a thinnly valed
dictatorship, he thinks this is like the old Bill Hicks bit about the
one guy holding both puppets.
Bubba said he loved Joe; he wanted to talk to him more.”
Bubba talked about BRP this weekend, he then plugged game day in
Indiana, as well as the Cream machine’s appearance at the Buccaneers
Bubba admonished Ned for not being in studio when they came back from
break, Tara thinks he’s drunk.
The guys went back to discussing the Justin Bieber photo, Ned said he
keeps zooming in.
The guys talked about circumsision, Bubba remembers when he played
football with a guy who was uncircumsized.
Bubba asked for a man roster, Tara said she’d write it down.
Ned talked a little about horsing around.
Bubba had the guys write down their predictions on who they thought
was gay at the BRN; he asked that they put down two names.
Susan Spesnor from CBS’s “48 Hours” on the phone, she said it’s on at 10:00.
Bubba asked how she won an emy, Susan said it doesn’t get her much;
she’s had more than one.
Susan talked about her latest case, Bubba said he’s hooked, he thinks
this is like the Acenburg case.
Bubba asked her what George H. W. Bush was like, Susan said he was great.
Bubba asked about clinton, Susan said that she wouldn’t say.
The guys think she’s not up on current events.
Audio clip – teen threatened by cops.
Bubba thinks we need to profile on race and what your business is.
Indian man throws himself into a lion enclosure because of his nagging wife.
Guy attempts to fight a stop sign.
Bubba remembers an episode of “Nip Tuck” where a guy made love to
objects; Brent said it’s a real condition.
Bubba said they need to taze someone, Brent said the new guy for
“bubba Saw” is unbelieveable, he has flip-flops tattooed to his feet,
Bubba said he’ll run him ragged, Brent said Augie had better be ready.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “She’s Heavy And She Knows It”. The song
parodies “I’m Sexy and I know It” by LMFAO, and pokes fun at Jennifer
Livingston, a news anker who read an email about being fat on air.
Bubba said Talking heads reminds him of Cary Gray, the guy who got him
into radio, he then plugged what is happening at BRP this weekend, as
well as what is coming up on the show for next week.
Bubba thinks gays should have equal rights; he then went over the list
of people who are suspected to be gay at the show.

Hammil – 6
Thomas C. Cox – 5
Woodsman – 4
Bubba – 3
Ned and Hurricane – 2
Pantera and Russ – 1.

Brent, Manson, Craig, Carl Harris, Jared and Chaz didn’t show up,
Bubba thinks he’s less gay than Jared and Chaz.

A message to the loyal Bubba Army

Ladies and gentlemen, today October 12, 2012 marks the end of my
writing show recaps. It has been a great run, and I’ve had a lot of
fun being affiliated with the show. I have no bad blood with anyone at
the Bubba Radio Network, I wish them all nothing but the best and
consider them to be friends who I hope to stay in contact with. I will
simply be moving on with my life. I will continue to listen to the
program, support it and mentally catalog it the best that I can, but
other things in life take priority. For those who are interested in
staying in contact with me, you can find me on Facebook: or you can follow me on Twitter:

Thank you to all for being supportive.


Lawrence Ross, aka Blind Lawrence

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    I know why you’re not writing more “recaps” – because of the embarrassment and humiliation of being associated with such a lying, disloyal, deceitful, self-centered, scheming and manipulative pile of dog crap by the name of Bubba Clem. Mr. Bubba, you should quit your job and move as far away from here as possible. I am so glad to hear that Hogan will be suing your sorry, FAT UGLY ASS! What you did to him was disgusting. You “sponged” off his good name, and look what you did in return! I hope he takes every penny you’ve ever made, and will ever make. No one I know will every listen to your terrible show again. You are, quite simply, one of the most disgusting, filthy, lying, horrible human beings God ever strung a gut through. I wish Hogan would just beat the hell outta you. Me and thousands of others would not only pay to see it, we’d laugh our asses off at you!

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