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Top Stories:
New audio recording catches air traffic controller chuckling, teasing before deadly crash
Packers Fan Stabs Man Outside Pizza Parlor
Elvis’ hair up for auction
Woman found dead under 8 feet of trash in Florida home
Cummings Released After Road-Rage Stop
Support Heather Clem and Amanda Hatley in the Pet Walk
President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Artie Lange, as this Sunday is his special day.
Happy Birthday Artie, the Bubba Army loves you.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show

The show started off with “Only the Good Die young” as bumper music.
Bubba asked Spice if he has any gigs, Spice said he’s laying low; he
wants to have as much Pumpkin Beer as possible. Bubba recapped some
sports scores, Bubba said he feels so bad for Oren, he recaps what
happened; the Devils scored one in on the Lightning with one second
left. Bubba read that it costs UTwo $750,000 a day to have their stage
equipment. Manson said he’d see UTwo, but it would be a pain in the
ass, Bubba said he’d give Manson a box. Bubba said that there’s a
certain group of people who are in the inner circle, they have to
arrive at the stadium at 7:00 AM. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said Twenty-five gave him some tickets to the porn star awards, he had
no idea how big of a star Akira became, she has her own sub section on Bubba said twenty-five gave him tickets to a porn star
pool and picnic event at Caliente, Spice really likes the pool there.
Bubba said Jay is leaving for Seattle, Bubba said he missed a bit of
the party and missed his segment. Bubba read some emails, the first
email said they tried to find something to not like, they couldn’t
find anything. Bubba wonders what he needs to do for Miami; he thinks
they should have a sub channel. Bubba said Miami is the second most
diverse market, Manson wonders how much a billboard is in Miami, Bubba
said he’ll find out. Bubba said he got the ratings back from Miami, he
thinks they’ll pull the plug, as he’s underperforming the radio
station, and the guys before him. We then heard a Spanish bumper;
Manson thinks the one Bubba just played is more wordy. Another emailer
asked about the upcoming pet walk, Brent said they could get something
up on the site about that, Brent explained a pet walk, Ned suggests a
ball licking marathon. Another emailer asked if Bubba will do the
12 Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba said yes. Another emailer hopes
Travis Rutz is okay. Another emailer ordered three Bubba Army Breast
cancer shirts. Another emailer said it made her day when Bubba talked
about the navy wife at the race track; she wants a clip of it. Another
emailer said they missed the clips of Brent’s meltdown, except for the
last one; the emailer liked how Bubba handled Brent. Another emailer
thinks Bubba is a 300 pound version of MJ, the emailer told Bubba to
trademark Deez nuts. Bubba explained why he trademarked it because
people stole it. Another emailer thinks Bubba is passive aggressive
with the bumper music. Another emailer said has the best
stuff ever. Another emailer said she’s a 50 year-old black woman;
she’s in love with Ned. The last emailer of the day thanked Brent for
going on the air with his meltdown. Bubba took some calls from some
people who were interested in going to Caliente. Bob in Orlando asked
about a teacher who got arrested for a prostitution ring, Bob is a
former student of the teacher in question. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – The Beautiful people in Miami?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Breast cancer
awareness shirt. Bubba thinks he’s figured out why they’re not doing
so good in Miami, he thinks it’s because the beautiful people don’t
like the show. Bubba is disgusted by the news story. Bubba thinks
people in Miami don’t like white trash; he suggests they have Hispanic
last names. Manson said that you can watch the nightly news with a
story about Iraq without a TV generator; he wonders why the local
affiliates can’t do it. Randle in Ft. Lauderdale said he’s 24, Bubba
wonders why it’s so bad, Randle said it’s Spanish. Bubba thinks people
don’t like change, people don’t know about them, and there’s not
enough people. Mark in Miami said being Spanish has nothing to do with
it, he’s a Cuban American who digs the show, he said Bubba is the only
show worth listening to, ned thinks the show is the Oakland Raters of
radio. Melisa in Miami thinks only ugly people listen to the show.
Bubba played the clip of Al Pacino saying “Say good night to the bad
guy.” They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bombing the moon, Shannon Burke news clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard “155” as bumper music. Bubba
wonders the stats of Rev Theory’s RV situation is, Spice said Kevin is
working on it. Bubba really likes the Firehouse Sub, the guys agreed,
Brent said his veggie sub came with just cheese and bread, Bubba
thinks Twenty-five messed up the order. Bubba said you can see the
commercial WHTQ is running on TV on Bubba said they’re going
to blow up a bomb on the moon, he wonders what the deal is, he thinks
it would happen under Bush’s watch, we then heard a news clip about
that, the guys cracked up at the reporter saying Nasa is bombing the
moon, Bubba thinks this is a south park episode, he thinks the guys at
Nasa got board. Stacey in Miami thanked Bubba for Brew fest tickets,
she and her husband we’re sad when they saw a tent with Bubba Army
flags, but no one was manning it, Bubba thinks it’s an accurate
representation of what’s going on down there. We then heard a news
clip about Shannon Burke, Bubba thinks the stations are believing
Burke’s hype. Bubba doesn’t like how the news is helping bring back
Burke’s career. We then heard Manson’s “I Shot a dog with a hand gun”
from “Bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 9. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Joe Saturley examines Brent

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Sticks as bumper music. Bubba
played Dr. Joe’s bumper and brought him in. Joe thinks Brent has a lot
of issues, he thinks he needs to see him; he thinks it was like
throwing gasoline on a fire. Joe thinks Bubba should listen to the
tape of Spice jumping off a building, as Bubba tells Spice he’ll have
a job for life if he jumps, he’ll have a job forever. We then heard a
clip of Bubba talking to Brent in the green room; Joe thinks bubba did
a great job with his therapy. Joe thinks Bubba should do a boot camp,
the guys were laughing their asses off during the clip, Joe said he
thought Bubba would break into the Barney song. Spice said he cries
during everything he sees, Joe said the event was good for Brent, he
thinks if you can’t trust anyone, you don’t have a decent relationship
in the world. Spice said his girlfriend texted him, she thinks Brent
should cope with other things, Bubba asked that she stay hot and shut
up. Joe said Brent did what he did because he’s an alcoholic; he
thinks he’s allergic to it. Bubba said they did three things wrong –
they gave Brent alcohol knowing he’s an alcoholic, Joe thinks Miller
pushed Brent around, Spice has a hard time coping with Brent being an
alcoholic. Joe said he comes from a functional alcoholic, Joe thinks
Miller was hilarious on moonshine, we then heard a clip about that,
where Miller taunted Brent. Bubba wonders if alcohol makes you
smarter, Joe said it makes you drop your inhibitions. Bubba thinks him
playing the bumper was annoying. Joe thinks the guys ganged up on him,
Spice said this is a tough room. Bubba said the guys are calling
miller Yoko Miller, as he broke up the BRN. Joe wonders how much
Miller had to drink; Bubba said he had a whole bottle of Apple-pie
moonshine. Joe said miller wouldn’t have thrown a beer can out of a
car. Tom thinks moonshine miller is funny, he finds Brent crying to be
strange. Tammy in Ft. Lauderdale said when her husband is drinking, he
blacks out. Derrick in Orlando said he can control his dreams, bubba
hung up on him. Mark thinks the guys should take Brent’s feelings into
consideration. Brent didn’t understand what the guy was saying. Spice
asked about pot, Joe said he’s never seen people act like that on
marijuana. Bubba thinks Brent will like Joe’s suggestion of doubling
up on pot, Ray said it was like university of Florida. Portor didn’t
find the segment funny; he thinks the reality of Brent’s life came
crashing down on him. Joe said his book will be on line in a few days,
Bubba thanked him for coming on. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Contact Joe:

Phone: 727-726-1013

Segment 6 – hammil’s new bits, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Blame It on the Jack
Daniels”. We then heard “rocky Mountain Way” as bumper music, Bubba
said today is his day for bumper music, Bubba picked Spice for Monday.
Bubba said Hammil has an offering about Brent, Bubba said he got an
email from someone with an idea for Doug Clem. We then heard Hammil’s
offering, a song about Brent’s meltdown, Bubba was laughing has ass
off through it, Bubba asked Brent if he was enjoying it, Brent said he
feels horrible, he thinks he’d like to shoot himself, Bubba told him
to stop. Brent said he never told the guys to stop. We then heard
another offering from Hammil, “power Pig hello I’m Burning”, an homage
to tom The Treeman’s safe word during the fireworks stunt from July 2,
2009. The song recaps various stunts the guys have done with Tom
(setting him on fire from November 21, 2008. Tom took tacks in the
back for farting in Bubba’s studio the day before, only to have
rubbing alcohol and tator mits applied to his injuries shortly after
the tacks, also fireants on tom’s testicals from May 3, 2007). Bubba
said with all the stuff they’ve done, it’s amazing they can’t get a
reality show. Randy said he agreed with Bubba on the way he was
talking to Brent like that in the green room. Woolly Bully called in,
the guys then said Hey Yo a few times. Woolly told Brent it was all
good, he told Brent to put the gun down. Woolly said he’s a school bus
driver, Woolly said he’s six five and weighs 412 pounds. Bubba asked
him why they left Florida, Woolly said he moved because his kids
didn’t want to end up like him. Alex in Ft. Lauderdale said he loves
the show, he said he got a package from bubba, he greatly appreciates
it. Bubba recapped the story, heather ex husband Kevin knew a guy who
passed away, the guy who died was a big fan of the show. Paul in
Sarasota said he really enjoyed the author, Max Blumentha. Bubba read
that Michael Vick will be getting his own reality show; also Reggie
Bush is back with Kim Cardashian. Bubba read that there’s a
possibility that David letterman will be getting divorced. Bubba read
that Michael Jackson’s doctor is behind $13,000 on child support,
Bubba thinks we shouldn’t make breast feeding such a bad thing, Manson
said breast feeding in public doesn’t bug him. Bubba read an article
about a woman who got thrown off of a flight for breast feeding, Bubba
hopes she gets a lot of money. Bubba wondered if Brent breast fed,
Brent said yes, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – jack Swagger on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka “set, then into Ned’s “Doug Clem Fan club”. We then heard
“Running on Empty” as bumper music. Bubba said jack Swagger will be
calling in shortly, Ned told Bubba to shut up, he wanted to hear the
song. Charles in Naples said he really loves the show, he said a white
kid turned him on to the station; he said he’ll be listening to the
Satellite show; Charles also likes Stan and Hany. Bubba went to jack,
Jack said he’s six six, Bubba asked him who came up with his gimmick;
jack said it was something he thought of. Spice asked him if he’s a
real cocky guy, Jack said by nature he’s normal. Bubba asked him how
well would he do against Lesner, jack said he’d have the confidence to
do it. Bubba asked how far did he make it, jack said his sixth. Spice
asked him what he got his degree in, the guys think he got it in
swagger. Bubba said Jack met Jim Ross, jack said he met him his second
year in college. Bubba asked him his first match, jack said he
wrestled some guy named Antonio, he said the guy he fought against was
five foot two. Spice asked him about developmental, Jack said it
develops you. Bubba wonders who determines it, Ned thinks getting paid
is crappy, Bubba told the guys to chill out. Bubba thinks a guy like
Jack would make up to 50-60 thousand dollars, Bubba likes how Cern is
really stiff, jack said he likes that. Spice told jack that john
Kurdus said hello to him, Jack said he lived in Tampa for two years.
Bubba said Hogan told him that being on TV makes you hot. Spice asked
about ECW, Bubba said Vince owns it now, Jack said he bleeds on his
own. Jack said he doesn’t juice, Spice thinks Bubba will bleed gravy.
Jack said the movie “The Wrestler” scared him, Bubba told him to ask
various wrestlers about it, bubba said the movie is so dead on with
the guys. Bubba said he watched it with Hogan, Hogan said this movie
would be like if he lost everything to Linda. Bubba likes how the
under taker takes people aside to tell them not to be an idiot. Bubba
said he was at the sun dome and saw some wrestlers fooling around, the
under Taker came in and asked them to knock it off. Jack said he grew
up in a very athletic environment. Jack said when he started with
Steve, he wore really short shorts, Steve told him the shorts were
ugly, one of jack’s matches was filmed from the shorts down, everyone
was laughing at him. Bubba asked Jack who he likes the best, Bubba
likes Randy Orten, Jack thinks Randy is at the top of his game, he
also likes Cena. Bubba said Hogan likes the way Chris Jericho works,
Jack said Jericho is a great cat. Bubba thanked him for coming on,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – the latest MJ situation

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Beastie boys as bumper music.
Bubba asked for Brent to come in, he thanked Brent for helping him
out. Bubba asked for people to leave MJ alone, he said MJ will just
tell on you, Brent suggested you don’t even look at him, Manson said
it really pisses him off. Bubba said Megan Vincent can’t call into the
show anymore, as she called into say she bugged MJ on the road; MJ
filmed her and her husband screwing with him. They have since been
called to court for a third degree felony. Bubba thinks Michelle, MJ’s
wife, got them charged with the hog situation. Bubba said MJ marches
to a different drum. Bubba said someone has to stop this madness,
bubba said he’s over it. Bubba called Mj a pussy; they then ended the
show a few seconds later.

Sirius show

Segment 1 – the guys talk about Brent

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
bubba’s standard Friday opener. Spice thinks that within the next few
days, Moonshine Miller VS Angry Jack Brent will be on,
Bubba thinks people will go crazy over that. Bubba said he’ll be
racing, he said he’ll be here until two o’clock. Bubba said he took a
vote last week, Spice said they were all their listening to the clip.
Bubba said he’ll never be in Texas, the motor coach deal has been
pulled; he said it’s because of last Friday’s show. Tom thinks its
best that this didn’t happen; the guys don’t remember it being a
racial issue. Bubba said he already had stuff booked, he even had a
contract. Bubba hopes Bree Olson isn’t coming in, Spice said he’ll
check to make sure. Bubba thinks Brent should stop feeling sorry for
himself, Brent said he was being honest, bubba told him to hulk up,
Brent said he’ll see Dr. Joe as soon as possible, he doesn’t like
hearing it over and over again, Bubba played a clip from earlier this
morning. Bubba said they can’t have something this huge go down, only
to not have a bit about it. Manson thinks they should just move passed
it; he said he can treat Brent like he normally does. Bubba thinks
Brent should’ve moved on, Brent said they should do it now, Bubba said
he doesn’t want it to be fake, he said he wants to do it when he’s
ready. Bubba told Brent to keep his door open, Manson told him he has
a gig many people would kill for. Bubba said the people outside want
Brent to be outgoing, Bubba replayed the clip. Bubba asked Brent if he
understands where the guys are coming from, Brent said he does. Bubba
thinks they’re the meanest guys ever, we then heard hammil’s offering.
Bubba asked Brent how the fans have treated Brent, Brent said the fans
have been supported. Brent said his guns are hidden from him, Ned said
he could use anything to get his favorite gun. Bubba asked Brent if
his parents have heard it, Brent said his Mom heard it; she was
disappointed, he didn’t want to talk about it; Brent said his parents
are mad at Bubba. Spice as Bubba said some stuff, this had the guys
laughing, Bubba told Brent he ruined Christmas last year, Bubba told
Brent he’s the one that could stop this. Bubba thinks Amanda hates
him, he said he heard heather said Amanda is disgusted with bubba at
the moment. Bubba told heather to not talk to Amanda for a while;
Brent said he knows it’s his fault. Brent said his Mom never listens
to the show, he said she’s a hard core Christian, his Dad listens.
Bubba wants to call Steve, Brent’s brother, Manson said it would suck
if his Mom didn’t listen to the show, Spice said his Dad never
listened to the show. Spice said he got an email from Manson’s Mom
saying Bubba is a prick. Bubba asked what happened between him and his
Mom; the guys think Doug Clem loves the bits about him. Bubba went
back to manson’s relationship, Manson said his Mom is controlling, his
Brother and sister lived in houses paid for by the parents, Manson
said he can’t deal with it, the guys wonder how Manson is so laid
back. Bubba said Amanda’s Dad will never talk back to his wife ever,
and he was in Iraq. Bubba said he’s never missed a function at his
parent’s house. Brent said the way he was raised in a house of arguing
over Religion and politics. Brent thinks she cried because she thinks
she failed in raising him, he said that’s not the case; she taught him
how to use proper English. Manson asked if Brent’s Mom can have a good
relationship with Brent, Brent said she can to a certain extent, Spice
went into his Bubba impersonation, saying how he needs approval from
fans. Calvin the Cowfer came on, he said there’s nothing that he’s
done that is wrong, he thinks Brent has a problem; he said if you’ve
noticed with various callers like Mike the Dead body fer, he said
Brent has a rage about him. Spice told him no offence, but you fed
a cow, Brent called him a felony, Bubba said it’s no wonder why ford
Travel wants him, as his listeners f cows. Richard in Texas said
that ford Travel has a cross on the side of their building; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Ronnie the limo driver calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into Brent’s version of “Straight out Of Compton” from last Friday’s
show. We then heard Ned’s “Blame It On The jack Daniels”. We then
heard “last Resort” as bumper music. Bubba said he thinks he’s been in
a good mood lately, Ned thinks bubba has been a cum sucker. CP Chris
in Arizona came on and did a bong hit, he said the bong hit was for
Ned. Chris thinks Lasker shouldn’t be allowed back, Spice as Lasker
came on and said some stuff, Bubba ran him through the John Force
sound board, he had no idea what was going on, Bubba said it’s his
show, Bubba said trying to work with Lasker is torture, he said he’s
like Elliot Offen, Bubba said he’ll have Gene back the minute Howard
puts Elliot on. Blind James in California asked Brent how he’s doing
he asked about Brent meditating, James said he noticed a lot of heat
about obama, bubba said he’s disgusted with the stuff going on, Spice
said he hasn’t done anything peaceful. We then heard the news clip
about that, Bubba thinks it’s horrible when he has to be the guy who
translates it; Spice suggested they would’ve given him the peace prize
after he got the troops out. Bubba said he was hinging his vote on the
war, Manson said obama bamboozled him. Bubba thinks General McChristal
is an asshole. Spice said he can’t hate on obama for getting the
prize, Brent said he doesn’t like the people who give him the prize,
he finds it ironic the Vikings are giving him the prize. Bubba said
we’re considered the good guys to talk to people. Bubba said we’re
like a lummox. Bubba thinks Red Foxx would’ve been a good President.
Bubba said if he was president, he’d have a shirt that said do a job
in the middle, the guys are board with the speaker, bubba thinks he
would sound like a road scholar compared to this guy. Ned thinks the
guy is a long-winded mother fer. Joe the Supermark came on, Joe
said Hogan cut a promo on a youtube video. The guys crack up at Bubba
not be able to spell youtube. Bubba called Joe a mark, Joe called
Bubba a dick, Bubba told him to take it back, Joe said he did. We then
heard the clip, where Hogan cuts down Ric Flair, Bubba thinks Hogan is
out of breath. Bubba wonders if Hogan will bring his style to tna,
would it change, Joe said yes. Bubba went to Ronnie the Limo driver,
Ronnie said he’s sorry he interrupted; he wonders if Hogan was on the
toilet. Ronnie said he’s in Miami, he asked Bubba what his problem is.
Ronnie told bubba if his arms weren’t so big, he’d have sleeves, he
said shock treatment really worked out for him. Brent said Ronnie did
a great job handling Howard, bubba thinks the biggest trouble Ronnie
ever got into was bubba’s wedding. Bubba thinks Ronnie mess up with
Escalade limo was an error. Ronnie thinks a fifty person scores party
without inviting Howard was a mess up. Bubba said he was lucky enough
to do scores, he said Ronnie is the man; he said doing Scores with
Howard is really great, Brent said Akira was grinding on Ralph. Bubba
thinks other guys would be a better Dj than Scott. Ronnie said he’s
doing something in Miami, Bubba said he’s been there, it’s a great
place. Ronnie said he’s single now, Bubba asked him about the hottest
peace of pussy he ever got was, Ronnie said it was a few nights ago,
he asked what he’s doing with his boy Brent, Bubba said he’ll fix him.
Ronnie said he’s trying to come down to Tampa. Bubba said he’s hooked
on old school promos, Bubba played one from the Ultimate warrior.
Manson as macho Man said some stuff, Bubba really likes Mean Gene. We
then heard a clip of Razor Ramon talking smack on macho Man. Bubba
took a call from a guy who was dicking around with the Evil sound
board, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bubba wonka” set,
then into Ned’s “Doug Clem Fan club”. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tasha calls in

Bubba said the ICP guys are coming. Spice said he remembers seeing the
ICP live in concert, we then heard a clip of Rick Rude, Spice
suggested you watch his stuff when you’re board, the guys crack up at
the clip. Bubba likes how Rick is beating on a speed bag while he’s
cutting Rick Flair down. Bubba likes a clip of Rick owning the Honky
tonk man; Bubba said Wayne has nightmares about them. Bubba said he
was reading through the show’s twitter, he read that Spice thinks
Tasha is a sex addict. Spice said he can’t keep up with her, Bubba
thinks heather has worn his cock out. Spice said it effects her day
when she doesn’t get laid; Ned thinks she’s working Spice. Manson
thinks they should all swing, the guys cracked up at this. Bubba asked
Tasha who she’d have swing with, Tasha said she couldn’t pick someone,
Tasha said heather is beautiful. Bubba said he’s had this chat with
heather, she said she’d do Manson, Brent said he would pick heather,
Bubba said he’d take either Donna or Tasha. Manson thinks Bubba won’t
be able to finger Donna. Manson said he’d take Dave’s wife, Dave said
he’d probably f Manson, he then said he tried to get Donna to blow
him on the plane. Tasha said if he’s not into it, it’s not worth it.
Bubba thinks Tasha is retarded; all she needs to do is look in the
mirror. Bubba said he can only have sex three times a week, and that’s
it. Spice said that on the one year anniversary, Tasha came to the
studio with a cake. Bubba said he’d never disrespect Tasha like that,
Spice said bubba never got around to it. Bubba said he feels like he’s
talking to heather, Manson wonders how can he maintain an errection
while doing an impersonation. Bubba asked about marriage, Tasha said
they’ve talked about it, Spice said she looks at rings that are huge.
Bubba thinks Spice should spend forty grand on a ring, bubba thinks
Spice should get therapy, Bubba told Spice this is the one he needs to
hang on to. Spice said he gives Tasha every reason to trust him. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – The guys from insane Clown Posse visit

Coming out of commercials, we heard some ICP as bumper music. Bubba
told shaggy that Violet is bigger than he is, Bubba thinks his head
looks like a pumpkin. Bubba called Head PE money; Brent likes the song
“Think for yourself”. Violet said it took about ten minutes to get his
music on, Shaggy joked he’s forty-five. Shaggy said he went to a guy’s
house to get his stuff back, the guy put a gun in his face, Violet had
to take the call. Shaggy said he’s still not done with his community
service, Bubba suggested they cut some psa commercials, Spice said
he’ll get caught. Brent said Danny Bonnaduce would take some canned
foods and have the Catholic Church sign off on it. Bubba joked shaggy
would take beer to the Catholic Church. Violet said they love Vanilla
ice, Violet said it was a very peaceful gathering. Spice asked about
ice Cube, Violet said he’s got a lot of money, Shaggy said cube
started gangsta rap. Violet said the new album is “bang Pow Boom”,
Spice he should’ve padded him down. Violet said he’d f Beyoncé
Knowles, Spice likes Jessica Simpson, Bubba said it’s bullshit. Bubba
thinks the bubba Army and the Juggalos could work together. Violet
said the only guy who is a pop star who liked their music would be
mark Mcgraph, Bubba said mark knows a lot about music. Violet thinks
that on Season 1 of American idol, he told a band the world gave them
the ICP. Shaggy wonders why Ryan Sea crest took a lame ass job, Bubba
thinks he couldn’t pussy himself up like that. Ray in Ohio asked about
hay Stack, Violet said they liked him. Shaggy said any fat guy who
peals out of his shirt is a friend of his. Bubba asked about the kids,
Violet said his kids know about the makeup. Bill in Detroit wonders if
he can make it to the Halloween party in Detroit. Mike in Chicago
asked if they’d ever ban Fago, Violet said they’d never perform
without it, Spice said they put it on the map. Ted in Orlando said
he’s excited to get on, he said he went to the gathering, he liked
Mcchris, Spice knew who he was, Violet referred to it as nerd rap,
Bubba thinks they could go down with that. Bubba asked if they were
going to beat up Sal & Richard, Shaggy said at first it was a joke,
Shaggy said he would’ve gone regardless; Violet didn’t having a dick
in his face. Spice said the big thing was that the ICP was a gang,
Violet said there are some gang members who are their fans, Violet
said Juggalos are one of the coolest things in music. Bubba wonders if
the fans have ever taken a shit on them, Violet said the fans don’t
like the wrestling, bubba thinks the fans would like that, bubba
thinks they should be fans of ICP regardless. Bubba wonders if they do
a hot Juggalos contest, Shaggy said they do that. Spice remembered
when they got some static at Woodstock 99, Violet asked them to
perform, they didn’t say anything language wise. Spice asked them if
they could retire, Violet said it’s hard to say. Bubba asked the guys
to stick around with some girls; the guys said yes, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jessica drake and some friends Visit

Coming out of commercials, we heard some icp as bumper music. Bubba
thinks the Juggalos would like him. Shaggy said a lot of guys stuff
thrown at them, they throw back. Brent recapped the time when fans
through stuff at bubba, bubba called them pussies. Shaggy said they
always have a good after party on Gandy beach, Spice said that place
is evil, but in a good way. Shaggy said they sometimes sneak into the
back. Bubba asked if they ever take the makeup off, Shaggy said no.
Spice said the voices are really unique. Bubba really likes the
production value of Wicked, Bubba asked for Jessica to take her shirt
off, which she did. Bubba thinks the odds are shot that they’ve
brought a dude into the mix. Bubba thinks you couldn’t interview icp,
Bubba thinks Violet is acting like a dick. Spice asked what kind of
porn he likes, Violet said he likes violet gay porn, shaggy said this
is the show that broke up the group bubba asked who else Jessica has
with her, Jessica went over who she has, Jessica said she bangs a lot
of guys in her latest movie, Spice said he jacked off to her. Bubba
said it’s amazing to have a porn star in a studio while watching one
of her porn’s. Bubba said if he was President, he’d make the FBI
warning on pornos illegal, Bubba thinks it’s like the Terminator.
Bubba said he wouldn’t mind having a droid suck his cock, Jessica said
the droid malfunctions shortly. Jessica said she loves loads to the
face, she said she narrorates the video. Bubba said he’s looking for
the Asian invasion, Jessica was laughing her ass off, as well as
another girl, Brent said they’ve to a lot of dialogue in the video.
Shaggy said he’s not into getting his ass eaten. Jessica gave a quick
rundown where they’ll be, she said she knew who the ICP guys were.
Bubba asked about snowballing, Jessica said what it was, when a girl
sucks your cock, then spits it in the guy’s mouth, bubba is disgusted,
Derrick said it’s baby-birding when a girl does it to another girl.
Bubba asked the girls about Bree Olson, Jessica said it was big, Bubba
recapped for them, Spice then did his impersonation of her yelling for
the tape, Bubba said the joke would be on them. Spice thinks Bree
Olson and Aubry Bitoni are the biggest cunts ever, Spice said she had
one hell of a gut, he thinks Bree would need icp makeup, Bubba called
her a cunt, Bubba said Aubry’s personality makes her a cunt. Spice
asked what the ass was like back in the day, Violet said it was a
party. Jessica said she won best DP at the avn awards, bubba said guys
are worried about their bags touching, she said it’s really sexy.
Jason in California asked Kalony about some guy’s cock, Spice
surprised he watched it. Bubba asked Violet if he’d fu one of the
girls, Violet said yes. Bubba thanked them for coming in, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hammil’s tom The Treeman bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard hammil’s “Power Pig hello I’m
Burning”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Caller wants to propose to her boyfriend

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “bubba
wonka’ set. We then heard Ned’s “Big Doug Clem” bit. We then heard
“Papa Was a Rolling stone” as bumper music. Bubba joked that they
taped this earlier, bubba said he couldn’t give you a time, he hopes
Dave synced it up. Bubba thinks it’s ten to two, Bubba said he could
put a call on Memorex, Amanda said her boyfriend is a big fan of the
show, she asked him if he could get married to her, Bubba said he
doesn’t know when the tape will run out. Bubba thinks he’s in Orlando
and she wants to do this, Brent thinks she’s messing up the back
timing. Bubba called up Tim, Tim picked up and wondered how bubba can
talk when he’s not live, bubba said this is tapped, Tim agreed. Bubba
said it’s crazy the stuff they’ve got going on. Dave wondered if he
could play Hendrix with the back tape, Spice said they could do it
Monday. Amanda said she’s really hot, she just started listening,
Bubba loves how she says f. Amanda asked about shaving her pussy,
bubba said bald. Amanda said she’s five foot two, thirty-six D, she
loves to f, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. shadow

    ive heard there is video footage availble for the icp segment.. doesn anyone know where i may find it..


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