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Top Stories:
The Girl Who Can’t Stop SNEEZING (Video): Lauren Johnson Interviewed
Man calls 911 looking for sex
Parents in ‘balloon boy’ case expected to plead guilty
Marine says priest came on to him
Radio host to give check to Sgt. Brown’s widow

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

FM show

Segment 1 – Bubba almost called in sick, Fart Validation

The show started off with some messages from the fans. Bubba said he’s
glad that there’s some love in Miami, Manson thinks the bumper music
is gay, Spice thinks it got lopped off. Bubba said he almost took a
sick day today, he said he’s so stressed out, Spice said he had to
fart, Bubba scrambled to find the bumper, he found it, Nick had to
endure it. Bubba thinks they should have the bucket right towards the
door. Manson said if they ran homeland security as good as the fart
bucket operation, we’d be safe. Bubba said he had a showcase showdown
with Miami, he thinks he’s close to getting fired. Bubba plugged the girls, he wants to take Monday off, he then
explained the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, Bubba apologizes to Miami

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said he’ll be driving his number 20 Bubba Army truck
this weekend, he said he didn’t get home until 10:00, Spice thinks
Bubba likes it. Spice asked how fast the vehicle goes; Bubba said he
doesn’t know, it doesn’t have a speedometer. Manson said doing the
Sprint Car thing was fun, Spice said he’d do it, Brent said he’d love
to do that kind of stuff. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he thinks
Kevin Vargas isn’t happy, Manson thinks the Bulls looked horrible.
Bubba considered the Lightning’s victory amazing, Spice said Shaque is
getting a divorce, he thought it was a happy marriage. Bubba went over
some birthdays, the guys think Condoleezza Rice looks good for 55,
Bubba thinks Michelle Obama is hotter, Bubba went off on a rant on
Prince Charles, Spice said odb cracked him up, Bubba thinks Macho Man
should be looking for Terry at this point. Bubba said Ned is thinking
about retiring, Ned suggested they put his stuff in a blender at this
point, he doesn’t like how he has to fragment censorship on down to
various stations, he said all of his conspiracy theories have all come
true. Bubba told the Miami listeners that it was not fun yesterday, he
thinks they should go into the football picks now. The guys go over
their picks, you can read them on They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – new merch at, emails, the listeners vote on
Manson’s Travis the chimp bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into “When Doves Cry” as bumper music. Bubba said the first golden
ticket winner popped up yesterday, he said the Bubba Army store now
accepts PayPal, Spice said it’s really easy. Bubba said they’ve got
some new cold weathered theme Bubba Army stuff, Twenty-five cent came
in, he has a Bubba Army skull cap with a brim, Bubba thinks he’ll need
it, he thinks he’ll look ridiculous wearing it. Bubba wondered what
the next thing was, Twenty-five said the Canadians have ordered it, he
said the Wonka project has been shipped out. Bubba wonders when the
belt buckles are coming, Twenty-five said that’s a Big Dick thing.
Greg in Arizona said he was trucking through Winslow, we then heard
the cougar sound effect. Greg said he’d like to sponsor lunch, Bubba
said they got a ton of press on the Jason Bruce situation, Greg said
the Bubba Army vanity plate has really done him well. Brett in Chicago
said the screener is high, Spice said he’s very high, Brett mocked
Pantera, the guys cracked up. Brett suggested Bubba call Jesse with
his idea, Brett said the show was better than ever. We then heard
“Super villain” for a few seconds, the guys gave Jesse some props.
Bubba thinks Jesse James Dupree playing at Bubbapalooza costed him a
lot of money. Bubba read some emails, the first email of the day asked
about Bubba’s insurance friend, Bubba gave the emailer the
information, Manson said he needs someone to help him out with that.
Another emailer asked the same thing. Another emailer suggested Bubba
use, Spice thinks they should try that, Bubba said he’s
thinking of doing that. Bubba proposes a Manson sketch comedy DVD.
Another emailer said the song ire Flies is now stuck in his head.
Another emailer gave props to the chimp attack victim, Spice said he
cried, Ned thought it was hilarious, Spice said he’s never seen oprah
so emotional, we then heard the clip, Bubba said they’ll be doing a
show vote to not play it, to play it, or offer it on the website.
Bubba said he’d have someone shoot him if he had to go through that,
Spice said he can’t blame the lady for not wanting to know what the
look was. Manson wonders how you can rip someone’s jaw off, Brent said
an orangutan is seven or eight times stronger than the average human,
Manson thinks the drugs made the chimp go insane. Bubba thinks she
sounds like Rudolph. Manson said Spice should’ve interviewed her, he
said it’s like when he talks to Blind Lawrence, bubba said he feels
bad for him, he said Spice puts his ass two inches from his face when
he’s there. Bubba said they look at news in a very cynical manner,
Manson thinks he wouldn’t have done the second one had a seen the
damage, we then heard “Bad Monkey” from “Bubba’s new and Misc hits
Vol. 9”, track 1, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 7, Spice
wonders how you can’t like the song, Ned thinks they should send her
the song. Bubba wants some girls to call in, we then heard “Eyes
Ripped off Her Face” from “Bubba’s New and misc hits vol. 9”, track 8,
and “The Clemulus Package” disc 2, track 5, Spice called Manson
heartless. Here’s how the votes went down:


1. Steve – stop being a pussy.
2. Cody – keep on.
3. John – keep on.
4. Brad – man up.
5. Matt – don’t be pussies.


1. Melisa – keep being a heathen.
2. Haley – keep on.
3. Cary – internet only.
4. I lean – Keep on.
5. Terry – keep on.
6. Amy – keep on.
7. Christine – keep on.
8. Beth – no.
9. Shana – keep on.

Charla said play it, she said when she first heard it, her jaw
dropped, the guys were laughing their asses off at that. Brent said
they were the first story on all the channels, except for channel 8.
We then heard “Bad Monkey” and “eyes Ripped Off Her Face”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr. Joe Saturley comes in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into some messages from the fans, then into Three Doors Down, Bubba
thinks the guy who complained about the music should chill out. Bubba
told Spice he was going insane, Dr. Joe laughed at this, Bubba said
Joe is the guy to help him out with that. Bubba showed Joe all the
stuff he has to keep going, Joe thinks it looks like the inside of
Bubba’s head. Bubba said Dave from Back 9 BBQ emailed Twenty-five to
see if bubba would promote an event, Bubba doesn’t know where the
event is, he said if you email him something, read it three times, Joe
said Bubba should make it so that stupid hurts. Joe said that his book
is on its way to the publisher, we then heard his bumper. Justin in
Dayton said his wife kicked him out of the house, he found out she was
cheating on him. She lost everything, she showed up one day in his
kitchen, Joe wonders what’s wrong with him, Justin said he wants to
make it work, as he has three kids. Justin said they do the hallway
sex thing, Joe said it’s horrible for the kids. Justin said hallway
sex is passing each other and saying screw you. Joe told him to grow a
backbone, Bubba suggested he grow a set of balls. Spice said you can’t
fix being a whore. Bubba told Angela she was on the air with r. mark,
Joe said he’s not a urologist. wonders if there’s a drug for ADHD that
is for low income families, Joe isn’t sure who makes it, she said her
son has been diagnosed for five years. Bubba read an email from
someone who thinks they have the same issues Brent has, Joe explained
the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Bubba read
an email about marriage counseling, Joe said that’s his specialty.
Spice asked if he can fix a sexless marriage, Joe said he could. Bubba
read another email who works at the bone, Brent said his sessions with
Joe have been fantastic, Bubba said he can see a change that he likes.
Brent said he tries to see him weekly, Brent said the meltdown was href=””>October
2. Another emailer said they need help with their five year-old
son who hits people, Bubba said that would never happen in his house,
Joe said they need to devote more time to the kid. Bubba wonders what
you do in this situation, Joe suggested you put the kid with a good
male councilor. Spice suggested they get the kid into MMA, Joe thinks
it would be. Mike said he has a three month old, his wife has post
partum depression. Bubba wonders how you treat that stuff, Joe said
you have to make sure the diet is good, and make sure she gets good
sleep. Bubba asked him why he’s so afraid, the guy said he’s tried
before, but to no avail. Spice wonders if Susan Smith and Andrea Yates
used that as a cop out, Joe said Susan didn’t, Andrea had a hire
former of it. bubba took a call from a guy who said when he messes up,
he burns himself. Joe said anyone who is a self mutilator has a
personality disorder, Ned said it’s a victimless crime. Joe said that
this had a nice variety of calls. John said a few years ago, he and
his wife divorced, she left him, he lost his job, the wife tried to go
to court, the kids were handed over to the Mom. Around three months
later, his son had panic attacks. Joe asked him if he’s seen his son’s
councilor, the guy said yes, he said it’s been going on for eight
months, Joe suggested they get a new councilor. Joe suggests the guy
write a letter explaining it’s over. Brian said about two years ago,
his seventeen year-old son molested his eight year-old daughter, he
got full custody of his son when he was sixteen, he said every time he
sees his son, he wants to rip his head off. Joe asked him how many
times he’s seen a councilor, Brian said he has, he said the girl seems
to be doing okay. Bubba wonders if there’s ever a part when he’s told
someone who has written off family members. Brian said he’s trying to
patch stuff up, Joe said he’s not going to patch up the relationship.
Joe suggested he confront the guy face to face. Bubba thanked Joe for
coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Beau from Naples update, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 boobs of
Christmas®, then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch”. We then heard
“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who as bumper music. Ned thinks it’s
ridiculous that his bit got edited, Bubba doesn’t get their agenda.
Bubba said Dave from Back 9 BBQ is coming to Dixie Fest, he said
there’s some chicken dip in the fridge, Manson had no idea it was
there, Bubba told him it was because Manson was busy doing Billy Mays
bits. The guys discuss selling the chicken dip, bubba thinks they have
to do a bunch of tests, Brent said you have to deal with the FDA. Ned
said he was enjoying a miller Lite, sixteen ounces in the can. Beau
from Naples was on, he said he went to court yesterday, the judge told
Hidey she shouldn’t have her kids around Melvin Richards. Bubba said
he’s happy that the system works, he then hung up. We then heard a
news clip about the Jason Bruce situation, Bubba said he’s not hanging
all of his eggs in Jason Bruce’s basket, he said everyone is in cover
their ass mode. Brent said they don’t have objective journalism, bubba
said it’s his show. Brent said Jason was telling the truth about the
priest. We then heard another clip about that, Bubba said it drives
other people crazy, especially with clear channel. We then heard
another news clip about that. Beau was back on, Bubba asked him how it
went down, Beau said the judge ruled in his favor, Bubba said he was
right all along. Spice asked if Melvin comes around, Beau said the
judge told her to call Beau and let him know where the kids are. We
then heard “Dueling Der Ders” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”,
track 14. Beau said Melvin is pissed that he can’t be around Hidey.
Spice said attorneys are everything, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ms. California clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Spice next Wednesday at 7:00. We then heard Manson’s “Insane
In The clem Brain” from “Bubba show classics vol. 10”, track 28. We
then heard “Everybody’s Working For the Weekend” as bumper music.
Bubba said this is from his iPod, Spice thinks Melanie Brookes looks
steamy, we then heard a clip from channel 10, Bubba likes how Reggie
says his name, Manson likes how Reggie says Bubb’a name with a lot of
pride. Bubba stopped and started the clip to comment, he doesn’t like
how the anker said they put the interview together. Bubba said the 911
call will answer a lot of questions. Spice said he watched Ms.
California on Larry King live, he thinks she’s the dumbest bitch ever,
Ned thinks she’s a whore, Bubba said she gives hot girls a bad name.
We then heard a clip about that, Bubba thinks they should put him in
that role, Bubba said they’ve never had pre-produced parodies in front
of the guest, Manson said Lisa Lampanelli knows how to operate. Spice
said she’s embarrassed, Bubba said she’s as dumb as the day is long.
Bubba doesn’t like her saying King is being inappropriate, Bubba said
that would be putting his penis on the desk, the guys go over King’s
record, Bubba thinks Ned called the show. The guys cracked up at her
leaving, Spice said her hero is Sarah Palin, Bubba said he would’ve
flipped out, Bubba told King not to let her back him into a corner.
Bubba said if he acted like that on TV, he’d be off, Brent say the
ratings would show otherwise. Bubba said this stuff really pisses him
off, Spice said he didn’t have to be a dick about it, he could’ve
approached it in a different manner. We then heard Manson’s “white
Trash Girl” from “Bubba’s New and Misc hits Vol. 6”, track 4, and “the
Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 22. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “yesterdays” as bumper music. Bubba said
will have the Icy Hot underwear challenge. Bubba plugged what they’ve
got coming up on the show for next week. Bubba said Trump was caught
in a line, Spice isn’t surprised. We then heard a clip about that, the
guys think he should own up to the Trump rule. Bubba said he cringes
when he plays stuff from TMZ, we then heard the clip of Ms.
California’s boyfriend talking about her. Billy in Holiday said he’d
like to mark out to, Bubba said they’ve got a
translator. Bubba read that Tom has $6.5 million dollars, he then read
some info on Twenty-five Cent, he then read Pantera’s information,
Spice doesn’t think Pantera can skydive. Bubba hopes the guys get
laid, Mike wonders why people won’ talk about the Priest going in to
park in the garage, Bubba said it’s a good question. Bubba had Mike
Oliviero in, bubba said he wants to talk to him about stuff. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who called 911 looking for sex. Spice
thinks you could open your window and shout for sex. Bubba doesn’t
like how the reporter talks down to people. We then heard the 911 call
about a girl getting gang raped, the guys goofed on the girl in the
call. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba asked for someone to bring in the girls from, Spice said he loves the site, he thinks they’re
better than the Russian brides, Bubba thinks this is going to be
crazy. Bubba asked the translator if she’s scared, she said bubba
scares him, she then she was only kidding about that. Bubba said she
looks beautiful, she said 29. Bubba wondered how long they’ve been
here, she said they’ve been here since yesterday. Bubba asked her how
long she’s been in America, she said they teach English in school.
Spice wonders if they smuggled in cocaine in their breasts. Bubba
wondered why Colombia is so bad, the translator said they have
everything, the girls are looking for good guys in America, a lot of
the guys in Colombia are bad guys. She said the reality of Colombia is
different, Bubba said he’ll never go, he said he’s got the best of
Colombia right there in the studio, Spice said Key west is like his
version of Colombia, he doesn’t have to worry about getting kidnapped.
The girls said they were looking for smart and sexy guys, the guys
from Colombia are not so good. Spice asked if they ever had a
threesome, they said no. Bubba recapped the three guys, he wonders
what the currency is, Spice said he doesn’t know where Colombia on a
map. Bubba asked if the guys would get booty, he said Spice is using
hand motions. The girls said no to some options, yes to some. Bubba
said tonight kissing, tomorrow sex, and in a month something. Spice
said that he’ll strip search them all for cocaine, they then ended the
show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Juicey” as bumper music. Bubba wonders who the black guy on the
message was mad at, Spice said Pantera. Bubba said the first Golden
Ticket has been discovered, he thinks some more will hit as well.
Bubba plugged what they had coming up, he doesn’t know what they can
do on the other show. Bubba asked them to give them an offering they
can’t refuse, he said they forced him out. Bubba said the rules are
changing, they can’ even have a black guy say nigger. Spice said he
heard Bubba yelling from his office, Bubba said he damn near didn’t
come to work, he decided to come to work, as he didn’t want to rob the
Satellite listeners. Bubba recapped their situation, he said it was an
awesome time from 2006-2008, he said Sirius started their chicken
shit. Bubba said they can work clean, it just sucks, he said sometimes
when you dig for shit, you get some stuff you don’t want. Bubba got
sidetracked with Tom going into the green room, Spice said it was
Twenty-five. Bubba potted up the audio of the green room, he thinks
the girls are working him. Spice said he would bring one of the chicks
here to not talk to him. Rob in California said he loved the show
yesterday, Bubba got sidetracked with the girls taking their tops off,
Brent said it was awesome, Ned thinks they’ve got cocaine on their
tits. Bubba said the Jason Bruce situation started out in Tampa, it
made its way nationally. Bubba hopes they get to come back home
exclusively. Dave in Ohio said the replay are a little bit of hit or
miss, he asked if the Golden ticket can appear on EBay, Bubba said
they book your airfare there, Dave said his wife won’t let him get
“Bubba Wonka”, Brent said it’s tough to fool EBay on that, Spice
thinks it won’t happen. Bubba said if you’re not the original buyer,
you won’t be able to come. Rob in Houston said the show yesterday was
great, he said he’s pissed that they have to edit Ned’s bits. Bubba
said Miami wants him to edit out the word nigger, Bubba said he’s not
in the editing business. We heard “the boopity song” from “Bubba show
Classics Vol. 11”, track 23. Bubba hopes the third time around, Sirius
can be fare. Manson thinks they should tell both companies to screw
off, and do a podcast just for truckers, Bubba suggests they all get
up and leave, Bubba cut the mics for a few seconds. Bubba thinks they
could get themselves fired, he said he could do that on regular radio.
David in Ft. Meyers said he’s been a big fan, he said the radio
station in Miami pisses him off that white guys are singing that song,
Spice said he lost the guy after he said he was black. David suggests
Bubba get off regular radio. Bubba wonders if the girls are going on
Cowhead’s show, Brent said he wasn’t sure. Hammil said he’s the
handler for the guys, they said they don’t have a problem with dating
a black man. Bubba got a little upset when the interpreter didn’t say
anything, Spice thinks it’s the worst interpreter ever. Hammil said
Twenty-five was his boss, he said Twenty-five had a big plane and a
big cock. Hammil left while the girls talked over each other, Ned
thinks a bunch of whores are talking. Bubba went to Paul, he told him
the jury is still out on him, Bubba recapped his situation. Paul
thinks he can put this behind him, he said he hoped a lawyer could put
some insight on to what charges he’s facing. Brent rattled off the
charges. Manson thinks the guy will cal up and build on it. Spice said
they had a guy call them who said he fed a dead body, so this is
nothing new. Paul said that he doesn’t want to spend his days in jail,
Bubba told him to just live life normally. Spice said having your
faith in the hands of a jury is not good. Paul said he listens to both
Howard and Bubba, he said he’s not that stupid to have bubba claim
he’s his pastor. Spice asked him what he’d do with bubba’s body, Paul
said he killed the guy twelve years after it happened. Spice wonders
if Paul is The riddler, Manson said he hates the guy. Bubba thinks
it’s better the guy not call them on his cell phone, he suggests he
use another form of communication. Paul said he was hoping for cops to
help him out, Manson said it was because the cops don’t believe him.
Paul said it was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life, he
then hung up, the guys think it was a prank. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – girls part 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for,
then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch”. We then heard some Van Halen
as bumper music. Bubba thanked Brent for getting some interviews, the
guys like the Presto pizza machine, Brent said an oven can match what
it offers, Bubba said one of the girls is cunty. Bubba asked the girls
if they like farts, he thinks they can all understand some English,
one of the girls think Bubba talks fast, she then said Bubba is fat.
Bubba told one of the girls that sluggo isn’t fat, he got up to show
the girls how fat he is, the girls think he’s skinny in his calf area.
One of the girls said she’s not looking for a guy like Bubba, Spice
thinks Bubba is just the opposite. Bubba thinks one of the girls
hasn’t said anything bad about him, he thinks she’s high. The girls
think Bubba likes Cocaine, Spice said he loves it, Bubba said Miller
almost died from doing cocaine. Spice egged the girls on to call Bubba
fat, the girls told bubba to learn some Spanish, Bubba said f
Spanish. We then heard a bumper for the contest, Bubba said he got a
text from Jimmy, he thinks the girls will flip over him. Bubba wonders
why the girls are so mean. Spice introduced Tom the Treeman, he said
$6.5 million is a lot of cocaine. Bubba wonders what the currency is,
the girls said its paceos, bubba had a hard time getting the
calculator to work. Spice wonders if he’s the only one clapping, the
others joined in, we then heard the timble, Bubba said he only likes
the one at the end. Spice introduced Twenty-five cent, he said it’s a
lot of paceos. Bubba wonders if the girls know who Hulk Hogan is.
Bubba likes how the girls gave Twenty-five the eye. Spice introduced
Pantera, one of the girls think he’s fat a little bit. Bubba asked who
the hottest is, one of the girls said Tom. Bubba asked if they should
pull their ants down, they said not yet. One of the other girls said
she likes Pantera, she said she likes the chain. Bubba thinks one of
them likes the black one, she said tom, she said she thinks that he’s
shy, Bubba said that he has notes that claim Tom has big testicals.
The last girl said she liked Twenty-five, she said she really liked
the hair. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – part 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into a promo for the, then into “Twenty-five Or
Six To four” as bumper music. Tom asked her idea for a perfect date,
Bubba clowns him for saying idear. One girl said romantic music, a
dinner, relaxing on the beach. Bubba asked how far Brazil is from
Colombia, she said about six hours, Bubba thinks the girls in Brazil
are more nicer. Bubba muttered something about them being dumb
bitches, one of the girls chided him for doing so. Twenty-five asked
what they’re favorite clothing brand is, Brent said something in
Spanish, Bubba gave him a timble for that. Bubba finds one of the
girl’s English to be sexy, he said guys get bonor off of that stuff.
Pantera asked if they’ve ever been married, Spice likes his tie, some
girls said no, one said yes. Bubba asked her how long was she married
for, she said about six years, she said he works on bikes. Bubba
wonders if she was fing Lance Armstrong, the girl said no. bubba
asked if she’s had sex with any famous people, the girl said no. Tom
asked would he have to visit her family, one girl said it would all
depend. Spice asked them if they believe in abortion, the girls said
no. Patrick in Tampa said he dated some Colombian girls, he said there
very mean and controlling. Bubba chided the guy for taking over him.
Patrick said the girl gave really good oral, the relationship ended
because he wanted to watch football, Bubba said he could appreciate
that. John in St. Lewis said there’s a guy who rides bikes, Spice
thinks no one at the ex games has money. Danny in Texas came on and
said some stuff in Spanish, the girls fired back, Bubba had no idea
what he said, Spice figured out that he said they’re stupid spick
bitches, who asked them to go f themselves with toothpicks. Mark in
Chicago asked if the girls do atm, Spice said that’s on his list of
questions. Erick in New York said some stuff in Spanish. Bubba asked
if they’re familiar with ass to mouth, Spice explained it, the girls
freaked out, the girls said no to that. Spice asked the girls about
titty fing, one of the girls said she likes that. Spice asked her
if the girls have ever had a brown neck tie, one of the girls said
yes. Spice asked some questions, one of the girls said she swallows,
one of the girls said it was normal. Bubba wonders if the girls will
like Jimmy, the girls say that he would. Jimmy came in a short time
later, the girls think Jimmy is the best one there. Bubba thinks Jimmy
will work his magic, Spice said he felt bad for the other guys. Jimmy
asked if the girls have ever been with someone who is Greek, one of
the girls said she’d like to go. Bubba had the girls stand up, Spice
thinks Lulu has a tight pussy, Bubba thinks one of the girls will turn
him down. The guys crack up when the girl says that Bubba should lose
fifty pounds. Jimmy said Bubba’s wife is hot. One of the girls said
she’d f Jimmy, she likes his eyes. Bubba asked Jimmy to show the
girls his underwear, Jimmy said he has no underwear on, the girls were
impressed, Spice thinks this segment took a weird term. Bubba had one
of the girls show her tits, the guys are bummed out that the girl
won’t show their tits. Brent asked that Jimmy ask something really
filthy. Jimmy asked one of the girls if she likes to get choked, bubba
crack up at Spice playing Pictionary. Pedro called in, bubba asked
Pedro to ask them to show the titties, Pedro said something in
Spanish, we then heard Pedro’s bumper, Spice thinks they’re not
impressed. Bubba said the girls don’t believe Hogan is there, he said
all the girls think they’re getting fed with. Pedro asked the girls
if one of them would have sex with Spice, Bubba had to point out as to
who that was, Spice thinks Pedro insulted one of the women there. one
o the girls said she was really happy, Bubba wonders if he made her
cry, she said she had something in her eye, the guys like how Tom had
a handkerchief. Bubba had her say it in Spanish, Pedro translated that
it was something about being ugly. One of the girls wondered why Bubba
says bitch so much, Brent said they’re confusing America’s way of
culture. Bubba asked if this has gone terribly bad, Pedro said this is
some good stuff. tom said he would take the woman in the middle, Spice
thinks Jimmy will steal her away from Tom. Spice wonders if a blind
man tailored tom’s sleeves, the guys cracked up at the Spanish
translation for black meat. Pantera picked his, the guys clowned him
for the way he said it, Spice thinks he would get a better suit. Bubba
asked Lulu why she hasn’t talked. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said some stuff in Spanish. Alex in Ft. Meyers came on and said some
stuff in Spanish, Alex asked if who will get lucky if the girls were
treated right, one of the girls said Tom. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Hogan comes in

Bubba had Hulk Hogan in, Hogan said he knows tom has a lot of money,
Hogan wonders why one of the guys has his gold on. Bubba asked one of
the girls if she’d f Hogan, she said maybe tomorrow. Bubba said
fing is a lot more crazy than head. Bubba said he has a headache
over the deal, he said the audience is taking a shit on the deal.
Bubba said it was macho Man’s birthday, Hogan didn’t believe it. Bubba
thanked the girls for coming in, Hogan thinks one of the girls
should’ve been married to him. Bubba said no more pictures, Hogan
asked for a tag team, Spice said you should see all the pictures.
Bubba asked for someone to shut the door, he thinks Hogan is getting
the V back, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Rich Franklin calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some Eminem as bumper music. Bubba went to Rich Franklin, Rich
wondered if everyone was a Hogan fan. Bubba asked him what he’s got
going on these days, Rich said he’s relaxing. Spice asked him about
losing a fight, rich said 2009 has been a long year for him, Bubba
said he feels bad for him. Rich said he feels like he has to fight a
lot, Bubba said it’s blood in, blood out, Rich said he’s in it for
life. Bubba wondered when will the fight next, Rich said it doesn’t
matter, he said he hates trainer in the winter. Rich said he was the
only guy in his family to graduate college, Bubba said Edge is really
smart with his money. Bubba asked how matt Hues is doing, rich said he
hasn’t talked to him in a while. Bubba asked him how good American
fighter has been to him, Rich said it’s good. Bubba said they had the
tap out guys, Rich said it was sad to see one of the guys die. Bubba
asked him about Brock Lesner making an ass out of himself, Rich said
it wasn’t that big of a deal to him. Bubba asked about the ass chewing
Lesner got about his tirade, Rich said he watched it at home, he said
Danna White chewing people out is never good. Rich said he lives by
very few rules, one rule is doing bite the hand that feeds you. Bubba
asked if Lesner and Fadore will ever go down, Rich said people keep
hearing about Fadore, he thinks if he works something out with ufc,
people will know him. Spice the thing that irked him was Dana saying
Teto would never go back to ufc, yet upon his return, Dana was
cheering for him, rich said he’s interested to see how it pans out.
Bubba asked him who would win Brock VS Fadore, Rich said he’d put his
money on Fadore. Bubba wonders if Rich knows who Marcus Jones is, Rich
said he hasn’t seen it. Bubba asked about Kimbo Slice, Rich said he’s
never met Kimbo in life, he thinks he could be a douche bag, he thinks
he’s a very intelligent guy. Hogan came into the studio, Hogan said
Rich is a bad man, Rich wasn’t sure if he knew who he was, Hogan
wishes Rich would get into the business. Hogan said Teto is a big
Hogan fan. Bubba said Rich was one of the first MMA guys, Brent said
it was one of the classic moments of the show (April 5, 2006). Hogan
said he saw some really hot Colombian girls, Hogan thinks Bubba is
losing some game. Bubba told Rich that they can hang out at Hogan’s
house, Hogan said he came into apologize for stealing some protein
bars for Brent’s office. Rich wondered if there’s any place where
Hogan can’t go without being recognized, Hogan said no, he said it’s
hard to get into China. Bubba said you get spoiled when you travel
with Hogan, Hogan said he used to pull into the Buccaneers parking
lot. Bubba recapped Hogan when he met tiger Woods, Tiger said he
remembered watching Hogan. Spice wonders how a 90 foot cutter can
sneak up on you, bubba said it was because they had 105 Miller Lites
between them. Rich said it’s difficult to win a fight, even if you’re
not getting hit. Bubba told Rich he should come and see them, the guys
cracked up at Hogan saying niz, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – manson’s New bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba Wonka”, then
into a promo saying that someone has won a golden ticket, Bubba said
he messed up. Bubba said he’d like to pay some homage to Pedro, he
said he knew the Colombian girls were bitches, we then heard his
bumper. Kevin said he agreed with Pedro, he wonders if Manson can play
an old Fah-Q bit, Bubba said Manson has a new Manson bit, Spice said
he loves that bit with Fah-Q fighting Fah-me. Bubba said he wants to
do promo codes on twitter, he’ll be throwing them around. Manson said
he’s had some slices from the Pizza presto maker, be said it doesn’t’
look like anything. Manson said his new bit is “Bubba and manson’s
songs to tuck by”. Bubba said the bit is so filthy, is because they
couldn’t even edit it, Bubba thinks Manson fagged him out, Bubba
doesn’t like how Manson asked him to tuck. Bubba thinks the bit is a
burial, Spice said he thinks he knows where the bit is going. The guys
cracked up with ned entering, Bubba likes the part about “Ned’s Songs
that sing about Fing”. Bubba told Manson he did a good job with the
bit, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba Clashes with a caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba wonders what one guy wants for holding on for so
long, Bob Cat said he’s got nothing but time on his hands, Ned accused
him of being a mark, the guys say Hogan was two hours late for a photo
shoot. Bob cat said his four year-old is a big fan of the show, the
guys think it’s good parenting. Casey in new York said Bubba is about
the biggest douche bag he’ ever heard, he thinks he’s insensitive, he
asked Bubba if someone he knew got attacked by a monkey, the guy said
it could happen to anyone, bubba told the guy to shut up, Ned give the
guy the wha treatment, we then heard “eyes Ripped off her Face”, Bubba
told the guy to go f off. We then heard “Bad Monkey”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba wonka”, then
into some messages from the fans. Bubba thinks the listeners have
anger issues, Manson liked it. Bubba thanked Al from Skin Industries.
Bubba read some emails, the first emailed thanked Bubba for having
Jason Bruce on. Another emailer thanked bubba for putting a quality
show on. Another emailer said they had to pull over when they did the
Icy hot segment. Another emailer liked the Todd the God bit was funny,
he also liked it when bubba would f with Jughead. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

3 Responses

  1. Jim Cooke


    Pretty shitty the way you blew off Rich Franklin for Hogan (not sure which day it was). You have Hogan on almost weekly and in the middle of talking to Franklin you interrupted him to talk to hogan. In the end Hogan took over and Franklin was cast aside. We would much rather heard what Franklin had to say about UFC instead of Hogans same old story….It really proves your a Hogan mark…….

  2. Richard

    Bubba is a Hogan mark I think there GAY GAY GAY

  3. Richard

    I also think Spice Boy sucks he’s such a stud in his own mind then go to the web site and look at him the first word that comes to mind is TOOOOOL

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