Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, November 19, 2010
Recap by Blind Lawrence
To everyone in the Bubba Army, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
Bumper music provided by Russ the Ferret

Segment 1 – Bubba at Homestead

Bubba came on saying they were live from Homestead, he then said that
Russ and Twenty-five didn’t show up until later yesterday, as
Twenty-five needed a nap. The guys then talked about what they’ve got
coming up for today, Spice said that Tasha is a little freaked out
with him getting in the race car. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Captain Thunder Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “George W. Bush Raps”.
Bubba said that they’re in Homestead, he thinks Captain thunder is
trying to find them, he said they’re right behind Victory Lane, Brent
said it’ll be cool with the drivers, he wishes he could move time to
put Spice in the car, he thinks he’ll have a different perspective.
Spice said he respects what they do; he remembers when he was in
Bubba’s Sprint car. Jabberjaw said she had Spice’s commentary on a
button bar. We then heard the clip, where Spice thinks they’ll just
turn left. Bubba then recapped how Spice might freak out while in the
car, he then said that a skilled driver could crash; he then said that
you can’t mention Dale Earnhardt’s crash. Spice said he should’ve
taken his peanuts, Bubba told him not to start with his stuff. Spice
asked about what classifies as bad luck, Bubba said that’s like asking
what the upside is to someone having cancer. Spice asked if Danica
Patrick was there, Bubba said she was, he said he’s not interviewing
her, he said she has about as much talent as Tuddle. Captain Thunder
came on, Bubba offered him a spot on his new situation, Thunder said
he’ll gladly take it, he then said he saw the Dolphins game last
night, he said he’s still a little hung over, he said he plays golf
with Al Harris periodically. Bubba said he loves NASCAR; he said a lot
of his questions come from Captain thunder, Thunder said he was hoping
Bubba would ask Richard petty about him firing Kyle on Thanksgiving
Day. Spice said they’ll be at Dean’s Gold tonight, Bubba said that
last year, they were on a slippery slope, now they don’t have their
skies, Brent thinks they could do a Sunny bono soon. Bubba said he’s
not sure how much longer it will be before the show goes in Miami, he
said he can’t predict a lot of stuff, he thinks it’s over for them in
Miami, Spice thinks Dean’s Gold would be like a funeral for them.
Bubba asked Jabberjaw if that someone put a gun to her head and said
she had to have sex with Carl or Big Dick, Jabberjaw originally said
death, she then decided on Carl, saying he doesn’t have any facial
hair. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – the guys chat with Captain Thunder

Bubba asked who was providing the music today, Spice said the Ferret.
Bubba said that you have to a big time show in order to broadcast from
the event; Brent said they all have to start at the same time. Captain
Thunder said that his show is at, he
said Ferrall filmed a spot on CSI Miami, he said the guy is crazy,
which is why he loves him, he said he’ll be on Ferrall’s show tonight
at 10:30. Bubba asked Thunder his top five, he then wondered about the
millage, Thunder said the speeds went up to about 25 mph in 2003, he
can’t believe that Bubba picked the Onion, Todd Bowden to drive, Brent
said that Todd drives like Ricky Bobby, Spice said he liked the movie.
Thunder said that Kevin Harvick dominates at this track; he thinks
he’ll win it this year. Spice said that if Harvick wins, what will
that mean, Bubba thinks Denny Hamlin will have to finish within 8
spots, Harvick would need Johnson to get in twelfth place or worse, he
said this is as close as it’s ever been, he said Jimmy Johnson has
never had to come and try. Bubba wondered if the 11 car should’ve
pitted, Thunder said he was surprised it did that, he thinks they felt
the pressure. Bubba thinks they could throw it to Captain Thunder, he
thinks they could take a nap while he talks. Spice asked when the
track was last paved, Thunder said 2003, he was impressed with Spice
asking that. Bubba said the track will be green when Spice is in the
car; thunder asked if Spice has diapers with him just in case, he then
said that Twenty-five has one of the biggest afros he’s ever seen.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – More with Captain Thunder

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Danica Patrick Song”
from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 13”, track 7. Bubba thinks the
celebration for the winner only goes about 18 seconds, Captain Thunder
came on saying he heard Bubba saying it was around 8 minutes, Spice
thinks Harvick will be the only guy to drive some balls, he wonders
what kind of deals can be cut, Bubba thinks Kyle Bush could have a lot
to do with it. Thunder said tony is a team mate of Jimmy Johnson, he
said you can go back two races to Talladega; he said drivers have
memories like Elephants. Bubba said Captain Thunder knows it, he likes
how he’s radio friendly, Thunder hopes that Danica is dancing at
Dean’s, he said he’s a breast man. Bubba said he understands why she’s
there, he said this is something NASCAR has never seen, he said Indy
Cars aren’t the same, he said that he heard her in car. Thunder said
that there’s almost no interaction between the driver and crewcheif.
Spice asked about Travis Pastrona, Bubba said he signed with Walltrip.
Thunder said there are differences between signing Danica and Travis.
Bubba then recapped what Spice will be thinking when he’s in the
truck, he then said how lousy Danica is, thunder said the best drivers
drive with their asses. Bubba said Kyle Bush has a lot of Travis
Pastrona in him, Bubba thinks Travis is more of a dare devil than
anyone, Bubba thinks that he could be a 30th place driver, he said he
can barely fit in a Late Model. Spice asked who the fattest guy in
NASCAR is, Bubba thinks Tony Stewart, he thinks Tony is 190, Thunder
doesn’t think so, he then said that he once asked Tony a question
about setting the car up, Bubba thinks he turned it around, Thunder
said that Tony told him it was a dumbass question, he said that he had
40 media members were laughing at him, Bubba thinks more people in
NASCAR should be like Tony Stewart. Thunder said that Kevin Harvick
was getting a lot of support from the Earnhardt fans, Bubba said he
needs to step it up. Thunder said he won’t have to worry about
sponsorship, he thinks Earnhardt’s career hasn’t been the same since a
car fire, Bubba thinks he lost his balls in that event, he then
thanked Jay for putting together a motor coach, Thunder thinks Bubba
is big money. Bubba said that Tony likes to go long; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – More with Captain Thunder, Tony from ML motors

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “nations Trucks
Commercial”. Bubba said Gootch Patterson texted him, saying he was
listening to the show with heather, Spice thinks he met him once.
Bubba said that Grant should learn from Gootch, he said Gootch has a
fear of new food, if Tony never touched it, Gootch will still throw it
away, Spice said people in Africa are starving, yet Gootch is throwing
it out, Bubba thinks that would drive him insane if that was to happen
to him, Thunder said he’s never heard of anything like that, he thinks
the 11 will choke, he thinks Jimmy Johnson put a lot of pressure on
Hamlin, Bubba likes how Kevin Harvick will get in your head, he then
said Kevin likes to make fun of Captain Thunder’s name. Thunder said
that the race this year is great for the sport. Brent said he’d put
his money on Johnson, Spice asked who would win between Gordon and
Burton, Bubba said that Burton is the man, Thunder thinks he looked
scared. Bubba said he has guys who are in the know, he asked who would
win, Thunder thinks it would be the worst fight ever. Bubba asked if
this is the only track where Gordon has never won at, Thunder said
yes. Brent and Thunder think that Jimmy Johnson will in, Bubba then
said hi to his friend Allen, Thunder thinks they made a Radio Row,
Spice thinks they’re broadcasting from NASCAR jail. Brent said last
night, Russ was peppering Grant, Spice then goofed on Russ a little.
Thunder asked what happened with the lottery, Bubba said he can veto
anyone at anytime, Spice thinks Bubba wouldn’t be able to answer to
Stock Holders, the guys then goofed on bubba for that for a little
bit. Bubba said that Spice is such a dick with NASCAR, we then heard
Spice’s recap of how the driving experience will go, Spice said he
stands by the commentary, he said that he likes how the guy from Motel
Six will be driving him, Thunder thinks Spice’s commentary was
accurate. Spice said when he gets a podcast; he’ll have Jeff Gordon as
a guest. Bubba asked for a guy to come over, he said this guy is the
crewcheif of ML motor Sports. Tony said he’s the team manager, he said
Bubba’s Mom used to drive their school bus. The delay was hit, Bubba
thinks the guy isn’t radio savvy, he thinks the guy looks much older
than him, Tony said he’s only 47, Bubba said the Winters are
incredibly tough, he then said some of the guys don’ even deal with
traffic, Tony said they fly right out sometimes. Bubba said that
they’re tearing down Madison Elementary school, Brent joked that the
principal killed himself. Bubba introduced Tony to Brent and Spice,
Spice said Bubba used to masturbate with a Vacuum Cleaner (“Bubba
Wanna Corndog?” disc 1, track 7). Bubba said that Tony has lost 10
pounds recently; he said that Captain Thunder’s wife noticed he had
lost some weight, he wonders why Tony’s handler doesn’t like him for
some reason, he then told Tony about
Spice getting in a car today, he asked Brent to give Tony some
headphones so he could hear Spice’s commentary, which we then heard,
bubba thinks Spice’s sponsors will be Depends or Midol, Tony said
they’re around 190, bubba thinks Bowdeen won’t live. Thunder asked if
Spice could use a hawns device, Bubba said they don’ have one for him,
Tony thinks Spice could end up like Steven Hawking. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tony Stewart visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “thanksgiving song” from
“the Fat and The furious” disc 2 track 4, “Bubba’s Holiday Classics
Vol. 1” track 5, and “Holiday CD” disc 2, track 22. The song parodies
Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song”, and is about the holiday, with
some digs at the show. Bubba said they’re live from Homestead Miami
Speed Way, Brent said he likes being near all the action is, Spice sad
the place is really big, Thunder said he’s never seen anyone in a
setup like this, Brent said he’d like to grab a wrench and turn a
bolt, bubba thinks he would get tackled, he then jokingly told Thunder
he should leave, as Tony Stewart had arrived. Tony said he’s 179,
Spice said he looks gray in the face. Bubba told Tony that he’s just
turning it around on him, Tony said he learned all of his techniques
from Bubba, he thinks Captain Thunder’s name is because of his size,
he then told Tony about Spice’s opinions on NASCAR, he said that when
he did a ride with tony in Lakeland, he was scared. We then heard
Spice’s commentary from yesterday, Tony said if you’re a Garman GPS,
then yes, he thinks Spice is the worst sexy voice on a gps, he then
said the last time he took someone on a two seater, a tire blew out,
the passenger was over the fence vomiting. Spice he’s never taken into
account the heat and G forces, Bubba said that he’s seen Tony come out
looking deathly ill, he then asked if there’s a deal cutting, Tony
said he hopes not, he thinks it will be a very competitive chase.
Spice asked if Tony is happy for all three of these guys, Tony said if
Jimmy is lucky to get a fifth, he’ll be really lucky. Bubba thinks the
saddest thing Tony had to do was leave Zippy, he then asked how good
Chad Kanouse is, Tony said he’s great. Bubba thinks he has to feel
good about where he is, he thinks Tony got screwed in Talladega, he
said Bristol was a race, Tony said the complexion can change very
quickly. Spice asked him what race he’d want to do again, Tony said
the first race in the chase, he said lint Boyer really challenged him,
he said they breathe, eat and sleep this stuff. Bubba wondered if Tony
and Ryan talked, tony said he’d have to be the lead guy. Bubba said
that Tony will race mopeds at his house. Spice asked if business
interferes with the passion of racing, Tony said he had to be aware of
that, he said that Spice’s read will be scary when the Onion is behind
the wheel. Bubba recounted his time when he went for a ride with Tony;
Tony said that he never wrecks himself. Bubba asked about the fight,
Tony said it was a girl scout scuffle, he then wondered who would win
in a fight between Gordon and Burton, tony thinks none o them would
win it, Spice said that’s what Captain Thunder Thies said the same
thing. Bubba said the 39 car is a tough guy, Tony said he just had a
kid, he said he’ll be in Australia. Bubba remembers when Spice asked
if they’ll be preserving the portion of Earnhardt’s crash site
(September 16, 2010). Bubba said that after Earnhardt died, Ned did a
poem saying he’ll kick Jesus’s ass (February 19, 2001. This poem
appears on “Ned’s Poems Vol. 1” track 3, and “Public Enema #1” disc 1,
track 9). Tony said that Fabrizi’s car is the flagship of his car
collection; he then said he has a King Card from Burger King, Thunder
thinks that Jimmy Johnson will win it. Tony said he likes this track,
he said the race will take place at day; he said they struggle when it
gets cold. Thunder told tony he looks great; Bubba thanked Tony for
coming by, Brent then explained the payout with the Btls foundation,
Tony said Tyler inspired them to make the Eldora track. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Spice rides with Todd Bowdeen recap, Kevin Harvick and
David Reutimann, Joey Lagono

Bubba said he’s got the onion, Todd Bowdeen with him, Brent said they
had to hurry. Bubba told Todd and David Reutimann about Spice being a
dick, we then heard his commentary, Todd said guys who run their trap
will get payback. Bubba wondered if they can get Todd on the backside,
Spice said if he pees himself, it’s because he couldn’t control
himself, David said the track will lose tension after awhile. Brent
said David’s charity is coming up, David said it’ll be in early
December, Bubba said that Buzzy has turned the corner, he thinks David
is like the Rodney Dangerfield of NASCAR, always looking for respect.
Bubba asked Captain Thunder about David’s pick, Thunder said David is
inside the top 20, he thinks David will finish top 15. David said last
week they were horrible, he said it was embarrassing. Bubba said that
Captain Thunder thinks the 11 will choke David thinks the 11 will win,
regardless. Todd and Spice came back, Spice said it went fast, he said
Todd was acting like it was nothing; he said his hands were shaking
during all this. Bubba said he was nervous when he did one with Tony,
he joked they had some balance problems. Todd said he’s wearing a
Hawns device all times, Bubba joked he has to wear it when he and his
wife make love, Spice thinks he doesn’t want to know anything about
racing, he said the guys have stones, Bubba joked that the Onion needs
to put his testicals in a hawns device. Brent said that Kevin Harvick
has to be quick, as his practice was moved up. Kevin said he likes
making fun of Captain Thunder, he then wondered why the guys are
wearing cold weather. Gear, Spice said it was chilly. Bubba asked him
about the race, Kevin said the worst they’ll do is third. We then
heard Spice’s commentary on being in a race car, Kevin said it’s
always something of that nature, Spice thinks he’s like a Blood who
walked into a Crip’s house. Bubba said the guys drive with their
asses, he said that at least some of the other guys come from IRL,
David thinks it doesn’t’ take that much talent. Bubba told the guys
they should’ve heard his parody song about Danica Patrick, we then
heard bit of the song, the guys cracked up at it. Spice thinks it’s
one of the songs people don’t wants to laugh at, Bubba said he’s
embedded into NASCAR, he thinks that’s the last time they’ll have them
on the show, Todd called Spice “Spice Girl” as he left. Bubba said
they’re giving David plugs for his golf event, he then said that Kevin
likes “East Bound and down”, but hasn’t thanked him for it, he then
asked for Mother Function to come on mic, Function came on recapping
what Kevin will be doing, Kevin said he got a lot of support from
Earnhardt fans, Bubba joked one of them was Buzzy Reutimann, the guys
think Danica will be looking for bubba, Bubba thinks he’ll beat her,
he then said that you don’t need to watch Nascar, just follow Kevin
Harvick’s wife on Twitter, he said he pulls for the following people
in the following order: 14, 29, 00 and 39, he said he’s never have the
42 or 88 on the show, he thinks Kevin pulled one out of his ass last
weekend. Joey Lagono came on, he said the guys don’t know who Bubba
is, this had the guys cracking up. Bubba said the gimmick with Harvick
was great, Joey said it’s all about the money. Bubba wondered if Joey
could get around Reutimann, he said all he has heat with is the 18
car. David wondered how long Bubba would need to compete against
Danica; Joey thinks maybe I could happen. Bubba thanked the guys for
coming; Joey said he’ll stick around. Bubba explained Spice not
appreciating racing, Joey thinks he doesn’t like him already, Spice
said they were going about 120-140 at the most, he then asked about
the chicks, Joey said he had no idea, e said qualifying at 20 isn’t
great, but it’s not that much of an issue for him. Bubba thanked him
for coming by, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern show visits

Bubba said they need to be quick, as the affiliates were freaking out,
he said he’s got Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern show, he
then asked the guys about the lineup, Ronnie said everyone sounded
great, he said he’s rooting for Harvick, he said he doesn’t go for
Jimmy Johnson, Thunder said it’s all about loyalty. Bubba asked
Thunder if NASCA will be happy, Thunder thinks so, he thinks Homestead
is thrilled. Bubba said that even Ronnie will be going to Dean’s Gold.
Bubba sad they’ll be back next Monday, as they’ll be off this coming
week for Thanksgiving. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. ed

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    I am devastated that you guys will no longer be here in SoFlo. I am sooo pissed off at Cox for cancelling you. You will be sorely missed by myself and alot of others too.

    Thank you for the good times while it lasted.


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