Friday, October 08, 2010

October 8th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, October 08, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence and bumper music provided by Bubba.

Segment 1 – Sports, Bubba’s health

The show started off with “rocky mountain Way” by Joe Walsh. Bubba
said he normally starts off the show with audio of the Rays game, but
today he’s not doing it, he thinks he needs to go in for an anus
replacement, he said he’s been puking and pooping since yesterday, the
poop hasn’t been solid, Manson advised that Bubba just stay away from
him. Bubba then went over some sports scores, he said he’s going to
try to do a Satellite show today, he said that they’re crazy, he said
he feels like he needs to puke now, he thinks they should just stop
doing the nfl picks, he said Tyler loves it, he thinks maybe they
could just have Tyler do them off air, Spice thinks Bubba doesn’t look
so good, Brent thinks bubba looks like a white Fred Sanford. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Monopoly Money – Bubba, Charlie Crist’s awful Rays pitch

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Roxan” by The Police. Bubba said
he was going to have Earny Teed on today, but he canceled as he wasn’t
interested in bbq, we then heard the clip of the Rays losing, Brent
thinks the Rays have nothing on the Rangers, Manson said that all the
Rays need to do is win two games. Bubba then selected the music for
next week:

1. Monday – Ned
2. Tuesday – Manson
3. Wednesday – Sluggo
4. Thursday – Big Dick
5. Friday – Dave Rice

Spice said the orange ball in the Monopoly contest is too big, so
it’ll never go up anyway. Bubba then asked Spice to pat him down. The
machine landed on Bubba, Spice thinks that’s pretty funny, Bubba said
that at least the BRN doesn’t have any matching funds; Spice said he’s
glad he dropped out of it; Bubba said he loves to win. Jim asked if
the shirts are up yet, Bubba said no, he said he’s already been in Big
Dick’s ass over it, Spice said they love doing a Satellite show. Mike
in Dexter asked Bubba if he’s ever taken acid, Spice and Brent say
it’s cool, Manson thinks he wouldn’t like it, he said he tried Salvia,
but didn’t like it. Spice said on Salvia you have no idea what’s going
on, he said Acid just makes you laugh at stuff. Mike asked if
Bababbooey and Charlie Crist have the same pitching coach, Manson said
the best part is that Charlie was disgusted after it; Brent said
Bababbooey didn’t even know he messed it up. We then heard the clip,
Spice was laughing his ass off, Manson said he’s watched it about 30
times, Spice thinks Rubio is celebrating. Bubba thinks Charlie should
use this in a commercial, Spice said in theory it sounds good, but
everyone would rip him to shreds, Manson thinks he’d ask for the ball
back, the guys then talked like rednecks saying they’re not voting for
Crist after his pitching mistake, Spice thinks Charlie shouldn’t have
his Rays jersey tucked in the way he does. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Bubba said that he’ll try and be quick with the porn stars. Joe in
West Palm said that there was a guy who attempted murder/suicide;
Bubba thinks the most shocking one was the story about the man who
killed his family and himself, sparing his Biological kids. The guy
asked about Chris Benoit, Bubba said they weren’t that close with him.
The first email of the day thinks they first heard Bubba back on Hot
102; the emailer likes how Bubba has centered himself around some
great people. Another emailer thinks God made everyone right a
foreword on his book. Another emailer said he was the Electrician
Another email came from a guy who worked for Fabrizi, he asked if the
Bubba Army would help send items off to Haiti, Bubba thinks the guy
doesn’t listen to the show, as he’s not interested. Another emailer
said they’re looking to get some black diamonds, Bubba said he can’t
help the guy out with that, he then plugged, Spice it
looks like a good website. Another emailer said he has a friend in
Florida who doesn’t like the show, the emailer suggested the guys call
the guy up and give him a rashin of crap. Another emailer said he made
a mascot for the duck pond at a Carnival; it’s a Bubba Army kind of
design. Another emailer asked when the Bubba Saw stuff will be on, Spice said it’s being edited. Another emailer said
they’re having a tough time getting on the phones, his son has a
German Mom who worked at a Wing house, his son has been taken away
from him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance
with Bob White this Sunday, followed by Ned’s “Wasting Our Time in
Fing Afghanistan”. We then heard “Shattered” by O.A.R, Bubba said
that today’s music is his. John in Orlando wonders if Bubba gave oral
to a stripper, Bubba said it was for real, he said it’s something he’s
not proud of. Charles in West Virginia suggests Spice what kind of dog
he has, he said it sucks they don’ have football picks, he suggested
the guys just rerun the regular radio show, he then asked if Bubba and
Fabrizi have ever argued, Bubba said in the past they’ve had that
happen, Spice wishes he could get Bubba off of Twitter. Ed said there
was a court case where a guy got arrested for sexual assault; he said
it’s nice to see the parents got arrested for child endangerment.
Allen in lake county came on talking about the Gathering tomorrow,
Bubba asked him how many people he’s expecting, Allen said about 50 or
so, about 26 people rsvp’d, Bubba wondered if this really made for
good radio, he then told him to hurry up, he then told the guy to give
him the information if you’d like to attend, at the Sun Spree Holiday
in, Allen said he’s at, Bubba suggested he use
BubbaArmy1 or something to that effect, Allen said he’ll do that next
time. Bubba thinks they flushed out Devon James, he said she’ll have
to let him know if there’s a tape or not, he asked for people to not
give a dollar to Devon, he said he gave her $3,500, he thinks it was a
brilliant move any way you look at it, he then decided to cover this
on the other side of commercials, as the article is quite long. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Devon James lawsuit discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard “small Town” by John Mellencamp.
Bubba said that soon, you’ll be able to get the Bubba Army Longway
memorial shirt; he said every dollar will go to the witto. Burney said
that Jay Thomas was talking some smack about him, he said this was
over the Devon James situation, Bubba suggested they get Jay Thomas on
the phone to talk about this, he ten read the article about him suing
Devon over the contract, he asked if the guys have asked Devon to do
anything of a pornographic nature, Spice and Brent said no. Bubba said
he doesn’t have a problem with other radio shows putting her on, he
said he’s never asked her to do anything sexual, he wonders if a
dating game is a pornographic stunt, the guys don’t think it is. Spice
then read the thirteen facts about why Devon doesn’t’ have a sex tape;
he wonders how anyone can believe what she says. Bubba asked Dave to
find Nick James’s phone call (July 26, 2010), he said that he could
file a lawsuit on any situation, Spice said even Tiger’s lawyers
aren’t paying attention to the case. Bubba then read from the comment
section, Spice said if you don’ know the back story, he can see how
you could spin it this way. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jabberjaw’s Foreword

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23, followed by Manson’s “Calvin Kline –
Transgression”. We then heard “Spoon Man” by Sound Garden, Bubba said
that on BubbaRaw, the Sassy Cassie dating game is up, Spice said the
guy who joined in wouldn’t let them be alone, he then said he went
over to the new BRN, he thinks it looks nice. Bubba said the block
looks amazing, Dave said the studio will be like nothing he’s ever
seen, he’s not sure if Howard can go with his studio. Bubba thinks
they could put a bar in the new area, he wonders if they should put
that where the green room is. Jabberjaw came in, Bubba wonders if
she’d like to change her name, she said she was selling carpet cleaner
stuff, she said she doesn’t having a preference; she said she’s used
to answering to Jabberjaw. Bubba wondered what really forced her to
leave; Jabberjaw said she just wants a degree. Bubba called up
1800AskBrent, Brent said a historian normally goes to law school,
Jabberjaw said if she ever was to leave radio, she’d go down that
road, Spice said degrees are over rated in radio, Brent said Al gore
has a degree, but got lost jogging in his own neighborhood, Spice
thinks Jabberjaw wasn’t utilized properly over at FLZ, Bubba said the
editors favorite word is “re write it”, Brent said that you need to
think back to your first air check, Bubba then did an example of what
that sounded like. Jabberjaw said that she and James talk a little,
Bubba said the nice thing about Jabberjaw getting fired is that she
went over to the show, Bubba said they’re like the un employment line
for radio guys, Manson said sometimes he would never eat breakfast
around Jack Harris, it would drive him insane. Jabberjaw then read her
foreword, the guys goofed on MJ as she read, she said the last thing
she wanted to do was listen to a guy talking about the MJ show, she
freaked out when she first heard Bubba call someone a dildo and a
pussy, she said that she had to transcribe the show, she said she
clicked with Bubba when he’d talk about the Packers, she thinks she
has ptsd for working with MJ, she then recapped her time when she got
fired from MJ show, she said she was nervous, she then described Bubba
as a sleeveless shirted guy with gray hair, she said that she wore her
Farve jersey as a way of piece, she then recapped her first Satellite
show, she said she’s thankful for working at the show, she said she no
longer has to wonder what Bubba is like, she said as long as you don’t
bring mustard near him or wake him up during his nap, you’ll be fine.
Bubba said he’ll fight mustard’s ass, he thinks this is if Bubba was
to die, he said he got his wille done, Spice as heather asked if Bubba
would like chicken dip with arsenic, he then said he’s got pictures of
Brett Farve’s penis, Bubba wonders how it’s the case, ed joked he was
wearing Wrangler’s jeans, he asked why he hasn’t seen it yet, he
thinks Farve is trying to fool people by the way he’s gripping it,
Spice thinks Farve is in an aquarium with it, Bubba said he’s
disappointed in the grooming, he thinks his penis is almost the same
as Farve’s. Spice wonders how narcissistic a guy is to send a picture
of his junk to a woman, Bubba asked for the pictures to be taken out
of the studio. We then heard a clip of Farve talking about it, Bubba
wonders why this broke so suddenly, Jabberjaw said it’s because the
Vikings are playing the Jets this weekend. We then heard a clip of
Farve being interviewed about him sending pictures; Spice thinks he’s
a scumbag. Bubba said back in the day, he used to say stuff about
Farve. We then heard “Queer for Brett Farve” from “Bubba Show classics
Vol. 2”, track 1. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Baseball discussions

Bubba came on asking Spice to cover for him, as he had to go to the
bathroom in the worst way; Spice said he’d do it. We then heard “rude
boy (bubba remix)”, followed by “Squeeze Box” by The Who. Bubba
apologized for the extended music, as he’s dealing with puke mouth, he
thinks the orange juice he had has messed him up, he said he feels bad
for the guests in the green room, he thinks they heard him puking, he
said that Verizon is going to be a part of the iPhone, he said a lot
of people don’t want to lose the Verizon service. Spice said he was
listening to Geek Time (Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 pm on Howard 101); he
said Apple is good, but when it gets merged, something goes wrong.
Bubba said he loves Verizon, Spice said he doesn’t’ have a lot of
issues with ATNT. Bubba doesn’t get how his phone drops off at the
same spot when he goes across the bridge, he then talked about a Rays
player quitting for not making the playoffs, Brent read the guy’s
stats, Manson said it was horrible. Brent suggested the Rays cal up
Aubry Huff, Bubba wonders who said that, he and Spice then argued if
Huff will come to the Rays or not, he then said that if the rays
showed interest in Aubry and showed him slightly more money, Spice
thinks Aubry wouldn’t do it, he said Aubry likes San Francisco. Bubba
then read a text from Aubry saying he’s not coming back to Tampa,
Spice said the Rays are going to have a tough time dishing out the
money for Crofferd. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Nick James replay, porn stars in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween, followed by
“Super Freak” by Rick James. Bubba said this one is for Ned, he thinks
he’s torn his anus up with wiping, Manson thinks it should pass, Spice
if Bubba gets him sick, he won’t be happy, Bubba told Spice that’s why
he can’t make out with him today. Gunner in Jacksonville said he used
to work for Apple, he said the iPhone is only used on that network is
because Verizon doesn’t support being on the phone and doing something
else, Spice wondered if segals are eating a human in the background,
the timer was heard, he ended up getting the Evil treatment. Bubba
told the guy to call up Geek Time, he then said they had a chat with
Nick James, we then heard the clip from July 26, 2010, where nick and
Bubba talked about the issue Twenty-five Cent had with Devon over the
previous weekend. An excerpt from the archives:

“Nick came on, Bubba asking him what his problem is, Nick said when
they first signed the contract, he could never get a hold of Tom Bean,
he was always told that they were too busy, and that they can do what
they want, Bubba said there’s no previsions, he said it should be
spelled out in the contract. Nick said he’d tell them what they’d like
Spice said he also said that his wife had texts from Tiger Woods, Nick
said he doesn’t do drugs. Bubba said the contract has nothing to do
with Twenty-five Cent, he said that he didn’t read section 9, he said
they could settle it old fashion, Nick said he’s willing to give Bubba
his money back. Nick said he’d like to come in, he said he and his
friends are big fans, Bubba said this isn’t a war between him and
Cowhead, he said if she can make it to Cowhead’s show, he said it’s
bad business, Nick said she can’t drive. Twenty-five came on the warm
line, he said that he has always told him to email Tom Bean and copy
him on it, he said he’s never gotten email from him, he said the guy
calls him all the time about stupid stuff, he said he’s just a guy who
works for the show, he said he’s not the guy who makes the decisions.
Bubba said he doesn’t want what info Devon has, Nick denied texting
Twenty-five, he said he didn’t do it, Spice said he can never comment
on anything, Nick said at 5:09 am, he was sleeping, Spice thinks Devon
did it. Nick said he has nothing against Bubba personally, Spice
thinks she’s a lying bitch, Nick called Spice a sellout from 98 Rock,
Spice then ripped into Nick, he thinks she’s cutting up cocaine in the
background. Bubba said he’d like to do a Devon James public drug test,
he said that tom Bean just texted him with some information, he then
read what he had, saying that Devon was hard to get a hold of, he said
Devon has three kids, of which she doesn’t have custody of, Nick
confirmed this. Bubba asked who has custody, nick said they’re not his
kids, bubba asked who would give up custody, Nick said he doesn’t get
involved in stuff like that, Bubba thinks everything he’s said is just
craziness, Spice said the burden of proof is on him. Bubba said this
is the kind of person who their dealing with, he shamed those who put
her on, he wonders how much she cares about her kids, he said he’s
been shook down by Nick, Spice said they want nothing to do with him,
Nick said he can’t wait to meet Spice, Nick said he’s had money. Bubba
said Nick is guilty by association, he said he’s things he can’t even
speak of. Spice asked if Nick’s attorney is Lisa Bloom, Nick said they
don’t care about Bubba the Love Sponge.”

Bubba cut the clip off, saying he’s heard enough, he then said they’ve
got porn stars in the studios, he said Ron Jeremy is with the girls,
Ron said when he takes a dollar bill about of his pocket, the
president says it’s daylight. Bubba asked for the top three porn
stars, Ron said nick Manning, he thinks Randy Spears is doing
cartoons, he said he’s had a 33 year career, he said he’s been making
movies before the porn girls were sperm. Bubba asked who he likes in
porn, Ron then listed his favorite male porn actors, he said Lexington
Steel had Blacks and Blondes. Tanya Tate said this is her first time,
she said she’s British. Spice said she’s nominated for best milf, he’s
not sure if she’s even a mom, Tanya said she’s in her 30’s, Ron said
the thing with porn is, you’re barley legal, then a cougar, then
you’re dead. Bubba said he’s heard some Urban Legends about Ron in
Tampa, Spice remembers when he was in Dallas for an appearance; Ron
was busy having sex with some girls. Bubba asked the girls if they’ve
seen the photos of Brett Farve’s penis, Spice said he’ plastering the
pictures all over the bay area. Bubba said he’s not good with names,
he said he’s an eight minute porn guy, Spice said he watches 30 second
clips. Bubba said that the girls have a show on Sirius, he thinks
they’re not getting paid a lot, Raven said that she looks
conservative, but she’s not, Spice said he loves watching the shows.
Bubba said that he just wants one of those porn scenes to be real, he
joked that one of the guys sounds like he’s on permanent auto-tune.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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