Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, November 12, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Today’s bumper music provided by Chaz:
01 – The Killers – Midnight Show
02 – Stone Temple Pilots – Piece Of Pie
03 – Audioslave – Sound of a Gun
04 – Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American
05 – Foo Fighters – Low
06 – Editors – Blood
07 – Metallica – Cyanide
08 – Disturbed – Stricken

Segment 1 – Sports

Bubba started the show by going over some scores of interest, he then
said they needed to do the lottery next, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Bucs – Hammil

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Jacksonville tomorrow night. We then heard the Lotto bumper, Bubba
said its tradition, Spice said it’s a strange tradition. Bubba said
that the blue ball will be the friends of the show ball.

1. Monday – Blue ball
2. Tuesday – Grant
3. Wednesday – Pantera
4. Thursday – Miller
5. Friday – Russ

Ned thinks Bubba is jobbing himself out, Brent said he hasn’t turned
in his music so many times, Ned thinks Miller was yesterday, Bubba
said he needs to take it up with Jabberjaw, he then asked for a pat
down, ed thinks Bubba put a ball down the front of his shorts, Spice
points out how Bubba is anti sleeve. The machine was fired up; Bubba
thinks Jabberjaw should be employee of the week. The machine landed on
Hammil, Bubba thinks its shiz, he wonders why Al-kida can’t win, he
said this just makes him want to stop doing it all together. Jabberjaw
saying he won once, but he was over thrown, she said that the only
person is in the rears would be Grant, who still hasn’t paid Sluggo
and Big Dick, she said she’ll need to check her spread sheets, the
guys think they’ve got some strange spread sheets for radio. Bubba
said that they’ll be doing a turkey shoot next week with Tuddle and
Grant. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails and callers

Bubba told the ladies of Jacksonville to come out and see them at the
Gold club, Spice said he’s been getting emails from people asking if
they need to sign up on line as well. Bubba got distracted with Palin
on TV, Spice said that she has a Reality show; he said that will
guarantee her not making it to the Presidency. Bubba went over what
they’ve got coming up on the show next week, he said there’s a
listener who has done a bunch of great stuff for them, he said there’s
this guy named Bob Barker from Tampa, he said the guy was
disrespectful to Spice yesterday, he told him to email him with an
apology, they’re done. Charles in West Virginia thinks Bubba kept the
caller from yesterday on the phone too long; he then asked about
Pastrona coming to NASCAR, bubba said it’s great for the sport. Mike
in Maine said that some listeners get uptight; he then said you can
tell the difference between Bubba’s show and small time radio shows,
he said the Homeless Thanks Giving is great. We then heard a bit of
the Dave and Chuck show, Bubba sarcastically said he’s hooked. Kevin
in Orlando doesn’t get how Bubba is saying all this good stuff about
Pastrona, yet he’s bagging on Danica Patrick, Bubba said Pastrona is
good with racing, while Danica got her way into racing was that she
looked hot. Lenny in Tampa said he thinks the show is the greatest, he
thinks that if people diss agree, they can go to hell, he then talked
about TNA, Brent said that guy was funny but doesn’t even know it. The
first email of the day said that they were listening to Pal and Ron,
but got tired of them, the emailer said they now listen to the show.
Another emailer said she’s a 52 year0old woman who loves the show, the
emailer thinks Bubba doesn’t give him enough credit, she said that she
has a crush on Manson. Another emailer said there’s not a good station
in Detroit. Another emailer asked the guys not to go anywhere. Another
emailer said there’s a lot of people in Charleston who enjoy the show.
Another emailer said Bubba talks about IRadioNow, the emailer said the
rest of the world can’t listen, as Beasley put a regional lock, Brent
said that you can listen on Wunder Radio; Spice said the bone’s stream
is on iTunes. Another emailer said he tried FourLoko, the emailer
thinks he could save money. Another emailer thinks Bubba was right on
with Bubba’s comments to the complainer in South Carolina. JP asked
bubba about the NHRA finals, Bubba said that John Force is like their
answer to Dale Earnhardt, he then read an article about a Priest who
got arrested for violating his house arrest, he then said that George
W. Bush killed an innocent man. We then heard Manson’s “Danica Patrick
Song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 13”, track 7. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba went over some articles he has dating back to a few
weeks dealing with child molestation. We then heard Manson’s “100
Boys” from “bubba show classics Volume 14”, track 1. Bubba said that
Captain Thunder told him that Travis Pastrona is in fact going to
NASCAR. We then heard a news clip about a truck hitting a driving
school, Bubba said he’d like to boycott th3e AP guy, he said if he was
to meet the guy, he’d like to punch him in the mouth. We then heard a
news clip about a guy who filed a restraining order against Tim Tebow,
Barrack Obama, and Jesus Christ, Bubba said this is what’s wrong with
our society, he then said he hates Reality TV, he said that Brett
Michaels’s show tanked, he said that he’s happy because of that, he
wants someone should say they don’t want to do a Reality show, he then
said a naked guy was arrested with a mouse in his rectum, he then
thinks he shouldn’t even comment on it, he said it’s sad that the
wrong guy was executed, Brent said Bush was given the wrong
information. Joe in Sarasota said his son was molested by his ex
wife’s step son, he said this was in Kentucky, Ned thinks it’s legal
there, “Dueling Der Ders” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 14
was heard in the background, the guy ended up getting the Evil
treatment. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina Hunter

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Cold Weather gear,
followed by Dr. Joe Saturley and Regina Hunter’s positioning
statements; Bubba thinks they should have a combo. Carl in South
Carolina came on asking about the statute of limitations on kid
touchers, the guys goofed on him coughing, Bubba told him to go have
another cigarette; he then took a call from a guy asking about a
modification, Regina said he needs to file for one. Spice asked for a
situation like Bubba, Bubba thinks he’s talking about him, Regina said
the toughest part about modifying child support is that you have to
prove it’s the same amount. Joe said they’re expecting you to do a
good faith effort, Regina said she’s having former mortgage people
becoming life insurance adjusters. The first email was asking about a
book, Joe said it’s “How to Lose A custody Battle”, Regina said she
has a signed copy. Susan on protection said she has a situation, the
guys had a hard time understanding her, Joe thinks she had a few too
many prescriptions. Scott in Cape coral came on saying his son will be
19 in March, he’s still in school, “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show
classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background, Regina said
he’ll have to keep paying. Another emailer said she’s an active
teenage girl, the emailer thinks she got engaged too early, as well as
some other issues. Joe aid eating diss orders are mental issues, he
said he does a lot of counseling, he thinks she shouldn’t get married
to this guy. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that he was looking
to get some extra time with his daughter, Regina said the guy needs to
prove that there’s been a change in circumstance, she suggested the
guy keep a journal with good notes on this, it doesn’t happen
overnight. The timer was heard in the background, Regina said that she
was getting in her information before the ticker ran out. Another
emailer asked about sexual edition, Joe said you can be dependent, or
you can abuse it, he said people who are involved of compulsive
behavior are like those who are hooked on drugs, he said it takes a
person 28 days to fully get rid of the issue, Regina said she deals
with a lot of divorces that she refers to as “Broke Back Mountain
Divorces”, where guys are married, yet they’re on Craig’s List looking
for other men, she said the last case she had with that was with a
woman who was getting a HIV test later on in the day. Matt in south
Carolina said he was separated from his wife in August, two weeks ago
he’s often calls about his daughter skipping school, he said it’s on a
seven days on, seven days off plan, Regina said he should make it an
order. Joe said in Florida they have parents who try and coe parent
after a divorce. James in Clear Water said he got a notice saying he
owed child support, he had 20 days to pay, or his driver’s license
would be pulled. Bubba said you can content Regina Hunter at Ned asked when Dr. Joe would bring breakfast, Joe
said that he brought in blue berry muffins the first time he was
there, Ned thinks Joe was dipping his deal in the batter. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for The Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that soon, everything will be redirected to, he then said they’ll have an application for you to
download, he then said they had about 80 girls last year in Miami, he
said the Dayton place was the nicest he’s ever been to, he then asked
what’s up with the Michael Jackson stuff, Spice said it’s a remake,
Bubba wonders if T Pain can’t do anything outside of Auto tune. Tom in
Coral Springs said he was listening to Paul and Young Ron, they were
talking with Kim Bocamper, he thinks the guy is an idiot. We then
heard T Pain’s cover of “pretty Young Thing”, Bubba said that it’s
disgusting that T Pain is making money, Manson said it’s horrible,
Bubba said at least T Pain is talking about a girl, he said that
Michael just should’ve liked girls, he would’ve been fin, Brent
doesn’t get why people still glorify him. TC said that the Application
should revolutionize things, Bubba said you’ll be able to download
some old shows, Spice said some old shows will be added every day,
bubba thanked Joe the Supermark for supplying them with some old
shows, he said they’re the biggest name in on the genre, he said they
have all sorts of content. We then heard a news clip about government
workers making more money than anyone else, Bubba thinks nasty
testicals have anything to do with stopping hiv, he said that some
programs make sense, he thinks he remembers Obama saying he’ll go line
by line, Manson said a lot of lies are told during Presidential
debates. Bob in Seminal asked when bubba’s book will be out, he asked
if the guys saw Baba Booey on TV, Bubba said he’ll be in town December
2, Brent thanked Bubba for getting the book done, he thinks it’ll be
out next fall. The guy said there’s a Power Pig Fan page on Face book,
Bubba sad he needs those for the people to download, he thinks a lot
of it was originally done by Manson, he thinks they didn’t keep good
records back in the day. We then heard a news clip about K2, Bubba
said that Darryl Rouson is the biggest dick ever to live, Brent said
one of his congressmen supported something Darryl supported, the guy
got ousted. We then heard a news clip about FourLoko being banned,
Spice takes no credibility as to what Rouson says, Bubba doesn’t get
how FourLoko is so bad, Brent said that the law is unconstitutional.
Cory in Canada asked how old Bubba was when he decided to lose weight,
Bubba thinks it was in 96 or 97, the guy said he was 520 at a point,
he’s now at 380. Bubba said that Canada has been great to them, he
then recapped the time when they visited Calgary, he wonders why we’re
so uptight, he wonders what’s so bad with the Janet Jackson nipple,
Brent said that’s the most watched thing on T-vo. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Steve Hurley Visits

Bubba said he’ll have Steve hurly on, he then said a cop was having
sex with a woman over the police radio, he wonders if they can find
the uncensored clip, Spice said you can’t do that in a power position.
Bubba asked for Steve Hurley and Andrew Conrad to come in, Andrew said
he was great, Steve said he was doing great, he ten asked Bubba how
the ice cream truck was, Spice thinks Steve should talk sense into
Bubba, Manson as a car salesman asked what it would take to get into
the ice cream truck, Bubba likes how the freezers work, he wondered if
the music was standard, he thinks it needs to get another engine,
Manson joked that Bubba took the truck. Bubba thinks they’re the 29th
ranked dealership, Spice asked if someone has ever gone crazy with the
test drive, Steve said it happens sometimes, Bubba said he loves the
SUV, he said Chevy does a great job with them, Spice said he loves
that. Bubba asked if they’ll be using the retractable seats, Steve
said they need to redesign it, he said the third row will disappear
into the floor. Steve said they raised money for Meals on Wheels, he
then said this Sunday, he’s doing a poker run at Sting Ray Chevy, he
said it’s for abuse victims, Bubba said they do some stuff for the
Spring at Christmas time. Steve said they have a check for $12,500 to
the Btls Foundation. Bubba thinks his will pale in comparison, Manson
thinks he should’ve gone first. The gift was a dicast car, Spice then
goofed on bubba a little, Manson joked that he hoped he got Steve in
the Secret Santa, and not bubba, this had the guys laughing. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
the Gold club tomorrow night. Bubba said that Bob Barker, the listener
he has an issue with, is on the line, Bob came on apologizing, Spice
said he doesn’t want to deal with him again. Black metal in
Jacksonville said had he kept hanging out with Eddie an halen, he
would’ve been the man, he thinks he’s the only black metal fan of the
show, he said he’s been in a metal band before, he said his Uncle is a
studio guy, Spice thinks the guy gets some great girls, the guy said
he gets some good stuff, he thinks the show needs a band, Bubba
doesn’t think he needs that. We then heard a news clip about an
argument over a lawn mower, bubba said he wishes he had video of this,
bubba thinks they need to do a der der off with this footage. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius how

Segment 1 – Various stuff

The show started off with “Juicy” by Notorious BIG. Bubba said they’ve
got this show and one more, he said Sirius hasn’t called them he said
they shouldn’t fuss, he thinks there’s nothing, he said it’s kind of
sad that they’ve been there for almost five years, he said there’s
nothing to talk about. Spice asked Brent if he’ll ever visit his land,
Brent said he doesn’t know, he said he’s not really thinking about it,
he said that you should read Neil Strouse’s book “Emergency”, Bubba
said they could get him on the phone, Brent said it’s $200 left in
paying it off. Bubba said Eddie Jarvis just texted him saying he’d
like to get to the bottom of this, he thinks they should send the
Bubba Raw crew out to Brent’s land, Spice thinks it will e a bad road
trip. Mark in Northern California said he’s driving to a place, he
said it’s grone from one building to fifteen; he said they grow algey
that produces oil. Spice as Bubba said he’s got some other stuff to
worry about. Ike in South Carolina said Brett Farve is announcing his
retirement, Bubba said good riddance, as he’s tarnished his legacy.
Ike in south Carolina asked if the guys could play the Boston Bitches,
Bubba said he could, he wouldn’t’ mind doing it, but the people might
think he’s leaving early, he then said that he’s not sure if they’ve
played some of the uncensored stuff. We then heard Manson’s “Brett
Farve’s Voicemails”. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Baba Booey on Jimmy Kimmel

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Spice Loves Randy”. Bubba
said the music was provided by Chaz, he then said Baba Booey was on
Jimmy Kimmel on TV. Ace thinks Bubba is a hypocrite with black music,
Bubba said he likes that stuff, Ace thinks Spice swings from nuts to
nuts, Spice then ripped into the guy. Bubba said Spice always goes
against him, Ace said he’s been listening for five years, bubba said
he wishes the guy wouldn’t listen, the guys then goofed on the caller,
Bubba said after December, he won’t have to worry about them, he said
they’re trying to go quietly, he said he would like to come back, but
he’s a little confused as to why they haven’t called them, he said
that O&A were handled the same way, he said they should enjoy the time
together, Manson said they’ve got the best fans ever, Spice said
there’s something cool about the previous caller, bubba said the guy
is very passionate. Bubba said they don’t get how things have been
handled; Brent said he just got the paper work for the book. Bubba
said Jimmy Kimmel put Gary over, Spice said he put him over, he then
threw a pitch, Bubba thinks everyone knows Gary can’t pitch. We then
heard a clip of Gary on Jimmy’s show, Spice said when he gets the good
slot, it’ll be great. Bubba likes how Gary has lost weight, Brent said
when he saw him in May, he looked great. In the clip, Gary is talking
about his Mom calling Howard’s mom, after the guys ribbed Gary for his
teeth, Bubba said his Mom wouldn’t run the show. Brent explained the
Bubba thinks Gary pitched poorly for a reason; Brent said that he
wrestled in high school. We then heard the audience cracking up at
Gary’s horrible pitch, Gary said he thought he was friends with Jimmy,
but here ran it several nights in a row. Bubba said this is where late
night TV is missing the boat, he likes the pitcher showing up. Jimmy
said he believes in redemption, the crowd went nuts when Jimmy gave
Gary a glove, Gary was heard saying he doesn’t want to do it, Spice
this doesn’t work out so well for him. Bubba thinks it looks like he’s
trying to throw to third, he thinks Gary throws like a pussy, Spice
said the worst is that Jimmy is perfect, yet Gary is so horrible. Jay,
a black FTE in Tampa came on, he wondered why the guy got his G string
in a bunch, Bubba thinks it’s the battle of the African Americans. Low
Life came on, he was going to talk about the contract, Spice thinks
he’s like Rick Scott; Bubba had no idea what Low Life said, he said
that he calls up different radio shows, Brent said he has more punch
without the laugh. Low Life said that if they haven’t talked to
Howard, you can piss n the fire and call it a done, he thinks AJ is
the worst rap guy ever, Spice said he got an email from A saying he’d
kick Low Life’s ass. Low Life said he messes with Jamie Fox’s show,
Ned thinks Fox is a caller to him. Bubba asked low Life if he did gay
stuff in prison, Low Life said no. bubba asked if he had to suck a
dick, Low life said no, Spice said AJ now claims Low Life looks like
Little Richard. Low Life said he has the warm line number to the Jamie
Fox show, Bubba doesn’t’ get how shows like his are getting messed
with, he said he’s got some bits he could play: the new Ned bit, or
Scenes from Bubba’s wedding, he thinks it’s sad that when you have no
callers, you call up a regular. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ray Mackey, the new show engineer

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Scenes from Bubba’s Wedding” from
“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 7”, track 13. In the first scene, bubba is
about to get married, he then asks for his ring, hip said he
accidently sold it. In the next scene, Gene Lasker and his outlaw
friends come in; Hogan then calls Bubba, telling him that he loves
him. N the next scene, Manson has a song for Bubba and heather,
heather is using a vibrator, Jughead thinks it will be great footage.
In the next scene, Ned notices the cake is messed up. In the next
scene, Hogan said he has 300,000 of Brooke’s CDs. In the next scene,
Coco and the preacher are fighting; Bubba asks for Twenty-five to pull
out his penis, it turned out to be Lamar Thomas, Manson said they did
another song about the wedding. Ned notices Akira crapping in the
Champaign fountain; Spice said he doesn’t want that. Bubba then gets
frustrated, calling the wedding off. Bubba asked for the listeners to
call in, he then said he hates to be a dick in this situation, he said
no one thought it would last, Brent thinks they should check the tape.
Spice said heather really loves bubba, he thinks it wouldn’t last;
Brent said he had more than that; he’s not sure exactly what he said.
Bubba asked who Justin Beeber, Manson said he’s the latest teen heart
throb, he said the kid is an alright looking kid, Bubba wonders if
it’s bad that he doesn’t know who this guy is, Spice thinks it’s bad,
Brent asked who big boi is, Spice said he’s one half of Outkast, he
then lined up some pictures for bubba to identify. We then heard
Israel’s bumper, he came on saying he got his Bubba Army shirt, Bubba
said he always thinks of Nipsy rustle, Isreal said the contract is
bringing him down, he said Low life is an asshole, he said it’s like
that one person who you’ve met and you don’t like him. Bubba thinks
they’ll be back. We then heard some clips of Mr. Mackey from South
Park talking about drugs and other stuff, Spice said that ever since
Dave rice left, they need a new guy; he said that the new guy was
wearing a green shirt; he thinks he looks like the guy from South
Park; the guys were cracking up at all this. Bubba wonders if they can
bring Ray in, Ray said he’s not that talented to be on the air, Bubba
decided to call him Ray Mackey, Manson told him to embrace the title.
Ray said he’s 58, he said he’s smoked dope, he said he’s married, he
thinks 18 years. Bubba said that Ray is responsible for making sure
they’re on the air, Ray thinks the new studio will be nice, if Bubba
put enough money into it, he said he shadowed Dave for three days. Ray
said that Dave said Manson isn’t very tech savvy, he said he heard not
to disturb Bubba while he’s sleeping, he said he kind of likes this,
he said he talks to Dave every other day. Bubba thanked him for coming
in, he thinks they should put a picture of him on with Mr.
Mackey next to him, Manson then goofed on him a little. Bubba said
he’s got some stuff to get to; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Brett asked what’s up with Janie Cakes, he asked that they
call her; Bubba said he won’t call her today. Brett said that he’s
going to a game tomorrow, he said he’s never been to Indiana, bubba
said Notre dame is a great experience, he then said a kid was on a big
scissor lift, a big wind came and knocked it over, Manson said the guy
was tweeting before he died, Brent thinks they should’ve brought him
down. Bubba said the only good thing is that the president of the
university has taken full responsibility. Greg said the Supreme Court
said the West Memphis III will be getting a new trial, Bubba said it’s
nice that this is finally happening. Scott in road Island said his
friend runs a wrestling company, he said they’ve got footage of a guy
playing Twister, Spice thinks it’s only one guy, Bubba said he’d like
to see that, ned said he would just want to validate the video. Bubba
then showed the guys a picture of a woman with her boobs sticking out
a little, Brent said that was hot; he thinks she’s from New Orleans.
Bubba said he still likes Contessa Brewer, he said that she follows
him on Twitter, he thinks Robin Mede has porked it up. We then heard a
clip of robin Mede talking about insulating a house, Bubba thinks it’s
not for real. Dan in Ohio asked Bubba if he’s feeling better, Bubba
said he was hurting last week, the guy said hi to everyone in the
studio, he said he got stuck in traffic and missed the Dayton
appearance, he asked for people to pick up some Protein Bars, bubba
told him nice pandering, but he doesn’t’ have $500. They then went to
commercials a few second later.

Segment 5 – Pop culture

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Ned’s bit about the Koran Burning. Mike in
Dallas said he’s getting a divorce from a woman who is a millionaire,
he had to sign a pre-nup, which is now null in void, he said that
she’s worth about 5 plus, they’ve been married for about 8 to twelve
years, he said he hasn’t had sex with her in a while, he said that she
cried the last time they had sex. Bubba asked why the divorce, the guy
said the last two years have been rough, he’s been hooked on Alcohol,
he’s attempted suicide a few times, Bubba said Ned does that just to
get attention, the guy wonders if he should go for half. Bubba went
over the guy’s pre-nup, he thinks it’s a regular marriage, Manson
thinks the guy should get a reasonable amount of money, he thinks the
guy should give it to her, ed said he just goes over to the woman and
kicks her in the cunt and walk away with nothing. Web in Pittsburg
asked if we’ll see bubba Raw 5, bubba said it’s in the working stage,
he told the guy that he’ll always be able to get them, he then decided
to play Spice’s game. Spice said he printed out some pictures. Bubba
thinks the kid sounds young, he thinks it’s not that talented, he
thinks the kid is a white Michael Jackson, Brent was cracking up at
Ned’s nicknames of Justin Beeber, Spice joked he got these pictures
out a confessional. Bubba thinks one of the guys can’t be Justin, as
the picture looks rugged, Spice said that was Zach Efron, Manson said
he’s in “High School Musical”. Bubba looked at the next picture, he
thinks the guy is playing his own instrument, Spice said that was lee
Wise, bubba said Josh wize is a great Sprint Car driver. Bubba thinks
the next one is the biggest fag, he thinks that’s Beeber, Spice said
it was Aaron Carder, Bubba said Brooke went out with him. Bubba thinks
Beeber looks like a homo, Spice said that was one of the Jonis
Brothers, Bubba said it’s the same thing, he then thinks Justin has
sucked some penises, he said he doesn’t mind losing that contest. We
then heard a clip of Marie Osman on Oprah, Bubba wonders how many
people have gone through this, but aren’t popular, he thinks she
killed her son by focusing too much on herself, Brent thinks oprah is
triple righting Marie, ned thinks “Depression doesn’t Wait Until
Monday” would be a great shirt slogan, bubba thinks that’s the new
title of her book, Brent said it’s depressing that they have so much
money, Manson then did his blue blooded voice saying some stuff, Brent
thinks Marie is a narcissist, Bubba said he feels less sorry for her
than he did before, Brent wonders if she ever gets out of the show
business mode, Bubba said he hasn’t heard Marie in Mom mode yet, he
then replayed the clip where Marie was saying it was a red flag thing,
he then said he’s got a lot of stuff to get to. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the cold Weather gear,
followed by Ned’s “T Bag” from “Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 3” track 1,
and “On The chip” disc 2, track 5. The song parodies the Georgia
Satellites’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”, and is about
T bagging. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Tracey said when she first heard Bubba talking about Marie
Osman, she was mad, now she agrees with him on it, she said she had
the same thing happen to her, she said that the last time she saw her
son, she was in the hospital, Brent said they’re talking about a woman
with millions of dollars. We then heard a news clip about an argument
over a lawn mower, Bubba said that will be a contender for the Der Der
off next week, Brent said it’s a hilarious clip, the guys liked the
part where the guy says they made him eat his own beard, Manson thinks
it will be on the button bar. Jason said they’re going to miss the
guys next year, Bubba said not to call anyone; Jason said he’ll ride
it out. Phillip in Toronto, one of the Wonka Winners came on, he said
he got a birthday card with a 10% discount, he said he just wanted to
call and say thank you, Brent said Canada will be fine. Bubba said he
wants to end the show with manson’s “My Way” bit, Spice thinks they
played the Boston Bitches segment, Bubba thinks they all want to be
back, he said the fans are the best, he said he’ll miss Canada. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Boston Bitches

Coming out of commercials, we heard the Boston bitches call. In the
call, a woman is asking for tits, she said she’s from Boston, Bubba
said nothing is worse than the mentality of someone from Boston, the
woman asked for her boobs, Bubba thinks she smokes, Brent they goofed
on her accent, the woman said she’s a 60 year old, Bubba said he’d
puke at the sound of her, Spice said she’s annoying, Brent asked that
Bubba stop, the woman called the guys piglets, this had the guys
cracking up, Spice feels bad for her husband, Brent is convinced he’s
dead. Bubba thinks she’s nice for a while, but if you get her flipped
out, it’s different. The line was disconnected, he called her back,
she thinks Bubba missed a chance to see the hottest 60 year old,
Bubba told her to stop using the F word, he thinks she has a horrible
attitude, the Psycho music was heard over the call, the woman was
heard requesting the Rocky music, she thinks Bubba will get a call
from someone who will sue him. Bubba wishes she would die, the woman
wishes bubba would drop dead, Manson then goofed on her a little,
Bubba joined in, the woman wondered who else was on the line, Spice
cracked up at her saying bubba is a simpleton, he wonders what it’s
like when she’s naked. Brent thinks her teeth are black, Ned said he
likes her, another woman came on saying that was her other, Manson
wonders how you’d like to be married into that family, Brent said he’d
rather have an orgy with all the golden Girls than listen to these
girls, Bubba said he’d smack someone in the mouth with this mentality,
one of the women said she owns her own Law firm, Brent thinks she
should be disbarred, Bubba then goofed on her a little, Manson joined
in, Spice was laughing his ass off during this exchange, Brent thinks
they’re calling in from the Nuthouse, Manson thinks her husband just
wants out. One of the girls said that Manson has been stuck in the
60’s since 1960’s, Bubba cracked up at this, Brent thinks the 60’s
drunk has them beaten bad. Bubba said it’s like a Boston Pro wrestling
situation, he then goofed on them at the dinner table, the women are
convinced Bubba shoots up, Manson then goofed on her a little. Bubba
asked them to sue him if they think the Granny thing is false
advertisement. We then heard Manson’s “My Way (Sirius 2008)” from
“bubba’s new and Misc its Vol. 8” track 4, and “the Clemulus Package”
disc 4, track 11. The song parodies “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, and
says that the show is done with Sirius. They then ended the show a few
seconds later. Bubba said they’ll be back December 10, he told Sfn to
Mother F him, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Keith Sawyer

    I hope sirius plans on keeping you guys around. I am one of the ones that wish I had the priviledge of hearing of you guys before sirius. I think you guys make a great addition to Howard’s channels. Sirius has no clue what they are doing. If you guys go and Howard goes, then I believe so does about 75% of their audience.

    Good luck to ou guys and your future,
    Keith sawyer

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